Worst 5 States for Preppers to Retire

Rich M.
By Rich M. May 7, 2019 06:51

Worst 5 States for Preppers to Retire

We don’t all get to choose where we live; at least, not the state we live in. For most of us, that’s determined by our work; we live where our jobs are. But what about when our jobs no longer determine where we live? Can that happen? It usually does when we reach retirement.

Granted, most people don’t move once they retire, but you’d be surprised how many people actually do. The area where I live has tens of thousands of retired winter residents who come down here to escape the cold weather “up north.” Some of those people come for the winter and just end up staying on, becoming permanent residents in the area. So if they can, you and I can too.

That raises the question of where we would go to retire, if we could go anywhere we want. As preppers, there’s more to that question for us, than there is for our friends and neighbors (unless they are preppers too). We obviously would want to go somewhere where we can live comfortably, even should a TEOTWAWKI scale disaster strike.

My Criteria

This is actually a fairly complex question, with a lot of factors involved. So let me see if I can thin it out a bit for you. I’m not going to tell you where you should go; but let me offer you a glimpse of states that you should avoid going to. I’m basing my decisions on the following criteria:

  • Population Density – The higher the population density of an area, the more of a fight for resources. This fight will probably hurt the poor, the aging and single mothers more than anyone, as they will not have the ability to fight. Survival of the fittest will take over, as people literally fight for the available resources. That’s enough to make many areas unattractive.
  • Average Annual Rainfall – We all know that water is going to be a problem in a post-disaster world. Areas with little rainfall and few rivers will be hard to live in. For most of us, the best way of harvesting water is probably going to be rainfall capture, so we’re going to need a lot of rainfall.
  • Political Leaning – While we all assume that government services and interference in our lives is going to be severely curtailed during a post-disaster situation, we have to think about the here and now as well. Many of the bluest states in the country are also the ones which are working the hardest to take away our Second Amendment rights. That alone is enough to say that those states aren’t a good place to move to.
  • Federally Owned Land – A lot of people talk about bugging out to the wild. That’s great; I have my own plans for that as well. But in most cases, the only practical place to bug out into the wild is federally owned land; national parks, national forests and other land under the control of the federal government. So states with little federal land ownership aren’t all that attractive for preppers to retire to.
  • Forestation – The most practical means of heating a home in a post-disaster world, especially one in which there is no electricity, is with wood. That means having a lot of forests available, where you can cut that wood. This leaves out huge swaths of the nation, such as the entire breadbasket, which is farmland, nor forests.

There may be other criteria which are important to consider; but I limited myself to those five. To me, those seem like the major ones which will affect a prepper’s ability to survive, both in a pre-disaster and a post-disaster world.

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The Worst States

Based on that, here are my picks for the worst states to retire in, if you’re a prepper:

  • New York – I lived in upstate New York for a number of years and it is absolutely beautiful. There are miles and miles of hardwood forests, lakes and rivers. But even so, the state is one of the most heavily populated in the country. It is also one of the most left-leaning states, politically speaking, with some of the harshest anti-gun laws around. It would be a very difficult state to survive in.
  • California – In many ways, California and New York are copies of each other. Both have a high population and both are strongly blue. While California has a lot going for it, in the area of natural resources, it has the highest population of any state in the Union. We can expect many people to expand outwards from the major population centers, gobbling up everything in their path. I sure wouldn’t want to be in their path.
  • Florida – At first glance, Florida looks like a great place to go and a lot of people retire there. But much of the state is covered up by the Everglades. Unless you are going to learn how to survive in that harsh environment, it might not be a great place to be. The lack of forestation really isn’t much of an issue, as you aren’t really going to have to heat your home. But you are going to have to worry about hurricanes, which seem to have an affinity for the state.
  • Arizona – Another popular retirement state that’s going to be a mess in a post-disaster world. Arizona is extremely hot, even hotter than South Texas and the Florida peninsula. But there is very little water to be found. That alone is enough to put this state on our worst list. I seriously doubt there will be many people surviving in the heat of Arizona, without access to water.
  • Minnesota – Minnesota is known as “the land of 1,000 lakes” so there’s no shortage of water there. They’re pretty good in the forestation department too. So there’s actually a lot going for this state. But it and its neighbor Wisconsin have very high populations. Unless you could get way out in the boonies, it might be hard to avoid the crowds. Of course, way out in the boonies means the coldest parts of the state, so you have the problem of cold to contend with. That not only affects how much wood you need for your fire, but the very short growing season will make it hard to grow enough food to eat.

Granted, there are a lot of other states which we can rule out, based upon the same criteria. Pretty much all of both the eastern and western seaboards would be bad places to go, for the same reasons I’ve already mentioned. The trick is finding someplace that is good to move to.

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My Picks for Best States

Everyone has their own opinion, but here are my top picks for the best states or regions for retiring in as a prepper. These choices were made based on the same criteria that I used for picking the worst states.

  • Eastern Texas – While Texas isn’t a perfect survival location, there are a lot of good areas in the Hill Country and eastern Texas where there is good forestation and water.
  • Idaho, Western Montana and Western Wyoming – This whole area is excellent; providing a lot of forestation, water, federally owned land, rainfall and good hunting. Although far enough north that cold would be a bit of a problem, I would call this the best area of the country to have a retirement home and/or survival retreat.
  • The Appalachian Mountains – This mountain range, passing through several states and changing names a number of times, is a great place to live. While there are some high population areas to avoid, there’s still a lot of back country, which would be ideal for our purposes. I’d avoid the Virginias though, for their political leaning.
  • The Gulf Coast – There’s a lot of good land in the gulf states, along with people who like to hunt and fish. While there really isn’t much government land to bug out to, there are lots of forests, lots of water and lots of game to hunt.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. May 7, 2019 06:51
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  1. Deb May 7, 10:13

    Oregon has all I need to flourish. But y’all are welcome to avoid the blue states! ❤️

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    • Will May 7, 14:51

      It’s not very blue down where I’m at in Oregon

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    • Woodloafer37 May 7, 16:09

      Was acquainted with Francis Sell, a veteran, who with his wife lived near Beaverton, Oregan and following his writings and letter contacts he seemed to live in an excellent area hunting deer and waterfowl. I was in Portland at the NRA convention in the early ’70s but he was on jury duty and we weren’t able to get together. Wife’s name was Sally as I recall. He long dead now and the area where he lived may no longer ‘exist’ as he knew it.

      Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw May 7, 17:11

      Been there, done that You couldn’t pay me to live with all the man bun and mom jean wearing beta boys infesting that part of the world.

      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck May 7, 17:27

      Sorry, Deb, Oregon has become a Kallyforniya wannabe due to all the Kallyforniyans who moved there fleeing from Kallyforniya. Apparently the same thing is happening to Washington State also. As with the PDRK, the Portland metro area wags the real part of the rest of the state. You can see by the voting records where all the refugees from the PDRK moved in Oregon.

      Reply to this comment
      • Buzz May 7, 19:55

        You got that right.
        Portland and whole Willamette valley is a cess pool of liberals ruling rural Oregon

        Reply to this comment
      • Miss Kitty May 12, 18:53

        Knock, knock…
        “Who’s there?”
        “Candy gram….”

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      • Consco April 2, 20:35

        We are in Washington State. Mostly people who are not from here think it is all like Seattle. We are in the Northern Central part of the state surrounded by national forest. LOL our county is MOST DEFINITELY RED! So are the counties around us. When you remove the Spokane area and the entire Seattle megapolis the whole rest of the state is actually red. There are areas in Montana and Wyoming that are turning Blue. We go through there a lot. Like 2 weeks ago. Most

        Most areas will be what you make of them. We are off grid as I got tired of living around people. So did the wife. It is peaceful. It is also as secure as can be.

        We spent virtually our entire work lives in city centers and capital cities. In some place we felt secure there as well. As I said a lot is your training, your experiences and your attitudes. We are both Hunters, and love to fish. We love to garden and we are learning how to can and preserve.

        Point of my rambling is, some folks in cities would do very well. Take Left Coast Chuck for example. Some people would not make it in the sticks at all. No skills for it. I am a soon to retire electrician so skills with tools are not an issue. Make the absolute very best of where you are at and make your place as secure as you can. We all wish for what we dont have and can’t get. Take good care of yourself physically and mentally. I am sure there will be many who disagree with me and that is ok.
        Thanks all.

        PS never will be a socialist/Communist/Lib/progressive. Way too independent

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      • Govtgirl April 3, 11:13

        I lived in Eugene, OR (Little Berkley). It was beyond liberal. Only son gets job in Seattle and moved to Washington. Worse. The eastern part of both states is sparse and right-thinking but water can be an issue as rains less and due to state laws. When I lived in OR, it was illegal to have rain barrels because they said you did not own the water that fell on your land. It belongs to everyone. Here in WA, you are not allowed to sink a well on rural land because it supposedly lowers the water table. People who are unaware buy rural property then can’t live on it or have to have it trucked in. The only people who can get around that law are Native Americans because tribal law governs that. We plan to leave WA as son took job in London. In deciding where to move to I thought it was maybe unfair to cross whole states off the list. It is not. Some are just bad news.
        Thanks, Rich M. This is a great article. Very helpful.
        Oh, and regarding Arizona. Lived in Flagstaff which is not as arid. BUT, we had gotten used to drinking carrot juice every AM. Moved to AZ and juiced a whole bag of carrots and got maybe an ounce of water. The carrots tasted fine, but it really brought home how arid it is there. Also, left out potato chips in a bowl overnight and they got crisper! Would be interested in hearing how our friends in arid states deal with the water issue.

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        • red April 3, 17:44

          What do you mean arid? We got 13″ of rain last year! Any more and plants get root rot.

          In Oregon, school kids are taught a simple science lesson. Take a glass, add salt and let it evaporate to see how rain cycles. This can take up to two weeks. In AZ, we just put in tap water and take it outside for an hour. For instant sun tea: Fill jug with water and tea, put on oven mitts, go outside and hold it up to the sun. Three minutes later it’s boiling nicely. Flagstaff had a great winter. They usually only get 97 inches of snow all winter, but had that and more by Christmas, the rats. We didn’t get any! We were robbed!

          We did get rain and managed to get our average, 13”. 16” is a wet year and that drowns the sand trout, according to stoners (aka college kids 🙂 who claim sand trout are trout adapted to living without water. To fish for them, take a case of beer to the river. Bait a hook with a dead bug, cast out, sit down and drink the beer. If nothing else, you catch a nice beer buzz.

          When cooking veggies: Always soak in water for a few hours. As most are raised in AZ, they never look dry. We don’t eat bread, even gluten free, because it dries out in the pack. It’s rare to see rats and house mice even in the cities because the rattlers eat them all. A neighbor had two hibernate under her bathtub all winter and found out when they came out to stare at her last month. No problems. They only take small bites. But, very telling ones. I told her to adopt a king snake, which likes rattlers. A big hug and a kiss and the king snake is a lot fatter. Scorpions prefer to stay outside. It’s safer than living with AZ children. But, outside they get eaten, usually by black widow spiders, but they get eaten by 6” long centipedes. We don’t worry about centipedes. AZ mice (which are shorter than your thumb) eat them and will do a number on stupid cats, too.

