Is America Turning Into a Communist Country?

Rich M.
By Rich M. February 18, 2019 08:53

Is America Turning Into a Communist Country?

Communism hit center stage with the Russian revolution, as first Vladimir Lenin and then Joseph Stalin remade Russia into the image created by Karl Marx. This didn’t affect us here in the USA much until World War II, when we were uncomfortable allies with Russia. Even then, there were those who saw communism as being the political savior for all mankind. But it wasn’t until World War II ended and the Cold War began, that we clearly saw the juxtaposition of capitalism versus communism in the world.

Ever since then, there have been those in this county who have been pushing for us to become one more socialist country in the world. They hold up socialism as the shining light, where all people are treated equally. The government exists only to make sure that happens.

But even then, there is an elite in any communist government. Someone has to make the decisions about who gets what and those people always take care of themselves first. While socialism or even communism might be a great theory, it requires perfect people; and the world has always had a shortage of those.

Yet there are those in our political system, who still proclaim socialism as the way to go. They make it sound better by calling it “democratic socialism.” But all it takes is a look at other countries who have gone socialist to see what that means; you can vote it in, but you can’t vote it out.

Nevertheless, they try to make their political ideology look good by promising lots of freebies, not letting people know that they are going to have to pay exorbitant taxes to get those freebies. Rather, they claim that the rich, who don’t pay “their fair share” will pay them. Yet every time politicians talk about raising taxes on the rich, it is the middle class who feels the pinch, not the wealthy.

To the low-information voter, especially the low-income, low-information voter, this all sounds good. They get free health care, free birth control, free education, free phones, free food and free income, and someone else has to pay for it. What could be better?

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Interestingly enough, over the last century, every socialist or communist government has gotten into power by proclaiming their concern for the poor. This gave them a large pool of low-information voters they could count on, so that they could get voted into office. They lied to their followers regularly, both about their own intentions and those of the opposing party. All that mattered was that they got into power. We could be seeing the same thing happening here.

So, is the United States on its way to becoming a communist country, as some would like?

As I look back over the last 50 years, I can see where we Americans have lost a lot of our freedoms. Every time the government expands, taking over another part of society, it does so at the cost of individual and state freedom. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about the IRS or the EPA; they get their power by stealing our freedom.

In that sense, you can say that we are already on the road towards communism and have been so for quite some time. A major step towards getting us there was Obama’s signature healthcare law. Never intended to work, the Unaffordable Healthcare Act was merely supposed to be a stepping stone towards a single-payer healthcare system, which would allow the federal government to take full control of 17.9% of our economy.

Basically all that Obamacare has done for the country is raise the cost of health insurance and medical care. Yes, it did give some people who were previously denied health insurance coverage by insurance companies the legal right to buy insurance. Yet that could have been done at a much lower cost and without having to hire 30,000 new IRS agents, further bloating an already oppressive government agency, in the process.

Even regulatory agencies like the Department of Education can be seen to be pushing our country towards socialism and then communism. These agencies do nothing more than take the power to make decisions out of the hands of US citizens and our local governments. One of their main ways of doing this is by controlling tax dollars. Money passed out to state and local governments by these agencies always comes with a price; one of toeing the line on some regulation or other.

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Part of the problem here is that once a government agency is established, it is all but impossible to shut it down. Take the EPA for example. It can be fairly argued that there was a need for the EPA, when it was founded by President Nixon in 1970. But since then, the majority of the work that the EPA originally did has been taken over by state governments, leaving the bloated federal bureaucracy in place to spend taxpayer money and create stifling regulations.

The new House of Representatives seems to be making a greater push for the government to take over other parts of our economy as well. Some representatives have even gone so far as to float the idea of taking over major corporations, “for the good of the people.” Should this actually happen, it will be the sign that our country is actively being taken over by a communistic government.

If we keep doing that, we’re going to find ourselves backed into a corner; actually several corners. The first corner will be the elimination of our First Amendment freedom of speech. The “PC Police” are already at work on this, using “political correctness” and “hate speech” to silence those who don’t agree with them.

Totalitarian authority can’t handle disagreement, so they have to criminalize that disagreement in order to silence it. Everyone will be forced to toe the party line, saying what they’re supposed to say, as if they believe it. They won’t be satisfied with us being quiet, but rather insist that we say things their way.

Once they’ve accomplished that, it will be easier for them to take the next big roadblock to communism out of the way, our Second Amendment rights. Totalitarian governments must always disarm the people, so that they can keep control. As Mao Zedong, the first communist leader of China said, “political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.”

Without guns, what can any of us do to stop anything the government wants to do? The Second Amendment was given to us for this purpose. If those in power are going to get the power that they want, they have to take it out of our hands. That’s why the gun grabbers always attacks the AR-15 rifle, rather than pistols or shotguns. You can’t fight a war with pistols; you need rifles for that. As long as we are armed with rifles, we are a danger to the totalitarian communist government they crave.

The real question boils down to what we are going to do when they come for our freedom of speech and our freedom to bear arms?

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Rich M.
By Rich M. February 18, 2019 08:53
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  1. Labienus February 18, 12:07

    Lol this is so damn stupid.

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    • Stan February 18, 14:45

      I agree. Good luck taking on that smart bombs launched from a stealth drones, piloted half a world away by some kid that watches you turn into a little puff of smoke live via satellite – with your ar15.

      Is this country moving towards socialism or communism? No more than my 6 year old picking up a basketball is making him move into the next Shaq… Capitalism is alive and well and is the defacto reality, regardless of what social programs the government tries to pull off….

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      • Yank February 18, 16:31

        Hirler was a self-proclaimed Socialist. The first thing he did was secure the guns from the civilian population.Hitler found that it was easier to load unarmed civilians into box cars. All over this world freedom of speech is being infringed upon. Soon, it will be a memory of the “good ole days”. Democrats have been leaning towards Socialism moreso in the eight years of Obama. Democrats are not what they used to be at all. Don’t be fooled. Years ago they were the working man’s party. Now, they are the immigrant’s, “refugees” and illegal’s party. The existing Democrats will see what I am saying, one day, but it will be to late by that time. The sad joke in Polland was, “That the Russians walked in backwards waving goodbye!” The sad truth here, in America, is that is darn near exactly what has happened! If you think this kind of thing cannot happen in America then you are part of the problem because it IS happening right under your sleeping minds! WAKE UP AMERICA!!

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        • red February 19, 05:40

          Hitler learned from the Dems. they did the same to Native Americans after the War Between the States. They taught Hitler a lot. And now, the dems have taken to Nazism. Compare the two. Everything Hitler did, they do or plan to from wild claims about the environment to love of Muslim terrorists..

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          • grandniem March 1, 01:50

            Agreed,…people need to watch documentaries of Hitler and the rise of the Nazis party,.they are real eye openers!!

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            • CiscoLuis November 28, 09:12

              One of the symptoms of the total brain-washing of the American people is this ongoing hatred of Adolf Hitler and the ongoing ignorance of what actually took place over there during WWII. Those making negative comments about Hitler were “educated” by the History Channel, the 6 o’clock news, random comments about Hitler on sit-coms, and by the movies. As only one example, there was a scene in an old Indiana Jones movie in which he comes face-to-face with Hitler, who is falsely portrayed as arrogant, cruel, and dangerous. Someone here wrote: “people need to watch documentaries of Hitler and the rise of the Nazi party. They are real eye openers!” Wrong. Those shows are what has kept the American public in total ignorance since the 1930s. At that time newsreels were shown in the theaters and they depicted him in the same way as he is portrayed now. No one asks questions today, no one wants to know what really happened, and stupidly accept those horrific photos of piles of dead bodies as “evidence” of Hitler’s “hate.” It comes down to this: Those who don’t know history are not going to understand what is happening in the present. The American public has been disturbingly easy to brainwash. The forums on the internet are overflowing with hatred of Hitler based on what people have been programmed to believe. As such, they’ve no idea what’s going on in the world or who’s responsible for the increasing chaos taking place all around us …

              Reply to this comment
              • Justme November 30, 16:21

                Cisco- Your first American History class is scheduled for next year if you make it to the 3rd grade. Post again after you learn a little history instead of rambling on aimlessly and displaying your ignorance in public.

                Reply to this comment
                • Yank February 15, 16:02

                  My dad never spoke of WWII, except for when they entered Dachau. Before they entered they glassed the area. They saw a mountain of “white stuff” and smaller hills of “stuff”. When they entered the camp, the stench of death was not escapable. Bodies, that were skin and bones, were stacked like cord wood, the hill of “stuff” was human hair and the mountain of “white stuff” was lime to help control the stench of the rotting bodies. The American’s found out that the Germans were going to kill every prisoner in those camps. The intel came from a patrol my dad was on. They came upon a German mine field. Hoping it was mapped, the patrol members relocated the mine field. 2 days later they came through that area and the mine field was definitely mapped by the dead Germans in that field. Auschwitz and Dachau were the main topic. The dead Lieutenant was burning papers before he died from his wounds. Those papers were collected and given to HQ on their return. Those papers started the mad dash to liberate the prisoners inside that were all supposed to be murdered. This came from the most honest man I have ever known, my dad. Were they lies? Hell no! The atrocities that happened inside of those camps were absolute crimes against humanity. Don’t ever tell me they didn’t happen! The one that appears to be brain washed is you!

                  Reply to this comment
              • Lumpy Rutherford November 30, 19:15

                Cisco, you’re so wrong it is breathtaking. When I was in high school during the 1960’s an employee of the school addressed our World History class, telling of his being on one of the liberation teams that went from one concentration camp to another to assist the surviving prisoners in returning to their homes, and seeing to the burial of those that had been worked/starved to death in the camps. I have no more reason to doubt this man than I would believe that Hitler do loved the Jews that he had his SS troops load their submachine guns and herd Jews into boxcars every Sunday and take them to Baskin Robbins– the Fuhrer’s treat…

                Reply to this comment
              • Yank February 15, 16:19

                My dad never spoke of WWII, except for when they entered Dachau. Before they entered they glassed the area. They saw a mountain of “white stuff” and smaller hills of “stuff”. When they entered the camp, the stench of death was not escapable. Bodies, that were skin and bones, were stacked like cord wood, the hill of “stuff” was human hair and the mountain of “white stuff” was lime to help control the stench of the rotting bodies. The American’s found out that the Germans were going to kill every prisoner in those camps. The intel came from a patrol my dad was on. They came upon a German mine field. Hoping it was mapped, the patrol members relocated the mine field. 2 days later they came through that area and the mine field was definitely mapped by the dead Germans in that field. Auschwitz and Dachau were the main topic. The dead Lieutenant was burning papers before he died from his wounds. Those papers were collected and given to HQ on their return. Those papers started the mad dash to liberate the prisoners inside that were all supposed to be murdered. This came from the most honest man I have ever known, my dad. Were they lies? Hell no! The atrocities that happened inside of those camps were absolute crimes against humanity. Don’t ever tell me they didn’t happen! The one that appears to be brain washed is you!

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          • Bandit 4517 November 26, 15:10

            Red. You have that right! Hitler and the National Democratic Socialism (NAZI) did exactly what is happening here. He used his Brown Shirts for riots and intimidation, caused “emergencies” where he could take control and then allied himself to Moslem countries when his world conquest dreams began to take form. But, we fail to learn from history, The Russian revolution was much the same and we are headed that way quickly.

