Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard

Jacki Andre
By Jacki Andre March 20, 2017 15:09

Similar to Morphine: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in Your Backyard

From injury to disease, pain is a very common ailment or symptom that can take down the toughest of the tough. It’s so prevalent that we are seeing a major epidemic with opiate dependency. Unfortunately, with so many needing to find relief, it’s leading to a large portion of our population becoming dependent on a chemical bandage, often just masking the problem, rather than fixing the cause.

Unfortunately, it’s getting so widespread that the medical field view many of those in real need as “seekers”. So, instead of getting relief from tangible pain, people are being turned away. As a result, they are finding it illegally, and pain clinics and rehabs are popping up all over, trying to combat the addiction.

Wild Lettuce as a Healthy Alternative

wild lettuce opium

Wild Lettuce (Photo Source)

Lactuca Virosa is the scientific term for it, and many people have used it in place of addictive prescription pain medicine. It’s a leafy and tall plant, with small yellow buds, and could be grown right out your door. More commonly found in North America and England, it’s a cousin to the lettuce we typically see at the grocery store. It’s also referred to as bitter lettuce, or more appropriately for the purpose discussed here, opium lettuce.

The reason it’s referred to as opium lettuce, is due to the pain relieving and sedative effects that it has been known to produce through a white substance found in the stem and leaves.

This milky substance is called lactucarium. And, while it doesn’t contain any opiates, it has similar side effects when used –  it acts directly on the central nervous system (CNS) to lessen the feeling of pain, just like morphine.

Even though it seems to be the best kept secret, it has a history of being used as an alternative to pain relief.

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Historical Use

BOR banner don't step on itBack in the 19th century, wild lettuce was already being used by some as a substitute to opium. But, it was in the 70’s that it started to gain significant popularity by those wanting a more natural remedy. Individuals were starting to use it for both pain relief, as well as recreational purpose.

In the earlier days, people using wild lettuce prepared it a couple different ways. One way was to cook the plant in a pan of water and sugar mix, until it reduced to a thick syrup-like consistency. While this was an effective form, it was quite bitter even with the sugar added. The most common form however, was drying the stem and leaves to use as an herbal tea.

The tea remains popular today. But, it’s also being dried for smoking, or vaporizing. If you don’t care to grow it yourself, it can also be purchased as a dried herb, extract, or resin substance.

Other Benefits

Here are the more popular reasons people are gravitating towards this natural pain killer and medicinal plant:WL banner check

  • Migraines – People who use it for this purpose claim that they experience fewer migraines than they did prior to starting the herb.
  • Insomnia – A frequent use of wild lettuce is by people who have trouble sleeping. It produces a relaxed and euphoric feeling, helping a person fall asleep easier, without the addictive qualities of commonly prescribed sleeping aids.
  • Anxiety – Wild lettuce can act as a mild sedative, allowing people with anxiety to find a reprieve from the stress it causes.
  • Asthma and Cough –  Wild lettuce has antitussive properties, which alleviates or suppresses a cough. Also, asthmatic patients who have used opiates notice more episodes if they go through opiate withdrawal. So, the use of wild lettuce instead of prescription opiates, could be a better option for them.

In addition to the above benefits, wild lettuce produces a euphoric state, similar to opiates, even though it does not contain any actual opiate… so it’s perfectly legal.

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Jacki Andre
By Jacki Andre March 20, 2017 15:09
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  1. Nolan Conley March 20, 15:57

    Wow… I’ve got loads of that stuff growing on my property. I had no idea it was beneficial!

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    • rio March 22, 04:46

      Milk weed

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      • Jean March 22, 17:01

        Thought it looked familiar. Does that have BIG leaves too? Think we called it something else too. Do you know how to prepare it? You don’t just eat it do you?

        Reply to this comment
        • Debi March 25, 11:27

          It’s also called “prickly lettuce”.

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        • DaveMan50 March 25, 14:49

          You don’t retain what you read? It’s vary bitter. Fresh is boiled in water and sugar. Or dried and used as a tea.

          Reply to this comment
          • Yep March 26, 13:24

            You don’t know how to spell “very?”

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            • Mearoyals March 27, 03:30

              Lmao in still laughing 😂 this isvtge funniest comment scroll I’ve ever seen ! Oh shut my side hurts ! 🎶 Brandy she worked in a bar get laid and then the sailed away she was a ho 🎼 loved that bitch she had it going on plus a song bout it 😂 can’t stop laughing and I ain’t took nothing not even milkweed hahahahaha ah shut I pee a little

              Reply to this comment
            • jmoneyeee March 29, 04:05

              Lololol….. can’t spell VERY, anyways been using for years, can of opiates with it….
              yet I feel over given up no relief, and if I want to get high, I’ll chew it while drinking 3 cups of tea

              Reply to this comment
              • kunta kenta March 29, 23:16

                They can’t spell.. you can’t speak. :/ What the hell did you say anyway? 🙂

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                • Kitten April 1, 04:27


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                • Girlgonerude April 21, 16:24

                  😊😊😊😊 this feed has been the most entertaining 3mins of my day …good info tho

                  Reply to this comment
                • JoJo May 15, 14:43

                  That I totally agree on.
                  But for real people… I would love to know how to recieve the benefits from this plant.
                  My mother and father were part Native American and used many home remedies on 10 of us growing up. But they passed away when I was young, and unable to aquire these remedies.
                  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
                  And no i cant afford the book… Been trying to take care of family bills.

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                  • BJ June 9, 04:12

                    I’d like to know where to get seeds to grow it. I have Lupus and take too many meds.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Capturethewest September 1, 17:38

                      I am saving my seeds, I will sell sell you some

                    • Capturethewest September 1, 17:41

                      I am saving my seeds, I will sell sell you some
                      Carla Larson on fb

                    • Hangthemhigh October 11, 03:18

                      Look into Ashley Black ( the cellulite myth) she does the fascia thing . It might relieve some of your symptoms .

                    • Fuzzy October 14, 22:19


                    • Christina November 5, 19:31

                      I also have Lupus I am in my life stages. Some days I wish I could go the pain gets to be too much I feel like I’m going crazy some days I am also Native American and have done many home remedies and completely believe and using plants spices seasonings if you look back the season coriander and goes all the way back to the Bible so people who want to laugh the home remedies for plants and spices maybe they just want to do the man-made poisons

                    • denisev12 November 9, 22:10

                      You can buy seeds on Ebay,

                    • Xeno November 28, 20:53

                      Check out

                    • slick December 18, 01:41

                      Hi BJ I just ordered the seeds from Amazon,they call it Papaver Somniferum, don’t know how to say it. It cost around $15 for a load of seed, more than enough, hope this helps.

                    • Capt2626 February 21, 13:32

                      Wild Lettuce can be purchased on Ebay. That’s where I get mine. I buy the powder 4 0z for $16.00. shipped
                      They also sell all forms on Ebay

                    • nemesis March 6, 05:55

                      They are dandelions, little yellow flowers but the seeds are the puffy round part that when you blow on it. They fly off like parachutes in the wind… just collect them carefully from the grass… shouldn’t have to buy them

                    • Faerie March 15, 21:22

                      It is a weed in most areas…. if you know what it looks like ….find a good picture of it and go from there….identification guides are the best

                    • Leigh April 10, 20:24

                      You can get seeds on Amazon

                    • RJ April 12, 15:40

                      check amazon

                    • Yooper May 24, 16:54

                      I have it wild all over my farm I can send you some FREE

                    • Amarie77 June 11, 09:37

                      Hi u have lupus too would like to talk about natural remedies for our pain.

                    • The Doctor July 3, 02:50


                    • jon July 7, 11:41


                    • Emily October 9, 17:16

                      If you find out, please let me know!

                    • Dig'emSmack January 23, 13:09

                      Plants are free, I’ll give you some.

                  • Weeds1child June 20, 20:05

                    Mother Earth News has some great herbal recipes and I love to check the blog for Mountain Rose Herbs. My grandparents were Native American and used a lot of things I can’t locate or identify either. You have my sympathies.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Joann March 27, 15:51

                      It’s milkweed , Italians fry and eat It , 5 it’s delicious

                    • Country June 14, 02:56


                      If you are serious, I would compensate you for some seeds.

                    • Jeannie June 20, 09:54

                      These are both wonderful resources!!

                  • Nature Boy June 23, 01:44

                    the book is freeeeeeee….

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Hippie chick 🐣 August 14, 20:13

                      No it’s not free…

                    • Sheila April 8, 21:33

                      What book?? What’s the name pleas so I can order it??

                  • Sarah September 23, 16:14

                    Books 📚

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Pappicus September 27, 14:02

                    i am a hillbilly from ky. and a 4th generation woods witch. I am very familliar with the shamans herbs and also all of the plants indigenous to north america and i believe I have the info you want

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Little Fawn October 4, 17:07

                      Do u happen to have the mixture already prepared that u can sell ? I live in the hood..not much found growing here.

                    • Stephs October 6, 08:19

                      Can I grow this wild lettuce n a pot in Az. Can you sell me seeds? Is it hard to grow?

                    • Pat October 15, 16:49

                      dear herbalist,
                      I have severe rheumatoid arthritis and am almost immobilized. Would love to know of herbs that would help with pain. i have many friends in their 70s who also suffer with chronic pain. Thank you for any help you can give us.
                      Patricia Scrabeck

                    • Ravenhart November 12, 23:20

                      Could you tell me if this is the same plant as Dandelion? Bcuz it looks similar to me. I have foraged a few plants that look the same.Thank you.

                    • AlaMeemaw November 18, 04:20

                      any herbs that can be used for pain and insomnia

                    • Neva November 19, 23:42

                      I am also from KY and when we were sick Grandpa would go get Herb’s to make teas for us I would like to be able to get some old remedys. Thank you

                    • Leisalynn January 27, 21:39

                      I would love for you to share your info with me. My pain is so bad most days I can barely struggle to get out of bed, which I hate because I love working and being [outside. Thank you in advance

                    • Rodman February 9, 23:42

                      I am looking for a natural way to help with arthritis pain. Do you know of something that would work?

                    • Mary1000 February 22, 17:44

                      Im from hazard ky im just getting into herbs im trying the wild lettuce whats your feeling own it I just notice your co.ment own here

                    • Tlc March 12, 01:06

                      I’d love this info as well

                    • T March 12, 05:46

                      I’m interested in a little info if u got the time

                    • Faerie March 15, 21:25

                      I would love to get as much info from you as possible …. what ever you are willing to share!!

                    • Nannigreen April 1, 04:56

                      Does the wild lettuce grow n ky?

                    • Outlaw Angel April 7, 04:45

                      What part of ky you from I live in Etown I’m tryin to learn all these herbal natural remedies be better than the poison docs give ya that cause more harm w out even helping what is ailing you

                    • Robyn April 11, 20:49

                      I’m from Kentucky as well, Wiccan/Pagan and a very beginner kitchen witch. I’m still living on the farm I grew up on. We have milkweed all over the place. Why was I under the impression it was poisonous?? I would love to start using this with my cbd oil instead of percocets. Would you mind possibly working with me to make a tincture or just drying it please? I’m Robyn Hancock Palmer on Facebook if you would please add me. 😁

                    • Meadow April 25, 02:00

                      I would love to know more about the herbs and healing plants. I’m from KY as well.

                    • Rhino April 30, 18:52

                      What do you know about mountain tea.and other KY herbs I am out around flat gap

                    • FlowerStrong May 11, 16:43

                      Pappicus, not sure if you’ll see this but if so could you email me I’d love to learn a little from you. I’m a 33yo female Air Force veteran with chronic pain and some mental stuff. My hubby as well, and we’re really wanting to heal ourselves naturally without Western medicine as all they’ve done is made us much worse. If you don’t mind emailing me, or anyone who is knowledgeable in natural medicine and herbs please feel free as well, looking for any guidance, info, or direction:) we’re getting back to our native roots, hopefully absorb as much as we can before our dear ones pass with their knowledge of nature and the land as I see others in this string have gone through. Bless you all and thank you for the needed laugh 😳

                    • LLCURRAN May 25, 17:50

                      I would like to know how to use the dried raw product of the Wild Lettuce that I buy from my herb supplier, also how to identify it as a growing plant.

                    • Catwoman July 23, 19:17

                      I would be interested. Can I get some info from you??

                    • Catwoman July 23, 19:18

                      Can I get some info from you??

                    • Candibrook July 29, 17:30

                      I’m originally from the hills of WV ! Hillbilly & Native American roots. I’ve passed a lot on to people I know. But I’m interested in foraging for my own stuff now. I was comfortable with it until my husband & daughter brought home flowers . They were pretty. We put them in water. Later, my MIL texted us from work around 12am. “POISON HEMLOCK ….”
                      She was freaking out. It WASNT hemlock, but it’s cousin. I knew it looked familiar lol. I felt like it was a warning though- to be careful. Just because it’s in the back yard doesn’t mean you are safe to invest, ya know? You mentioned being a forest witch (or something along those lines). Would you be interested in sharing info on herbal remedies?

                    • Cat August 5, 13:52

                      I would like to connect and learn from you

                    • WHOLEHEALERS August 28, 13:46

                      Would LOVE to talk with you about being a wood witch;) also i have family in ky.

                    • Stacey September 21, 11:09

                      I will take any information you can give me and then some please Pappicus.

                    • Tyrna October 13, 13:19

                      Would love to learn more about herbs and plants from you Pappicus!

                  • shirley October 30, 18:47

                    it grows wild everywhere.the internet will tell you how to prepare it

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                    • Miss Ana November 14, 15:43

                      It is not the same as dandelion. Wild lettuce grows tall, dandelion grows low to the ground. Look them both up on youTube.

                    • NDN December 5, 03:04

                      Pinterest has loads of information on wild lettuce including images.

                  • Pirate girl December 21, 21:13

                    Watch the video under the powerful or potent painkiller link. It shows how to make it from beginning to end, it’s super easy.

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                  • Sas May 24, 03:24

                    I google everything!! I have been trying to learn more natural ways also!! Good luck!!

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Mountain Knowledge July 2, 04:33

                    Jojo, you can literally just chew on leaves, or boil them to cook, or even dry them and make a tea. Keep in mind that the milky substance in the stem and leaves is where the medicinal properties comes from. Also, it is in the lettuce family therefore you can absolutely just pick and eat it… However it has a very bitter flavor.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Joy September 18, 20:45

                      Amen!! To Moonglow, took the word’s right outta my mouth! Its really easy to be a bully on line I guess…these folks are twisted and obviouly unhappy. VERY. 😊
                      Back in the covered wagon days, moms taught us “If u have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!” And we respected elders.
                      People today have no idea….run over the top of you and DONT CARE. Pray for them, send them the white light, who cares about spellng and grammer while in horrible pain!

