What Is The Closest Amish Market To Your Home

KJ Barber
By KJ Barber September 7, 2018 06:36

What Is The Closest Amish Market To Your Home

Amish Markets are America’s hidden treasures, scattered thinly across several – but not all – of the states. Many of these markets offer wonderful finds, such as homemade baked goods that can’t be matched in the average grocery store or deli, as well as traditional candies, handcrafted goods, furniture, and so much more.

Amish reside in 30 states, and there are also a few Amish markets selling their products in other states where they don’t have much of a presence.  However,when someone says “Amish Market” it could mean a variety of different things, such as:

  • A “Farmer’s Market” or “PA Dutch Market”, where Amish vendors sell goods a few days each week, rather than an actual Amish-run store that’s open most days or daily;
  • Non-Amish vendors who sell Amish goods;
  • Produce markets that offer fruits and vegetables grown by the Amish;
  • Stores located in Amish communities, selling Amish goods.

So be aware that while we’ve put together a list of Amish markets, it’s not always going to mean the same thing; one store on the list could be very different from the one before. What they have in common is that they all, at least some of the time, sell Amish goods. The list could also change, as Amish markets are like any other business – they can change, move or close with little or no notice.

While you can use the following guide to find an Amish market close to you, or pick a spot to go visit, it’s recommended that you call or write ahead of time before planning a trip.

Click below on the letter corresponding to a state.


ALABAMA – Amish Markets

Dutch Oven Bakery

1205 Evergreen Road

Falkville, AL

Phone: 256-462-3988


Fresh baked goods, cheeses, meats, deli options, and much more

ARKANSAS – Amish Markets

Ozark Country Market

999 Heber Springs Rd South

Heber Springs, AR

Phone: 501-206-0127


You can find Amish products, as well as non-Amish, at Ozark Country Market. Local Amish goods such as butters, jams, meats, baskets, and various gifts can be found here.

Amish and Country Store

3040 Highway 65 North

Dermott, AR

Phone: 870-538-7288


The Amish and Country Store offers a variety of Amish and Mennonite products, such as homemade fresh bread and baked goods, snacks, jams, meats, cheeses, fruits, candy, soaps, cookbooks, and more.

DELAWARE – Amish Markets

Dutch Country Farmers Market

701 N Broad Street

Middletown, DE

Phone: 302-285-0851


This market hosts over 25 vendors selling baked goods, fresh meats, cheeses, BBQ chicken and ribs, fresh produce, and candy. You will also find Amish-made furniture, a variety of food stands/restaurants, and more.

Spence’s Bazaar

550 S. New Street

Dover, DE

Phone: 302-734-3441

Open on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the year, with an occasional Saturday, Spence’s Bazaar (and auction) sells a wide variety of Amish foods including produce and spices. You will also find a variety of non-food items from furniture to electronics.

Byler’s Store (2 locations)

Byler’s in West Dover

1368 Rose Valley School Road

Dover, DE

Phone: 302-674-1689


Byler’s in Harrington

17104 S. Dupont Highway

Harrington, DE



At Byler’s, you will find Amish a variety of foods and baked goods, along with Amish handcrafted wooden items.

FLORIDA – Amish Markets

Yoder’s Fresh Market

Yoder’s Amish Village

3434 Bahia Vista Street

Sarasota, FL 34239

Phone: 941-955-7771


At Yoder’s Fresh Market you will find daily local produce, jams, freshly baked goods, an Amish-influenced restaurant, and other Amish products.

The Amish Country Store

206 13th Street SW

Largo, FL

Phone: 727-587-9657


In business for over a decade, The Amish Country Store carries a wide choice of products including Amish butters, cheeses, meats, Wixon shoofly pies, sodas, root beer, and more.

Farmish Market

3812 U.S. 98

Panama City, FL

Phone: 850-215-8146


Amish products, including jellies and jams, butter, meats, cheeses, salsa, relishes, condiments, dressings, candy, and snacks.

Coastal Market

2423 Florida 77

Panama City, FL

Phone: 850-481-8448

Fresh and local food market. Features some Amish-made goods such as butter and cheeses, milk, Amish wedding products and pickled items.

GEORGIA – Amish Markets

Yoder’s Country Market

7401 Georgia 26

Montezuma, GA

Phone: 478-472-2070

An Amish and Mennonite country store with Amish products, such as spices, old-fashioned candy, and Amish tonics.

IDAHO – Amish Markets

Miller’s Country Store

1326 Baldy Mountain Road

Sandpoint, ID

Phone: 208-263-9446


Sells Amish products such as butter, Amish Country Popcorn, deli options, housewares, and much more.

ILLINOIS- Amish Markets

Weaver’s Country Market

15 N. Weaver Lane

Dongola, IL

Phone: 618-833-4228

Amish country store with a selection of Amish homemade products.

Grammer’s Market

10 West Pine

Alto Pass, IL

Phone: 618-893-2490

Variety store, grocery store; carries broad choice of products, both Amish and non-Amish made.

Beachy’s Bulk Foods

259 N CR 200E

Arthur, IL 61911

Phone: 217-543-3447

Buy in bulk, both Amish and non-Amish freshly baked goods, as well as spices, flours, candy and groceries.

The Kitchen of Doris Yoder

2060 CR 1700 East

Arthur, IL 61911

Phone: 217-543-3409

Bakery and gift shop with Amish goods, and a restaurant serving Amish-style meals.

Shady Crest Farm Market

2046 CR 1800E

Arthur, IL

Phone: 217-543-3099

Fresh produce, deli cheeses and meats, hand-dipped ice cream, baked goods, homemade fudge, candy, bulk foods, and more.

Amishland Buffet

1304 Tuscola Blvd

Tuscola, IL

Phone: 217-253-9022

Amish buffet with a wide variety of amish-inspired foods, as well as wood crafts, food products and souvenirs to take home

Yoder’s Kitchen

1195 E. Columbia

Arthur, IL

Phone: 217-543-2714


A restaurant with Amish and Mennonite home cooking, pies, rolls, lunch and dinner buffet, and a gift shop.

Yoder’s Homestead Shop & Furniture

117 E. Main St.

Arcola, IL

Phone: 217-268-3841


Local Amish jams, popcorn, and quilts and a large selection of Amish handcrafted furniture.

