The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

James Walton
By James Walton February 4, 2021 10:46

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

Well, we survived 2020 and now we face the hope of a new America in 2021. We will be faced with tough choices and tough times, but we will still keep prepping. Some Americans are so disenfranchised with our nation that they are actually considering leaving!

Are there still safe havens for preppers in our nation and around the world? We dug deep and sought out some recommendations to get the gear turning in your own head. Might it be time to relocate?

Bugout Lifestyle

Some people have given themselves over to a sort of never ending bugout. This idea that our world is so close to calamity that we could be uprooted at any moment has given way to people who simply have prepared to be mobile at a moment’s notice.

I call this the Bugout Lifestyle because it basically keeps you on a perpetual bugout or perpetually prepared to be most efficient in a bugout scenario.

Mobile Home

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A PrepperRV life and mobile living has become a huge opportunity for many people. This is a lifestyle that is far beyond preppers. Writers, entrepreneurs, and others have also taken to the idea of a mobile living space.

There are some serious benefits for preppers when it comes to living on the road.

Of course, limited storage space can be an issue for preppers. However, we are a creative bunch and using storage and survival caching could become an answer to that.

No matter how you look at it, being a mobile prepper in uncertain times is definitely going to be a huge benefit to preppers in 2021.

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Month to Month Rentals

While owning a property might seem like the best means of financial preparedness, there is something to be said about watching that investment, literally, go up in flames (Antifa). So, now is a time to consider renting month to month.

Month to month rentals in a city would be a terrible idea for preppers!

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

However, month to month rentals in a rural setting could be just the kind of preemptive bugout that you and yours are looking for.

Many farmhouse rentals offer gardens and wide opens spaces with landowners that allow you to keep animals and care for the land as though it were your own.

If the state leadership gets out of hand you simply finish out your lease and move away! No selling a home or any hassle. Cut ties and keep it moving. Having no roots in uncertain times has its benefits.

Off Grid Tiny Home

The off grid tiny home revolution has made lots of things possible for people who are willing to live a minimalist lifestyle.

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

You can jump off grid for a very little bit of money and maybe even invest in a nice piece of land to put that home on.

The tiny home is not just a jump to off grid, but it is also a pickup truck away from being a bugout location. Now you can uproot quickly and take your living space with you.

However, you can also park on a piece of land with a well and build a serious life for yourself.

They can be professionally built for as little as 30,000 or you can do it yourself for even less!


These unconventional living methods might seem a bit extreme to you, but they are solutions for the hardcore prepper that is fortifying and preparing to live out the very worst case scenario.


Batman is the ultimate prepper, in my estimation, and his bat cave is legendary.

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

Of course, it is only the stuff of comics but the living inside of a cave or building a structure inside of a cave could provide you with a protected shelter that is invisible to pretty much every form of detection.

You will not be seen from satellites and even thermal vision will be unable to detect you living in your cave home deep beneath the ground.

Using permaculture principles, you could populate the woods around your cave with a food producing forest garden and maybe even some free roaming animals.

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Missile Silo

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A PrepperAbandoned missile silos are popping up all the time. These are decommissioned and highly effective underground shelters for hardcore preppers to manipulate into a living space. Just so you know, you will not be the first person to turn a decommissioned missile silo into a home.

This is the definition of unconventional living, but it is also the prepping at its most extreme and maybe at its most effective. Dipping below the earth’s surface and maintaining normalcy is about the only way a family can live out a true doomsday.

Underground Bunker

A more affordable option is to invest in an underground bunker.

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

While a cheap underground bunker is no type of living space for a person or family, a larger one can be a place that you might seek refuge and furnish to some measure of enjoyment.

A simple cabin on top of your bunker could create a combo living situation that works perfectly for you and yours.

Spacious, outfitted bunkers can run you 80,000 and up. These might not be something you are interested in and with the cost of a home on top it could get very expensive. However, you will be able to just head underground and seek shelter in a disaster.


Here are a few places that are on the more conventional side. While shacking up in a missile silo would undoubtedly protect you from a serious doomsday disaster it wouldn’t be a great place to call home.

So, let’s look at some regions and states that are much better for preppers.

Rural Living

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A PrepperThe general consensus amongst most preppers is that living rurally is simply better than living in the burbs.

You have more freedom to work on food production and other prepping/homesteading projects. You are also living in an area of low population density.

The rural lands might be the perfect place for the right kind of prepper.

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The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A PrepperTennessee is a great state for preppers and offers up a wonderful mix of environments from great rural expanses to mountain towns and even some incredible suburban places.

It is also a state that is pretty well run from a local government standpoint.

Of course, you are going to need to spend some time seeking out the right place, but you will find it a welcoming state with a lot of the benefits of an east coast location without radical gun control, exploding unrest, destructive taxation and some of the more common issues that are cropping up in states all over.


The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A PrepperIf you are looking to move into an even more remote location Montana is something to consider.

It is a state of immense beauty and wide ranging freedom.

Of course, there are very few people in the state compared to its massive footprint.

This type of isolation lends itself to preppers who are looking to switch on that agricultural prowess, shoot guns, get off grid and really get back to living as part of the world.

The communities are a lot of independent than those with big cities, too.

West Virginia

Lots of people live in that northeast corridor but tucked just south west of these places is West Virginia and you can find yourself a little nook that will keep you provide you with all the self-reliance and freedom that you want.

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A Prepper

Getting off the grid and preparing for calamity becomes a reality and in some places a necessity in many parts of West Virginia.

It is also a beautiful landscape and the eastern part of the state offers up world class trout fishing, hiking, and hunting.

West Virginia has not been infected by that which is east of it and it’s a diamond in the east coast rough.

Outside the US

I wouldn’t recommend leaving the nation. That is just my two cents in the whole matter.

However, there are some really great places that one could live and hide and prep without too much oppression, for now.

New Zealand

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A PrepperFor years New Zealand has been a place where people with money have been buying land and setting up shop for a dark, dark period in history.

This is the island to survive SHTF in the minds of those in places like silicone valley and other billionaires.

