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How To Buy and Store 260 Pounds of Food for just $83

We bought a lot of food and brought it home. Then I needed to figure out what to do with it all.

The dry foods are the easiest to figure out, if you have a lot of canning jars or other good airtight containers that mice or bugs cannot get into. I have been planning on canning, but that is still a bit intimidating for some reason. Still, I am good at buying canning jars. Bi-Mart keeps them in stock year round now, so I try to pick up a box full of one size or another every week or couple of weeks, especially when they are on sale. The average price is $8.99; sometimes less and sometimes more.

I am partial to the quart jars because I like to use them for my cookie mixes, but have been buying other sizes too. If I do want to use all of these jars for canning, I’ll just dump out the popcorn and rice and put them into something else. Even big Rubbermaid totes will do fine, if you have the room for those.

The food on this table (not counting the containers) was only $82.83.

I was curious to see how much 25 and 50 pounds of stuff really was, so here we go:

Ahh!  The harvest table.

Fifty pounds of popcorn. You may be asking me why I would want to buy so much. Well, the bag was only $20.89 (or .42 lb) at Cash and Carry, I love popcorn, and it will keep well. I am thinking of selling the smaller jars after decorating them with fabric and raffia with a matching gift bag in my little store.

Here is fifty pounds of rice ($17.99, or .36 lb) and fifty pounds of onions ($11.25, or .23 lb). There were really 17 more onions, but we used one and I dehydrated the other 16.Buying Food in Bulk and Some Storage Ideas Grains

These two jars contain 16 dehydrated good sized onions. Pretty cool, huh? Our house smelled like onions for a day, but that was okay.

I put the 25 pounds of quick oatmeal into Ziplock freezer bags, because I have room for them and will be using them in my cookie mixes. At Cash and Carry, it cost me $15.00 for 25 pounds (.72 lb).Buying Food in Bulk and Some Storage Ideas Jars

The 25 pounds of sugar cost me $17.62 (.72 lb). I put most of it into old spaghetti sauce jars. I also bought 50 pounds of flour for 16.09 (.32), but I left it in a Rubbermaid tote in the garage for now.Buying Food in Bulk and Some Storage Ideas Pickled Eggs

I also bought 5 dozen eggs for $6.00 (.10 each). I boiled up 4 dozen, and we made egg salad and pickeled eggs. The pickled eggs will last for a couple of weeks in the fridge. I just put pickle juice over the eggs … beet juice works well too.

I have a bunch more food in the fridge that I need to deal with, and my freezer is full so I have to figure out something else to do with it. I think that I will dehydrate some broccoli and green onions, and more of yellow onions. Though buying this way is less expensive, it does take a lot more time to make things convenient, but the work is easy.

Best of luck! I’d love to hear about how you guys do this sort of thing, so please leave me a comment or an email if you want to.


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