Homemade .22 Cal Steampunk Gatling Gun

C. Davis
By C. Davis April 9, 2015 18:58

Homemade .22 Cal Steampunk Gatling Gun

Improving or personalizing a gun is something we almost all do. But some gun enthusiast’s preppers take it to a whole new level, designing guns and making ammo of their own.

This is not completely crazy. Some people are just passionate about something! And if I’m thinking SHTF Guns and Ammo, I’m thinking in terms of gun repairing, ammo bartering and ammo reloading.

The law on this I would think to be different from state to state – as long as you don’t sell the gun (which would be clearly illegal).

This steam punk gun is basically a copper encased functioning semi-automatic Ruger 10/22 gatling gun (with an electrical motor) complete with seven rotating barrels, a vented steam system and 1300 hand rivets.

Although the builder says it has 60lbs… it does seem a lot easier to pick up.

Being such a heavy gun and the caliber so small … you can see that it has almost no recoil.

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C. Davis
By C. Davis April 9, 2015 18:58
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  1. Larry Saunders May 22, 02:58

    I really like your idea on your gun! Can you send me plans on how or what to use to build one for myself?

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