Amish Healthy Foods

1023 N. Western Ave

Chicago, IL

Phone: 773-278-1717


Amish Healthy Foods carries a large selection of Amish products from Shipshewana community in Indiana, such as natural-fed/free-range meats, eggs, organic milk, cheeses, raw products, organic produce, baked specialties, candy, and more.

Yaeger’s Farm Market

14643 State Route 38

DeKalb, IL

Phone: 815-756-6005


Seasonal source for flowers, plants and field-fresh produce. Some Amish homemade items available including jam and jellies, no-sugar jams, apple butter, homemade fruit butters, homemade mayo and mustard, pie fillings and more.

Rise ‘N Roll

Federal Plaza Farmers Market

50 W Adams

Chicago, IL 60606


17300 Oak Park Ave.

Chicago, IL


271 Lakewood Blvd.,

Park Forest, IL 60466



Bakery and deli with many Amish-inspired products, founded by Amish from northern Indiana

Amish Furniture Gallery



75 N. Randall Rd.
Batavia, Illinois

Phone: (630) 482-3500
Fax: (630) 482-3511


1800 N. Clybourn St. 3rd Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60614

Phone: (312) 496-3536
Fax: (312) 496-3667


301 N. Virginia Ave.
Crystal Lake, IL

Phone: (815) 479-8700
Fax: (815) 479-8796


944 S. Route 59
Naperville, Illinois

Phone: (630) 922-0002
Fax: (630) 922-9126

INDIANA – Amish Markets

Grandma’s Pantry

Behind Subway on SR 19

107 Keystone Drive

Wakarusa, IN

Phone: 574-862-1959


An Amish store filled with homemade Amish baked goods, snacks, candies, meats, gifts, and hosts a deli. Located in the Nappanee Amish settlement.

Blue Gate Bakery

195 North Van Buren Street

Shipshewana, IN

Phone: 260-768-4725


Fresh Amish-made pies, cookies, bars, homemade bread and much more.

Downtown Auburn Farmers Market

P.O. Box 6122

Auburn, IN

Phone: 260-925-3113

Provides local products including Amish Graber Farms’ fresh certified organic produce. Market open in season between June and October.

Barr Street Market

Corner Wayne and Barr Streets

Fort Wayne, IN

Open Saturdays 9am – 1pm

July 7th – September 15th

A large variety of locally grown products, including organic produce from Amish-owned Graber’s Farm.

Decatur Market

231 East Monroe Street

Decatur, IN

Open Thursday 3:30pm – 6:30pm

June 6th – October 24th

A selection of organic produce from Amish-owned Graber’s Farm is available. Located near the Adams County Amish settlement.

Salomon Farm Market

817 DuPont Road (between Coldwater and Lima Rd.)

Fort Wayne, IN

Open Wednesdays, 5pm-8pm

June 19th- September 26th

Organic Amish-grown products, and a large assortment of non-Amish items as well.

Miller Poultry

9622 West 350 North

Orland, IN

Phone: 260-829-6550


A small family-owned company, providing poultry raised by Amish families in small flocks.

Dutch Pantry

13014 N 1100 E

Odon, IN 47562

Phone: 812-636-7922

An Amish-run business, the Dutch Pantry provides homemade Amish products such as bulk foods, deli meats and cheeses, sandwiches, candies, baked goods and crafts.

Gasthof Amish Village

6747 E Gasthof Village Rd

Montgomery, IN

Phone: 812-486-2600


In this 92-acre village you will find a restaurant, antiques, gift shop and hotel. Gasthof’s buffet offers authentic Amish food. The gift shop features Amish produce, crafts, and various food items.

IOWA – Amish Markets

Amish Country Store

Exit 4 of I-35

109 S. Spruce Drive

Lamoni, IA

Phone: 641-784-5300

A wide variety of products, all created by local Amish families. You will find jam and jellies, candies, hand-woven baskets, birdhouses, gifts, furniture, and much more.

Southern Iowa Produce Auction

Ice Avenue Bloomfield

South of Drakesville, IA

This Amish produce auction is the largest in Iowa, and takes place on the second and fourth Saturdays each month from April until October.

Troyer Baskets

Katie & Verna Troyer

14180 280th St.

Lamoni, IA


A wide selection of hand-woven Amish baskets

The Baker’s Pantry

904 Sugar Grove Ave

Dallas Center, IA

Phone: 515-992-3308


A family-owned country store, they provide organic and Amish-made products such as a wide selection of grocery and bulk food items, jams, candies, pickled items, cheeses, meats and much more.

KANSAS – Amish Markets

Yoder Meats

3509 E. Switzer Road

Yoder, KS 67585

Phone: 800-952-6328


Specializes in a variety of meats including custom cut, smoked meats and sausages, in addition to groceries, baked goods, and much more.

Glenn’s Bulk Food Shoppe 

(Amish owned)
6405 W Morgan Ave
Hutchinson, Ks 67501

Smith’s Market

(sells Amish made goods)
211 S Main St
Hutchinson, Ks 67501

Yoder Discount Grocery

3406 Redrock Rd
Yoder Ks 67585

KENTUCKY – Amish Markets

Habegger’s Amish Market

415 Perrytown Road

Scottsville, KY

Phone: 270-618-5676

Habegger’s Amish Market is located in the midst of the Amish community in Allen County, KY. There is a large selection of local products available, including Amish meats, cheeses, fresh breads, butter, pies, and cookies.

MARYLAND – Amish Markets

Plaza Flea & Amish Market

2401 N Point Blvd

Baltimore, MD

Phone: 410-285-4504


One of the largest markets in the Baltimore area, with over 200 booths providing a wide array of products including Amish-made foods and goods.

PA Dutch Market

11121 York Rd

Cockeysville, MD

Phone: 410-316-1534


Amish products such as baked goods, homemade peanut butter, pretzels, meats, cheeses, fresh produce and much more. Crafts, gifts, and Amish-crafted furniture available as well. PA Dutch Market is located on the north side of Baltimore, off of Interstate 83.

Joppatowne Flea Market

1000 Joppa Farm Rd

Joppa, MD

Phone: 410-679-1777


At Joppatowne Flea Market you will find such Amish vendors as Dutch Delight, King’s Cheese and Deli Meats, Country Fresh Produce, Kreative Kitchen, Dutch Pantry, Homestead Design, and much more.

