How Much Does it Cost to Bulletproof Your Car?

Claude Nelson
By Claude Nelson April 17, 2014 15:11

How Much Does it Cost to Bulletproof Your Car?

The cost to bulletproof your car depends on variables such as level of protection, the type of car you are going to reinforce and of course the company you choose: from 40.000$ up to 100.000$.

You’ll find bellow the exact packages for 3 of the largest car bulletproofing companies in US.

In this ever changing World more and more we see attacks by thugs on our citizens, as well as home invasions and car jacking’s, and sadly the list goes on. Unfortunately it’s getting worse day by day. Open newspapers and you read about murder, kidnapping, hijacking and break-ins everywhere in the world. The USA has the second highest occurrences of these hideous acts. The alarming factor is that while one can properly secure his house, he remains vulnerable outside his home.

Your vehicle is a soft target and well organized gangs and criminals target cars more frequently. Plus in a SHTF situation your bulletproof car may save your family lives. The question is: What’s the cost to bulletproof your car?

Bulletproof-600x120Bulletproofing a car

Bulletproofing your vehicle comes at a high price depending on variables such as level of protection required and whether you are considering full bulletproof or only parts. Let’s take a look at the individual factors:

1) Windows:

In order to protect yourself from bullets or any object which can penetrate your window, you need to decide first on the level of protection you require for your window.  It ranges from level 2 to level 8 (protection against 7.62 AP)

Protection against AK47:

2) Panels and gas tank:

The vehicle panels need to be protected from bullets. You can decide whether you want to protect all panels (round) or only certain panels. Also, you need to decide on the level of protection. Currently only a few bulletproof vehicle companies offer protection against the penetrating force of a 0.5 caliber.

3) Tires:

The cost to bulletproof your car tires is lower than any other parts. There are various options to choose from and you can be sure your car won’t be stopped by spike strips or bullets. No matter what, you’ll manage to get away.

4) Engine:

Should a bullet penetrate the engine, you are pretty much in big trouble. The right engine bullet protection may save your life.

5) Floor:

You need to protect yourself from bombs or grenades from underneath your car. Various ways to re-enforce your vehicle’s floor are available.

The Cost to Bulletproof Your Car

(A case study for a Mercedes Benz S550)

Now that we have named your vehicle parts that should be protected, let’s take a look at the cost to bulletproof your car. As I mentioned, bulletproof cars are very expensive. What do companies charge on average and for what? Let’s look at three.

1) Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC):

The company’s motto says it all: “Life is valuable – protect it.”

Being in the armor business since the 1970’s this company has a history like no other and has good expertise when it comes to your armoring needs. Specializing in the manufacturing and design of lightweight armored vehicles and bulletproof vehicles, they place innovation and technology up front in their designs and modifications. They have four levels of vehicle protection:

  • Handgun /AK-47 Protection – T5 (NIJ IIIA/European B4)
  • High-power Rifle Protection – T6 (NIJ III/European B6+)
  • Armor-piercing Rifle Protection – T7 (NIJ IV/European B7 Single-Shot)
  • Extra Armor-piercing Rifle Protection – T8 (NIJ IV+/European B7 Multi-Shot)

Should you want to reinforce your car, you can look at the following options:


Partial Economy T5 – $42,500.00

  • Windows (economy 22mm specialty glass) – Partial Rifle Protection Including AK-47 (7.62x39mm) + hand gun munitions
  • Side Doors (generic composite/ballistic steel)
  • Rear Door/Rear Wall (generic composite/ballistic steel)
  • Secureband Runflat Inserts
  • Aftermarket glass paint pattern to imitate OEM style
  • 1 Partially Operable Driver’s Door Window
  • 2 year glass warranty
  • 6 month conversion warranty
  • Build Time: Approximately 3-4 weeks after glass production

Full Economy T5 package will cost $62,500.00 USD and Ultra-lightweight $77,500.00 USD