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            • Stef February 10, 00:49

              All i kno is i haven’t slept in 2 days watching all rhis unfold im white o. Disability due to ptsd live alone in rural south n what is a person to do like me im sick witj worry

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        • Lee March 24, 19:28

          So terrifyingly true. Many of our freedoms are being steadily restricted. This will only become worse as the people become less educated and informed. Colleges and universities are teaching communist propaganda. We need more real history. What was the intent of the founders. Why they sacrificed so much to give us freedom from tyranny. The young generation knows nothig of this. They seem to believe that they should be given everything. Somehow, everything must be paid for by someone.!!! Work and pray for our nation…

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        • Stef February 10, 00:43

          Im really scared idk what to believe i live alone i. Rural south white woman on disability i literally have horrible panic attacks the last 3 months white people r going to wind up in these fema camps being tortured n especially if ur Christian so what can i do please im 55 n just wanted to live my quiet little life ìm scated

          Reply to this comment
          • lyn February 10, 16:47

            Life has always been a bit scary. But we can’t worry about it. If we can do anything, we should, but worry only makes our lives miserable. If you’re a Christian pray about it; turn it over to God and relax in that He has a plan for us…I try to be open to the answers He provides me. We’re not perfect so we have to continue to ‘re-try’ alot but at least there is some peace in that.

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          • dz February 16, 22:50

            Stef, if you are a veteran with PTSD please contact the VA, they should be able to help you.

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      • Consc0 February 18, 18:22

        You are actually assuming the military will turn against us. They won’t. In fact hat drone you mention may be used to hit the capitol….

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        • Bandit 4517 November 26, 15:23

          Evidently, you didn’t know that Obama removed all senior military officers who would not fire upon American civilians. Will all military obey their commanders? I hope not, but hope is just not what is fact. Our history says differently. Look at Lincoln and Grant in the 1860’s, or more recently, the FBI attacking the Sioux in So. Dakota, Ruby Ridge in Idaho, The Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. All were supported Federal Law Enforcement by the military. All were adjudicated in Federal Court and condemned in state courts !
          With the hiring of “contractors” and / or United Nations soldiers who have no allegiance to the US, we have a truly dangerous situation. We’ve already seen Antifa and BLM controlled by anti-American interests; what is to stop heavily financed and powerful political or industrial forces from taking over US Military bases and equipment if so ordered by the Commander in Chief? or Congress?

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          • Stef February 10, 00:54

            So really what am i a white middle aged woman to do really im so sick w worry n being Christian n white seems to be the criteria of being put in one of these reprogramming camps ìm literally sick w worry n fear

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          • KayCee February 13, 05:24

            Witness our National Guard sleeping on cement floors to fellate the tremendous megalomania of the likes of Nancy Pelousy. Would they did an about-face and ripped! Situation ethics? Maybe, but maybe warranted and appropriate too!

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        • AG November 26, 23:46

          EXCELLENT Article… here we are in November 2020 what say folks now. What to do. Im going to outfit myself with what it is I need. Side note: HG Wells his Outline of History, the last chapter ..I recommend it.

          Reply to this comment
        • Justme November 30, 16:25

          I can’t wait until the drone hits the Capitol. If we are lucky it will happen during a state of the union address when ALL elected corrupt lying self serving Federal scumbags will get vaporized

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        • dz February 16, 23:03

          I don’t know if the military would attack the Capitol either. but I would bet that if any military attacked US Citizens without justifiable cause such as first being attacked by deadly force, the other military personnel around them would stop them, maybe even kill them if they needed to.

          How do I make this judgement? 20 years active duty followed by 15 more years as a Federal Employee for Department of Defense, surrounded by active duty for 35 years provides me some insight how they perceive things around the world, as well as here in the USA.

          Now if some enterprising foreign power (China, Iran, etc.) decided to make a serious cyber attack on our weapon control functions, then you might see our own weapons’ being used against us. For those who doubt, look what happened to our recent election that used vote tabulating machines (Dominion) that we were told were not able to access or be accessed via the internet, but that has been proven to be a lie, and they were programmed to change vote tabulations and were also hacked into by many foreign servers around the planet. This is the most insidious internal “coupe” and cover up in history. Do the research, real research, then decide what You are willing to do about it..

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      • left coast chuck February 18, 20:44

        I guess, Stan, you didn’t read my post responding to your post in almost a verbatim fashion. So let me just briefly annotate it for you:

        U.S. vs. Afghanis 2000s

        Russia vs. Afghanis 1980s

        U. S. vs. North Viet Nam, 1960s and 70s

        Fidel Castro vs. Bautista regime 1960s

        Patriots vs. British Army and Navy 1770s

        There are many more instances of poorly armed groups defeating a vastly superior, better armed group.

        Someone once said, “It isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog.” Pretty accurate a lot of times.

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        • Stan February 19, 18:14

          That is woefully naive. The average cell phone toting, reality TV watching American will NOT fight like an Afghan.

          Those asymmetric battles involve populations that had little or nothing to lose.

          Look at today’s good. 44% of Republicans think Trump should be able to shred the first amendment because the media is mean to him. Those people aren’t going to take up arms to defend American values.

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          • Hacksaw February 19, 20:49

            “44% of today’s Republicans think Trump should shred the first Amendmant. YOUR OPIION ONLY. YOU CANT PROVE IT. And I’m not a ”.Trumper”.

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          • MikeyW February 25, 21:04

            Name one instance where Trump stifled free speech. Criticizing inaccurate to outright false reporting is the exercise of HIS First Amendment rights.

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            • red February 28, 20:11

              Niio! Trump is so trusted among non-whites (the majority is non-liberal) he’s bringing in folks by the droves. False news is making a laughingstock of the media, and I like how Trump takes no BS from these creepy people on the left. Take a look at how the old brothers who were Code Talks almost had heart failure laughing when he called that bimbo Pocahontas.

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              • Stef February 10, 00:58

                Well left coadt chuck can you give me a middle aged white Christian woman who lives alone in rural sourh what can i do besides be sick w worry n fear that im going to be swept off to a fema white reprogramming camp

                Reply to this comment
                • red ant February 10, 11:53


                  Say girl slow down. Get your mind going in the right direction. Ok I know that all this is scary and you don’t know where to run, but you need to just stop and set down and close your eyes and say to your self. I’m in control of my self and nothing can harm me. You are a child of GOD and he wants you to stop fearing all this that you are going thru. Remember God is in control. Ask GOD to come and protect you from this fear that is in your mind.

                  You can do this you are stronger then all this. You need to say to your self that I’m in control and nothing can come against me. Fight with all that you have and GOD will help you fight this. YOU CAN DO THIS Stef. You are sourronder by the hedge that GOD has placed around you right now at this time. You are covered and you can get passed this. I believe in you.

                  Wright me back, lets talk. I’m here if you need me.

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          • Rawhide November 27, 01:33

            The media isn’t about the 1st Amendment anymore. They are about supporting the socialist democrat party as has been proven by their censuring any and all stories related to joe biden and family or of evidence of vote fraud in the recent election. No, President Trump isn’t censuring the media, he’s just calling them out because of their biases.

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        • Yank February 19, 19:02


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        • piggylookadoo November 27, 20:00

          The north Vietnamese didn’t defeat the US military–millions of communists were killed by our side, yet only 55,000 or so GI’s were killed. Congress forced the war to end by defunding it, which see:
          “…But compared to Congress during the presidency of George W. Bush, the Vietnam-era legislature compiled an impressive record in challenging flawed presidential decisions. Between 1964 and 1975, many legislators forced discussion of difficult questions about the mission, publicly challenged the administration’s core arguments, and USED BUDGETARY MECHANISMS TO CREATE PRESSURE ON THE PENTAGON TO BRING THE WAR TO A HALT. A number of liberal Democrats started in the mid-1960s as some of the most vocal critics of escalation in Vietnam; by the early 1970s they were wielding the power of the purse.
          Many observers have glorified the role of the media and anti-war protestors in forcing an end to one of America’s most disastrous foreign policies. But numerous members of Congress deserve equal respect, and can serve as a model for legislators who are today challenging the president..”..—American Prospect
          Here’s the link:

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      • TheSouthernNationalist February 18, 22:24

        Yep, capitalism has worked extremely well for Pelosi, Shumer, Feinstein, and all the rest of those creatures in DC, I cant see them giving any of it up.

        Reply to this comment
        • EddieW February 20, 04:52

          The Democrat’s Stealth Jihad Against America
          For decades, the Democrat Party has shown by both words and deeds
          that they despise the U.S. Constitution while they bend over
          backwards to embrace Islamists, illegal aliens and anyone who hates
          America. The left is only interested in power and nothing else. Even
          if it means to sacrifice our national security and advocate open borders………

          by Amil Imani

          Reply to this comment
        • Graywolf12 December 21, 15:45

          They will give up nothing. They just do not want others to reach the level they have achieved. You do know that they ( the elites) are sooooo much smarter than we deplorables.

          Reply to this comment
      • Rawhide February 18, 22:59

        Keep your head in the sand. One day you will wake up to the jackbooted thugs kicking in your front door and hauling you to jail because you thought you were free to speak. You are one of those who has to have their sports and beer and then you are content, while the country falls apart around you. So keep believing what the MSM is feeding you, right up to the jail doors slam behind you.

        Reply to this comment
      • jan February 19, 01:34

        It’s already here for those on Medicare and Medicaid. Read my post.

        Reply to this comment
      • Graywolf12 December 21, 15:40

        Yes, and the rebels in Afghanistan was defeated by Russia and the USA. Ha Ha. Go vote for Hillary she is sure to win every time you vote for her. You are on the wrong site to spread the PC BS put out by the elites for the useful idiots to feed on.

        Reply to this comment
      • Yank December 21, 17:43

        The best way to take over a country is to make the population dependant upon the government. At one point in Obama’s administration, he had 47% of the American population on some form of government assistance/Welfare. Obama was well on his way to dominating our population. Trump stopped that and actually brought back jobs to America and took millions off the Welfare rolls. With this act alone, the Democrats went crazier! If you disagree with the 47% on government assistance/Welfare, research those numbers. Obama was not what he appeared to be at all!

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      • dz December 6, 20:45

        I am retired military, still work for the military as a Federal employee, and don’t know where you’re getting your propaganda, but you really need to do a lot more valid research, especially about “smart bombs” and Drones. I don’t know or recall anyone that would be willing to open fire on innocent US civilians unless fired upon first, nor perform door to door search and seizures to violate our Constitutional rights, The majority I know lean conservative, especially after they dropped the Draft and went 100% volunteer.

        Now think about that “kid” you mentioned, do you think the other military in the vicinity would stand by and allow that kid to launch weapons from Drones on the US civilian population? He would probably be killed in short order by the other military members (using their AR’s, combat knife, or whatever they could use) after they realized what he was doing.

        Reply to this comment
        • dz February 16, 13:38

          let me clarify what I mean by “I don’t know anyone that would fire on US Civilians…”

          I am referring to the active military I knew when I was active duty, and now that I am “retired military” but still work for DoD, the active military I currently work with – I cannot name a single person that I think would fire upon US Civilians except in a self defense situation, and they would consider any “orders” to do so unlawful and hopefully they would stop any others trying to fire on Civilians.. There have been despicable instances where Federal Agencies have “crossed the line” such as Ruby Ridge, and recently the illegal Hurricane Katrina gun confiscations, but I think the vast majority of US Military would not follow orders to fire upon US Civilians, they may even take sides to defend those civilians.

          Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw February 18, 15:05

      Yes you are very stupid. Thank you for advertising this fact in public.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck February 18, 20:37

        I would hope we could discuss this topic without the usual insults that seem to be so common these days any time someone disagrees with an earlier post.

        I think it would be more helpful if one pointed out perceived error’s in the post rather than just commenting on the poster’s mental capacity. I sort of got away from from the grade school playground name calling some years ago. I think it shows a more developed intellect to be able to point out what one considers to be gaps in the reasoning of the post one is responding to as opposed to just a third grade “You’re stupid.” “Am not.” “Are too.”

        For the edifications of those who are not old enough to remember, the term in English “Nazi” stood for “Socialist German Workers’ Party”

        Notice the very first word in the name was “Socialist”

        In German it was: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei and was abbreviated abbreviated NSDAP.

