How To Survive a Hurricane

C. Davis
By C. Davis March 30, 2014 07:37

How To Survive a Hurricane

How to Survive a Hurricane

In order to survive a hurricane you should know a few simple things. A hurricane is not a doomsday scenario, but it’s probably your closest challenge to see if you are really prepared. Nature is unpredictable, even if we now live in an era full of advanced technology that can provide accurate estimates of the future weather. However, there is always enough room for more knowledge and if you truly want to be protected and survive a hurricane, then you should know some important things which can prove useful during the worst case scenario.

Before The Hurricane

Hurricane Proof Window

A panel system hurricane shutter made out of aluminum or steel

Take into consideration that you will hear on the news about the coming hurricane hours before it will actually hit your home. First thing to do is to secure your property. This includes using hurricane shutters for all external windows, clearing away all debris likely to fly during the storm, turning off propane tanks and fastening your roof if you have the means.

Also be aware that electrical light and communications sources reliant on electricity will be unavailable. This is one of those moments when having a generator will pay off.  It will ensure that you have electricity until the power returns. Store it in a safe place from rain and rising water. Another useful item is a self-powered radio, a self-powered flashlight and a phone charger. Store the batteries in a watertight container.

Buy food before the hurricane hits! If you don’t have food reserves in your house you should rush to the first store and buy canned food only. Canned food it’s your best stoking option during a hurricane. It doesn’t go bad and it does not soak. Also buy bottled water. Even if the hurricane brings rain that doesn’t it’s drinkable. Keep in mind that you need more water than just the bottle each of your family members will drink. Running water could be unavailable for days and you should store enough so you don’t get thirsty.

Store an extra set of clothes, warm socks and a pair of shoes in a waterproof container for each family member. A pair of waterproof overalls is your best choice. These will come in handy if clothes are soiled or ruined due to floodwaters or debris. If you want to avoid a replacement of the wiring, you should turn off completely the power so a short circuit cannot appear within the network of your house.

Last but not least get in touch with your insurance broker about what you need to do to prepare for a hurricane in order for your policy to cover any resulting damage.

During the Hurricane

How to Survive a Hurricane Being outside before or during a hurricane is obviously, a no-brainer. Wind usually reaches speeds of about 100 miles per hour and at such a speed, a lot of debris can be taken up into the air. Each branch, plank, stone or whatever goes airborne because of the hurricane is a potential projectile. There is a high possibility of getting hit. This is why you do not want to find yourself outside during such an event. If you want to survive a hurricane, then, you must go inside. Not only flying debris poses a danger to you, but also possible falling objects. Walls, poles and trees can fall to the ground an instant.

The best bet for you when a hurricane is approaching is a specially built basement or better in a ground floor room with no windows where water cannot reach high levels. The room should be big enough for your whole family to fit comfortably and also provide enough space for a shelf on which you can place various provisions. If you live in an area that is prone to hurricane appearances, then you should consider investing in one of your rooms and make it a secure place during such a storm. First of all, you might want to avoid adding windows to it, or you can opt to reinforce them. This should actually be done with all the windows in the house. Even if you are tempted to look on the window and see the raw force of nature, it is for your own safety to avoid such a thing as you never know what can happen at the most unfortunate time. Leave science for later; now just focus on your physical integrity and avoid taking risks.

After the Hurricane

Hurricane Katrina - Aftermath

Hurricane Katrina – Aftermath

If you want to work your way through the aftermath of a hurricane, you will need more than supplies. You will also need money and you will need cash. During a power outage, ATMs are useless and it is better to rely on printed money than having nothing at all. Keep some money in the safe room at all times, along with other resources, or have them in your wallet.

Do not enter any buildings after the storm has passed unless you’re sure they’re structurally safe. If you smell gas, see flood waters around a building, or the building has been damaged by fire and hasn’t been declared safe by the authorities, do not enter the building. Also watch for electrical sparks or frayed wires.

As you might have seen by now, surviving a hurricane is not the most difficult task in the world, per se. However, there are a lot of factors that can greatly affect the gravity of the situation and you wouldn’t want to be caught off-guard by any of them. So, if you want to survive a hurricane and be able to recover from the material losses with ease, protect yourself by staying indoors. Stay away from windows and stay into your safe room, if you have the possibility. Safe rooms are the best bet when it comes to hurricanes and tornadoes, too. Always have a stash of supplies within the room and be sure that you have a way to communicate with others. You probably have your mobile phone with you, but you will want to preserve your battery until the power comes back on. Get it into airplane mode and wait for the worst to pass. Afterwards, get out of the shelter, assess the damage and be ready to start all over again, in the worst case scenario. This is how you survive a hurricane.

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C. Davis
By C. Davis March 30, 2014 07:37
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    Exactly what good does taping windows do?

    Think really hard before you answer.

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  2. C. Davis Author June 9, 06:15

    You are right. Taping windows to protect against a hurricane is more a myth than a real help!

    Thanks for the info! I replaced it with hurricane shutters.

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