                      FOR PAIN…ALSO WATCH NETFLIX about an herb called kratom!!
                      I just learned about this, UNBELIEVQBLE RESULTS FOR THOUSANDS , So theyre trying to make it illeagal!!
                      Also, what the fda is doing to americans is unbelievable.
                      I could hardly believe it!

                      THANKS TO ALL for the comments❤❤❤

                  • Stacy Lee March 26, 03:44

                    You can purchase the extract from Amazon. It comes in a little bottle with a dropper. I like to make tea with honey and put several drops in it. Add a little sugar and lemon if you want to really mask the taste.

                    Reply to this comment
                • Moonglow July 2, 00:03

                  Please Don’t be cruel, at the end of a day or life does it really matter how perfect our English is OR our spelling. This should be a site of compassion. Please try and be more loving. Life can be hard enough without turning on each other or demoralizing and humiliating each other.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • Nicojam July 18, 19:26

                    I agree with you. Thank you for being sweet and your message. I wish the world would learn from others like you and continue to pass it on. Have a good day

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Joel July 22, 14:08

                    Love your spirit. Blessed be.

                    Reply to this comment
                  • frcindys August 14, 05:10

                    Moonglow, I totally agree, however, there are some who spout off that I really wish I could figure out what they are saying or what their point is, but they either don’t take the time to proofread what they’ve written or they never made it through elementary school. It ends up pissing me off because I really want to know what they are saying, but am not able to because what they’ve written is not comprehend-able. And yes, I just made that word up, but since the rest of what I’ve written is clear and concise, you know exactly what I am meaning.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Judi September 1, 16:58

                      What does comprehendible mean?
                      apprehensible, graspable, intelligible, perceivable, understandable. capable of being apprehended or understood. fathomable. (of meaning) capable of being penetrated or comprehended.

                    • Bobbi J. January 29, 02:48

                      I firmly believe the people who are this rude and nasty are not adults at all. Literally. I believe they are young high school kids trying to feel important. The more responses they receive, the more enjoyment they get out of it. Ignore them, and they will just go away.

                    • Dave March 10, 05:08

                      Good point although comprehendable is a word ; able to be comprehended

                  • Ele August 18, 05:26

                    🌹 Very nice comment. Thank you.

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Harvestmoon August 30, 08:13

                    YOU ARE SOOOO RIGHT THERE!!!
                    Does it REALLY matter? Absolutely NOOoo! And yes, can’t we all just get along and play nice??

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Bkind September 24, 18:18

                    Amen and kudos to you moonglow! This world wuld b a much better n happier n safer place to live n raise our family. Be kind to one another – treat others how you want treated

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                  • Zeed October 8, 02:12

                    I saw this famous weed on FB I use to have this in my yard. It grows wild here. So I decided To visit my mothers yard she had loads growing in front , in the back, it’s all over. I have back pain so bad it actually perralize me. I am in tears. Laying down doesn’t help, nothing helps. So I say to you Thank you from the bottom of my heart. How do you prepare this wonderful plant.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • DMAN October 9, 16:25

                      If your back pain is mid, to lower…try an inverter. Mine saved my life…after a consistent 2 week regiment, I barely have to take any medication anymore.

                    • Mamaw October 11, 21:30

                      You can watch the video. It shows how to wash it, chop a little bit in a blender, put it in a strainer, heat but don’t boil, strain and continue to reduce the water out. Take a look at the first part of the video. The guy shows how to prepare it. Use a glass jar for saving, not plastic. Good luck, I’m going to give it a try.

                    • Wren February 13, 16:13

                      Go on YouTube and it will show you how to prepare it. I hope this plant will make you feel better. Also try CBD oil, which is legal. Best of luck to you.😊

                    • Dede March 23, 19:21

                      Please send me how to make this pain killer i have very bad head pain nothing helps so please send me how to prepare this do i get dry herbal wild lettuce please let me know i also would like the tea herbal for sleeping

                  • Bettybakebake October 15, 14:15

                    Thank you! Sarcasm and belittlement are too often read and heard. Please be kind
                    Mean people suck.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Pam May 21, 10:42

                      Cbd ok oil don’t work I have three bottles of it that I ordered off line and used one whole bottle it didn’t help the pain at all…

                    • Kathy J July 6, 16:43

                      They think they are sounding intelligent. Or enjoy picking on people because it makes them feel powerful. Insecurity is a terrible thing.

                  • Xeno November 28, 21:04

                    Beware of the grammar Nazis.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Nick May 11, 07:15

                      They’re just severely O C D and probably don’t even know it.

                  • slick December 18, 01:51

                    Moonglow you hit the nail on the head,it doesn’t matter if you can write or speak ,were all here together to help one another,work as a team,some people really are hurt by some of the accusations that are given and I’m sure some tears have been shed,if those people have something going on that makes them bitter,try reaching out ,their are people who will listen and try to help ,myself for one,so lets all try to get along and maybe we can figure out how to make this brew and we can maybe feel somewhat better.Thanks everyone

                    Reply to this comment
                    • NDN December 5, 02:46

                      If you watch the video it’s explained from “picking about fifty leaves” to “pour in a jar and keep in medicine cabinet until needed”.
                      Kratom is a miracle plant as well. Search Reddit for information.
                      There is a type of info on Pinterest concerning foraging, herbalism, home apothecary along with various prepper topics!

                  • Ladydi January 11, 06:44

                    You are so right on! Do any of you know if these things help with withdrawal from opioid? If I could make the switch I’d prefer non opioid.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • gforce April 30, 02:32

                      ladydi, what helps me come off pain meds when I run out is cherrytussin codiene syrup. Old country pharmacies will sell you over the counter 4 oz a month. 2 tsp is 20 mg codiene. I know its opiate but if you make it last, only one dose in am or one in am and one at night, you ween off slower and don’t go thru the “sickness”so intense. Its hard to find, chain drug stores do not sell it without prescription. Old independants “the pharmacist” prescribes it. Hope this helps!

                    • Hokie May 22, 09:55

                      Kratom is what I use.

                    • NDN December 5, 02:54

                      Kratom is a miracle plant as well. Search Reddit for information. There is even a group for people coming off opioids, heroin, methadone & subboxin (sp?). People have written up instructions of getting ready to quit, how to time it, types of kratom to purchase, good to eat, exercise & shower schedules.
                      Lots of newbies to the regular group would ask. Then someone typed up the how to list, then a dedicated sub (Reddit sub: akin to a Facebook group or page) was formed.
                      Best of luck!!

                  • Jen January 29, 16:30

                    BLESS YOU!!! I was thinking the same thing. Most people are so very cruel…i myself have allowed other peoples words and the way the treated me to almost take my own life. Thank God i failed! You have a very gentle soul! Thank you for trying to make this world better place.

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Medina April 14, 17:32

                    Yes never ever judge a person by their cover….. Literly. . .It HURTS.

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Catwoman May 21, 19:12


                    Reply to this comment
                  • Cati June 11, 06:40

                    Amen. Enough.

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Sharee August 26, 23:50

                    Amen sister!!

                    Reply to this comment
                  • Tina December 3, 05:49

                    Your so right! I wish people would stop being so rude & disrepectful to each other over petty nonsense. When did this become ok! Peace Love & Harmony

                    Reply to this comment
                • Ignorance is a disease July 11, 20:43

                  If Making fun of people makes you feel smart and great inside you are doing an amazing job. If you have nothing to say about the subject go else where!

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                • Judy September 12, 22:51

                  This plant is not milkweed. Milkweed has broad thick leaves and is bitter tasting.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • Mel October 20, 05:12

                    You are right it’s not milkweed, milkweed is asclepsia, it’s what the monarch butterflies use. Wild lettuce is very different.
                    Please be very careful when trying native herbs. There are things like wild Hemlock that is very poisonous! Research carefully!
                    I suffer from chronic pain also. This thread is very interesting and I’m going to look into wild lettuce.
                    Blessings to all who suffer from chronic pain it can ruin your. I do believe Mother Earth has cures for everything. It’s a lost knowledge. MK

                    Reply to this comment
              • Mee Tu April 3, 21:37

                Yew gize our sew hilhaireus

                Reply to this comment
              • frcindys August 14, 05:03

                jmoneyeee, I would really like to be able to comprehend what you wrote…

                Reply to this comment
              • Sanrock14 October 27, 00:45

                Its obvious YOU do…..troll…..

                Reply to this comment
              • the prick March 26, 02:12

                get the fuck over the spelling and quit being a liberal

                Reply to this comment
                • justagirl April 10, 05:40

                  Too many comments about spelling and not enough comments with useful information. I agree it’s ridiculous to have an entire paragraph of misspelled words with all the tools available to spell and grammar check, however, it is equally annoying to see the following comments are nothing but smart assed rebuttals that have nothing to do with the subject. My question is, is wild lettuce the plant we call milkweed in Kentucky? And, is there any look-alike plants that are potentially poisonous? Hate to pick a bunch of the wrong week and wind up sick, or worse.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • Birdie May 22, 02:58

                    I really do not believe this is any form of milkweed. Early in the article, it mentions Lactuca Virosa which is not milkweed. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the botanical name for milkweed right now.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Plant lady July 20, 04:16

                      Asclepies is the milkweed famjly

            • Mr.j March 30, 11:48


              Reply to this comment
            • Terri April 1, 16:20


              Reply to this comment
            • dj April 5, 23:39

              Apparently Yep can’t follow an intelligent conversation on the subject matter.

              Reply to this comment
            • Jason April 29, 14:19


              Reply to this comment
            • Duchess April 29, 17:43

              how very kind of you to call the man out on his misspelled

              Reply to this comment
            • Pisces May 18, 11:54

              Good come back.No need for someone to be sarcastic for no VERY…. GOOD.on the

              Reply to this comment
              • Junegarnet June 8, 22:32

                You don’t retain what YOU read? Very is spelled with an ‘e’. There is no need for sarcasm when you post. Also, you don’t start a sentence with a conjunction. U wekkum

                Reply to this comment
                • NDN December 5, 03:19

                  Do y’all sleep better at night knowing you called attention to someone’s mistakes?
                  These mistakes are for a myriad of reasons. Some fingers are too big for phone keyboard, some expect spell check to catch it, some are dyslexic, along with a thousand other reasons.
                  Are you contributing to the topic with useful information or simply pointing out errors? Errors undoubtedly made sans intent.

                  Reply to this comment
            • BronxnitehikerMike June 6, 17:27

              omg there are just too many people that are either ignorant idiots or that are uneducated in this field such as myself..i am leaning more now than when I was a kid towards a holistic, medicinal,all natural way(what ever it’s called) to heal ailments and help relieve pain and to further go on I am also looking into it for mental issues as well…natures remedies were here long before man made pharmaceuticals,they just take longer to get into the system and work once it’s properly derived to do so..i might sound like i’m very smart by my spelling and words that I use.i am in some ways and in others i’m not…learning is a daily process…I love to learn new things daily once I can establish that it’s 100% accurate and true..we need to know the truth but anyway, I am going to google what you say here and see for myself..there are too many that are calling it different names and such besides calling each other names too,lol!..the ones that are really show what an idiot that don’t want to learn out of laziness they themselves should never post a ‘fact’ that isn’t true unless they do research on it to share it with could someone want to purposely or not share info on something important that they don’t know for sure themselves?..some are human and are trying to be helpful and that’s ok while others are just pricks.oh and to those that want to buy seeds check to see if they are gmo’d seeds.which in my opinion would be mucked up seeds not beneficial to but possibly harmful.IDK, it’s something that i’m curious about since we are living in a gmo food era that you read about in the papers…maybe not because the plants don’t feed our nation,but once Monsanto and other seed companies find out if this plant is or will be used in future meds they will get their hands on and ruin it… another alternative that i’m really leaning towards is CBD and maybe a little mix of thc..this cbd sounds very promising for the future.i have only begun to learn about it and already I heard on a website that it too could also be mucked up by modifying it in the future.don’t know for sure if it’s true yet but definitely possible.

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              • Lisatrox June 13, 00:59

                can message me? I want to ask you about something

                Reply to this comment
              • Roxanne June 14, 00:48

                I use cbd,n it works very well,n I am very interested in the purchase of this lettuce to grow for I am trying to find something better than wasting my time with these doctors,that really just want to keep passing the buck to someone else…

                Reply to this comment
                • sickofbeeingguiniapig June 23, 22:20

                  Me took.So sick of Drs.If you have insurance your passed all their friends.If you take the meds your prescribed your an addict.I am tired of being practisced on..Everyone has a different diagnosis and after 40 surgeries…Sick to death of the money grubbing docs who have preconcieved notions because all your medical records are computerized.Take the money…no work required.If you don’t. Have insurance your left to die

                  Reply to this comment
                  • Adam August 28, 04:35

                    I agree with you and know what u r going through. I’m So sick of dr,s, and the inhumane pain I’m Always in. I’ve been holding the couch down for a year now. I can’t even hold my 1st grandchild. Please let me know if it does relieve some pain. I can’t stand up to make the tinctures, I would appreciate any suggestions. I hope u find relief and I thank you

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Larry January 18, 23:52

                      For what it may be worth, I suffered with the debilitating pain in my hips and lower back for years after a roll over accident. I have metal plates screws and bolts holding me together. After being on oxycodone for ten years, it was no longer helping,and in fact made the pain worse. I recently found an herbal rub-on cream, that has been working wonders for me I’ve been able to get off all the pain meds and “oxy’s” and, thank God, this stuff works as well or better. Look up “Real Time Pain Relief” Dist. by ; RTPR LLC, Edmond Ok.73003, God blesss, and may you find relief.