Lancaster County Dutch Market

12613 Wisteria Drive

Germantown, MD 20874

Phone: 301-515-1019


A large collection of vendors with an Amish influence, with homemade products including baked goods, dry goods, fresh produce, Amish soft pretzels, and a selection of candy.

Dutch Village Farmers Market

5030 Brown Station Road

Upper Marlboro, MD

Phone: 301-952-0778


Provides a range of Amish homemade product from cheeses, meats, bulk foods to candy, baked goods and pretzels

Dutch Farmers Country Market

9701 Fort Meade Rd

Laurel, MD

Phone: 301-421-1454


This market is filled with dairy products, freshly baked goods, BBQ, organic meats, candies, and more.

PA Dutch Market

2472 Solomons Island Rd

Annapolis, MD

Phone: 410-573-0770


At this market you will find cheeses, fresh produce, meats, bulk foods, baked goods, candies, and much more, including a restaurant.

Amish Country Farmers Market

101 Marlboro Ave

Easton, MD

Phone: 410-822-8989


A large selection of food such as meats, baked goods, cheeses, pretzels, bulk foods, and more. You will also find gifts, crafts, furniture, quilts and much more, sold both by Amish and non-Amish vendors.

MICHIGAN – Amish Markets

Helfing’s Amish Farm Market

38953 Harper Avenue

Clinton Township, MI

Phone: 586-468-4501


A family-owned business that provides Amish products including naturally raised fresh meats, organic produce, cheeses, baked goods, and much more.

Miller’s Discount Store

24029 Trucken Miller Rd.

Centreville, MI

Phone: 269-467-4935

Amish grocery store specializing in bulk foods and baked goods.

Nye’s Apple Barn & Farms

3151 Niles Ave

St. Joseph, MI



Choice of fresh produce grown by local vendors, both Amish and non-Amish. They provide homemade items such as pies, jams and jellies, and more.

Pine Valley Amish Country Store

8181 S. Cornwell Ave.

Clare, MI

Phone: 989-386-3664

Amish store, offering fresh produce and bulk foods.

Surrey Discount Foods

Eli Byler & Eli Yoder

10304 E. Surrey Rd.

Clare, MI

Phone: 989-386-2421

Amish homemade products available.

Country Cookstove Bakery

Robert & Mabel Kuhr

8704 S. Eberhart Ave.

Clare, MI

Phone: 989-386-6592

Amish baked goods including pies, cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and more

MINNESOTA – Amish Markets

Amish Market Square

2850 Whitewater Avenue

Saint Charles, MN

Phone: 507-932-5907


Amish Market Square provides some Amish items including fresh produce and baked goods. A range of non-Amish products is also available.

Amish Country Coop Farmers Market

43368 County Road 23 South

Bertha, MN

Phone: 218-924-2520

Specializes in Amish handmade crafts and furniture. Amish homemade goods and fresh produce are also available.

MISSOURI – Amish Markets

Bowling Green Amish Community

Outside Bowling Green on rural Highways Y and M

Bowling Green, MO


A range of different Amish businesses including Jacob Yoder’s seasonal candy, Jacob Schwartz’s general store, Jerry Schwartz’s bulk foods, Jerry Yoder’s bakery, Amos Eicher’s grocery store, Albert Hilty’s butcher shop, and many more:

  • Saw Mill – Ernest Borntrager
  • Eicher Cabinet Shop
  • Harness Shop & Bakery- David Wagler
  • Saw Mill, Pallets, & Bakery – Jacob Yoder
  • Metal Siding & Roofing – Raymond Wagler
  • Homemade Candy- Jonas Eicher
  • Custom Furniture & Cabinets – Amos & Liz Yoder
  • Kemps Tarp & Upholstery – Jake Kemp
  • Horse Shoeing – Abner Wagler
  • Lumber for Pallets – E & V Lumber
  • Custom Sawing & Pallets – Wilmer Wagler
  • Bulk Food & Spices – ELS
  • Horse Drawn Farm Equipment, shoes, boots & gloves, new & used parts, Mira Fount Livestock Waterers – Dannie D. Eicher
  • Custom Woodworking & Furniture – David Kemp
  • Custom Woodworking & Furniture – J & D Woodworking
  • Farrier Service – Amos B. Yoder
  • J & S Vinyl Siding & Custom Windows
  • Buggy Shop – Perry Yoder
  • Hickory Furniture – Amos Eicher
  • Fabric, Dolls, Quilts & Cookbooks – Noah Eicher

Four County Produce

Corner of WW Hwy & SW 1400 Rd

Windsor, MO

Phone: 816-786-7277

Wholesale Amish produce auction.

Countryside Bakery

21870 State Hwy 190

Jamesport, MO

Phone: 660-684-6720

Amish bakery, carries fresh baked goods and homemade jams.

Graber’s Greenhouse (Mennonite-owned business)

30707 State Hwy 6

Jamesport, MO

Phone: 660-684-6518

Provides all sort of fresh produce, flowers and plants.

H and M Country Store

21910 State Hwy 190

Jamesport, MO

Phone: 660-684-6848

Amish-made bulk foods, produce, dairy, spices and seasonal products.

Homestead Creamery (German Baptist-owned)

2059 LIV 506

Jamesport, MO

Phone: 660-684-6970

Variety store and greenhouse. Raw milk, cheeses and dairy.

Clear Creek Produce

5 miles South of Jamesport on State Hwy 190,

Then Left on Reel for 1/2 mile.

Jamesport, MO

Phone: 660-605-0225

Amish locally-grown fresh produce.

MONTANA – Amish Markets

Mission General Store

61307 Watson Road,

St. Ignatius, MT

Phone: 406-745-7200


Amish cheeses, jams, meats, groceries, bulk foods, gourmet foods, gifts, furniture, and much more.

NEW JERSEY – Amish Markets

Amish Farmers Market in Mullica Hill

108 Swedesboro Road

Mullica Hill, NJ

Phone: 856-478-4300


Homemade Amish foods, cheeses, meats, jellies, produce, candy, sandwiches, and more from various Amish vendors including Beiler’s Bakery, Dutch Country Deli, Dutch Family Fresh Meats, Yoder’s BBQ, Ellie’s Cheese Barn and many more.

Pennsylvania Dutch Farmers Market

4437 Route 27

Princeton, NJ

Phone: 609-683-5260


At this market you will find Amish vendors such Beiler’s dairy, Smoker’s deli, Stoltzfus’ poultry and soft pretzels, Fisher’s bakery, K & R lunch counter, fresh produce, juices and more.

