My 5 Worst Fears For 2019

Fergus Mason
By Fergus Mason January 7, 2019 08:03

My 5 Worst Fears For 2019

Traditionally this is a time for optimism, and we all have dreams and ambitions for what we’d like to see happening in 2019. I know I do, and whatever you’re hoping for next year, I hope it works out for you.

We need to be realistic, though; bad stuff happens, too. In fact, it’s accepting this that unites us as preppers. We’re not in denial about what the world’s really like; we know things can go wrong, and we’ve made the decision to be ready when they do. What might go wrong in 2019? Well, who knows? That’s why we try to be prepared against every possible catastrophe.

That said, there are a few things that particularly worry me about the coming twelve months. Some of them are likelier than others, but they’re all events that I think are a realistic possibility for 2019 – and a couple of them could test all our prepping to the limits. Maybe you have your own worries for the next year – if you do, feel free to share them in the comments. Anyway, here are my top five.

Financial Collapse

Thanks to our politicians, the USA is on the verge of a financial collapse – and has been for decades. We have the largest, most innovative and most dynamic economy in the world, yet somehow there’s always too much debt and not enough money.

Next year has a few special dangers, though. A lot of economists expect another recession, possibly a serious one. That would be bad news, with a lot of people joining the unemployment lines and many more facing financial hardship. Our welfare systems would definitely creak under the strain, but I don’t think they would break – quiet.

There are worse possibilities than a recession, though. The stock market has been climbing for three years – overheating, some say. Now there are signs of a downturn coming. The Standard & Poor 500 is heading for its worst annual performance since 2008, and we all know how good a year that was for the global economy.

Our economy and financial system are incredibly complex – and that makes them incredibly vulnerable. We were lucky in 2008; it was bad, but didn’t lead to a Depression-style collapse. There’s no guarantee we’ll be lucky next time.

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Civil Unrest

It’s okay to not like President Trump. That’s one of the great things about living in a free country; you can not like the guy that won the election, and secret policemen won’t drag you out of your bed at 3am and throw you in a re-education camp.

The problem is we now have a load of political extremists who don’t stop at not liking our president; they absolutely hate him, and they think anything is justified if it gets him out of office. That’s why civil unrest is becoming a real problem in the USA. Groups like Antifa think it’s OK to turn to violence if democracy doesn’t give the result they want – and they seem to be multiplying.

What really worries me is how the far left might react to President Trump winning a second term in the 2020 election, but there’s no guarantee things will stay calm that long. It’s hard to predict what will trigger a reaction from the extremists. Will they try to kick off widespread civil unrest if funding for the border wall goes through? What about a successful military intervention somewhere in the Middle East, or good news on the economy that makes a Trump victory look more likely?

The far left aren’t capable of overthrowing the USA right now, but they can shut down city centers for at least a couple of days – and if they push hard, they could reduce counties, even some states, to anarchy for long enough that society would start falling apart. If that happens everyone in the trouble zone is going to need to rely on their own resources until the trouble is fixed.

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Attack by a Rogue State

We talk about EMP attacks a lot on this site, because it’s one of the most serious threats we face – not as devastating as a full-on nuclear attack, but a lot more likely. An EMP strike is something a determined rogue state, or even a well-organized terrorist group, could pull off. Terrorists would probably only manage to detonate one or two devices, affecting part of the country, but somewhere like North Korea might be able to black out most of the USA.

The threat from rogue states isn’t just EMP, either. What about a nuclear attack on a major US city? Sure, emergency services will flood the area, but things are still going to break down badly. Between refugees from the devastated city, and residents in the surrounding areas hunkering down in case there’s another attack, society is going to pretty much stop working. Unless you feel like relying on the feds for help, you need to be able to take care of yourself for at least a few weeks.

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Remember the 2014 Ebola epidemic in West Africa? Most people sort of do, but it’s fading from our memories pretty fast. That doesn’t surprise me, because it didn’t really affect us here in the USA. Yes, a couple of people who’d traveled to the plague region got sick in America, and one died in a Dallas hospital, but apart from that life went on pretty much as normal.

What most people don’t realize is just how big a bullet we dodged. The man who died had caught the disease in Liberia then lied his way onto a plane – but before he was diagnosed, two of the nurses who treated him had been infected. Both survived, but one of them had taken two internal flights before she ended up in isolation.

We were lucky in 2014, but what if, next time someone with a lethal tropical disease gets on a flight to Cleveland, they infect a dozen of their fellow passengers? These new victims will go home, or get on connecting flights, and spread the contagion even further. By the time anyone notices this new epidemic the disease could be spreading from hundreds of focal points across the country, and that would totally overload our healthcare system. The most likely result is mass panic and civil disorder.

Natural Disaster

In a country the size of the USA we get natural disasters every year. Mostly that’s winter storms, or hurricanes up the East Coast – but there’s a lot more that could go wrong. We can just about cope with severe weather events, or wildfires that affect large parts of a state, but a disaster that hit three or four states hard would overwhelm us. So, what’s going to happen if ten states are involved, or 20, or the whole country?

There are disasters that could cause havoc across the entire United States. A solar coronal mass ejection taking down the power grid – especially in winter – would be one of them. The eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano is potentially another, and that could happen at any time. If it does, and half the country is suddenly blanketed in volcanic ash, all of us are on our own. The disruption will cause total collapse everywhere that isn’t hit by the eruption, and inside the ash field itself there isn’t going to be any help on its way for a long time.

There are plenty more things that could go wrong next year, but these are the ones I take most seriously. They’re all plausible, and they could all easily cause the kind of collapse that we’ve been preparing for. I try to be prepared for anything, but I’m extra careful to be prepared for events like these.

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Fergus Mason
By Fergus Mason January 7, 2019 08:03
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  1. Hoosier Homesteader January 7, 12:22

    A biological attack is also something to consider. Science has taken bio-weapons to a whole new level.
    Since all the above fears mentioned in the post are things we can’t control, the only thing we can do is what we’ve been doing: preparing. That puts us out ahead of the vast majority. For that, I’m thankful.
    Keep your situational awareness tuned in. As preppers we can see signs that may be missed by most. So lets keep prepping.

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  2. Tom January 7, 16:18

    How does one stockpile medicine and prescription medicine in particular?

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    • Lisa January 7, 19:01

      Yes Tom, that is hard. My dad took 6 mo to stockpile enough medication (day 25) so he could go on a cruise and not run out. I pay for my scripts, so regularly refill early. The better way is to use alternative herbals. There are no controls, so far. I’m now looking at growing many of my herbals. This last year saw a medication no longer available. Expect someone in FDA is cozy with the bigger manufacturer, the little, better manufacturer is now out of business.