                    • NDN December 5, 04:30

                      Look into kratom. Reddit has several subs (groups) dedicated to it. A group for people to share various ways to make tea, drink with coffee, fill gelatin capsules with. There is a sub dedicate for those that wish to quit using heroin, prescription pain needs, methadone & subboxin (sp?) along with some that wish to stop taking Xanax, ADHD meds and stop drinking alcohol! Many had years of sobriety from alcohol they credited kratom with. Some types help you sleep & are powerful pain relievers. Some types don’t work as well on pain but give energy, help with focus. Other types fall in the middle on pain relief while assisting with anxiety, assisting with some people also ceasing antidepressants, antianxiety meds, etc.
                      Many people share lab results showing improvements in liver enzymes, lower & regulated A1C, lower cholesterol & lower weight along with improved blood pressure. Some are able to quit smoking. Some adult care givers of their elderly parents utilize this beneficial plant to not only assist them but relieve pain, anxiety & insomnia their parent as well.
                      There is yet another sub for those addicted to kratom. Please read through those post! Substances vary between dependency and addiction, even plants. Some is the substance & while not an opiod, not derived from opium, there are molecules that the opioid receptors in the brain react to. Even theraputic use can lead to withdrawal if used daily & then abruptly quit. Some people have addictive personalities &/or a genetic predisposition to addiction. Some have ran into trouble by using kratom in an attempt to get “high”. Kratom has zero effect on respiration rate unlike opiods but if too much is ingested one will become nauseated, shaky, headache and could vomit. Many in pain have learned if a small dose of a pain reliever helps then a larger dose may temporarily (about 4 hours) mask the pain completely. With kratom, if 1 gram answers prayers then half of that will probably be heaven on Earth! Kratom works better when you exercise & relievers enough pain so you can. Works best when you drink the amount of water recommended for you weight plus another half of that. A healthy diet, veggies, fiber, low fat, unprocessed also allows for a lower dose.
                      You need to do your research. There have been 9 deaths in which toxicology reports showed kratom but not by itself! Others meds / substances have been on board and usually were contraindicated along with illicit substances.
                      Best of luck to all interested that don’t reside in one of the few stay States or few counties that have banned it. Kratom has only been along for the ride yearly in about 1/10th of the amount of deaths from Tylenol, and in those Tylenol is the cause of death!

                • Capturethewest September 1, 17:51

                  I agree! I have chronic pain with no help at all, and I have been seeing a doc about it for 10 yrs!! I have the plant growing in my yard & I am collecting the seeds to sell for a fair price. I will of coarse have missed a few that got away, but I will need that for next year. They only grow by seed, not roots. I use no chemicals & nature put them there for me 😀 Even a few seeds will turn in to many more as they seed in Late August as mine are just preparing for flight “like a dandelion” I am also gathering seeds for Permisian and Lambs Quarters “more nutrients than spinach” I am just a homesteader and Photographer in Southern Co

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                  • Capturethewest September 1, 17:55

                    capture the west co at g mail dot com for anyone wanting some seeds.

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                  • 5pinkroses November 1, 07:18

                    Carla Larson, I have sent you a message on messenger about buying some seeds from you. You don’t know me but I have severe pain and when we moved to Fl a year ago the Drs. Cut my pain meds in half. We used to live in Colo. & love it there. !!!!

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                    • 5pinkroses November 1, 13:04

                      Also I wanted to say I’m in pain 24/7’s & I have severe arthritis , neuropathy, all over my body, restless legs 24/7’s severe, and both my knees are bone on bone and cannot have surgery. I don’t know what to do. I just bought some CBD oil but haven’t tried it yet. I am not an addict just a person in horrid pain and the Drs. Here in Fla. don’t seem to care. We are no longer treated as a human individual we are just a number. We must suffer because the guilty are the ones they care about not the innocent. If you could spare some Wild Lettuce seeds I would be ever so grateful. Thank you.

                    • PurpleHeart December 21, 15:45

                      What area of FL are you in? I have some info that could help you, if you are in an area that makes it possible. Let me know and I will provide you with info to help! Hang in there!!! I am a fellow drafted soldier on the front line daily fighting the battle of PAIN!!!!

                  • Morning Dove November 2, 19:53

                    I would love to get some wild lettuce seed’s from you. My Facebook page is Michele Tekoa. I suffer with chronic abdominal migraines and have been on opioids for years and spinal injection for the pain every three months. Please contact me at my Facebook page. Thanks very much.

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                  • Jp0577 May 13, 00:51

                    Plz give me you are i fo id like to buy

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                  • Miss Ana June 11, 17:33

                    What is: Permisian ? I looked on the internet and found nothing! I have Lambs Quarter growing in my garden, (I planted one and the wind did the rest!) I harvest it daily and use it in my recipies. I also have Mallow and in winter, use stinging nettle, these are also very nutritious wild plants. While I have your attention I know of 4 nightshade vegs that people with pain should not eat, they are: tomatoes and any tomato product, white potatoes, I now eat sweet pots, they are not in the same family as white pots. Also, all peppers and eggplant. Another product that is helping me tremendously is:a good quality Turmeric powder along with freshly ground pepper and coQ. (these help the Turmeric get into the cells) I use these daily for Rheumatoid Arthritis and take no prescription pain meds. I hope this info is of help to someone.

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                    • Cat August 5, 14:04

                      I would like to connect and learn from you Pappicus

                • Dll September 24, 14:24

                  Do you use cbd for pain? I’ve been on everything for 20yrs. On constant morphing now. Phantom pain just won’t give up!!!

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                  • Xeno November 28, 21:13

                    I’ve suffered from chronic intractable pain for the last 30 years and have been using CBD to supplement and make my pain meds last longer. Hope it helps you, though you may have to try different quantities to find what works for you.

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                • Ann October 25, 12:51

                  Roxanne, I was hoping that you received some helpful replies to your post about Wild Lettice??? I am also interested in finding out more and how to grow. I live in pain every day. If you have any info would you share with me. Much appreciated, Ann Pls email me Thank You

                  Reply to this comment
                  • T October 31, 22:19

                    Hi Ann: I live in Canada and would love to find out how to deliver this to you. I think it would be illegal for us to mail seeds or plants to you. However, this plant grows wild up in the northern country and probably in the states just below the Canadian border as well. Hope you can make contact with someone there.

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                • Robyn April 11, 20:55

                  I agree Roxanne. I’m so tired of being ruled and regulated about my percocets and I’m sick of taking them. I just got my cbd yesterday. I’m vaping it and putting it in my drinks. Just have to wait for it to get into my system good and start working. It’s 500mg. How long before you saw results from your cbd?

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              • Babydoll June 27, 12:33

                I get you and maybe you will see my message but i get several and im not a billionaire yet maybe next week when i patent my holistic herb special blend

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              • Becky July 3, 00:45

                Yeah what you said is it also called rabbit tobacco

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              • Bkind September 24, 18:26

                Amen and kudos to you moonglow! This world wuld b a much better n happier n safer place to live n raise our family. Be kind to one another – treat others how you want treated

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              • Wildflower 69 September 24, 23:18

                Was happy to see your comment since it actually pertains to the subject. I thought I was on a jr high school public bashing form when I read most comments. LOL I want to know more about this plant. Grew up in SW Virginia in a tobacco farm. Have smoked many different weeds for medical reasons and recreational. I am VERY interested in this alternative medical plant.

                Reply to this comment
                • kate April 11, 21:48

                  I tried it in tea form, and also dried and smoked it. The only results I got was that it made me tired. I don’t understand all of the hype about it. Believe me, if it helped pain, I would be telling everyone!! It grows here in the woods by Lake Michigan, and doesn’t cost a thing. I have RA and Fibromyalgia. Went off of Hydrocone after 20 years due to new the fact that I am not signing a contract to receive it.

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              • jwn October 11, 21:08

                do you have a point here? I can not find it if you do…

                Reply to this comment
                • kate April 12, 10:39

                  Yes, jwn, I have a point. Sorry you didn’t get it. I said the wild lettuce made me sleepy. Being tired and in pain is no better than being wide awake and in pain. It does NOTHING for pain. Is that a bit clearer for you?

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              • barbaquoa October 13, 13:57

                run on sentences

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              • BamaGrits January 13, 07:25

                You can buy WILD LETTUCE seeds from Strictly Medicinal Seed Company much cheaper than Amazon or Ebay. They sell only organic, non GMO seeds and ships your order in a very timely manner. They have online ordering or you can use their catalog they send with your order to browse to find other MEDICINAL plants & seeds. They offer the medicinal purpose in the plant/seed description. VERY helpful company that is home owned and operated. They grow the plants & collect the seeds they sell.

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              • JJ March 21, 03:16

                If you are drug tested for Pain Management beware that they are no longer testing just for THC. They are testing for cannabis so using a topical ointment could get you kicked out of Pain Management. Last week the PA bragged that they kicked out 16 people in just a week for using a CBD product. When I questioned her on it she said that “those patients” don’t produce enough in income to care about. Spinal Stims and Pain Pumps are were the big money is along with kickbacks from Cymbalta and Lyrica scripts.

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                • DENVER March 30, 07:30

                  HAHA LOL HAHA LOL
                  I AM A DISABLED VETERAN
                  BECAUSE I AM IN SEVERE PAIN
                  IF THE ENEMY DIDN’T KILL YOU
                  AND ANY ONE WHO IS A VETERAN
                  AND THE VERY NEXT DAY
                  THANK YOU

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              • RJ April 19, 23:21

                Bronxnitehikermike, look up
                *lactuca canadensis. It shows the best detailed pictures and descriptions that I’ve come across in all my research. (aka wild lettuce. Can also find it under *lactuca virosa – both are wild “opium” lettuce).
                Hope this helps and best of luck with your foraging!

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              • M L October 29, 16:52

                Brilliant – U likely have bright light all around u!
                No one else even thought of harmful GMO’s!…Thank you for reminding us!!

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              • NDN December 5, 03:36

                I agree 💯%!! Only fools & idiots assume their guess is fact, intelligent folk double check prior to asserting their opinion.
                I respect your concern about gmo seeds. Monsanto has used genetic engineering of soybeans & corn most notably so Round Up can be used on the plants to kill weeds without damage to the crop. Round Up kills broadleaf plants, namely weeds but also some of the premium grasses used on golf courses & in yards. Usually only small seeds companies with a niche market of heirlooms and herbal medicines carry seeds for weeds that the average gardener is trying to kill. It is important to remind people that hybrid plants while more disease and pest resistant, sacrifice flavor and the grower’s ability to harvest seeds.

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            • Junegarnet June 8, 22:29

              You don’t retain what YOU read? Very is spelled with an ‘e’. There is no need for sarcasm when you post. Also, you don’t start a sentence with a conjunction.

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            • Sis June 14, 17:06

              Who cares if wards are spelled wrong. What are you the spell checker police.

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              • Jeff June 28, 04:55

                I believe they are referred to as “Grammar Nazis”. Lmfao

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              • frcindys August 14, 05:17

                Sis, in reference to your comment about spell checker police: Sometimes meanings are completely changed by a misspelled word or a misplaced comma. Certainly you already know that…

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            • Dragginpeter July 5, 12:23

              Then how do you spell vary?

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            • al July 6, 15:39

              The RULE is never correct the spelling, get the info and forgive the typos

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            • Grampa August 2, 13:37

              does it make you feel superior correcting the spelling of people who are trying to help.I cant spell and still made plenty of money so I guess it isnt important

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            • pattycake August 20, 20:41


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            • jwn October 11, 21:06

              is that sooo important that you enter this blog?

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            • Xeno November 28, 20:43

              It varies.

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            • 1SG Rick January 30, 21:33

              youre a fucking asshole…probably a leftist bitch….

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            • david h February 21, 14:36

              oh hell its the spell police! watch out!

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            • Frank May 8, 08:33

              Hahaha….. 😂 😂 😂 😂

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            • Bub October 6, 17:17

              Lol! Vary!!!

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            • PJ November 3, 18:09

              Don’t be a nasty fuck! What’s wrong with you. Could have been a typo. You are lacking and that’s why you critique others.

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          • Wolf March 26, 14:58

            Gee … from some of the comments in here, a fair percentage of you should stick with keeping the health food store in business

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            • Old prepper March 30, 23:26

              Wolf; I agree. The LEFT, on here are so ‘smart’. why are they posting on here? If they know all, of these things already? As always, the trolls want to ruin everyone’s fun.
              I do not see anyplace, to edit one’s comment. Then spell check,can put in words or not. If anyone knows about EDIT, please tell me. I misspell somethings, HUMAN.

              I should have called myself, a LONG TIME PREPPER,,,not old.

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              • Stuff May 8, 14:25

                “Somethings” is actually two words when used in the context that you used.

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                • Ladydi January 11, 07:14

                  For F☆€K sake!!! Really, “Stuff”!! Some adults want to learn. Sorry for harsh hidden language. Perhaps You are a child. If that’s the case, don’t go away mad, just go! For those of you (misspelled words and all) that have posted valuable information, I’d like to thank you.

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              • BrucenOregon June 2, 13:09

                We are looking into using “Wild Lettuce” as an alternative to the pain meds my wife takes daily.
                1.No, she is not an addict, 2. Due to 3 auto accidents she has permanent damage to her back. 3. In the governments wisdom they will soon make it impossible for her to get her medication as prescribed by her Dr.

                We have it growing all over the place but in researching how to identify it correctly I am seeing very different images of “Wild Lettuce” So can you recommend a book or a source that will help identify the different varieties of it?

                AND BTW anyone who feels the need to pick my post apart go pound sand.

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                • Chylee July 2, 16:31

                  I too am seeking alternative medicinal remedies to my pain as my pain management Dr. Is retiring in August. I was on high doses of medications which by law he has to cut it down and discontinue it because people are overdosing. I’m not an addict but in severe pain with my back mainly. I just want to be able to continue to work to pay off the house and bills. If you have found any good information on natural pain remedies please share it with me.

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                  • Washingtonstateraider July 15, 07:14

                    Check out kratom. If you have not. Had a bad motorcycle accident 3 years ago this August. Broke all kind of bones including four in back, my pelvis and my left wrist was shattered and many more. My life got bad. Was not sure how I was going to keep working. The stress of it was ruining my life. I found kratom almost a year and a half ago. Completely different person. Still have pain but it’s way better. Still worry of it getting worse with age. Not to mention they want to make kratom illegal. Have not had to take a pharmaceutical pushed drug since I came across it

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                    • R/C Addict August 11, 13:18

                      I’ve been dealing with low-back pain after an on-the job accident years ago causing a lot of sciatica problems in my legs also. Yes, I go to pain management but I tried Kratom after hearing about it. It was nothing but a waste of money and I bought the strongest the site sold. I had absolutely no relief from using it, so I gave up on Kratom. Just my own experience……My cousin swears by it, but I have real pain.

                    • Sam September 10, 18:38

                      What is kratom? And where do you get it?

                    • HelloGorgeous19 May 21, 11:41

                      Be careful though! Using Kratum too long (like longer than 2-3wks.) can be come addicting like everything else.