In many ways, New Zealand has become the new age ARK that will be there when the rain starts to fall.

No matter how you feel about the uber rich and powerful, they know that New Zealand has tremendous benefits in an SHTF scenario.

Things like local food sources, clean water, and it being an island nation that would require raiders to come by boat.

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The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A PrepperWhile many will bristle at the idea of living in a socialists’ dream like Sweden, we are talking about SAFETY as a prepper.

Sure, you can find a number of things to concern yourself with abouts Sweden.

But if you take the same kind of route as you would in America you will have success: Rural life, self-reliance, off grid and whatever else you deem necessary.

Sweden is a breathtaking place that is full of natural resources and opportunity for a prepper. Gun ownership is tightly regulated but if you are rural and you keep quiet, you should not have problems.

Costa Rica

The Safest Places To Live In 2021 If You Are A PrepperCosta Rica has long been a safe haven for expats. Prepper’s are a THING in Costa Rica and during the pandemic many of these preppers came out of the woodwork. In short, you are dealing with a democratic nation invests in the social and cultural fabric of its nation. The tax system is very favorable to Americas.

Literacy is high and cost of living is exceptionally low. You can live comfortably on $2000 a month!

The opportunity to make a move that will better position you to survive the coming chaos, or the chaos that is already around us, is still there. You should not assume that you have made your final move. As you can see, there are a tremendous amount of safe living options for preppers.

From extreme to conventional, preppers have options. It is important for us to sit down and really consider what matters to us. From here you can make that incredibly important decision: Are you in the place you would like to be to live through SHTF?

If the answer is no, then it is time to get to work on deciding where that place is.

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James Walton
By James Walton February 4, 2021 10:46
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  1. Illini Warrior February 4, 13:25

    Why are just “missile silo” used to determine anything? – even in the 1960 nuke heydays the target list included the airbases >>> map is more regional biased wet dream than reality …..

    Reply to this comment
    • Nana February 6, 00:38

      there are loads of missile silos just like the picture all over America and not on bases! Have seen several here in Arkansas even!

      Reply to this comment
  2. Nick February 4, 14:58

    cool article. Especially for me as I already live in Montana.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Ryan February 4, 15:02

    I agree with the author. I wouldn’t leave the US but Costa Rica does sound nice… maybe someday.

    Reply to this comment
    • MaryBeth February 4, 18:41

      I would be very careful about living in Costa Rica. I had homes there for 7 years. Costa Rica is very socialist. I had a house in Jaco (a large pacific coast city) that was empty for 5 months and developed squatters, who we had to PAY to leave! The best property is property guarded by armed men. Also, things in Costa Rica are expensive as they are subject to a large import tax.
      Groceries for an American were very pricey. Finally, Americans have to own property through corporations, so not only do you have taxes, but you have legal fees.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck February 5, 17:25

        Nothing like advice from someone who has been there and done that. Thanks, MaryBeth, for the voice of experience.

        I have always wondered about Costa Rica and all the glowing praise that come from there. Hey, it’s still a banana republic with the social unrest that seem bred into the folks who live in Central America.

        Reply to this comment
      • Peter Piper February 23, 04:35

        Panama is a better choice.

        Reply to this comment
    • red February 6, 00:56

      Ryan: If you like hotspots, Costa Rica is great!
      Costa Rica is home to a great number of volcanoes — there are six active volcanoes and another 61 dormant or extinct ones. For the past 50 years, Arenal was the country’s most active volcano. There are, however, many other volcanoes that are worth exploring. …
      Volcanoes of Costa Rica – Arenal Volcano
      Of course, the haven’t had a real war since 1950 or something, but all their neighbors are pretty active.
      Belize is supposed to be the most American-friendly nation south of our border. A sister-in-law is from there and friends here are Belizean-Americans. I bugged out years ago, and finally found my way home to AZ. Like folks say if old-man Coyote wants to eat my soul, he’s going to get some nasty indigestion. Beat to you. niio

      Reply to this comment
  4. Clark February 4, 15:15

    I am concerned about the tough times we’re living. Where would be better to relocate in order to be safe?
    Wisconsin and Oregon look plausible to me. What do you suggest?

    Reply to this comment
    • Brian S February 4, 17:17

      Not socialist controlled Oregon

      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck February 4, 17:43

      Clark: It would appear from your post that you haven’t been following the news. While Portland and environs haven’t been in the news since the dims secured the white house, riots continue in that state while the pols wring their hands claiming they are doing the best they can to resolve discrimination in the state. While eastern Oregon is, in the smaller towns, red, still the larger towns in eastern Oregon voted dem in the last two presidential elections. The population centers in western Oregon dominate the state politics. They are filled with Kalifornicaters who, having screwed up their own state fled to Oregon and proceeded to screw it up.

      Yes, if you move to a small town in eastern Oregon you will be in with like-minded folks, but they are like Kallyforniya, dominated by the urban areas that force unwelcome legislative decrees on them. Might as well move to Bakersfield which is a conservative city and county dominated by its next door neighbor, Los Angeles. How inappropriately named, The Angles. Ha!!!

      Reply to this comment
    • Prepper In Training February 4, 20:27

      No place will be truly safe in a SHTF situation, and while it is ok to ask others for their opinion, only you can make the determination of what is safest for you. Highly educated know-it-alls won’t fare too well in rural “redneck” areas, and a redneck may not feel safe in an area that is close to a liberal college town.

      It is best to balance your safety with your needs. Do you need access to medical services? Are you physically capable of surviving with no convenient services like grocery stores? Do you have kids or older people in your group, and will they experience the same safety level that you will have?

      I have seen safe places in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana that I would not dare suggest for a person from Dallas or Austin, and for people from those states, I wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending areas around Dallas or Austin.

      Just like beauty, safety is in the eye of the beholder. Use the map from above to get a general idea of what seems like a good area, then go on the state website and look at some demographics and topological maps. Once you have an area or two in mind, search for prepper/survival groups that you may contact for more information.

      I wish I could point you to the “safest” area, but sorry, I already have it.