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    • K.C. January 7, 19:02

      Thomas Labs sells fish and bird biotics that a pharmacist friend told me are the same as what people get. And some animal vet supplies sell other stuff. Just have to search.

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    • K.C. January 7, 19:04

      Thomas Labs fish and bird.

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    • Armin January 7, 19:26

      Good question, Tom, and the simple answer is you can’t. You can stockpile MEDICAL SUPPLIES like aspirin and Tylenol and bandages and all the other over the counter stuff but obviously not prescriptions. The cold, hard reality of the situation is that if a continent-wide North American (I don’t want to seem cruel or cold but I really don’t give a rat’s ass about the south Americans) crisis or even a planet-wide crisis happens then the first casualties will be the elderly and the infirm. And that’s just how nature works and maybe in some ways a good thing. Cull the herd of the dead weight so that the rest of us have a better chance of surviving. The people that need their meds daily will fall by the wayside and there’s not much the rest of us can do about it as we’ll all be too busy just trying to survive. I know it sounds horribly cruel but the reality of a situation like that will be that those that need meds just to survive will obviously be the first to die. And if society as we know it breaks down completely there’s no way we’ll be able to produce the meds so many people need unless we steal them from the hospitals and that’s obviously a very finite supply which so many others will also be after. The competition will be very fierce for whatever resources are left over. Is it better to prolong the life of someone that’s basically being artificially kept alive by meds for an extra few weeks or months or is it a mercy to help them pass so that they don’t have to suffer through all the hardships that the rest of us will have to go through just to survive? As bad as the Great Depression of the thirties was even a continent-wide true crisis would be many orders of magnitude worse than that. And as I’ve said many times on this site we’ve never been through such a crisis and none of us can really imagine how bad things would get if it actually came to pass. The population of “just” North America is pretty close to 500 million people. Even if half of us were wiped out in the early stages of this “conflict” that still leaves roughly 200 million people scrambling for whatever resources are left over. Can any of us really imagine what that would be like? It WOULD be hell on earth. And, frankly, the thought of that makes my blood run cold. As preppers, the only way that I can see for some of us to survive is to secure that piece of land before all of this goes down. Where I live many people have vacation properties or cottages away from the major centres and in a pinch many could escape to them. If not a cottage then that property needs to be far enough away from the major population centres so that if SHTF does happen then all the people that go batshit crazy with fear, hunger and desperation will not so easily be able to reach us. But be close to or part of a small close-knit community and while there cultivate alliances with as many like-minded people as you can. And IF you can, choose a community that has a small hospital and a police force already in place. And that piece of land needs to be big enough so that we can have a garden large enough to sustain us over the years and a wood lot and a SECURE source of fresh water. VERY IMPORTANT! Room for some critters like chickens. Maybe rabbits. If you’re very lucky room for a few cattle. Both dairy and beef. There are dwarf varieties available which still pack a good amount of beef on them despite their diminutive stature and I believe they’re called something like Lowline cattle and MUCH easier to take care of than full sized breeds. I hope this has given you some ideas,Tom, and I hope it helps you. The human race has almost been wiped out a few times in the past but there are always SOME that survive and we will also survive the next great crisis. I just hope we’re smart enough to learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

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      • papa john January 8, 11:28

        Armin re MEDS .I am 73 and on a number of meds… my back Up’s are Essential OILS …be sure to get a good reference guide on the use of oils . Cannabis has been around over 6000 years . At the congressional hearings in 1935 , the then head of the American Medical Association stood before congress and said ” No one asked us about cannabis .”WE have been perscribing this to our patient for over a 100year .” There a lot of natural remedies that have been around since my grand parents time .
        I started research cannabis over 10years ago .as I am an asmahtic and did not like the side effects from my prescription drug .
        Do a Google search for ” Universities do med research on cannabis ” JOHN

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        • Armin January 8, 19:49

          That’s a good point, papa john. Obviously meds will be in VERY short supply if a true crisis ensues. Essential oils are a very good idea. As for cannabis, I’ve heard so many good AND bad things about it. Ran across an article about the hemp/cannabis plant many years ago and why it’s a much better idea to grow hemp for things like paper and clothes and a whole plethora of items that hemp is much better for than growing trees. From the little I know about it I believe there are 2 components to it. The part that gets you intoxicated and the other part that actually helps to heal you. In a SHTF situation it may very well be worth our while to grow some. Not only for the healing aspect but also as a barter item. And this has also been discussed ad nauseum on this site. And of course all the natural cures out there which most don’t know about. Again much discussion about it on this site. There are always alternate ways of doing things. We just have to know about them. There are many things which natural cures are good for but if someone has a very serious condition such as needing dialysis or has terminal cancer or something along those lines then they are out of luck and WILL be the first to die. I don’t like it any more than you do but that will be the reality of the situation. Also it will come down to practicality. How many finite resources are we willing to allocate to someone that’s in failing health and not able to contribute very much to our collective survival? If a true SHTF situation happens some very hard decisions will have to be made by us all at one point or another. They won’t be easy and we won’t like ourselves for some of the things we will be forced to do but it has to be done for the good of us all. NO ONE will come out of that situation unscathed.

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          • Gentlhart January 12, 15:36

            Armin, cannabis has many compounds and more yet to be discovered. Much less is known about their roles and the combination effects. Two of those compounds are well known, thc and cbd. Thc is the one that gets you high but it’s not a toxin so you can’t get “intoxicated”. Thc also has medical value as well as other cannabinoid compounds. Interestingly, a live plant does not have thc or cbd, it has thca and cbda, neither get you high so eating a fresh raw plant won’t get you high. The main thing that converts thca and cbda into thc and cbd is heat, though drying and aging will also to some degree. The seeds are highly nutritious for food and oil from cannabis can be made into anything that petroleum can but of a higher quality and much more environmentally friendly. The plant can also be used to remove toxins and heavy metals from the soil. The plant will then be toxic to be used for anything but industrial uses. I really dont know of any real negative things about cannabis. Its impossible for cannabis to be a gateway to harder drug use because it is classified as schedule 1, which is the hardest of all drugs. States that allow cannabis use have a sizable decrease in opiate deaths. Many addicts get off of drugs by using the herb but vets are not allowed to use it. Not everyone who uses cannabis go on to other drugs and most who do only do so because of it being illegal put people in contact with dealers that push other illegal substances. The gateway theory sounds true because most addicts say cannabis was the first ILLEGAL substance they used. If it was legal, the gateway theory falls flat on its face. Cannabis is not addictive but some people get psychologically addicted but it’s an underlying problem, not cannabis itself. Medically, cannabis is not a one size fits all. The different cannabinoid compounds in different strains makes some strains better suited for certain ailments than others so that takes some studying as well as preparation and method of use. It’s a plant worth the time to learn about.

