Urbanites Moving To Rural Paradise Ruining It For The Locals

Ken Jorgustin
By Ken Jorgustin April 11, 2019 08:03

Urbanites Moving To Rural Paradise Ruining It For The Locals

People from the city regions with their urban ideas can make it difficult or disrupt the way of life for those who live rural. What do I mean by that?

In my view there are two primary contributing factors:

Cities Control Political Direction

1. The cities constitute the political direction of a region. Even a state. This widely affects laws and regulations for everyone.

City Ideas Upon The Rural Natives

2. Urbanites who move to the hinterlands (or have a second home there) often bring their city ideas with them. And usually those ideas are diametrically opposed to that of the natives.

It’s evident that people living in most large cities maintain a very politically liberal outlook. I asked that question a few years ago in an article titled why are so many big cities in the united states – liberal?


Mostly, it’s a ‘culture thing’. People in the city are brought up a bit differently versus the upbringing in rural regions. Some out of necessity.


Cities are 100% dependent. Everything needs to be brought in. People in large cities have more of a mindset to depend on others. Many of those who live rural are also dependent these days, although to a lesser extent. They have options to be more self reliant if they choose to (e.g. more land, more ‘know how’ in the region).


High population density demands greater control, laws, enforcement, and regulations. Low population density regions comparatively require very little (though unfortunately affected by many of the same controls enacted by the cities).


It seems the bigger the city the more government dependency for many things such as public transportation, law and order, and many other services (including handouts). Cities require more ‘group think’. Rural living requires little government involvement. There’s much less crime, fewer services (which demands more self reliance), and not much need for ‘group think’.


City regions breed dependency and the attitudes thereof. Rural regions demand some extent of self reliance, which breeds personal responsibility. It is ingrained in the character of the population.

There are lot of differences and some of them quite major. City people are more about control. Again, some of that is out of necessity. For that matter, in my estimation ‘the left’ is more about control. Power. It breeds from the cities.

Side note: Top Conservative And Liberal Cities In The United States

Congressional District Maps

Rural America is not really being effectively represented.

The district maps are supposedly drawn up to balance population versus congressional representation. If you live in a region like where I live, the geographical rural area is very large compared to the small region which contains the ‘big city’.

The problem is, much of the money comes from the city. And people won’t get elected if there’s not enough money. Politicians will cater to the city regions where the money is. The city regions are notoriously left/liberal. Therefore rural representation (typically conservative) continues to diminish in my view.

Campaign finance reform? Right. I’m not holding my breath on that one. It’s always about the money. It will continue to be about the money. The big money comes from the cities. The cities breed leftist ideas.

Side note: Cities Are Artificial And Only Exist At The Expense Of Resources From Elsewhere

Rural Paradise Being Overrun

Suburbs & Rural Paradise Being Overrun By Exodus Out Of Blue Cities

This is happening a lot. People who either move away from their leftist city, suburbs, or regions, they are bringing their attitudes with them.

City dwellers and the regions thereof tend to have more money. Some of them buy vacation homes or 2nd homes in ‘rural paradise’.


I happen to live in one of those ‘rural paradise’ regions (at least in my own viewpoint) and have witnessed this happening here. In fact there’s one particular recent encounter that actually inspired me to write this article…

I live in the mountains. We have one of the best regions and trail systems for snowmobiling in the nation. It’s part of the motorized sports winter culture here, similar to our ATV trails during the summer.

Without giving too much away, I am integrally involved with maintaining a portion of snowmobile trail system near the Presidential Range in New Hampshire. A beautiful scenic area.

Anyway, one little slice of our trail system shares a private roadway on one of these scenic roads with crazy views of the mountains. The road has been slowly developed with some beautiful homes/cabins along that view. Well, one of those places was bought by a leftist couple from Connecticut. They apparently bought it for the view, NOT for the culture of the region.

They have taken it upon themselves to harass us and complain about snowmobiles going up the road (shared by all the homeowners there), even though our club has also shared that road’s right-of-way for many years. I have interacted with them and they are in a word, ‘nasty’.

It’s so typical of those who bring their politics with them from the city. They will not conform. They will not integrate or assimilate. No. Instead they try to change the way the natives live. It’s unbelievable.

They often have very loud voices in that they will complain to the entire hierarchy trying to get their way. Some of them enter the system of government and start making changes. It’s like a cancer.

Where Is It All Headed?

You tell me. I don’t know…

There are lots of profound ideological differences between people today. It seems to be an increasing challenge to ‘get along’. Maybe there’s just too many people. It really is about that, isn’t it? When it comes down to it, it’s population density and the sheer number of people living in proximity. Life can be quite different between the city dwellers and the country folk…

This article was gladly contributed by author Ken Jorgustin from modernsurvivalblog.com

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Ken Jorgustin
By Ken Jorgustin April 11, 2019 08:03
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  1. TheSouthernNationalist April 11, 10:49

    I live in the Southeast corner of my county and within that county is a large and hungry city.
    They have annexed as far as they can go to the north, east, and west. They have their eyes on us I know because I see fire hydrants and sewer lines coming our way.

    Here recently there is talk of a “Mega Site” being built in our area that will provide jobs for hundreds of people even though my area is mostly retired folks and farmers.
    They have already cleared a lot of land and have disrupted the wildlife population. Another concern I have is what damage will they do to the underground water supply that feeds our wells?
    Could be a trick to get everyone on city water and sewer! Then they will impose their rules and law on us and send their police to enforce it!

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    • sum1has2 April 11, 14:12

      Same story here! The rich liberals that have moved out by us want the government to “fix” things. It ALWAYS comes with strings attached.

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    • Queen of Huronia April 11, 14:24

      You are dead-on in your thinking. Seen it happen multiple times in the region I live in. The smartest thing you could do is sell your place while Trump is Prez & economy going well, and move to another area with less growth/population.

      Reply to this comment
      • Old Fart April 12, 16:15

        Very soon there will be nowhere to run—-you need to be thinking real hard on that eventually!!!! City people are liberals and they do not leave their BS behind when they move

        Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw April 11, 16:01

      “Seety Folk”. Is how Jack Palance refers to the vermin in the movie City Slickers. Seety folk whine and cry about preserving the environment yet they choose to live in the primary sources of pollution. They also want to preserve vast tracts of real estate in its natural state but where they live is now a concrete and steel replacement for the trees, wildlife and fauna that once thrived where Broadway now intersects with Main Street. They fear the extinction of polar bears and penguins yet the city in which they live had to destroy the ecosystems of a variety of wild life in order to become a city. They want to eliminate fossil fuels but want to run their housing, public transportation, neon lights, restaurants and entertainment centers 24/7/365 which require fossil fuel produced electricity. They want all of the food produced on farms but don’t want farmers to use tractors to produce and harvest crops or raise cattle in order to save the environment. And they love to tell us how smart and sophisticated they are and what ignorant hayseed hicks we are. They unwittingly believe that wind mills and solar panels will meet their mammoth sized energy needs. And they think that all of the food in grocery stores comes from boxes stored in the back of the store. Ignorance is bliss.

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      • thesouthernnationalist April 13, 22:25

        Lol, you just summed up AOC and her crazy ideas perfectly!

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        • Govtgirl April 13, 23:56

          AOC is more dangerous than we think. Her sole purpose is to move the Overton window. Then the majority can propose anything they want and, by contrast, it will sound reasonable. She may not even be aware she is a shill. I was aware of agenda 21, but was not aware of the Agenda 2030 advanced in 2018, which is an interim step, think Agenda 21 light. This is why they keep repeating we only have 12 years.

          I was really impressed when I read that Sequim WA, a small fishing town on the Olympic peninsula, had passed an ordinance against Sequim ever adopting Agenda 21. I thought, “Wow!” Here’s a town full of people who think like me. Sadly, this was not the case. It was a last ditch effort to fight the yuppies from California and Seattle who were trying to transform it. Fast forward 3 years and check out their website now. It’s a 2030 town now. Thank you so much for this thread. It has really opened my eyes.

          Reply to this comment
          • Hacksaw April 14, 14:18

            Do dee do do do dee do do do dee do do. We have complete control over your TV set. Dont try to adjust your dial in the twillite zone. Do dee do do do.

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          • capnorv April 16, 04:09

            Unfortunately, I knew Sequim in the early 60’s. My Dad helped build my “Aunt and Uncles” log cabin there. It basically was a two block long town. One gas station, a bank (which I remember being robbed, a little grocery, barber shop, etc. Sequim is not that quaint little town today. It has been changed severely, in my mind not for the better. It is full of vacation/second homes and the mindset the author espounds on. Saad but true.

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          • Ryan October 26, 06:18

            How would adopting these agendas change towns? I read about them briefly, but maybe the devil is in the details which I don’t know anything about.

            Reply to this comment
            • Govtgirl October 26, 12:11

              Okay, so you take a sleepy town like the one I live in where on the Fourth of July everyone who wants to gathers at the main intersection and takes a town picture. The town Christmas tree is made up of a tower of lobster pots with lights on it. You go into the City Hall to see if they have any info on the 6′ x 8′ drain field the builder put in the 20 yo house you bought and the clerk gives you a free copy of the original plans. Enter the tsunami from Seattle. Soon, there’s a bad storm that tore off the pier at the park where you launch your 17′ fishing boat and the environmentalists want to keep the shoreline natural so they just slap an end piece on it and you’ve lost 24′ of dock and now can’t launch anytime but high tide if you’re lucky. Only option is to spend $50 to use the marina lift and park your trailer for the day.
              Suddenly the city is putting in fiber optics for high speed Internet. After all, Tacoma has it. They offer it to you as a householder. It’s more expensive than Comcast and meanwhile, there are still drainage issues and potholes.
              Soon, maybe your little housing development passes a rule that you can’t plant any non-native plants in your yard.
              Before you know it, they’ll pass Agenda 21.
              It’s like the annoying new guy at the office who starts every sentence with, “Well, in …………., we did it this way,” only because the town is small, they can get on an advisory committee and effectuate change when maybe we liked things the way they were.

              Reply to this comment
              • Tired Patriot November 13, 19:55

                Having relatives in a small Western Colorado town (albeit not as small as before) i can appreciate everything you’re saying. You know, the Front Range (Denver, etc) uses the Western slope as their “possession” and playground and Aspen is even closer.

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    • red April 12, 02:01

      Get PETA on their case. The EPA is afraid of PETA. At the least, they’ll have to have wide ‘green space’ all over to protect Bambi, Thumper, and Stinky. 🙂 niio

      Reply to this comment
      • SoftballUMP47 July 31, 21:00

        It depends upon anagram translation. We translated People Eating Tasty Animals. Having been restricted to the number of letters available My previous posts as SoftballUmpire are now shortened to SoftballUMP47.

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  2. HikerVT April 11, 14:03

    Have to agree with you regarding the second home market. Have seen those out-of-state individuals come in and profess what the needs are for education, culture and community instead of enjoying what we have had. Live in Vermont and have the dissection of the AT and LT trails in the Green Mountains with people who don’t want the trails in my backyard. Better known as the NIMBY population. (Not In My Back Yard). Most of them wouldn’t survive the winter without the locals, everything from firewood to plowing.

    Reply to this comment
    • Dieks62 April 16, 14:05

      Who knows this whole circus will solve itself knowing that the big majority of demorats & liberals have or are going to get vaccinated & true their sheepish actions are volunteeringly removing themselves from rural societies?

      Reply to this comment
    • HikerVT April 17, 19:34

      Have to add a little more to my previous post: Where are all those Tree Huggers that wanted to defend the forest as I watch all over New England vast tracks of trees being cut down to provide “residences” for Solar Panels. No one has said where those are going once they run their life cycle.

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  3. sum1has2 April 11, 14:07

    I’ve watched as rich city dwellers have moved near me and cut down acres of trees so they can have a golf- course type lawn installed around the mansions they’ve built. They’ve called the sheriff to complain about our rooster and our target shooting. We’ve had a 2’ by 3’ stand that we put our excess veggies and flowers out for sale with an “honor” box. We’ve had it for nearly 30 years. The box has been stolen several times since the city dwellers have taken over. Meanwhile, they’re up at 7 am Sunday mornings mowing said lawns. We’re the only property left on our street that’s NOT hooked up to the city water lines they demanded be put in. (Well water is too gross for them.) We don’t want it! Just stay in the damn city.

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  4. Raven tactical April 11, 14:11

    It’s a joke the left will bring the socialist agenda and you can see it already. The country is however gone and we are not able to vote this out. It will come a time when the true Patriots are pushed to a breaking point

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    • Jake d April 11, 20:54

      Well it better be an organized effort and very soon. What these people are doing to rural areas is exactly the same as the illegals flooding the southern states. … move in the liberal communists and take over the politics of the area.

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  5. Wannabe April 11, 14:12

    The leftist are infiltrating Austin Texas right now trying to change our state from red to blue. Many are coming from California strictly for financial reasons. Compound that with the problem of illegal immigrants flooding the state and it is only a matter of time when this happens. Much like Muslims are migrating into Europe and having ten kids. Don’t need to fire one shot just take over through population. It is sick. Wake up, evil is afoot. They are coming after guns, private property, food stores, water rights, and whatever they think they can infiltrate. We are one or two states away from a one party system. The leftist are so close they can smell the brownies are almost done. They will not stop they will not relent.

    Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw April 11, 17:58

      Wannabe. Leftists have occupied Austin for many years. It’s a breeding ground people who can’t make it through life without forcing their world view on everyone. Are you new to the area?

