How to Make Colloidal Silver and How to Use it

Susan Morrow
By Susan Morrow June 9, 2016 09:50

How to Make Colloidal Silver and How to Use it

What is Colloidal Silver?

A colloidal silver is a type of mix of a liquid and a solid, where tiny particles, of a particular size, are suspended in a liquid. The thing about a colloid is that the particles are very regularly sized. They aren’t as big as a suspension, but larger than those in a true solution. The trick to making the colloid is getting this sizing right. In a colloidal solution, the particles always remain dispersed evenly – they never settle to the bottom or top of the mix.

What Can You Use if for?

Silver is a well known antibiotic/antiseptic. It is used in various guises, such as would dressings. It was first used for wound dressing in 1891 by the surgeon, B.C. Crede. It was then used, up to 1940, by doctors in the USA, to treat corneal ulcers, puerperal fever, tonsillitis, and other infections.

The antibiotic effects mean that is has been used to treat various infections, such as Lyme disease and pneumonia. It is also used to treat warts and infections like ringworm.

In fact, colloidal silver has been used to treat diseases as diverse as dermatitis and appendicitis. However, note that there is little medical evidence to support many of these claims.

Used topically, it can be used to treat burns, staphylococcal infections, fungal infections, eye infections and acne.

Taken internally, it can be used for tuberculosis and other lung infections.

How Colloidal Silver Works

The silver acts on the metabolism of the bacteria, the silver binds to the cell membrane of a bacterium, preventing cell respiration and killing the bacterium.


Taking colloidal silver internally can cause a condition called argyria. The result is a bluish tinge to the skin caused by deposits of silver compounds like silver sulfide. The compounds are formed when silver is subjected to UV light. The compounds are then deposited in tissues. Argyria doesn’t seem to have any serious health issues, other than depletion of selenium (which is a trace element needed for good immune system function).

Read more about argyria here.

The Silver Safety Council have worked out some guidelines on how much silver is safe to take and that will avoid effects like argyria.

Occasionally, you can get kidney damage from taking colloidal silver internally, so watch out for any adverse signs.

Colloidal silver can have adverse interactions with various antibiotics, such as tetracycline and certain penicillins.

How to Make Colloidal Silver

The trick to making effective colloidal silver is to minimize the number of free silver ions present in the colloid mix.

There are two basic methods to making nano-particles, for colloidal silver. Which you use depends on how much ‘chemistry’ you want to do. The first is based on electrolysis, so you’ll need some sort of battery to produce electricity; the second needs a bit of chemistry.

Colloidal SilverUsing Electrolysis to Make Colloidal Silver

What you need:

  1. Silver rods for electrodes – the silver must be pure, sterling silver is not good enough
  2. Batteries (to generate around 27 – 30 volts) OR AC/DC electric charger rated at around 100 mA/h
  3. Distilled (pure) water
  4. Glass beaker or container – ideally borosilicate based


This is done ideally in the dark and in colder temperatures (around 39 F – 50 F). Place the silver rods into the beaker of distilled water. Connect the batteries together in a series and attach the remaining unconnected terminals to each silver rod.

It takes about 10-15 minutes before anything happens. Then you’ll see a yellowish smoky mist appear. It takes around 30 minutes for the reaction to complete.

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A Bit More Chemistry to Make Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver2What you need:

  1. Silver nitrate (1.7g dissolved in 1.75 pints of distilled water)
  2. Trisodium citrate (1% solution)


  • Take 50ml of a silver nitrate solution and heat until boiling
  • Slowly add, drop by drop, the trisodium citrate solution to the silver nitrate
  • Stir vigorously
  • You’ll notice a color change to yellow
  • Remove from heat and stir until cooled to room temperature

To make sure that the reaction is complete take a sample from your solution and add salt (sodium chloride). If the solution turns turbid with the addition of the salt, you still have ionic silver present. If it remains clear the reaction is complete.

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Storing Colloidal Silver

You should store your colloidal silver in a dark glass bottle to avoid oxidation through sunlight.

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Susan Morrow
By Susan Morrow June 9, 2016 09:50
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  1. Sal June 9, 16:19

    I have been using Colloidal Silver for a year. I have non contractual TB and this silver has put it in remission. I will have another blood test in the near future to see how will silver demolished it!
    I use it on nail fungus and it works. I have not had a cold, flu, etc since I have used the silver. How great is that! Praise God for natural medicines He provided.

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  2. shiny June 9, 20:51

    Dr Mercola just had an artcle today too about silver. Go to

    Reply to this comment
  3. Scott April 19, 23:15

    Your info is a bit off

    You MUST use D.C. Power
    Because batter power wears down, an electric 30 mA is best

    It will take about 4 hours per liter. You have a decent solution when a red laser beam appears in the water when shown thru the solution

    It could take about 24hours after the power is disconnected befor the silver ions actually appear under the laser and an ideal solution is a pale yellow

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  4. tunerfish April 20, 22:07

    My first attempt to make colloidal silver was with 2 1 oz .999 silver bars from Silver Towne. I make my own distilled water and know it it pure. I used 3 9 v batteries and suspended the bars 1.5 inches from each other. After about an hour the water was cloudy and very grey. One of the bars was absolutely black and there was a black sediment on the bottom of the jar. I am very discouraged. Any suggestions?

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    • Randy October 25, 16:24

      You cooked it to long put very light salt solution in distilled water 1/4 teaspoon salt to 8 oz water disalved then use 2 drops for 16 oz will only take about 20 min to cook water will look a little cloudy.

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    • gems November 27, 03:45

      Don’t leave it so long. 30 minutes is sufficient.