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            • red January 13, 17:09

              Never forget why the government demonized marijuana, science claimed it caused blacks to rape white women. If you access the oldest films on why the dems outlawed it, you’ll find that their only reason. But, 15% of the population is allergic to it, and 15% of we who are are highly allergic. Than, you find why the Hashashin were so successful at assassination: It can cause a nasty mental problem while under its effects causing a war-like rage equal to datura. This is very rare, and you’d have to eat a lot of charis to get like that. Unlike datura, it does not cause loss of brain cells. Right now, the dems are forcing a lot of regulations on raising and selling hemp. They never give up any greed for power, do they?

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      • Elijah71 January 12, 13:40

        Well said and it’s the cold hard truth ! Indeed a horrible nightmare scenario yet this truth needs to be told if we are to survive…I have emergency food sources and am willing to eat squirrels ect orf do what I have to do to survive. Hey I’m 71 and I continue to workout regularly. I’m moved to the southern mountains 10 years ago and being a city flatlander for the majority of my life I am learning on the fly…Glad I am. I have been laughed at and called names. That’s OK.

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    • Lonejack January 8, 00:09

      I agree with the comments below, but will add one comment that I haven’t seen.
      You need to take a serious look at Your own lifestyle and make changes that You can control. For instance, if You need to lose weight to battle chronic pain or other disease, You need to begin today.
      Much, if not most, of the medication we take is because we have underlying lifestyle issues that we can control.

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    • Kristi January 8, 03:09

      Our church once asked the congregation, “would God find you at fault if. .. in the time of disaster you had to break into a pharmacy to steal life saving drugs for someone who will otherwise die without the drug? ” I say no, but I’m working on my health so I can get to the point of not needing pharmaceuticals to keep me alive. Antibiotics may be needed as well as bandaging materials, poison ivy creams and other things like this. Just my opinion.

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      • Armin January 8, 20:40

        I agree with you about the last part, Kristi. I’m also quite sure that antibiotics and bandaging materials WILL be in great demand. A few of the natural antibiotics out there are things like essential oils, which papa john alluded to. Also on the list are things like honey (yes, surprise! LOL!), garlic extract, myrrh extract, thyme essential oil and oregano essential oil. There are many more out there but these are some of the best well-known. Also a good idea to have some vinegar and lemon juice on hand. They’re good for your insides and can also be used as a cleaning agent. Also make sure to have some alcohol on hand as it can also be used to clean wounds. As for poison ivy cream it should not be needed as long as you learn to recognize the plant and stay the hell away from it. I would be more worried about giant hogweed. As for your statement at the beginning of your post I think it’s a very foolish question for a church to ask. More like stirring up the waters than anything else. And this is not a personal attack. I’m trying to be constructive in my criticism. IF god does indeed exist then by definition that god HAS to be neutral because we have free choice which means god does not personally interfere in our day to day activities. It probably can’t. More than likely there are probably an infinite number of worlds with sentient life on them and for us to think that god takes some special interest in us is the height of hubris. It’s akin to us thinking that the sun revolves around us instead of the other way around which many people still believed only a few hundred years ago until Copernicus proved the theory of heliocentrism. After that Kepler introduced elliptical orbits and Galileo backed it up with his telescope. We are to god as amoeba are to us. God doesn’t care about us one way or another. Seen in the greater scheme of things even this beautiful planet of ours is just a dust mote careening through the universe. The viral infection on it needs to be “cured”.

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      • Bill January 14, 23:22

        Kristi; You , or your church put forth an interesting quandry. There are those who would say, God is in control of my life, and if He feels it necessary He will meet my needs by providing what is necessary. Then there are those who would say, God gave a brain and a will to survive, therefore we are motivated to do all that is needed to provide our survival. Speaking for myself, I hope I would ask our Lord what is the correct thing to do. His judgement is wha we should seek in all decisions. God Bless

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        • Allen January 15, 03:59

          Bill question for you maybe to take back to your church. God put man here. And gave him free will. There can be no free will if god is in control. What you chose to do or not to do. Is your free will. If God is in control of your life then his statement of you having free will would be a lie. And as we all know god doesn’t lie Thus it was gods will that had that man down the street shot to death. Or was it the free will of the shooter. Free will is not limited to believing or not but the way you live day to day. But I guess if you give the responsibility to god you don’t have to hold the blame

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          • DennisC55 January 26, 04:54

            I have to agree to a great extend. Bill, what about the story of Joseph, Pharaoh’s dreams, the seven years of
            great harvests and then the seven years of failed crops and blighted land? God gave the dreams in metaphor symbols of cattle and grain and consumption without health improvement, but it was up to Pharaoh to appoint Joseph to save 20% back for storage to prepare for 7 bad years. However, God did not store up the grain nor did God plant the grain or harvest the grain. Some people do not have capabilities due to various health issues; and hopefully those with capabilities will help those who have genuine need (also one of God’s and Jesus’s commandments.) Even the apostle Paul said “Those who do not work, will not eat.” Ever think that God thru Claude here and so many others like him are
            sounding the alarm and it’s His will that you get the alarm like Joseph and Pharaoh that you respond appropriately get prepared with the necessities of living so that you survive the days of tribulation, instead of die as a result, that will damn sure come eventually?

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            • red January 27, 05:46

              Have you noted that neolibs have been separating the elderly from the general population? Who holds the best memories of what life should be but the elderly. who remembers how their grandparents suffered and yet thrived in hard times but the elderly? Once the older folk are gone, then all that’s left is a few like us, and a horde of willing slaves with nothing but stories to back any resistance.

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  3. Allen January 7, 17:29

    To me the worst would be Epidemic,But not just any but one that takes 3 or 4 months to even show up. Imagine how many would have it world wide before we even know it was there. Medicine for it couldn’t be made fast enough if there is one. if not by the time we figured it out. It might be to late. Even worse than all of that a virus that takes the same amount of time to work on you that once it starts acting no cure would work, because it’s to late. I wonder if Biological warfare groups are already working on some top secret project that does just that. After all IF rabies was an air born virus people with it would start acting a little like the zombie attack in just a few weeks to a few days after exposure. Infecting many before showing that they even had it.