      Reply to this comment
      • Wannabe April 11, 18:27

        I don’t live in Austin and never will for that reason. I just cited it as an example of liberals taking over an area to change the voting populace. Since Texas is one of those states standing in the way of leftist bliss, they target us with all their might. I reside in deep east Texas.

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      • FreeRadical September 22, 15:34

        As a native Texan, I can second this. Austin has been leftist for years and only getting worse. I cringe to even think about the takeover they have planned of my beautiful state. Patriots, unite!

        Reply to this comment
    • Jake d April 11, 20:56

      And still we do NOTHING!

      Reply to this comment
    • chickenlady April 30, 17:33

      Muslims having 10 kids already in Austin. That city is now lost for good. SXSW promotes the leftist agenda even further, plus your city is over run by antifa ( who are the actual fascists)

      Reply to this comment
      • dp April 30, 19:10

        chickenlady – It’s pretty easy to have 10 kids when you have 5 wives, but only claim one of them and the other 4 declare themselves to be single mothers, and all 4 collect welfare and food stamps…

        …it’s a real problem. 🙁

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  6. Darlene April 11, 14:20

    That is why our forefathers had the wisdom to establish the 1st Republic form of government. The Electoral College prevents cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles from having total control over government policy. Rural and agricultural area have an equal vote. Remember that when you hear people complaining that we should have a majority rules voting system! And never vote for anyone that talks about our great Democracy….if they’re too stupid to know what form of government we have, they definitely shouldn’t be running it!

    Reply to this comment
    • Thomas April 12, 07:25

      There’s a subversive movement happening and it’s very near completion: it’s called the compact for popular vote, but it’s really an attempt to subvert the Constitution and undermine the electoral college. State by Democrat-controlled state, laws have been passed pledging ALL the electoral college votes of that state to whichever candidate receives the majority of the popular vote nationwide. So many states have passed these laws that at this point, we’re living in a functioning one-party nation under the tyranny of the majority. Oregon and Ohio are very close to passing laws supporting this communist collusion conspiracy. It’s been done quietly, state by state, without most people even knowing their votes have been sold to the highest bidder.

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    • Lee July 31, 15:58

      I hate to think what the deranged mob will do to the individuals who make up the electoral college. I pray they can’t be intimidated but I actually have no faith in that for 2020.

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  7. lraude April 11, 14:40

    I have seen the same thing in two different areas of the same state. I used to live in the Florida Keys, stationed there by Uncle Sam, and saw a LOT of people move in because “it was sooo different from home, so much freer and open!” About six months later you started hearing all the complaining because, well, “we should do things like we did back home.” They didn’t like the lack of services, chickens running around and roosters crowing all hours, lack of parking, etc.

    Well I moved on and now retired I moved to a very rural area in N. Florida. I got here and kept my mouth shut for the most part and listened to the locals. I am very proud to have been called a LOCAL by one of the Old families in the area. But now have people moving in from down South Fl and the Northeast US (ugh), my point of origin. And again six months later they start complaining about we the locals should do things the way they did back home. Well I tell them if they feel that way to Go Home! Even where I work, a Mom and Pop type store I am allowed to say it politely. In fact three of us “Yankees” work there and all of us will tell the imports that if you want to live here to understand we LIKE it the way it is Very Much. So either become like the locals or Go Back Home!

    Reply to this comment
  8. Govtgirl April 11, 14:49

    This article really brought home to me how dire the problem is. What we have in America is every bit as big a culture clash as the Germans dealing with Islamists who have come into their culture. For me it is a fear as I see the liberal creep taking over our society and twisting the minds of the young. I cannot imagine how it would be to live in such close proximity that they are nastily telling one where he can and can’t go. We need a primer on how to fight back.

    Reply to this comment
    • Raven tactical April 11, 16:32

      Fight back how. Nobody is uncomfortable enough to do anything. You can get to work and drive to the store. Supply lines stil work.

      Reply to this comment
      • Jake d April 11, 21:29

        Your right Raven. Nothing to drastic and a little at a time. That way all we do is complain but never take action…… and one day we wake up and it’s all gone.

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  9. PIETER April 11, 15:14

    What happened to the “Democratic” rule of the majority is right. I believe we have become to complaisant and let ourselves being overrun by the minority. Time to stand up. Form a Posses and make them understand that the majority in the region WILL NO LONGER STAND FOR THIS LIBERAL CRAP

    Reply to this comment
    • Raven tactical April 12, 11:06

      We are a republic .. not a democracy.

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      • red April 18, 03:36

        True. But, bro, so was Rome. So were the Aztec, Cherokee, Mayans, and other Native American nations. Where are they today? Liberals took over. Liberals forced the Israelites to give up independence for a king. The dems have hated this nation since at least Jackson’s presidency, and certainly since they lost the right to openly buy and sell people like cattle. niio

        Reply to this comment
      • Jabberwokki April 24, 23:52

        We can be defined as both a democratic republic or a constitutional republic. Either way it’s rule by the majority not a bunch of whiny overgrown children who want things their own way.

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        • left coast chuck April 17, 18:45

          In reality, our forefathers set up the government specifically to offset the effect of population centers viz a viz rural area. The southern states were afraid that the more populous northern states would override the south. That’s why they wanted slaves counted. The northern states realized that with slaves counted as part of the population, the southern states would crowd out the northern states thus the compromise where slaves counted as 1/3 of a person.

          Franklin said it best when he said a democracy was mob rule. We can see our country slowly declining into that slime pool. Another reason why our forefathers limited voting rights to property owners. They didn’t believe in universal suffrage. In my opinion, a sound principle.

          Just look at all the countries that have “Democratic” or “Democracy” in the title of their country. They are despotic third world countries for the most part.

          Reply to this comment
          • dp April 17, 20:55

            Hopefully without opening myself to knee jerk claims of “racism” “sexism” whatever that is any more. I feel that only property owners should vote regardless of race or sex…

            We are the only ones with an actual stake in the country, and we pay all of the property taxes outside of what gets passed along to renters by land lord type’s.

            If your only stake in taxes is to vote yourself a raise via wealth redistribution (welfare), then of course you are willing to raise taxes every year.

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            • MrMMG April 17, 22:54

              @dp How about this, if I own 2x more property than you I get 2 votes..because I have a bigger ‘stake’ ? I’m not serious of course because both my idea..and yours are ridiculous. I’d bet good money that you any I agree on most issues, and though I have never owned a home, I’d bee damned if you will take away my constitutional right to vote. Nor would I ever support an amendment to go to the days of old England were only Lords voted. It’s still a free country…so far, don’t speed up the demise.

              Reply to this comment
              • dp April 18, 06:08

                @MrMMG – You are incorrect on almost everything here.

                This country, not England started with only land owners having voting rights. Old England was the old country, we had already taken the country as the US, and this is how our country was set up. My suggestion to you is to go buy property.

                I am not suggesting to remove women’s sufferage, nor to stifle your right to vote I am saying that until you have an actual stake in this country I don’t want you to vote on my local taxes or representatives.

                If you want a vote on the president of USA inc., well that is Washington DC inc, which is like 3 square miles and all of the amendment 14 DC USA, inc slaves can vote on the president of that country““““

                As originally set up the states were basically independent countries. I also suggest to you to learn some actual history. I don’t claim USA inc citizenship…

                I am a Virginian currently living in Arkansas with property in both Arkansas and Missouri. My land property taxes 99% go to the schools and every year people like you vote to give them more of my money to brainwash more children to socialist values.

                The excuse is always “it’s for the Kids (goats)” Well, if they haven’t done it in 50 years with more and more money being thrown at the problem then what is the definition of insanity? Obviously it is just a scam to funnel $$$ into the school unions… why should you have a vote on that – you obviously have no clue where the money goes and you are voting to spend my money…

                Go buy some property I will be glad to help you do this-that way you will see that the $500-$1000+ money that you give the state each year is wasted or used against you because you will have a property tax bill and receipt. It does not go to police, it does not go to trash pick up, it does not go to fire fighters – it does not go to anything to support you as a property owner…

                …now why should you as a self professed renter who owns nothing and has no real stake in anything have a vote on my taxes and laws????

                Reply to this comment
                • MrMMG April 19, 01:03

                  @dp I dont agree with you that a renter has no ‘stake’, what exactly does that mean? I have a family, I was born here, I love this country. Does someone who owns more than you have a bigger stake? Based on your logic Bill Gates would…and saying that is ridiculous. So if some rich liberal moves into your area an buys a huge amount of land they have more at stake than you? But what’s more ridiculous are your assumptions. Firstly I support lower taxes, I hate socialism, so pleas do me a favor and don’t assume how I vote.also even if I owned property I’d have no right to vote on your property taxes anyway since I don’t live in your area. So don’t worry. I hope your holdings increase 20x, but don’t tell me I don’t have a stake in anything because you have a title and I have a lease.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • dp April 19, 15:20

                    Well, I guess that we will just have to agree to disagree then, because I don’t know how else to explain to you why I would not want someone who does not pay the bill to dictate to me what I have to go buy at the grocery store…

                    Or to vote for a law where I have to justify all of my life choices to them. Well, why do you need 3 guns? I don’t, you don’t NEED 3 motorcycles either… but you aren’t voting to limit what you want to collect or to do, so you don’t want to be told what to do with your money, but I should be perfectly fine with someone who doesn’t pay the bill telling me what I have to buy for dinner???

                    And your excuse for thIs is that everyone has to eat, so I not only have to pay for their dinner but they get to out vote me on what I have to pay for?????

                    So you would fine if the government moved a bunch of homeless bums into your house that you not only had to support, but they all got to vote for expanded cable services, or that you have to buy only organic vegetarian food, or that you can’t have a car, so you have to take the bus to work to pay for all of this?

                    All because they seem to have the right to be supported by society, but they don’t have the responsibility to contribute to that society?????????

                    I am tired of arguing with communists why just twist simple common sense with their BS of why the commune gets to decide on how my paycheck is spent.

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                    • MrMMG April 19, 15:47

                      @dp What in Jupiter’s balls are you talking about? Who is dictating you what to buy at the grocery store? Maybe your Mrs. but not me….buy what you want it’s not my business. Drive what ever car you want it’s not my business. Own how many guns you want, it’s your right and not my business. And no, I don’t want the government to move homeless people into my home, I might volunteer at the church soup kitchen, but that’s were it ends. I pay taxes (federal, state, local sales tax etc.) so yes I am contributing too…but a communist? I despise communism…Lol…I have absolutely no interest in dictating how your paycheck gets spent, I don’t even live near you and even if I did I’d have no interest in your money. But I will have to violate my own statement about not interfering with what you buy at the grocery store by suggesting that there are some decaffeinated coffee selections that are pretty tasty. True not the same, but it might be benefit you. In any event, I’m tired too, tired arguing with folks that make assumptions, native borns who don’t consider themselves Citizens of the USA, and those that just don’t make sense. But hey it’s a free country…for now, and sadly who knows for how long.

  10. safeathome April 11, 15:24

    You’re right. It’s absolutely about population density: There are more of “them” every year and everyone has to live somewhere. “They” are your fellow citizens. Hope we’ll all be able to play in the sandbox together.

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  11. OutdoorBob April 11, 15:27

    Dumbest thing I’ve ever read on this feed:

    City Ideas Upon The Rural Natives
    2. Urbanites who move to the hinterlands (or have a second home there) often bring their city ideas with them. And usually those ideas are diametrically opposed to that of the natives.

    But, I guess it was okay for White Men to come and bring their disease and murder, death and oppression to the true Natives of this land???? (I’m a white man btw)

    Reply to this comment
    • sum1has2 April 11, 16:26

      @OutdoorBob: Seems that native Americans didn’t have a big problem with “white” men as long as they respected their way of life. It’s when the “white” people told them how to live, where to live, what god to worship, and had no respect for wildlife, nature and the right to live as they saw fit on their own land that trouble began. It’s when others feel they have the right to dictate how people live that wars start. Rural people want to live alone in peace. Skin color has nothing to do with it. I don’t feel guilty for being white. I didn’t run Indians off the land I bought; I don’t own slaves and I haven’t asked for reparations from Rome for what happened to my ancestors. You can’t change the past. We’re talking about people trying to dictate how we live in the PRESENT.

      Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw April 11, 16:29

      Outdoor boob. Yeah, because Indians never murdered or killed each other nor did any of them die from any type of disease because native Americans are born with a natural immunity to bacteria or viral infections.

      Take your uninformed nonsense and“Seety Folk” ignorance back to your ignorant “Seety Folk” loser pals and whine to them you subservient helpless little white boy.

      Reply to this comment
      • red April 19, 23:55

        If you murdered someone, one Native American murdering another, you left, all alone, and probably died. We did give Europe a few presents, tobacco and syphilis. Apparently, Europeans have no immunity to either one. Neither kill us, but thousands still die each year of both. BTW, Jack Palance was raised in the same area I lived in.

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    • left coast chuck April 11, 16:52

      Yes, Bob, sometimes the truth bites. Out here on the left coast it is called Kalifornication. Kallifornians fleeing the oppression and high taxes in their state fled to neighboring states and immediately set about remaking those states into a mini Kalliforniya. That’s is what happened to Oregon. It was so bad for a while native Oregonians had bumper stickers that read, “Welcome to Oregon. Now go back home.”

      It happened to Nevada and is happening to Arizona. It’s like a cancer.

      I was going to write a biting reply to your “I’m white btw,” but decided to eschew it.