          AZ is the only state where road tar is a liquid. The Joe Biden Party wanted to shred old tires to replace some of the tar but it kept catching fire. Hey, I heard that happened in OR, too!

          We love our gentle summers. The Devil wanted a place on earth.
          Sort of a summer home:
          A place to spend his vacation
          Whenever he wanted to roam.

          So he picked out Arizona.
          A place both wretched and rough.
          Here the climate was to his liking
          And the cowboys were hardened and tough.

          He dried up the streams in the canyons
          and ordered no rain to fall:
          He dried up the lakes in the valleys,
          Then baked and scorched it all.

          Then over his barren desert
          He transplanted shrubs from Hell.
          The cactus, thistle and prickly pear —
          The climate suited them well.

          Now, the home was much to his liking.
          But animal life, he had none:
          So he created crawling creatures
          That all mankind would shun.

          First he made the rattlesnake.
          With its forked poisonous tongue:
          Taught it to strike and rattle
          And how to swallow its young.

          Then he made Scorpions and Lizards
          And the ugly old Horned Toad.
          He placed spiders of every description
          Under rocks by the side of the road.

          Then he ordered the sun to shine hotter.
          Hotter and hotter still.
          Until even the cactus wilted
          And the old Horned Toad looked ill.

          Then he gazed on his earthly kingdom.
          As any creator would:
          He chuckled a little up his sleeve
          And admitted that it was good.

          ‘Twas summer now and Satan lay
          By a prickly pear to rest.
          The sweat rolled off his weary brow.
          So he took off his coat and vest.

          “By Golly,” he finally panted
          “I did my job too well.
          I’m going back where I came from
          Arizona is hotter than Hell!”

          This morning, I had to open the doors and windows to warm up the house 🙂
          Like an old desert rat told me when I was kid, if it ain’t horns, thorns, of fangs, it’s poison. That’s Arizona!
          It’s hard to buy a gun in AZ now. Kali-fornians stripped the gun shops. niio

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    • Jn May 12, 03:49

      Metro Oregon has a high population of fruitcakes and snowflakes. Extremely liberal. Most of them in spite of living in a heavily forested area have never been in the woods except for a plastic guided eco tour and having attended a left wing rally know all there is to know about everything. The sight of a gun or harvested animal sends them to the therapist for weeks.

      Get 5 miles out of town and the Priuses turn into pickup trucks with gun racks and red leaning political bumper stickers.

      So if you stay out of the greater Portland and Eugene cesspools it is fairly livible and the twinkies are manageable. Unfortunately your state taxes support some questionable causes…

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  2. Raven tactical May 7, 11:14

    Minnesota also has a large Muslim population. So you have to deal with terrorism and sharia law.

    Reply to this comment
    • Guv May 7, 16:24

      I guess you’ve never spent time in AZ outside of the desert valley. Northern AZ is cool temps, forests, lakes, rivers & like minded people. Lots of fed lands, etc which may be good in bad times but stinks in good times. But the fewer “outsiders” all the better for us.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck May 7, 17:29

        I was investigating Flagstaff in Northern AZ. Reading the paper, it sounded just like the paper here where I live in SoCal. I also noticed that it went for Hillary in the last election. Okay, scratch Flagstaff off my list.

        Reply to this comment
        • Guv May 23, 18:00

          Flagstaff is the communist mecca of AZ, with NAU being a focal point. Mayor & council try to out do each other to the left. But outside of Flag can be excellent. Many people that are ofvthe right mind set.

          Reply to this comment
      • Jo May 8, 18:41

        I agree, northern Arizona is nice. I’ve lived here for thirteen years. We own some acreage and know a lot of preppers in 50 mile radius.
        We do get four seasons, which is nice for growing things. However, everything is either sand or red clay.

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      • Eve November 30, 18:26

        You are right. I live in the white mountains Az I have have plenty of water, trees and can hunt here. I live 9 miles out of town with 1 neighbor. Also only one month of the year when temperatures are over 90 degrees. But too many from Ca., are moving in. Changing our ways. Ca sucks.

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      • Eve December 31, 02:59

        I live in northern AZ and . We don’t have extreme heat. We have plenty of water and the hunting is the best around.

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  3. liz May 7, 14:04

    There are aa few other things to consider. Wildlife, toxic soil, sink holes, and fault lines. Consider fresh water/salt water, hurricane and tornado zones. So, watch the weather and flood zones. Wild life to consider, sharks, pythons, alligators, former mining areas for arsenic and sink holes. just some other hazards. and cell towers. Note” the new electric vehicles now have the ability to be tracked.. so, keep your older vehicles.

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  4. Chuckster May 7, 14:59

    ID is a good area and already has a large LDS population which are known to be Preppers by religious beliefs so they already have a year or two of food in hand for their entire family. However, people are moving here in droves; mostly California Escapees.

    Reply to this comment
    • PB- dave May 7, 17:28

      You’re right, the state is getting Californicated…….. the price of homes in Boise have doubled in the last 4 years. The problem lays with the politics they bring with them. Big city Texas has the same problems.

      Reply to this comment
    • Dan May 8, 09:18

      The main problem with Idaho is the fires and the air quality. Inversion in the winter and smoke from Boise to Sandpoint if the fires are big. Other than that it’s great! Left there 3 years ago and still miss it. It’s to bad that it’s being changed for the worse with the influx of people.

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  5. lefty May 7, 15:22

    I don’t want a digital copy of Easy Cellar,I ONLY want printed books.Not computer literate,barely use Word 7.0/ Windows 2010,no social media/cell phone/ news papers. RSVP ONLY if you have printed books.Suggest you read :Strategic Relocation”by J&A Skousen of Delta Press[AR].I’m looking for an actual direct buy/no mortgage referral of small,rural off grid with adequate onsite ground water property.I’m only on limited SS-not Warren Buffet !

    Reply to this comment
    • Badmoon1 May 7, 20:29

      The Easy Seller is well not easy. More or less rent a back hoe and dig a hole, line in with sand bags and cover. SO much for OPSEC. Not only would everyone near you see a back hoe being used, to dig a hole, it might attract local officials and cancel the project as well as fine you I recommend The $50 and Up Underground House book. You can build the same things but better really, with more than one exit. Easy Celler calls for only one exit. A down tree or abandoned car and it is now a tomb. Hope this helps.

      Reply to this comment
      • The Ohio Prepper May 16, 23:06


        The Easy Seller is well not easy. More or less rent a back hoe and dig a hole, line in with sand bags and cover. SO much for OPSEC. Not only would everyone near you see a back hoe being used, to dig a hole, it might attract local officials and cancel the project as well

        This is where not only the state; but, the county and area of the state is important. If I need a backhoe, I don’t rent, just borrow from one of the neighbors, and I plan to have my own by the end of summer. Every farmer / neighbor in my rural community has backhoes, skid loaders (with attachments) or tractors with 3-point hitch and PTO, so seeing such operations in my area are very common and from an OPSEC perspective, no one even pays attention, except perhaps to offer help.

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  6. Liz May 7, 15:28

    Lefty, I frequently see opportunities, How much land and which state are you interested in. Just helping.

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  7. Kat May 7, 15:54

    I am thinking and mindful of this one thing, when hard times do hit, and you are on government/federally owned land, what is to stop them from coming and taking all your supplies, justifying that you grew it, or sourced it from their property? It happened in EU and this government is just as selfish and greedy as any around the world. I think ahead always. When food is the most valuable source after a SHTF the government will be the first to come and rob the people who are resourceful and were prepared. How do we hide? Do we dig holes inside our homes in the ground and make hiding places? Maybe you have already addressed this concern, but I have looked around and can not find it. I am Polish, I saw havoc and socialism, I am scared of growing food for my family, making preserves and jaring my organic garden jewels, just to be left with nothing, when the government raids our homes for our food. I know this may seem silly to some, but anything is possible. And what about just people who come scavenging and robbing people because they are thieves by nature. They have no respect for life and no morals. How do we protect our food and supplies, when SHTF? I don’t mind sharing, but there are always people, who think they can just TAKE what they want.

    Reply to this comment
    • Phil May 7, 16:55

      Disarmed Poland is differenf from 2A America ,
      at least for the short run.

      Reply to this comment
    • Sioux May 7, 18:01

      I was going to comment and say many of the things you said regarding confiscation by the Govt as well as roaming bands of needy folks who didn’t prep. My husband and I have been looking for a place to move here in Michigan. The last election turned our Red state Blue with the installment of far-left Democrat female governor, attorney general and SOS. This is happening across the country grabbing the power by very narrow margins and then going crazy with their version of Utopia. Look at a map of the USA with election results by county- it is the Big Cities that ruin our country. There are plenty of normal people living in each state, so my recommendation is to look for a COUNTY in a rural area with a strong history of Constitutional living. That requires homework and visiting to see if the local churches are heavy into “Refugee Resettlement” up there in the Northwoods. I am glad you made it out of communist-era Poland, but angry that you now face the same BS here in America. This problem is a crisis of the Soul and there is no help coming from most the churches who seem to fiddle while Rome burns.

      Reply to this comment
      • tracy May 7, 22:22

        Sioux, my husband and I were considering MI as well. We took a trip around Southern MI last summer. We both like it and we’ve both felt very concerned about the politics, and the influence of Dearborn and Detroit populations. His parents are in Toledo, so MI seemed a good choice to be close.

        I totally love the Northern WI area, and imagine Northern MI to be similar, however, hard to imagine long term thru winters. If you have ideas of some better locations, I would so love to know that we are locating near like-minded types. Moving forward, I think creating a community network of support would be beneficial.

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        • Sioux May 8, 00:15

          Hi Tracy-
          We have been looking mainly in northern Michigan in the Atlanta area (small Elk hunting conservative area). Gaylord is booming, which brings good and bad stuff. A lot of sex offenders and druggies get placed out in the boonies, which is not comforting, I have also learned. Lots of 10-acre residences were on the market a few years ago, but none of them worked out for us. We need to keep it under $100,000, which is possible. If you don’t care about land, just want out of the urban area, that’s different. Our house in Battle Creek will be sold at a huge loss after 12 years of living here — Kellogg-SJWs are taking great pride in making this town a hellhole, but a polite welcoming hellhole.
          Northern Wisconsin is nice, according to friends who moved up there, but you have to have a lot of equipment and 4WD to deal with the snow or pay someone a lot $$$ to help you. We are in our early 70s, and getting the laundry done and dishes washed is a good day! Dreams vs Reality, y’know. Man Plans – God Smiles!

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          • tracy May 8, 14:16

            Sioux ~ thanks for your reply. It is a bummer that so many of the less desirable types are being spread out all thru our smaller cities and towns. I do love northern WI and did spend time there when growing up. I loved going up there for winter time. The snow and pines was magical to me being from Chgo., which I never wanted to return to.

            I am not sure about the situation w/ my mom, now 84, and wanting to get her out of Chgo to live w/ or near my husband and I. The northern areas would not work for her at this point. Really sorry to hear Battle Creek and Kellogg are being overrun by SJWs, but not surprised.