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    • red January 27, 05:58

      So far as I know, no one ever stopped making bios. The effects of a man-made bio is only two-three generations. Any more and invaders would be killing their own people. Everyone in the military in the family had to have shots against a host of plagues Sadam used against the people. China did not destroy the facilities the Japanese had in Mongolia, but continue the work. Best case scenario is to use migratory birds to spread plagues. When the bird flu hit, the birds were migrating from Cuba. When someone pointed that out, the birds stopped carrying it north. An older friend gets shots for a number of things, claiming he’s a trapper (he had a fox line, and one for skunks). Zinc works on viral infections,and cloves is a very strong antibacterial. The best antibacterial is still calendula petals. Those were so good, battlefield doctors prior to penicillin would pack them in wounds, even dirty wounds, and that stopped any infections till they could treat the soldiers. If you raise it, full sun, a little (very little) fertilizer, and make certain you get high-resen calendula (Baker’s has it). Seeds are iffy, sometimes only half will sprout but it self-sows. This goes under hidden gardens, in a flower bed with the canna lilies (which are a source of starch, cooking leaves, and eatable shoots), and other things. Tea is anti-bacterial, as is honey, and prickly pear cactus pads. Niio.

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  4. Irish Cajun January 7, 17:49

    What I fear most for the coming year is the same it has been for the past several years. Losing the freedom of religion. I am a God fearing man that was raised by two God fearing parents. The former President leaned far left. He and his administration were intent on tearing this country apart from within. Basic freedoms, gun control, civil liberties and Christianity were in his crosshairs. Big government made too many concessions to the far left and their subversive agenda. With the rapid influx of the radical Muslims into America along with other radical “religions” I fear the implications’ and fallout. God Bless America (please).

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    • Allen January 7, 19:33

      Yea I know that feeling but the good news is you’ll most likely loss many other freedoms before that one. It’s almost like gun control laws to date they can’t out make them illegal but they can inch by inch make it more and more illegal the same with religion. With the exception of Muslim. Why because they will fight to the death for it, publicly not Christians. Or at least not enough of them

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  5. Hacksaw January 7, 18:38

    Yeah. And a meteor might crash into your skull or s sinkhole May swallow up your house with you and your family in it. Or the interstate bridge over a river might collapse when you are driving on the bridge. A window could fall out of a sky scraper and cut you in half. Or or or or, etc. there is no end to what may happen. The sun might expand and engulf us all. Control what you can, when all else fails just BS your way out of it. Chewing your nails to the bone fretting over what might happen will surely take you out of this life faster than a list of maybes. This is why we prep, so we dont have to agonize over the what if’s. Either you are propared for life or you aren’t but either way fretting is non productive.

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    • Armin January 9, 03:42

      Some good points, hacksaw. I agree. We can’t worry about the things we can’t control only those we can or else we’ll worry ourselves into an early grave. Life seems to be a crap shoot. The luck of the draw. As beautiful as this planet is, we ARE in a very dangerous neighbourhood where almost anything at any time could take us out. It’s no use worrying about things like that. Worry is self defeating. We can only do the best we can and try and help as many as we can in our short time on this beautiful blue “marble”. But I did have to laugh at your comment about the sun. It’s not expected to expand for another 4 or 5 billion years so for me a non issue. It will be interesting to see what happens when Apophis comes whizzing by us in ’29. Apparently it’s going to be quite close. The wind of its passing might very well ruffle our hair. In 2029 I’ll be 79 so on that day I’ll invite all my friends over and we’ll have one hell of a party. BYOT. (Bring your own telescope) LOL!

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  6. Canuck J January 7, 18:52

    How true! Verge means next to close at hand while decades certainly are not! Should we be prepared for any kind of disruption? If course we should. It’s no different than carrying a spare tire. Should we allot paranoia to those who are other? I think not.

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  7. Emanon January 7, 21:51

    I’m more worried about being shot by another right wing nutjob.

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  8. pbpossum January 8, 00:20

    Another fear along with the rest–all the 5G and smart meters going up everywhere, soaking us , our homes , businesses, anywhere you can breathe, with all that radiation, spewing into every nook and cranny of our lives. This technology crap is killing people in more ways than one.

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  9. dwest January 8, 00:27

    I’m concerned about the tardigrades. If those things were to mutate into something larger we could all be doomed 😉
    How do I prep for potential tardigrade mutations? Click the link to a paywall for my best selling blah blahdy blah..

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    • Dustier January 13, 15:27

      My concern is less that the left will try to take over, but that Trump supporters will riot if Trump doesn’t get his way, or gets indicted or impeached. Funny how perspective changes depending on where you fall on the political spectrum! Yet we’re all preppers, doing the best we can to be ready for anything. The articles and the comments are helpful and eye-opening. As someone with a kidney transplant, I would likely fail slowly without my meds, but I sure will try to maximize my time on earth!!!

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      • Lisa January 26, 16:42

        I don’t think Trump people will riot, but the left?? My area is already being targeted. Before the election, mail theft, only taking ballots. Now, breakins, and casing, going behind fences. We are small farms, I for one will be carrying when I go to my barn. I’m more wary leaving my area.

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  10. Judge Holden January 8, 00:48

    I’m not worried about civil unrest getting out of hand, there is a reason every police force in the land has gone full tactical. The boys in black will fire off tear gas and go all Frenchy for a couple of days, but then they will show up with armored vehicles and the real deal military assault weapons when the Bosses start to feel threatened.
    Not worried about the economy because I’ve worked hard all my long life and have no debt and no assets at risk.
    Not worried about a rogue state nuke attack because there are no rogue states with nukes. NOKO has nukes but is not a rogue state and will only attack us if we attack them 1st. A note about EMP strikes, smart people who know about physics (I know how to make compost) say it would only take 2 devices going off in low orbit to do the maximum damage possible. As far as war in general, my fear is of the American politicians and Generals who are hell bent on confronting Russia along Her borders, like all areas outside of the U.S. a place that has no importance to our security. Everybody imagines a conventional war with The Russkies taking place in Europe, but they have been trying to make it clear they will respond to a conventional attack on their land with a conventional attack on ours, they can go coast to coast on us with their cruise missiles, then it will be SHTF for real. Troubles me this desire to fight Russia permeates left and right both. But I am drinking Vodka right now, maybe I’m a Commie and don’t know it?
    There are no naturally occurring diseases that could kill even a few per cent of U.S. population, but any number of countries could engineer something really bad. Stephen King’s The Stand is a great novel on that subject, 99% of the world dies. Not a Prepper novel, though.
    And to religious people I say, just because your religion is not in charge anymore doesn’t mean you’ve lost Freedom of Religion, only that the Founder Dudes had this weird concept of equal under the law.
    New Madrid Fault, anyone?