      Reply to this comment
      • Lehua Lady April 11, 19:59

        It’s happening big time in Washington State as well. I live in a semi-rural area and already, they are trying to take over the area and change everything. One moved into our little community (9 houses) and first insisted we needed a home owners association (NO WAY), then wanted to replace all the assorted mail boxes with one “nice and matching” set, then said they were going to hire a contractor to pave the gravel road and that a lien would be put on the property of anyone who didn’t want to pay for it! After a few “discussions” with the neighbors, they MOVED. Whoeee!

        Reply to this comment
      • dp April 12, 02:22

        LCC, when I see these libtards end their ignorant, arrogant, virtue signaling BS with, “BTW, I’m a white man” it always makes me think of how the Jews handle this situation. We need to start calling these people out for what they are…

        Bob, call yourself what you REALLY ARE: You are a self hating cracker. Probably, a man bun wearing, soy boy cuckold as well, but I can only prove the first assertion based on your post.

        Reply to this comment
        • Agatha October 15, 17:38

          Please do not insult “crackers” that way. The term “cracker” referred to the sound of the whips the cowboys in rural Florida used to round up their cattle. It is NOT an insult, a derogatory term nor does it make any reference to slavery. It refers to hard working, self-sufficient men who survived heat, hurricanes, snakes, mosquitoes and everything else the subtropics of Florida threw at them to provide for their families and to send meat to the population centers in the southeast that could not provide it for themselves.

          That “soy boy” comment can stand as is, though. 😏

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      • Clergylady April 12, 10:41

        New Mexico had a flood of folks from the left coast getting their kids away from gangs 10 or 12 years ago. All they did was add their gangs to our gangs in the cities. Now were # in auto theft and break ins. Don’t ya just love libs and their offspring

        Reply to this comment
        • Hacksaw April 12, 13:50

          Libs and their offspring. You do know why it takes a village to raise lib offspring don’t you? Because libs are too lazy and incompetent to raise a child so they pawn their kids off on their neighbors. The neighbors, however, have their own offspring to pawn off so the village just keeps passing offspring around until they land in gang land.

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      • Jabberwokki April 24, 23:56

        And now Portland is the home of Antifa.

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      • Justanoldcurmudgeon August 19, 16:03

        Yep! Colonization is just about complete here in Calirado :<(

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    • Tex April 11, 17:20

      How do you sleep at night with all your guilt? If you’re not smart enough to understand the historical differences between the settling of our country and the political consequences of the hypocritical left today then I hope you enjoy your guilt and ignorance.

      Reply to this comment
      • Hacksaw April 11, 18:43

        Tex, The truth in your reply would turn any normal persons ears red with shame but my gut tells me that the comment went way over Bobs head.

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    • GpaulK April 11, 19:32

      And who’s to lament for those who were here before the Natives? Natives fought each other in war, murdered, took slaves and over-ran the lands of fellow natives! Are white men angels? No! Natives are not angels, neither are people of color! The bible addresses every tribe and nation and will tell you that ALL have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God!
      I would call your ignorance of human nature and hardness of heart dumb
      I am native by the way.

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    • Gold Coast Rich April 11, 19:36

      The same mentality that did it to the American Indian is the same mentality that is doing it to Rural people. I have lived in California for 60 years, It has not always been left leaning / liberal the way it is now. I have moved twice to more conservative counties just to be over run by urban sprall and city thinking. California has had several redistricting balot measures that has changed the counties into liberal districts. Some times I wish California was divided so my vote would count for something. The American Indian did get a RAW deal and nothing can be done now. But if we (Rural dwellers) don’t do something we are the next American Indians.

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      • Govtgirl August 2, 12:34

        That’s so right. I live an hour and a half north of Seattle. Got a postcard from my realtor yesterday talking about the “Silver Tsunami.”

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    • Damonzach April 11, 20:46

      OutdoorBob, I couldn’t agree more

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    • red April 19, 23:34

      Whites came from cities to the colonies, not from rural areas. ! As a Native American raised rural, but lived in a city, I agree with the article. Yet, a lot of change is for the better, as well. niio

      Reply to this comment
      • dp April 20, 07:18

        Red – Whites came to this country for a very long time from both the city, and from the country.

        It depends on what time period, and what part of Europe that they came from.

        Especially in the early years there was not that big of a difference between people from small towns, and people from farms. The bigger cities were different.

        Many of the white people sent here were British sent for minor crimes, basically England getting rid of it’s riff raff, meaning the poor, unskilled, uneducated, etc. Most of these were city folk… Often poor and exiled for stealing a loaf of bread, or some other minor offense.

        Many of the Irish were sent when England drove them off of their land, and just wanted to get rid of them so that they could steal their land in peace. As a Native American I am sure that you are familiar with how this works. Many of those people were from the country.

        Many more Irish came over during the potato blight, or the potato famine — country/city mixture, but mostly country folk.

        Many Germans, and others came from Europe for the free or cheap land in the early years. These could be either city or country people.

        During WWII when my grandfather came over, many people were fleeing the war in Europe. Again, this could be either city or country folk.

        I’m sure that there were many more waves of immigration which I am not familiar with such as the original pilgrims, and of course other counties besides England were settling the Americas.

        Reply to this comment
        • red April 20, 19:33

          I’m Native American, folks from the Northeast, and this is family history. History-wise, we had problems from a lot of different peoples, but, those were city people. Early days, many sold themselves into bond-slavery to come here. 7 years, for one person or 12 for a family. By that time, the people learned how to farm, and had to be given tools and land, and some livestock (Penn’s Woods). those brought as convicts and sold were very much city, and kept the cold attitude. Most people coming as bond-slaves were country people, but a lot of younger sons, as well, who have nothing. Many of them married Native American women because the belief was, we were the Ten Lost Tribes. It was more like one long, slow wave than waves. Most of the Scots and Irish who came then were taken as POWs and sold to farmers, or if they had some craft other than farming, in the city. Again, these men married native Americans, and many ran away to live among us as free people. Post Revolutionary War, a great many Redcoats and Hessian mercs stayed. It was then the attitude to the People began to change. Then, it was destroy anything in your way, forests, nations, anything. Niio

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          • dp April 21, 03:12

            Red – Ha ha, that pretty closely syncs up with the true history (non-revisionist) that I have studied over the years.

            It is good to get basically the same story from the Native side, but I find it kind of humorous that the Irish all told you that they were POWs. Not really surprised, but it is telling about the attitudes.

            The Irish were actually moved off of their land, and were basically homeless. Then the British Crown passed laws where they could not even hunt or grow food to feed themselves. They were rounded up for petty infractions, and offered the death penalty or exile to “the colonies” as they called us. Many were sold as slaves to the Caribbean sugar plantations. (a sure death sentence) They were “indentured” to pay the exorbitant fees for transporting them against their will.

            Since the Irish have never completely given up on regaining their homeland even today, it is not surprising that they considered themselves POWs rather than “criminals.” This time in Irish history is one of the greatest holocausts in human history – along with the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. Revisionist history glosses over or outright hides these war crimes.

            As far as the Natives go the real culprit was our federal government, which as I’m sure that you realize now, we common people have very little control over. It was the constant broken treaties by the US gov that destroyed any chance of peaceful settlement, while the wholesale slaughter of the American Buffalo was one of the worst crimes of human history. They knew that the Native American was completely dependent on the buffalo herds, so with that cowardly and despicable act they sentenced countless men, women, and children to starvation, and death…

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            • red April 23, 00:46

              dp, the Irish were in constant rebellion. to get rid of troublemakers, they shipped them here by the thousands, and sold them here. Bush’s family was ‘deported’ that way, I’m told. It continued with many of the redcoats, who were forced to serve the English. Many stayed. Look up the Battle of Culloden, and the aftermath. How many thousands of Scots were sold here? Georgia colony was a penal colony, not based on agriculture, but slaves from Ireland and later Scotland, as well as criminals. Almost the only single white women brought, were brought to be prostitutes, not wives. Fees to sail over were standard. They were several years wages, and interest was added.

              Taught by my father, I never blame the government for what happened to Native Americans, but put a letter behind the name. If an R, then look deeper and you’ll find the D close by. Jefferson remove or relocate. It’s still in effect, but now there’s no where to relocate us. what’s left? Sterilization, death of the culture, liberalism and self-contempt is all the dems give us.

              Yes, slaughtering the buffalo was a gross crime against God and humanity. Yet, very few people depended utterly on the buffalo. Again, most were farmers, and the Kiowa and others already had herds of tame cattle.

              The ‘colonists’ did the same to the deer herds in the East, the beaver, and to the very forests that, had they listened to Franklin, would have made them wealthier and better fed than any farm. My ancestors were farmers, not nomads. Most of us were farmers, and later had herds of cattle and sheep, and some horses. When the english came, they were pleased to find cattle and horses here, and for sale.

              Till crude oil was used, tallow and hides were worth more than the beef. Thousands of cattle were slaughtered, as well in the rodeo (the gather), taking only the hide and tallow, shipping them to China in return fr silk and other things. Then they brought over cattle rolling with fat, and even the Longhorn was in the way. then the wolf, who the Longhorn and buffalo got along with. European cattle had no idea how to defend themselves, who the wolf was killed off, leaving the coyote, who’s name was a curse long before the birth of Rome. And is still a curse on those raising flabby cattle.

              But, we, the People, thrive. Most lean about the old ways, even f they can’t keep them. they pass on what they know and teach others. In the end, we win because so few of other peoples here are doing that.

              Reply to this comment
              • dp April 24, 16:40

                Red – If by in constant rebellion you mean in the same way that the Natives were “in constant rebellion” against the US Federal Government… lol

                If someone invades your country I consider defending it an act of war, and not an act of rebellion. I limit the meaning of “rebellion” to include only your own citizens or subjects. 🙂

                The rest was pretty close to spot on. Here are some references that you might enjoy:

                “Thus Speaks Qadosh Erectus”


                “They Were White, and They Were Slaves”


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                • red April 27, 04:19

                  There’s war and war. You keep mistaking me for someone who doesn’t know history, or psychology. There are very quiet rebellions, and then there’s the old saying every revolution begins with an angry Indian. And, when Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. The quiet rebellion of native Americans forced to live on reservations (under gunpoint) was so successful, the dems were forced to kidnap children, sending them hundreds and even thousands of miles from home. Like all dem projects, it failed. The Irish were in constant rebellion. They and the Scotrs were dumped here as slaves long before the Revolution. Most escaped, most married Native American women, and their children are Metis Native Americans, all very common in the South, Texas, and thru the Rockies. We were forced out of places like Pennsylvania after the War Between the States and settled Wyoming, which was named for a valley in PA. The revolution continued and it’s a conservative state. If you’re Hispanic, do not spend the night alone on any rez in the Southwest. The memories are long, and people still angry about things that happened when Spain colonized. Gvnakii, black Native Americans, are in rebellion against African Americans and the DNC, and winning. A quiet revolution. We learned ages ago, those who gather in large crowds are arrested in large crowds.

                  Thus Speaks looks like a good read, but we call them money hos. 🙂 Of the next, I already know this. One sister is a historian. We were raised learning about the Constitution and family history. From Penn’s Woods on, there was never a war we weren’t in the thick of.

                  We, the People, thrive because we learned generations ago long before he was born, what Ford meant by “If you think the government should take care of people, you need only look at the American Indian.”

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                  • dp April 27, 05:01

                    If I am reading your post correctly, then you completely miss my point.

                    The Irish had an independent country. Rebellion, and revolution are words that are not applicable to attacking an independent country, and them defending their homeland.

                    Once the Irish lost the war, only then they can be considered to be in rebellion. The Scots did not fare nearly as badly under British rule as the Irish. The Scots were considered (by the British) to be civilized, and were treated more as equals.

                    The Irish were considered to be savages, and were treated as such. Basically, enslave them, or “civilize” them, but steal their land regardless.

                    Not sure what you mean by “money hoes” regarding “Thus Speaks…” – considering that the text has been available for free on the Internet for some time, and I do not ever recall the text being for sale, or being asked for money, donations, etc.

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  12. Ken April 11, 15:47

    Several months ago you had wrote a column on what is required to get through an EMP with your vehicle. It was accurate but vague in its details and that is understandable because of the material. Well over a year ago I started researching what would be required to keep my 2015 F350 running after an EMP. A close friend and mechanic, who shares our concerns of survival, started helping and came up with our initial trial of replacing the Engine Control Module (ECM). Of course he downloaded the most recent updates from Ford to my F350 and then installed the new ECM and downloaded the updates to it. It didn’t work and the truck would not start. We reinstalled the original ECM and went back to our research. We recently figured out what is required to swap out after an EMP and it is not cheap but possible. I now have all the required modules plus the necessary tools, computer and instructional video in a Faraday container and I carry it in the vehicle at all times. We are located in Northeast Illinois, Lake County and are willing to discuss getting duplicate loaded modules for anyone that is interested. We are with Professional Auto Repair in Ingleside. This is not a plug for business but information if anyone is as concerned as we are. It gives them a place to contact if they are as paranoid as we are.

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  13. PB- dave April 11, 15:50

    Looks like the conversation is local/county based. Perhaps it should focus more on the state, and the ultimate national impact. Examples- Texas, I-25 corridor of Colorado, Western Oregon & Washington. Many places have been Californicated…. similar to your New England being ravaged by NY & Mass. The scary thought is pollution of country voting blocks with “city” ideals, that even the Electoral College cant stop.

    Reply to this comment
    • HerbaLady April 11, 18:28

      It’s happening in Idaho too. More slowly, but it’s here.