      Reply to this comment
    • John Brown February 5, 00:25

      Safest places will be between the Rio Grade and Chattahoochee, excluding Texas. Called “Curse of the Zeroes”, the east and west coast are determined for destruction from the Creator.

      Reply to this comment
    • Mark February 10, 07:19

      Oregon coast is promising, despite the main 101 Hwy and some USAF bases, Army Storage facilities, and possibly a decommissioned Radar station. No nuclear power plants or ICBM sites that I am aware of. Doesn’t sound too bad.

      Reply to this comment
      • red February 12, 00:06

        Mark: Cascadia Subduction Zone, major earthquake zone, volcanoes. Last major quake was 1700, and they’re supposed to happen evert 350 years. Indians said the water stood like mountains and crashed over the earth.
        Best to you, but coastal OR is as liberal as a 3 dollar bill. niio

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck February 17, 23:49

          Apparently Mark hasn’t been following the news about the left coast either. While the small fishing and logging towns along the coast of Oregon are much like the same along the 101 coastal route of Callyforniya, they are also in the marijuana belt which necessarily means a certain criminal element. Even though recreational use of marijuana has been approved by the voters of the PDRK and Oregon, illegal marijuana growing is still rampant in that region. The growers are criminals with criminal mindsets. They shoot folks who stumble upon their national forest growing plots. They use illegal pesticides and way too much fertilizer because they are not guardians of the earth as small farmers are but pillagers of the earth as were early miners and others who took from the earth.

          While they may be a gun-loving, gun-toting bunch, their politics are strangely as liberal as the keyboard-pounding, Starbucks habitué in Portland or Seattle.

          Reply to this comment
          • red February 19, 04:47

            LCC: I forgot about the west coat copperhead road. I lived on one and near others. Not a place for the innocent or unwary. niio

            Reply to this comment
  5. MIssouri Outdoorsman February 4, 15:16

    A few comments about this – the author makes it sound like TN, WV and MT are the best places and I would argue that they are not. Of those three, Tennessee is the best. West Va is just too close to all of the bullshit of the east coast. Yes it’s remote there but it will be the first remote place they start clearing out. Montana WAS great but it’s filling up with California libs who are buying up all the land. My better choices? Utah if you’re looking for remote. Not a long growing season for gardens but lots of wild game and fishing opportunities exist. My other choice is my home state – Missouri. One of the best managed states for wildlife (our Conservation Department is hands down the best in the US) and lakes and rivers abound. Tons of National Forest, Corps of Engineers and National Scenic Riverways land as well as state parks. The Ozark Mountains are remote and full of caves. The growing season is 6-8 months, depending on the variety being grown and the weather (we can get freak storms in March and October!). Best of all is Missouri is solidly a red state with every state-wide office being Republican as well as R’s in majority in the state House and Senate. They are currently working on a trifecta of bills that would make Missouri basically immune to federal assaults on the 2nd Amendment and make it illegal for any law enforcement officer to infringe on the 2A rights or to assist the feds with going so. Just fair warning though – Missourians don’t necessarily take kindly to strangers moving in. They will almost freak you out with just their sideways looks and watching you until they trust you (which might take a long while). And God forbid they never trust you. You might not be long for this earth. I kid you not. Small communities have been know to form vigilante groups and solve their own problems without the law and “not a single person saw a thing” even if it happened in broad daylight in the middle of town! But don’t let that scare ya …

    Reply to this comment
    • Brian S February 4, 17:14

      Agreed fellow Missourian. The only thing I dont like are seed ticks in the Summer LOL

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick February 9, 04:39

        Well just wait to the new administration restarts the refugee resettlement program. Im sure they plan on making sure they take advantage of all that wide open space in what they refer to as fly over country. Once again, States no longer have a choice to decline acceptance of all these foreign folks. We’er full up here in the big city.

        Reply to this comment
        • red February 11, 07:54

          CC: Soylent Green.

          Reply to this comment
          • Scott of the South February 11, 17:16

            Walmart sells Soylent Green! Have a picture on the shelf. I had no idea we had come to this point! LOL!

            Reply to this comment
            • red February 12, 20:43

              Scott: LOL! Right now, they’re building camps in Matamoros, near the Rio, to prep the new invaders. With the dnc, they probably want to be sure all the terrorists get the choice spots in the US. Nuclear towers, power plants, dams, old age homes.

              Reply to this comment
        • Missouri Outdoorsman February 14, 05:18

          Not happening here. Our state government will tell Biden what he can do with his sanctuary bullshit.

          Reply to this comment
          • red February 15, 07:41

            Missouri: I wish you well. We’re in Arizona and understand first hand what the feds want the feds will do. Right now, biden is saying we may be under lockdown till 2022, and that’s thanks to the invaders he invited in. niio

            Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck February 4, 17:46

      I wouldn’t advertise how great your state is, M.O. next thing you know, you will be invaded by a bunch of kalifornicaters who, having screwed up their state, are fleeing to normal states and screwing up their new locales just as they did Kallyforniya.

      Reply to this comment
      • Rubylynn February 5, 03:44

        I grew up partly in MO, moved around a lot. Have family in Mo. Married and living in CA. Please do not dump all Ca-ians in together. We are not all the same nor are we all crazy. I am a southern girl at heart and alway will be.

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck February 5, 17:23

          Of course, Rubylynn, there are some folk in the PDRK who still have down-to-earth values and believe in the Golden Rule. Unfortunately, we are in the significant minority in the PDRK. And, know it or not, we too have been tainted by living in the PDRK in recent years. You can’t live with the hogs without getting a little dirt on you.

          Should I get a chance to emigrate to the United States of America, I would keep where I had come from a closely guarded secret and answer queries about that with some kind of euphemism. I would get rid of my California plates on my vehicle as soon as practicable, even if I had to stop at a junk yard and bribe the proprietor for a set of local plates.

          Reply to this comment
      • City Chick February 5, 19:19

        Thank you very much! Next time I’m asked, I’ll let everyone know that MO is the place to go. Something like 80,000 people have already left this year. Enrollment in the NYC Public School System is down 43,000. It is estimated that NY will loose 1-3 Congressional seats when they tally up the 2020 Census figures. Folks have to wait 6 months to make an appointment with a moving company and U-Haul is the same.