Partial Economy T6 – $50,000.00 USD

  • Windows (economy 41mm glass) – Partial Rifle Protection Including AK-47 (7.62x39mm) and FN FAL (7.62x51mm NATO) + hand gun munitions
  • Side Doors (generic composite/ballistic steel)
  • Rear Door/Rear Wall (generic composite/ballistic steel)
  • Secureband Runflat Inserts
  • Aftermarket glass paint pattern to imitate OEM style
  • 1 Partially Operable Driver’s Door Window
  • 2 year glass warranty
  • 6 month conversion warranty
  • Build Time: Approximately 3-4 weeks after glass production

Full economy T6 package will set you back $70,000.00 USD and the premium ultra-lightweight package $85,000.00 USD

2) Alpine Armoring Inc:

In operation since 1977 Alpine Armoring offers bulletproof options to your vehicle, from an A1 (0.38 caliber) to A12 (0.50 caliber) levels. Following this, a Mercedez Benz S550’s conversion at a level A9 (same as B6), would be:

Level A9 protection (.308 rifle / assault rifle / handguns) – $90,000.00 USD

  • All opaque materials around passenger area are changed with ballistic steel;
  • Roof (at an angle) & floor (anti-mine);
  • All glass replaced with NIJ tested layered ballistic glass;
  • Gas tank, battery and ECM armored;
  • Multi-siren system and strobe lights;
  • Reinforced door hinges;
  •  Armoring for the firewall and wheel wells;
  • Additional protection for the floor and water cooling system;
  • Camera and monitor;
  • Driver and passenger side power windows;
  • Intelligent remote battery cut-off system;
  • Tailpipe protection

3) Streit Group:

With over twenty years’ experience, Streit Group is anchored in the car armor modification market. Their protection level starts at B1 (.22 caliber) to B7 (.308 caliber). The same Mercedes Benz S550 cost would be:

Level B7 protection (.308 rifle) – $92,000.00 USD

  • Hutchinson run flat devices fitted on all tires (including spare);
  • Operable windows (4);
  • Steel-case fuel tank protection;
  • Battery and ECM armor protection;
  • Door frame and glass frame overlaps;
  • Reinforced door pillars and posts;
  • Reinforced door hinges;
  • Suspension reinforced to carry additional weight

As you can see, the cost to bulletproof your car is high, but there’s a multitude of safety which gets installed to make you safe on the road. Terrorists and crime gangs are always preying, always lurking and it only takes one second for them to take advantage.

I wonder when DuPont will also release their DuPont Armura with Kevlar and Sentryglas fitted in the USA as a cheap bulletproof version as in Brazil. The cost: a mere $12,000.00 USD.

You can also check here what does it take to “bulletproof” your home.

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Claude Nelson
By Claude Nelson April 17, 2014 15:11
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  1. steven July 19, 02:02

    I have a Mercedes Benz 400SEL and its bullet proof I’m asking offer to any buyer please call me at 6262211622 cellphone or 6264789687 message phone thank u

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    • Donkey July 11, 03:35

      How much u asking

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    • Chris William August 7, 06:12

      How much will it cost to bulletproof a 2016 dodge hellcat just the doors and windows it’s a charger against a ak 47 please let me no the price very interested

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      • John Murphy August 13, 20:45

        A Dodge Hellcat can’t be armored at that level. The problem is that the doors do not have an upper frames.

        I suggest a Pick Up like a Ram. The price all for the curved glass (33 mm thick) costs $10,000

        Level B5

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  2. Mat101NMBT June 14, 06:41

    How much woud it cost to completly mack a Hennessey Venom GT bulletproof and explosive proof with armoured plating but still be a bill to go 270mph?

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  3. Gdiaz July 10, 01:27

    How much would it cost to do bullet proof windows on a 2015 Dodge Charger?