      Reply to this comment
      • Atticus69 April 11, 20:56

        Herbalady—I’m one of those outsiders (I’m a farm boy from Ohio) who bought a place in ID to retire to –near Grangeville, because it reminded me of home in the early 60’s when I was a boy. I found a local church, love the people and don’t want it to change. Now the city locusts are moving in. I fear what I love, the local people and their way of life will be destroyed

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  14. CatNip April 11, 15:54

    I agree with everything that is being said here. It is happening all over the country. Where I live is no exception. Colorado is being invaded in larger numbers now than before because of of laws that allow recreational marijuana..
    We had looked at subdividing our land for senior housing. We are in the county and because the city wants to take over more of the county everyone around us have become part of the city. We haven’t had to just yet only because we are considered agriculture it’s just a matter of time and the for all the permits etc. has gone up $10000 per lot over last year…greed is rampant. Like you our family has been on this property for more than 50 years… I call them city slicker who have know clue how live in our area work and are changing us to become like they are trying to get away from. They just want their way and don’t get it… little fish in big pond outnumbered then they become big fish in little pond and pollute they little pond. 😢 with no clue to what they have done.

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  15. Meledie April 11, 15:58

    The left coast is no different. When I moved to Seattle in 1966, it wasn’t the big mess it is now. I moved from a small farming community in Idaho and found that I liked the friendly nature of the city and working for a large company. It’s only about the time that Microsoft popped up that things seemed to take a dramatic turn. But if you look at Bill Gates ideology and the influence he wields, you can understand why why the shift. Then we added Jeff (Amazon) Bezos and Howard (Starbucks) Shultz and it has become insane! I moved back into a sweet farming community north of Seattle, and thankfully with acreage. My place is tucked into the Cascade foothills and on a dead end so is nice and quiet! I have good not-nosey neighbors, even though some of them have the liberal mindset. However, like any cancer left unchecked, the disease over the 24 years I’ve lived here, has spread from Seattle northward and has infected this once sweet community. Why is it that the Leftists moron mobs won’t let live and let live alone? They just can’t let the good ways be the rule. Ugh!!

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  16. Doc April 11, 15:59

    If you extrapolate, when applied to legal and illegal immigrants, your article is dead-on to liberal desires expectations also.

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  17. Doug Kenning April 11, 16:00

    Your comments are very timely. I moved from Denver many years before being liberal was “cool”. I moved to Salt Lake City that, at the time, was a smaller town and, obviously, very conservative. We now have our first Democrat congressman.

    My wife is from the Western slope of Colorado and we revisit there often so I definitely see your point. It’s almost like refugees from other countries who want to bring old ideas with them and force them on us as opposed looking for a new life.

    As for representation, Colorado is one of those 20-something states with a Democrat Governor signing onto the abolishment of the Electoral College which CAN’T happen.

    Just another point of view – Doug

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    • left coast chuck April 11, 17:00

      The wisdom of the founding fathers, in my opinion, was a once in history coming together of great political minds. The Electoral College was one of their great balancing acts. Without it we would rival Great Britain for intrusion into private lives. The “A man’s home is his castle and is free from intrusion by the king” doctrine that once was extant in England no longer is even given lip service. It seems to be going that way in this country with ever search warrant served by ninja wannabes dressed in black, armored up with automatic weapons and masks over their faces serving what is essentially a misdemeanor warrant.

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  18. Rusty April 11, 16:26

    I can relate to this article. While I do not dislike people no matter where we all come from I personally see it where I live. Many move into the country where I am from due to the fact that not so far away their precious pensions are not taxed here in our state. They bring wth them very liberal, and city minded ideas. At first–nah not so bad. However now things have gotten much worse. They state that our local areas do not have municipal parks, they detest our local school systems, and demand certain sporting activities at the schools, They complain about certain businesses that have been here for nearing 100 years, and attend meetings to attempt to get local businesses shut down. Their list of complaints, wants, and desires are endless, and outlandish. They have brought their own brand of liberal ideas to the country where the locals who have lived here for generations are being pressured to spend money through higher taxation all in order to be forced to give them what they think they need. We want community pools, parks, golfing, and want to have all kinds of new regulations enacted to stop our way of life. I can remember back when a local large estate was sold off as they family had all passed away. Some folks out of the city purchased the farm, and are very very wealthy people. The farm is secluded, but has others living near the end of the farm access road. After the folks moved into the farm the neighbors decided to visit, and intriduce themselves, and make them feel welcomed to the community. What happened next was eye opening to say the least. After the neighbors offered to help them, and tell them if there was anything they needed–the new farm owner told them, and I quote-“I can assure you there is nothing folks like yourselves can do for people like us–Please leave.”
    To say the neighbors were literally beside themselves with that statement doesn’t even begin to describe how they felt. I can, or could tell countless stories of how this creeping liberal growth has infected our communtiy.
    Again–I do not want folks to think I hate, or am unwilling to here, or understand the ideas, and life styles of others–I am a kind person, but when others move into our area, and decide everything they see, hear, and is going on needs to end–all because it differs from where they came from–I ask–“Why did you/they move here if our area is so lacking, and horrible?” They do not like our schools, churches, businesses, and community as a whole, and want to bring all that they fled from to us. As we put it in my part of the world where I live–“This just rubs us the wrong way.” I am at the point I say–go back where you came from, and leave us alone.

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    • TheSouthernNationalist April 21, 21:40

      I can answer that for you, we here in the South had the same problems with those people many years ago. They were known as carpet baggers and now they are known as liberals or progressives.

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      • dp April 22, 04:57

        TheSouthernNationalist – That about sums it up… carpet baggers and scalawags. The carpet baggers come for the cheap land, low taxes, country views, etc. They see a money making opportunity to buy cheap land to sell to their rich friends, who also need a break from “big city life”, at a huge profit. The local scalawags see an opportunity to cash in at the expense of their friends and neighbors… and 10 years later the taxes are sky high, property prices are sky high, the home owner associations and politicians have stripped the area people of their God given rights, and it is no different than any rich suburb of NYC, or LA… Time for Richie Rich the carpet bagger to move somewhere that isn’t so crowded, and start the process over.

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      • red April 23, 01:24

        Southern, they were liberals back then, as well. They supported the rebel cause, only to turn and destroy the very people they had helped. Like the ‘skins say, “Never get between a liberal and a nickle in the sewer. They’ll gnaw your arm off trying to suck it out of the used toilet paper.” niio

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  19. Annie April 11, 16:35

    I live in a small coastal town. Growing up it was a city of under 5 thousand people, black and white, all living in harmony with no crime. Now retirees from urban areas up north with large retirements think our town is quaint. They sell their expensive homes up north, run up our property prices then demand that they have all of the services etc. that they had when they paid there higher taxes. I makes it really hard to continue living where we were first.

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  20. Lisa April 11, 16:41

    With the new freeway, and better access to Phoenix. The housing market is booming, we are the cheap side of the valley. I live in a mini rural onclave, a POA, no major rules, farm animals and horses, do your own thing. With all these fields becoming houses. I’m hoping we aren’t pushed out.

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  21. headhunter April 11, 16:41

    well i see it happening all over all the time city folk that think they can handel country liveing , a few years ago i had some move in close to me and wanting to know why so many have guns and do all this shooting around here and they where getting scared so i asked them if they would like to go hunting with me one night and they said shure they would try it so that night i carried them out into the swamps and toldem we would be snip hunting and i wanted them to hold the sacks across the opening of the ditch and i would go down the trail and run the snipe to them and for them to stand real still they agreed and i left got in my trk and went home about midday they showed up wanting to know why they missed the snipe i todem they talked to much and scared them a week later i found these folks moveing back to the city

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  22. young prepper April 11, 17:30

    city slickers are bloody disqusting,i go to a school in town. and almost every single damn day i wear my blood stained camo hoodie or some other piece of clothing that isnt gucci or some other overpriced-to-all-hell brand i get called “poor” “peasant” “disqusting” and people who “flex” really get on my nerves,they waste money on their iphones and airpods and act like they’re some god for it,i’ve said time and time again: “if you think you’re so much better than me,say it with your chest” and they always back down then. i’ve been called racist,sexist,you name it just because im a trump supporter,im sorry for going on such a rant but bloody hell it’s the most angering thing

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  23. insane candycane April 11, 17:52

    i agree with most of the comments, but there comes a time when enough is enough. i got sick of the “patriot” movement back before 1998.was listening to “patriot” programing on shortwave radio, and mark and john played an intro and outro about a revolutionary solder. every time any event was mentioned and a call for “militia” to meet somewhere to protect someone from what ever, they would draw a line in the sand and thump their chests. but always even to this day they take 3 steps back and draw another line in the sand when the line before it was crossed. the book “the turner diaries” is a pretty good handbook. i remember when popular science wrote an article about this “nano” camera and they mentioned that the military was very interested. that “nano ” camera can see objects behind a wall, and was the device used in “the turner diaries” to locate the hidden guns. was the book RACIST? yes, but still a very good read. the best part was when turners fellow “resisters” hung all the politicians by their neck from the street lights and shot anyone that attempted to cut the body down! the “United States of America” is a REPUBLIC but the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is a company incorporated in London England.
    my direct ancestors kicked king george and his army out of America 2 times. and some ancestors hung another ancestor at KINGS MOUNTAIN, for choosing the wrong side. my ancestors arrived on the Mayflower, and were met by some ancestors that had already been here for many moons. that means native americans, yes im a mongrel and know other races are as radical as i am. im a step on my foot and ill cut your head off kind of guy. if cities want to force me to do what i do not want to do, ill burn the city down after i take out the town counsel, etc… all one has to do is read the first page of my prison file “record” to understand that i am not bull crapping.
    the answer is to remove the liberals from your area by whatever means necessary! if they want to make a lot of noise, pull their tung out threw a hole in their neck. that will silence other city slickers.
    you can pump red dye through a anti siphon device installed by a city. the red die is harmless but makes the city water department crap their pants! the water tower has the least security and the most deadly poison already hooked to a pump. i use to sandblast and paint water towers etc… a real nasty book to read is “CBW THE POOR MANS ATOMIC xOMx X=b ”
    chemical& biological warfare. i read it in prison through inter library loan. security didnt look threw it, so i was able to read it.
    if you support the NRA you are an idiot! they want only certain elite people to own a firearm. they make so many concessions it is crazy.
    maybe the answer is to sell some of your land really cheap to like minded folks,and when enough like minded people live in your area, you put yourself on the boards and find ways to keep the rich liberals out of your area. even go as far as creating those hated restrictions recorded on the deeds. items like to home to be built blocking scenic views no city services will me extended to the area, and all kinds of reulations excluding cadilacs, etc…allowed to be kept on said property.
    the land i purchased near the muscle shell river in Montana has some very minor covenants that did not offend me and my love of freedom.

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    • Hoof April 12, 16:14

      I wish you were my neighbor.

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    • Highland April 13, 21:41

      Found this guy on Youtube. HE IS RIGHT. Enjoy :


      Watch both parts and more of his vids. I am a woman and do not vote because I believe it is wrong for women to vote or hold any kind of governmental office.

      Reply to this comment
      • Wannabe April 14, 18:16

        To highland, don’t want to sound mean but you just admitted you are a part of this problem because you won’t vote, for whatever reason I really don’t care, you are helping these idiots overrun towns. Thanks a lot for helping them.

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      • red April 19, 23:21

        You’re not a Christian…The Bible is very up on women holding political office. Judgeship and teacher, and so on. Jesus even said all women who follow him are as his own mother, and in the Law of Moses, a mother had a right to kill her erring son. Men who follow him are like his bothers, he said. Younger brothers did not dare fight with the head of the family–Jesus. peace to you, but vote!

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        • Clergylady April 24, 19:12

          I’m a Christian, a leader, a voter and even work the poling place as often the only non D worker.
          One of the earliest non Jewish women converted was Lydia, a seller of purple. That means she sold to the class of kings and such and made good money.
          Who taught Jesus to read and write. The standard teacher of the day for the young was Mama.
          I figure God provided women with brains and expects us to use them.
          Where in the Bible( my usual source for real female rights) did you find that women shouldn’t vote. We’re not supposed to follow , vain, mens traditions.
          I realise it was a millennia old tradition that women couldn’t understand politics, religion, or math. Thank God Jesus didn’t follow such garbage. Many of his followers, and even Lazarus sister sat at Jesus feet learning.
          I choose to be R over D by the logic of bills have to be paid by someone. Nothing much is really free. No matter what “they” tell you.
          If we nations get the leaders were deserve I figured I’d do my part to vote for what’s right.

          Reply to this comment
          • red April 27, 04:38

            One of the things Jesus rebelled against was Israel going European. In the old days of Israel, women were judges, students, teachers and so on. They voted when age allowed it (you had to be 40, I think). There is a law, probably from before Moses, ALL children were to be taught to read and write. This was one of those things were Columbus thought of as proof we were the Ten Lost Tribes. Women were a voting part of every council, ran their homes themselves, and so on, just as the Hebrews planned it. Or God. He seems to be the One to teach us all 🙂 Niio! Good post.

            Garden-wise, I’m sending to JL Hudson for some trifolate orange seeds. They’re supposed to be able to handle cold down to Zero, and drill a taproot, making them less susceptible to drought. Only thing, they’re sour and used like lemons. Got the passionfruit seeds in soil, and a dozen other things. I had to send to Texas for standard chia seed. Wow, but chia grain used to be a standard across the Sonora. Did you get your nopale pickled, yet? I haven’t even started. Been looking for brush to finish a new garden trench. Looking for more dead cypress poles to use to grow the arbor, as well.