            I do think you are right, tho. God is no doubt laughing at all my ‘planning.’

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      • The Ohio Prepper May 16, 23:13


        Look at a map of the USA with election results by county- it is the Big Cities that ruin our country. There are plenty of normal people living in each state, so my recommendation is to look for a COUNTY in a rural area with a strong history of Constitutional living.

        We live in one of those rural counties and have for nearly 40 years, with the last 35 on this paid off property. It is indeed the big cities that cause the political problems; but, when TSHTF those cities will become jungles and my considered opinion is that we should let them freeze in the dark.

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    • Katherine May 7, 18:43

      The U.S. fake corporate “government” has already been photographed and video´d stealing survival supplies from preppers. So this is hardly a remote concern.

      Reply to this comment
      • Miss Kitty May 14, 15:23

        Do you have a link or a web address for this info? I hadn’t heard about this and I would like to check it out and see where/ what is going on. Thanks!

        Reply to this comment
    • Evy May 7, 22:05

      Bury your extra food with water, gun and ammo.

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    • tracy May 7, 22:15

      Kat – I don’t like to live from a fear-based mindset either, as I am sure you don’t, but I do agree that if it comes to it, I’m not sure I would trust being on Federal land either. And, I have Polish ancestry as well. Ive also studied a bit about the Bolshevik Revolution. The Ukrainians were robbed of every single kernel of grain or food, and left to starve. Millions. The Polish people suffered a lot as well. It’s essentially the same group running the show, just a century or so later, so tactics have changed. It’s clear the actual unelected rulers just want to control and enslave, so really not to be trusted.

      My husband and I are doing our best to get out of the Scottsdale/Phx urban desert. We are mid-late 50s, and feel the urgency to make changes, while not yet having the means to make the change. Hoping we just go for it by the time our apt. and bus. leases are up at the end of August 2019.

      I have an aging single mom that has dementia that I really want to be able to help care for, and she plus my husband’s family are in the Midwest. She is in Chgo, where I am originally from. No way in he** am I going to live there again.

      We are considering areas around the hillier parts of Southern IN, and /or Southwester PA. I like the thought of being near Amish. Plus, some counties in IN are densely forested, plus rivers. Possibly in the mountainous areas of WV or TN (Appalachians.) I have thought about ID as my sister is up in the northern part of the state. Beautiful. However I know those folks are bringing their socialist politics in from CA, and jacking up housing. They are doing that here in AZ as well. In Prescott and even in Payson and tiny Pine!

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      • The Ohio Prepper May 16, 23:22

        You should seriously add Ohio to your list. There is still a lot of rural territory and lots of Amish. Once you get an hour or so outside of the major cities, there are many agricultural communities that welcome outsiders as long as you plan to fit in and don’t complain about the smell, the dirt, or the dandelions in the yards. At your age perhaps the biggest thing would be your skill set and the ability to find employment.

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    • Miss Kitty May 12, 19:13

      You’re not being silly! You are being cautious and careful about the situation, and with good reason to be.
      Get sneaky about hiding your preps. Don’t keep everything in one place. If you are on your own property, make use of all of the available space. Installing a “foundation” for your tool shed will give you an excuse to do a little extra digging and turn it into a root cellar beneath the floor. A storm shelter (a necessity in many places) can be extended, a false wall and shelves installed and additional storage is concealed in a convenient place.
      You can also hide smaller quantities of water, medications, arms, and food behind false panels in closets, under beds, attics, on top of cupboards. Money can be hidden in various creative locations too, and should not be overlooked as a prep.
      There are some free books on Amazon about the subject that you might enjoy, but basically look around your house and think of places that are hidden from sight, difficult to access, and could hold a few supplies. Be mindful, too of temperature extremes that could damage your preps. Attics get really hot in summer. Crawl spaces are prone to water/pest damage and freezing. You get the idea.
      Good luck! 🙂

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  8. Woodloafer37 May 7, 15:59

    Our employer of 35 years transferred up to S.E. Tennessee in a county that is one county over from the Appalachian Mountains and our courtesy border on North Georgia; this back in 1974 and since we are Christians we are confident that we were placed here by Divine Providence. Yes, there is a nuclear facility, Watts Bar, north of us but there is some confirm is the prevailing winds are usually from the S.W. Also, there is a ‘terrorist’ compound/training camp N. W. of us over in middle TN that our militia can take out when the times come and the windfall potential is that the terrorist probably has military supplies that are ordinarily inaccessible/unavailable and once the camp is captured those supplies may well be most valuable.

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    • Raven tactical May 7, 20:42

      Your militia will take out….. lol

      Some how I doubt it.

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      • Contrails May 8, 11:43

        It’s good that you (and others) are skeptical. They’ll be more blindsided when it happens. Don’t underestimate the American Patriot.

        Reply to this comment
        • Raven tactical May 14, 09:26


          The country has fallen already. What is your couch militia doing?

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          • Miss Kitty May 14, 15:11

            So far it looks like a lot of pontificating and hand wringing and not much else besides. We try to vote for good, reasonable people, but either they lose in elections that are most likely rigged, or there isn’t much of a choice to begin with.
            OTOH, what else can we reasonably do? We can’t legitimately storm the state capital or Congress and stage an armed coup, (much as we may like to).
            Do you have any ideas?

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            • Raven tactical May 14, 16:25

              Let it burn…. let it all fail and collaspe like it’s going to. Stock up train up and get in shape.

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            • The Ohio Prepper May 17, 00:55

              Miss Kitty,

              We try to vote for good, reasonable people, but either they lose in elections that are most likely rigged, or there isn’t much of a choice to begin with.

              I see no rigging going on here (in Ohio) and except for one senator, we have some rather good solid representation from our area. Rob Portman and Jim Jordan are activists who try and make a difference; but, they are often outnumbered by those from other states.

              Do you have any ideas?

              Yes, get involved and stay involved. Donate time & money to the candidates and causes you support.

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          • Hacksaw May 15, 14:42

            “The country has fallen already”. To whom and when did this happen? Someone forget their meds this morning?

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            • Raven tactical May 15, 15:14

              Its over and the Patriots are losing. Time to stay in the redoubts and shelter in place. The socialism rise will be here and the collapse will crash the world.

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              • The Ohio Prepper May 17, 01:03

                Raven tactical,

                Time to stay in the redoubts and shelter in place. The socialism rise will be here and the collapse will crash the world.

                We’ve lived in our redoubt for 35 years and can easily shelter in place. I also don’t see socialism catching on once people figure out what it is and what it will cost, and they are doing that already, albeit slower than would make me comfortable.
                I know of no socialists in my entire county.

                Reply to this comment
                • Yosemite May 19, 21:09

                  REMEMBER all of the Left Wing so called Progressives a nice name for Socialists said and believed Hillary would win.

                  All of those shouting/spouting Hatred of President Trump get all of the media and shout down anyone that opposes them.

                  Most of those Socialist are anti-firearms and Second Amendment.

                  Not many of those Socialists are preppers and most lie in large Major cities where the gangs and such are…and will be limited in food and supplies. The will be waiting for the Government to come help them
                  Granted there are preppers in such areas….
                  The Socialist do not control the center and other areas of the US.
                  A lot of areas are getting rid of the Socialist and economy destruction it brings.

                  Socialism only last as long as other people have money

                  Reply to this comment
                  • Raven tactical May 19, 21:24

                    Getting rid of socialism… try again its gaining full speed. Every single state has over bearing government control and regulations.. your paying for welfare and government out of control depending.

                    People embrace socialism because they been indoctrinated to love it.

                    They own the sea ports and can ship in any army they want. They are slowly owning the midwest with Islam advancing. Their is very little safe spaces left. The redoubt might be it

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      • Bob May 14, 05:16

        I am sorry to say I believe you are correct about your doubts. I taught Escape and Evasion, then as a civilian I taught survival. VERY FEW PEOPLE have the balls to do what must be done, even if their lives are threatened.

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        • Rose May 15, 15:40

          Unfortunately I believe you are correct. I am naturalized citizen .
          In Brazil 1964 there was a reaction. But here there is none. Lots of macho talks but no o e leaves the couch.
          It seems we will be under Communism soon
          Be prepared, there will be extermination lists everywhere. There will be neurotic, without a shred of dignity with badges and power to kill and destroy.
          Everyone will sell everyone. People will sell you for one more day of life.
          I expected more from America. I truly believed on many words.
          My mistake.

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          • Sioux May 15, 18:00

            Rose- you aren’t the only one disappointed. However, I am one of those armchair pontificators, railing at the moon hoping that will be enough, but knowing it won’t be. What is the difference between 1960s Brazil and America? The US was in turmoil, too. The Marxist revolutionaries here mostly quieted down and went into politics and took over businesses and education (and not a few churches). We the Peasants/aka Middle Class kept on tryng to live the AMerican “dream” with a minor recognition of the slow-but-sure overthrow underway. We had no major alternative news sources (AM talk radio was the pariah of its day,too). Maybe Brazil had a better press than America, and thus better informed citizens. ONce we had the internet for fact checking and finding out what the Disinformation Machine is up to, some of us intentionally did get enlightened. But, just try to tell the “low/no information” folks what you know, and they think you are nuts and really do belong in a FEMA camp.
            Eyes to See- Ears to Hear- Hearts to ACT, those kind have always been at a premium. The Matriarchs are pushing all the men to the curb, and nuking their “sisters” who don’t buy into the Scam – so there goes the physical and spiritual protectors and leaders under the Bus with the likes of Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders grinning all the way.

            Reply to this comment
            • Rose May 15, 19:07

              Isaid all that with a crying heart. In Brazil , the college students and professors were the spring coil of Communists. The media was corrupted and liar, just like here.
              Some people who had no ay of make a living, begun making songs, these songs , in between the lines, brought information from a far place. They used to play in whatever bar in town, if not in bar, simply on the sidewalks of residential streets.
              Everyone put on a show mask on. Even some family members were willing to sell you to a low grade “soldier” for one more day of life or provisions.
              People who ae vindictive, will construct any story that would cause you to be hunted. It happened to my father and someone close. My father was lucky: got a warning call a few hours ahead. An argument at the harbor, turned into a fight, my dad got the best of it. The sore loser denounced him as resistant. A whole pack of rabid commies went after him. They rattled our doorknob at night and my mom threatned to blast the door with all ammo. It stopped and my mom was not holding a gun. The one we had was with my dad who was by the Atlantic Forest by that time. And he layed there for a long time. Every now and then we would see a note under our door to go to a certain neighbohood to pick my dad’s corpse in a tar barrel. Those trips were gut wrenching.
              I understand that the infiltration of communists is insidious and it runs deep today.
              Which leaves only one recourse. And for that, every one must be engaged somehow. Because it will be life or death. And the more times passes by , the worst it gets.
              The balance and check system is being used against us. Just like in Brazil, ordinary citisen is always half a step away of being charged with felony because the law has been transformed into a weapon against us. Those raping and whoring the country walk in impunity. To them there are no limits nor account, they do as they please, even disposing of your life. It happened in Brazil, I learned it happened in Cuba and in Ghana. I will go out on a thought it is happening in Venezuela. And will happen here theday where our lives willbe entertainment to the powerful /corrupt .
              I see here that it was worst the indoctrination. The majority of people have no idea what is truly going on.
              I moved to Florida to be far from liberals who called me all kinds of names you canthink of. Their favorite was ignorant spick. I am not Spanish, nor even my ascendents. I am born in Brazil, Portuguese/African culture with Italian and native indian blood in my family.
              At work , I was a flight attendant, I was isolated. Only a few pilots – also Patriots – would talk to me. I am retired since a while ago. Iwas called ignorant lunatic on my back.
              I saw one of the first muslim aglomerate in the USA in Bufallo, NY. I went straight to FBI, who treated me so casual, He did not cared to take notes right on my face. And this was on Obama years. I saw how putrid is the offices of power.
              I cannot think about Brazil that something bad and blood thirst comes to my heart and I cannot live like that if I love my Lord and Savior.
              I have no idea why I have to live this for the second time. And now I am old. i have grown children who although Patriots think that here there will never be a day like those in Brazil. And when I think of it I realise that I am old to execute things that my anger demands to those who come to inflict me the sme harm I saw happening around me when young.
              I do not want to see anyonedyig or hurting. But we will have to face a horrible situation if we want freedom.