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    • Scorpio March 11, 02:13

      Need my vw 2014 bullet proof as well my tires twice my was attempted and both times they failed..aint scare but i help out lots of Pleasanton people good people American citizen people that need to go to doctor’s appointment I need to go to the grocery store at first I was helping the wrong people I got myself together and now my life has been. Tempted a couple of times by hoodlums that’s what I call him it’s not me who I worry about it’s the people I pick up if someone comes at a gun tries to shoot me to the window or they might get injured the person next to me I’m out of God Hart Street cuz I would not let these people keep me in my own house all barricaded up no sir I like to roam the streets and help people out that’s what I do I do not cave into Terrace meaning the drug dealers so I’m a die-hard straight I need a steady price so I can really really try to get that money together in get this car Bulletproof

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    • John Murphy August 13, 20:55

      Our 15 mm glass that is rated IIIA (HG2) stops high speed 9mm bullets. This glass costs $8,500

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  4. Immortal_T January 13, 21:53

    Does anyone know how much it would cost too bulletproof a 1976 Mustang II tires

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  5. Rasta February 25, 19:03

    how much it would cost to get b4 windows on 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser?

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  6. RUDA king of Bullet Proof February 29, 05:54

    We can pick up your car and have it back in one month, texted for a free quote, just send us the make and model. 207 632 8771. FREE ESTIMATES all areas.

    USA based company in Bost9n, but can pick up worldwide. 100% guarantee

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  7. unknown March 20, 22:03

    How much does it cost to make a dodge charger completely bullet proof and explosive proof

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  8. Redlist Renegade June 15, 23:13

    There are some things that you can do yourself without spending a lot of money . They aren’t AS effective as what a professional bulletproofing would be but they might just save your bacon so that you can escape a deadly situation. First you can buy bullet resistant panels and cut them to size doubling them or more where you need them . You can buy high grade kevlar and similar materials and bond them to your panels or stuff them into areas that are to tight to fit panels into . You can add steel plating and find pieces that will fit for your usage in junkyards . Even though it won’t be the same thing as AR-500 or greater steel armor protection . For your windows use heavy mill one sided adhesive “Hurricane Film” which you can find on ebay and you can find rolls of kevlar , jugs of bonding adhesive and ballistic panel sheets there as well . If you have the inclination you could also change out your side and rear windows with plexiglass or Lexan cut to fit and still use the hurricane film as well . By the way ALL of these same materials can be used to bulletproof your home as well !

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  9. dancing breaks June 5, 02:23

    The proceeds of selling your older car can go to the operations
    of the charity like giving food or clothing to the family that they supported.
    Be smart and savvy when negotiating the interest rate for
    new cars and don’t just sign on the bottom line.
    According to Campbell Fuller, spokesman for the ICA, buyers need to contact their insurer before agreeing to a purchase.

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  10. JKG September 16, 07:59

    how much would it cost to bullet proof my duece and a half?

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  12. frank desanta January 31, 07:41

    how much would exterior bullet proof door panels cost. and yes I mean exterior as in on the outside of my vehicle also it’s a full size suv

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  13. Mia April 4, 04:35

    I need a removable bullet resistant transparent shielding for my vehicle side windows. Any manufacturer listing offering the above will be appreciated.

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  14. Deuss November 12, 07:44

    what would be the the weight increase for the various packages on the vehicles mentioned.

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  15. Anne January 23, 09:26

    Would anyone be willing to buy armoured vehicles from South Africa?

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  16. dave March 18, 09:47

    How much to make a moped bulltproof?

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    • schrodinger.the.kat April 30, 18:28

      I can sell you a large metal barrel with eye holes drilled into it for about $500. Just strap it around your moped and away you go. Good protection at a bargain price!

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  17. DonateToday April 1, 00:02

    However much you spend bulletproofing your cars, just make sure you donate the final product to KARS4KIDS.

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  18. 2013 Audi A8L April 17, 06:20

    I have a 2013 Audi A8L that I would like to have bulletproof T6 or T9. I’m wondering how much it would cost me to have it completely done and where to ship my car?

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