                    • Kolyn June 8, 05:35

                      I have had excellent results with kratom. I did a lot of research before trying it. I use it conservatively, I have no desire to “get high” I only want pain relief. I found a kratom supplier that has lab testing on each batch she gets in, so I am pretty confident I am not getting a contaminated product. I started with small doses, to be assured how I would react. I take a variety of strains to lower chances of addiction or building a tolerance. I find it lasts longer than opiods. I stopped taking opiods for about a month before I tried the kratom, I had heard that since both kratom and opiods work on the same receptors in the body there is no benefit to combining and may be possibility of overdosing be taking together. I am a fan of kratom. It takes some research to figure out which strain helps for your condition. Some strains are more sedating, some stimulating, some help with depression or anxiety. There are combinations that help with several symptoms. I suggest asking people what results they have had, purchase some kratom, start with small doses, I would suggest no more than 2 grams at one dose. One gram would be safer if after a couple hours you have no negative reaction then take another gram. It seems for most people a dose lasts 5-6 hours. A dose of about 5 grams is considered mild to moderate. Do not start that high. Those who run into issues and are using “recreationally” take half an ounce or even a full ounce. It takes awful. People have very creative ways of getting it down. I put mine in capsules, but it takes a lot of capsules. Look up The Kratom User’s Guide, it is available free on internet.

                    • Cd August 10, 04:25

                      I believe part of the problem here in identifying the plant is the fact that the common names for plants vary from region to region. I know of 3 totally different ( unrelated ) plants that are called “milkweed” in different parts of the country. Before you ingest ANY medicinal plant, be sure you know and can recognize what you are taking and how to prepare it properly. No, this is NOT dandelion and it is not asclepais. Look carefully at the pictures and pull up additional pictures of the SAME plant until you are SURE. Remember, both medicines and poisons are produced by plants. Also, even medicinal plants, when taken incorrectly, may kill you. Think of digoxin (lanoxin, digitoxin) which comes from the foxglove plant. Too little does no good, the correct dose changes and regulates your heart rate, too much kills you.
                      BE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TAKING. BE SAFE. If you aren’t sure, do some more research or don’t take it at all.

                • al July 6, 15:44

                  My “care giver” at the VA has allready started to take the opiates away from us, Ill search my area of Oregon for some help to replace the MJ Ive started using.

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                  • Hippie chick 🐣 August 14, 19:46

                    Dear friend,
                    If you live in Oregon why don’t you try CBD & CANNABIS? IT’S LEGAL IN OREGON…i am a medical patient in Michigan and it works for me… Good luck!

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                • Stevie July 11, 11:40

                  I have no desire whatsoever to pick on anyone’s spelling, grammar and so on. I am in severe pain and I, too, am sick to death of the labels-snarky looks and comments when I receive my medications. Would someone please state where one may but the extract or whatever form is highly potent? Don’t wish to hunt in yards for what ‘may’ be the correct lettuce or something useless or possibly poisonous! Thanks in advance.

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                  • Trish August 12, 23:06

                    I purchased my wild lettuce on Amazon. Around $15.00 for a 2 oz tincture, made organically in Hawaii. I recently had open heart surgery. They took veins from my leg and breast to form new ones in my heart for a CABG proceedure. That left me with nerve pain from damage to my breast. Very painful. The wild lettuce arrived yesterday, and I have just begun treatment. Put about 30 drops into my tea 4 times a day. See a positive difference already. Best of luck to you, Trish

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                    • Bettybakebake October 16, 19:20

                      Thank you for actually contributing something to the conversation! Very valuable information.

                    • Bodybagger October 29, 19:42

                      Does the wild lettuce drops actually work sometimes amazon sells bogus stuff

                • Grampa August 2, 13:45

                  dont be so hard on them. it took them a fortnight of hard abuse on the one remaining long dormant brain cell to post the comments to correct spellings and grammar. I must use spellcheck to keep from looking like a complete idiot. I am not always successful so I have learned to ignore these so called superior minded with their smell me attitude.

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                • Sharon1 August 13, 01:28

                  BrucenOregon I can completely understand why you are looking into alternative medicine for your wife. I have to take multiple pills a day to just move around a little, thanks to back problems. If you haven’t looked into it yet give CBD oil a try. You can adjust the strength as needed and it can be ordered online or at your local herbal store. I’m thinking about checking this Wild Lettuce a try and if you try it I would love to hear your wife’s results.

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                  • marlene August 25, 21:46

                    I do so agree with you Moonglow. These people were probably high when playing around on the computer,and they waste everyone’s time by being such humane pests.
                    and to BrucenOregon I too have had several car accidents and have a lot of back pain. Yet, I am severely allergic to morphine. I wonder if this plant would have the same allergic components as morphine?

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                • Nannanpat September 23, 23:56

                  The plant pictured at the beginning of this article is Arugula. You can buy it in the grocery store. I feed it to my bearded dragon & have tasted it myself. It is bitter & I don’t like bitter so I don’t use it in my salads. You can buy it by itself or it’s packaged w/ baby spinach & a lot of the spring mix lettuces have arugula in them.

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          • Slut March 26, 17:20

            Typical. Gotta run somebody down every time you get a chance. Ok. So here’s my chance. You’re a jerk.

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          • Mr.J March 30, 11:46

            Your so condisending . No need to be rude…

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          • Old prepper March 30, 23:18

            Daveman50; that is frustrating to read, is it not? ALL IS WRITTEN OUT. I think some people do not understand the written word, or retain like you said. READING COMPREHENSION. More typical of the ‘LEFT’ mind. ☺
            Then, they, come back with ugly comment. Typical.

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            • LaFlowerlady March 31, 14:57

              I have been following this for a few days. There is real information here if you really want to learn. If you just want to spend time trying to make prior comments seem petty, get a life. People who use this site are on the most part really interested in learning how to better themselves without depending on “our leaders” that do not give a rip. Just want more involvement in our every day lives. KEEP UP the good work.

              Reply to this comment
              • Dad April 2, 22:20

                My lady, I feel that I must defend the human race, most are (left or right) tend to be a little arrogant,judgemental and lack the desire for knowledge. ” Curiousity did not kill the cat. It was stupidity.” Thank every one for the useful information. USAF Vietnam.

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              • Linda April 10, 11:54

                Thank you well said , I’m trying to find out about this plant, at first I thought it was a dandelion, but as child we had milk weed growing every where, but I can’t remember if it had yellow flowers or not. So what is another name for this plant? Can I get a no nonsense answer please I’m here to learn. Thank you

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                • handyman April 29, 21:07

                  this is not milk weed . milk weed has oval leaves , smooth edged and purple flowers . i do not know the name of this plant but i have seen them before .

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                • Arnie May 10, 14:12

                  Thanks Linda me to 😊

                  Reply to this comment
                • Jet May 21, 07:39

                  Lactuca verosa-wild lettuce 😉

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                • Capturethewest September 1, 18:11

                  Milk weed is the only plant that a Monarch Butterfly will lay it’s eggs on. It resembles a rubber plant only thinner leaves. It has a pretty big purple pinkish round cluster of blooms. It lets out milk when broken also. Nothing like wild lettuce. That resemble a dandelion , only it has one long stem that sharp looking leaves come off of that can get a few ft tall, sharp edges on the leaves & a small yellow flower at top only, it can have around 12, but they are not clustered. I have many right now & want to share it with others. I have pics of milkweed but and the other, but no option to share it. Carla Larson on fb I’m a photographer at Carla’s Captures fb

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                • keysrat March 17, 21:50

                  Linda ~ what we called Milk Weed is this plant with yellow flowers that do not open fully. It is a tall weed that when broken releases a white milky sap just like pictured. Lot of folks on this site are saying “no” but it may be local dialect.

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              • bcarlton April 30, 00:47

                Where’s the like button? 🙂

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              • Cat June 9, 00:53

                Thank you. My sentiments exactly. What states can you find this plant? I saw pictures, but they look like alot of weeds I have seen. I have major health issues and suffer from chronic pain. I want an alternative to opiates.

                Reply to this comment
            • Lobosmommy March 31, 18:31

              Why does this have to become your political arena. Can’t we just learn about natural remedies as intended?

              Reply to this comment
              • Terri April 8, 12:10

                Thank you, Lobosmommy!!! Where and how did some of of these people get politics out of Davman50’s comment?

                Reply to this comment
            • Bettybakebake November 1, 15:08

              Quit being such an ass. You are typical alt-right poster.

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          • Suziesview April 1, 14:00

            I was thinking same thing

            Reply to this comment
          • Sativa saint April 1, 21:16

            Calling out someone on reading comprehension & you can’t even spell “Very”, fuckin moron! Dumb liberal

            Reply to this comment
          • Sponge April 6, 13:46

            dude, you’re harsh…

            Reply to this comment
          • primrose April 17, 15:50


            Reply to this comment
          • Krussty September 6, 00:31

            You don’t spelling “very” why would anyone listen to you?

            Reply to this comment
          • Cory September 8, 12:36

            …and you can’t spell very well? Very has an e not an a in it.

            Reply to this comment
          • Doctor_Bob September 9, 23:47

            Don’t get snarky, Daveman. Nothing better than to ask questions. Believe it, not everyone has a steel trap mind like you do. Some of us want to hear something several times, so we better retain it.

            Reply to this comment
          • I want your name September 20, 00:11

            They ate too much of the bitter lettuce even when cooked with sugar. That’s why they don’t retain anuthinv.

            Reply to this comment
          • rickymac October 15, 18:25

            Don’t you retain what you learned in spelling class? It’s VERY bitter…

            Reply to this comment
          • Men May 15, 14:00

            What is the normal dosage of the wild lettuce

            Reply to this comment
          • angf117 June 17, 00:35

            you are an asshole…..and you cant spell…

            Reply to this comment
          • Elaine October 28, 00:42

            LOL “you don’t retain what you read?” I thought that but you said it. Have you ever tried this wild lettuce? If so does it do what the article claims?

            Reply to this comment
        • onie March 26, 08:02

          we Call it dandelion and a similar plant called puha, Rub itunder running water to get the bitterness out then boil with in with brisket after it has cooked, Boil up kiwi style

          Reply to this comment
          • No Nonsense March 27, 08:11

            That’s what I thought it looked like. Thank you.

            Reply to this comment
          • Duh March 29, 07:53

            That’s not dandelion ya ding dong

            Reply to this comment
          • Slappy March 29, 07:55

            That’s not dandelion ya shit fer brains.. LoL

            Reply to this comment
          • Willow March 29, 10:07

            Dandelion has larger flowers although the plants do look similar. Dandelion has great health benefits also.
            Plus you can make Dandelion wine.🍷

            Reply to this comment
          • Old prepper March 30, 23:32

            onie; Interesting, but aren’t you, RUBBING out, the property, that makes it into PAIN KILLER? That is the point.
            I guess it would still work, some.

            Reply to this comment
            • Mamaw October 11, 21:50

              You can watch the video. It shows how to wash it, chop a little bit in a blender, put it in a strainer, heat but don’t boil, strain and continue to reduce the water out. Take a look at the first part of the video. The guy shows how to prepare it. Use a glass jar for saving, not plastic. Good luck, I’m going to give it a try. It would be wise to watch the video so you don’t ruin the effect it should have. Btw, if you can figure out, say sound it out, no need to be nasty to people about their spelling. I appreciate the comments on this plant, could live without the berating of people.

              Reply to this comment
              • Bettybakebake October 29, 23:33

                The video just mentioned washing and chopping up the leaves but the first part talked about the stems and that the white stuff had the crucial pain killing properties.
                So I’m not sure if you use any of the stem. So I bought some tincture from wild lettuce dot com to try first.
                As soon as I get it I’ll update this thread. One person was kind enough to say she tried 14 drops in a hot drink in the morning. I’m assuming it didn’t work very well as she hasn’t come back.

                Reply to this comment
          • Seppi1@ April 1, 17:12

            ,itunder equals it under, for the assholes who are interested in sentences structure but don’t give a shit about the information that the statement is imparting

            Reply to this comment
          • Doctor_Bob September 9, 23:53

            Dandelion is a short, wide plant that grows very low to the ground. Wild Lettuce gets much taller, a foot or more. No Dandelion ever grew that gets to 1 foot high.

            Reply to this comment
          • Roger Hornaday June 26, 12:46

            Dandelion is a totally different plant than wild lettuce. Dandelions are harvested when they are in the bud stage to make salads with the leaves and buds with bacon bits and vinegar and mayo dressing and are not bitter when harvested at that stage. They also don’t have the prickly spines on the leaves like wild lettuce and the flowers look totally different. We have dandelion, wild lettuce and wild milkweed, as well as butterfly weed, which is a part of the milkweed family growing in our yard, and grow wild herbs and wildflowers, so please Google “dandelion, wild lettuce and wild milkweed” before misleading others into thinking they are the same thing.

            Reply to this comment
        • RAB March 27, 22:22

          you can eat it straight if you want, or make a tisane (tea) or make a tincture (vodka), or dry it, or freeze it.

          Reply to this comment
        • Kid rock addicted March 28, 21:19

          Jean, Dave Man50 seems to be a smartass. Did you notice? Some people just have to say something a Dickhead would.

          Reply to this comment
          • Old prepper March 30, 23:46

            Kid rock addicted; NO, HE IS NOT. We get frustrated with people, not knowing how to, READ. IT IS ALL THERE. Then you come back with the question, that is already ANSWERED. Annoying. Then the SPELL CHECKERS ON HERE. NOT NEEDED. That is what is rude. We have no edit button to change words. And, you just self described, yourself. Why did you have to comment?

            Reply to this comment
            • Cat June 1, 15:58

              Did it ever occur to the people Insulting this person, that spellck has a way of CHanges the spelling as it’s being sent? Here’s another theory, maybe they are in so much pain it obliterates thier ability to think? I have early onset vascular dementia and in pain , always. Only people who are lnsecure pi k on others. It gives them a false sense of security and power. Stop the hate. Let’s stay on topic Please!!!!!

              Reply to this comment
              • Pappicus September 27, 14:20

                i am a hillbilly from ky. and a 4th generation woods witch. I am very familliar with the shamans herbs and also all of the plants indigenous to north america and i believe I have the info you want

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        • Qwiktree April 25, 02:47

          Did you not read the article?

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      • Safrabro March 22, 19:09

        NO… Not Milkweed. Milkweed is poisonous.