        Reply to this comment
    • Sheila February 4, 17:57

      I miss Missouri, I’m in iowa now. I was raised in Missouri and love it there. Iowa isn’t to bad.

      Reply to this comment
    • Bible thumper February 4, 18:50

      We moved here 5 years ago for all the things you stated, but we never experienced the distrust issue. We found a great church and have never had so many close friends. I’d stay away from the cities. South MO is a great place. Enjoyed your comments.

      Reply to this comment
    • Bud February 4, 19:45

      Love it

      Reply to this comment
    • Tinhat February 5, 14:48

      We have been here in the hill of the Ozarks for 6 generations. We came here in the 1840′ s and by now we are considered a local. There is a strong value of I will take care of me and help my neighbor. The 2nd amendment is strongly believed here . Yes we care for our own. We have seen drug houses accidentally catch fire and thieves go away forever. If you do not want to work and put in the time to be local Keep out

      Reply to this comment
      • Missouri Outdoorsman February 14, 06:02

        While I haven’t lived in the hills since I was a kid, I’m always close! You’ve been around there longer than my family – we only came to the Ozarks around 1900.

        Reply to this comment
    • Stef February 10, 22:00

      Please any suggestions where to start im so scared im loosing sleep n cant eat over watching this country crumble i have no family n live alone unfortunately i have not much money im on a fixed income its like i dont kno how to hunt fish shoot i had to survive a childhood so idk im at my witts end w worry i live in Virginia left NYC yrs ago to get away from those politicians n now im 55 looking at what my granny told me would happen again as it is

      Reply to this comment
      • John Brown February 11, 11:06

        Do not lose sleep over it if you are a Christian, the Creator is in charge. Read Daniel 2, 3, 4 and see what the Kings of Babylon thought about that.

        Move somewhere between the Rio Grande and Chattahoochee, excluding Texas, it is called “Curse of the Zeroes” and the judgement against the USA for abortion.

        Kentucky might be okay. Stay out of the deep woods unless there are 4-5 armed adults. These VRIL things are real and they are now in overdrive to kidnap people.

        The whole COVID-19 was a fabricated excuse to shut down this blood letting reality and to deprive the Satan worshipers baby sacrifices and blood PLUS, to target their free mason space alien lizard worshiping DUMBs. It was to prevent them freedom of movement and to cause shipment containers to be thoroughly searched.

        According to the Creator’s written word, civil war does overtake the whole world and kills almost every male (example Isa 4) and the only ones that survive untouched are the ones that flee to the “deep woods”.

        Go to my website if you want to read the book in .pdf format.

        Supposedly the “white hats” have a real big surprise coming for the world on March 4th. I suggest buying property by then with any available funds. I doubt the stock market and economy will survive.

        Reply to this comment
      • Scott of the South February 11, 17:10

        Hi Stef! I have read many of your replies and it is obvious you are very worried. You mentioned your faith. Since you have no family I would suggest seeking out a church with conservative members where you can build relationships. You would be surprised how many preppers there are in the churches. You mentioned you were disabled but I don’t think it is physical. I don’t know where in VA you live but I would try to move to a rural area if your not already. Buy a small piece of land and live on it as cheaply as possible. Plant a garden-it’s great therapy and get a few chickens (4 is as much as you need). Your main goals are to get out of the city and to develop friends who can help you. This may mean a major change in where and how you live.

        Reply to this comment
      • Miss Kitty February 12, 04:58

        Stef: The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not fear.

        Yes, we live in scary, frustrating times. Don’t beat yourself up for not having some of the skills that others here have. Focus, rather, on the skills that you do have, or that you can comfortably develop. Cooking well is a skill. Sewing is a skill. Knitting or crocheting are skills. Growing food plants is a skill. There are many free tutorials online and on youtube, and if you have access to a library, you can borrow books and videos on a wide variety of subjects. A good skill to develop is learning how to identify edible wild plants, and how to prepare them for maximum taste and nutrition.
        By far, one of the best ways to prepare for an uncertain future is to focus on your health. Eating is difficult when you are afraid and unhappy, so try to get the best nutrition from what you are able to get down and keep down. Soups and broths are an excellent start, just keep an eye on the sodium content. There are many good choices on the market now that taste pretty good. Fresh, dried or freeze dried fruit, nuts, cheese cubes, and steamed or raw veggies are all nutritional powerhouses and you can nibble on them throughout the day as you desire. Rotate your choices with whole grain crackers or breads with cream cheese, peanut butter or reduced sugar preserves so you are eating a wide variety of foods. Fruit and vegetable juices are also excellent for easing back into eating. Boost, Sustical or Ensure are nutritional drinks that are good for when you don’t feel like eating much. If you can’t tolerate dairy or something else well, substitute something else that won’t irritate your digestive system.
        The goal is not to see how much you can eat, but to get some of the nutrition you need. If all you can keep down for a few days is cherry jello and chicken broth, then at least you are getting some nutrients. Be sure to drink water, too… dehydration can make you feel nauseated and disoriented. If plain water won’t stay down, try sipping iced ginger ale or cola. Go easy on caffeinated drinks, especially before you go to bed. Sleep when you are able – if you are tired at 10:00 in the morning and you have no other commitments, go ahead and take a nap. Tell the nagging inner voice that berates you for “day sleeping” to take a hike.
        Treat this like a bout of the flu…it takes a while to get back to normal when you’re sick, and in the meantime you need to baby yourself a little.
        Be sure to take all of your necessary prescription medications, and talk to your health care providers about your concerns. Insist on an in person appointment, or if that’s not at all possible, tell them that you are freaked out, not sleeping, not eating. Maybe an adjustment to your medicine is in order to help you get back on track, you might simply be having a reaction to a medicine or have a dietary deficiency. Blood work can help pinpoint or eliminate any physical causes for your anxiety being worse.
        I would also advise limiting your news watching, at least for a while. MSM focuses on the most negative and sensational stories because it generates viewership. Reading about current events, to me, seems to go down better than watching the constant barrage of “this country sucks, the people who live in it suck, orange man bad, we’re all dying from covid” crapaganda they spew. There are some good news sites out there that aren’t left skewed, but who still are fair. Epoch Times, Breitbart are just two you might want to check out.
        We live in “interesting times”, is true, but I have confidence that you can deal with it. You just need to get healthy and develop confidence in yourself.
        I hope my suggestions are helpful to you, and I will keep you in my prayers.