        Somehow in English it got transliterated to Nazi.

        What it actually was besides being a cult, was a dictatorship. Everything in Germany belonged to the state and the state was personified by Adolph Hitler.

        So while some authors ascribe “right wing” to the NSDAP, in reality, they started off describing themselves as socialists. And, indeed, they started off that way. They regulated wages and prices, they seized factories where the factory owner didn’t have friends in high places to prevent the seizure (mainly defense industries — sound familiar?)

        They seized the property of those they deemed enemies of the state. Can anyone say “forfeiture”?

        They employed armed goon squads that attacked dissidents and disfavored individuals and groups. Can you say Randy Weaver, and the folks in Waco? How about the Gonzales boy in Florida just to name a few? That was a very telling picture with the goon dressed in armor, with helmet and goggles on pointing his short barreled shotgun at the terrified little boy.” Way to go, Unteroffizier.

        If you want a more recent example, I don’t know whether the recently arrested lawyer who was a friend of Trump is guilty of any crime or not, but he has no record of violence. He was not accused of a crime of violence, he is an older man, looking to be in his sixties and certainly doesn’t appear to be a physical threat, yet the goons in the government found it necessary to raid his home with his ill wife at 0400, all armed with shotguns pointed at the house and the accused while they were armored up with vests and helmets. Hmmm. Sounds like 1934 a little bit, doesn’t it?

        Also sort of reminds me of Communist Russia too with the nameless acronymic secret groups knocking on the doors in the early morning hours.

        Are we becoming a communist state? I don’t know. A prosecutor in this county used to use a little ditty, “If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it most likely is a duck.”

        Well, if it sounds like a communist and acts like a communist, what do you think are the chances that it is a communist?

        What are you going to do when they bang on your door with their rifle butts at 0400 in the morning terrifying your wife and children?

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        • jan February 19, 01:32

          Know this: for those with Medicare and Medicaid (via disability or elderly) they HAVE to have socialized medicine. In Ohio it’s called MYCARE. It’s also referred to as MANAGED CARE. They forced these people onto this socialized medicine, paid insurance companies to open “side” businesses to MANAGE these and I can’t begin to tell you the awful consequences. For one thing, for many many meds (that CANNOT be missed) patients do without or must go into the hospital in order to get meds for the period where the doctor must request a ‘prior authorization’ for the med, the ‘managed care company’ has to approve it, THEN the patient can get the meds from the pharmacy. Some of these meds are are such that you can’t skip even a day, let alone a week or so. And they can do this EVERY MONTH! Finally because of the many hospitalizations for psych patients during this ‘wait’ time, and it was costing so much! they changed the policy to exclude psych meds. Imagine a psych patient without meds! Not to mention the withdrawal! I know this from personal experiences. Last year 23 states had joined this ‘managed care’ policy…I’m sure now there are many more. Because they get Federal money for doing this. It went into effect along with the Obama care. This isn’t hearsay….check it out for yourself. It’s SO unfair! Also check online the available doctors. Then check their reviews online. SO AWFUL some are! Because they get paid less than even if they were on Medicaid alone! So where do you find bad doctors? A lot in managed care states. It used to be VA clinics; but Pres. Trump changed the law so veterans can seek care outside of the VA. I’ve tweeted to the President and have called Senators. No replies. Only from others suffering under this policy states have adopted. While we hear of the fights over the wall and everything else, quietly these government officials are creating socialism right under our noses! FINALLY the president has been mentioning socialism but what about it going on in so many states forced by the government? Forced by states that want more $ from the Feds. This is true. I personally have seen many suffer under this socialism for the poor, elderly and disabled. Check it out!

          Reply to this comment
        • Stugots February 19, 15:57

          Are we becoming a communist state? How about the Ten Planks of the communist manifesto ? Looks like we have a good start.

          Reply to this comment
          • Sheri February 20, 00:20

            Trump is Putin’s lap dog and Putin doesn’t believe in Communism; he just believes in FAKE democracy. So America is safe but Trump wants to sell NUCs to Saudi Arabia so maybe Trump wants us to convert is Islam. And oh HELL NO. I won’t convert to Islam no matter how much money Trump takes to betray America!!!!

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            • dz December 6, 20:32

              Sheri, please either resume taking your prescribed meds again or lay off the hallucinogens’, you are suffering from dementia and displaying it on a public forum.

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          • Graywolf12 November 28, 02:43

            Communist Goals
            [From “The Naked Communist,” by Cleon Skousen]
            1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.
            2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.
            3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament [by] the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.
            4. Permit free trade between all nations regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.
            5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet satellites.
            6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.
            7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.
            8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the German question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.
            9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the United States has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.
            10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.
            11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)
            12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party.
            13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
            14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent Office.
            15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
            16. Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American institutions by claiming their activities violate civil rights.
            17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
            18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
            19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
            20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy-making positions.
            21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.
            22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”
            23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”
            24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.
            25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
            26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
            27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”
            28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”
            29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old-fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.
            30. Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the “common man.”
            31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of the “big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
            32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture–education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.
            33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.
            34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
            35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.
            36. Infiltrate and gain control of more unions.
            37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.
            38. Transfer some of the powers of arrest from the police to social agencies. Treat all behavioral problems as psychiatric disorders which no one but psychiatrists can understand [or treat].
            39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.
            40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
            41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.
            42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use [“]united force[“] to solve economic, political or social problems.
            43. Overthrow all colonial governments before native populations are ready for self-government.
            44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.
            45. Repeal the Connally reservation so the United States cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction [over domestic problems. Give the World Court jurisdiction] over nations and individuals alike.

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        • Hacksaw February 19, 20:44

          Stupid is as stupid does. The very first post on this topic is a stupid comment. What is even more stupid is writing a thesis to whine about how your inability to speak the truth, call a spade a spade and get to the heart of the matter means that no other posters can posit such language.

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        • Hacksaw February 20, 16:15

          thank you for proving our point in your post. You are a Whney cry baby liberal loser. Want to know how I know? You whine and cry about posters commenting on other posters mental abilities and then you arrogantly claim your superiority over everyone by referring to these Com mentors as still being in grade school. Because only you can issue a mature comment. And because only you know how to post an appropriate comment. Please let us know when you graduate from the first grade, I’ll send you a box of Kleenex so you can post your Whiney little cry baby rants without dropping tears on mommies laptop. Speaking of mommy, have her change your diaper, you stink little girl.

          Reply to this comment
          • dz February 16, 23:14

            Hacksaw, it would really help if you posted the names of the other posters you are addressing or referring to avoid confusion and help get your points across.

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        • AG November 26, 23:49

          Well said..great example of Mr. Stone

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        • KayCee February 13, 04:39

          Spit in their eye!

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    • Jerseykris February 18, 17:49

      Over the last few years, I’ve gotten some very useful information from this site about actual prepping and survival tips from some very knowledgeable contributors.

      Lately though, many of the articles, and particularly the comments, have been taken over by the “Mah’ guns…/gov tyranny/commies & socialists are hiding around every corner” contingent.

      This article is yet another in that vein that’s helping to define preppers as the lunatic fringe, which is a shame for the rest of us.

      Reply to this comment
      • Rawhide February 18, 23:11

        To be forewarned is to be fore armed. Meaning if you know and is aware of what is going on, you can be better prepared. If you stick your head in the sand, you will wake up with a jackboot up your back side. I would rather be aware than surprised, because then its too late.

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    • Graywolf12 February 18, 18:09

      Explain your comment, what is stupid?

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    • dz December 6, 20:16

      denial does not mean it is not happening, you really should take the time to research both history and current events, make honest assessments, and analyze realistically what has been occurring in the US for many decades now – it’s a long term plan that included slowly taking over the education system and spending years and generations slowly revising the curriculum
      engineered to indoctrinating the younger generations into false perceptions and beliefs. Why is it my older siblings were taught US History and Government in high school during the 70’s, but four years later when I attended those same schools (still in the 70’s) US History and US Government was no longer taught, it was changed to Social Studies, and thirty years later my own kids were not taught any real history, or how the government really works, so now that they are grown they ask me a lot of questions about both.

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  2. Hoosier Homesteader February 18, 12:45

    A good, but sobering post. I fear for the future of this nation; the education system is doing a better job of brainwashing our youth than it is teaching them how to think. Everything I see seems to confirm the points the writer of this post pointed out. “Society”, is moving toward socialism.
    As to the question at the end, our freedom of speech and our right to bare arms has been under attack for a long time.
    How can we stop this? What can we do? Personally, I think the only way is to get down on faces and pray to God Almighty to have mercy on us. Confess the sins of our people, and ask that He give us leaders that will unite our nation and show the sleeping majority the tragic path we’re on, and inspire us to take back our Constitution. We need to show society that our freedoms are God-given rights, and are WAY more important than who’s going to the super bowl.

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    • oldfatguy February 18, 15:13

      Amen to that, HH

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    • Hacksaw February 18, 16:25

      The underlying problem with today’s society is laziness. Lazy people trade their freedom for free things. Laziness is on the rise. Free education. Free healthcare. Food, clothing, shelter, transportation: all necessities that, in the past, were earned by free people. Today’s man bun wearing fragile protected class of citizens chooses to be slaves of the government in exchange for free necessities because they are too lazy to get off of their worthless rear ends to earn a living. You can call it whatever “ISM” that you want but when you cut out the fat and get to the meat of the matter it is the lazy slug, not the “ISM” that is causing our downfall.

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      • Armin February 18, 19:16

        Universal health care isn’t such a bad idea, Hacksaw. But we do pay for it. Canada is one of the most heavily taxed countries in the world. As we get older strange things start to happen to us that we could never have imagined. For the last 20 or so years of my life I constantly worked double shifts. And because of that I made it to about my mid fifties and then everything went wrong. My heart blew up. Hernia problems. Knee problems. If I had been living in the United States I would be dead right now because there’s no way I would have been able to afford all those operations. And in some ways that may have been a good thing seeing all that’s wrong in the world. There are many, BUT NOT ALL, in the new generation that ARE lazy and feel that they’re entitled to start at the top without going through the work to get there. They somehow feel that the world owes them something and the world doesn’t work like that. I almost gave my life for my country. Inadvertently, of course. I’ve worked very hard all my life to get where I am today. My fault was that I worked very hard but not smart and was stupid enough to take on the jobs that no one else wanted. And here we are today.

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        • lynnE February 23, 20:45

          Managed care/SS med restricts your doctors and meds and you don’t see docs you want or get meds you need. Right here in America. Called managed care (for medicare andme dicaid elderly and disabled). Several states have it now. And don’t forget about the death panel. If you are 70 and need surgery or get cancer, they figure you will die before of something else so don’t treat you. Check with CMS if you don’t believe me. A friend in Holland died due to brain cancer…identified a week before she died. A man I know from Canada had to come here for a kidney stone machine as Canada only had one and wait was 6 months. Do your homework.

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        • Bandit 4517 November 26, 23:38

          Hi Armin. I think you are right – to a point. Taxes are amazingly high in Canada to support a universal health care program. I’m happy that you survived and have done OK. I’ve known a couple in Canada that as soon as they reached a magical age (whatever formula was used, I have no idea), medical treatment was withheld and the people I knew were allowed to just die off because, I suppose, they were no longer able to contribute to the economic system.
          If it works in Canada – great. But, in the US we’ve seen big government fail time and time again leaving us with an outdated, ineffective and costly bureaucracy bent on maintaining itself and the jobs it can continue to gather. power and control to itself and the Federal government.

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      • greenlady February 18, 23:50

        Good for you! Just don’t confuse with socialism and social democracy. There not the same! The government trying to give us health for all and free college doesn’t make us a socialist government. It makes us a social democracy. JFK proudly proclaimed himself a liberal (caring for the people). It’s good company to be in. Democracy is alive and well!