The Greater Bridgeton Amish Market

760 Shiloh Pike

Bridgeton, NJ

Phone: 856-451-0620


A wide selection of Amish goods such as baked treats, pretzels, cheeses, meats, country deli, bulk foods, candies, salads, and more. The Greater Bridgeton Market also is host to some social events like concerts, cruise nights, and peach festivals.

Landis Market Place

631 East Landis Ave

Vineland, NJ

Phone: 856-213-6002

Features several Amish vendors, provide homemade goods, foods, jellies, jams, meats, cheeses, poultry, or candy.

Williamstown Farmers & Village Shoppes

701 North Black House Pike

Williamstown, NJ


At this market you will find old-fashioned Pennsylvania Dutch fresh traditional items such as pies, pork and turkey stuffed sausage, oven-roasted turkey, and hand-rolled soft pretzels. You will also find bulk foods, jams and spices, and much more.

Columbus Farmers Market

2919 Route 206

Columbus, NJ

Phone: 609-267-0400


Provides a wide selection of Amish-made products including fresh meats and poultry, eggs, ice cream, soft pretzels, baked goods,, cold cuts, cheeses, salads, candies, and more.

Dutch Country Farmers Market

19 Commerce Street

Flemington, NJ

Phone: 908-806-8476


Wide selection of fresh Amish produce, baked goods, sweet treats and home-style Amish foods from Lancaster County, PA, open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. A restuarant is also on the premises and open the same days as the market.

NEW YORK – Amish Markets

Amish Market (Tribeca)

53 Park Place,

(btwn W. Broadway & Church St

New York, NY

Phone: 212-608-3863


Amish Market (East)

240 East 45th St.

(btwn 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave

New York, NY

Phone: 212-370-1761


Amish Market (West)

731 9th Ave.

(btwn 49th St & 50th St)

New York, NY

Phone: 212-245-2360


New York City supplier for Amish products, carrying all kind of foods, fresh produce and baked goods. Amish-style restaurant, catering and delivery available. Market has three different locations; see above for details on all three.

Oak Hill Bulk Foods

3173 Route 14A

Penn Yan, NY

Phone: 315-536-0836


Amish-made cheeses from Ohio communities, as well as a range of non-Amish products.

North Country Store

32660 Rt. 11 S

Philadelphia, NY



Full line of Pennsylvania Dutch products, including some Amish-made goods.

NORTH CAROLINA – Amish Markets

Yoder’s Amish Market

90 County Home Rd.

Blanch, NC 27212

Phone: 336-694-1800


Yoder’s Amish Market features 4,000 square feet of products including baked goods, bulk foods and deli items.  Cheeses come from an Ohio Amish community.

Troyers Country Amish Blatz

14 Bonn E Lane

Fairview, NC

Phone: 828-280-2381


Cheeses made on an Ohio Amish farm. Wide selection of Amish outdoor furniture and crafts available as well among non-Amish foods and goods in the bakery and deli.

Hillbilly Produce Market

7024 E Independence Expy

Charlotte, NC

Phone: 704-535-1468


Carries some Amish products such as salsa, relishes, chow-chow and pickled goods.

Pike’s Amish Country Store

796 Concord Pkwy N

Concord, NC

Phone: 980-248-1455

Amish butter, cheeses, spices, bulk foods, baked goods, canned goods and more.

OHIO – Amish Markets

Amish Heritage Country Market

728 North Main Street

Marysville, OH

Phone: 937-642-0363


Amish meats and cheeses, as well as freshly baked goods from an authentic Amish bakery that is available every Saturday morning.

Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market

1900 Ohio 39

Sugarcreek, OH

330-852 – 0181


Walnut Creek Amish Flea Market is one of many popular tourist destination in Ohio Amish Country. Among a range of products from both Amish and non-Amish vendors you can find the Amish Country Bakery, which has a great choice of Amish-baked breads, cookies, bars, cakes and pies.

Dutch Valley Market

1411 Old Route 39

Sugarcreek, OH

Phone: 330 852 2631


Dutch Valley Market is part of a unique complex that includes dining at Dutch Valley Restaurant and the Carlisle Inn. The market features a wide range of homemade Amish products such as all-natural meats, cheeses, jams, and canned goods.

Keim Family Market

2621 Burnt Cabin Road

Seaman, OH

Phone: 937-386-9995


An Amish-owned and operated business, Keim Family Market features fresh baked goods, cheeses, meats, canned goods, and jams,  amongst handcrafted indoor and outdoor furniture, playhouses, playsets, barns, sheds, and more.

Miller’s Furniture, Bakery & Bulk Foods

960 Wheat Ridge Road

West Union, OH

Phone: 937-544-8524


This is an Amish-owned business, operated by the Miller brothers. They carry a wide selection of Amish-baked goods, bulk foods, cheeses, meats, and much more.

The Valley Marketplace

6121 South Ave

Boardman, OH 44512

Phone: 330-248-7034


Broad selection of Amish made foods, fresh produce, cheeses, meats, handcrafted home goods, furniture, and more from various vendors.

Walnut Creek Cheeses

2641 State Route 39

Walnut Creek, OH

Phone: 330-852-2888


Locally made foods such as cheeses, meats, canned goods, jams, as well as home goods crafted by Amish and Mennonite vendors.

Friendly Meadows Country Store

30341A Coshocton Rd

Walhonding, OH 43843

Phone: 740-427-2255

Provides a variety of Amish groceries and goods, including bulk foods, cheeses and dairy.

Mary Yoder’s Amish Kitchen

14743 North State Street

Middlefield, OH

Phone: 440-632-1939


Amish-operated restaurant, bakery, and gift shop, located in Geauga County in northeast Ohio.

Amish Country Deli & More

112 S Front St

Fremont, OH

Phone: 419-333-3354


Family-owned restaurant and deli, as well as a store with a variety of Amish favorites such as meats, cheeses, canned items, baked goods, spices, noodles, and more.

Troyer’s Country Market

5201 CR 77

Millersburg, OH

Phone: 330-893-3786


Troyer’s Country Market features a wide selection of foods, meats, fresh produce and grocery items made both by Amish and non-Amish vendors. Special line of Amish wedding foods also available.