        Reply to this comment
        • Lactucaman March 22, 20:56

          The plant in the picture is L. virosa, milkweed looks quite different. I know, because I took the picture :D. This particular specimen was one of a few I found growing in the Shenandoah valley in the west of Virginia. Visit for information and extracts! It’s my life’s work and I’m working on getting more products and a blog on there. I’m happy that there is so much interest!

          Reply to this comment
          • KATHY L NEWSOM March 23, 01:24

            we make milkweed soup using the purple flowers

            Reply to this comment
          • Mish March 24, 22:06

            Wow that’s awesome

            Reply to this comment
          • Lisa March 26, 02:42

            Isn’t this also called Dandelion as well? If that’s the case, I have it all over my yard! lol

            Reply to this comment
            • Eleana March 27, 01:36

              It is definitely NOT dandelion. Dandelion leaves all come from the ground level, not going up a stem. The flower shoots from the same place at ground level.

              Reply to this comment
              • Moldy_Irish March 27, 16:47

                Dent de lion, tooth of the lion, is a common plant with many medicinal uses. Indians in this area have used it for curing skin cancers, put the milk of the leaf, or stem on a skin cancer till it goes away, many times in just a week or two. Tea can be made, poultice can be made for wounds, flowers mixed with honey make a good stomach, and throat medicine. .
                Manzinilla, can also be used as a dressing for a wound, or tea can help for sleep.

                Reply to this comment
                • Granny March 29, 08:30

                  It is also a liver detox.

                  Reply to this comment
                • Old prepper March 31, 00:05

                  Moldy Irish; Good information. For those, who don’t know, Manzinilla, is Chamomile blooms, or TEA. I used to gather those blossoms in Europe as a toddler. My mom used to call me “THE HERB DEAR.” It is supposed to help with sleep, and be calming.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • Hippie chick 🐣 August 14, 20:26

                    OLD PREPPER…. you are another person who I’d like to be friends on facebook.. Wanna pick your brain for information too… Lol… If it’s ok with you of course… My name is Terrylee Warren on facebook… Look forward to that friend request… Thank you

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Doctor_Bob September 10, 00:07

                      Hippie Chick, I hear you. I have an old, grey-bearded down the street and he grows a large garden every year. 1/4 of his garden is just a bunch of weeds. One day I stopped to talk with him, and discovered the weeds were all edible, or had medicinal properties. I’ve learned a lot from him in he past 10 years, such as how to make delicious salads from “weeds.” and have started growing my own “wild weeds” garden. It really helps with food bills, and makes you independent of a supermarket. Handy stuff to know in a crisis. When the grocer’s shelves are bare, I’ll still be out picking my “weeds” and feeding myself while saving a lot of money. Start with Lamb’s Quarter. It tastes like spinach, only without the bitterness, and it grows like… well, like a weed!

                • Hippie chick 🐣 August 14, 20:22

                  Dear MOLDY IRISH…. i would love to pick your brain for a while… Lol… It seems that you have a bunch of GREAT INFORMATION! Can i leave you my email address? Or do you facebook? Terrylee Warren on facebook… PLEASE LOOK ME UP and send me a friend request… I would love to have some information you have… Thank you very much

                  Reply to this comment
                • Wolfpack56 March 25, 09:09

                  Moldy_irish, I really love all the information that you are giving to us. Would really like to befriend you on Facebook. Look up Janice Elaine Whaley on there. Can hardly wait for your friend request.

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              • Gene March 30, 02:22

                The points on a true dandelion leaf point back toward the base of the plant. If they point away from the plant it is not a dandelion. And I make dandelion wine but it is a lot of work in preparation because you only use the little yellow petals of the dandelion flower and it takes forever to pick and process them. I just dried some dandelion roots today in the toaster oven.

                Reply to this comment
            • Marika March 28, 12:57

              This is not milkweed not dandelion although the flowers look similar. This plant grows 4-5 feet tall

              Reply to this comment
          • cindi March 26, 03:05

            Let me know how to get dried ,or plant etc

            Reply to this comment
            • Capturethewest September 1, 18:27

              I have chronic pain with no help at all, and I have been seeing a doc about it for 10 yrs!! I have the plant growing in my yard & I am collecting the seeds to sell for a fair price. I will of coarse have missed a few that got away, but I will need that for next year. They only grow by seed, not roots. I use no chemicals & nature put them there for me 😀 Even a few seeds will turn in to many more as they seed in Late August as mine are just preparing for flight “like a dandelion” I am also gathering seeds for Permisian and Lambs Quarters “more nutrients than spinach” I am just a homesteader and Photographer in Southern Co. I’m on FB “Carla Larson” I am working on opening my own site called Capture the I will sell seeds there or straight to you if you contact me 🙂

              Reply to this comment
          • Matty March 28, 17:40

            I suffer with chronic pain but I have to work I am sick of opiates.. I would like any extra information you have..

            Reply to this comment
            • sweetpea March 30, 18:11

              Research Kratom

              Reply to this comment
              • Tracy March 30, 22:33

                Stay away from kratom or some call it kramptom. . It caused fluid on my daughters brain. Amount other things. It was outlawed in other countries.

                Reply to this comment
                • Hippie chick 🐣 August 14, 20:29

                  DEAR TRACY…. OMG 😱 that’s horrible!! Please let me know more.. What else happened? I ask bc I’m thinking about starting it.. Thank you very much

                  Reply to this comment
            • Cat June 1, 16:03

              Did it ever occur to the people Insulting this person, that spellck has a way of CHanges the spelling as it’s being sent? Here’s another theory, maybe they are in so much pain it obliterates thier ability to think? I have early onset vascular dementia and in pain , always. Only people who are lnsecure pi k on others. It gives them a false sense of security and power. Stop the hate. Let’s stay on topic Please!!!!!

              Reply to this comment
            • sissy June 13, 00:50

              Kratom it’s an awesome herb give it a try, it works great for opiate withdrawal and energy mind and focus and it’s wonderful for pain. It generally makes you feel better but without the high.

              Reply to this comment
              • lydialove June 25, 21:18

                Kratom can cause kidney and liver problems – it sent a friend of mine to the hospital.

                Be cautious, just because it’s “natural” it’s not always safe.

                Reply to this comment
            • Wren February 13, 17:01

              Go on YouTube and it will show you how to prepare it. I hope this plant will make you feel better. Also try CBD oil, which is legal. Best of luck to you.😊
              If you buy Kratom only at hardships, never online.

              Reply to this comment
          • Lawrenzo March 28, 17:53

            So, is it the common dandelion ? If so, what is the best time to harvest and do you take all the upper parts and leave the roots so it will grow back? Do you have a favorite method of using it? Tea or boiled? Guess I will stop digging them out of my garden if it really helps chronic pain.

            Reply to this comment
          • chris82 March 28, 19:38

            Thank you for the information. I hope to see more of your work soon. I would love to read more as my husband is trying to detox from pain meds but still needs help with pain control. As a family we could stand to be a bit healthier. Thanks again

            Reply to this comment
          • Glocraft March 29, 02:01

            Milkweed is not poison my mother in law use to cook milkweed green with bacon or salt pork

            Reply to this comment
          • Ila March 30, 12:55

            I grow milkweed in my yard for butterflies but it doesn’t look anything like this is there different types of milkweed and do all milkweed have this benefit

            Reply to this comment
          • Aleda March 30, 13:47

            I would love to get my hands on some!

            Reply to this comment
          • Handful March 30, 19:43

            Lacuaman, did you get a blog started? I am very interested in medicinal herbs and plants.

            Reply to this comment
          • Old prepper March 30, 23:49

            Lactucaman; Thank you for the intervention. PEOPLE WERE really getting OFF TOPIC. I will go to your link.

            Reply to this comment
          • nIcnak68 March 31, 02:20

            I’m surrounded by it 😀

            Reply to this comment
          • Ethan Freeman March 31, 15:20

            Thank you for providing quality follow up research info!

            I found this everywhere after reading, and highly appreciate being notified to it’s benefits 😀

            Reply to this comment
            • Larry January 19, 00:28

              I also have this weed growing all over. Never knew what it was good for. We got a new puppy this fall, and he was always digging it up and chewing on the roots. Now I know that he was getting the soothing ingredients for his teething pain!

              Reply to this comment
          • webbsway April 5, 03:16

            Thank you for the information

            Reply to this comment
          • Suzy April 11, 15:34

            It looks so much like dandelion leaves, but does it flower all the time or is flowering seasonal? I’ve had to use dried poppy pods to make tea for my chronic pain and they are expensive and hard to order. Wild lettuce seeds are $25 on Amazon and I’m on a tight disability budget. I live in Phoenix, but was wondering how easy this plant is to find or locate via nurseries or where my relatives live (IN, FL, SC). If I find a plant that has these yellow flowers and wide dandelion looking leaves, do I just cut the stalk to see if the milky substance flows and then know it’s wild lettuce? I’m so grateful for your post and info on this. Could change my life. Do the flowers also have the same properties as the stems and leaves? Which has strongest ingredient?

            Reply to this comment
            • Charitysmama August 19, 19:12

              Seems like you could make a small cut and get the sap. Maybe that cut would heal and you could cut another spot next time. I have stuff like this growing in my yard, hard to get rid of. If I can verify that it is wild lettuce I could send you some seeds.

              Reply to this comment
          • storm2k12 May 9, 23:23

            Where in the Shenandoah Valley are you? I’m not located too far away.

            Reply to this comment
          • TinMan May 30, 21:06

            Hi can u help me to identitfy it. I have pulled up t 3 different possibilities but from your pics that you have supplied. But each time either the leaf or the flower looks different. Could I send you a pic via my email address, so you can take a look at it

            Reply to this comment
          • Cat June 9, 01:02

            Forgive my ignorance, but the wild lettuce that is bought in the supermarket have the same affects that the kind that is grown wild? I see it called bitter lettuce too. If it doesn’t, Where. Do I get​ it? It looks like a like alot of what I see, not lately though.

            Reply to this comment
          • Hemaho94 August 17, 12:06

            I have seen a few different pictures of wild lettuce. Is there anyway I can send you a picture to verify it for me? I have severe nerve damage all over my body. The pain and other symptoms can get unbearable.

            Reply to this comment
        • Snowy March 23, 03:07

          I grew up being told milk weed was poisonous??

          Reply to this comment
        • DaveMan50 March 25, 15:04

          The picture used is to show that the sap is like milk weed.
          My tortuous loves Dandy Lyon flowers. Milkweed doesn’t hurt her.

          Reply to this comment
        • Linda April 10, 12:06

          Thank you for your response, I was thinking milk weed because of the white liquid coming from the stalk of the plant. Then I have no idea where to find this plant growing near where I live in Ky . thanks so much again Linda

          Reply to this comment
      • Gerry March 23, 03:14

        That isn’t milk weed. Milk weed have fluffy plumes.

        Reply to this comment
        • DaveMan50 March 25, 15:09

          Dandy Lyon, Long thin leaf with jagged edge. Flower is bright yellow. Seeds develop from a tall stem and are umbrella flyers. (Milk weed)

          Reply to this comment
      • Kevin Schmidt March 23, 08:03

        Wrong! It doesn’t even look like Milkweed. Don’t talk about things you know nothing about.

        Reply to this comment
        • Ethel March 24, 12:23

          Don’t be mean to seekers. They are trying to dispel their own ignorance. Cruelty to seekers is counter-productive.

          Reply to this comment
        • Brandy March 24, 17:02

          Don’t be an ass to people you don’t know. I’m sure you make mistakes too.

          Reply to this comment
          • Slut March 26, 17:22

            Brandy:…… You’re a fine girl.

            Reply to this comment
          • Rambo911 March 28, 15:38

            Excellent words Ms.Brandy; and yes, you are absolutely right, everyone makes mistakes, that is being human, we cannot be perfect, we can only strive for perfection!
            The only dumb question is the one we do not ask! How else are we to learn if we do not ask?

            Reply to this comment
            • Sailor November 15, 06:34

              Amen this site has some very rude and
              Obnoxious people. They are not on
              Here to help anyone. They are on here to be that rude person and get everyone upset. Just don’t respond to him and maybe he will disappear and let him get his jollies some wear else.

              Reply to this comment
      • Rosetaz March 23, 13:30

        This is not Milk Weed.

        Reply to this comment
      • Billy March 23, 13:58

        No Sow thistle

        Reply to this comment
      • penelopepitstop06 March 23, 23:38

        No it is not milk weed. Milk weed is poisonous. Please see what real wild lettuce looks like before you use it. It is also not Summac as it is also poisonous and has milk in it’s stalk.

        Reply to this comment
        • Scottishlife March 24, 21:36

          Not all sumac is poisonous, in New England the most common sumac is that with red berries or “drupes” the dried drupes of some species are ground to produce a tangy crimson spice. Poison sumac fruit are creamy white and part of a cluster.

          Reply to this comment
      • Dialuvsjeeps March 24, 15:09

        No not milkweed!

        Reply to this comment
      • Em March 24, 18:13

        It is not milk weed, milk weed is poisonous

        Reply to this comment
      • Henry March 25, 02:27

        This is not milk weed. Totally different plant.

        Reply to this comment
      • skip March 25, 05:13

        I always knew it as Milkweed…glad you said so.

        Reply to this comment
      • Deuely March 26, 15:51

        Is this what this plant is? Or is this something like it?

        Reply to this comment
      • Irish50gal March 27, 18:07

        No..Nit milk weed… Similar milky latex

        Reply to this comment
      • Marika March 28, 12:54

        This is not milkweed

        Reply to this comment
      • Tanya March 29, 16:55

        It’s not the same plant.

        Reply to this comment
      • Lobosmommy March 31, 18:34

        So is it definitely Milkweed?

        Reply to this comment
      • GUNNEY April 1, 03:42


        Reply to this comment
      • AussieAngel April 1, 22:42

        It’s not milkweed. Milkweed grows taller and has tiny white flowers, and it is a plant the Monarch Butterflies seek to lay their eggs and incubate them on. This is more like the dandelion (Australian) as it too has flat broad leaves and yellow flowers on tall stalks that come from the centre of each plant. Don’t use the wrong thing, as you could get incredibly sick if you are thinking of trying this remedy. It is a common garden weed, but do your research to keep safe, please. I think many herbal remedies can be very beneficial. Cheers all.

        Reply to this comment
      • Prairie Herbalist April 2, 20:13

        This is not milkweed.

        Reply to this comment
      • Prairie Herbalist April 2, 20:14

        This is not milkweed.

        Reply to this comment
      • Minervs April 3, 10:25

        No not the milkweed you may be thinking about that butterflies like to eat.