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        • left coast chuck February 20, 06:45

          I find it dangerously misleading when people talk about products or services being “free”. Let’s take “free” college education. There is the cost of the upkeep of the physical plant. There is the cost of the administrators and all the support personnel maintaining the physical plant and shuffling all the paper work associated with maintaining records of course completion, paying the bills to vendors, maintaining payroll records etc. There is the cost of the instructors. All that has to be paid for. So there is a cost to education even before one student steps on campus. Presently, that cost is offset by a significant portion from the tuition that the students (or their parents) pay. If one takes away that source of income stream, what replaces it?

          The folks who want to mislead folks who don’t think critically will say, “The government will pay the difference to keep the school open.”

          Let’s think about that for a moment. What does “The Government” do to generate income? What products does it manufacture? What services does it provide that people willingly pay money for to receive? I am not talking about taxes or fees charged for mandatory “services” such a building inspection or for services that the government does with government employees in lieu of private contractors, I am talking about such services as provide hands on personalized medical advice for a fee or financial advice. I am talking about the builder who actually makes something. The company that manufactures your automobile. The list is endless.

          The answer is that the government doesn’t do anything to earn cash aside from levying duty on imports which in essence is a tax. The sole source of income for any government is taxes.

          So, by eliminating tuition, the fees the student pays in return for receiving an education, that income stream must be replaced by someone paying taxes. That is called income transference. You take money from someone by force of threat and give it to someone else. If you do it and are not a government, it is called robbery.

          Please do not raise the canard that there is no threat involved in the collection of taxes. The entire might of whatever government and whatever sanctions they impose by force of arms is enough threat. Seizing property for non-payment of taxes is threat.

          So there is no “free” medical care, nor “free” college education. Someone is going to pay for it and when the government gets involved it always costs more in the long run than if provided by private enterprise. Always. There isn’t a single thing provided by any government that doesn’t cost more than when provided by unfettered private enterprise. I am not talking about monopolized “free enterprise” where a single provider has a deal with a public entity to provide a service to the exclusion of other providers such as an electric company or internet provider.

          So let’s stop talking about “free” education or “free” medical care. Let’s call it what it is, transfer payment education and transfer payment medical care.

          Of course everyone hopes that some other guy is going to pick up the tab for the transfer payment education and the lie is that the “wealthy” are going to pick up the tab.

          That is a lie also. The wealthy have on their payroll numerous accountants and lawyers whose sole job is to help them avoid paying taxes. They have the means at their disposal to move money around to different countries. They have the means to time their receipt of payments to deflect taxes.

          A headline this week was that Amazon that had gross receipts of xxx billions of dollars paid no taxes. Well, that is a lie too. They paid payroll taxes. They paid property taxes. They paid sales taxes on their equipment if they had facilities in the PDRK. If they leased equipment they paid indirect taxes because some company paid taxes on the equipment and that cost was passed to Amazon. They paid gasoline taxes when they paid delivery charges because UPS and FedEX and all the companies that provide delivery services to Amazon include fuel tax in their charges. Somebody complained that Amazon is not paying enough to the post office to deliver packages. The contract that was entered into between USPS and Amazon was a contract entered into by two willing parties neither of whom had to sign the contract. If the USPS signed a money losing contract, it just proves my point that the government just can’t do get anything done right.

          So if businesses and the wealthy aren’t going to pick up the money transfer charge, just who do you think is going to pick up the check? The folks who are already on public dole under money transfer schemes? Not very likely. It will be the already burdened folks who are working for a living. They are going to be the ones who will be forced to fund the money transfer scheme designed to win votes from the unthinking.

          There is also the great lie that college education returns more in taxes to the government than it costs. They point to the success of the GI bill after WWII as support for that great lie. That was a once in a epoch event that happened at a time when people actually worked for a living. When college students actually studied topics that led to jobs that produced income. Unfortunately, too many students today are pursuing studies that have no potential income source. While one can say that any education no matter how esoteric is valuable and enriches one’s life, too many folks think that education automatically entitles them to some superior paying job.

          Well, boys and girls, the world doesn’t work that way. The reason why the the eight foot tall b.ball dunker gets paid 100 times what a teacher gets paid is because tens of thousands of people will pay big money to watch the illiterate eight footer put a round ball in a round hoop but the same people are not willing to pay much money to have somebody else teach their kids topics the parents think they have no business knowing at their age. It’s economics 101 pure and simple. If lots of people will buy it, it is worth more money than if no one wants it despite how much work went into it.

          If you want to invest in education as a source of income then it behooves you to do market study beforehand to determine what market has the biggest demand and pays the most money. Maybe if your goal is just to make money, you would be better off really concentrating on hitting a fast moving little round globe great distances as opposed to spending six years or eight years studying paleontology at a cost of several hundreds of thousands of dollars. You might be better off studying paleontology in your spare time as an avocation than pursuing it as a means to wealth.

          But whatever you do with your life, stop lying to yourself by calling it “free medical care” and “free education.” Call it what it really is, wealth transference medical care and education. Stop lying to yourself. Don’t buy into the lies of demagogic politicians who pander to non-thinking voters.

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        • Hacksaw February 20, 15:45

          Not so good for you. Your government school indoctrination is showing. The U.S. government is a Republic. Not a democracy. And referring to our government as a “social democracy” is no different than putting lipstick on a pig and then expecting both the ugly. and the stink to go away.

          You indoctrinated drones make a living telling the world how much you care about this, that and the other. Yet you do nothing to correct this that and the other. You go around with “I Care” T shirts , posters and bill boards but you don’t lift a finger to correct any of the issues that you “care” about. Take all of the results of your “care”in one hand, compare it to a hand full of dog squeeze and then tell me which hand is fulll.

          JFK is rolling over in his grave knowing that parasitic freedom and liberty hating losers like you have infected this once great nation with your lies and cheating ways. Kennedy said ask not what your country can do for you and you replied no way dude, it’s all about me, I’ll trade my freedom for free stuff given to me by my government. You and your kind are a cancer, an enemy of freedom and self responsibility and me and my kind are the cure for the illness you bring to this world. When your so called democracy is alive and well freedom, liberty and self reliance are dying.

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          • AG November 26, 23:54

            A constitutional republic…correct. I remember taking Amer. Govt. In school 40 yrs. Ago…I don’t have kids but I understand they don’t teach that anymore..blows my mind.

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            • KayCee February 13, 04:56

              Yes. I believe the trend began with the advent of “Social Studies”. Social Studies dumbed down the curriculum catering to low readability of many so-called minorities who were often paid to attend school. We were considered white-privileged, we who attended school and then went to work to pay for it. I remember seeing the lines of students picking up their checks and knowing I was not flavor of the month. That was in the seventies! White privilege my Aunt Jennie, we were just as impoverished. No one gave a damn! We did not learn Constitutional Law or American Government, we learned about Nigeria and Zimbabwe. That is the truth, no one dared utter.

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        • lynne March 5, 22:50

          unless you have medicare and Medicaid and live in a state that takes fed money to start ‘managed care’ and then the docs run away….for the most part. Bad docs show up as they can’t get a job any other way. Read reviews of docs who take managed care. I know about this all too well I’m sorry to say. Quality DOES go down in socialized medicine. Don’t buy the lie.
          Nothing is free. They cut benefits and you get the scraps left over. Dems want to raise taxes to pay for ‘free’ things. Too tired to get into it. those who believe it will, those who don’t won’t. What do they say….something like ‘it won’t work to change a person’s will….they will be of the same opinion still’.
          But MAYBE once they research it, they may believe. Still what can we do about it? Mom always said ‘you can’t fight city hall’. I’m a tiny person. No one listens to me….but when THEY get less care/bad care they will understand. Too late. I’m old. It’s for the next generation I speak. I grew up free. I feel so bad knowing now freedom is at stake. I’ll pray for those coming behind me. That’s all I can do.

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          • red March 6, 07:14

            My care provider is the VA. Not the best, but much better now than when Dad had to use them. I have a friend in prison in Penna, who was astanch dem–his grandparents escaped the Ukraine during Stalin’s famine. He was all enthusiastic about socialized medicine till I pointed out that he was on socialized medicine. Robert Heinlein, a pre-prepper prepper, had a saying, TANSTAAFL, there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. He was a prophet.

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          • KayCee February 13, 05:37

            Yes, Lynne. I say glad I am on my way out, not on my way in, the way things are going. But the children! Oh God, the kids.

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        • oldfatguy March 24, 22:32

          We don’t live in a democracy of any kind–we live in a constitutional representative republic. Socialism is EXACTLY what a “social” democracy is–a majority of parasites voting to give a dictatorial govt the authority to steal money from producers and give it to parasites…

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        • dz December 6, 22:34

          JFK along with many other liberals got us into Viet Nam, and it wasn’t to fight communism and promote freedom and democracy to an oppressed people, it was for money and power.

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      • greenlady February 18, 23:58

        I disagree with the laziness behind wanting ‘free health’, ‘free education’, a back-up food system when someone loses his or her job. Many people are not educated for the jobs that are available, hence the need for ‘free college’. And when people lose their jobs, food stamps are a Godsend. And some states wouldn’t take the Medicaid expansion, so people are working, but not making enough to qualify for the Affordable Health Care and have no insurance at all. It happens, and laziness is not a part of it.

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        • Santini February 19, 03:03

          wWen you start giving” free health” as you put it, the quality of the health care diminishes. This is why many wealthy people for other Socialist Countries come to the U.S. for treatments, to escape the low paid socialist doctors.

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    • Armin February 18, 19:37

      The only “God given right” we have, Hoosier Homestead, is freedom of choice. Everything, to a lesser or greater degree, is regulated by the society we live in. Obviously some are more repressive than others. And some on this website are worse than these repressive regimes thinking that they can muzzle other’s opinions or curtail their right of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech is still the most important right we have. Some dogs refuse to be muzzled and never can or will be. Update. I am trying Vick’s Vapo Rub on my feet and it seems to be helping. At least that horrible itching is gone and the rash seems to be receding. I’m trying to use what I have on hand and we’ll see how it works put. I know you’re a very good and highly religious person, HH, but PERSONALLY I don’t think we can rely on God to save us because we do have freedom of choice and if anyone is going to save us it’s up to us to save ourselves. We just have to make the right choices. 🙂

      Reply to this comment
      • Hoosier Homesteader February 19, 04:20

        Hi Armin, Vick’s Vapo Rub? That’s a new one on me; I certainly hope it continues to give you relief. If it works, you better keep it under hat 🙂 Big Pharma might find out, buy up the Vabo Rub and start charging $500 a jar 🙂
        Armin, I’ve seen the hand of God at work in my own life. To me, He is REAL. And if humanity would just step outside on a beautiful summer day and look around, and ponder where all this came from: our world, the universe; …I guess I can’t comprehend in my own mind that, everything that exists, just “happened”. If He can speak a word, and the Universe is born, then bringing up leaders to turn America around should be a cake walk. So, if we have to open a can of Whoop-ass to change things, who’s to say that’s not part of Gods plan? War was a tool He used throughout the Bible.
        Keep sending those updates!

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    • Nolan February 19, 02:46

      Very true

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  3. Russell February 18, 15:47

    These are immature children who have not the knowledge of the corruption and tyranny of Marxism, but are following the agenda of the professors and friends like them.

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    • Yank February 18, 17:13

      Our babies are becoming the next wave of exploiting our young. Our 8 and 9 year olds are going to be taught sex education in public schools. They will be taught things like gay sex, “are you a boy or are you a girl” about oral sex not really being sex and so on. The state of Colorado is the first state to teach this and it will presumably envelope this country and received a 1 million dollar grant to take our baby’s innocence! All compliments of the liberals! If you don’t believe this, research it!

      Reply to this comment
      • Badmoon1 February 18, 18:39

        Why are allowing it and not home or private schooling your children?