        Reply to this comment
      • Miss Kitty February 12, 05:09

        Focus on what you can control, rather than those things you can’t right now. Your health, learning a new skill or improving old ones, and how much news you watch are just a few.
        I also have a much longer post, but this sums it up better.
        Praying for your health, sister.

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  6. Steve February 4, 16:29

    Sweden denies it is socialist and has been moving away from socialism.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck February 4, 17:34

      I haven’t been to Sweden to personally verify the truth of the matter, but it is my understanding that just as with other European countries, the Mohammadans have infiltrated Sweden to the point where they are ready to take over the country with sharia law.

      Reply to this comment
    • Dieks62 February 4, 19:12

      You mean these libtards have moved to full-blown Marxism?

      Reply to this comment
    • Dieks62 February 4, 19:30

      Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the fact that I’ve been in Norway, Sweden & Denmark several times: beside their admiration for Socialist-Marxist communism & their unbridled dhimmytude towards the religion of war & bloodshed members, they’re also in the very final stages of being turned into another deadcult shariah compliant Islamic State stronghold, like so many other Western European countries! Suffice to say its no longer a safe place for any christians, jews or atheists; especially unsafe for woman & children, who are already all being trained in schools for these past 6 years to be fully subservient to their possible future invading male partners, dress modestly, don’t venture out without permission & male companions; especially so in the evenings and wear hyabs all the time!

      Reply to this comment
      • Wicky February 4, 21:38

        Socialism is a furphy. The only reason these regions are successful is that they are extremely resource rich with a relatively small population. They can afford to share the wealth in a way we could only dream of. The “Mohammadans” will mess that up in due course like they do everything else.
        Under normal circumstances I would love to live in a number of places in the remote US mountains. Unfortunately the problem with the US being the modern leader of the Western world is that it becomes the prime target and envy of every Godless and uncivilized entity or power.
        I know it won’t be a popular opinion but I think most of the US will be glowing in many shtf scenarios

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    • Missouri Outdoorsman February 5, 08:40

      If people don’t want strangers tromping across their land, Sweden isn’t the place to live anyway. Everyone there is free to just hike across anyone’s land.

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  7. MS February 4, 16:40

    What do you mean by “Safe Place” on your map? You have Washington, California and New York on there. That’s the last three places I’d consider “safe”. Please clarify what you mean. Thank you

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  8. left coast chuck February 4, 17:57

    I don’t understand the “safe place” on the central coast in the PDRK. That is the location of Vandenberg Air Force base, the federates main ICBM launch site on the left coast. It certainly isn’t a safe place as far as being far enough away from the hordes in Los Angeles. If there is some event that causes mass evacuation from LA, it isn’t going to be east into the desert, it will be north either up 101, the coastal route or up I-5, the middle of the state route. There are really only three main routes from south to north in the state, 101, the coastal route, I-5 the main truck traffic and really the main route from south to north and highway 395, a semi-main route from north of LA to the Nevada border south of Carson City/Reno.

    I can’t comment on any other locations as I am not familiar enough with them. I tried to highlight that spot but there is no text accompanying the reason for the “safe place” designation. Without accompanying description for the designation, they may just be randomly selected from some other source.

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  9. City Chick February 4, 18:32

    Steve – Yes, Sweden is definitely moving away from socialism by becoming a Muslim County.

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  10. MaryBeth February 4, 18:43

    Don’t forget to check if the area you are looking out has legal water collection. I am surprised at how many areas make this illegal.

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  11. Lumara February 4, 19:03

    I was happy to see Tennessee listed as a good place for preppers to live. I moved to the Tennessee Smoky Mountains several years ago and so have many other preppers. It is a terrific place to live, and I feel very safe in this small rural town.

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    • Jim February 5, 01:07

      Hi. You missed North Idaho! Yah, we are getting some from Kalifornica but they say that just escaped to America! Getting people from all states.

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  12. City Chick February 4, 19:04

    After reading this article as well as many of the comments already posted here, I remembered a book, entitled “Who Moved My Cheese” written by Spencer Johnson, MD. “Cheese” as a metaphor for what you define as what you “prefer/want/need/like” in life. Something to think about before you take a big leap into the unknown. Usually, we don’t think to list any of those things we take for granted. We only realize what they were when we no longer have them. We have to then learn to adapt.

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  13. Miss Kitty February 4, 20:25

    Australia and New Zealand have some of the toughest covid restrictions in the world, not to mention that there have been some disturbing videos coming out of Australia concerning government crackdowns on public gatherings such as farmers markets (no kidding, the Aussie authorities showed up at one not long ago with guns and began rousting people…ice age farmer posted video of this a few months ago). Also, Australia used to have a restriction on emigration that required you to have a minimum of ten thousand dollars cash to live off of so you wouldn’t be a financial burden to them… don’t know if NZ has a similar requirement… more research would be needed. Plus, it would be really expensive to move there anyway.
    Fwiw, it seems like a poor choice to me for those reasons…there must be somewhere closer to “home”.

    Reply to this comment
    • Grayman February 5, 06:42

      In NZ there are financial and/or skills requirements to gain residency.
      While we, yes I’m a kiwi, have been long been attractive to uber-rich Americans as a safe haven in troubled times we’re trying to discourage ignorant immigrants hitting our shores who believe that any notion of social responsibility and conscience is some sort of Socialist/Communist/Marxist takeover.
      We are a small country of only 5 million. We know that if we don’t stand together we fail.
      If the US can learn anything from the decades of corrupt government its whether or not a society adheres to capitalist or socialised ideals it is the quality and credibility of the leadership, held to account by the population that counts.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck February 5, 17:46

        Despite all sitting on the beach singing Kumbaya, NZ has some significant problems with the native folks and disengagement from the invaders with concomitant high crime/low employment.