        Reply to this comment
      • Caro April 5, 20:28

        That’s what we always called it.

        Reply to this comment
      • Caro April 5, 20:34

        You all worry me. One of you tells me it might be addictive and someone else says it almost killed her. What am I supposed to believe?

        Reply to this comment
      • Erowid April 6, 20:04

        Milkweed roots contain the lowest amount of toxins. The toxins are highest in the bitter, milky sap, found throughout milkweed stems and leaves, hence the vulnerability of grazing animals. Sheep, cattle and sometimes horses may be poisoned by milkweed when they eat it in bulk. These poisonings usually happen when animals are penned in corrals with nothing to eat but milkweed, which grows almost anywhere, or when they eat hay containing large amounts of milkweed. Milkweed is also toxic to poultry.

        Reply to this comment
      • CertHerbalist April 16, 15:36

        It’s not milkweed, which has the scientific name Asclepias. This is WILD LETTUCE which has the scientific name Lactuca Virosa.

        Reply to this comment
      • Jenna May 5, 03:48

        Lol..its not milkweed!!It’s a weed i wanted to say prickly lettuce almost like dandelion..I have been there and done that long road with my daughter with opiates and benzos and believe me anything even medicinal marijuana would work better than that pill factory big Pharma

        Reply to this comment
      • Indian Angel May 13, 15:00

        No milk weed is different, but this does have a milky juice that comes from it.

        Reply to this comment
        • Nliten1 October 21, 01:27

          Dandelions may be eaten raw, the leaves as well as the flower, they are very good for you. The roots of the dandelion are a natural cure for cancer.

          Reply to this comment
      • Cherri June 25, 14:03

        That is what I thought, I used to put caterpillars on it when I was a kid to watch them become monarch butterflies

        Reply to this comment
      • Kara July 17, 17:42

        Milk weed is a different plant.

        Reply to this comment
      • Teri September 2, 21:10

        No not milkweed i

        Reply to this comment
      • TD October 7, 02:52

        not milk weed, totally different plants. Milk weed is used for all worts.

        Reply to this comment
      • Dee October 12, 01:10

        milkweed has the big pods – this plant does not

        Reply to this comment
      • Tweedle Dee October 12, 01:13

        Milk weed has the big seed pods – this plant does not.

        Reply to this comment
      • Nliten1 October 21, 01:24

        I thought that’s what it was. That is the same thing right? As a kid I remember being told it was poison.

        Reply to this comment
      • Ayla October 24, 02:13

        That isn’t milk weed. It’s wild lettuce, a much thinner plant than milk weed. It’s more like lettuce.

        Reply to this comment
      • M L P November 18, 01:35

        Is this plant a “dandelion”?

        Reply to this comment
      • Dewey November 22, 02:00

        NOOOOOO Its not Milkweed! . It has Yellow flowers milkweed grows Monarch butterflies

        Reply to this comment
      • Benita November 24, 06:05

        Milkweed looks similar but is from another plant and is very toxic

        Reply to this comment
      • Sam January 16, 19:42

        Milk weed was part of our meal at times when still living on the farm. Actually that is an Appalachian treat. My mother cooked it and we ate it like spinach.

        Reply to this comment
      • sd_gal February 14, 03:50

        I thought one of the pics looked like milk weed, too, but I looked up the Latin name for milk weed, and it iis different: Asclepias.

        Reply to this comment
      • tunerfish February 19, 02:22

        NO NO!!! It is not milkweed!!! Duh!!

        Reply to this comment
      • Just me March 8, 21:35

        Do NOT eat, smoke, consume milk weed. It is NOT wild lettuce. The sap of milkweed can blind you temporarily or even permanently.

        Reply to this comment
      • Keysrat March 17, 21:34

        Yes ~ That’s what we call it in the South.

        Reply to this comment
      • Josh April 19, 12:57

        Exactly what i was thinking. Is milk weed the same thing

        Reply to this comment
      • Jola May 11, 22:06

        Thank you. Hadnt heard of wild lettuce.

        Reply to this comment
      • michigoose June 16, 11:37

        No, different plants. Different leaves, flowers; milkweed is toxic (except Monarch butterflies live solely on it, so let it grow). Check images for both wild lettuce & milkweed, to see the difference.

        Reply to this comment
      • bamboochik June 17, 17:25

        No it is not!

        Reply to this comment
      • bamboochik June 17, 17:27

        No, it is Lactuca virosa….NOT milkweed.

        Reply to this comment
      • rhhorn June 21, 00:50

        Milkweed is in no way the same thing as wild lettuce.

        Reply to this comment
      • BigDog June 25, 23:52

        Milkweed is what we always called it on our farm but we never used it for anything!

        Reply to this comment
      • Doon August 16, 16:21

        Definately not milkweed

        Reply to this comment
      • Sharee August 26, 23:34

        No its not milk weed. Milk weed is a vine with heart shaped leaves.

        Reply to this comment
      • Recordweb September 16, 12:55

        No not milkweed

        Reply to this comment
      • JB September 25, 22:25

        This is not milkweed. Be careful to know your plants. There are many poisonous weeds.

        Reply to this comment
      • JMP May 7, 04:19

        What I consider Milk Weed is a different type of plant that has a large round flower ball with a wonderful fragrance. Butterflies, the Monarch love these plants. Yes, this plant too has a milk within the stems but is different than that of milk weed, as I know it anyway.

        Reply to this comment
    • NOOR March 23, 18:59

      Need some

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    • Mamaw March 24, 01:10

      It looks like dandelions. Is that what it is??

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    • Shady March 24, 01:55

      So can it be used to help with the withdraws that opiates produce when coming off of them

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    • Hippyray March 25, 03:42

      it can also lead to antipalatic shock whioh i did from something that looked similar and it was of the milk from the plant that only got on my skin my eye lid stuck together for over a day i couldnt open it i developed a nasty rash i ran a fever and threw up went to hospital they told me had i waited any longer i could of died now ive poked plent yof smot ive done lsd and every other drug under the sun in the past but ive learned not to play with fire without tlaking to a doctor first about anything dont just buy into this article ask first!!!

      Reply to this comment
    • Hippyray March 25, 03:43

      it can also lead to antipalatic shock whioh i did from something that looked similar and it was of the milk from the plant that only got on my skin my eye lid stuck together for over a day i couldnt open it i developed a nasty rash i ran a fever and threw up went to hospital they told me had i waited any longer i could of died now ive poked plent yof smot ive done lsd and every other drug under the sun in the past but ive learned not to play with fire without talking to a doctor first about anything dont just buy into this article ask first!!!

      Reply to this comment
    • onie March 26, 08:00

      we Call it dandelion and a similar plant called puha, Rub itunder running water to get the bitterness out then boil with in with brisket after it has cooked, Boil up kiwi style

      Reply to this comment
      • Mary March 27, 02:18

        Red berries from Sumac are very high in Vitamin C

        I have prickly lettuce growing all over my gardens…they’re my worst weeds!

        What does the tea taste like when brewed from dried leaves?

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    • Daz March 27, 09:06

      Funny through reading comments I would strongly recommend not touching anything, your a bunch of characters, love it

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    • midnightspcl March 27, 17:02

      Chaga the up coming health food

      Reply to this comment
    • Lori March 30, 04:05

      Cut.Tie it with jute and hang it up side down in garage til its all dried out !

      Reply to this comment
    • Janny April 3, 06:07

      Dear Nolan– I am very interested in this remedy as I have suffered severe pain from Osteo Arthrites for years. Would it be at all possible for you to send me some seeds so i can grow it myself? Please? I am on several prescribed pain meds plus get Epidural & LSI Joint shots every 2 months. I am still in severe pain, iregardless! I have also just been diagnosed with Small Fiber Neuropathy which causes whole body severe pain & puts me in bed for days at a time… I thank you so much for your time & ask again, please, please send me some seeds. I will be heading to the Health Food Store in the meantime… Thank You!!

      Reply to this comment
      • KBo April 8, 07:34

        See Mie’s earlier message

        Reply to this comment
      • Stuff May 8, 14:37

        “Somethings” is actually two words when used in the context that you used.

        Reply to this comment
      • Stuff May 8, 15:13

        Janny – sounds like you have paraneoplastic polyneuropathy.
        It is very painful and misdiagnosed 9-out-of-ten times. I have not found anything that helps. There are (mostly) women that suffer with this after CA and chemo treatment. It certainly hasn’t gotten as much attention as other CA related issues (or ED in men) for that matter. Falling is often a major problem and leads to other health related complications.
        Have become disenchanted with all the charlatans wanting to take what little money I have to fill their own greedy pockets. Let me know if you find something that actually works for you.

        Reply to this comment
      • YOUTUBE DR. PETER GLIDDEN May 13, 13:26

        Janny, YouTube Dr.Peter Glidden and your condition. There is a cure for what you have.

        Reply to this comment
    • Suzy April 11, 15:58

      What state do you live in and would you be willing to send some for me try out? I’d gladly pay shipping & handling. I’m in AZ, disabled and trying to find some natural alternatives for my many symptoms. I’d be very grateful. Thank you and blessings.

      Reply to this comment
    • PAIN!!!!!!! April 29, 00:34

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any here in southern Colorado or at least I don’t recognize it. We had it when I was a kid on the farm on the front range. Is there someplace where I can buy it and get a start?

      Reply to this comment
    • grace June 5, 15:13

      After having a persistent cough for over a year, I was diagnosed with COPD in March 2015. In 2016 my COPD got worse to the point where not only do I have trouble sleeping at night, I also struggle to get air into my lungs. I read in a health forum of a herbal centre (Traditional Herbal Healing Centre) who have successful treatment to COPD/Emphysema, i immediately contacted the herbal centre via their website and purchased the COPD herbal remedy, I used the remedy for 2 weeks, all my symptoms were reversed, i did another test for confirmation, i was declared COPD free. Visit (www.traditionalherbalhealingcentre.webs. com) or email ( if you want to conform more about it whatsApp me at +1(856)402-1198..

      Reply to this comment
    • Patty Wiggins August 6, 04:06

      Where can I find some. I live on east Texas and I have terrible insomnia.

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    • Kate August 14, 21:13

      I tried it yesterday. I am living with RA, Fibromyalgia, and Periphreal Artery Disease. I dried leaves and stems in my dehydrator. Broke the leaves down to near powder. Stuffed a stem with the leaf material, and smoked it. I felt sleepy within a short time, but it did not do anything for pain. I don’t need help sleeping, I need PAIN RELIEF. Quit taking Doctor prescribed Vicodin because I refuse to sign an “opiod contract”. Sick of BIG BROTHER tactics. Was on them for 20 years.

      Reply to this comment
      • Bettybakebake November 15, 14:57

        I too have ra and fibromyalgia. But I got this product from the wildlettuce dot com so I could see how it worked.
        I got the tincture to add to my tea and the extra strength syrup you are supposed to take like cough medicine.
        I use the tincture 45 drops in my morning coffee to help take the edge off. I find that it helps with my depression and works on the mild aches and pains of my age and the diseases. Very relaxing and does help with the all over stiffness and pain. Doesnt do much for sharp penetrating sciatica pain.
        The surup is truly horrible tasting. So we use a dropper and fill two gell caps, available online or health food store, and take them. I find that superior to the tincture. Lasts for many hours and really lifts my spirits too.
        The gel caps deteriorate quickly so you have to take the pills right away.
        The effects last for hours. It would not work for shingles pain but with the gel caps im able to do laundry and make my bed. Regular routine stuff im unable to accomplish without pain meds.
        Personally i cant take the gel caps four times a day after the fifth day i get slightly nauseous. So now take it daily for three days then skip a day. I really really miss it that day im back to aspirin.
        So now that i know what it can do if made properly we invested in some seeds and bought some mature plants we will spend the winter making some batches ourselves to see if we can get the same results from our homemade tinctures and syrups.
        The tincture cost 24.99 and the syrup was 29.99 for a months supply depending on how you use it.
        Ive reordered the syrup and will keep using it as I find the emotional and mental effects are as important as the physical effects.
        And no i dont own stock or anything with the wild lettuce dot come people, lol.
        I did order from other people and tried the capsules from walmart over the last year or two and got little or no relief.
        I tried again because of this thread. I really like the info these people “ask a prepper” put out, bought their book etc so decided to try again.

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    • Fibro girl August 29, 01:04

      Where do you live? I am desperate to get some of this lettuce for the excruciating pain, due to 2 diseases I have. Can you tell me how to get this lettuce or possibly grow it?

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    • Jenn September 8, 22:12

      I’m allergic to milk weed. I touch it & immediately swell & itch.

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    • Papabear March 20, 17:53

      Opinions VERY, LOL

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    • Bill July 11, 23:46

      This stuff does NOT relieve pain. Don’t believe any of this bullshit from these illiterate people.

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    • Len August 30, 14:58

      What part of the country do you live? I’m in Pennsylvania and would like to know where I can get some of the WILD LETTUCE, I’m going to try making some of this medicine. I don’t believe in prescription drugs.

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  2. Sandy March 20, 16:21

    Please post a clearer picture of the plant. It kinda looks like dandilion in this picture

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  3. Florida Man March 20, 16:33

    How is it used? Do you just eat it? I keep all of the extra pain killers from my doctor in the freezer to try and keep them good in case of emergencies. That’s one big problem with being prepared. There is no legal way to secure opiates and antibiotics and even when you can they have a relatively short shelf life. More information like this please.

    Reply to this comment
    • Jim March 20, 17:17

      The antibiotics used for veterinary purpose are in-fact the same drug prescribed for humans. It is a matter of dosage that commands prudence. I buy tetracycline without question at local feed store. I also have a copy of “Physician”s Desk Reference”. NO-I don’t consider using these versions of anti-biotic except in emergency.

      Reply to this comment
      • Jenn September 8, 22:15

        These days, depending on where you live, you can no longer get antibiotics OTC at the feed store. Prescription only.