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      • Franni February 18, 18:58

        Home schooling our children is the way to go these days! Keep them out of the government-run facilities!

        Reply to this comment
      • Yank February 19, 19:13

        What I didn’t say but should have is I will NEVER allow my granddaughter’s innocence to be taken this way! I will home school or find a way to send her to a private school. This world that we live in is a twisted sickness which goes far beyond what God would allow, in my opinion. It almost sounds as though our children are being groomed to be sex slaves and the teachers of this horrible mess will be their pimps! The school systems and the government have over-stepped their bounds here, again, in my opinion.

        Reply to this comment
        • KayCee February 13, 05:00

          Your writing preceded Covid19. But you were so correct. Just saw last night how due to the rampant US unemployment due to Covid, young people selling themselves online in order to put food on the table. All boasting how easily they sell themselves. Just tragic really.

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    • red February 22, 11:45

      Teach them Mexico. In 1910, Mexico had a higher per capita income and far more jobs than the US. Americans were flooding the country looking for work. the peso was valued at $1.86 and gold then sold for $28.00/USD. Pay rates were higher for the same jobs. Then socialists took over and by 1930 or so, it was 4,000 pesos to the dollar. Today, if you can afford the taxes for an outhouse in the backyard, ya hit the middle class, ‘mano! Socialism killed them. Remember that. Teach that.

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  4. Pancho February 18, 16:03

    The following comment was interesting: “What we are going to do when they come for our freedom of speech and our freedom to bear arms?” because we’re already in the process of losing both of those. Many want freedom of speech ended so that no one can verbally offend them, and they want to collect all of the guns because they stupidly believe that “guns kill.” And since so many people are asleep now (distracted), it seems unlikely that much will be done; many would rather hide at home in front of a wall-sized TV set with a pizza and a beer. There are a couple of very and typically naive comments by people who do not understand that Communism is growing very strong here, and that our freedoms are being taken away in increments so that we don’t notice. And as we see, many don’t notice that. Communism pushes the false notion that “we’re all the same” (to make lowlifes feel better about themselves) and the idea that we must distribute the wealth equally. This idea appeals to those who don’t want to exert themselves working. Some people smugly state that “we’re stronger than ever!” OK, but the U.S. owes China $1.138 trillion and it would appear that some of that debt is being paid off with land where the Chinese are creating settlements, just in case some do not know this. We’ve been warned for decades about Communism but we didn’t pay much attention. The U.S. is in a state of entropy or “free fall” as some call it. Trump wants to MAGA but the population is too naive and with no idea how the world actually works. Americans aren’t that bright: It was easy to convince them that navy seals killed osama bin-laden even though he died of kidney disease, it was easy to convince them that the WTC was knocked down by airliners (a physically impossible act), just as they were convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK even though no evidence connects him to Kennedy. Americans can be made to believe anything which is why this country is slowly fading away and is being slowly taken over by other people, which is what happened to the Romans …

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    • Hacksaw February 20, 19:04

      So you were there when bin laden died ? Part of his inner circle? Saw his death certificate indicating diabetes as cause of death?

      So the live video that tens of millions of people watched showing airliners colliding with the towers was just a Hollywood prank? Kind of like the fake moon landing staged on 1969 by NASA? Yeah, that’s it. Me and my wife, the queen of England, would love to have you over for dinner !

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    • Graywolf12 February 27, 16:44

      Communism takes over one little step at a time. Read the 1963 communist goals, the Rules for Radicals, and the Communist manifesto. If that is not enough look up the writings of Marx and Lenin.

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      • red March 3, 03:25

        Wisdom, thank you, bro. Hitler did not take over by force of arms, but offered a solution to the poverty brought on by the Weimar Republic. The WR was trying to ease people into communism and destroyed Germany with socialism. Like Pelosi, people had to vote for Hitler to hear what he had in store. then it was too late.

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  5. TruthB Told February 18, 16:36

    Listen to this warning from 1961 and think about America today in 2019

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    • Deek February 18, 18:49

      Ronald Reagan, a great American. He knew that America could only be taken down from within. Taken down by traitorous scum within our government. We must get rid of the RINOs in congress. Give president TRUMP the support he deserves, to help make America great again

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    • Pooh Bear February 18, 21:43

      Truth be told, thank you. I had not seen that before. You were a big help to me. Run it everywhere you can.

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  6. Bella February 18, 16:42

    it is about TAXES.
    I pay taxes. We all do unless you are the .01% then you shelter and make the other percent really dislike you. Denmark model could really work here in the USA if and only if taxes are actually paid into the system . We need to be wary of Fascism which is the real threat.

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    • Hacksaw February 20, 18:56

      It’s probably more accurate to state that 49% do t pay any taxes. And the .01% you refer to? Without them many working people wouldn’t be working and paying taxes. Please tell me know many poor people ever created or offered you a job,

      Now regarding your statement out of left field regarding fascism. You herald Denmark, a country whose govt has much more control over business than the US. I guess you don’t understand the definition of fascism. You know, the system where the govt has complete control over the economy and industry. Fear racism but praise the govt that is more likely to be fascist. Evidence of more givt school education. Govt can’t produce penny candy for less than a dollar and you want the givt running business.

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    • dz December 6, 22:59

      Bella, not everyone “pays taxes”, the tax codes are set up to be incremental and you have to reach specific levels of income to be taxed. My kids were not taught this in school, but learned this when they started working and started asking me how taxes really worked. At first they were happy when the small percentage they were taxed was completely returned in their annual tax refunds, but after they started earning more income, they hit higher tax brackets and soon realized they were no longer part of the 50% of the work force that essentially pay NO taxes, and started paying much more attention to HOW taxes are levied, and by whom – Politicians. Remember, we often get what we vote for, so I really hope a lot more Americans wise up and learn about how our Constitutional Republic is supposed to work. Unfortunately, our Republic has been experiencing many decades of being undermined from within. Hopefully the Silent Majority decide very soon not to remain silent and complacent any longer.

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  7. Pete February 18, 16:56

    Appears we are already a partially socialist country. Welfare, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, SNAP, etc., all have their founding in the socialist play book. Fortunately it seems that the “crazies” may just be the ones to ensure freedom of speech. As for the 2nd, it is obvious that there is a concerted effort to restrict issuance for future generations. Taxes on ammo and weapons, mandatory waiting periods (wait until it’s 12 months!), and of course who would be doing the review – some govt bureaucrat. Let’s just hope the states at some point actually stand up and remind DC that this country is a democratic REPUBLIC. God bless and help us and the USA.

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  8. JHD February 18, 16:57

    Schools do not teach history anymore. Oh, there are classes but not much teaching. PC is far more important than truth. You only have to look at all of the failed Socialists movements from the 19th century onward. Even China changed from killing 70 million via the Red Guard and reeducation to make you think right, to a Communist controlled capitalist society. Everyone except small, homogenous society’s, such as Sweden has failed at socialism. It simply makes producers into takers and the system collapses over and over again. You cannot give the same incentives and rewards to non-producers as producers. The producers will by human nature turn into non-producers. It is as simple as that. When government replaces God, then you have Mao, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Castro, Hitler, Stalin , etc., etc. and people are enslaved. Young people haven’t seen it or been taught about it and only see a media driven agenda against capitalism. They will suffer for it severely.

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    • Pancho February 19, 00:48

      Hitler didn’t enslave or kill anyone but 99.9999999999% of the population has been brainwashed into believing that. It would appear that only the tiniest fraction of 1% of the people ask any question. Like teenagers, they throw around the word, “fascism” without knowing what it means. Yes, it’s true that history isn’t taught anymore and the fact that almost everyone believes the “Hitler killed the Jews” lie is testament to that. One of the ex heads of the CIA said that when what they have us all believing is wrong, then they will have succeeded. One sure way to destroy a people is to destroy or distort their history, and that is exactly what has happened to the American people. They know nothing at all about WW2; they just repeat what the corporate handpuppets on the 6 o’clock news tells them to believe every night. The country is run by power from behind the scenes, but that isn’t “fascism” and those faceless/nameless men aren’t “Nazis” as so many childish people say. America is a land of millions of people who pimp for the very people who control their lives, they repeat the “Hitler was a monster” lie, they believe that Oswald killed JFK, they believe that navy seals killed bin Laden and they believe that planes knocked down the WTC, and if you tell them otherwise, they go straight to name-calling and insults. Yes, we’re watching Communism take over here just like they said they would, and look at all the young people cheering it along (which is nothing new, by the way). We’ve been warned for many years that this would happen but America laughed at McCarthy and now his name has been made into a 4-letter-word: McCarthyism. So Americans condemn and ridicule the people they ought to have listened to, and they praise Communist trash like Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, and racists like Oprah Winfrey who got a free pass (because she’s black) when she said that those whites in the south “have got to die!” If a white woman had made the same comment about blacks, she’d likely have been arrested. This is what’s left of America today and its citizens are oblivious …

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      • Doc February 19, 19:01

        God, are you right about WW2, and the”Nazis”. Check out David Irving youtube and you will hear the real history about WW2. Everything you said in your article is totally true, and hardly anyone knows it. Spread the word!

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        • Judge Holden February 20, 01:13

          Your love of Hitler is not caused by an ignorance of the facts but by your willingness to disregard fact, which is rooted in the evil which is infesting and consuming you. My Dad fought Nazis in WW2 and he was proud of it and happy that he got to shred a number of their soldiers and war machines while operating an M2.

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      • oldfatguy February 20, 01:39

        Pancho, it is a historically documented fact that Hitler loved the Jews so much, that every Sunday he had the SS grab their submachine guns and loaded the Jews into boxcars and take them to Baskin-Robbins–his treat!

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      • dz February 16, 23:36

        Pancho, you are one weird bag of partial reality mixed with an inordinate amount of blatant BS, which is a common tactic used by extremists trying to convince others to “believe”. Unfortunately, this tactic has also been incorporated into our politics, media, and even our education systems.

        You might ant to stick to facts and avoid the conjecture and conspiracy theories that others have actually witnessed and their is valid proof to validate.

        Want to do something worthwhile? Demand a Forensic Audit of all the paper ballots, the vote tabulating machines, and and investigations of the nationwide blatant corruption of the legal voting systems as established by the State Legislatures, as is defined in the Constitution. These people need to be held criminally liable for real Treason against the USA voters.

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  9. JKS February 18, 17:00

    AS to the “This is so stupid” comment, really? Have you never heard of the old axiom of the frog in boiling water? We are the frog in this case.
    The federal gov has slowly taken over our rights one by one. If they made a large move, all at once, it would fail. So they MUST move slowly all the while the main stream media trying to convince us that this is “common sense” controls.
    As to the moron who thinks an AR15 is “useless against an army”…..while that may be true, those smart bombs cost millions each. If the gov moves on its citizens ( approximatly 1/2 of the 300+ millions own firearms) to take away our liberty they are not going to spend millions on smart bombs, they will have to do it using soldiers and rifles, “laws” cops and jails.
    For the “Christians” out there (of which I am a proud member of that family) do you really think the book of REvalations can happen while the US is a superpower? Not a chance. Therefore, the US must be taken off the world stage as a power broker.
    Correct me if I am wrong, I think it was Abe Lincoln who said America cannot be brought down by an outside army. it will only fall if it destroys itself from within.
    Sure looks like we are soon at that tipping point. Hence the reason I bought 11 acres and am trying to set things up to be self sufficient. Grow our own food, make our own electric, Get our own water supply, etc.

    Great article and website. I glean a LOT of info from this site. Even thos I do get annoyed at the “sales emails” I get at times. The info I get is worth the effort of having to sift through them.

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  10. Gaulois February 18, 17:06

    I totally agree with this post. You just have to turn to the media and see the overt attacks placed on anyone who believes in the constitution and the second amendments. our rights are slowly being eroded. Being a conservative is a dirty word to he point now, that most of us are afraid to speak out for fear of being attacked verbally and sometimes physically, But evermore important to stand up for our rights, to speak up to the truth and not be afraid of being bullied. I speak as a legal immigrant and proud American.