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              • CarmenO May 16, 10:51

                Rose, nice comment. I’m Puerto Rican and like all P Ricans a US citizen from birth. (Yep, we have only been US citizens from birth, for the last 103 years and we certainly did NOT ask to be invaded by a much, much bigger nation and much, much newer nation, that has never left.) And I know exactly how you feel, because I have been treated the same by many people. But I’m not a people person, so I don’t give a dang. Heck, I’m even member of a US military family going back to 1942 and being that my grandson is an Air Force brat (both parents), we will continue being one. But we are way better off, and better educated, than most people that think we are their inferiors. “Stick and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”, saying from when I was a child, longer ago than most people in the US have been alive. Right now we are in a fight between good and evil and I sure as heck have no intention of letting evil win.

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                • Rose May 16, 17:45

                  First, Porto Rico is a TERRITORY of the USA.
                  Your island was a strong agriculture land until you guys fell fir the Marxist facilitator aka Democratic Party.
                  Second, your education is subpar .
                  It was not fairy tale that hunted my Dad!
                  It was not fairy tale who stormed into my uncle’s house and took him. And when we went to bring him back, they said such person never existed.
                  I truly desire that you go to Venezuela and live there just like Venezuelans live. Go! Live your “fairy tale”
                  I do not want to offend you
                  But you lack education and wisdom
                  Not to mention gratitude
                  Meanwhile, your island suck lots of our taxes with all the food stamps and hospital bills you guys generate there and in New York
                  You guys chose to behave as secondary. That is why you are treated as such.
                  Let me know if you want the Fairy Tale in Venezuela.
                  How happy would you be living off a ration tyrannic government decides dor you?
                  How wonderful it is to have your kids ripped from your arms, because government needs more engineers in a far area and will train them to serve as such? These are REALITY Cuban mothers faced!

                  Reply to this comment
                  • CarmenO May 18, 14:30

                    Rosey, you are as “intelligent” as Hacksaw. Hint stupid, the governor of PR is affiliated to the REPUBLICAN PARTY and he won because most P Ricans are Republican once they move the the US ALSO. Obama, the guy you people elected for 8 years (how soon you forget), went to PR in what was supposed to be an official visit, found out the governor then was ALSO affiliated to the REPUBLICAN PARTY and refused to attend a banquet in his honor, being that the president of the US IS ALSO president of PR, hence insulting the whole of PR. The mayor of San Juan, the only Democrat, was the one the FAKE media was quoting, only that idiots, like you fall for all that the FAKE media says and are too stupid to figure it out. Oh, so you are from Venezuela, the country that was actually Marxist, who keeps electing Marxists. What do you know! We are NOT a territory of the US. If you knew anything about a thing called HISTORY, you would know PR was invaded in 1898 and the US NEVER LEFT. Hint, look in a map. See those tiny dots after the Dominican Republic, they are PUERTO RICO. A nation that has been around much longer than the US and has never been Marxist like your own country has been for decades. Lack education? I suggest you check in the NSA (US National Security Agency) website to see which group of US citizens are the one with the most graduate and post graduate degrees in the entire US. Why, it’s P Ricans. Let me see me: Doctorate in Psychology, Doctorate in Law, Graduate degrees in English Literature, Geology and History. I collect degrees. Heck that’s more degrees that you can count. Plus, when it come to History, my hobby, I bet myself against any uneducated female from Venezuela. (That includes War History.) Gratitude for being invaded and being forced to become US citizens or being exiled to VENEZUELA. Heck, I would have chosen US any day, asides from Jose Marti, nothing good even came out of your nation. Get this dumb one: All Puerto Ricans regardless of wealth or poverty pay Federal Taxes, they call them “tariffs” and they apply to every thing that enter PR, including food, something no one in the US pays federal taxes on. Biggest employers of P Ricans the US Federal government and the US military (highest percentage of any group in the US military: P Ricans, men and women) all are required to fill out and pay FEDERAL taxes. As if the US would require banks all over the planet to report any money deposited by US citizens and some how not charge federal taxes to people one hour from Florida by plane. Even you can’t be that stupid. Oh, wait you are. Go back to Venezuela. What you live in Cuba also? Hint stupid, people from Cuba can move to the US legally if they want, by special law, been happening for the last 50 years. If they stay if because they like it there. Did you even finish elementary school. Venezuelans are not know to be scholars, asides from Marti and he died 1895 and he was actually Cuban. No me molestes mosquito. (Don’t bother me mosquito, for those who don’t understand Spanish like the Venezuelan female that hates herself. )

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            • CarmenO May 16, 11:11

              Sioux, here is a little secret for you, most so called Marxist from the 1960’s were a fairy tale, invented to fool people like you. Must people in the 1960-70’s who were making a nuisance of themselves, where NOT even remotely that or communists or socialist or anarchist. We were people fighting against the same people who are still in control of the US, behind the scenes. I’ve been at this since I was 16, 56 years ago. (Cold War, living in Germany when nuclear war was eminent.) We did not go away, things got better. But you can bet we were warning people of what was coming and being called crazy Y2K people. Had nothing to do with computers (56 years ago they used cardboard punch cards to input information), prophecies (I know no one who was into that) or any such nonsense. We were fighting against a corrupt system that even killed a sitting president, regardless of what we may have thought of him. I’ve been posting in other places from many years, non-stop, especially since 2001 (Y2K, what a “coincidence”.) Sorry, but that whole, “I work and I support people who don’t” has NEVER been my idea of life. I’m still beyond paranoid. You are right about misinformation, you were misinformed. Plus, we were also back to (our own) land nutcases.

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              • Rose May 16, 17:52

                If you truly served, you confirm that the military lowered its standards and now all garbage can wear the uniform, tainting it

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                • Raven tactical May 16, 18:55

                  The military is garbage?

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                • CarmenO May 18, 14:43

                  If I actually served? I have NEVER said I served in the military. I actually mention that my father did not want me to serve, because the likelihood of a woman in the military being raped was about 90%. My father was a colonel, serve during WWII Korea and Vietnam, tons of medals. As I mentioned, he raised me as a soldier, but he had no interest on me getting raped. Plus I mentioned all the men in my family, I’m the only female born into that family. By the way, I am 72, so you must be talking Civil War. Poor doggy, he got himself a moron for a parent. Let me guess you are a Democrat, who hates the US, and the military. What the heck are you doing here? Spying? One thing for sure, if the SHTF, you will be gone on day one. Nice, knowing you.

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          • The Ohio Prepper May 17, 01:17


            Unfortunately I believe you are correct. I am naturalized citizen .
            In Brazil 1964 there was a reaction. But here there is none. Lots of macho talks but no o e leaves the couch.

            There is a very big cultural difference between Brazil and the USA. To many central and south American countries have lived under oppressive regimes for so long, their cultures have become more of a duck and cover than confrontational one.

            It seems we will be under Communism soon

            Not going to happen.

            Be prepared, there will be extermination lists everywhere. There will be neurotic, without a shred of dignity with badges and power to kill and destroy.
            Everyone will sell everyone. People will sell you for one more day of life.

            I think you are bringing your cultural bias here and letting it scare you.
            Our military and police forces are not the corrupt versions beholding to the dictatorial governments from down south of the border. We still have rule of law here and that pesky 2nd amendment.

            I expected more from America. I truly believed on many words.
            My mistake.

            No mistake. You just need to be patient and get involved in your neighborhood. Once you and your neighbors get to know one another, you may have a quite different perspective.

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          • james November 30, 02:58

            It isn’t over yet Rose. It really is in the very early stages, too soon to declare a winner.

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  9. Woodsloafer37 May 7, 16:00

    Our employer of 35 years transferred up to S.E. Tennessee in a county that is one county over from the Appalachian Mountains and our courtesy border on North Georgia; this back in 1974 and since we are Christians we are confident that we were placed here by Divine Providence. Yes, there is a nuclear facility, Watts Bar, north of us but there is some confirm is the prevailing winds are usually from the S.W. Also, there is a ‘terrorist’ compound/training camp N. W. of us over in middle TN that our militia can take out when the times come and the windfall potential is that the terrorist probably has military supplies that are ordinarily inaccessible/unavailable and once the camp is captured those supplies may well be most valuable.

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    • left coast chuck May 7, 17:23

      You don’t have to post two times. The screening application that Claude uses delays many postings, especially if they are more than one line. Apparently the application moves its lips when it reads. Eventually your post will show up.

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  10. TJ May 7, 16:55

    I will stay in Alaska. I have all I need

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  11. Hacksaw May 7, 17:07

    I’m in the Appalachians. Avoid the Virginia’s for more than just politics. Any state near D.C. is subject to be affected by bio chemical
    Or nuke attack on DC. That place has to be high on the bad guys target list. .

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    • The Ohio Prepper May 17, 01:22


      I’m in the Appalachians. Avoid the Virginia’s for more than just politics. Any state near D.C. is subject to be affected by bio chemical
      Or nuke attack on DC. That place has to be high on the bad guys target list.

      Yep and that’s why DC will all move to the ”secret bunker” at the Greenbrier. LOL

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  12. left coast chuck May 7, 17:36

    Before picking an area to move to, I would recommend subscribing to the local paper for six months before making a decision. You might also schedule an extended visit to the area if you can swing the bucks.

    I am hoping I can move from the PDRK sometime in this lifetime. I had read that Flagstaff, AZ had more gun shops per 1,000 citizens than any other city in the U.S. Sounded like my kind of town. I subscribed to the Flagstaff, AZ newspaper. Reading that paper was just like reading the local paper here in SoCal.

    It appeared to me from reading the local paper that Flagstaff not only had a lot of snow on the ground — leads the country in snowfall in its category — but also had a superabundance of snowflakes populating the town and the area around the town. They voted for Hillary by a large margin in the last election. Scratch Flagstaff off my list.

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  13. dĘd May 7, 17:46

    Excellent article.