A Taste of Amish Deli

133 E Wooster St

Bowling Green, OH

Phone: 419-352-3354


Meats, cheeses, jams, pies, jellies, candies, and gift baskets made by Amish from Ohio communities.

Krieger’s Health Foods Market

615 Graham Rd,

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Phone: 330-929-2929


Broad choice of products from Amish and non Amish suppliers.

Shisler’s Cheese House

55 Kidron Rd

Orrville, OH

Phone: 330-682-2105


Carries a wide selection of products including cheeses, meats, bulk foods, jams, jellies and more. Cheeses are locally made using milk from hormone-free cows. Some Amish-made cheese available as well.

Conines Country Market

21727 Ohio 12

Fostoria, OH

Phone: 419-435-9616


Family-owned and operated business, selling fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, bedding plants, fresh cheeses, meats and Amish baked goods.

Lynd Fruit Farm

9090 Morse Rd SW

Pataskala, OH

Phone: 740-927-8559


Offers a vast array of products supplied by different vendors including Amish ones. Some Amish-made products including baked and canned goods, butter and milk.

Ashery Farms

659 S 30th St

Heath, OH

Phone: 740-522-1750


Fresh local items provided by both Amish and Mennonite farmers.

Medbery MarketPlace

403 N Whitewoman St

Coshocton, OH

Phone: 740-291-8000


Features a range of cheeses selected by hand from Ohio Amish and non-Amish vendors, including Pearl Valley Swiss, Walnut Creek Swiss, Guggisberg Swiss, Emmentaler Swiss and Heini’s Swiss Cheese.

Wayne’s Country Market

2440 Lexington Ave

Mansfield, OH

Phone: 419-884-1993


Wayne’s Country Market carries a large selection of local Ohio products including Amish baked goods from Troyer’s Bakery, Hershberger Bakery, and Miller’s Bakery.

Holmes County Flea Market

4568 Ohio 39

Millersburg, OH

Phone: 330-893-0900


An extensive selection of products, from various food items to crafts and furniture. Some Amish homemade goods available as well.

Romano’s Farmers Market & Deli

8875 Ridge Rd

Cleveland, OH

Phone: 440-237-7888


Amid the wide variety of items available you will find Amish pies, cheeses and grocery goods.

Kirwen’s Super Market

104 W Madison St

Gibsonburg, OH

Phone: 419-637-2601


Fresh Amish baked goods come in every Thursday, including pies, rolls, cookies and breads. Special orders are also accepted.

Homer Village Market

964 Homer Rd NE

Utica, OH

Phone: 740-892-3242


Local goods sold at this market, including Amish cheeses. Closed on most Mondays.

Covered Wagon Farm Market

607 N Main St

Union, OH

Phone: 937-832-0807

A broad choice of Amish-made products such as baked goods, bulk foods, jams, candies, pickles, honey, and more.

Ebbert Farm Market

68101 Ebbert North Rd

St Clairsville, OH

Phone: 740-695-5619


Family-owned market, specializing in fresh-picked sweet corn, tomatoes, peaches, apples and more. They also carry some Amish jams, jellies, candies, and more.

PENNSYLVANIA – Amish Markets

Lancaster Central Market

23 N Market St, Lancaster, PA 17603

Phone: 717-735-6890


Historic farmers’ market in downtown Lancaster City. The oldest continuously-operated such market in America. Over 60 vendors, including Amish.

The Markets At Shrewsbury

12025 Susquehanna Trail

Glen Rock, PA

Phone: 717-235-6611


A large market hosting a wide selection of goods from both Amish and non-Amish vendors. On the premises you will find a bakery, deli, produce stand, seafood and hot food options, as well as a large furniture outlet, crafts store, and outdoor furniture and structures.

PA Dutch Farmers Market of Wyomissing

845 Woodland Rd

Wyomissing, PA 19610

Phone: 610-374-1916


Foods including organic produce, baked goods, gourmet coffee, barbecue, salads, meat stand, and pretzels.

Busy Bee’s Farm Market

3378 Old Philadelphia Pike

Ronks, PA

Phone: 717-768-7934


Amish-grown fruits, vegetables, various other foods, and handcrafted home goods.

Kauffman’s Fruit Farm and Market

3097 Old Philadelphia Pike

Bird-in-Hand, PA

Phone: 717-768-7112


Extensive selection of products including some Amish-made dumplings from family-owned Arianna’s Bakery, Amish canned vegetables, and various other goods.

Fisher’s Bakery and Roadside Stand

328 North Belmont Road

Gordonville, PA

Phone: 717-768-3541

Amish-owned roadside stand hosts a wide selection of homemade baked goods such as breads, pies, whoopie pies, and cookies. They also have homemade canned goods such as jams, and pickles, as well as homemade lemonade and root beer in season.

Newtown PA Dutch Farmers Market

2150 South Eagle Road

Newtown, PA


Sixteen vendors under one roof, both Amish and non-Amish, selling a broad choice of fresh products. Open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only.

Kennett Square Farmers’ Market

State and Union Streets

Kennett Square, PA


A large selection of both Amish and non-Amish vendors, providing a wide array of homemade foods, bulk foods, cheeses, groceries, fresh produce, and much more.

The New Garden Growers Market

Rt. 41 near Avondale


Every Saturday you can find both Amish and non-Amish vendors in front of the New Garden Township Maintenance Garage. Locally grown fresh produce and Amish baked goods available.

Oxford Village Farmers’ Market

Corner of 3rd and Locust Street

Oxford, PA

Phone: 610-998-9494


Fresh produce and goods from Amish and non-Amish local farms. Open on Tuesdays only, 12-5, May through October.

Fountain Farmers’ Market

East Passyunk Ave, at 11th and Tasker Streets

Philadelphia, PA


Amish baked goods, fruits, vegetables, and flowers

Bristol Amish Market

498 Green Lane

Bristol, PA 19007

Phone: 215-826-9971


Bristol Amish Market provides fresh seasonal produce, bulk foods, meats, cheeses and much more. Crafts and furniture available as well, from many various vendors.

Reading Terminal Market

51 North 12th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19107

Phone: 215-922-0425


A busy urban market that  offers a large selection of stands carrying foods and products, including vendors with Amish homemade goods..

Allentown Fairground Farmers Market

1825 W Chew St

Allentown, PA

Phone: 610-432-8425


Home to over 60 stands run by both Amish and non-Amish sellers, offering an array of products including Amish homemade baked goods, meats, cheeses, gift shops, restaurants, and more.