        You also have a government intent on keeping its subjects, and I believe Kiwiers are truly subjects under strict “benevolent” control. All one has to do is look at the high handed tactics put in place by the Governor (I believe that is her title) of NZ over those evil instruments called guns. Just like here in the U.S., they want the subjects to have significantly less firepower than the government stooges so that they can feel like they are in control.

        NZ might be an ideal place if you can live with the fact that the government knows best what is good for you. Personally, I kinda feel like I should make that decision.

        The problem is, if you have lived under that system and have been fed the line that it is the best system in the world and the warts and ulcers of the other systems are all you hear about them, you believe you are living in the best country. The North Koreans believe their standard of living and “freedoms” are the best in the world. It is only when you get to see other systems that you realize the truth.

        If the rest of the world falls New Zealand will be back to the 18th century just like the rest of the world. How much oil does NZ produce each year? Petroleum, besides providing cheap energy produces a myriad of health care products that have extended the lives and bettered the lives of millions. In fact while we are talking about drugs, how many pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities are located in NZ? No, I don’t mean pot processing labs, I mean penicillin producing labs, losartan producing labs, how many artificial heart valve factories are there? How many artificial knee and hip factories?

        Reply to this comment
        • Grayman February 5, 19:49

          The number of inaccuracies in your reply indicates you probably get all your news from propagandists like Fox.
          The “Prime Minister” governs at the behest of the electorate in a short 3-year term in an electoral system much more honest and more of an example of Direct Democracy than the farce the US inflicts on itself
          NZ is a net exporter of petroleum products and heavily involved in the creation and manufacture of new drugs.
          We are self-sufficient in food, energy and can be for most other consumables
          We certainly are going through a process of redetermination of our society in terms of our original. inhabitants but I would guess are about 150 years ahead of where the US.

          Reply to this comment
          • left coast chuck February 6, 19:37

            Grayman: Sorry, I have antenna TV. I am old school, so all of the non-news stations are not available to me except for PBS which is the U.S. government’s version of NHK and BBS. There are some blessings in being really old.

            Where are the oilfields located in NZ and who is buying your POL? I can understand being self-sufficient in electrical energy with the rainfall and water powered electricity until your bambiests convince the formerly socialistic government to rip out the dams creating the electricity as is happening in the PDRK. We are going to get electricity from windmills off the coast and solar panels in the desert. As Jackie Gleason used to say, “Har de har har har.”

            Some consider “Direct Democracy” more mob rule than representative government. The U.S. is supposed to be a democratic republic. I know, governed by a constitution written by a bunch of dead old white men out of date and in need of drastic revision which will allow for a autocratic president (like we don’t have one now with congress abdicating its responsibilities and allowing the Presidential Edict to take the place of reasoned legislation. Of course when you have a bunch of five-year olds running government expecting reasoned legislation is a pipe dream.

            If not five-year olds, fugitives from the geriatric ward at the state mental health facility.

            Were the U.S. to be governed as envisioned by the founding fathers, it would be a much different place from what it is today where elections are so bastardized as to be not much more than what we see in dictatorships all over the world. How legitimate is a government that feels it must be protected by more than 10,000 semi-armed troops, not trusted with live ammunition. So we have a gooobermint that does not trust the people who supposedly voted for it, guarded by troops who are so untrustworthy as to be standing around guarding without ammunition.

            The only people apparently trustworthy enough to have live ammunition for their fully automatic weapons are the black-shirted goons from Homeland Security. Schutzstaffel was already taken which is why they are Homeland Security.

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          • True American February 11, 04:14

            Been to your part of the world, friends there and Australia. You are controlled by China, plain and simple! Your governments has sold you out. Spewing your hate for America and promoting your socialist ideas and taking up for it is sad!! We are all in this shit show together!! We far, you will be living in the 1800s overnight?

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            • Wicky February 11, 19:06

              The whole world is controlled by China now. The “president” is in their pocket and last time I checked China holds the majority of the US debt. The Aus. government has been selling off Aus and selling out on it’s citizens for decades

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    • Wicky February 7, 23:29

      More disturbing is the government crack down on guns. Definitely some shady and underhanded happenings there.

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  14. Donald February 4, 23:27

    the arkansas ozarks is a good place

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  15. John Brown February 5, 00:26

    New Zealand, really? Run by a NWO free mason transvestite PM that took away everyone’s guns under a false flag attack. That would be the last place to move.

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    • Grayman February 5, 22:28

      Comments like this illustrate why the US are the laughing stock of the civillised world.

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      • left coast chuck February 6, 19:54

        I don’t know about the PM’s sexual proclivities and really don’t care as long as that life style is not thrust into my face. I very strongly favor the “Don Ask. Don’t Tell” policy concerning one’s private sexual proclivities. There are a fair number of individuals who prefer sex with animals. I don’t really care about that either as long as it isn’t my dog they are in love with. And I don’t want sexual proclivities bannered as a requisite for public office either.

        I was sorry I voted for Robert Dole when he saw fit to come on television and announce to the world that he was having difficulty achieving erections. I thought that was a bit of knowledge best kept among himself, his wife and his doctor. There is a matter of taste. I didn’t think it was brave of him. I thought it was in extremely bad taste generated by an unbridled lust for money.

        I have to agree with John Brown, aside from his remarks about the PM’s sex life, that I don’t want to live in any country where by fiat of the dictator my choice for personal defense can be eliminated. I don’t care how the dictator gets in office, a dictator by any other name is a dictator.

        Our founding fathers had a good grasp on the mental acuity of the average citizen. All one needs to do is look at the French Revolution to see where universal suffrage leads.

        Always keep in mind fifty percent of the people fall below the median IQ which is already fairly low.

        Oh, I know, IQ tests are the white man’s way of keeping people of color suppressed. As I have said before, reasonable minds can differ but a person who is totally wrong can appear reasonable.