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  14. Vickie May 7, 18:34

    We learned the hard way during Obummer’s govt shut down that you do NOT want to live on Federal Land! There were people living in Tonto National Forest on leased land that were unable to get to their homes. So I would delete that from your criteria. During Obummer’s reign of terror, a whole lot of land was swept up in his “conservation” program and made a lot of land difficult to live on.

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  15. Liz May 7, 19:46

    Keep in mind that a land developer is our current prez. And during shut down he pulled staff from national parks.
    Also, consider emanate domain is in his arsenal. He a prof. puppeteer. He has protested presentation of his finances.

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    • Hacksaw May 16, 13:13

      CarmenO. You can hand in your citizenship and leave any day now, we real Americans won’t be offended. Please educate us by telling us when the US invaded your little beach town. Who was the President when this occurred? When did it occur? How many lives were lost? Where were the major battles? Did Cuba loan you any troops? Or maybe it was Maduro who helped you out.

      PR is less than a zit on a gnats ass little girl. We real Americans don’t need you free loading bums. Go home and cry to mommy because real people have more importantant affairs to attend to than listening to some third world parasite whine about not getting enough free handouts. You and your little tribe huddling on a tropical rock are about as much of a US citizen as that lying Kenyan.

      Reply to this comment
      • CarmenO December 31, 07:53

        Hack, I finally got to read your stupidity. Lets see, William McKinley, the 25th president. Took me two seconds. You are so stupid you can’t look it up? You real “Americans” are just another Americans, same as every one born in both NORTH AND SOUTH AMERICA. Hint, imbecile, this nation is called UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. It means that it is located in one of the AMERICAN continents. I am a UNITED STATES citizen. Real Americans would know that, but dumb one don’t even know the name of their own nation. Duh! I don’t know how many invaders were killed, I do know that Teddy Roosevelt had to go back with his you know what between his legs and the US entered into a fake deal with Spain that DID NOT OWN PR and pretended to give PR to the US, the same as if the UK gave Canada if they lost a fake war. History, baby. So why? The great Rough Rider were defeated by farmers with machetes. I suggest you do some research on which group of US citizen (note that I did not say American citizen, which includes every one from Alaska to Argentina) have the highest rate of participation in the US military. Why of course, it is Puerto Ricans, both men and women. Like I said too stupid to do research. The US invaded in 1898 before you were born, which is why you don’t know. Maduro was not even remotely born 121 years ago, stupid. We didn’t need help, we kick Teddy out. I bet I paid way more taxes than some stupid hick who can’t even research in the internet, before asking stupid questions. By the way, BOY, why don’t you go check out in the US NSA web site to see which is the group they mention that has the highest percentage of graduate and post graduate degrees in the ENTIRE US per capita (that mean % of the population). What! It is P Ricans! And number one degree: Engineers. Which is what my son is, who works for the US AIR FORCE, is there. The only way PR is a third world nation is if the US is a third world nation, IDIOT. PR is considered part of the US, which is why everyone born there for the last 103 is a US citizen. Note I did not say American citizen. Heck Venezuelans are American citizens being that they were born in South AMERICA. Ever tried looking at a map? Of course not, too stupid. You people elected the KENYAN. Puerto Ricans in PR are not allowed to vote, unless they get in a plane on election day and go to a poll in a state without of residence requirement and VOTE. That guy went to PR and got upset because the governor of PR was affiliated to the REPUBLICAN PARTY. Most P Rican vote REPUBLICAN. Even some REPUBLICANS can be as much of an imbecile as you. I did not see you saying you are in the military. Every single man in my family since 1942, when my dad volunteered at 16, with a permission slip from his mother, being he was still a boy, has been in the US military. First in the Army and now in the Air Force, like my son and being that my grandson is an Air Force brat with both parents Air Force, I think it will continue. How about your family? I bet you did even qualify due to very low IQ. Yep, I’m only 5 feet tall, but when I was 8 I broke the nose of the school bully, who had no idea my dad taught me to box when I was 6 and told me “go for the nose”. Was he surprised! The police couldn’t stop laughing when his mother called them, the kid was 12 and way taller than me. Go away cockroach, pretend you are someone with someone who will fall for it. I bet my stash of supplies is way more than yours. I’ve been paranoid since I was 16, living in Germany, where dad was stationed when the Berlin War was first built. Hint that was 56 years ago. I’ve been fighting the power that control the US since then. While roaches like you play at survivalist, while being too stupid, to actually be. Hack says it all. Hack always meant to cough frequently. That is all you have done. Let me guess it’s all that neanderthal, semi-human DNA in your system.

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  16. bigfoot May 7, 20:02

    How about Michigan? Seems to be plenty of water and a lot farmland and woods?

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  17. Liz May 7, 20:08

    Don’t overlook the property and vehicle and taxes / insurance required. Also, the limitation imposed by local inspectors. Argh

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  18. Stockton May 7, 20:18

    I would beg to differ about Florida being a bad place for a prepper. Look on a map and you will see the Everglades only at the very bottom of the map. There are more state and federal forests and protected areas than the number of acres in the Everglades. Yes we have hurricanes, but I have lived here for more than five decades and only one storm ever affected my home. We are a low tax environment with no income and no inheritance tax. Most of the interior counties of Florida are conservative in nature and in politics. As with most places, stay away from the big cities and you can find land, water and place to live that you could homestead or call a redoubt or vacation property. We don’t have snow and ice and it rarely freezes. We do have plenty of sunshine and rain and you can grow and raise just about anything here you want. My garden produces year round. Please reconsider classifying Florida as a bad state for prepping.

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    • Tom Ford May 8, 09:21

      200 plus people are making Florida their permanent home per day now. The way things are going, it will soon become a Blue state the likes we have never seen. It has been teetering for a long time. Yes you can grow things here as long as you research how to in Tropical climates and have the resources for raised beds. The land and soil is so poor in most areas that it takes 5 acres of pasture to support 1 cow. We’ll be going North soon!

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  19. SKIBS May 7, 20:40

    While your commentary on pros and cons is accurate, your assessment of the states is/are not altogether. New York is heavily populated mostly in the southeast, around Albany and Syracuse and around the Buffalo, Rochester and Niagra areas. But the vast majority of the state is wide open and the majority of the upstate populations in the wide open areas are red thinking, not blue. Yet the state does have ridiculously stringent gun laws. California is a divided state. Again, staunchly blue in the populated areas, but the state is huge and the northern parts are distinctly conservative. New Jersey is possibly the very worst state between its political leanings, gun control and population except for the northwest part of the state. The worst growing zones and cold stretch from Wisconsin all the way through Montana, Wyoming and parts of Idaho, so I don’t know why you mention that for Minnesota but then suggest 2 other states are better. Why in the world you think squatting on federally owned land is even a viable thought to me is just ridiculous, since whatever dictatorial government(s) that emerge post-apocalyptic would pose a serious threat to any encroachment. Montana has one of the very highest strategic nuclear targets of anywhere in the country. I just don’t think you though that all the way through

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    • Yosemite May 19, 20:55

      North Dakota AKA “The Peace Garden State” was to secede from the Union, It would instantly become the World’s Third Largest Nuclear Power……

      There used to be missiles and bomb wings all over the Midwest….now days there are no where near as many as there use to be.

      In the past the US Government had put former missile silos up for sale and people bought them and turned them into places to live.

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  20. Ozark Hillbilly May 7, 21:25

    Add Arkansas to the list of best states. Large prepper population already here. As the sign at the state border says “Welcome to Arkansas – The Natural State – Please turn your clock back twenty years. When the EMP happens we have shorter fall back to the 1890’s. ;-D

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    • Ozark Hillbilly May 8, 14:21

      Showed my cheeky post to my wife. Her reply was “Better send someone to up date the sign, it should read “Set your clocks back 60 years” now!” Her opinion is our state is stuck in the late 1950’s. Happy in the Ozarks (north central Arkansas)!

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  21. Rosangela May 7, 21:55

    I live in Florida and we are being invaded by Californians and they bring their libtard politics. Spoke with one this week who mentioned Florida as 3rd world country, and California as well developed. She did not like when I told her must be very progressive to pay taxes for everything under the sun. I have been looking around the map trying to find a place away from libs and nutcases. But convincing my husband is the major step. I am not there yet. Idaho was on my list till I read that Californians are invading it. Texas has still some pockets of good places. Florida is going down so fast. Things have to happen now, otherwise, Florida will be lost to libtard.

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  22. Liz May 7, 22:39

    Tracy, I have lived in your target zones in MI and WI. I can advice you as you wish. Eastern upper WI preferred or lower by Wis Dells. In Michigan, depends whether you want wet snow on the west side or a drier snow on eastern. also, treed/ flat, views? There re pockets of Amish all over the country. They have there own website. My family has a 300 acre farm about 1 hr west of Green Bay. Also, consider proximity to Indian Reservation .

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  23. Cher D'Beck May 8, 00:13

    I would think a Prepper would be more aware of the state of Arizona. You literally wrote off half the state because you are only thinking of the desert Metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Tucson, with their 122 degree summer spike temps., and cities on the Co. River that hit those high temps too.
    That’s O.K. We that live in the High Country can deal with that mindset.
    Happy in the country with plenty of water and homesteads.

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    • ArizonaDave May 27, 21:34

      The Arizona assessment is not accurate. ⅔ of the state is in cooler climate, only ⅓ is in the Sonora desert. A ton of water too. Hundreds of canals that carry water from the Colorado river to the Phx area. Many lakes over 15 miles long each, many near slot canyons I’d recommend cutting out a small cave midway up the canyon with steps) where earth temp is 55*-60* F all year around, or go to the upper ⅔ of the state) (would need a small 5 lb. sledge and chisel). Much of the state is National forrest land, or State Trust land. Big game: Elk, deer, antelope, etc. It also boasts the largest Ponderosa pine forsest in the world.

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  24. IvyMike May 8, 01:20

    A life long Texan, my impression is that most of the people living off grid in the State are out in the Chihuahuan Desert area where land is cheap and local government non-existent, though you do have to deal with the increasingly Orwellian folks of CBP anytime you get out on the highway. Don’t tell them about your 4th Amendment rights, either, they are exempt from it and will shove your pocket Constitution, well, you know where they’ll shove it…
    The Central Texas hill country looks great, but there is no Federal land in Texas and all of Micheal Dell’s minions have put the prices way way up.
    East Texas is too close to Dallas and Houston, anywhere you go go you are within a hundred miles of 4 million city slickers.
    Nobody thinks of Louisiana but it is extensively wooded and rural, unrelentingly conservative, and comfortably and dependably backward. I have a couple Cajun friends there on military pensions who pretty much live the post Apocalyptic lifestyle already, and they all say, don’t worry about the gators, we eat them, they don’t eat us.

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  25. EddieW May 8, 02:10

    I live in South Dakota, we have lots of Federal lands here, plenty of water, and not many people!! We have deer elk rabbits, squirrels pronghorns, pheasants in the prairie lands as well as grouse in the western and northern parts.!!..

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  26. LilyG May 8, 09:36

    Yes…. Please keep believing that Minnesota is too cold, too liberal, too anti gun, and too overrun by refugees for survival… You can only survive if you were raised here in the frigid cold… on a farm, with a garden, and livestock, getting your own shotgun before you were ten. (and we keep turning the refugees into massive producers of Organic produce…. go figure)… So stay away… you won’t survive….