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    • Clergylady January 8, 05:21

      New Madrid fault could rewrite out nation. As for religion I can practice it publicly or privately . many persecuted places ended up with home churches and prodigious growth.
      I have erased most debt. Have home, full off grid and paid off. I raise rabbits, chickens, and ducks. Plenty of room for garden areas and some fruit trees and my old grape arbor that still bears beautifully. I can and dry vegetables. Eggs and meats tend to be used quite fresh…. Neighbors have horses and beef cattle on all sides. One neighbor has goats. I wouldn’t mind a medium or smaller type of goats for meat and milk. Not sure that I want to take on goats right now. But food and water aren’t likely to be a problem. Heat is a rocket stove that burns 3′ long sticks to to 2″ around or pellets gravity fed by a hopper and can also burn wood chips from my chipper. I have gas and electric chainsaws et. Perfect preparation.. No! But pretty good for a great grandma doing most of it alone over the years. Now I’m married again and a few w years on I’m a caretaker. That worries me more than most of the hard things that could happen.

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    • Clergylady January 8, 07:05

      Its been so cold the drain line froze so toilet, sink et can’t be used. Solar array was torn down just before Christmas by winds estimated at 140 mph. Waiting on the entire unit to be rebuilt and 2 panels replaced. Husband had dementia. No sense of direction. Doesn’t remember my injured knee for more than an hour and isn’t sure where we live. He has his second pacemaker and I’ve had to restart his heart with CPR and prayer. New lead in place is one that acts to shock the hear to reestablish a beat. His blood thinner is essential. Home is at the base of an old volcano. They tell me it’s extinct but I know of warm spots in the miles of area around.
      Is life ever secure? Easy? Safe? Lol I can guarantee everyone ever conceived won’t get out alive without being drasticly changed.
      Can I work toward a semblance of security. Sure. Can I learn to live a different way? Sure can. Can I survive hard times and still eat ok and smile and mean it. I can. I’ve learned and done my share of suffering. I’ve done due diligence in preparing to meet cold winter, drought, hot summers and the loss of loved ones. That’s what life is about. Experience, learning, preparing, sharing what we learn, facing loss or hard times and going on. And also being as prepared as you can get for the day you check out. I have the land title set so it stays with two sons. We have a family plot here. One son has a tiny home here. He wants to be here to help me and his wife wants to be here. Life goes on even as it changes. I cared for my parents and late husband here and they are in the family plot. Ill probably be there but not just yet.
      I keep planning and doing just one more thing.

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  11. Lonejack January 8, 01:30

    We are cascading into a 400 year Grand Solar Minimum + the protection from our magnetosphere is collapsing at a very fast rate.
    For some of You, the winter of 2018 was bad, floods, freezing cold, snow. etc. Well the winter of 2019 will be 4 times as bad as 2018. The winter of 2020 will be 6 times as bad.
    With the waning magnetosphere, there will be an increase in earth quakes and especially volcanoes, (Who’s magma is excited by cosmic rays hitting the earth.)
    On top of this, we have a partial Guvmnt shutdown. If this shutdown begins to effect those who are on food assistance programs, 37+ million, we will have riots in the streets. Then there is a certain segment of the population who are just waiting for the chance to bust things.
    They say FEMA has camps set up, with plastic coffins just waiting. It is going to an interesting Year.
    If You come here and make skeptical and disparaging remarks, maybe You should think a for even a few minutes about the possibilities.
    As for me, I am preparing to part of the solution instead of part of the problem. By not preparing, You are doomed to be part of the problem.

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    • Ladypyro1 January 8, 22:50

      I agree totally. Besides prepping for me and family, I am learning all I can on herbal medicine. Region specific plants and what can be raised in a green house, and how to prepare them. I am a retired first responder and plan to barter my skills and knowledge to fill in where I can. My city ord won’t allow for raising chickens and other animals for food.
      What I need to concentrate on is changing the ordinance before it is to late.

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    • Armin February 28, 22:50

      Dear Mr. Lonejack, You’re going to have to explain to me what you mean because I’m a bear of little brain. LOL! Personally I think you’re exaggerating the whole thing. There’s a youtube video by a very smart Russian lady scientist by the name of Professor Valentina Zharkova that makes a pretty good case for a super/grand (semantics) solar minimum starting around 2020 and lasting for approx. 20 or 30 years. That’ll be bad enough. A 400 year super solar minimum would kill us. These intense solar minimums have happened before and they will happen again and we’re still here. As regards the magnetosphere what you’re saying is that as the magnetic field of the earth seems to be weakening in preparation for a pole shift so also the magnetosphere will be weakening in lock step with it. Again magnetic pole reversals have happened in the past and they will probably keep on happening and again we’re still here. As for having a bad winter, I can attest to it. Up here in Canada we’re having one heck of a winter. One of the coldest in the last few years. Lots of snow. Freezing rain. High winds and all kinds of neat stuff thrown into the mix just to make it interesting. People adapt. I don’t know where you’re getting your information, sir, but unfortunately a lot of it seems to be bogus. You seem to be a doomsayer. Cosmic rays have nothing to do with volcanic magma. Upon impact with the earth’s atmosphere, cosmic rays can produce showers of secondary particles that SOMETIMES reach the earth’s surface. At that point they would have lost so much of their energy that their effect would be negligible. The only thing that magma does is try to ascend to the surface to feed a volcano or form an intrusion. I don’t believe much, sir, that people say and like to base my comments on facts not conjecture. Hopefully this has also helped you. Again, all these things that happen in nature, we can’t really do much about it nor should we worry about things that we can’t control. If we start worrying about every little thing then we’ll worry ourselves into an early grave. You tube link: Please take the time to watch this video. You’ll find it quite interesting.

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  12. A retired person January 8, 03:02

    I have heard all of you talk about prepping and I agree but to people like me. we can only prep so much due to not having the funds. I live off of SS and have very little funds to buy extra things like extra food to put back. But I do have knowledge, a few weapons and a small catch of ammo. These things I was able to get through trade and bartering. I can hunt, fish, and gather from the wild because I was raised country. But it would be a rough life even if you had two months of food and water because that food and water will run out eventually and you will have to live off of the land. If others know you have a supply they will try to take it from you. This is where most will fail because most of you are civilized and could not take a life. It is easy to say you can take another’s life but when it comes down to doing the deed most will not have the heart to do it. For instance two guys try to rob you of your supplies and you catch them at it by surprising them. They raise their hands what will you do? Their is no police or jails. If you let them go they will be back with help. You have the hard chore of being the judge, jury and executioner. Can you do it? All of you need to ask yourself that question. I am a christian but because this would maybe get part of my family killed, I would hang them from a tall tree. Oh you ask why not shoot them because it would waste two bullets that you will eventually need. What I am saying is this every small thing has to be taken into consideration in the event of a shift. Even two bullets. To survive is not enough you have to be able to live life at the same time. This means you have to have a fun/family time to go along with what it takes to survive.