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        • left coast chuck February 6, 22:59

          Official NZ report on oil production: “While there are several producing oil fields in New Zealand, we are a net importer of oil. New Zealand’s locally-produced oil is generally exported because of its high quality and therefore high value on the international market. Australia buys most of this oil.

          The Middle East tends to be our largest source of crude oil — over half generally comes from there. Russia and Asia are also significant trade sources.”

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  16. Bill February 5, 00:34

    I rean the Greener Pastures Institute for 15 years. It “died” when my plans for a homestead on five acres, in Eastern Washington state, ran into building official interference. My community had some innovative housing styles, often “cheap,” such as domes, rammed earth, mobile homes, and–what they were running workshops on–strawbale houses. Had a professional architect who couldn’t get it through. Local scandal but we were wiped out, hauled everything we could to Baja, Mexico and built one at, 900 sq. ft for $25,000. (Now dozens there). Great resort with golf, tennis, aquatics, low taxes. (Look up “bugout house” here at askaprepper.) 25 years later my house still stands but I don’t live there, I’m in California most of the time, but faraway from big cities. But I’d go if my wife died, and stay there 6-8 months out of the year. (Too hot in summer). I can see the Sea of Cortez from my living room, and a panorama from my roof. I know, Mexico has its problems, covid-19 raged there, but this is pretty isolated from all that. I’m not current on where the best places are in the USA but some of your contributors have good ideas. Overall, you pay the price of admisison wherever you go–and the price can be steep, so be very careful/cautious.

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  17. City Chick February 5, 01:55

    Last time I looked, you must bring in $10,000 and you must leave your money there. You must leave your money in Australia if you decide to leave.

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    • left coast chuck February 5, 04:47

      Probably about 40 years ago, sometime in the mid or late 80s a young couple in this town decided that Australia was nirvana. They were short of hippieish. He worked as a waiter and she was an aspiring model. They were so excited. They were accepted for immigration to Australia.

      Suddenly about two years later they were back in town. Seems the welfare bureau wasn’t very fond of folks who came to Australia to get on the welfare system and not work. What the Aussies wanted was folks who would work for a living and not sponge off Aussie welfare. I guess they got cut of and — bummer. No money, no health benefits — “Strongly advise returning to the U.S., mates. Unless you get a job here, nothing here for you.”

      There is an odd aphorism about the grass looking greener on the other side of the fence. Applies to location too.
      That’s why I always advise if you are going to move to another local that you have not recently lived in, subscribe to the nearest local paper for six month before you start looking for houses. Vacation there for a couple of years before you leap and when you do, rent an apartment or a house first before you plunk down your down payment on real estate. Check out the education system if you have school age kiddies. Check out the medical facilities if you have health problems. Some rural areas are pretty sketchy when it comes to medical care. You have to travel to the nearest city for care. Maybe the doc only comes through once a week as he makes rounds among the small towns on his “route”.

      Riding a bicycle across Kansas and around Wyoming and other midwest and southern states we passed thorough many small towns without even a small general store, just a few houses of older folks who had lived there all their lives and watched their town wither away. Big Ag among other forces sounded the death toll for what used to be small vibrant farm towns.

      If you are from the big city, used to the anonymity of that life, small town life where everybody knows that you are the “new family” in town and everybody watches everything you do can be stultifying.

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  18. Izak February 5, 06:26

    Thanks for this great article. We were just smiling — you said it only takes $2,000 a month to live comfortably in Costa Rica. Well, we moved to Turkey (a fantastic country!) and live above average for only $550 a month – ALL expenses (rent, water & electricity, internet, food, and public transport) included.

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    • left coast chuck February 5, 17:54

      Izak — that name is in some circles a Jewish version is Issac. I would suggest that despite the low cost of living, you are living in a Mohammadan country which is tending to more radical Mohammadanism with each passing year.

      How comfortable are you going to be living under Sharia law? If you are Jewish, how comfortable will you be converting to Mohammadanism? Even if you are not Jewish, how comfortable will you be living under sharia law and converting to Mohammadanism? The dictum for that cult is conversion or death. Usually the method of killing the non-converter is the most painful their twisted minds can think of.

      I could be wrong, but I think you have traded short term standard of living for what will become a very uncomfortable way of life in the near term. Leaving may not be an option.

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  19. poorman February 5, 14:47

    100% With you on the California comment. Southern Cal is a very different state than Northern Cal. I hate the politics but I live in the Sierra Nevada mountains and wouldn”t Switch for any of the places noted

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    • left coast chuck February 5, 18:17

      Poorman: I don’t know what you include in NorCal. I think of NorCal politically as including the entire coastal region from the Oregon border to the Mexican border. San Diego with formerly high numbers of military and military retirees used to be SoCal, but so did the small town where I live used to be SoCal but now is in the coastal group.

      The problem is, even though you live in a small mountain community that is as right leaning as any small town in Tennessee, your life is ruled by the communists in Schizomento. Have you tried to buy the latest pistol introduced by Ruger in the last couple of years? Aside from the gun buying hysteria that makes any kind of firearm scarce, try ordering the latest generation of Glock from your local gun store. The dealer will tell you it is only available to law enforcement in the PDRK. If some ammunition suddenly becomes available at your local gun store try buying it without a permission card from Schizomento. Want to dam up the creek that runs through your property so the kiddies can have a little pool to play in? Sorry, no can do without a permit from the Department of Fish and Wildlife. “But it’s my property”
      That may be true, but the bureaucrats in Schizomento know better what you can do with your property than you do.

      While I agree that the Sierra Nevada mountains are great and if I had all the money in the world and I were still living in the California I knew when I first came here, I would choose to choose to live in the area north of Bishop, CA or north of Sacramento or perhaps in the mountains east of Fresno or any of the rural mountainous regions of CA.