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    • Dinie July 16, 14:41

      I agree. Stay away from Minnesota. Its freezing all year round. You need a parka, and nothing grows. Its like living on the moon. LOL. I didn’t grow up here, but I have adapted to moon living. I always did want to be an astronaut!

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  27. liz May 8, 11:49

    Hey Not only are sharks found in salt water but also far up the Mississippi/ Also, if you settle n Washington Cty, NC. You can hunt big black bear, dear, ducks, geese, fish in salt and fresh water, and still be off the grid. If nothing else, head for Cherokee cty, I am aware of a log cabin on 20 acres up foe sale in Cherokee. cty

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  28. CarmenO May 8, 12:02

    The Appalachian Mountains? Hate to say this, but the people who live there already, do not take kindly to a few million people suddenly showing up, from the cities, to tell them what to do and to take over. They do have weapons. As to Minnesota #5 worse, yeah, sure. No problem here, keep everyone out of Northern Minnesota, WE DO NOT WANT TO SHARE, with morons who are afraid of a bit of cold weather and would rather move down to Florida where it’s warm along with about 100,000,000 other folks. Who comes up with this logic? Heck, this winter I got to practice, bathing with little water (the ground frozen way deep and water was not draining – did not want to flood basement. Had to practice washing clothing by hand using my huge built in tubs with built in washing “boards” (same reason, old house). Got to add a couple more layers of clothing (it’s not fat, it’s layers, sure) and test my new fancy schmancy wool blanket. Still dressing in layers and it’s May. Would not trade it. Hint: no worry of less hardy people showing (unlike the Appalachians). lol

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  29. CarmenO May 8, 12:08

    Forgot to mention, long days in Minnesota mean that plants grow faster and make up for the short seasons. Plus any one should learn to start food inside and to keep it growing inside, so others don’t steal it in a scenario where lots of strangers are going to show up looking for food. Plus you also better learn which are the wild edibles where you want to go, because that’s what will be left to eat if you do not prepare.

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    • LilyG May 17, 21:09

      Carmen, They will never understand the beauty of an underground greenhouse. Still need to get mine built, but I have the plans. When my boys were young I got out to ski races all winter… now I will be content with a cozy little oasis that is comfortable through the winter….. And warm my old bones with a fireplace.. That is heaven.

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  30. Contrails May 8, 12:22

    Peepers should work together and target a particular state or region and concentrate on settling there in order to keep that area politically red. Dispersing our strength across the US is not helpful. In my mind, in addition to being around others that think as we do, the important factors are 1) availability of water, 2) forested land, and 3) suitable climate. What’s needed is a leader we can get behind to direct our efforts and keep us unified.

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    • Miss Kitty May 14, 15:34

      The problem with preppers is that by nature we’re a suspicious, antisocial lot. Getting us to “organize” us like herding cats.

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  31. lefty May 8, 13:16

    re AR-where in northern AR? Per “Strategic Relocation”by J&A Skousen of Delta Press,I’m seriously considering north AR,east TN,MO,west NC,north Al,ID/WY/UT appear to have too little water-and too many CA’s moving in !Its only me/my 3 rescue cats/eventually a bird dog.I’m a-by deed-,moderate Protestant.Retired,limited SS.
    Forget NYState-as long as NYC is part of NYState and the USA.I’m desperately trying to escape 14487

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  32. Contrails May 8, 18:19

    **Preppers**, not Peepers. Thanks, SpellCheck :-/

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  33. Yosemite May 8, 19:11

    UH….unless I am mistaken the idea is to go here there are not large numbers of people UNLESS you have families or friend interested in a particular area to form a group. the idea is to be in the BOONIES…..That means TWO THINGS.
    #1. You are as far off the Beaten path as you can get and there are not many people…….
    #2.MEANING there is a reason there are NOT MANY people are in that area for a REASON.
    Be it Swampland/Desert/Extreme Cold or other weather…You want to be secure and as safe as you can make it for yourself or our families or whoever is involved with.
    The Seminoles and escaped sllaves survived and thrived in the Everglades. Native Americans survived and thrived all over North America in all climates.

    In order to survive anywhere you are going to have to know to adapt to that area. Survival means dealing with whatever is handed to you on a plate. No matter where you are. No matter if it be Extreme Cold Weather or or the Extreme Heat in the desert and having to find water to living in Wetlands/Swamps. There were families that lived and thrived and survived in the Everglades and the Okefenokee Swamps.

    People can also hide and survive in “Plain Sight”

    No matter where you are or you want to move to, or travel to….It is all about survival!

    In order to survive you are going to have to be willing to adapt. You might not be able to get out of the city or make it to your mountain or whatever retreat right away.
    With all of your planning, BE SURE to include the MISTER MURPHY factor… MISTER MURPHY can show up at anytime. The more prepared you are for every scenario you can think of…the better off you will be and be prepared to deal with it. As soon as you think you are capable of dealing with them start all over again.
    Bad Guys have a nasty habit of showing up when you least expect them and numbers of them can vary from ONE to any numbers in a group.
    In general the more isolated you are (unless counting other preppers with you) the better off you can be and easier to hide if need be from others that may or may not be friendly.

    Most important is learning and having the proper Mindset and knowing as much as possible (and then some) about the area you choose or have chosen to be. Weather and it’s extremes. From Hurricanes to Tornadoes or Blizzards Annual amount of rain. The soil and growing seasons. What sort critters are there? What critters are dangerous?? Dangerous /Deadly insects? Venomous Snakes? What about to hunt? Deer? Elk?? Moose? Bear? Antelope? Raccoons Possums? whatever!
    Fishing? KNOW/LEARN how to fish the local waters if there are any. Example one would not likely use techniques or rigs one would use offshore in a stream or pond.

    One is going to face obstacles no matter where they relocate to in any survival….Learn, Learn, Learn some more about any area you plan to make your new home.

    IF you choose to survive in the Everglades or the Okefenokee Swamp or someplace in the Rockies or Appalachians or elsewhere……only you can make the decision if you can and will survive. Knowing and learning EVERYTHING you possibly can including climatic/ weather/annual rainfall/ precipitation temperate ranges and your mindset and determination will keep you alive.
    Again Living in the BOONIES means places most people will not want to go…… that does not mean people all ready live there.

    I have read elsewhere where a person stated they had a place staked out that was already occupied…. and that they would take the property from the people that currently live there….by force if necessary. Judging by that person’s statement expect others to do the same….. The person seemed to think that the people would leave willingly because they were a group and well armed……and they would be nice and let the people pack up and move out…..
    I did not see anything where what would happen if the people had decided to actually fight…..Think before you leap! They might well be able to take the land from the people but at what price?
    Something else to think about and consider no matter where you plan on going or end up.

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    • Wannabe May 8, 19:25

      Sorry, condense your post next time. After drifting off three times I just gave up

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      • Yosemite May 15, 19:52

        Not all lessons come or available in Cliff Notes. Their is only one Cliff Note about Survival….Is Mindset and to
        learn everything you can possibly know about survival and how to use that knowledge properly.

        When you think you know everything there is to know and you are ready for everything there is…..then you really have not learned anything…there is always will be more to learn….and there are no short cuts in learning Survival skills. There are many things that while helpful you cannot get from reading a book.

        When it comes down to actual survival what you actually know and actually know how to do, and to actually put into practical use depends solely on you!
        Can you really make fire from a spark for example? Sure you know how, but have you ever actually done it? Have you practiced such skills in all types of climates?
        There are many Survival skills we must actually practice and put to use until we know them….You never know when or where you will be and forced into using skills we have only read about.

        No matter what area you plan on surviving in….you have to adapt to it. The area is definitely not going to adapt to you.
        Knowing all you can possibly learn that area. Normal Climate and Climate Extremes and indigenous plant and animals. Be they dangerous or not…If you are planning on growing food or other crops…know if they will grow and produce in that area. Do you have the tools to prepare and plow the land? Hoe the weeds as needed? The proper knowledge to grow and water the crops besides tossing some seeds into the ground? How long it takes to actually produce edible products?

        Can you actually protect and defend the area you have staked out for surviving? What if others have the same area picked out and decide you must either leave and abandon the area or die?
        What about the locals and if you just move in and they do not like it and decide you are not welcome?

        I repeat myself because I cannot possibly stress it enough. It is not about me or my survival at all….

        It is all about YOUR Survival, NOT MINE! There are many things besides Mindset that must be considered and to be learned….Your survival and anyone depending on you, depends on what your knowledge and ability to put that knowledge to actual use. To do so means you put all of those skills to use NOW…..while you can safely and easily practice and put that knowledge to use. From making a fire with a spark or a small bow drill to making a rope to planting a garden and what to expect from the garden such as having deer come in and eating the plants you depend on for producing….or torrential rains or drought. To numerous other things…..such as basic land navigation or tracking game…or firearms and training to know how to use what you actually have on hand….to predicting the weather.
        Many things to learn that cannot be said in few sentences since every item mentioned must be listed. If I didn’t mention it would it occur to you or others to think about learning. There is a lot more than I have mentioned to be learned.

        None of what I write is about or for my benefit… It is for YOUR and others benefit.
        It is your/others choice to ignore or put to use or adapt to your needs as you see fit..

        If my post is too long to you or perhaps others Fine Well and Good! Take from it and learn from it what you will and adapt it to fit your needs or find weakness to improve on or whatever. That is a thing about learning Survival skills learn from everyone and everywhere you can and adapt to make things work for you.
        BUT you have to know the basics first and practice them BEFORE you need them….

        Again far too long for you perhaps others……If you drift off…..come back and read it again….. If you drift off while you are in need of Survival…….you can will die.
        Up to you to decide. You have no one to depend upon but yourself in your survival.

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    • Contrails May 8, 21:02

      I agree you need to adapt no matter where you settle. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the warning signs. Example: Don’t settle on top of Mt St Helens. Don’t settle in the Florida Everglades. Don’t settle where there is no water. Given that most people have common sense, or they’ll be the first casualties of the Darwin Awards, they’ll figure out what type of environment they can endure and adapt to.

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  34. LilyG May 9, 05:51

    Excuse me for quoting a movie, but “One man (or woman) defending his home is worth ten hired soldiers” If you have a place “staked out” that you think you are going to go… you better move in now and make it your home while your new neighbors are still in the mood to decide you belong there. If you think you are just going to walk on in after Holy Heck has broke loose..you’ll be dead. And I’m in the “civilized” SE corner of Minnesota… And don’t think you are going to move in on our Amish neighbors either.. We will protect them because they will take care of us.

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    • CarmenO May 10, 12:49

      I’m with LilyG. I live a lot farther north in Minnesota and I would help my Mennonite friends any day. They are good kind people, who come in a very large group, to my house during Christmas week, to sing Christmas songs. I’m not Mennonite or Amish. They don’t care.

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  35. Prepperbubba May 10, 23:13

    I lived in Florida for a few years.
    It’s not a good place to bug out. Way too many people. Way too many bugs, snakes and of course the State Bird the mosquito. A nice place for a Disney world trip but not during Hurricane Season.