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    • Lonejack January 8, 19:15

      Hi retired,
      I’m 78, living in a retirement community. We don’t have the space to store more than a few days of prep stuff. But, I have gathered enough prep stuff to get by for a few days here at the, “Towers.”
      Even with limited space, I have been able to start growing micro-greens, takes just one 12X24X60″ rack. I can grow all of the micro-greens necessary for a whole floor of my mates to survive on this one rack. And I can store many months worth of micro-green seeds in a small space.
      Please focus on what You have and CAN do. You would be surprised. Every little bit counts. I know it’s all about attitude.

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    • Handsome Bill January 14, 23:36

      Retired person. If there be preppers in your community, contact them, explain your situation. Most bible believers would see that you would be provided for, even if you have little physical means to contribute. Often seniors have wisdom and knowledge about life and existance, which has been gained through their living. I for one would prefer to have someone who has some know how to survive over someone who might contribute food. Goes back to the Bible description of The Holy Spirit. Some have one gift, some another. When you bring all the gifts together, you have the complete church. God Bless.

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  13. Cblack January 9, 19:09

    I was stoked to find the site. Awesome information. But stop with the left and right bullshit. I do not know what the politicians are doing and neither do you. They tell us what they want, ALL of them. I am cool with everyone doing their own thing, but the political opinion shit is too much. Being sustainable is not a left, right, or middle thing, it’s a human thing.

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  14. red January 12, 03:25

    Sorry, all, but the revolt against reality and freedom started some time ago. How many cops were murdered? How many terrorists were allowed in the country, unvetted? Never get between a liberal and a nickle in the sewer. They’ll gnaw your arm off trying to suck it out of the used toilet paper. How many people actually believe the DNC is there to help us? I see African Americans crawling on their knees after the very party that caused a war to keep their grandparents in chains. That’s sick. I see Jews rushing to vote for the very party that told Hitler they did not give a damn what he did to Jews, and even sent him gifts, like the shipload of hundreds of kids. I see Native Americans rushing to vote for the party that caused 98% of all our troubles with the US. Again, all sick.

    Watch Mexico. The PRI, their dem party, always kowtows like good houseboys to the DNC. In 1910, the peso was worth $1.86 USD, and Americans flocked to Mexico because the pay was higher, and the living standard much better. Then the socialists stole the revolution and Mexico has been in poverty since. We are not far behind. When Mexico asked the borders be closed, the DNC in many states declared, on paper, Mexicans to be Spanish. This killed the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, which states no American Indian shall be molested crossing the border for peaceful purposes. Mexico asked, the DNC gave because the PRI is their servant class. The Christneros war was in full swing and thousands were killed by the PRI just for being Christians.

    Watch what’s done to Native Americans. Dems always loved to do social experiments on us. They found in the 19th century if you force all children into one school (school consolidation) you soon own the children.

    Corporations will side with the DNC against us. Look at Monsanto, which caused a famine Mexico in the 90s that caused thousands of deaths. The press, ever the servant class of the DNC, ignored it, as they do slavery in any nation. There’s more, but most contain a bloodbath.

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  15. chytowngal January 13, 21:03

    In case of a volcano erupting and the ash hazards, what kind of protection do we need? What kind of mask would protect our breathing & lungs? A simple dust mask or those used by painters? Or something more complex?

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    • Crockett January 23, 22:08

      If Yellowstone erupts it will not only cause ash but will blow tiny shards of rock/glass so small you can/will inhale them and destroy your lungs without a proper mask. I would suggest a full blown gas mask or at minimum N95 mask.

      Yellowstone is a super-volcano. If it blows the entire world is likely to suffer. Ash cloud will block out the sun creating a cold summer and expect crops to fail for 1-2 years. Likely ash would cover 1-2 feet or more of the topsoil for 50%+ of the lower US. Rivers, lakes, streams would all be unusable for drinking for some time.

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      • chytowngal January 23, 23:30

        Thanks so much Crockett. I just read Bobby Akart’s book, Yellowstone. They had masks but didn’t say what kind. You were very helpful.

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      • red January 24, 02:19

        If Yellowstone blows, you know the drill: Put your head between your knees and… Watch Tio Popo (Popocatepetl) in Mexico. The Mexican government is terrified because he’s overdue. Tio is called key to the Ring of Fire. He burps, Mt. Fuji lost his ice cap and a lot of volcanoes around the Rnig started up, including some nasty shenanigans at Yellowstone.When the action starts, then know that terrorists will blitz us.

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  16. Silver January 22, 14:54

    Where did all these ultra right whackoos come from? An innocent question about med’s brings out the conspiracy theorists and Obama haters. Sheesh. No the government isn’t coming for you guns, chill out.

    I have meds stockpiled. Not so hard to do. You can get most over the counter in Mexico or on line from India. Then rotate them with your usual deliveries. Pick how long you want – six months, a year, two years- it will cost you but you will have what you need.

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    • red January 27, 06:04

      Well, our beloved closet gay president is an easy man to hate. A black man who bows to the party of slavers, no? Want to bet they’re not after your guns? The NRA is on the line with the neolibs, again. Look at what happened to my people, Native Americans. The dems had to confiscate our guns before they confiscated our lands, then the children. Shish, indeed. The dems do nothing that Hitler did not approve of. When Hitler went into the Warsaw ghetto, a few people who refused to allow their guns to be confiscated fought a gorilla war and so panicked the SS they were pulling troops from Stalingrad and the Western Front, and Russians overwhelmed the SS, then we did, as well. Peace.

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  17. Red Ant February 26, 22:29

    My fear for 2019. losing our freedom and our rights as an American a Dem president for 2020. JOHN 3:16

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    • red February 28, 21:06

      I’m looking forward to Washington’s Black Clouds prophecy, the third in his vision at Valley Forge. Enemies try to late-date it, but a lot of elders had copies of this passed down from hand to hand. Dad, an atheist, knew of it. When I was about 6, I had a dream that clouds covered America. In the cities, people of all races were cold-hearted, ignoring each other. Then the clouds covered the city. Something like ashes blew in the wind. The clouds were driven away and maybe one out of ten were still alive. Hands raised in praise to God, we were, at last, one people. The city was devastated, ruined, with trees growing up thru wrecked buildings. Weeds grew in the streets. Everybody looked like they needed a good meal. But, they were jubilant, they won. And, arms were all over. Understand, if you do not already, to the average neolib, all y’all are no better than the redskins they slaughtered in the last several centuries. We, all of us, refuse to be their houseboys, and that enrages the creepy people to no end. In the end, God takes over and destroys our enemies. But, we’re to be as Jesus said: If you have not a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.Jesus is into prepping. Niio, walk in God’s beauty.