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        • Bettybakebake November 15, 14:59

          I too have ra and fibromyalgia. But I got this product from the wildlettuce dot com so I could see how it worked.
          I got the tincture to add to my tea and the extra strength syrup you are supposed to take like cough medicine.
          I use the tincture 45 drops in my morning coffee to help take the edge off. I find that it helps with my depression and works on the mild aches and pains of my age and the diseases. Very relaxing and does help with the all over stiffness and pain. Doesnt do much for sharp penetrating sciatica pain.
          The surup is truly horrible tasting. So we use a dropper and fill two gell caps, available online or health food store, and take them. I find that superior to the tincture. Lasts for many hours and really lifts my spirits too.
          The gel caps deteriorate quickly so you have to take the pills right away.
          The effects last for hours. It would not work for shingles pain but with the gel caps im able to do laundry and make my bed. Regular routine stuff im unable to accomplish without pain meds.
          Personally i cant take the gel caps four times a day after the fifth day i get slightly nauseous. So now take it daily for three days then skip a day. I really really miss it that day im back to aspirin.
          So now that i know what it can do if made properly we invested in some seeds and bought some mature plants we will spend the winter making some batches ourselves to see if we can get the same results from our homemade tinctures and syrups.
          The tincture cost 24.99 and the syrup was 29.99 for a months supply depending on how you use it.
          Ive reordered the syrup and will keep using it as I find the emotional and mental effects are as important as the physical effects.
          And no i dont own stock or anything with the wild lettuce dot come people, lol.
          I did order from other people and tried the capsules from walmart over the last year or two and got little or no relief.
          I tried again because of this thread. I really like the info these people “ask a prepper” put out, bought their book etc so decided to try again.

          Reply to this comment
          • PurpleHeart December 21, 16:02

            What area of FL are you in? I have some info that could help you, if you are in an area that makes it possible. Let me know and I will provide you with info to help! Hang in there!!! I am a fellow drafted soldier on the front line daily fighting the battle of PAIN!!!!

            Reply to this comment
    • Dragonchow March 20, 17:37

      Animal antibiotics are available to the public. Due dilegence internet research will show you the way. Opiates…eh, not so much.

      Reply to this comment
      • Jim March 20, 18:05

        You bet-yes I think people are going to experience real problems ahead if wounded or injured. Opiates were legal in the 19th century across counter in the form of laudanum and paragoric. Hopefully in a national/societal breakdown Americans can protect medical infra-structure.

        Reply to this comment
        • Tim March 21, 18:38

          Paragoric was available over the counter, if you went to pharmacy in 1oz bottles well into the 70’s and 80’s.
          You could also get Turpinhydrate, a codeine cough syrup in 1oz bottles.

          Reply to this comment
          • Lindy March 22, 01:53

            I used Paragoric on my daughter’s gums when she was teething in 1968. When we went to Kansas on vacation we found that the State had made it available by prescription only.

            Reply to this comment
          • kristaphee March 25, 00:07

            You still can, in Canada. Also, Robaxin (a muscle relaxant) with 8 grains of codeine in it, too. You can buy them OTC but have to ask the pharmacist for them.Also, Tylenol or aspirin with
            8grains of codeine.

            Reply to this comment
          • goldie March 25, 11:13

            I grew up always knowing when needed the paragoric would be right on the door of the fridge! We never abused it.Nice to have the freedom to be responsible to ones own being…knowing when and when not to use it! What a help it would be today!

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        • Ken March 21, 18:42

          can Ibuy some seed, so Ican grow this plant in my yard… I live in Eastern NC…

          Reply to this comment
          • shanna March 22, 14:05

            amazon has it as seeds and in a loose tea

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          • jp March 22, 15:26

            can you get seeds for the wild lettuce

            Reply to this comment
          • SAMG March 22, 15:43

            Yes. EBay. You can also find extract in some health food and vitamin shops. I have it growing all around my yard and pastures.

            Reply to this comment
            • Suzy April 11, 16:06

              Ebay is really expensive and I can’t grow stuff because of disability and live in Phoenix. Would you consider sending a plant or two for me to try? I’ll gladly pat shipping and handling. Once I try it then I may be able to invest in it, but without knowing,, my budget would be wrecked. Thanks either way!

              Reply to this comment
          • stan March 22, 15:59

            Look up the latin name on the internet, amazon had seeds for sale though I didn’t look at the site. Stuff is all over in NW Wi.

            Reply to this comment
          • Ethel March 24, 12:29

            Where can one buy the seeds?

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    • Preacher March 20, 21:31

      Inject-able Penicillin is also available at farm supply stores. Some vet type medicines actually must meet higher standards that medicines designed for human use, from what I have heard and read in the past.

      Reply to this comment
    • steve March 21, 17:23

      My pain management doctor told me to take the expiration date on pain meds and add 10 years. they will still be good

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    • connie March 21, 22:45

      you can purchase fish antibiotics, I know people who use them.

      Reply to this comment
    • Merry Chris Bishop March 21, 23:13

      you can buy Penicillin at your local feed store. It is the same thing your dr pscribes

      Reply to this comment
    • Jess March 22, 17:18

      Pharmacy anti-biotics do more harm than good. We make Colloidal Silver and have proven time and time again that it works on us and our pets very fast and vets do use the silver especially on those high end race horses Be well, be safe and have no fear.

      Reply to this comment
    • JodiRph March 23, 21:42

      Putting drugs in the freezer actually decreases their shelf life. Most room temperature drugs are only stable between 36-78 degrees Fahrenheit. Extreme temperatures makes them less effective.

      Reply to this comment
    • divad March 24, 16:16

      Does putting medicines in a freezer keep them from losing their strength?

      Reply to this comment
    • Ray March 25, 15:52

      florida man actully meds of any nature are good alot longer then you think i take many meds for epilepsy and other things i have such an over whelming amount of meds that come prepackaged such as limictal for sezuires ibupofen protonix and others that are bottled by the manufacturre ive ripped the labels off of them when done with the bottle so i cna shredcx the label only to find under the label the p[harmac y prin ted a lebal that the manufacturer printed the bottle read dispose 1 year from date of fill lkets just say nov 2016 under that label i saw exp: 2019 so dont panaic about shelf live you can assume any meds you have are still good for atleast a year after the experiation date

      Reply to this comment
    • Naughtyb April 11, 02:06

      My mother in law is a registered nurse and she said you can keep any unused medicine for 1 year after the expiration date and it will Still be good. It may lose some potency but will still work and won’t hurt you. After that you should dispose of them.

      Reply to this comment
    • Martin May 11, 17:17

      Feed stores often have 750mg antibiotics in capsule form for use in aquarium fish health. The last I bought was amoxicillin in a 100 count bottle otc with no prescription. There are two other penicillin based antibiotics that I can’t remember the names of. Maybe ampicillin was one of them.

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    • Martin May 11, 17:21

      Feed stores often have antibiotics in capsule form for use in aquariums for fish health, these are available otc without a prescription.

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  4. sawdust Bob March 20, 16:36

    Sounds like a miracle solution to me. I’m going to get

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  5. Bev March 20, 17:02

    I am finding that, more and more, we need to get back to “the old ways.” Our forefathers knew a lot about what plants treated certain conditions. Needless to say, their knowledge was probably from indigenous people who depended on local plants for whatever was wrong with them. The old ways with plants were the best when they can be used in place of modern medications. In some cases this isn’t possible, not because there isn’t a “plant for that”, but because we don’t know enough about plant medication.

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  6. Jim March 20, 17:12

    Very interesting post! I use arnica as a pain killer and it does relieve headache and arthritis pain. So-if wild lettuce has the same kind of properties it is well worth investigating. Many people, myself included, have experienced nasty side-effects from pharma/pain killers.

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  7. Terry March 20, 18:34

    Where can you buy the dried to use as a tea the wild lettuce

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  8. Sandy S. March 20, 18:39

    The article mentions that wild lettuce induces a mild euphoria, but it fails to mention if the plant is physically addictive like opium and methadone.
    IS the plant physically addicting, causing withdrawal symptoms when discontinued? Can it be used to help the transition to sobriety for opium addicts?

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  9. Bob March 20, 22:19

    I think we always referred to it as milk weed.King snakes would sunk the juice out when bitten by a poisonous snake as remedy.If it’s good enough for a snake it’s good enough for me.

    Reply to this comment
    • Fiddlehead March 21, 17:02

      milk weed is a totally
      different plant

      Reply to this comment
      • Knarf March 22, 15:49

        Milk weed and wild lettuce r 2 different plants yes. But if u look at the pictures better there 2 different plants showing. The milk weed has a jagged pointy leaf and a single thick stalk. And the wild lettuce has a slightly jagged leaf with a rounded tip. And a branching stalk. And neither of them have anything to do with snakes, except a snake might slither through them on its way home lol.

        Reply to this comment
    • Lily March 21, 17:24

      Never heard of that old wives tale! That’s a great one. 🙂 And since I’ve been keeping and studying snakes all my life, I can tell you that it is just that… An old wives tale. There is no way any snake would do something like that. Even if they could, it would be totally ineffective against snake venom. Also, wild lettuce and milkweed are two different plants. Neither are useful against or for snakes. 🙂

      Reply to this comment
      • catman2u March 24, 14:39

        Glad you made the comment to spare me the time. The things people say and believe are true. Mind boggling. The idea of a snake, a 100% carnivorous animal sucking on a pplant. Sheesh.

        Reply to this comment
    • freedom March 21, 17:29

      This is an absolute lie.
      As an avid snake catcher and owner of both king snakes and copper heads and have witnessed first hand the biting of a king snake by a copperhead and the king snake lived.
      They are naturally immune.

      Reply to this comment
    • Bobb March 22, 12:25

      Rats are good enough for snakes. Do you eat rats?

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    • SuperGram March 23, 04:46

      Scroll up to see that someone posted that milkweed is poisonous

      Reply to this comment
      • catman2u March 24, 14:44

        I don’t even know about the milky stuff but the leaves of milkweed are at the least toxic to birds. It IS THE REASON that Monarch butterfly larva (aka caterpillars) ONLY eat milkweed. The predator kingdom has learned to stay away from the larvae infused with the toxins.

        Reply to this comment
    • G March 23, 13:47

      There are many plants called milkweed because of their milky sap but, only a few are true milkweeds.

      Reply to this comment
    • Copenhagen March 25, 03:13

      A King snake actually has natural defensive properties in its body to fight poison from say a rattle snake.

      Reply to this comment
    • MamaBear March 26, 11:56

      You have GOT to be kidding!! Milkweed is a VERY different and POISONOUS plant. PLEASE don’t confuse the two!!
      (And kingsnakes do NOT do that; old wives tale!!)☺✝🙏🏼🐾

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  10. JP March 20, 23:54

    Hello, you mentioned drying for tea and boiling to prep for use, would there be a way to use it if you were out camping/picnicking and a need arose for immediate use of a pain reliever?
    Thank you,

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    • Crafty March 22, 21:20

      If you are near a willow tree…….aspirin. boil willow bark and drink it for pain. With most herbs, what you can do with dried …… you can do with fresh.

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  11. tania March 21, 06:33

    We called this milkweed as a child and it is quite bitter.

    Reply to this comment
    • JPM March 21, 12:38

      This is not the “milkweed plant”. It oozes a milky like substance “like” milkweed but once you see the plant, you’ll know it.

      It grows 7-10 feet tall, strong hollow stem, leaves are narrow, long and jagged, small yellow daisy type flowers when it blooms. The plant grows very fast and very tall throughout the summer.

      To get the “sap”, just slowly peel a leaf downwards. For me, I just lick the end of the leaf and use my finger to wipe up what’s dripping off the plant. It IS bitter. Depending on how bad the pain is, more than one is necessary at times. I am NOT a doctor, this is just what works for me.

      I have them growing all over my property and just discovered them last year so am transplanting them to a central location for easier harvesting rather than running all over my property trying to harvest them.

      You can cook the leaves down, put in some Vit E and keep in fridge for a few weeks, or you can freeze a bunch and take out what you need for a tea.

      Hope you read the part where I am NOT a doctor. It’s not habit forming, at least for me but I use it very seldom.

      Another plant you may want to look in to is called “Toothache Plant”. You can chew the leaves or the seed head and it numbs your mouth and tongue for about 15 mins, depending on how much you chew it. It’s a lifesaver for that unexpected toothache or cold sore. Kinda like benzocaine on steroids…lol. I’ve made a tincture out of it and it’s one of God’s gifts.

      Reply to this comment
      • gforce May 3, 06:28

        If you wever go to Fort Macon in the North end of Atlantic beach, NC there is a Toothache tree on the right just b4 the gate. there used to be a sign but they took it down as the many tourists (including me) would break off a peice to chew on, the tree was severely mutilated. Supposed to be what the indians used for toothaches!

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    • Herschel March 21, 18:17

      Milkweed is a totally different plant…

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  12. Gandamack March 21, 12:15

    Any links to sources for the dried product or seeds?

    Reply to this comment
    • Nickname March 23, 04:30

      March 22, 20:56
      The plant in the picture is L. virosa, milkweed looks quite different. I know, because I took the picture :D. This particular specimen was one of a few I found growing in the Shenandoah valley in the west of Virginia. Visit for information and extracts! It’s my life’s work and I’m working on getting more products and a blog on there. I’m happy that there is so much interest!

      Reply to this comment
      • Carol July 14, 03:26

        So I’m trying to get this straight. I purchased some capsules. Unfortunately not from you i gadnt found this sight yet. What is the usual dosage? These are 400 mg per capsule. Im almost afraid to try them. I need them for joint pain due to arthritis. Thanks

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  13. Marie March 21, 12:37

    Fantastic post, thank you so much!

    FYI, recently bought a book called “The Survival Medicine Handbook: A Guide for When Help is NOT on the Way,” by Joseph Alton MD. It’s got all sorts of useful home-remedy-type info in it, like this. Discusses dental problems too. Sometimes the author is brutally honest, and says that in a collapse-scenario, with no modern hospital facilities, this or that type of illness or injury will simply not be treatable.

    Quite an expensive book IMO, but I’ve found it’s well worth it.

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  14. Linda S March 21, 15:15

    The milky secretion of Lactuca virosa is a poisonous latex & should not be considered safe for self medication. I am an herbalist with 40 years experience & have seen extreme reactions to this plant.

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    • Herschel March 21, 18:20

      I have eaten wild lettuce for years along with the rest of my family with no ill effects.

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    • schees1 March 21, 19:52

      I completely agree with Linda S. I am an Agriculturalist and different people react differently to different plants. To some people, the sap is toxic. To others, it works as a mild pain killer. It may not work at all, it depends on your body. I can see this plant disappearing in people’s fromt yards now because everyone thinks it’s a cheap and easy pain killer to get high from.

      Reply to this comment
    • Sindee March 21, 19:53

      That’s what I found out from my research in the 90s. I guess some people can eat poison and it won’t affect them while others lick on honey and drop dead, so it depends on the person taking the rick. I keep to well known plants and herbs and spices for my “bush meds.”