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    • Yosemite May 15, 23:22

      No matter where you go….REMEMBER you picked an area to migrate to or settle down and make your home. You want to escape from large population areas Dong so means there is a reason there are not many people living there.

      If you don’t lie the heat and humidity with most of the South and East coast and the bug seasons and water being readily available.. in wells being easy to have drilled…..and Hurricane Season…One can move elsewhere say the desert with no or low humidity and water hard to come by for example.

      No matter where you choose there are going to be issues you do not like. Trade offs and climate to be considered.

      Not many people like Swamps such as the Everglades but their are benefits to relocating to the Everglades…..beside the heat, the bugs Hurricane season. One can fish and hunt easily and have plenty of fresh water are pluses to not be over looked or not considered. winters are mild.
      I am not saying one should go there or stay away from!
      I am saying learn and know everything you possibly can about ANY AREA…….
      Also remember/consider this HO are ou going to get to your location when SHTF? No doubt weather is going to effect your travel to your site.
      Is the area you have chosen prone to seismic activity? Is the area prone to flooding? Is the area and soil good to farm and grow crops? What are the winters like? food animals to hunt or fish to catch? Is fresh water available these are just a few examples of things to consider and ask before you decide on a place.

      Settle in whatever area you choose but know what the land can and cannot furnish for you and be ready to accept whatever the issues are there…….You are the one that will have to deal with your decision.
      Some people may decide to be on a sailboat just for an example and stay away from crowded lands.
      Something else to consider……….but know how to sail before you make such a decision and respect the oceans and the storms it can and does have,

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      • CarmenO May 16, 10:36

        Yosemite, thank for the explanation BUT I’m staying in Northern Minnesota. The natives of Alaska and the ones in Siberia have managed to survive the cold, I can too, with FEW HUMANS looking for a cold place, when things get really, really bad. Did you hear they expect food shortages all over the planet? Heck, my dad offered me a HOUSE, years ago, if I move there with my kids, I said no thanks. Two visits there was all I could take. Water: check, this is known as the land of 10,000 lakes (actually more like 22,000); forested land: check, few people where I live: check and some mosquitoes. Been adding wool blankets and buying clearance hunter’s warm stuff in February. Heck, my fruit trees and bushes are adapting to colder temp. Early bloomers, usually March, are blooming now. For you is nice weather, for me it’s few people. Every year the snow birds fly to Florida, once they decide to stay permanently there, less people here.

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        • Yosemite May 16, 18:56

          You are most welcome. I want to get this straight so I am not misunderstood.
          I am not suggesting or telling anyone to relocate to Fla or the Everglades or the Okefenokee or other swamps or any deserts or to learning to sail and buy a blue water sailboat they and whomever to live on.

          I am just using them for examples in that there are Pros and Cons and MUCH TO LEARN on any area one chooses to relocate.

          The area anyone chooses is of no concern to me….It is their choice and I do want them to be able to survive and thrive and be safe as they possibly can.
          I want them to succeed and to have every advantage they possibly can.
          To do so, they must adapt and learn everything they possibly can about it This includes the history of it such as “The Great Flood” or Blizzard or other “”FREAK”100-200 or whatever years ago.
          Seismic event/s such as during the 1800s, there was was one that changed the course and made the Mississippi River flow backwards.

          Minnesota is a good area and you seem to know it well and what to expect and are prepared for it.
          What do you use for heat Wooden stove and or Fireplace/s? Coal? Oil?
          As long as you are not going to have to rely on commercial power/electricity.

          People in areas where wood is/was scarce or hard to come by,such as the Plains Indians or people in the Middle East and elsewhere used dried animal scat/dung/poop. “Buffalo Chips” “Cow Patties”/ “Camel Piles” or other such…. to burn for heat and to cook with and even to light and keep insects away.

          You asked me if I was aware that there would be a food shortages all over the World…. Well that is or should be obvious since the US Feeds peoples and Countries all over the World.
          The US will no longer be feeding itself let alone the rest of the World.

          The indigenous peoples of Africa are going to take the hardest hit after whatever catastrophic event hits the US if not the rest of the World.
          Part of prepping is acquiring a supply of many of things including safe drinking water/ food/weapons and ammo/ medications and proper medical Emergency kits/bandages/ tools for plowing and making and maintaining a garden. Cutting trees down and splitting wood………….and MORE …..MUCH MORE!

          I am well aware of the lakes an fishing and hunting in Minnesota. You nor anyone else living there should have a problem supplementing your stored foods with fresh meat or geese or ducks or fresh fish….that you can smoke and preserve and perhaps trade with others. So appropriate hooks fishing gear and tackle or even fish traps and appropriate shotgun rounds for hunting geese and ducks.

          I also am very familiar with the mosquitoes there and how Ferocious and Vicious they are.
          They have a small window to live from the Spring Thaw or there abouts to the Next Freeze. They do make the most of it.
          They may or may not be as bad or maybe even worse as the mosquitoes in the Everglades or Great Dismal or Okefenokee.

          The more you know the more you can potentially put to use….. and be safer….or save YOUR OWN and others lives. Example if in area prone to Spring Floods due to snow melting…..one can look back over recorded History and see the highest level the waters have ever been and adjust and build accordingly.

          All the Best and Success be with you and yours in Life,Survival, and Happiness

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          • CarmenO May 18, 13:55

            Yosemite, nice to respond to someone with brains, unlike someone like Hacksaw. I am preparing for subzero weather same as the pioneer did but with better resources. First of all my house has a walk out basement, which stays warmer that the upstairs and because of the soil around most of it, but I have been adding insulation. Half of it is finished (I call it my guy room, because the man who built this house made it into a man’s cave. I just added a few girly touches.) It has a gas insert (my furnace used natural gas and need electricity for the spark, so it would be useless) BUT the insert does not. I found out from my regular furnace maintenance guy, who works for the gas company, that they have made upgrades to continue providing service if there is a total electrical grid failure. The only thing for most people is that they would still not be able to use anything that needs electricity, but my around 80 year of gas insert works without it, as long as it gets natural gas flow, and it needs very little to work all day long. I have been collecting things like wool blankets and buying clearance item for hunters, for years, so I can stay warm. I have a kerosene heater and plenty of kerosene to last me for quite a while if I need to use it. As to cooking, I have many options, including a rocket stove just outside the walkout doors of my basement, that can work with the wood that keeps dropping from my 100 year old oaks. I’m a none practicing Mormon, so I have had food storage for decades. I can last for years with what I have, BUT I also turned my yard (in the middle of a town, in the middle of nowhere) into a food forest. I get enough fruits food for me, to give away and store. The native birds and other creature help propagate the fruit trees and bushes when they poop, so it’s now expanding on it’s own. I have books on wild edible and have quite a collection: benefit most people have zero idea they are food. And a section where I grow regular vegetables, especially potatoes and tomatoes, etc, which I can or preserve. I have a water collection system which I upgraded two years ago when I had to replace the roof, and way to filter water, etc. (I’m old don’t have too many hobbies aside from become even more self sufficient.) Next in my agenda, a pond and using permaculture methods, hopefully restore a creek that I was told used to flow in my yard, decades ago. I have enough medical supplies to stock a tiny hospital (lol) including surgical supplies. (I am paranoid!) My location is at 1,223 feet, although it looks flat and low on top of a rock formation that resulted from the last ice age, and out city water is mostly from a very large under ground glacier water formation. It doesn’t come more stable than this. The water that supplies most of the Mississippi come from north of us, and from our snow melt. The river is a lower than us. Our dam is in overflow mode right now (the water goes over the dam, because it’s open the whole way). South of us it is dangerous but here it is too high to affect us, but I would not stand in the shores of the river taking into account the speed of the water. Lucky for me I don’t have to chop trees, because of the natural dropping of old branches, which I collect in an area of my yard, there is enough to supply a rocket stove for decades. A dozen oaks, two maple trees and a couple of pines are what mark my property line. Yes, I make maple syrup. I’m not starving any time soon. My fruit trees have been adapting to the changes in temperature and are blooming later than before. I have a wildlife habitat, that accounts for the protection of the native bees during the winter, so they can pollinate. Unlike honey bees, most native bees live under ground or inside vegetation or trees. As for protection, my fences are covered with raspberries, especially the black one that have very deadly thorns. And the back fence is protected by lines of fruit and nut trees that self spread between the road and the fence. In case someone got the idea of ram the fence. I better stop here. I could go forever. You sound like you have spent time doing research. Good for you.

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            • Yosemite May 19, 21:50

              Hi and Many Thanks!
              I hae to say this before I forget.
              Venezuela USED TO BE a Great friend of the US and supplied the US with around 30-35% of our oil.
              Socialists thought they could improve on the situation and as usual ends an leaves nothing but Destruction and A LOT of suffering people.

              We are one people all in the same boat/ship. We do not need any more Division….

              It will be hard enough to survive as it is….. There are enough racist groups out there that practice their own version of Prepping. There is no place for them with me. I don’t suffer Fools or Stupid…….
              I am NOT Politically Correct and like our attitude!

              Survival has a way of eliminating The Weak The Inferior and in general the Stupid… However get by with sometimes the Stupid do manage to get b with sheer Luck or The Grace of God.

              I am Former military and have been from Extreme cold to Extreme Heat and pretty much everything in between. I always learned all that I could on survival in any area I was locate in. I made friends with people that lived there and learned from them and shared that I could learn from them.

              People are people no matter where you go. We all have the same basic needs No matter where we live or go around the World. No matter the/our skin color we all Bleed Red.

              There is a lot to be learned from others if one is willing to do their part….If not Oh well…

              Spanish Bayonets make Great fences as long as you make them grow in a straight line LOL

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        • Hacksaw May 16, 19:02

          CarmenO. Only a whack job would live in a state where whack jobs elect trash like Al Franken and this Omar thing to represent them. When SHTF you minniehaha’s will either be minus a skull or kneeling on your prayer rugs with your Muslim rulers. Your rulers will give you 2 choices: convert or get your head chopped off. Enjoy what is left of your miserable little life.