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  24. MrMMG April 11, 18:19

    Crime reporting in the Cities get the lions share of attention…but on a per-capita basis, it is often less populated areas that are more dangerous, especially if there is a meth production presence in the area. I do also recall in one of the best “Parts Unkown” episodes, Anthony Bourdain was visiting West Virginia, and sharing a meal with a family of hunters. Bourdain said to them, ‘I grew up in New York City…when I was a kid, if we saw someone in the neighborhood with a gun, he was committing a violent crime…the only civilians who had guns were basically mobsters and other criminals’. I’m sure those experiences can color someone’s perspective. The conversation was mutually respectful, but their conclusion was there was no common ground between those two perspectives. Different experiences can result in points of view that are not compatible.

    Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw April 12, 15:03

      You like to throw out generalizations “ but on a per capita basis it is “often” less populated areas that are more dangerous”. Yet you provide no facts to support how “often” violent crimes occur in either cities or rural areas. This is merely your opinion and holds no water for those of us who understand how your kind use words to manipulate others. And then you completely expose your lack of integrity by relying on a quote from a functioning alcoholic whose life was so together that it was concluded at the end of a rope. If you’re going to use quotes for effect, don’t quote losers who can’t handle life and quit. You’re fascination with Bourdain reveals your character. If you werent fascinated by that loser you wouldn’t be quoting him.

      Reply to this comment
      • MrMMG April 20, 13:17

        @Hacksaw Woah! Triggered much? You know nothing about me. Two time President Trump voter, supporter of the 2nd amendment, and an electoral college advocate, so… cool your jets for a moment. Firstly, if you want me to cut and paste crime and safety statistics so be it, here are some examples from the CDC, National Insurance Institute, and the FBI : 1.Rural area account for the majority of Felony driving deaths: rural adults commit felonious drunk driving at higher rates than their urban equivalents. Rural motor vehicle fatalities involving drunk driving killed 4,915 people in 2013, representing 48% of all driving fatalities that year nationally. Of all types of car accidents in rural areas, a third involved alcohol.
        2.Meth Labs production is centered in rural areas: For years, starting in the 2000s, rural Missouri was home to more meth lab incidents than any other state. In 2011, the state averaged almost 6 meth lab incidents per day, according to Missouri State Highway Patrol. Since, less populated areas of Indiana and Tennessee have overtaken the Show Me State in number of meth-related incidents.
        3.Violent crime often affects poor rural areas higher than cities in the same state: FBI and the Heartland Alliance show that Alexander County, along Illinois’ southernmost border, had the highest rate of violent offenses per 100,000 residents in 2015. The tally included sexual assault and robbery.The Mississippi River county, among the state’s poorest, had been hit hard by years of higher unemployment rates than national averages. Following behind Alexander for the rate of violent offenses are northern Illinois’ Winnebago County and Vermilion County in east-central Illinois. Cook County ranks eighth.

        Now as for criticizing for quoting a Bourdain show… first I love food and I love America, so any show that shows both is ok by me. I neither shared Bourdains politics or substance abuse issues. In fact, my job involves fighting the opioid crisis. I pray you never have a family member with such issues. My quote of Bourdain was to show that folks come from different perspectives, he wasn’t raised in New York City by his choice, nor were the rural West Virginians in their area. They shared a meal, and treated each other with respect. In they end, there were some issues where they couldn’t reach common ground. So, my only advice to you is to tell you that there are decaffeinated choices just as tasty as the regular brands.

        Reply to this comment
        • red April 20, 19:55

          while I agree about most, decaff coffee is tasty? My mother would be looking for you with anew baseball bat! 🙂

          Opium, ouch. My stepson had a bad relationship and he wound up on the wrong side of her law-friends. SWAT raised the house, thanks to her mother, who worked for the mayor. But, he got into opium and like a bro in the ‘hood told me, mano, you an addict in the house, you ain’t got a son, you got an addict. I took it to heart and made him to to the VA for rehab, then up to the uncle of a battle buddy, a cattle ranch, to complete it. cold turkey, the kid quit. He’s a good worker, smart, good heart, and aced out on every test Army threw at him. But now he says the addiction is there, and probably will be for life. May you not just survive, but thrive. Niio.

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          • MrMMG April 20, 22:28

            red, I wish you health, liberty, serenity, and good fortune.

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            • red April 23, 00:21

              MrMMG: As God told Abraham, Gen. 12:3, I will bless those who bless you. You are blessed and I add mine to that. May you prosper and thrive all the days of your life. niio

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        • dp April 21, 04:38


          You either do not know what you are talking about, or else you are intentionally lying, or else you have never had a cup of good coffee.

          Try buying some high quality beans, and grinding them fresh just before use. My current favorite is Kroger “Private Selection” brand Guatemalan/Antiguan blend that is affordable, dark roasted, with wonderful chocolate overtones… Decaffeinating even the whole beans destroys the finer, and more subtle flavors in good coffee.

          I can almost forgive you for cherry picking your data regarding violent crime – since you almost can’t help yourself, what with being a libtard and everything, but when you started lying about the coffee you took it too far… lol

          Reply to this comment
          • MrMMG April 21, 06:17

            dp, That coffee suggestion was for Hacksaw, he seems a little twitchy. I was hoping to get him to try unleaded, and you had to go and spoil the plan. If he keeps acting up it’s your fault- lol “Libertard ”?, Son, that dog won’t hunt. I can forgive you for being mad about the coffee, but he wanted stats and I gave stats… so it’s on him. But Kroger? Really? Ok I’ll try it(but don’t tell Hacksaw).

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            • Clergylady April 21, 12:52

              Personally, unleaded won’t cut it. If I drink a cup I want all the pleasure of a good coffee and the little pick me up also.
              I really enjoy a good coffee. Not hung up on a brand. How it’s made is often as important as the beans.

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    • Jabberwokki April 25, 00:16

      Looks like we found the liberal in the comments section. And who is surprised to find them lying about guns? You know if it ever comes down to a war be sure to bring your guns because they are too terrified of the things to ever use them.

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  25. Wannabe April 11, 18:40

    Insane candy cane, your name fits you well.

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  26. Bill April 11, 18:48

    Blame me for some of the urban to rural migration back in the 90’s as I ran the Greener Pastures Institute then. I’m a big city boy who hungered to live in a bucolic place after two summers working in Yellowstone Park and going to school in Iowa. BUT I tried to educate urbanites about nimbyism and being a good neighbor in general–honest! Not all my customers were “liberals.”
    Granted, the Mother Earth crowd was a part of this, but most cities are poor examples of “sustainability” and people are tied to them because of their jobs and educational needs. Some naturally need to find a place that will protect them from EMPs, plagues etc. (hint hint, AAP site owner). My writings on rainwater harvesting and strawbale building, you can find here (AAP), reflect my knowledge gained as an “urban expat” (I live in a 6400 population town). I also know about DIY solar. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush. We still live in a society where ideas can flourish, but it’s fading fast…

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  27. Bill April 11, 19:51

    Remember “locals”… liberals use the Bully Effect to get their way. They profess to be the tolerant ones but will bully anyone that does not agree with them. Conservative- Local- people keep to themselves and don’t bother others… Liberals they take total advantage of that. When they go to the politicians to complain…. You need to show up with 20 locals to show the politicians where the votes come from. What… you would not want to put your friends out like that to ask them to show up for you???? Well then you will LOOOOOOOSE. That is how the loud mouth losers win … they get a bunch of loud mouth obnoxious people together and get their way because conservatives do not ACT. I am moving out of crowed and overtaxed NY… sorry locals I am coming your way. The good news is that I am conservative and plan on starting a local “Hunting Liberal Club” … anyone want to join  Yes liberals I am joking… another thing you do not have….. a sense of humor.

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  28. Damonzach April 11, 20:43

    Really? I think your experience with unfriendly people has caused you to be bias and just posted an article I am offended by. I’ve heard citifolk expressing similar bias against people from the country and I didn’t consider that appropriate or correct either.

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    • Left Coast Chuck April 11, 23:35

      If the article had no posts agreeing with it, your comment might be spot on but inasmuch as it seems every post has only negative things to say about folks who move to rural areas perhaps you are the one who is stepping with your left foot when everyone else is stepping with their right.

      While others may disagree, you use snowflake terminology that offends ME. There is nothing wrong with honest disagreement. If you disagree with the topic of the article, so state and give your reasons why the article is incorrect. Just to state in a sniveling manner, “Your article offends me.” strikes me as the ultimate refuge of the people who are denigrating this great country. Be a man. State your beliefs. Don’t whine with, “You’re offending me.” Boo Hoo.

      Sorry to the other posters. The snowflake “That offends someone” just gets me so riled up that I have trouble keeping my tongue under control. This post of mine is the ultra mild version of what I really wanted to write.

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      • headhunter April 12, 00:58

        iv been waiting for the snowflake to tell where he is heck thats up the street from me he isnt a ranger because those boys dont allow snowflakes to be in their area lmao here buggy buggy hey snow flake want to go snip hunting i need someone to hold the bag

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        • Damonzach April 12, 01:10

          Love too, why don’t you come pick me up, already told you where I’ll be

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          • Hacksaw April 12, 14:08

            Damonzach. Let us know if the little girl decides to show up. Would love to be at the main gate when she does and witness a good clock cleaning.

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        • Hacksaw April 12, 13:36

          Head hunter. Tell you what little girl, after mommy changes your diaper come on down to Georgia. Your “snowflake” at Ft Bennington and I will be more than happy to perform the craniu-analectomy you so desperately seek.

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        • Hacksaw April 12, 14:29

          Headless Humper. Nice of you to display your ignorance here on the web for the whole world to observe. Even my 3 year old grandson knows that there are no boys in the Rangers, little girl. Mess around with those MEN at Benning and the only bag you’re going to need is the one that is plastic, about 6 feet long and has a zipper running from top to bottom

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    • Damonzach April 12, 00:39

      Anyone wanting to speak with “the snowflake” can find me at Ft. Bennington , GA, 75th Ranger Regiment 3rd Battalion Delta ask for D. Roberts, will see what you would really like to say internet toughguy

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  29. Prepper In Training April 11, 21:06

    I have just over 150 acres of land that I am willing to sell, but only to the “right kind” of people. Like most others here, I have had interactions with people that moved because they didn’t like where they lived, but want to change this area to be the same as they left.

    I am not moving from my area, but I no longer have the desire to keep land in the family. I don’t see my heirs defending the land like my dad and I have. With as bad as my kinfolk are, and the class of people that want to buy my land, I wish I could just box it up and take it somewhere else.. mars, pluto, anywhere but here.

    If I get lucky, maybe I will die before the government takes it, or I am declared unfit by my family.

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    • Willowbilly April 12, 00:04

      Would love to chat with You about that. From Alaska and know full well that I can’t battle the wilderness forever. Wondering where you are (generally) as I could use some warm sunshine for green pastures.

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      • Prepper in Training April 12, 01:44

        I am a Texan, born and bred. Far enough from the big cities, and on the good side (east), except for rain consistency.

        Don’t have FB, but can set up account for chat if necessary. Claude can send you my email address if you request it.

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    • dp April 20, 15:21

      Prepper In Training,

      I sent Claude a message asking for your contact info. If I do not hear from him I will post a temporary contact email to this thread.



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  30. Newspeak April 11, 22:14

    The author of this piece is absolutely correct! I’mm 66 years old and have witnessed the slow growth of liberal politics ruin three cities that were once great places to live! San Francisco, Portland Ore, and Seattle Wa, In the 1970’s through the early 1990’s, these were wonderful places to visit and spend money in. Today, I wouldn’t set foot in any of these cities. the towns and smaller cities of the aforementioned sates are slowly becoming liberalized, and they will eventually ruin these areas as well.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lehua Lady April 12, 15:50

      Newspeak, I’m right with you! I’m nearly 80 and live about an hour south of Seattle. The plague is spreading…I’m just hoping it won’t hit my small community until I’m dead and gone! As it is now, I RARELY go across the Big Bridge (Narrows) unless I absolutely must!

      Reply to this comment
      • Clergylady April 24, 19:26

        I loved Seattle when we lived there in 1954 – 5. Hated other large cities even back then. Visited again during the world’s fair. Glad I wasn’t there any more.

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  31. Jake d April 11, 22:15

    Go ahead and be offended, that’s the liberal way.

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  32. Simone April 11, 22:24

    You are SO correct! I moved to Texas from WA and found an attitude I have seen all too often: “I have mine and you can’t have yours.” As a former Air Force wife, I learned that when you move into a community, you keep your mouth shut, your ears open and your politics to yourself. It’s either adapt to the environment or be very unhappy. There is no alternative, at least one where the family is kept intact. How I wish more city people understood this! And who are the people constantly in my business, telling me how to live, vote and manage my property? People who have moved here from big cities!

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  33. Augie April 11, 22:58

    We left Connecticut for rural Western North Carolina 10 years ago..We’re still here and we love it. We left all that nonsense that is Connecticut back in Connecticut ! While I probably won’t be speaking with an accent any time soon I enjoy the culture here and have made some great friends. Very content.

