How to Grow Fruit All Year Round

Lisa Farland
By Lisa Farland April 22, 2016 08:22

How to Grow Fruit All Year Round

Editor’s Note: Lisa Farland is a content writer in Happy to Survive – a blog that will help you thrive and survive, and offers articles about preparedness, and off-the-grid, self-reliant living. Lisa is an avid minimalist camper, prepper and survival enthusiast.

We all know that fruits have a lot of health benefits but growing them at home provides even more advantages.

Not only you are assured with a constant supply of fresh fruits, but tending to them right at your own backyard also adds physical activity to your daily routine. In addition, growing them yourself will give you more control over which fertilizers and pesticides will be applied – or not applied – to these fruits.

However, not a lot of people are keen to the idea of growing fruit trees right in their backyard. Many believe that it is a time-consuming hobby compared to taking a short trip to the grocery store, plus it requires a lot of space for them to grow properly.

On the contrary, it does not. In fact, you just need a small space for a garden and exert some effort to get these plants established. Once that is done, you can reap the benefits of having access to fresh fruits all year round.

If you are not convinced, just take a look at the helpful infographic below.

Some plants only produce fruits on certain seasons but they can generally survive regardless if the weather is hot or cold. One just has to make sure that they are well prepared for the coming change of season.

Now, not everyone has the privilege of having huge backyards and can only tend to small gardens. Fortunately, it is still possible to grow fruits even in a limited space. A few options for people who have tiny gardens would be growing fruits in containers, going for dwarf trees, making use of vertical space and more. Pruning is also recommended as it makes the trees and plants more manageable and also encourages them to produce more.

Start planting your fruits today and reap great benefits – fresh air, fresh produce, physical exercise – soon!
How to grow fruit all year round

How to grow fruit all year round by team at Happy to Survive.

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Lisa Farland
By Lisa Farland April 22, 2016 08:22
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  1. dweiss April 9, 04:15

    if you can grow avocado and grapefruit, also grow olives/other citrus. how about nut trees? most of these will grow quite tall, so if you have the space, good on ya. grapes can be trellis trained. rhubarb, strawberries in grow tubs. cucs are a veg, but the can grow up. so many more varieties to choose from and many are dwarf/do well in pots.

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    • Beuna August 3, 13:51

      Almonds and hazelnuts (filberts) are smaller than other nut trees. You will need two varieties in most cases for pollination.

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  2. Steve Wilcox May 22, 22:26

    Want to buy upright aquaponic books but when I hit the buy button, nothing happens. What gives?

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