Rice’s Market

6326 Greenhill Road

New Hope, PA

Phone: 215-297-5993


A 30-acre outdoor market with Amish meats and baked goods, fresh fruits, vegetables, antiques, collectibles and much more. Open Tuesdays and Saturdays, March through December.

Pocono Farm Stand & Nursery

Pennsylvania 611

Tannersville, PA

Phone: 570-629-4344


Fresh produce including sweet corn, tomatoes, strawberries, blueberries, peaches.

Bluegate Farm Homegrown Produce & Homestyle Bakery

2725 A Lincoln Highway East

Ronks, PA

Phone: 717-687-5188


Amish-owned and operated farm, providing fresh produce and homemade baked goods such as whoopie pies, pumpkin rolls, breads and more. Home preserved goods, root beer, horseradish available as well.

Olde Heritage Homemade

Root Beer & Gift Shop

3217 Old Philadelphia Pike

Ronks, PA

Phone: 717-768-8875


Amish farm market, locally owned and operated by Elam & Naomi Fisher, features homemade root beer, baked goods, home-canned preserves, and handcrafted gifts.

The Amish Pantry

467 Berwick Hazleton Highway

Nescopeck, PA

Phone: 570-379-4771


Carries a broad selection of Amish products including fruit, butter, cheeses, meats, Amish Wedding foods, granola, candies and noodles, and more.

Apple Castle

277 Pennsylvania 18

New Wilmington, PA

Phone: 724-652-3221


Family owned and operated farm and market. Has been selling fresh produce and specialty items for over 150 years. Amish homemade fresh baked goods also available.

Booth’s Corner Farmers Market

1362 Naamans Creek Road

Garnet Valley, PA 19060

Phone: 610-485-0775


More than 100 vendors and a dozen restaurants, offering a range of products from both Amish and non Amish vendors.

Pleasant Valley Country Store

429 Sproul Road

Kirkwood, PA

Phone: 717-529-3964


Amish-owned and operated variety store, featuring cheeses, groceries, bulk foods, meats, houseware good and kitchen gadgets, as well as vitamins, books, herbs, dairy products, and much more.

Lapp Valley Farm

244 Mentzer Road

New Holland, PA

Phone: 717-354-7988


An Amish dairy farm, specializing in hormone-free milk and homemade ice cream made on an Amish farm.

Kissel Hill Fruit Farm Orchard & Market

2101 Kissel Hill Rd

Lititz, PA

Phone: 717-626-7115


Offers Amish baked goods including whoopie, pies, breads, cookies and more every Friday and Saturday.

Green Dragon Farmers Market & Auction

955 North State Street

Ephrata, PA 17522

Phone: 717-738-1117


This farmer’s market and auction is located on a 30-acre site in Lancaster County, and you will find indoor and outdoor vendor spaces. Numerous fresh food sellers. Open Friday only, from 9am to 9pm (8pm in Jan & Feb).

TENNESSEE – Amish Markets

Nolensville Feed Mill Farmers Market

7280 Nolensville Rd

Nolensville, TN

Phone: 615-776-4252


This market carries both Amish and Mennonite products, such as Amish baked goods, variety of tomatoes, peaches, strawberries, watermelons, pepper, onions, and much more. In the fall season they sell pumpkins, mums, and gourds.

Country View Market

3368 Tennessee 48

Charlotte, TN

Phone: 615-789-5000


Amish and Mennonite handcrafted furniture, gifts, homemade foods such as jams, jellies, canned goods, and much more.

Swiss Pantry

7970 David Crocket Hwy

Belvidere, TN

Phone: 931-962-0567


A wide selection of products including both Amish and non-Amish goods.

Cane Creek Market

1798 Highway 438 E

Lobelville, TN

Phone: 931-593-3242

Country store carrying a large selection of both Amish and non-Amish items

TEXAS – Amish Markets

Amish Market

410 West Main Street

Fredericksburg, TX

Phone: 830-990-2977


A sprawling collection of vendors providing Amish-made items including furniture, gifts and crafts, as well as homemade Amish and Mennonite foods such as fresh produce, dairy products regularly shipped from Amish, home-canned fruits, vegetables and a range of Amish-made candies.

Amish Oak In Texas

1145 Texas 337 Loop

New Braunfels, TX

Phone: 830-627-3100


They specialize in Amish furniture and crafts, as well as a wide selection of homemade Amish goods including jams, noodles, candies, sweets, and organic and sugar free items.

UTAH – Amish Markets

Apple Creek

875 N Main St Willard, UT 84340


VIRGINIA – Amish Markets

Anderson’s Country Market

3748 South Amherst Highway

Madison Heights, VA

Phone: 434-528-9393


Owned and operated by the Anderson family. They carry a wide selection of products, both Amish and non-Amish produced, including meats and cheeses.

Nalls Farm Market

4869 Harry Byrd Highway

Berryville, VA

Phone: 540-955-0004


Features fresh produce grown both by Amish and non-Amish local farmers. Nalls Farm Market is closed for the winter season from December 26 thru mid March.

The Amish Cupboard

2265 Beech Ave

Buena Vista, VA

Phone: 540-264-0215


Big selection of Amish products including bulk foods, dairy products, baked goods and more.

Yoder’s Country Market

927 Orange Road

Pratts, VA

Phone: 540-948-3000


Mostly Mennonite items, but some Amish foods as well, such as cashew crunch, macaroni salad mix, farmer’s cheese and popcorn available.

WISCONSIN – Amish Markets

Old Country Cheese

S510 County Road D

Cashton, WI

Phone: 608-654-5411


A range of Amish made products such as jams and jellies, gifts, crafts, a wide selection of cheese products, and much more.

Detweiler Bulk Foods

N5055 Hwy 14

Albany, WI

Phone: 608-897-8500


Cookies and candy made by Amish suppliers, as well as spices, soup mixes, supplements, and more.

Amish House

N 5183 17th Drive

Wild Rose, WI

Phone: 920-622-3338


Amish House carries a broad choice of items including popcorn, syrups and Amish cheeses.

WEST VIRGINIA – Amish Markets

Halfway Market

1213 US Rt 60 East

Milton, WV

Phone: 304-743-9642


This market provides a selection of specialty products including Amish jams and canned items, Amish cheeses and Amish Wedding foods. Handmade furniture by Amish craftsmen available as well.