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    • Star March 22, 09:25

      Ohhh, that wouldn’t be good for me then as I’m allergic to latex. 😥

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  15. nitakola March 21, 17:03

    This isn’t milk weed, although milk weed does have the same “sap” as this plant. Milk weed has purple flowers and grows the seed pods at the end of it’s growing season.

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  16. Puffmuffin March 21, 18:57

    I think this is what my mother and grandparents used to call “milkweed”

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  17. Cindy March 21, 19:00

    Where can I buy it already prepared. Need for insomnia. But need a site that is respectable and label the product.

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  18. Linda March 21, 19:34

    Does this work if applied externally, or does it need to be digested internally?

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  19. Big Jim Jr March 21, 19:35

    Just be careful to not confuse this with Tansy Ragwort which is deadly. They look similar, especially to an untrained eye.

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  20. D March 21, 20:25

    Would this plant grow in the tropics?

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  21. Bay March 21, 22:13

    What zone does this grow in?

    Reply to this comment
    • JPM March 21, 22:18

      I’m in the Ozarks, MO side, grows great here

      Reply to this comment
      • Bronwyn March 21, 23:19

        Does this Grow in Florida? How would I identify it? What part of Mo are you in? We’re thinking of moving to the Blue Eye area.

        Reply to this comment
        • JPM March 22, 02:14

          We’re in Ozark Co. From the description I gave above, use a search engine to look for pictures of Wild Lettuce. It gets very tall and leaves are sorta spiney, different shades of green with a deep red on the edges.

          Blue Eye is north of us and west I believe. Love living here with early spring I’m already planting in the garden…use to live out west and only had 2 1/2 to 3 months of growing season…here…I get 8 months…not too shabby!

          I don’t know why it wouldn’t grow in FL…plus is drought resistant which is a plus.

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        • Mamaw March 24, 01:23

          I wonder how it would work on me..morphine makes me throw up, but it’s always been given by needle. Think I will try some anyway. Alot of my family have chronic pain like I do.

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  22. Anoula March 22, 01:14

    So if it’s not milkweed what name does it go by? And where can it be bought dried . Also where does the lettuce grow . It looks like dandelion with fuzzballs in this picture

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  23. jewels March 22, 03:57

    Does one make an extract with alcohol? Explain how you prepare this plant for medical purposes.

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  24. jo March 22, 08:44

    in northern Illinois we called it milk weed as kids if we hit it looked like milk coming out but thicker.

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  25. Kels March 22, 12:27

    Cam someone please post a link on where to get some of this already made? I live with severe chronic migraines. I would be willing to give this a shot.

    Reply to this comment
    • Popeye March 22, 15:35


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    • Bettybakebake November 15, 15:20

      My daughter suffers migraines too. The pot cream, mary jane brand is reliable. Never made her high unless you take it with opiates than it can accentuate the drugs.
      But just put some right along the hair line all the way around. Reapply every 30 minutes till you feel a slight reduction then it will continue working. Just lay in the dark quiet room. You will be able to sleep. At the very least the nausea and pounding will go away and the dull ache will leave in time.
      My daughter could function with the migrane after the pot was legalized here in colorado. Even in grammer school the drs had her on opiates and fenegrin for her bi monthly migranes. It was horrible.
      Mayijuana salve made life bearable and by highschool we managed them very well and she missed very little school from migranes.

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  26. HB March 22, 15:23

    Similar to sow thistle. Be careful not to confuse with the toxic groundsel plant with flowers that never open.

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  27. Allen March 22, 17:05

    Does it grow in tall stalks? How do you tell the difference between it and dandelion? The one picture with what appears to be a thick stalk with purple and the white stuff oozing out looks like what is called “milk weed” by a lot of people.If it is the same thing then I have a jackpot.

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  28. Lactucaman March 22, 19:40

    You can find many extracts and more at !

    Make sure you know the difference between the different species of Lactuca, as well, don’t be fooled by a similar plant called Sonchus. Wild lettuce is not milk weed, by the way. The best ones I have found for making extracts are L. Virosa and L. Serriola.

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  29. Sherry March 22, 22:52

    I am wondering if a tincture or extract made from this plant would be effective. If boiling it down with sugar and it is still bitter I would think any tea made from it would be bitter as well.

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  30. CJ March 22, 23:07

    How do I find plants or seeds to grow this?

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  31. Tj March 23, 04:22

    it’s still legal until the government steps in when they find out people are using it, then they will make it illegal and throw you in jail for having it.

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  32. Angie March 23, 13:14

    Keep these coming studied natural medicine abroad and we need to educate all

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  33. Herschel March 23, 13:54

    I have never seen wild lettuce grow to 4-6 ft. tall. That is the milkweed plant. Milkweed grows that tall but not wild lettuce. Wild lettuce hovers on the ground and grows 6-10 inches tall and about that big around similar to dandelion. it does secrete a very small milky substance but nothing or not nearly as profuse as the milkweed plant.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lactucaman March 23, 19:20

      Wild lettuce is a biennial plant. In the first season you only get a rosette. In the second season it bolts and can shoot up nine feet, believe it or not. The person who wrote this did their homework because they did get it right. The plants photographed are L. virosa, not milkweed. I know, because I took one of those pictures. Find products and more at !

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  34. Mnherbalist March 23, 21:04

    I wish you had given better directions for proper ethical foraging rather than whack it all down and use it for tea.

    If you only take a few leaves at a time you leave some for the rest of us. Taking the entire plant to dry doesnt just take the plant but also disrupts a very prolific seeding cycle. Better really to collect seeds and grow it yourself in the backyard.

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  35. T3 March 23, 22:37

    Is this also what farmers consider thistle?

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    • JPM March 24, 12:44

      Here in the Ozarks, thistle grows tall, yes, but is a much denser plant, leaves and stems, and the flowering top is purple. And yes, farmers hate it.

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  36. bones March 24, 00:38

    last year had a full on love affair with Lactuca Seriola

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  37. Trickywoo March 24, 01:09 gives extremely good info on wild edable plants, and their use!

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  38. Shady March 24, 01:53

    So can it be used to help with the withdraws that opiates produce when coming off of them

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  39. port6 March 24, 13:00

    looks more like hog weed witch is a really big problem in western ny

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  40. Plant Guy March 25, 05:36

    We call it prickly lettuce here. It’s not to be confused with Milkweed, which is something else entirely>

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  41. IKE March 25, 11:52


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  42. SadieBelle March 26, 18:56

    Does anyone know any herbs that would help with whooping cough, COPD, Asthma and low immunity?

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  43. NattyElk March 27, 13:32

    This plant needs to be used with caution .It is not deadly but can make you very sick . not that I am discouraging anyone from using it . just use with caution

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  44. Tia March 27, 15:16

    Don’t do it. Wild lettuce can have medicinal qualities but it also can be fatal . Most milky white sap is toxic.

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  45. Rob March 27, 19:17

    Thanks. Have been dealing with constant pain for five years now. Will try this.

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  46. Libby March 27, 23:57

    How to find seeds as I do not have access to this

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  47. KCdeeah March 28, 05:21

    Here’s a page with lots of pictures of it. Scroll down a bit on the page. That site is calling it Lactuca serriola…

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  48. Macy March 28, 11:50

    Ummmm…not to be TOO obvious, but I can buy Poppy seeds for my garden, too. I have no idea how to process them into an actual, usable drug, but HEY! Google!

    I was told by training staff when I was trying for my CDL to avoid bagels with poppyseeds for the duration of our training period.

    Apparently, every poppy seed has a trace amount of opioid within it. Not enough to actually do anything, but if you eat them all the time it can show up as a positive on a drug test!

    Wild lettuce would be better, ha ha.

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    • Old prepper March 31, 00:53

      Macy; My mom told me story’s how the women in Europe, used to boil the SHELLS, the poppy seeds were found in and gave that to the baby’s to drink , so they would sleep in the slings on their backs , while the women worked in the fields. I would say, some baby’s never woke up and the mothers would never know, why. Use with caution.

      After they bloom, they form the poppy seeds encased in a shell. That is what you boil.

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  49. Sheila March 28, 19:21

    It looks like lettuce that has bolted, which means flowers&goes2seed.all lettuce when it bolts secrets that milky substance and therefore is bitter. Usually u eat lettuce when it’s young b4 it flowers and starts 2grow upward and b4 it secretes this bitter milky substance.

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  50. Cat March 28, 22:11

    I used to be an Operations Manager. Part of my responsibility included all the HR as well as sending new hires off for pre-employment drug testing We had a candidate…a young clean-cut, dean’s list kid…in other words, not your typical drug abuser prototype who failed the drug test. I thought he would just about pass out when I informed him of this!

    Upon further investigation, it turns out the kid ate a Lemon-Poppyseed muffin EVERY DAY for breakfast, lol!!!

    Just like Macy said, it showed up as a trace amount of opium as if he may have done opiates at some point within the past several months. The lab explained that this scenario with poppy seeds in the diet showing up like that…especially when eaten on a regular and/or frequent basis, is not all that uncommon however. Crazy, right?!

    Just makes it really hit home that the drugs we put in our bodies are REALLY made from some of the normal foods we’re eating every day as well as those plants/flowers that might be growing in our back yards.

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  51. Susie March 29, 00:43

    i hve these every where and didn’t know what they are. They wil siick you fingers if bare handed. And it does not look like a dendelion or milkweed. Thank you for sharing the use of wild lettece

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  52. Drew March 29, 02:44

    Is this the same as what the ol’ timers call poke salat

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    • PAPPICUS November 14, 22:16

      not at all POKE is an edible for sustenance and the pictures on here are not even close to INDIAN far as I am concerned you guys dont need to know about Indian lettuce. like a bunch of kids looking to get high!Real Indian lettuce is an old family secret coveted and kept secret so it does not become illegal. It is an Opiate indigenous to the north american continent

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  53. Drew March 29, 02:45

    Is this the same as what the ol’ timers call poke salat ???

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  54. USMCM14 March 30, 03:09

    HAHAHA now all those worthless druggies are going to be digging up everyone’s yard !!!

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  55. ukdirector March 30, 17:57

    Not Dandelions then and it’s not milk weed.
    So is it a relation of the Triffids and if it is, doesn’t that make you go blind, or am I thinking of something else.

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  56. Missy March 30, 20:39

    ugh! I just got rid of my weeds last weekend…. I had no idea we could use it. The white stuff is so sticky that its hard to wash off. Interesting, thanks for this tip!

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  57. Kris March 31, 08:28

    How can I get this? I’ve been on opioids for years and will soon be taken off them due to the government cut backs.

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  58. Lactucaman March 31, 15:59

    Hello all! A couple of people mentioned me and my site, but I don’t think I can answer everyone because I think there is a limit on how many posts you can make per day.

    Yes, the image is L. virosa. After ten years of working in the field, (pun intended!) my eyes are trained on it. There are several species of wild lettuce, L. serriola, L. canadensis, and on and on. There are also varieties of the different ones, like L. altissima is a variety (or maybe even the same thing) as L. virosa.

    You can tell it’s virosa for several reasons. Virosa tends to have a bluish hue to it. The stalks are almost always singular, where serriola has stalks that can grow almost like a bush. It’s also important to know the difference between it and Sonchus oleraceus. Sonchus is waxy and does not have the dense stalk that virosa does. The point is that there are many distinguishing features of virosa and it really doesn’t look anything like milkweed.

    I took that particular picture way up on a mountain in Virginia, a couple hours from DC. It grows kind of scattered here and there around the US. It kind of finds climates it likes. One person asked about the blog. It should be up soon!

    Thanks for the interest everyone! I working away on stock and getting the blog up!

    ~ Lactucaman

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  59. vandy March 31, 19:03

    Is it safe for someone who’s on anti-anxiety and depression meds?

    Reply to this comment
    • OLD MAN April 4, 03:34


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  60. jojo April 1, 03:29

    So is it better with dog P or not

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  61. manpower April 5, 20:53

    i have teied almost every form of it for pain it does not work and if it did do you actualy think that it would be leagal. every natural pain med i know of that works is illegal and i have been searching for about 20 years.

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  62. Erowid April 6, 20:09

    Here we present eight patients aged between 12–38 years referred with various manifestations of wild lettuce toxicity. All of them were managed successfully and discharged after a full recovery.

    Patient 1 exhibited a decreased level of consciousness, agitation, dry mucosa, mydriatic pupils, urinary retention and hypoactive bowel sounds. Patient 2 had ataxia, blurred vision, red conjunctiva and severe anxiety. Both patients were members of a climbing group and after taking a complete history, it became obvious that they had ingested a great deal of the herb “wild lettuce”. It was said that in the region they used to go to occasionally, the herb is eaten raw as a vegetable. The second patient developed dizziness, nausea and vomiting gradually and lost consciousness. After that episode, all members of the group were called to the emergency department.
    Patients 3 and 4 experienced hallucinations, sympathetic hyperactivity, nausea and vomiting, and were referred to the hospital 2 h later.
    Patients 5 and 6 were admitted with normal vital signs, dry mucosa, mydriasis and anxiety, headache, dizziness, vomiting and blurred vision.
    Patients 7 and 8 presented with agitation, severe sweating, flushing, euphoria, abdominal cramps, urinary retention and normal vital signs.

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  63. Mar April 13, 14:01

    It looks like dandelions?

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  64. lonewuluf April 21, 13:48

    That is not dandelion We use to eat dandy when I was small lad. Mom would cook them until they were tender. tasted like spinach. with vinegar on it My Great Grandfather was a medicine man in our tribe. He had notes about some cures. This plant was one of them/ I just wish I could read the language

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  65. mary April 29, 21:47

    My mother called it dock! She used to give it to us! We grew up in wv, there was a lot of stuff like that she gave us. Willow for fever and head ache!

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  66. SmooshsmooshShnooky April 30, 03:21

    Smokin da weed! How bout dah🤜🤛😆

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  67. samuel May 3, 17:23

    I am really trying to find accurate pictures of this plant. I am guessing very few people know how to take identifying photos. Just looking at some leaves, does not help much when there are listed hundreds of variations. I have a photo of atleast 3 different plants all exhibiting the same cahracteristics of said plant, and by no means do they look alike, so I guess i test them myself

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  68. John May 7, 07:37

    I believe you are all talking about minors lettuce. It was even used as a pain medication during the civil war. The leaves and stalks of the plant were crushed and allowed to soak in a container with clear liquor to produce a suspension used for pain when opiates were in short supply.

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  69. Papajim May 8, 16:59

    why concern your self with this plant.
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  70. Papajim May 19, 14:28

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  71. Papajim May 19, 14:49

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