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  34. IvyMike April 12, 00:54

    Austin was liberal in the 70s. At that time being a liberal meant being open minded, sharing old rent houses with friends, not owning a car, being poor, loving and respecting nature, and partying naked. I left Austin in the early 80s because it was being taken over by the consumer class, the people who rule America today, the people you all are crying about and calling Liberals but who, with their craving for order and safety and the protection of their property are actually Fascists.
    An old girlfriend of mine worked for a big engineering company in Austin in the 70s drawing up plats from field surveys. One Sunday she took me into the office and unlocked a big closet, got out hundreds of sheets of drawings, and showed me how the Wealthy had already surveyed and subdivided the entire undeveloped West side of Travis County, this at a time when environmentalist groups were fighting to preserve some really wonderful country. But the battle had been lost before it was ever fought.
    If you are the 1st person to buy land and build a home in a great place you are a pioneer, and you have to understand that Civilization follows the Pioneer. Americans are Consumers of beauty. In one of his early stories, Hemingway quotes an elderly Ojibway: ‘Long time ago, good. Now, not so good.’
    It ain’t all bad, we built the second house in our area 15 years ago, it’s still rural Texas but growing like a weed and our property value has doubled so we’ll have plenty of money when we sell and buy our third rural getaway.

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    • watrpro April 12, 03:30

      Same story here in rural southern Virginia. Over time I have turned some from far left to the right but others not so much. Good luck to all.

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  35. red April 12, 02:05

    Good post, thank you. I’ve watched miles of good hunting and hiking land crushed by toadstool housing called developments. Miles of good cattle land, forests, and the water table drop so far springs and old wells dried up. You have my sympathy, having to deal with those bigots. And, that’s what they are.

    Reply to this comment
    • Clergylady April 12, 15:16

      Hi red.
      It seems to be the same in many places. Can’t say I liked my taxes raising to 4x what they were, and no improvements here to live with. The county seat town got parks, a meseum, new fire trucks, and a golf course. Rural areas take 30- 90 minutes to have an ambulance at your home. A fire… You’d better have a good well and long hoses and good neighbors. City fire trucks don’t service the rural county. Need a sheriffs deputy… Hope you call when someone is on duty or not already on another call. Better to call for one of the 2 state police stationed in town. They will come as soon as possible. I live along the boarder of one reservation and near another. Their reservation police and ambulance service will venture to answer the closer calls. Damn good service too! Still for fire you’re on your own. So what are all my property taxes paying for? Surely it isn’t services or protection. If someone tries to break into your home you’d better be able to hit a moving target and realistically claim to be afraid. To tell the truth I was afraid and single handed ran off two men about 30 years younger than I was. I was 55 back then. My 303 Enfield was loaded but unneeded. A shot from my old single shot bolt action 22 and racking the 12ga as I invited them to “come on in” was sufficient. I had to get a sliding door and screen back in track after daylight. Sheriffs deputies never did answer the call I made. Anyone in my community ( population 200) would have come to my aid but we tend to be pretty Independant. If someone needs help most will pitch in to help. The newbe here has lived in Germany and NY City. Really does think we’re somewhat retarded and inferior. I see him as a wuss. Doesn’t know much about country life but does go on ditch cleaning days with his interns to work for him so he can get his one day a week of irrigation water. It’s a community thing. He’s useless at fixing anything. He will provide groceries and a room to interns who do the manual labor on his 5 acres. They have built two sheds out of pallets for him and pruned the apple orchard and built a strange artsy entrance more than 6′ high built mostly of tires and wine bottles. He sits and watches the interns and laughs at the locals doing their own work.

      Reply to this comment
      • red April 19, 23:52

        I was the only one in town to not own a gun. someone felt sorry for me, I guess, and gave me a .22 pistol. I have yet to fire it…Don’t get me wrong, I like guns and used to own quite a few. Ear trouble, cannot stand sharp noises. Even earplugs don’t help a lot.

        My father was an expert stick-fighter, and learned kali when in the S. Pacific, WWII.To a stick-fighter, anything and everything are weapons. I tried karate, but found kempo is better, but for me, kali is the best. An Asian American said it’s a form of martial arts like slash-and-burn is a form of agriculture, with the same results. 🙂 It’s like any other martial art, but without the pretty form.

        This area is quiet, even on the weekend. The biggest crime this year was, someone stole plastic flowers from a concrete vase on a lady’s yard. Everyone has guns, even little kids are taught them, and should be. Many have pit bulls or pit bull crosses. One lady has several ‘hybrids’ (chihuahua-dachshunds) and no one goes in her yard. I have a Bubba, a dachshund, and he’s cool, unless someone (as happened in Penna a few times) tries to get in without my permission. Hope all is well in California-west, New Mexico. niio!

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    • Clergylady April 12, 18:33

      I grew up in a home where one parent was a Democrat and the other was a Republican. They discussed (not fought) about the whys of each differing opinion. If they’d been alive today they would have been shocked and angry about the actions of their choosen partys. They both were really still pretty conservative. A Muslim in any elected office would have shocked them because of the difference in basic belief system. If they’d seen 9/11 they would have been even more shocked by the path the nation is taking.
      They were both upset in 1962 when prayer, by law, was taken out of schools; although many schools still prayed at assemblies and before games for many more years. They were both angry when abortion became legal. They sympathised with the need to get away from back street abortions but they both thought of abortion as murder. They both weren’t so sure that giving welfare was a good answer to poverty under Lyndon Johnson. They began to fear it would become a way of life for multiple generations instead of the work ethic they’d grown up with. Giving would create depenancy if not closely regulated and with definite limits. Now each attempt at limits or work requirements is met with strong resistance.
      Dad died in 1990 and Mom in 2000. We’ve seen tremendous change in our nation in the years since then. Partial birth abortion, now the discussion of not working to keep an already born baby alive at the discretion of the mother. Legalizing marijuana with its whole new set of problems, I realise adults often do use it as responsibly as others us alcohol, but under the influence is still impaired and dangerous driving or operating machinery. Kids are often told by teachers that one is safer than the other. Just pointing out what a different world it has become in less than 2 decades since Mom died.
      Taxation without representation was a big part the impetus for the American Revolution. If we loose the electoral college most of the nation will not be represented in the election of our highest official and will not be important when new regulations and laws are enacted. Mega cities will rule over farmers and rural folks with no understanding of the different needs. Nationalizing farms and factories could easily follow and cities might be hungrier than Venezuela under socialism. Communism and socialism if not held in check will recreate the failure of the old USSR under communism or recent Venzuela under socialism. Both thought they would be invincible. One because of size and the other because of its great oil reserves and wealth. Am I fear mongering? With the rise of the popularity of socialism and or communism, its beginning to look like a real possibility. Few of the folks in office or running for office seem to understand or appreciate that we were formed to be a Representative Republic, not a democracy. Those folks we elect are supposed to represent us…. Not them selves or those with the most dollars.
      Ok I’m running on… I’m opinionated… I detest excessive rules… I like work and the sense of accomplishment found in a job well done… I’d rather eat from the work of my hands than handouts… Butchering my own meat isn’t repulsive its just necessary… Rather like removing the husk and silk from an ear of corn, it’s necessary to eat the corn… I’ve been called a cannibal for that. Lol. I’m not eating my fellow man when I’m hungry. I’m not Hannibal Lecture!
      My how life has changed in a generation or two…or three. We were an agrarian society of folks growing food to eat or sell. Now the population is majority city dwelling. Millions are food supported with government assistance while many farms and ranches go bankrupt not from bad management but the vagaries of weather, expenses and taxes.
      Ok so I’m a Christian, “deplorable”, “trailer trash”, and if I had a “MAGA hat” I’d wear it.
      Yes, I vote! Some years I’m a polling place worker. A Republican in a majority Democrat state. I even used to write political opinion pieces and had a following. I like being pretty Independant. Yup, I’m an “opinionated old broad”. I can call me that :).
      I wonder how much attitude, knowledge, practice, prepperation, and building community will shape survival and post survival times if, or should I say when, SHTF.

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  36. Highland April 12, 02:34

    Urban sprawl is a problem everywhere in the civilized world (mostly countries who have been civilized by European descendants). As those who love the convenience of living in the cities stay in those places and “other” people who love being part of the HIVE want to live there and “move in”, those who no longer want to live around those type of people start moving into rural areas. The city governments, seeing the potential for being able to fleece more “country” people out of property tax money, are extending CITY LIMITS farther out and that includes extending domestic water and sewer systems which leads to more housing developments. Though I had purchased my property a few years back and assumed that it would be 20 years of more before URBAN SPRAWL would threaten my PEACE OF MIND, I have realized that decriminalization of Cannabis in my state has led to millions upon millions of people – especially California urbanites (liberals aka Communists) – invading my state (Colorado). Now, we are upgrading our home and farm property with the full intention of selling for a great profit…..and moving to Iceland. I really don’t want to be here in my old age and try to survive a Civil War. I’ll have money to take with and invest in their economy and be able to purchase a small cottage and have plenty to live on until I am buried at sea and become fish food (cheap funeral). I am convinced that this country has become so extremely evil that it’s destruction is inevitable. Since I have been an off-grid, out of debt prepper and the laughing stock of my entire family, well, when God rains fire and brimstone down on Sodom, I’ll be long gone hopefully.

    Reply to this comment
    • red April 18, 03:24

      You’re not a laughingstock here, to us. But, will you be happy among atheists? Most Icelanders are not believers. Many have begun the old traditions. Iceland is on the verge of another major volcanic disaster. For that matter, most of the world is. Tio Popo in Mexico is decades overdue, and he’s the key of the Ring of Fire. He burped and Mt. Fuji lost his snow cap, and Iceland developed heartburn. Iceland was built by fire and will be consumed by fire. C. America might be a better place. Belize, where a brother lives, welcomes Americans as friends and allies.

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      • Hacksaw April 19, 13:38

        Red, pleas tell us where you got your crystal ball that tells you the fate of the planet. I need one for my bug out bag.

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        • red April 19, 23:05

          Because you plead with me, I’ll be polite. But, you might need another trailer on the Chevy to haul it all. It’s called knowledge: AKA research. I don’t think I need to spell that for you, or define it because you seem above average in intelligence. Try making friends with geologists. that’s a major plus. Make friends with history proffs, as well, and archaeologists. Make friends with conservatives. That’s another major. Then, try to look up what Iceland is. It’s the property of Denmark. What’s Denmark’s claims to fame? Former major extortionist (danegelb) and murder capital. Today, major ultra-liberal nation, and as of a few years ago, the pedophile capital of the world. Rape is no longer prosecuted there. Try to look up how Iceland came to be, and look up all the modern times it rattled, how many thousands of kilometers were flooded by lava each time. Iceland sits on the edge of a pretty big caldera, the Arctic. Iceland is like Denmark, majority atheist, and superstition rules, not reason. You were hard on Greg? Why? I lived for years in a very pretty rural slum. We had a lot of good hunting, skiing, rock climbing, fishing, lumbering, and needed large gardens to help feed us. We also had some the worse greedy, backstabbing millionaire politicians ever to come out the DNC. If not for the city folks, they’d still own the area. City people ran them ragged and put moderate Repubs in office. City people sued city hall in a lot of small rural slums and changed the area from uber-liberal, anything goes with the Party of the demoncats, to dems who watch and look before crossing folks. Look up Kids for Kash, in Pennsylvania, and see how dems owned the people before city moved in. See if you can find who raped and mutilated 3 preschool age kids to death, and what dems did–Nothing. When they discovered the kids were redskins, all investigation halted. Meaning, dem politicians were involved. As a Natrive American quasi traditional, I don’t just hate the DNC, I loath it more than Coke-Nose Clinton does the military. Compared to us, you’re a moderate at best.

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        • red April 20, 00:08

          Because you’re pleading, I’ll be polite: Try intelligence. Try to make friends with geologists. Study everything. Learn herbals. Learn what an area is before relocating. Iceland is the property of Denmark. Denmark is famous for being ultra-liberal and the pedophilia capital of the world. Atheism does that to people. Belize is super-friendly to Americans. One sister-in-law is a Belizean, so I checked the nation on something we call the internet. Try it. It’s a fun way to make a living as a manuscript researcher, editor, writer. To mine, you come over as anti-prepper, and at best, a left-leaning moderate.

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          • Hacksaw April 20, 11:46

            Because you display your lack of intelligence by spewing your ignorance in public even an amoeba can tell that you are dumber than a stump, loser.

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            • red April 20, 19:43

              Uh-oh, Hocker is having a bad hair day. Again, you pretend to be one of us, then act like someone raped you when you were young. The crack ho comment was very telling, you know, and how you switch from hick (uneducated dem), to educated neolib all the time. I’m sorry your father or some man close to you sexually abused you as a child, but stop taking it out on the rest of us. Grow a testicle. It might help stop that whine-a-minute attitude you use to drive people from this site.

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        • red April 20, 02:18

          Wow, it posted twice. Must be your lucky day. You can have the crystal ball. I never use them. I prefer reality. An education. which reminds me, why is it, some posts you write like a total hick (aka an uneducated dem) and other, like a college grad?

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          • Hacksaw April 20, 11:40

            Red. Awwww. Poor little baby. Does it hurt and have a temperature? Only a fool makes unfounded assumptions regarding their opponent. doing so demonstrates to the world your total lack of intelligence. It makes it much easier for your opponent to evaluate your lack of skills and abilities. Your response is typical from an unintelligent low browned knuckle dragging drooler, little girl. Maybe that one Cell floating around between your ears can comprehend this response: That crackho that you refer to as a mother owes me change from the quarter that I gave her for polishing my helmet. And she does a lousy job of polishing.

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            • red April 20, 19:17

              Yeah, I thought we’d get another whine-a-minute crybaby gay attitude comment. Thank’s for the comic relief! I don’t get why you come here to cause problems from normal people. You play pretend to be a prepper, but certainly not a survivalist. 🙂 Nope, no temper tantrums, please. If I laugh any harder, my heart will stop. Army says I’m disabled, but I get by.