      But I can’t live on scenery alone. I want to be left alone by the government. I don’t want them telling me what I can eat or drink or smoke. I don’t want them telling me what I can do on my own property. As long as what I do doesn’t affect folks around me, it is none of anybody’s business what I do on my property. Now if I put in a septic tank that pollutes the water table that is a whole different story because now I am interfering with the rights of others. If my septic tank doesn’t impact anybody else or the purity of the water in the ground, why does the government have to get involved in telling me how to build it?

      I won’t go on, but I think that you are like the gentleman living in Turkey. You aren’t thinking far enough ahead to where this state is going. If won’t be long before the tentacles of Schizomento reach into your little bit of heaven and some agent of some department of state goobermint is standing in your front yard telling you that your wood stove doesn’t meet approval of the newly established Sierra Air Pollution Control Board, run by folks you never heard of and over whom you have no say as to whether they can tell you what you can do and can’t do.

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  20. Stu February 5, 14:57

    Safest place to be anywhere at any time is in the hands of Christ. Trust Him as Savior and you are eternally secured in His care no matter what befalls us on this earth.

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  21. Spike February 7, 00:23

    Stay the hell away from South Dakota. They eat strangers even if they’re from a contiguous state. Unfriendly and the Missouri River catfish also do a good job of cleaning up things thrown in there. I believe they would do a good job of protecting Trump though if he needed to a place to hide for the rest of his life.

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  22. Don February 7, 19:59

    Falkland Islands for a foreign destination. Isolated. European culture with English speaking people making life much easier. Unfortunately, they don’t let anyone in.

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    • left coast chuck February 8, 04:51

      Plus you never know when Argentina is going to make another attempt at taking it back from the Brits.

      If I am going to be in a war zone, I want it to be in a zone where I am familiar with the terrain and other features that can be utilized for offense as well as defense.

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      • red February 9, 00:51

        didn’t Argentina sign a treaty with the UK? I mean since they deleted the last open Nazi from politics. It was the Peron-istas who trued to take the Falklands, and very few Argentinians backed them. Of course, what is an Argentinian? It’s a nation of tribes from Europe and Asia. niio

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck February 18, 00:09

          Red: You are old enough to know that treaties aren’t worth the match it would take to set them on fire 60 seconds after the ink has dried.

          Hitler had a treaty he wouldn’t attack Russia — until it was convenient. Russia had a treaty it wouldn’t attack Japan until it saw an opportunity to seize territory from a Japan on its knees and ready to keel over.

          Want something closer to home? How many treaties did the U.S Goobermint violate with the native Americans in its march to the Pacific Coast? How well do they live up to the treaties with the native Americans in this day and age?

          Reply to this comment
          • John Brown February 18, 04:42

            > How well do they live up to the treaties with the native
            > Americans in this day and age?

            Excellent, as long as you overlook the fact they do not have the rights to any water, minerals, or oil found under their own land. As long as they stick to the vices and sins of gambling and casinos they do fine.

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            • red February 19, 05:21

              John: Most reservations are still under control of the war department. Russel Means was adamant that no American Indian should vote for a liberals because liberals are the ones who still make war on the people.

              Technically, all mineral, development, and water rights on a rez belong to the rez. Nixon upheld treaty rights, and see what they did to him for costing liberals millions of dollars. Like with our constitution, liberals do as they please with treaties. We taught the kids always put a face behind all the crude, and a letter behind the name. Dems love casinos, American Indians do not. Where they do have a casino, they get less than 10% of revenue. In some cases, like in Penna, people have been shot for trying to get a casino built. But for most, it pays for schools, medical care beyond the socialist crap, and elder care. niio

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          • red February 19, 05:11

            LCC: Treaties are worth the paper they’re written on and no more unless both sides have honor. they kids were taught always put a face on the evil, and always put a letter behind the name. We got a lot of flack for that, but 99.9% of all the evil done to us, and now all of us, is strictly dnc greed, not the nation.

            Hitler and Stalin were friends. It was because Stalin began to demand the unheard of price of one whole dollar a barrel of oil Hitler attacked. Hitler had been selling overpriced, old military equipment to Stalin for years–but this stuff was science fiction new to Soviet military.

            The USSR nailed Japan and took back a lot of territory Japan took from them and china. But, don’t forget that Stalin was also creating ports in places like Siberia for nazi navy to hide in at the end of the war. He gave refuge to hundreds of thousands of nazis.

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  23. Scott of the South February 8, 13:52

    Why would you want to live in a bomb shelter? With no power you will sit in the dark with no light and air. Power will be the first thing to go out. Bugging out is highly overrated. Make a list of what you would need for a year to live if you bugged out or to set up a survivable life style to maintain. It wont fit in a bag (thats for short term local emergencies) To bug out you need a permanent location set and stocked. Then you need to move before the crisis hits or people realize what has happened. Don’t plan on living off of wild game, so will millions of other people plan on it. It will be a miracle if there are any deer left in a year. Your best bet is to set up a homestead in a rural off the road area and have a safe hideout there. In a true SHTF like a emp pulse even near a major city the hungry will go after low hanging fruit and will not be sweeping every inch of the woods trying to find food. Your goal is to survive until the majority of them die or end up in government camps and then set up a survival able life style.

    Reply to this comment
    • red February 9, 01:23

      Scott: I’m in Arizona. a lot of folks live in caves and but for a lack of windows, you could be in a Manhattan penthouse. It’s what you do with it that counts.

      The more rural someone is, the more likely they are to get raided. We bugged out years back and now have our ‘family’ around us. As time goes on and things get worse, people are stocking up, gardening, renting acres from ranchers to run a few calves on for the freezer, and so on. A lot of us remember what Carter put the nation thru, and making less go farther. niio

      Reply to this comment
    • Taa February 18, 17:38

      You are so right. Ive said that to my wife and family to many times to count.

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      • Carterm999 February 28, 23:28

        just found this site, good info. settled here 21 yrs ago and according to the safe area map i am there, God put me here and am surrounded with like minds. bug out maybe few days or few weeks depending on your skill level, but not long.

        from info I am receiving we may have 30 days or 4 months, but EMP is a given, DEMITRU DUDUMAN, the Mormons knew it years ago and offer freeze dried food at cost. contact local Bishop House for info.

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