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      • Armin February 28, 23:13

        You post some DARN interesting comments, Red. Who the heck are you? What does Niio stand for. Take care. Always enjoy reading your comments.

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        • red March 3, 04:52

          Much thanks. I hope I was able to give good advice here and there.

          Niio: Walk in (God’s) beauty. Walk in beauty is a standard in traditional Native America. No matter how bad your life or your family, it’s a reminder of God’s love, and his desire for you to be a respectable person.

          Me? Ah, well, nobody (just another greywolf, no?). Native American Métis (non-Hispanic ‘breed/rednig mongrel according to neolibs 🙂 My stepmother (actually Dad’s wife #2) made captain in the SS; mother-in-law, made sergeant in Auschwitz; a couple of aunts who were privates in the SS. Lots of fam in Germany, Austria and Mexico. The ladies taught me how to brew real beer and that no man would ever get it right, and I never did (Martin Luther said much the same, his wife was raised a master brewer, beer, wine and so on). Love to read, love to do things for myself, to study, to learn, to survive. A WWI vet uncle taught me how to run a stove top still before I was in kindergarten. Farm raised by prepper cattlemen (dairy and feeder stock, hogs, goats, tobacco and all. Odd (about dairy), because it turns out we’re all dairy-intolerant, but most folks are). Manuscript editing, writer, survival teaching stories of all genre (Heinlein said, every SF story is a horse opera set in outer space). Former atheist, raised as one, left it because I realized very young I did NOT know everything. Stint in Army, almost got a beating from Dad and an older brother for that–they were Air Force 🙂 Learned Vietnamese (southern dialect) from brothers and cousins, and an uncle who had all done a tour or more there. But they stopped the war before I could go there to die (nope, not suicidal, anymore). Lived in Mexico for a while. Married a number of times. Lots of kids, mine and those I helped raise. Garden organically. Am owned by a Dachshund (no one owns a dacky, but you’re the property–best rabbit dog I ever had, the stubborn little cuss). Was a cowhand, cook, trucker, teacher (history!), Army pee-on, truck-gardener, woodsman, dog trainer (for the cops, who donated them to blind folks), farm hand, illegal alien in Mexico, bootlegger, wildcrafting, was raised to know Native Americans see politics as our second religion, learned how to forgive my enemies (and that when you pray for them, the devil tears them to pieces to stop them from becoming cool). Went to collage on GI bill to learn English, not just the local dialect because I love writing. Went back to learn editing and manuscript research. Some psychology, and recommend we all take some courses in it because it’s very difficult to lie to one. Cooked in some 5-star restaurant and washed dishes in some tomain palaces. Usual poor health thanks to growing up a Native American in democrat country (and got the scars to prove it). Good gardener, including ‘hidden’ gardens (unlike most of the world, Native American crops were owned and controlled by women–they had to be tasty, but also pretty, so, hidden gardens are also ornamental, amaranth, chia, herbals, agave, yucca, beans, nasturtiums (cousin to water cress and tastes like it), calla lilies (2nd best starch comes from the roots, easy to grow, looks like a flower, tasty shoots, good seeds for food or buckshot–Indian Shot was named because Brit troops caught off guard had to use them to drive back rebels in the 19th century–grind well “) But, achira dulce are the best roots for starch noodles (cellophane/glass noodles; they make the little kids giggle because when cooked, they’re clear, invisible noodles). Live in Arizona, again, thank God. Became a Christian decades ago and love the freedom and warmth of love. Learned to obey like Jesus did, with loud cries and suffering. When I kick the bucket, if it’s still possible, my epitaph will be He lived, most only fake it. But, that’s true of all of us here, we lived and will thrive. Stubborn cusses, all, the dachshunds of the human world.

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          • Armin March 3, 14:24

            Wow! Thank you for that, Red. I have never heard anyone speak with such honesty and such courage. What an extraordinary life you’ve lived. I’ve only had the privilege of coming across one other person in my life that’s lived three lifetimes in one. Died much too early. He embodied all the qualities that a true man should have. Had the greatest respect for him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t my dad. There was only one time that he let me see the chakras spiraling in his eyes. When it happened completely floored me. If you’re typical of the native American people I have a WHOLE new respect for you and them. The saying is that God never gives you more than you can handle. Sometimes it seems like it though but I’m starting to see small miracles happening in my life. Human beings are a strange lot. MUCH more than the sum of our parts. I’m not atheist nor agnostic but think that it might be POSSIBLE that something like God does exist although no one has ever been able to prove the existence of an ultimate being to me scientifically, empirically or unequivocally. It’s their choice to believe in it because of faith. And I can respect that. I believe in facts and scientific evidence. Therefore, until someone can scientifically prove the existence of an invisible, mythical figure to me I say, fine, it’s possible that it may exist but prove it to me. Beyond any shadow of a doubt. And why does everyone call God “HE”. By definition, if it does exist, would not God have all genders and no gender? Am trying to learn about quantum fields which are supposed to be the building blocks of the universe. And these fields are supposed to create the particles such as the quarks, muons, leptons, electrons and so forth which are the framework of all the atoms in existence. And then the question becomes how are these fields created in the first place? I don’t think the theory of the “big bang” is entirely correct. If you read through some of the ancient texts such as the Mahabharata it says that the creation and the destruction of the universe is like the inbreathing and the outbreathing of God and that this cycle has been going on forever and will continue on forever which makes much more sense to me than the modern theory of the big bang which leaves too many unanswered questions. Arthur C. Clarke said that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic to a lesser developed society. And then I’ve come across another quote which takes it even further and makes one think. That any sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial is indistinguishable from God. God is supposed to have three qualities. All knowing. All powerful and everywhere at the same time. Sounds like we could be talking about the universe itself. And why can’t the universe itself be sentient and we part and parcel of that sentient universe? And then if the universe is indeed what we think of as “GOD” then we would be part and parcel of GOD. Little sparks of GOD floating around in the universe and co-creators in our own right. And through us and all living beings the universe learns about itself. Food for thought? Und darum das sie noch Verwandte in Deutschland haben muessen sie noch ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen. I don’t have anyone to practice with so yearly my written German is just becoming worse and worse. Used to love writing. I write much better than I speak. Funny that you would say that about women brewing beer. Women are pretty damn amazing and a lot of men don’t give them the credit they’re due. Women are also amazing cooks and they just add that little something extra to food that men don’t seem to get. Food always tastes better when cooked by a woman. As far as I’m concerned people like G. Ramsay, et al, are just egotistical posers when to comes to cooking. Ramsay seems to like eating raw meat. Can’t be good for a person. I like my food cooked properly. And when it comes to meat, I prefer it braised to the point where it’s falling apart. I can feed myself, and I haven’t poisoned myself yet, but I can’t REALLY “COOK”. Funny you should mention Heinlein. In the day, when I was devouring books, he was one of my very favourite authors. Loved his eclectic sense of humour and what a smart guy. Another contrarian. Apparently he was also quite good with a broad sword. And obviously you’re right when you say that no one can know everything. Especially in these may-fly lives we’re forced to endure for the pleasure of the bastards at the top. We get to a certain point when we’ve acquired a certain amount of knowledge and all of a sudden we realize that for all that we know, we know nothing, because there is just so much more to know but that still doesn’t stop us from asking the questions. From being curious about everything and from wanting to know. That never stops. Appreciate you taking the time, red, to post such a huge reply. The only reason I reached out to you was that what you said resonated with me. I’m not “weird”, I don’t have a hidden agenda. I just want to know things and my curiosity about the world and the universe has never waned. Too many questions and not enough answers. And for some of us that want to keep learning and keep asking the questions we carry a very heavy burden. As they say, we’re underappreciated and we toil in obscurity. But the acquisition of knowledge for its own sake is its own reward. And if SHTF ever does come to pass in the little time that I have left people may come to know me as the archivist. Only time I’ll mention it because I’m pretty sure that sites like this are monitored by the agents of those in control so that they know where they can find all the contrarians. But screw all the evil bastards at the top. I’ll go out fighting.They, on the other hand, can go pound sand.