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    • Bill April 30, 16:54

      I have been making colloidal silver for YEARS. Do NOT add salt. The easiest way is just to add a few ozs of colloidal from your last batch to the distilled water. This lets the process start immediately. The silver turning black is normal. No problem. When finished I just pour the batch through a paper coffee filter to get the particles out of the batch, although the do no harm.

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  5. Sarge June 30, 23:39

    tunerfish —
    I guess the only thing you did correctly is try. I’ll try to get you on track. I’ve been making colloidal silver for 20 years.
    First off — you only need 2 pure silver wires about 12 gauge and 6 inches long.
    Second — Electric current doesn’t pass through distilled water very well. You need to dissolve a pinch of sea salt in about 2 ounces of distilled water. Using a dropper, put 4 drops of the salt water in 16 ounces of distilled water and stir. Then place your wires that are attached to your batteries in the water.
    Third — DO NOT leave this running for an hour. With fresh batteries you will get about 12 to15 ppm (parts per million). That is a standard mix.
    Fourth — For additional information contact The American Sentinel, 704-504-1899. They also sell a regular colloidal silver generator. If you really want the best — they now have a Nano-Particle silver generator. It’s not cheap but the particles can actually penetrate a cell and kill all the bad stuff.
    Good luck. Mike

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  6. Sarge June 30, 23:43

    tunerfish —
    ooops — it actually only needs to run about 15 minutes to get the correct ppm.
    Good luck, Mike

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  7. BeMass January 15, 23:51

    Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this.
    Very interesting info.

    Reply to this comment
  8. tom June 22, 23:25

    will a silver Mexican coin work ,where do I get the correct type of silver from, the cheapest amount ,to do this ,and isbottled water ok to use

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  9. tom June 22, 23:33

    I want to make colloidal silver. the type that will be able to penetrate the cells in your body is this doable, and how do I do it , and what do I need to do this that is affordable thanks tom

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    • Valerie May 12, 15:23

      I hav been using silver for bout a yr. Now I’m amazed at it’s uses. I began using it after a trip to the hospital for diverticulitis. OMG the pain. Anyway the antibiotics they gave me caused horrible side effects of permanent damage to muscles tendons an cartilge . After 5days in hospital I came home with mersa. Even though I was. On antibiotics for the diverticulitis the mersa continued. Back to dr.s an more antibiotics an could not stop the mersa. I had 6boils under each armpit OMG. Long story short I began soaking in Epsom salts hot hot water this is after I sprayed sores with novicane I then took silver internally and washed externally with it in couple days u could see it was working. I did this 3x a day in beginning. The sore I had on my leg was eating away flesh turned blk. I thought they’d cut my leg off. But I persisted. It took couple weeks but thre silver healed it.
      Since then I have used silver in water to kill a fungus on my baby tree. I’ve used it to heal ear I fection in the dog.ive used it when virus was spreading through work place. An today I’m going to try it on the bad spot in the lawn.
      I also found another product that heals the diverticulitis called oreganol, the liquid form,. As with anything be careful use wisdom, faith too, and legally have to say ask your Dr.

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  10. Jimbo December 8, 01:18

    I’ve used it for over 20 years .yes you can make it like they show but Theresa better way get a 15/30/ volt DC transformer about on e amp .use only the 30 volt switch .heat your water about a quart to boiling then place your electrodes in it .I use hook or bent silver .999 wire you can by on net only use .999 or better .then dry off the table put a white paper towel under pot of water and use a coffee pot glass it’s borosilicate glass doesn’t break .now drop about ten grains of salt between the electrodes that are about half inch apart .the hot water accelerates the production watch the pot with a light for a yellow color to just start forming then shut it down .it will continue to turn yellow while cooling down .clean your electrodes with a stainless steel micro brush .it’s quick this way like 20 minutes .store in dark .put in spray bottle and spray a stinky empty garbage can .spoke it well then smell smell .just like rain smell .I use it for rain water I drink one ounce per five gal.wait one hour then’s really less time but why chance it I’ve never gotten sick from water with it . jim PS if you use hot water with the 9 volts battery set up it will destroy them .like it’s a dead short .transformer last a lifetime and more .

    Reply to this comment
  11. Jimbo December 8, 01:21

    Can anyone tell me how to make colloidal selenium .?it kills cancer big time .

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  12. Fynn Helliscate January 16, 11:12

    My family and I have been using colloidal silver for 8 years. We have not needed any other medication or pharmaceutical from Big Pharma.
    Don’t forget, that most of the men in the first World War were treated with colloidal silver and silver powder.
    In the 1960’s, new born babies had silver powder sprinkled on their belly buttons to prevent infection. My wife still has her little bottle of powder.
    The main reason for words being said against it is that Big Pharma can not patent it, or charge for it.
    Our usage of colloidal silver amounts to around a few pennies each year… as opposed to £1500 of chemical costs via Doctors.
    As a final couple of comments… Alexander the Great had his water carried in silver vases, and that was a really long time ago. As for being born with a silver spoon in your mouth? Eating your food with a silver fork and spoon meant that you would absorb some fraction of them in to yourself when you ate, and they would not hold any infection while stored!!!
    Silver has been used for time immemorial.

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  13. julie cowan May 22, 01:44

    Is 10 gage rods good for making 30ppm, and is time longer due to the larger gage?

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  14. BJ April 3, 01:47

    I am wondering if using a current limiting voltage source would be beneficial in order to keep the particle size consistent, and if so, what would be the best current setting?

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  15. Richard April 11, 02:10

    Is it possible to use a 9 volt dc.charger
    Instead of batteries, I’m a poor man and that would be cheaper for me

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