Editor’s Note: What do you think about this list? I printed it… because you never know. But I’m sure there are more Amish Markets in the US… but it’s not easy to find them all. So, if you know one that’s missing from our list, please tell us in the comment area and I’ll update the article.

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KJ Barber
By KJ Barber September 7, 2018 06:36
Write a comment


  1. BT September 7, 12:22

    Another for your list: Applecreek Amish Market, Willard, Utah http://www.applecreek.biz/

    Reply to this comment
  2. scamp September 7, 13:48

    Weavers in Dongola, Il is closed.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Labienus September 7, 14:06

    I buy marmalades from this nice Mennonite family down the road.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Kansas raised kid September 7, 15:21

    Kansas has a lot more than the one meat market you mentioned. We have several different sects of “Amish” in central Kansas going from Old Order to more modern. Many stores in this area sell Amish made goods or are Amish owned stores and services. Below are three more that I know about.

    Glenn’s Bulk Food Shoppe (Amish owned)
    6405 W Morgan Ave
    Hutchinson, Ks 67501

    Smith’s Market(sells Amish made goods)
    211 S Main St
    Hutchinson, Ks 67501

    Yoder Discount Grocery
    3406 Redrock Rd
    Yoder Ks 67585

    Reply to this comment
  5. JC September 7, 16:07

    Each Amish community has a small store to service it’s own community. Some offer more than others. Some communities are more open to the public, setting up bake shops, and larger markets as a draw for their wood working. They have fresh, good quality items, but not always for bargain prices you might think. Amish are quite $$ alert. Mennonite run(often mistaken for Amish) are even more into making all they can from what they offer. The “discount’ grocery stores are a good source of savings on a lot of packaged and canned goods. Just watch for too on sharply dented cans and dates on the boxes or packet mixes, ck the edges for damages to containers.

    These sources are great for quality stainless steel plates, pots, pans, buckets, and all sizes of mixing bowels. Replacement lids for most all needs..

    Bulk pastas, dried sliced potatoes, steel cut oats.Candied sliced ginger which I use to dice, add to fruit for more zing in my jellies and jams.

    Reply to this comment
  6. roborobb September 7, 16:42

    There is an Amish market in Utah! It’s located on U.S.89\315 at 875 N Main St, Willard, UT 84340. Phone number (435) 723-1650.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Armin September 7, 16:48

    Very quickly, where I am it’s Mennonites instead of Amish. As far as I can tell they’re very similar, only differing slightly in ideology. And they are close by. I have several plans going. One of them would be to move to Mennonite country. Their roots are my roots and where they live house prices are still reasonable. And if I did have the chance to move it wouldn’t be south closer to the big cities and the lake. I would only want to move farther north. With obvious climate change happening the northern areas might be much more livable for the future.

    Reply to this comment
  8. Michael Markham September 7, 17:12

    There’s a great Market in California it’s not on ash but they have a lot of dried fruit and fresh fruit and all kinds of good stuff they do jerky and all kinds of things too it is here in Northern California it’s on I-80 and pedrick Road in Dixon California.

    They have a lot of good stuff that’s in season and other stuff that’s been dried and candy and all kinds of stuff if you have a chance go out there and take a look I don’t recommend to go on the weekends because they’re busy as all get-out.

    Reply to this comment
  9. JJ September 7, 19:15

    One of the best deals I got from Mennonite/Amish? stores is canning lids; sold in bulk in huge packages.
    Considering the life of the present manufactured lids is only listed as 12 months, I got a real bonus years ago.

    Reply to this comment
  10. left coast chuck September 7, 19:48

    Great list and a lot of work just to input all the info. Thanks. Too bad the left coast is too worldly for our Amish. Maybe it might help the morals out here if a large group of Amish and Mennonites decided to emigrate to the left coast.

    Unfortunately for us prisoners on the left coast, Utah is a pretty fair drive to shop but should I happen to be somewhere in the vicinity while traveling, it is a good list to have tucked away in the glove compartment. Does anyone really keep gloves in the glove compartment?

    I guess that shows how old fashioned I really am. I don’t think it is even called the glove compartment any more. I don’t know what marketing decided was the more upscale name for the box in the dashboard.

    Reply to this comment
  11. Liz September 7, 20:01

    Baker Country Store in Baker, Idaho. Produce ,products and baked goods made by Amish owners.

    Reply to this comment
  12. Cy September 7, 23:51

    Why there are no Amish in California?

    Reply to this comment
    • Lucy September 8, 02:07

      My guess why there isn’t a big Amish (or Mennonite) presence in California is that land prices are too high for an agrarian group. When the Amish in the part of Ohio where my roots are started outgrowing their available space, they started migrating back east to central New York State and buying up failing family farms. They don’t seem to be competing with the huge factory farms, because they’re doing other kinds of things. Niche markets, you could say. Around here the Mennonites are growing, making fences, insulating houses, building in wood, and providing agrarian services. Both groups are respected for their strong work ethic, though envied by some for the fact that they go only to the 8th grade, then out into the workplace as families, sharing their resources, charging slightly less, and generally seen as outperforming other groups.

      Btw, I would be careful about lumping the Amish and the Mennonites (and the Church of the Brethren) together theologically. You will be calling down their wrath with that one!

      Reply to this comment
  13. Beau1954 September 8, 00:29

    I’ve been to several Amish markets and restaurants in Missouri and have to say I found the food and most of their after market foodstuffs to be mediocre and overpriced.I’m a home cooking kind of guy and don’t get into the foodie experience but their stuff is about as bland as the poor little kids they force to work in those places. But all those small town Missouri diabetics love them some Amish sweets…

    Reply to this comment
  14. Wannabe September 8, 00:58

    Yep, I will be sure to visit all these stores soon. So if I had a store, would the Amish come visit it? No they would not because I am not Amish. So the Amish can support themselves and I will support myself ithout them. They love for us to buy their product but I promise you they will not buy ours.

    Reply to this comment
    • Claude Davis September 8, 09:29

      You’re probably right; they won’t buy our products. That’s not because of prejudice, though – it’s because they don’t need to. Amish and Mennonite communities are pretty self-sufficient. In fact they were preppers a couple hundred years before it became fashionable. How badly do you think the Amish are going to be affected by an EMP? My guess is that if any group in America is going to just roll with it and carry on as before, it’s them.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck September 8, 15:54

        Merchants must carry what their customers need and want. If you stock a store with the types of products that those sects buy regularly and if your store is in a convenient location for them to buy and if you welcome them into your store, I suspect that your store will do as well as any owned by members of the sect. If you insist on carrying products they don’t buy and your help secretly or perhaps no so secretly scorns them for their old fashioned mode of dress, I can guarantee a failure.

