Waterproof Socks – One Step Further In Terms of Outdoors Living

Giurgi C.
By Giurgi C. February 18, 2016 12:47

Waterproof Socks – One Step Further In Terms of Outdoors Living

Have you ever come inside miserable with cold, wet feet?

An Oregon Company has just released the waterproof socks that will keep your feet nice and dry.

There’s so much waterproof stuff out there that it’s kind of hard to understand why it took so long before these became available!

Cold feet are a major issue, especially in the cold season. It can go as far as frostbite and losing some toes. But there are solutions for cold feet; wool socks are one of them.

However, the biggest problem is having wet feet. Prolonged feet exposure to moisture is even more harmful than cold and frostbite. It’s usually easy to keep feet warm—but it’s impossible to do that if your feet are already wet. Besides, moisture will affect your feet in both a cold and a warm climate.

Foot problems related to prolonged exposure to damp conditions are known as immersion foot syndromes. They include trench foot, tropical immersion foot, and warm water immersion foot.

Trench foot results as a combination of moisture and cold. It can occur in as few as thirteen hours and in temperatures up to 60.8°F: The feet turn red then blue, and the skin dies and falls off, leaving open blisters and sores that quickly evolve to gangrene.

Tropical immersion foot is seen after continuous immersion in water or mud for two to ten days.

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Worm water immersion foot appears after less than 48 hours of exposure to warm moist conditions. The skin gets macerated, large blisters appear, then peel off, leaving open painful wounds that soon get infected. Ulcerations get deeper and deeper and only heal after continuous exposure to air – which makes walking pretty much impossible.

Features of the Waterproof Socks

According to the manufacturer, the socks are fully waterproof thanks to three layers: a wear-resistant knit exterior; a waterproof, breathable Artex membrane; and a Coolmax FX moisture-wicking anti-bacterial lining. The result is a sock that feels like a sock but protects like a “rain bootie.”

waterproof layers

For those that are interested in more details, the manufacturer’s specifications concerning the material breakdown are:

  • Outside sock layer: 78% Nylon, 15% Polyester, 7% Spandex
  • Inside waterproof membrane: 100% Polyurethane.
  • Inner lining: 81% Coolmax, 16% Polyester, 2% Spandex, 1% Nylon

The manufacturer recommends the product for walking, biking, and hiking in the rain, emphasizing that there is no tight seal at the top of the sock, which should be covered to prevent water from being trapped inside. Also, full immersion should also be avoided.

waterproof socks floating

I strongly believe that two pairs of these socks are a must, so don’t forget to add them to your bug-out bag list. They are available in online shops, and the price is quite acceptable considering the features and the confort they provide. You won’t use them on a daily basis, but you surely need them.

Shop Waterproof Socks here

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Giurgi C.
By Giurgi C. February 18, 2016 12:47
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  1. SMoran70 February 18, 14:02

    I received a pair of Dexshell waterproof socks for Christmas. They are amazing!
    Keeps your feet dry and warm. I thought for sure my feet would be wet from perspiration by they breathe like Gortex material.
    A little on the pricey side but well worth it. I’m going to save up and buy another pair. I want their heavy duty thermal pair for the woods.

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  2. Lenamaire February 18, 14:04

    You forgot to include where to buy these wonderful socks, lol. Thanks!

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  3. rosy February 18, 15:37

    checked out teamwalkons.com couldn’t find water proof socks. what good is the info if we can not find the site?
    thank you…

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  4. ilyan February 18, 19:22

    Suggest to manufacturer of waterproof socks that they provide a knee high model. Often an occasional short dunking in 12 -18 inch water is unavoidable and would allow water to enter the ankle high socks.

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  5. mbresso February 27, 13:12

    Concur – are these still available? Even googling “walkon waterproof socks” doesn’t come up with them. I do see the Dexshell ones mentioned above, though, and another site that lists the top 5 waterproof socks if anyone is interested.

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  6. Karl July 23, 13:24

    Where to get them ??

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