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  11. Badmoon1 February 18, 17:11

    George Carlin had the best views on this. Seriously voting does matter prayer is bull, and the sheeple let it happen. My belief is prepare, train, enjoy what we have and see what happens. At a water park now with my children. Saturday was winter camping, so we enjoy life yet prepare and train. Why only prepare and be miserable?

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  12. AndreaB February 18, 17:28

    I fear that your right. This congress and their agenda is horrifying. If they pass this green bill that will stear us toward socialism and we don’t want either. America needs to remember and fight for it if necessary. We are “The land of the free and the home of the brave” and we have the US Constitution and the declaration of independence put into law to back us up.

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    • lyn February 17, 01:14

      Medicare and Medicaid are socialistic in some ways but not like the HMOs and Managed Care Programs…and then not like when we have whatever doctor the government chooses to send us. That is how socialistic medicine works. I have friends in those countries and that’s how they do it. And in the USA we can even (still….so far….) get a second opinion! When they choose your doctor (yes if unsatisfied you can request another doctor but that takes a few weeks). One guy could afford to come here from Canada. He had bad kidney stones and said Canada only had one machine to break them up. He came here and had it done. But too bad every Canadian can do that. It takes money to take off work and fly/hotels etc. America voted. So now I guess we’ll get whatever we get. I pray for freedom and choice. This country has problems. But look elsewhere? Where would you want to live? This country was made based on some Christian values and some just common sense. But I see it decaying. I’m not wanting to go the way I think I may have to go. Down the path to no rights. There are changes that need to be made such as taxes, schools (Ohio got an F on education) roads, accountability! etc. We’re paying school taxes but teachers aren’t wanting to be in the classroom and are fighting it. And because of a UNION?? they say at least, they won’t fire them and hire people who want to work. Funny have you noticed that religious schools are OPEN! Their parents PAY for the child to go to school so that won’t be t he case there! Public schools weren’t the greatest ever but these days…I was talking to a teacher a couple of years back…she said she hated trying to get these brats (yes she said that) to listen and she hated her job. Something is wrong here. Yes there’s change needed. But you can’t beat America in the worst of times..
      One more thought, If we have religion banned in this country, how will you handle ‘denying God’? I’m sorry I forget the scripture but you all know about it. Deny God on earth and he will deny you in heaven. Anyway have a great FREE evening.

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  13. Lynn February 18, 17:54

    Absolutely it is. All that is needed for their “one world government” to fly is a socialized America and a North American Union. Hence, “we must dissolve borders.” America, as our Founding Father’s envisioned it, will be gone forever. I have to think when they stated via the Constitution, “all men are created equal,” they truly meant ALL. How sad to think we can’t continue reaching that potential as a free, and self-thinking nation. American’s cannot let this happen if they value freedom at all.

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    • LynnE February 22, 15:48

      from lynnE Socialism is already here. If you have Medicaid and medicare in half the states including Ohio, you are FORCED into “managed care”. They restrict doctors (they don’t pay enough as the “managed care” company takes THEIR cut) so bad doctors are going into this. Many good doctors won’t take it as they get paid less. Some patients have to be hospitalized because they can’t get their meds because the “managed care” company makes a lot of meds to need Prior Authorization. Of course this takes time so the patient has to wait each month for meds. I know this and know people who suffer it. It was brought in with Obamacare. Feds pay states ALOT to do this so they do it! Most democrat senators etc are for this. I’ve contacted them. No reply. Socialism is here now. And now Ohio wants those on Medicaid without medicare to join in. Voluntary at first….then mandated. Those on medicare and Medicaid are elderly and/or disabled. That includes mental patients. CMS is sneaking this into our society and I don’t think Pres. Trump knows. …even though I’ve tweeted it to him. It needs to stop. A massage set of letters is in order. Dems will ignore it but republicans SHOULD listen…although Kasich brought it in and he’s republican….he also expanded Medicaid so basically he acted like a democrat. No offense to democrats…I’m only stating facts. They are doing this to the American people. We are no longer free. I wrote this but the message didn’t make it to this board. I hope it does this time. Thanks for listening.

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      • red February 22, 19:02

        Years ago, a friend from Penna was gloating that the Dems were going to socialize medicine. He’s in prison, OK? I explained to him he was on SS medicine. I then sent articles about the state of SS med on Native American reservations. People died at age 58, little kids died, often of treatable illnesses. Before Nixon stopped it, girls as young as 12 were being sterilized to ‘enhance’ their lives. This was not done with parental permission and a lot of these girls commited suicide in shame. AKA DNC little brown brother syndrome. This is SS medicine. You take what the government wants, not what a doctor wants. The dude was shocked. His mother now lives on SS med. And, it’s not a whole lot different from the cold, callous treatment he gets. Of course, it’s dnc/kkk=nazi party usa. Let the Hunger Games begin! (sorry, a little macabre humor about our future).

        When Canada went to SS medicine, Ohio, where I lived at the time, had doctors’ parking lots willed with Canadian cars. You could not get an appointment without being wedged in. The wealthy people today are going to Germany or Israel. Both have SS med, but both are vastly in favor of life, not just a paycheck and safety net from retaliation by victims. Niio.

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  14. doc February 18, 18:16

    There are many young people turning 18 years old, thousands of them every DAY! These brain washed children are the ones that will cancel Trumps run.

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    • Hacksaw February 20, 18:36

      You mean like the young fellas from the catholic school who were harassed by Hiawatha? That’s the youth who will replace trump with tyranny? Pass it over, you’ve had too many hits.

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      • red February 22, 19:11

        Hmm. Hiawatha? Man, get a life. Hiawatha was a strict conservative. The creepy jerk is a skin-for-hire. Adding, most of those YOUNG MEN–not mere youths–are Metis. Why do you think they were singing with him? I don’t know too many Kentuckians who aren’t. None of us ran to Canada away back when. But we had kin who came from Canada then to sign-up in the Army so they could get their war-rewards in. No babe among us would look at a man without that. Our word for mother is ekuwa tsi, greatly beloved. Mom is etsi, and also means a female wolf. Strong mothers raise strong sons or Nana (granny) puts a knot on her daughter’s head. Him, Hiawatha? Wah. Not in that houseboy’s biggest wetdream.

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  15. Dpm February 18, 18:29


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  16. Armin February 18, 18:53

    “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
    “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
    “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
    “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
    “Curiouser and curiouser!”

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  17. FightForRight February 18, 19:09

    We are going to have to “FIGHT”. Believe it or “DIE” under OUR oppressive government. There is no other choice. We are being backed into a corner and Real Americans FIGHT when they are oppressed. We are not wimps, we are Warriors, our history proves it! Buck up, Americans and take back what has been yours ALL ALONG!

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  18. Zeit Geist February 18, 19:38

    So, good of you for using the Right-wing, lunatic fringes talking points. First of all, Communism and Socialism are two separate ideologies, Not the same thing. And those which are referring to themselves as Democratic Socialist, once again, are a different concept, than that used for comparison with Venezuela. A little research and education will show you that. I can’t believe people eat this “Scaremongering” up. We have turned into a nation of cowards, which react to the oligarchs every comment, with a knee-jerk reaction. Uncontrolled capitalism and the Military/Industrial complex owned duopoly is the real problem. Stop listening to 1950’s propaganda, and wake the hell up!

    Reply to this comment
    • Prepper In Training February 18, 22:44

      There is plenty of room for you in Venezuela, North Korea, Russia, or China. Why don’t you take your snowflake A$$ and leave our beautiful country. The BS you are spouting proves to me that you don’t have the courage or the balls to stand in defense of our country, and if you won’t defend it, then I will be damn proud to see you leave.

      You want socialism?? HELL, you only want mommy, daddy, or anybody else to take care of you so you don’t have to be an adult.

      This is a grown-up world now.. take your toys and and your whiny ass back to the playground.

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  19. Prepper In Training February 18, 19:46

    There is not one -ism that I can think of that will solve the ills of this world. Socialism, capitalism, communism, individualism, and others, each have their own failings.

    What I am seeing in our world has been foretold in the Bible. I believe that we are on a predetermined path that is playing out in such a way that we as mere humans cannot change. I don’t want to change our path. I don’t like it, and wish I didn’t have to live it, but the destination we will arrive at is determined by individual action.

    Some on this board believe in God, and have already accepted Jesus as their Savior. Others? Some want to believe, and some will never believe. To them, fairy tales are for children. So, if God is a fairy tale, and the Bible is for children, then are we living in a make-believe world? If so, then where is the goose that lays the golden eggs, or other mythical creatures?

    It has been said that history repeats itself. If the Bible is nothing more than a history book, then you can look at mankind’s past and see multiple instances of similar events. Countries, leaders, and governments have all failed in the past, and they will continue to fail now and in the future. We put our faith in science and technology, and elected or appointed leaders. Try as it might, science has never proven that God does not exist. Our leaders will not acknowledge the existence of God, because by doing so, they will have to change their governing style.

    In our government, there are thousands of laws on the books. Each law should be applicable to every individual equally. The politicians and elites opt to not follow man’s law, and instead deflect from their failings by highlighting the wrongs done by others. If we, as a nation, choose to only obey certain laws, then I believe those laws should be God’s laws. He gave us ten, and we can’t even follow those. Is that the justification for not following others??

    There are at least two sides to every story, but we choose to believe only one side, or half of the truth. Without sound judgement and wise counsel, humans will follow “leaders” that tell the desired truth. Donald Trump is the worst president ever, if you choose to belive CNN. Donald Trump is the best thing since sliced bread, if you believe FOX News. There is no happy medium in today’s media. Do I like everything that any president has done? NO! But that does not mean that every president was inherently bad. Obama, in my opinion, did more to hurt our nation than any president alive. Yet, when you throw Lincoln into the equation, he did more to damage our nation than Obama even thought about.

    I like the statement: “Opinions are like a$$holes.. everyone has one, and they all stink. Except mine.” I understand that even if I don’t like someone else’s opinion, they believe they are correct. I am not going to fight them because they do not believe as I do. I am not going to question my own belief because someone tells me I am wrong. I AM going to try to have a civil discussion to see their side, and explain my position. That is the way life should be.

    I ask people to not say “how nice/smart/stupid/rude” I am.. I ask them to let others judge for themselves. If I meet a person with a preconceived notion about me, then I either have to live up to, or play down that notion. I don’t need to be loved by everyone, and I don’t want to be hated by everyone either. I want the opportunity for people to find common ground for a friendly relationship. If none exists, then so be it. But, if I meet a stranger that I can later call a friend, then that is something truly wonderful.

    I hope to someday see true peace on Earth, but that peace cannot, and according to the Bible, will not happen with all of those living today. We have a true Holy war coming. Whether it happens in 10 days, 10 years, or 10 decades, it will happen. The stage is set, and we should all be spiritually prepared when it happens.

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  20. Fat Nasty February 18, 19:50

    From bondage to spiritual faith.
    From faith to great courage.
    From courage to liberty.
    From liberty to abundance.
    From abundance to complacency.
    From complacency to selfishness.
    From selfishness to apathy.
    From apathy to dependency.
    From dependency back again into bondage.

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  21. Ben February 18, 20:05

    Today’s schools and colleges are stocked with Liberal and Socialist teaches and professors who are brainwashing their students. I believe more parents should be homeschooling their children. These government-run schools are turning the students into Socialists and Communists, who then go vote and elect Socialists and Communists into office.

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  22. noonebutme February 18, 20:30

    We already are a communist/socialist country. Just dont pay your rent (property taxes) and see how free you are. Don’t buy your tag, and see how free you are. Don’t have insurance on car etc. and see how free you are. and all the other cost related to breathing. SO: How much does it now cost each human being to wake up and just breath.???