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            • red March 4, 06:00

              Aside from the facts that I’m good-looking, highly intelligent and a superhero incognito, I’m really very humble 🙂 I learn and love to learn and to teach. Most of my adventures were accidental, like escaping the cops when a wetback in Mexico. I had no idea running a still was illegal but learned early to keep my mouth shut about anything family. What is courage? Refusing to give in to the ice in your guts. Many a man thought to be a wimp did that defending his family even to the death. Most scars came from letting my mouth override my brain, and I have a lot of scars.

              I find it scary that militant atheism, anti-theism, is growing in the West. World history is filled with them and the slaughters they caused. An intellectual understands religion is good for mental health and many intellectual atheists are attending church for that reason. Not to find God, but because of the peace that envelopes them when there. Huxley coined the term agnostic after losing a debate on religion with a bishop. He then had to raise his children in church. He was impressed by that peace and stated while he did not know if there were any gods, there might be. I went through the same process as you, but out of atheism. I became a seeker and everyone I studied under pointed at Jesus.

              A good injun is silent and filled with vast dignity. When you leave, then we all gossip like old hens.

              Decades before Hitler was born, when the Nazi Party was formed new agers understood the ascended masters to be pure energy beings. These people were not evil, but believed in intellect over all. (Peter Crawford wrote extensively on Nazis and the Occult.) But, if these ascended masters are pure energy–fire–what is God but pure energy? He created them and us, we who are a spirit in a soul in a body. The common root of all atoms is electrons et al, and what are they made of? Pure energy. God created all by taking from Himself, therefore God is able to be omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. You’re always aware what parts of your ‘body’ are doing.

              Ich bin kein Deutscher, aber Dietsch. Meine Familie verwendet die Sprache immer noch, weil sie komfortabel ist und Susquehannocks nie eine zentrale Sprache hatte. I had to translate this to German. 🙂

              A lot of Native American terms are popular in the US. Yo, for hey-o, listen! Better half is common because women are considered spiritually superior, and the Bible agrees. There is neither male nor female, slave or free, Greek or Scythian (European or Asian) in the eyes of God, but all are equal. Worse for the ubermensch, Jesus told women that any woman who follows him is as his own mother. Then, under Moses Law, a mother had the right to end the life of a bad child. But, men were called only brothers. The Bible is the only religious text that is blatantly honest of the bad, as well as the good. Even atheist Bible scholars agree it’s historicity is accurate.

              Raised by cattlemen and others, I know too well what’s in raw meat. A lot of old-timers liked raw blood and died of trich and other parasites. For that matter, rabies can be transferred by raw meat. Hepatitis and so on.

              Knowledge is power. Gain power by gaining understanding of knowledge. In the old days, children were a great deal smarter than today. Kids studied hard in schools that often were iceboxes in winter, ovens in summer, but worked hard to gain knowledge. Why? Because God told them to in the Bible. That was their basis for learning, to please God. Today, thanks to the Klan law (Justice Black was a favor FDR repaid to the KKK) god isn’t allowed in school. We see the result of the US slipping from less than 20% illiterate, and most of them immigrants, to far above that; and from people reading at a 12th grade level to 5th and falling. My parents could not understand why we weren’t take Latin and Greek in high school, or that we had trouble with algebra, something any farmer has to have a working knowledge of. I knew Pi because we had to know how many bushels of chop we could put in a silo, and by division by age 7, how to square the silo times so many feet high. How many bales of straw or hay to put in the mow. We all knew, even city kids who’s families moved to the country. “Quick on the brain or quickly dead.” An old saying from folks in aggie. And, of course, Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition 🙂 Niio.

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  18. Greg March 28, 18:01

    I would also worry about the radical right as much as Antigua especially in a grid down.Everyone could be a threat,Right or Left

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  19. Greg March 28, 18:01

    I would also worry about the radical right as much as Antifa especially in a grid down.Everyone could be a threat,Right or Left

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    • red March 30, 03:40

      Go far enough Right, you stumble into the Left. Not too many years ago, an African American minister announced on Yahoo he was ‘going to talk to the rednecks to get them to support me.” He was meeting them in a Klan meeting house. Bros, Cherokee, said it was a Klan meeting house and sent some white-looking bros to see. Yep, it was. The Nazi Party of America is, according to my stepmother (now deceased, but was in the SS, a captain), the Dem Party. She would know, her family name was Hess. FDR even sent Hitler a birthday present, a boatload of Jewish kids, forcing them to go to Germany. None survived. Joe Kennedy Sr., became a Nazi in the 30s and raised his children as Nazis (Nationalist Socialist Workers Party, AKA communists). Every Nazi in Hollywood when we declared war on the Axis jumped into the Communist Party and found a home. Alt-Right and antifa work for the same group, Soros’ party, the DNC. After SHFT, anyone who claims to be Right, a conservative, and acts Left, I say fire at will. Yes, things will break down. Yes, anarchy will prevail for a time. But, we still have to remember the Constitution. That is was put in place to protect the people from the government, and to protect the poor from the wealthy and power-hungry. Radical Right? You’ll find them leaning on the Left. niio

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