              No, just because Mom was a victim of rape by someone like you, who act like you were the victim of sexual assault at a very early age, possibly you father, and an agnostic, nope, she wasn’t a crack ho. Unlike you, she overcame it all and became an English teacher, helping immigrants from Europe and other places to adjust, to learn how to be Americans, not liberals, as you are. Dad was an atheist, as I was. As many friends are.

              As my IQ is far higher than yours, obvious to us all, I find you funny,. I get the same attitude from all neolibs, whining, mocking, hurting others because someone hurt them. Are you yet 12? Younger? My lack of skills far exceeds yours, again, obvious from your lack of ability to learn.

              Yeah, you’re gay. If you had a penis, it’s so small even pepper can’t help. Weak comments from a weak mind. But, don’t stop! We all have a good laugh at your antisurvival shrieks. Enjoy life, hacker, but the merry widow is getting lonely for lack of any sign of the toy…

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  37. dp April 12, 03:08


    a good article. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

    There are several issues that could also be addressed. One is white flight, which is very close to what you have described. I have personally seen this in action.

    This is not as racially motivated as it appears on it’s face, but more economically based. The government force integrates poor people with wealthier people via section 8 housing subsidies, housing projects, etc.

    Poor people tend to have more self inflicted problems than wealthier people… that is the main reason that they are poor… bad personal choices.

    The wealthier people move out to the country, and bring their city ideas with them.

    Two, is political power which was mentioned. The reason why leftists have so much political power is often via leftist organizations, unions, teachers unions, corporations,etc. The problem is that the courts have adjudicated corporations “personhood” status, which has allowed them to use the money from 100’s of 1000’s of members to bribe our politicians. (whether the actual members agree with the policies or not) FYI, I consider “legal” political donations from corporations, unions, etc, to be “unlawful” bribes.

    Three, these policies which create this problem are orchestrated, and financed by rich (multi-billionaire rich) leftists. They infiltrate our education system, our government, our media, our corporations, etc, and they intentionally plan the exact problems discussed in the article… nothing in this world happens by accident.

    What to do about it? The problem is the boiling frog mentality of most people. Unless the situation becomes too uncomfortable too quickly, then they won’t rise up against their oppressors.

    Compound that with the fact that most conservatives are self reliant individualists, while most leftists tend to have a dependent herd mentality, and you can see why conservatives have a hard time cooperating toward a common goal against these people… even if that goal is self preservation.

    What is the solution? Become politically active – on a national level… of course, but especially at the local level. Call your state reps often on the issues, attend school board meetings, attend city council meetings, create focus groups with like minded individuals, run for office… become the squeaky wheel that gets the grease.

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  38. Jake d April 12, 03:51

    I live in a state that wants nothing less than to be the frozen version of Kalifornia. They have elected a member of the Muslim Brotherhood to Attorney general and the Muslim radical Omar to Congress. The 3 major urban areas continue to grow and absorb what were rural areas and the wealthy urbanites continue to move to rural areas to spread their sick and warped politics. It is happening everywhere and we are losing the battle

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  39. CarmenO April 12, 10:09

    Lost me at the mention of “snowmobile”. I’m sure people love the things, but I don’t when they even decided to drive them in the streets of our rural town, during winter. The heck of who may be using the streets. You have a property in the country, drive around your place. You are free to damage your own property. People “Moving To Rural Paradise Ruining It” can be snowmobilers.

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  40. Nolan Conley April 12, 14:33

    98 percent of you are correct… My wife and I live on two acres, have no HOA and can do pretty much what we want to. There will come a time when we will be overrun by the liberals and those who choose not to share our simple lifestyle.

    One Harris county planner suggested putting a road through our property. I told him calmly this is what would happen if they decided to proceed with this idiot idea. I’d dig a foxhole in the middle of their “proposed road”, fill it with a couple thousand round of ammo and some big bore battle rifles. Then when they started this construction, which they wanted ME to pay for, I would call all the local and national news outlets and they would have to kill me on national TV. His eyes got big and he started saying “oh no, we wouldn’t do that!” I calmly told him that is what would happen because no one wanted that road except the county engineers and I’m tired of being pushed around by bureaucrats with civil engineering wet dreams.


    Invest in the precious metal called lead. Massive amounts of lead changes men’s hearts and minds.

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  41. Justanoldcurmudgeon April 12, 16:02

    After 55 years living in Denver metro I found an isolated slice of heaven 150 miles east of this festering poo-hole. Still a couple years away from retiring and fleeing from the blue sector, but have begun interacting with various suppliers and a couple of neighbors. At first I was taken aback by their demeanor. While not unfriendly, it was a bit “standoff-ish”. This article clearly explains their attitude and will help me present myself to those I meet out there as more of a liberty minded refugee rather than an interloping colonizer.

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  42. Potlicker April 12, 16:37

    We’ve lived rurally for decades. Packed up the farm and moved to Oregon. All neighbors except 1 are very decent folks who understand farm life and respect us.

    The vile ones didn’t want us or our livestock using our property next to them. We have been harassed for years now. We tried the legal route and were forced into useless mediation. We now fight fire with fire.

    These gems moved here a few years before we did from Southern California. They did their best to run us off and failed. They indeed expect and demand that their ‘idea’ of country living be upheld by us.

    The gentrification of rural America is BS. Don’t even get me started on the outrageous rules and regulations on the books here, yet totally unenforceable.


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  43. Chuckster April 17, 01:11

    I can tell you that after 60 years of my wife and I being in California (we are native Californians) we were sick and tired of the political climate there (SF Bay area) and we decided long ago we wanted “out” and recently decided it was high time to GET OUT and move to a very conservative state and we did so this month to live and work another 5-7 years and then retire in our new state.

    We were advised that we should get rid of our California plates ASAP as most living here felt that they were becoming overrun by the Californians and weren’t too kindly to them. I can only say that we could not comply with that advice fast enough and have already proudly procured our new license plates and the driver license appointments are already set! The bottom line is that we’ll fit in here politically and fit right in. The reality is that you can’t stop people from moving into your area but hopefully you can make them squirm a little. Case in point: our son’s liberal California in-laws were talking about moving to the same area and I told my son “they have been voting for years on the sh1t that they are now growing tired of but tell them that I said you made the bed and now you can lie in it….dont bring your sh1t here because people here don’t want it…just stay put and enjoy what you have been voting for and voting on.”

    The girl who rented my moving truck asked me “what’s it like there? would I like it?” and I said, “well young lady…do you lean more liberal or more conservative?” to which she quickly piped “oh. I am definitely more liberal-leaning.” to which I grinned and leaned over to her and said “well then, you wouldn’t like it”.

    The bottom line is we spent YEARS researching and visiting our new area to make sure we would fit in and are respectful of those who live here no matter their political affiliation. We will continue to do that and to encourage those family and friends who lean right to join us and politely tell those who lean left to stay in the sewers that they helped create.


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  44. Clergylady April 17, 05:36

    I was blessed when I retired and needed to move back to the placed I’ve owned since 1981. I moved there in ’77. It took a long time to start fitting in. These families have roots that go back to area Spanish land grants from the 1500s. When I showed up 60 miles away at the state trauma center to pray for their family members they decided I cared and began sharing the elk, deer, and even bear they were eating or the hides of a yearling calf now and then. They all told me they loved the sound of my real free range chickens, including roosters. They’d all been raising chickens from beautiful old breeds used for fighting. I’m raising meat and eggs. They’d stopped raising chickens because of the law always raiding their homes. I’d never thought about them missing their chickens and the fresh eggs. Now I share fresh eggs with the grandmas and pray for the grandkids. The boys that were teens when I first came are grandpas. And I was welcomed home with open arms as if I’d always belonged. It just took caring and becoming part of the community. I didn’t fight them except to keep my kids out of the drugs. I worked at helping where I could. Every family had cows and horses. In extra dry summers I watered and watched out for loose horses trying to survive the drought and poverty. In return my boys all were loaned bridals and sometimes even grandfathers beautiful old sadles. All my kids learned to ride and care for horses we couldn’t buy. In turn my nearest neighbor helped repair our lands old fences so his horses wouldn’t kill my young apple trees.
    Its the outsiders moving in that fight the locals and demand their city ways, over the old ways, that create division and hurt the locals. The way of life is different but different isn’t always wrong. My neighbors brush hog weeds along the back of my property so we both have better security. If someone is sighting in a new rifle instead of complaining I’ve sometimes asked if I can do some practicing also. Now they respect my ability to handle my weapons and I don’t complain about their shooting. They respect my privacy as much as I respect theirs. I see them quietly preparing for what might come. They all are interested in trying solar since I was the first here with a small array. We have learned to work together. When I need help most will stop to help. I’m by far the richest for their friendship.
    Today I went shopping for a car. I’m not crazy about shopping for used cars. Most are overpriced and worn out. I looked at a 1986 Subaru. Ran good but in very poor shape. $700 down to $600. I was just hindered by too little money for most of what we could find. A neighbor met me in town to help look at the vehicles and so he and his wife could help drive something home. I had to laugh. His old car is worn out. He buys parts from eBay and keeps it going. Pretty good mechanic but with the closing of most printing businesses he’s been doing what every he can find to do. He was a talented printer. Still they drove almost 70 miles to help me shop for a car. That’s a good neighbor. I found a new listing for some used cars. So we both drove to that address. I have been saving and had $1,600 available. The cars at the last place were a well maintained fleet of bright yellow cabs!. All between 2003 and 2011 crown vics with interceptor engines. We found two with newer. Replacement engines. I bought 2 for a bundle at $1450.00. . I gave his wife one and tomorrow he will ride with me to pick up mine. Made a deal for their son to get another one at $725. That’s $150 each less than they were asking but it works out for us all. Sound great and not leaking oil like so much of what I was seeing. The son will pay for his but the neighbor has more than paid for it in helping me. If I gave him anything or not I’d still be helped. He’s been a good friend for most of the 42 years since I first moved here. I know he’ll be trying to pay me back. I always have a long “honey do” list that my husband can’t help with any more. If he can help with some of that it’s worth more than anything I can pay. This friend did most of the site work last fall so my newer mobile home could be moved in. He leveled land and dug trenches. I’d broken an ankle and ribs, then injured a wrist, then emergency gal bladder surgery, then surgical repair of the wrist with a long bar and 7 screws in my arm. I couldn’t run my backhoe. Neighbor to the rescue.
    Just pointing out it took some time but I’m part of my tiny unincorporated community. I moved here from California. I wasn’t born there but did grow up mostly there. But even in 1977 I was too conservative for most of the places we lived. The beautiful bay area and Napa Valley area were hard to leave but I’m glad I’m where I’m at now. I hope my neighbors are as happy about that move as my family has been. Two of my boys and a grandson all want to live here also. It’s really home. It can work but you have to be willing to change and be patient. Acceptance is slow but so worth it.

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  45. greg April 19, 04:47

    I read the article and many of the stories. I wanted to impart a different perspective on some of the issues discussed, perspectives its important for the readers to have to more effectively interact and deal with “urbanites”. Or you can ignore me and not understand your invader enemy as well. I’m a surburbanite, fiscally conservative, socially liberal, Christian who tries to treat people the way I would like to be treated and per Christ’s directions. I’m looking for a 2nd house in the country, about 40 acres where I can plant a larger garden, put up a big pole barn for my shop, heat with wood, set up a 200 yrd gun range for target practice and semi-survive when Republican economic and environmental policies collapse the economy or the ability of the planet to support the number of people living on it. If the economy continues to limp along I’m going to hike, grow trees, plant an orchard, experiment with solar power, build stuff in my pole barn shed, shoot, and enjoy neighbors not watching my every move.
    The problem with many of the people you describe isn’t that they come from the city, its that they have so much money. This country isn’t run by the liberals, and it isn’t run by city people, its run by the rich and corporate America. The rich and corporations spend hundreds of millions helping elect congress, lobbying congress, and giving congressman jobs after Congress to get the laws they want that help them siphon off more and more wealth generated by the economy. The same rich also spend money to elect state and local government too. They don’t live by the laws the rest of us do and frequently don’t feel like they should have too. When they buy land near you they still think they should get to make the rules.
    I don’t see most city people as dependent. They work, they produce useful goods and services, they make money and they trade that money for the goods they need. Most people do the same. What must be brought in depends on what you want, what you can produce yourself, and what is produced locally. Sure, there isn’t enough land in cities for food, though hydroponic gardens are starting to produce some food local to cities. Rural areas rely on cities to purchase the food and other goods they produce and purchase goods made in cities and elsewhere too.
    Because they live so close together some services can be more efficiently delivered to everyone, like public sewers, public water, public transportation, fire service, etc. I rely on a $12,000 well, a $20,000 septic system that requires periodic replacement, and a car that costs $7,000 per year to operate.
    One of the reasons humans have thrived is from our ability to band together into groups to achieve the same goals. Our ability to be social. Most say surviving TEOTWAWKI will take groups also. With most groups there comes conflict, and the larger the group, the more opportunities for conflict. Think about how many conflicts can exist in cities with hundreds of thousands to millions of people. Cities also need to have more control because each person doesn’t have as much space. With people closer together when one person starts swinging their fists they are much more likely to hit someone else, and one can’t go around hitting people. In the country there is more space so one can do more what they want without intruding on other people’s rights and space.
    I would encourage you to get to know city and surburban folk. The average person who works 8 hours a day for living is going to have quite a bit in common with the average rural person. Now I doubt you will be as lucky with the rich corporate executive, the wall street banker, or the private equity investor who believes they get to make the rules and profits can be made anyway possible.