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  23. Judyinms February 18, 20:48

    “”Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” Ronald Reagan

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  24. Dieko February 18, 21:12

    Never Ever take our freedoms for granted! And Never Ever underestimate the Evil going on and our enemy! I’m sure Russia in its day, China in its day, and especially Germany in its day thought the same thing, it will never happen. As for being killed by a smartbomb I’d rather die from that than in a concentration camp, or live in a communist country. Die standing in stead of on my knees.

    God bless

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  25. Dieko February 18, 21:18

    Never Ever take our Freedoms for Granted! And Never Ever Underestimate our Enemies, and the Evil roaming in the world country etc now! Even in its day Russia, China, Germany thought the same thing it would never happen

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  26. TheSouthernNationalist February 18, 22:17

    Socialism only works in insect colonies, mankind was born to be free and keep the fruits of his/her labour, these young kids of today have been taken over by a “fad” and hopefully they will mature and learn what fools they were for following it.

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  27. Wally February 19, 00:29

    I thought this was a pretty good article. Much of our policy is in place because of capitalist corporate interests. But there is a growing influence of an elite oligarchy here since the military industrial complex developed in the 50’s. They like power. What China has may be tempting for those powerful elite.

    You might argue that socialist and communist ideas came out of the New Deal with FDR. But most would agree that something had to be done given the circumstances of the great depression. The cold war definitely led to close ties between the CIA and the KGB. The lines were blurred. Those links further grew in Washington over time.

    Unfortunately, most of our youth do not know or understand history. Nor do they understand why our nation is the greatest in the world. They would rather we become more like the world they hear about. Not knowing what that actually means.

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  28. Pooh Bear February 19, 00:57

    Pepper in training,Feb.18,2018. 19:46. When are you running and what are you for. You have my vote. We need more like you in our government

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  29. dpm February 19, 02:37

    From the first couple of responses It appears we have some internet trolls that have found our web site ! That was a good article , and of course they want to disarm the people , any high school grad who took american history class knows this !! If they were paying attention at all ! And yes rifles would be there first choice to try to ban / confiscate . Theirs a reason the 2nd amendment is second only to free speech . But without the 2nd amend the rest of the Constitution is nothing but INK AND PAPER ! The framers knew this !

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  30. CarmenO February 19, 09:27

    My response. Is this a joke? You have to be extremely clueless to even ask this ridiculous question. OF COURSE NOT. Most young people don’t give a dang about anything asides from their cellphones, social media and video games. Almost forgot the pucker up selfies, that are causing a surge on death by falling off a cliff very common. Just because a tiny portion of the young population is claiming to be socialist or communist, does not either one make. I’ve been around for almost 72 year (just a couple of weeks until them). The schools have turned kids into robots, with ignorance being the number one class taught. NOT looking after others. They are CLASSLESS unless you call social media participation a “social class”. If any thing it’s self-centerism. In other words, IT IS EXAGGERATION TO THE EXTREME. Which is even worse. The boogie man will get you! By the way, I have been fighting the Deep State since I was 16, and I was one of the people warning of what was coming in 2001. We put a stop to it for a while, and idiots decided we were joking. And here we are trying to help people wake up still. (I do notice a slight improvement.) 99% of the youth of the US, can not even spell communism or socialism, let alone understand either concept. Pucker up. SELFIE!

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  31. red February 19, 22:53

    You have 3 fledglings in a nest. Mom comes home with the groceries, a bug. which one gets it? the most vocal, the leader of the others, who obey. Robots are taught to obey. Spelling has nothing to do with it. Most debates on socialism today are with teens-20s crowd who do not realize they’re being set up, as Nazi Germany was, as cuba was and many other places by socialist to fall. Venezuela is in the dung heap because that age group obeyed and fought for the Toad. Vietnam, the USSR, and a host of nations. America was led by the news media into a depression, not once, but how many times in the last 50 years because its the only way socialists can gain power. for that matter, how do you think FDR won? America was coming back strong when he took office, then he collapsed it all back to poverty. And got a lot richer doing it. Power and greed corrupt even the best of intentions. Native America is under a strong, bitter attack like no other. Socialists are doing it thru the kids, as always. If America goes, so will we, and we’ll suffer far more than you.

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  32. Rosa February 20, 04:47

    To all those who insist on denying the ShadowGovernment is forcing COmmunism on us: lol…you deserve to become a slave to the government.
    I am Naturalised, I lived thru the hell of stupid college students and pretentious jackasses embracing and being the useful idiots who caused the whole mess.
    Muslims are the hired savage of the Satanic Elite. Pelosi, Schumer , Comeny are JUST SYMPTOMS of it. Buy ammo, get connected with other Patriots. President Trump being elected altered their plans for us, but it is clear they want to kill him, as they did to JFK. Once they get power, we lose the right to property, your house will be forcibly shared w/people you do not know. Your kids will be transferred to another area where their skills or muscles are needed. Your neighbor will sell you for gallon of milk. Your life will be of no value.
    I am utterly disgusted by Americans who are libtard and those who call themselves Never Trump, they literally placed their freedom at the foot of a tyrant.
    This country was founded by the direct intervention of Jesus Christ. Even deist BFranklin admitted to it because he saw it. Men of valor rarely encountered today gave their all for this country to be free. The reason America was wonderful was that schools were a straight extension of Bible Schools. Kids learned all thru the Bible, the Living Word of God is full of wisdom, not only in the physical words but on how the Holy Spirit works in the mentality of those who read it continuously. Which is exactly what does not take place on these lesser generations of today who are lewd and lack even the capacity to understand what is taking place around them. The education department was created to exactly for these quasi citizens. They must be sent to the FEMA camps built to kill us and be de-programed so they can function properly in freedom generating prosperity

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    • Badmoon1 February 20, 18:40

      You honestly believe Trump was elected and the voting system works like we were taught in School House Rock?

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      • Hacksaw February 21, 18:05

        Sadmoon: Does mommy know you have permanently detached yourself from reality?

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        • Badmoon1 February 27, 20:05

          You really think that out of 300 millions people we now really only have 2 choices and that the free and fair republic works just like we were taught? “Presidents are selected, not elected.”

          ― Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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          • Rawhide February 27, 23:37

            While that was true in the past. The 2016 election changed all that. Clinton was the chosen one by the establishment and oligarchs. But the people determined that this time, they would determine who would be president. And they decided that Donald J. Trump would be president.

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            • red March 3, 03:32

              Native Americans will not vote for a lib. No demoncrats are voted for, ever, because we know from heavy experience those are the enemy to peace and safety and freedom. Vote for one dem, you vote for all, not just that person. this was proved when that black preacher, running on the dem ticket in TN said he was going to ‘get the rednecks to vote for him’ by going to KKK meeting houses. Native Americans and Hispanic kin had a field day blowing that all over. Repubs like Barletta, in Hazleton, PA, didn’t stand a chance till after that came out. Like many in dem strongholds, he won hands-down. Niio.

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  33. red February 22, 11:37

    Try to explain what’s happening to a snowflake and it suddenly dawns on you why God refers to humans as sheep. I’m either having a Jewish moment or getting an ulcer…

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    • Pooh Bear February 22, 20:32

      Red, I just reread all your posts . You are one smart person. Maybe you should run for President in 2024. Then we would have a real Native American instead of somebody just claiming to be.

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      • red February 23, 04:29

        The old women in the family would beat me. The word, mother, is ekua tsi, greatly beloved, where the word squaw comes from. Shortened to Mom, etsi. It also means a mother wolf. I am as my parents raised me, a poor student of better people. Me? President? I wish. One stoke of the pen, all these houseboy laws would be killed right back to Jefferson’s socialism. How many Democrats can we fit in Gitmo and places like that? Siberia still has the old gulags up, ready for when the USSR returns. Maybe we could rent them. Besides, we had a lot of Native Americans as president. If you were born here, you are a native to America. And, then there was Reagan, Cherokee. Bush I and II, Passamaquoddy, W’s mother was part Cherokee, as well. John Wayne would have been great. Coeur D’alene. The problem is, if it’s advertised, the left tends to assassinate. They have nothing but contempt because their asc-ended master, Hitler called us red devils and mongrels. Niio, walk in beauty and leave Piglet out of the honey barbecue, OK? 🙂 (Joke I heard about a small famine and somehow Piglet wound up in the sauce.)

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        • Pooh Bear February 23, 17:22

          I understand but I still think you could if they would let you. You have great understanding and knowledge. Pepper in Training is smart to. I think together the two of you could do great things.

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  34. Red Ant February 26, 21:45

    YES it is coming… just wait and watch. they all want to become slaves until it happens then lets see if they want to fight back. o to late for them. Fema death camp. LMAO at them… If you think you can trust the government, just ask the Indians… LOL JOHN 3:16

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  35. lynne February 27, 16:25

    I’m concerned:
    After WW2 the soldiers returned to the US. They brought bedbugs. The Health Dept. (my father told me) got busy and got rid of the bugs. Now they seem to be everywhere again….we don’t have a point of entry to check for these creatures when people come into the US, and the health department doesn’t seem to care and I’ll say haven’t cared for a long time. Over 20 years ago I called them because a roach was in my apartment (which I left of course) and was told if a worker came out in the daytime and didn’t see them (they come out at night unless a major infestation) that they wouldn’t do anything to make the owner fix the problem.
    I now am afraid to go to the movies (went to one about 15 years ago and roaches were crawling on walls in the bathroom), I’m afraid of hotels. I feel like a prisoner in my own country because of this. Many poor people don’t have the funds to exterminate and the health departmment doesn’t step in. I feel for the elderly and disabled and poor who can’t get away from the pests.
    This isn’t about socialism or communism but it’s a concern about our country in general. All we can do is report online with reviews, but that doesn’t save us from running into bug problems and bring them home (God forbid). I’m not trying to change the subject here but if anyone is aware of how to get the health dept or anyone to help if we run into bugs in an establishment, I’d appreciate knowing. It is, indirectly, a government issue. Why don’t we have an entry point (I think it used to be Elliis Island) where we can stop bugs from coming in? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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  36. red March 3, 03:21

    Lynne, sister, this is ALL about socialism and the poverty it wrecks on humanity. Look at Mexico. In 1910, it had an economy head and shoulders over the US. The peso was valued at $1.86 DSD and gold sold for 28 USD/oz. Americans went there to work and loved it. Pay was better. Working conditions. Science, the arts, everything was better because the nation has all it needs to thrive. Then socialists took over. By 1940, the peso was valued at 4,000 to one USD. People were starving to death. Plagues broke out. Insect infestations that killed animals, crops, killed people. It’s all about socialism.

    Hotel owners are growing desperate to stop bedbugs. Nothing kills them. They tried blackmarket DDT, nope. Then someone in Mexico reported using kissing bug. Kissing bug feed on blood and carry some very nasty diseases, but they love the taste of bedbugs, lice, and fleas. Sterilized, they can be used in hotel rooms. Release the bugs, seal the room, keep warm, wait a week, spray with pesticide. Vacuum using hepa filters and wear a moonsuit with good filter on it. It was that, or, like the old days, boil all clothes and bedding, and burn down the house. But…

    Our ancestors didn’t use incense just to kill the smell of the chamber pot or livestock housed on the ground floor (a common practice to prevent predation, including raiders, and to prevent malaria AKA Roman Disease). Bedbugs, like all nasties hate the smell of incense. Flies, fleas, and all else tend to disappear with just one stick of the cheap stuff burned in the house. I include cockroaches because I’ve seen it work. In a hotel, the bugs would just move to a new room. In a house, in summer, they leave for the great outdoors and, I hope, the love of hungry birds. Peace to you. What cannot be prevented must be endured. Keep faith. In the end, God said, we get revenge on all enemies.