        If you want to see customer service raised to a fine art, you need to visit large department stores in Japan. If you are observant, the level of attention to customer needs and desires will impress you. The Japanese department store has managed to instill in their employees a service technique that is attentive without being overwhelming. I am not talking about the 100 yen stores which are very much like U.S. stores, but the old line department stores, some of which have been in existence well over 150 years. You will find quality merchandise at quality prices. Such service levels aren’t supported by Walmart prices and service levels.

        Reply to this comment
        • Lisa May 7, 17:56

          Chuck, on the Japanese. The customers don’t treat the help well, call it bottom rung. My DD worked in SoCal, and had goods & $$ thrown at her by the J’s.

          Reply to this comment
      • Wannabe September 9, 01:43

        No they will not support us because we are not Amish. They are very selective who they support. Not Amish they won’t buy just like Mormons. If you are not Mormon then they won’t look at you twice. Just a fact of life.

        Reply to this comment
      • Wannabe September 9, 01:52

        I disagree.it is because of prejudice. We are not Amish and they don’t want to deal with us. If it benefits them then they are all for it. If it does not benefit them they want nothing to do with us. They shun those who are not of their ilk.

        Reply to this comment
        • SonOfAMenonite September 11, 20:19

          Their “ilk”? Be careful how you use that term. It is very denigrating. Amish and Old Order Mennonites are not ilk. They are Christians who choose not to allow the evil morals of the world to invade their Christianity. Does one need to live in that life-style to do this? No, but as Claude pointed out, that life-style is not only self-sufficient, it will survive EMP with no problems. It is the evil of the world they despise, not a person or persons.

          Reply to this comment
        • Grits October 30, 22:15

          As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, what you call a Mormon, I am puzzled why you would make such a statement. I shop anywhere if they have what I need. I have friends of all faiths and some that have no faith. I would be extremely limited if that were the case of staying within the church. Please don’t make such broad generalizations.

          Reply to this comment
          • Capt Deano April 23, 19:14

            Grits, i’m with you, but from the other side. I have several friends that are From the LDS church and we do all kinds of things together. They have never made me feel different or unequal. The thought never entered our minds. The LDS church people have been preppers far longer than I and we share with each other without expecting anything in return. Our different beliefs on how we serve our lord is always respected as should the different beliefs all Americans have. Respect and honor them and they will respect and honor you. I’ve seen it first hand.

            Reply to this comment
  15. Dan September 8, 03:00

    Amish Furniture Gallery, Amish Furniture Store with locations in Illinois and Colorado

    http://www.unpluggedfurniture.com/ – unplugged because Amish do not use electricity

    Reply to this comment
  16. MB September 8, 17:41

    There is a great Mennonite store in Michigan: Country View Bulk Foods in the Thumb, west of Sandusky, just north of the corneer of M-46 & Germania Rd. Address is: 177 N. Germania Rd., Snover, MI 48478 Lots of bulk items, cheaper than any other bulk store in the big city; tremendous fresh veggies at great prices, a full service smaller grocery store.

    Reply to this comment
  17. Wannabe September 9, 01:37

    Not close enough

    Reply to this comment
  18. Lisca Wenk September 9, 06:34

    Need more information for those of us who live in the real west part of the nation

    Reply to this comment
  19. TheSouthernNationalist September 9, 19:06

    I see they dont care for North or South Carolina, too bad, they would be welcome here.

    Reply to this comment
  20. A. Wiggins March 27, 02:25

    For Wisconsin, please add an Amish food and general store in the countryside just a little East of Schawano (spelling?) or Shawano, Wisconsin. Not a huge store, but has lots of bulk grains, spices, and other items, as well as local seasonal produce. And some other items for people who think electricity is too modern, but natural gas and propane is ok. Very neat and well organized with friendly staff. I’ve been there maybe six times, especially to buy bulk rolled oats for my oatmeal – really good, and low priced. I recommend. Can not remember the name of the store. “Try googling
    Amish store around Shawano, WI” Nice for Preppers.

    Reply to this comment
  21. OldAlaskan April 18, 18:34

    Leesport Farmers Market, Auction & Flea Market
    10 acer flea market in the summer
    Cattle auction
    food & Produce venders vary with the seasons
    Leesport, PA

    Kutztown farmers Market
    Kutztown PA

    Reply to this comment
  22. Naperville SEO September 30, 10:02

    Having rdad this I thought it was extremely informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this content together.

    I once agfain find myself spending way too much time both reading and leaving comments.
    But so what, it was still worth it!

    Reply to this comment
  23. Dragonlady April 23, 14:22

    This market has been closed for years. Landis Market Place
    631 East Landis Ave Vineland, NJ

    Phone: 856-213-6002

    Reply to this comment
  24. Graywolf12 May 7, 14:28

    Your map of Texas is off. Fredericksburg is almost due west of Austin, and New Braunfels is almost due North of San Antonio. One of your dots is in the Dallas area, too far north.

    Reply to this comment
  25. Sabel May 8, 03:15

    I am surprised to find Lehman’s missing from your Ohio list. I don’t think the owners are Amish or Mennonite but it is located in the heart of Amish country in Ohio and definitely caters to and is patronized by the Amish community (lots of hitching posts and rails at the rear parking lot for the horses and buggies) as well as preppers, homesteaders, Mennonites (especially Old Order), historical re-enactors (I learned about it when participating in Rendezvous back East) and tourists. You can easily spend most of a day in the store, it is that big with that much stock to look at, as well as all the old tools up on the walls above the merchandise. Everyone who works there is friendly and helpful, both “English” and Amish staff. They also have a mail order catalog and a website, if you can’t get to the physical store. They don’t have much in the way of bargains but they have almost everything you can possibly think of in the way of non-electric tools and appliances, what they refer to as “sustainable.”

    4779 Kidron Rd., Kidron, OH 44618
    Phone: 800-438-5346
    Website: Lehmans.com

    Reply to this comment
  26. furniture July 3, 14:26

    Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the article. Make sure to comment what I
    should build next?

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