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    • red April 19, 22:39

      Greg, I’m not going to knock what you feel. But, I know the difference between country and rural. I lived and worked in both, on ranches and farms as someone raised country, and worked in NYC as an editor and writer.

      libertarian sort-of is traditional. Laws are meant to be upheld, but the DNC is screwy. I know. My father was a ward boss for them till Dan Flood (a conservative Dem congressman, back in the ’60s) was lied about. this is how dems operate, vote for one, you vote for the party, not just that candidate. I know a lot of preppers off all races in New York and elsewhere. Good people, but they have an attitude of me, myself, and I. Not one of belonging to people. Yet, many, because it is city are very dependent on government. All traditional people (AKA Native Americans and others) are preppers. All of us. The dems hate us for that, which is why only a small percentage of Native Americans vote for the DNC: We do not make good servants, even our family in the city. there’s a huge difference between city and country.

      If you go rural, hurrah! Be welcome, but be cool. City mock country people because they think country people are slow. We talk slow, are slow to react. Parents teach us, fast talkers are crooks. Talk slow, be slow to act, be quick on the brain. If you get livestock, even rabbits and chickens, you’ll learn this fast. Rural life is this, quick on the brain or quickly dead. God walks with you, and Jesus was a full-bore redneck. niio

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    • Raven tactical April 20, 17:20

      7 grand a year to operate a car?

      Christ wasn’t socialist

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      • red April 20, 20:11

        No, Christ wasn’t/is not a socialist by our definition. What he did say was, love one another. Modern socialism is gross and ugly, stealing to support the government and then a few pennies (about 20% of taxes taken to ‘help’ the poor) actually go to help anyone. Jesus said, love one another. He gave us social Christianity, that we should help each other and give till it hurts. The Jews were all good rednecks because God wants us to be that way, be you Jewish, or adopted (become a Christian). Redneck is perfection. Niio

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      • Clergylady April 27, 06:37

        What kind of gas hog are you operating?

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  46. Hacksaw April 19, 13:26

    Greg. You are part of the problem and as such wil not be welcome on my neck of the woods. By blaming Republicans for economic and environmental problems and ignoring the Democrats role in causing and perpetuating these problems merely displays your ignorance in a public forum. Politicians are the root of our problems. All of them. You dont understand that a bird of prey has 2 wings, a right and a left and they use both wings to capture their prey. Our government is a bird of prey with left and right wings. It’s only purpose in life is to exert control over its subjects, you, me and every other citizen in this country. When you choose political sides, left or right, you are allowing yourself to be controlled by the government. Please give examples of how the republicans destroy the economy and environment. For every example that you give I can give a corresponding example of how Democrats destroy the economy and environment. Don’t believe it? Just try me, I can play the tit for tat game until the end of time.
    As long as people like you believe that one party is better than the other when they are equally responsible for our nations problems then our nation will continue to suffer. The game plan for both parties is to divide and conquer and share the power. It’s happening right now before your very eyes. You just need to open those eyes and see reality without the blinders that government controlled education and media place on unwitting gullible little myrmadons such as yourself. Take off your blinders and you are welcome to be my neighbor, otherwise do yourself and the rest of the country a favor and stay in the city with your peers: mind numbed automatons that regurgitate marching orders designed to control the masses.

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    • greg October 21, 03:16

      My understanding is very nuanced. Republicans policies are destroying the country and economy. Supply side economics are failure. Ponder Trump’s tax cut for the rich. Something like 84% of the cuts went to the wealthies 10% of the country. A significant portion actually went to foreigners (10-20%). Rich people didn’t spend that money they saved it, corporations didn’t invest in new products or hire more people, they gave it to shareholders (rich people again). 90% of the people split 17% of the tax cut, and the whole tax cut was borrowed, Deficit spending that eventually needs to be paid back. Business didn’t need the capital from the tax cuts, as demonstrated by interest rates that are almost zero after inflation. Let’s say you run a business, when are you going to expand, when are you going to hire more workers. If I ran a a business and wanted to make more profits, if I had the capacity to service 100 customers, but I only had 75 I wouldn’t be expanding or hiring more workers. Let’s say I had 120 customers who wanted my services or to buy my products. Then I would expand and hire more workers. Notice, taxes (supply side economics) don’t matter, Customers matter. Demand matters. Let’s take chemicals. Industry makes around 50,000 chemicals of which maybe 1,000 have been tested for toxicity. A good portion of the 50,000 is toxic and should be let into the environment. Republicans pass laws to stop the EPA from regulating release of these chemicals. Some of those chemicals act like and attach to hormone receptors in your body. Not good. There is a reason cancer rates are higher today than 100 years ago. I could go on and on. As to political parties and politicians, both have problems, but they are not equivalent. Democrats are like Jim Beam, Republicans are like Everclear. Chug a quart of each and the damage will not be the same, though each will cause damage. You blame the government. The government doesn’t do anything unless Congress passes a law, unless one person is causing harm to another person. Congress is controlled by the Rich and corporate america, especially the Republicans with the complicity of the Democrats on some legislation. Unregulated capitalism will destroy this country. We don’t even practice pure capitalism any more. There are democratic socialist countries in Europe that actual have more competition and more capitalistic than the US when evaluated with measured characteristics. Until more people figure out that the US is Rome, full of greed and corruption, full of lazy rich people making the rules and exploiting the poor and middle class the country is going down.

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      • dp October 21, 03:43


        I don’t believe that you really understand the big words that you try to use. copy and pasting leftist talking points is not “nuanced” – the word that you are looking for is “influenced.”

        I also suggest that you put down the Koolaid.

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      • Rocky71 October 21, 12:08

        Wow !!!! All of those words a literal barrage that missed the target…Like wasted ammo.

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  47. Clergylady April 21, 07:49

    Wow. This is beginning to remind me of raising a bunch of 12 year old boys. I raised several through that crazy age. Thankfully they all grew up.
    Our nation has seen some hard things and some good times. Race or money and priveledge have all caused suffering at times.
    I was always a bit of a rebel. Driving through the South to go to grandmas house I saw colored only waterfountains in the city parks. I horrified my mom by insisting on drinking from that drinking fountain. Years later on another trip to grandmas I insisted on eating in restaurants with my medium complexion and my much darker Cherokee/ Choctaw husband daring someone to say something. Mercifully no one ever did but we got some not too happy looks questioning looks. No he wasn’t black. I never did figure out how skin tone made anyone supior or inferior. My first husband was fair skinned with bright blue eyes. Meaner than sin. Dead at 26 in a car accident. Second husband was native. Great guy. Raised my 2 little boys and together we had a son and daughter. Almost killed me when he got sick and died after 33 years together. Stayed alone and moved into a city to make a living and pay off debts.
    My constants have been God, family and the land. Even in town I grew my vegetables in the tiny backyard and front flower beds. Married again, this time to a Scot Who s dad came here in 1903 as a little boy. The men were masons and construction engineers. Hard workers.
    My boys were Navy 22 years, Army, Air force, Marines and a daughter in law Coastguard. I’ve had daughters in laws from Korea, Phillapines, several native tribes, Hispanic and very white. Loved all but one. She was meaner than I could stand but it had little to do with being any certain color. It was her choice to be that way. Son in law Mexican American with a tiny bit of black from his mom. Made my daughter happy. That makes me happy.
    Oldest son has too many degrees and too much money to count. Second son lives on his disability check. Third son works in a VA Hospital. Step son is on disability and his wife helps support them. Daughter is married to an Army vet. He’s retired. She works because she wants to. Most of them live country because it fits who they are. All have lived at some time in life in a city.
    I think given a chance I’d never have lived in a city. But like anything else you do your best and go on. I prefer to get along but won’t compromise on anything important.
    The only good thing about when the boys were 12, was I could apply a belt to the bottom, then tell them to suck it up or knock it off.
    Obviously this was a good subject to get conversation going……

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  48. Jabberwokki April 24, 23:32

    It’s not just the rural areas that are suffering. They also move from their very liberal states to more conservative ones and bring their self-righteous know-it-all attitudes with them. My state has been seeing an influx of outsiders from California, the worst of all liberal states, for decades and slowly but surely spreading their toxic influence here. The worst is trying to get liberal politicians elected to enact their ideals more quickly and shut us natives out in our own hometowns. They build on every acre of land they can leaving no wild areas to enjoy while ironically claiming they care oh so much about protecting the environment. They claim they are tolerant while spreading intolerance of any dissenting opinions to their own.They are absolute hypocrites and liars. Make no mistake these infiltrators are a disease ans should be dealt with as such.

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  49. Calveryman October 16, 23:53

    There are age and residency restrictions for elected positions. Why not change the requirement to 15 or 20 consecutive years as a full time resident? If you have locals currently in place you may want to start now before it’s too late.

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    • Kathysedai March 20, 17:46

      Get your real estate agents to scare them off. Make owning property harder. There are ways to keep them out, but you have to turn away their money too

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  50. Rocky71 March 21, 14:16

    I live in a very rural area…I moved here from the Northeast 10 years ago…When former acquaintances ask about the area I quickly tell those whose values I don’t share ” you would hate it here”…Too quiet, too slow, too “Religious” all we have is WalMart ect…Works every time! When we came we checked all that “Northern Nonsense” at the border..We have blended in with the scenery and we love it !

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  51. Graywolf12 July 31, 17:10

    Remember that a Communist leader once said ” we can wait 1000 years to take over your country, but you will become communist. paraphrased.

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  52. Will July 31, 17:32

    Yes, we get them here too! It’s like a plague… first thing they do is put up solid (not open) fences and cut down all the trees. They complain about everything. We call them “City Folk”.

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  53. I have none September 18, 16:19

    I’m afraid its going to become a war of the conservative haves and the liberals wants. And what the liberals want is to TAKE what others have without asking, and when we resist they try to make it look like we are the bad guys when they are total6evil in their pursuits.
    A small portion of the population lives in the country where they find peace and quiet and no entanglements with the leftist liberals. The liberals live to impose their corrupt way of thinking and doing business and telling others how to live according to their standarda while rejecting the rights and freedoms of others.
    I am a Christian and an AMERICAN. I, we all have the right to defend our freedom according to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I intend to fight for my rights to the last drop of my blood in order to keep America free and retain my rights. How about you?
    I am not saying to go out and do something stupid. Go according to the l as ws of the land. The laws originally set up by our founding fathers in.those great documents, The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
    It appears the leftist liberals want to bring Communism in our country in order to force their evil ideological views down our throats. I intend to defend the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights along with my right and your rihht to live where we choose without a dictatorial, marxist regime say otherwise!

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  54. Omega 13 October 20, 15:46

    You might do what they did on South Park. Put a burning “lower case T” on their lawn. They’ll know it means “time to leave!” 🙂

    Or, you could just tell them, “this isn’t the city. If you don’t like it, lump it.”

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  55. Govtgirl October 21, 04:20

    You are entitled to your opinion, but extolling the virtues of European Democratic socialist countries doesn’t resonate real well with most of us.

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    • dp October 21, 07:58


      I have no problem with Greg having a different opinion… My problem comes in when you start playing loose and fast with the actual facts – such as Trumps tax cut being only or mostly for the rich… the average middle class household got several a thousand $$ tax cut, or most companies giving the money to investors when many gave out pay raises to middle class workers who had not had a raise in years.

      You are entitled to your own opinion – you are not entitled to your own facts. Propaganda talking points and the cherry picking of statistics have no place here, IMO. 🙂

      Trump is up for 4 Nobel peace prizes for ushering in world peace, yet folks like Greg will claim that he just put the icing on all of Obama’s hard work setting this in motion, and it is extremely offensive.

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  56. kt April 16, 14:55

    I too have seen this happening really fast and often….moved frm va to beautiful little town in nc in 1992, everything rolled up by 4pm, nothing open sundays.
    lived there 21 yrs, people found it, started moving there, developers buying up tons of land, 2d homes, etc. had no townhomes, and definitely no big hotels or high rises. but…..it started, and progressed, and progressed, and now its horrible, the roads werent capable to handle the influx, still isnt; moved out to mtns…couldnt stand the cold, hardly any sun, our road was muddy mess constantly; moved to fl, beautiful small place, lived 2 yrs and boom! same thing happening, moved back to nc to the small town we used to vacation at….wow…has it expanded, jumped, and now its exploded, they are plopping stuff anywhere, our 2 lane street cant handle to influx, we are now a year round vacation town, and since the covid? OMG, people here constantly, still coming, year round!!! there’s literally NO WHERE to go to anymore!!! and with the influx of illegals…..we’ll have nothing, and its all turning liberal. like you said, the places I’ved lived were quiet, repubs mostly, friendly, etc. but now, these places are full of libs, snotty, hateful, trying to impose their views on everyone everywhere, but we cant stop them from coming here!!! whats next??? wish I’d kept my mtn home now…..

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  57. RedoubtMan April 16, 16:39

    I can thoroughly relate. I’m seeing the same thing in the American Redoubt. And it’s not good in any way.

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  58. Cookie April 16, 18:51

    I can really relate to this article about city people bringing their city ideas to our little corner of paradise!I live near the beach where driving ON the beach is allowed. It is in fact, designated a state highway. Now there are city people who own beachfront 2nd homes who don’t want to see people driving on their views! So every few years, they try to get the beaches closed to driving.

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  59. JG April 17, 21:35

    When we bought 35 years ago there were 5 home on our road of just over a mile. Now there are probably close to 50. Most of the people have come from the city. Our freedom in living the simple, hard working, self sustaining life without harassment is virtually gone.

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