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    • lynne February 15, 16:50

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t know how to sterilize a kissing bug though. Or even where they are. I know extreme heat kills bedbugs but it’s COSTLY. 2000$ for a house last I heard. Landlords don’t care…poor people can’t afford extermination. I wish for those effected some help for them. Maybe the govt. as what happened after WW ii How awful.

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  37. lynne March 4, 18:36

    With all the reasons for borders we NEVER mention bed bugs. Is that politically correct not to mention?
    Thanks for the word on incense. Should we ever get them we couldn’t use that due to breathing issues but still good to know. I have heard HEAT kills them…they have to cover the house then heat it to a degree to kill the bugs. Expensive and if you live in apartments, like you said, they would just go to the other unit. This ‘kissing bug’ sounds as bad as the bedbugs.
    God help us! I’m a prisoner in my own space…afraid to go to theatres, hotels etc. I wonder why NO one mentions bedbugs when speaking of people coming into the US. It’s HOT over there….I’ve talked to many who have made the trip here. It’s a normal thing over there. I said the obvious…why don’t you exterminate? They said it’s expensive. For ME that is a worse problem than bringing drugs in. We can say NO to drugs but bedbugs …. we have no choice….if we are unlucky enough to be near one we could bring them home. To ME that is the worst of what’s going on in the US. I said ‘for me’. I’m elderly and would love to travel with my husband while we can. But I’m so afraid! Reviews show reports of them in the most expensive hotels! There doesn’t seem to be a place to hide! I’m venting here. The dept of health isn’t there for us like they were after the war. Maybe a push like If I started it to send to the dept of health (hoping news MIGHT pick it up) would yo all sign it? It’s all I can think of to make a change on this subject.

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    • red March 5, 02:30

      Vent! That’s what I’m here for.

      Between the two, bedbugs and kissing bugs, bedbugs don’t even come close. Deaths from kissing bugs is over 26%, if memory serves, in tropical climates. Malary is far behind kissing bug disease, as well. At least for malaria, you can take zinc and vitamin C and get rid of it. You’re more likely to find bedbugs and even lice, mites, and cat or human fleas ( in an expensive hotel than a cheap motel. How many folks who can only afford a cheap place are jetsetters? Wealthy people bring them back from Europe and Asia, where these bugs are accepted as part of life.

      You need to get rid of the fear. It’s killed more people than all the gossips in the world. If you made it this far in life, you’re probably immune to everything, or close to it. If a Christian, you know being fearful is a sin. If you like, go to and look up fear and how to get rid of it. Even if not, the meditation is worth the search. Fear is soulish/id. It does not belong in you.

      The feds are already deep into finding a way to get rid of the bugs, and DDT failed miserably because the insects developed an immunity to it and other pesticides long ago.

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  38. lynne March 5, 22:32

    I went to Johns Hopkins hospital back in 2009; got up in the night (at a hotel) and found a bug crawling TOWARDS me! Never seen that before. Yes it was a bedbug. Had to leave all we had (washed cash and credit cards 🙂 ) A friend of mine got MRSA from bb bites. Almost died. A house like mine I hear would be 2000$ to exterminate. So yea I got the fear. I’ll check the website but I feel this is a time it’s a healthy fear….bugs that suck your blood ain’t my friend! GROSS. I do agree fear is not of God….but bb’s aren’t of God either are they? He made every living thing but bedbugs were here already I think 🙂 No purpose at all. Roaches eat waste but bedbugs eat your blood! So they gotta be the worst. The govt is working on it? says who? I haven’t heard a word either way about bedbugs. Like everyone knows they are there but no one wants to offend anyone who might have them so shhhhhh I wonder why the hush? I know elderly and disabled (POOR) can’t afford extermination but lets start talking about it to the govt who can do something, huh? Like socialism…no one talked on tv about it til this last month (except sanders) but most have no idea what it means. The wealthy will pay for good care; the poor will suffer. I have friends in other countries who suffer. Can you believe Canada having only one available machine to bust kidney stones? My friend came here and paid cash to get it done. He couldn’t stand the pain for 6 months. Remember HIPAA? that’s over. Now any doctor who treats you has ALL of your data from other docs. Without your release. Some docs still ask for the release. I went to the hospital and they knew from other places everything! I’d like to be asked! Otherwise I feel violated! Well get used to it. I guess. 🙁 OK don’t wanna kill your dinner with my vent. And thanks for the website. Peace.

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  39. red March 6, 07:08

    Agree, bb’s are like all nasty, something twisted from the original. The aggie dept is trying to find something to kill bb’s. so far, all they have is kissing bugs, which are lethal to bb’s, but also to humans. Roaches will give you more diseases than bb’s can. Both can be chased off with incense.

    My stepfather had to go to Geisinger Hospital (2,500 miles from here) to have kidney stones removed by sonic blasts. The VA is trying to get rid of mine with pills. So far, the cranberry juice is working better.

    Hipaa was a wet dream, pardon the expression. It was NEVER taken seriously by anyone, except when the government needed a scapegoat to play let’s pretend.

    Nah, I have a cast iron stomach. Even our ice cream has hot peppers in it 🙂 Chilis are sooo sweet!

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  40. Bartman March 14, 18:00

    In general, college professors and K-12 teachers are fully indoctrinated into the false promises of socialism from Day One and cannot speak up against it without serious retribution. Been there at 6 universities and colleges. So yes, our youth and young adults are steadily being indoctrinated into socialism. If parents ignore it, kids will grow up to be staunch socialists and communists – guaranteed. The damage is showing up more in the millennial generation than in any other. Watch who you talk to and your back!

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    • red March 15, 03:58

      This is why home-schooled and privately schooled kids usually do much better than government-schooled.

      Proffs and teachers in general: AKA useful idiots. Every successful socialist take-over of a nation always ends with a bang, when they mass-execute the so-called intelligentsia that put them in leadership. No politician or college proff thinks he’s going to be killed, and they always are. The socialist leaderships doesn’t dare allow them to live, to begin a protest against them. Hitler used them, and only well after getting in power began to get rid of those he mistrusted or dared to protest. Max Planck, father of quantum physics, said, had Hitler not killed all Jewish physicists, Germany would have had the atomic bomb by 1943, and used it to good effect. niio

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    • lyn November 30, 22:49

      How did they sneak common core into public schools? They don’t have books..just xerox’d papers half off so you can’t read the whole thing. I bit the bullet and paid for private school. Hard but worth it. Not everyone can. And I taught them in addition to school. Both could read before they entered school. Maybe it’s time we all did that. Then ask the govt for our tax $ back!

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  41. Jose Lugo December 21, 13:58

    This author states that “communism requires perfect people”. I disagree, communism requires adults with a child like mentality, people who require the government to make all life decisions for them, where to live, what to eat, where to go to school, what kind of job to work.
    Where ever communists take over a country, they kill all the successful business people, intelligent college professors or any other thinking people who are seen as a threat to the communist state.
    This is why Russia can not develop today, all the thinking people have been killed by the communists and it is taking time to develop a new class of citizens who can think for themselves.
    Communism is the end of technical and sciencetific progress and so the end of a better life for all people.

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  42. KDC November 26, 18:11

    “democratic socialism.” Same thing as socialism/communism. Can’t dress it up. People know better. It only works for the elites, never the people. The citizens become the workers for the elite.

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  43. Stargazer November 26, 20:28

    It saddens my heart to read everybody’s argument about this very important subject. I want to hear how we are going to survive in the years to come. I see civil war coming. I see two factions coming in this country.
    When I joined the service, you pledge to give your life for your country. Who here will give your life for our country? I want to hear how to prepare for what is coming.

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    • Red Ant November 28, 01:46

      No one can tell you how to prepare for what’s coming. Just be ready. Don’t trip out on all this right now. Keep a low key. Time will show it’s ugly face.

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    • dz February 16, 23:37

      Who here will give your life for our country?

      I will.

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  44. Dave from San Antonio November 27, 02:32

    “The goal of socialism is communism.”–Vladimir Lenin

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  45. Red Ant November 27, 06:47

    The Truth can run around naked and a lie has to be covered up. This is where we are right now…

    Well this is how I see it. All this will come to pass. BUT we are at the end of our rope. Burning a candle at both ends comes with a price and they are here to collect. It was only a matter of time befor we lost our freedom of all things. We placed incompetent people in high places and then never checked on them to see how they were screwing us. Now we have seen and felt the screwing and it dose not fill good. So what shell we do as real americans.
    O we will stand by and watch these communist americans take all that we have worked and died for and we will watch them destroy all that we stand for. We will also except this. We have conformed to all there rules, laws, and there ways, that’s what slaves do. They conform.

    What shall we do. (?)

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  46. Lisa November 27, 19:12

    Under trump it was. He tried to be a dictator/authoritarian. He failed. Democracy prevailed.

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    • dz February 16, 14:57

      the 2020 election was stolen from the actual US Voters by a well planned and orchestrated “internal coupe via voter fraud” supported and carried out by multiple factors, including Foreign Agencies and Domestic TRAITORs. All it would take to prove this are valid Forensic Audits of the actual paper ballots and also the machines used to scan and count the votes. As my son recently reminded me: it’s not who votes, or who they vote for, it’s who and how the votes are counted that determines the election results. Someone mentioned Presidents are “selected, not elected”, so I ask- Who does the selecting? China?

      On 06 JAN there was another well panned and orchestrated fiasco carried out, also with the support of Domestic Traitors, and I do not mean the actual Trump Supporters, I mean the people that infiltrated under guises and led the “armed insurgency” on the Capitol. What has been labelled as an “armed insurrection” was actually very mild compared to the years worth of DNC supported violence committed by BLM and ANTIFA, and also to real armed insurgencies as have happened in many foreign countries. A real armed insurrection of the US Capitol would have easily and completely overwhelmed the capitol security, capturing or killing all persons there not affiliated with the insurrection, and the Capitol would have remained occupied until either relinquished by the captors or taken back by force of arms.

      Why did the capitol police move barricades aside, and also open some of the doors and let the “armed insurgents” inside? Was that also part of the plan to orchestrate another “crisis” to be exploited by the Libtard’s and their MSM support propaganda campaigns?

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  47. lyn November 28, 20:23

    Freedom good…socialism bad. Now can anyone please tell me how to stop getting messages from here? I must have signed in…? I need less emails. I want to keep so don’t want to unsubscribe from that…just comments here. thanks and Happy Holidays/merry Christmas!

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  48. lyn November 28, 20:23

    OK….Freedom good…socialism bad. Now can anyone please tell me how to stop getting messages from here? I must have signed in…? I need less emails. I want to keep so don’t want to unsubscribe from that…just comments here. thanks and Happy Holidays/merry Christmas!

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  49. Justme November 30, 16:38

    You are asking the wrong question. The question to ask is “ When will the U.S. become communist?” The answer is 10 years when China owns us from coast to coast and border to border. You can thank your family members,friends, neighbors, colleagues and co workers who elect corrupt freedom and liberty hating politicians instead of public servants.

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  50. Scott December 1, 18:05

    As much as the progressives would like to turn us into a communist country I don’t think that is where we are headed. I think we are going to become an oligarchy, where a small group of powerful people control the country for their own enrichment. Russia in it’s current state is a good example. I think the elites along with the large tech companies and wall street have now figured out how to manipulate our election system and will now control our country.

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    • KayCee February 13, 05:04

      Correct. No socialist would jack the price of Epipens and Insulin as Biden administration just did. They are phonies merely courting the socialist’s weak-minded votes.

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  51. Yank February 15, 17:09

    It is sinful what this administration has done with the Epi and insulin. The Epi pen was created using taxpayer dollars, allegedly. If so, it was not supposed to cost Americans the way it does now. Insulin costs very, very little to make but for a month’s supply, after Biden took over it went to as much as 10 times higher where it was 10 times cheaper when Trump was in office, allegedly.

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