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          • CarmenO May 18, 13:13

            Hacksaw. Only an imbecile would post a comment on something he knows zero about. First of all, I mentioned that I live in NORTHERN Minnesota, which DO NOT include the Twin Cities and I have posted a lot about those two cities and how they are famous for dead and illegal voters. Those two were elected by people in those two cities. They happened to have a larger portion of people that the rest of Minnesota, including the people Obama brought in and illegals. My county voted REPUBLICAN 66% to 30% (the rest are tiny parties). If you look at a map of the election when Trump was elected you will find out that MOST OF THE STATES was won by TRUMP, asides from the Twin Cities, Duluth and a tiny area where Mayo Clinic is located. The female “won by 1%”, which was not recounted, because she would have lost with out the dead people of Minneapolis and St Paul. Of course, idiots jump to conclusions. Hint: people here are NOT welcoming of the people you somehow think rule Minnesota, just because of two people: one a fat joke, the other a female that somehow was married to her brother for a while (look it up). The only one with a miserable little life is you. Stupid as it gets Hacksaw, ever considered looking up FACTS. Of course not, you are too stupid. By the way, I was born to a military family that goes back to 1942 when my dad joined the Army with a permission slip from his mother because he was 16. Every single man in my family has been career military since then and being that my grandson’s parents are both Air Force, I bet he is next. I was raised by my father to be a soldier, although he did not want me to join, being that I’m female and the chances of rape, where about 90%. But he gave me the book the Art of War when I was in elementary school. And he taught me to box when I was SIX and suggested “go for the nose”, which is what I did to the 14 year old school bully when I was 8. His mother called the cops and they laughed when the saw the bully who beat her bully and told him to keep him away from me, so I wouldn’t break his nose AGAIN. Or maybe you could ask the guy who thought that a pretty little thing driving alone in the dark would be a nice target to ambush with his car. He did, (put his car across the two lanes). I stayed inside my car, backed up a bit when he came out pointing a gun at me. Once he was far enough of his car, I pushed the petal to the metal straight at him. He jumped to his right, his gun to the left, and I avoided hitting him just a few feet away. He had no idea, I was an experienced street racer with quick reflections. Not the first or last to threaten me with a gun. I tend to be biatchy. I eat imbeciles like you for lunch. My dad had his Silver Star and his oldest child (me). Taught me, bravery has nothing to do with being tough, it has more to do with brains, but it doesn’t hurt to be both. Little cockroach, go away before I step on you. I can tell the pretenders by what comes out of their brains. You would not last one day in a SHTF scenario. Go back to your war video games.

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    • Oddfellow May 16, 12:54

      Too many people and not the right sort of people, judging from what I heard about FL. Not people you want to have too close around in case of SHTF or TEOTWAWKI scenario.

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  36. liz May 10, 23:28

    Prepper Bubba I CNCUR We tried FL. Try living without air conditioning. Also, Always rained at 4 pm/ I factually know of a python that slithered into a car killed the driver and left at a very clean wayside. small dogs on leach were considered lunch on a leash for alligators. And, with horses had to be concerned with west Niles virus, On FL east coast needed to know Spanish. let also the Hugh toads with toxic skin. Moved north along the coast.

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    • Miss Kitty May 14, 15:45

      My mother lived in FL when she was a child and my grandfather was in the air force during WWII. They had no a/c in those days and she’s told me about my grandmother finding an enormous spider (tarantula?) sitting in the mailbox. Don’t much like heat and humidity or spiders, so I think I’ll pass too, thanks.

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      • Hacksaw1055@yahoo May 15, 14:01

        Lived in Orlando as a child from 58-65. No AC. Didn’t kill us. Humans survived on this planet for millennia without AC. If AC is a factor in your planning it is a sign of weakness. Stationed there in the Navy 79-81. Never saw or heard of a tarantula sized spider during my 10 years in state, maybe just my good luck. Would not choose Fla as a bug out spot for many other reasons than bugs and no AC.

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  37. Oddfellow May 16, 12:46

    “This fight will probably hurt the poor, the aging and single mothers more than anyone, as they will not have the ability to fight. Survival of the fittest will take over, as people literally fight for the available resources.”

    Not so much if people organize, which will predictably happen. The better organized they are, the less the weakest persons will have to fear for their lives, and the faster rebuilding infrastructure, trade, and society overall will occur.

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  38. The Ohio Prepper May 16, 22:54

    My Criteria
    I think your criteria were a good mix

    Population Density – The higher the population density of an area, the more of a fight for resources.

    That “of an area” is important, since New York state with a population density of 421 people per square mile when compared with Ohio @ 282.3 people per square mile or Illinois @ 230 makes a big difference. Our major cities, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Cleveland are each more than 2 hours apart with lots of farmland and forested areas in between. Ohio also has a very large Amish population, people who could be very handy to know, in a post SHTF situation.

    Average Annual Rainfall
    While rain catchment can be a good way to get water, we have a good well, a creek on the property and numerous farm ponds in the area, all of which could be good water resources. These are all thing to keep in mind no matter the state.

    Political Leaning – While we all assume that government services and interference in our lives is going to be severely curtailed during a post-disaster situation, we have to think about the here and now as well. Many of the bluest states in the country are also the ones which are working the hardest to take away our Second Amendment rights. That alone is enough to say that those states aren’t a good place to move to.

    While 2nd amendment is something most of us rightly have concerns, in some places water catchment is illegal and in others they cities want you to pay for the water you don’t catch from your roofs or driveways that end up in the city storm drain system. Be fully aware of these laws before you settle down.

    Federally Owned Land – A lot of people talk about bugging out to the wild. That’s great; I have my own plans for that as well. But in most cases, the only practical place to bug out into the wild is federally owned land; national parks, national forests and other land under the control of the federal government. So states with little federal land ownership aren’t all that attractive for preppers to retire to.

    While we have no intention of bugging out, Ohio does have a lot of national forest land as well as some other federal facilities like NASA Plum Brook Station and the National Museum of the United States Air Force located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, near Dayton.

    Forestation – The most practical means of heating a home in a post-disaster world, especially one in which there is no electricity, is with wood. That means having a lot of forests available, where you can cut that wood. This leaves out huge swaths of the nation, such as the entire breadbasket, which is farmland, nor forests.

    I both agree & disagree. We heat partially with firewood; but, are in the eastern breadbasket with lots of small wooded areas in between the fields. A properly managed woodlot can yield a cord of firewood per acre per year, so for a single family or group living together, it doesn’t take all that much.

    You list the Worst States as: Arizona, California, Florida, Minnesota, and Wisconsin to which we must add Illinois with some of the worst firearms laws in the country.

    My Picks for Best States: Eastern Texas

    The Gulf Coast – There’s a lot of good land in the gulf states, along with people who like to hunt and fish. While there really isn’t much government land to bug out to, there are lots of forests, lots of water and lots of game to hunt.

    I would consider some of east Texas as part of the Gulf and those all often get the brunt of hurricanes like Katrina & Harvey.

    The Appalachian Mountains – This mountain range, passing through several states and changing names a number of times, is a great place to live. While there are some high population areas to avoid, there’s still a lot of back country, which would be ideal for our purposes. I’d avoid the Virginias though, for their political leaning.

    I grew up in Appalachia (western PA) and spent more than a bit of time in West Virginia, and most places are so remote, that the politics doesn’t often reach into the places you might want to settle.

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  39. Liz May 16, 23:19

    In a positive light. preppergroups has listings through out the country of groups forming and desiring other like minded people. to train with and barter. This is a wonderful site but stay on point and be supportive of those that share their experiences. Thank you for sharing and providing insight to the rest of us. GB

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  40. Aquarian May 17, 06:57

    Thanks for your list. Now can you make the list of different states for the people who lean blue? Based on groundwater, vegetation, forest, farmable land ect. I’d like to set up camp with like-minded blues! Thank ya kindly…

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    • Justme May 17, 13:27

      Typical blue clown Can’t even come up with her own list. Your best places would be NY city, LA, Chicago, DC, Baltimore and St. Louis. You will feel right at home with your fellow losers little girl.

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    • Liz May 17, 14:03

      Aquarian, check out preppergroups.com Home is where you hang your hat.

      Justme. This blog is to support others constructively. Please do so. Your irrelevant comment is just that. Not constructive or informational.

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    • Miss Kitty May 18, 03:29

      If you Google it, you can find links to websites that show the political demographic for whatever area you are interested in, as well as other criteria. Some of them also link to local realtors when you are ready to go.
      Good luck;)

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  41. Little Bright Feather December 31, 01:54

    Govt land is NOT an option since no one is allowed on Govt land (govt is forbidden to own any land outside of DC original borders by Founders law). You will get arrested and seized if you are caught hunting or being on so-called “Govt land”.
    And if you bug out it is the govt you need to keep clear of as well as food seekers !

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    • CarmenO December 31, 08:07

      Intelligent comment. That’s what all those, “I’m moving to a forest and live off the land, by hunting and fishing.” miss. Most uninhabited land that could sustain a few people are “owned” by the feds, legal or not. They just name it National Forest so they can pretend that is belongs to everyone. Plus, a million people per forest, would mean 999,990 of them starving or getting shout dead. lol

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  42. Lisa December 31, 20:03

    I’m here in Alaska. Low Population and low regulation.

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  43. Fartin' Martin April 2, 22:15

    Problem with states like alabama is if there’s no power I’d melt w/o AC!

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  44. red April 3, 07:46

    It’s rare with you, but I have to disagree, Rich. If a prepper wants a good place to retire, find a state with a small per mile population and find the best county. Most of Kali’s pop is on the coast. Arizona, most pop is I-10 from Phoenix to Tucson. Most of the state is still wide open–meaning you can do a 100 mile round trip for a jug of milk. Meaning rural crime is above city average. Water is easy enough to get if you store rainwater. One man down in south of Tucson has no well and no hookup. He catches all rainwater. When neighbors during the drought lost their wells, he still had water. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YscBSHCpjw&t=436s

    Gulf states had a severe malaria problem till our time. A century ago it was the leading cause of death. Once all stops are gone? Where there were no gators to keep water from stagnating, it was much worse. All gulf states have a severe razorback problem. They kill pets, livestock, and are smart. They learn fast to adapt. The coast is crowded, as well, so stray dogs will be bad. Minnesota has a problem with excessive copper that was used to control algae. Some of the lakes are bad enough people are told to not eat any fish from them.

    Appalachian Mountains run from Maine to Florida. Most back areas are great. Some you need to buy the goats climbing gear when they’re on pasture. Problem, the east coast is heavily populated. Panicked, angry people will flood the mountains. While a family might fend of a dozen or so, when they keep coming, it’ll be bad. All advice I was given was, stay at least a hundred miles from any coast, at least 70 from any interstate or border area. Canada was still allowing in ‘refugees’ from China last month. Trump closed the border because of it and was called a racist. Most family in Appalachia lives in small towns and are heavily armed.

    When SHTF happens, most people in eastern Kali will be better off than most. Refugees will not be able to cross the desert to get to the mountains. Any that make it to the state line will find bridges heavily guarded or gone. Emergency contingency is, if needed, all dams will be emptied. Most are aging and in need of constant repair. Most coastal states like Kali have enough dams in the interior that cities will still have water in the tap. As long as there is water, most will stay put until cannibalism is necessary to survive.

    What I am told is, war is coming. The moment we appear weak enough, we get invaded. Most troops will be warm bodies, not well trained. Little food so they’ll have to live off the land. There may be bioterrorism and certainly will be at least a limited nuclear exchange. Every two years, we get a new pandemic. Most begin in China. China hasn’t the power now or the money to have a real war, but biologicals are just as effective as a nuclear devise. For years, China had been hiring molecular biologists. niio

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  45. rick April 3, 11:30

    Whatever you do do not come up to the Adirondack Mountains. I live there and don’t need you!

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    • red April 3, 17:47

      rick: Too many copperheads, anyway. Man, you can fatten a herd of pigs on them. ‘Sides that, NYC and Albany are right down the road. Family in upstate are moving to northern Penna and south to N. Carolina. Take care and stay safe. niio

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  46. Govtgirl April 3, 11:46

    Beatrice, Nebraska’s looking better and better.

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