Futuristic Looking Rifles and Guns

Chris Black
By Chris Black July 9, 2014 15:04

Futuristic Looking Rifles and Guns

Top Futuristic Looking Rifles and Guns

When I’m thinking about futuristic looking rifles, the first thing that comes to my mind is that awesome, kick-ass looking “blaster” from Star Wars. Remember that line Han Solo used on Luke Skywalker?

“Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side, kid.”

Oh, let’s not forget  the pulse-rifles used by Marines in Alien or Rick Deckard’s weird looking gun from Blade Runner… Cool movies that were actually predicting (or programming?) the future of gun design.

I’m saying that because nowadays, there are lots of futuristic looking rifles used by the military (some of them available for the general public, keep reading), and even if  a portable “blaster” (as in laser-weapon) is still pretty far from becoming mainstream and available in a gun store near you, you can still get yourself a space-age looking gun (using low-tech ammo unfortunately), but who said that life is perfect?

Yes, I know, looks aren’t everything, you will still shoot ordinary bullets from a weapon that looks like it was stolen by a Ferengi from a Klingon army depot.

However, vanity is definitely my favorite sin hence let’s take a look at the top futuristic looking rifles and guns.

Futuristic RifleI must start with the FN P90, the ultimate futuristic looking rifle in my opinion. I first saw this weird looking compact assault rifle in Counter-Strike-the video-game and my first thought was that it’s just a toy. As much as I hate the French army, I must give it to them : with the FN P90 they did a great job. Everything about this weapon is almost perfect and its qualities derive from its flawless and futuristic bullpup design. Being a full automatic close-quarter combat sub machine gun with a 50 rounds magazine (high-velocity 5.7×28mm ammo) and an incredible rate of fire (900 rounds per minute), this is my first choice when it comes to urban survival in a shtf scenario.

And that’s not just my opinion, because the FN P90 is used by numerous counter-terrorist forces and special units in over 40 countries, including the US Secret Service. Obviously, you’ll have to settle for a semi-auto version, but Hell, if I can live with that, so can you.

Futuristic RifleMy second choice when it comes to futuristic looking rifles is the XM-25 or the OICW, as in Objective Individual Combat Weapon. This baby was developed by Alliance Techsystems, born in the USA baby! Even if the initial OICW project was canceled in 2005, this assault rifle changed the rules of the game, because it used programmable airburst ammo, that exploded above or beside targets that were hidden from view. And, don’t worry because even if the OICW project was cancelled, its successor saw action in Afghanistan and came pretty close to becoming THE weapon of choice in the US Army.

Futuristic RifleSay hi to XM 25 CDTE, as in Counter Defilade Target Engagement System, another contender in the top futuristic looking rifles contest. As I already told you, this baby was deployed by US troops in Afghanistan as an air burst grenade launcher. Just like the OICW, the XM 25 CDTE used 25 mm grenades that were programmed to explode near the designated target (in mid air or near it), producing an air burst effect. As you can see, this really was a smart weapon using high-tech and making for one of the top futuristic looking rifles that actually did some damage in the real world. I’m saying “this was” because in its infinite wisdom, the Senate Armed Services Committee  killed the funding for the XM25 when they revised the Pentagon’s budget back in 2013.

Futuristic RifleWe must give it to “Zee Germans”. Here comes Heckler and Koch’s MP7, a PDW (As in personal defense weapon).

This German “blaster” looks futuristic enough in my book, and then some. The MP7 was designed as a body-armor killer and it does that with flying colors, using  armor piercing bullets made of hardened steel, as opposed to the regular copper/lead ammo.

Futuristic RifleMeet ARX-160, another member in the futuristic looking rifles club, the Ferrari of assault rifles actually, because it’s made by the Italians, of course. Cool design meets modern warfare with the ARX 160, the newest member in Italy’s Future Soldier project. This assault rifle is made by Beretta and it features a 60 mm grenade launcher and a night vision scope.

Futuristic RifleNow, let’s take a look at the love child of German and Israel’s finest engineering: the Corner Shot Launcher!

As you can see, the Corner Shot is a 60mm grenade launcher that can peek around corners and shoot you with impunity, just like in cartoons! Using a hinged frame, a video-camera under the barrel and a screen, you can shoot this baby around corners and I’m not kidding either! There are actually three versions of this weapon: the grenade launcher (as pictured), a compact assault rifle and a pistol. Even if it wasn’t deployed yet this sideways firing weapon could bring a huge advantage in urban environments, when engaging enemy vehicles, bunkers, zombies, you name it!

Futuristic GunThis is the Neos(from Beretta), an odd looking yet a great gun to own. Its jaw-dropping design is inspired from science fiction movies of the 1930’s, or something like that. Shooting a .22 caliber bullet and a featuring a steep angled grip, it would make a great self defense weapon methinks. The surprise factor when you draw the Neos would be huge!

Futuristic Looking Rifle Last but not least, let me present you with my final choice of futurist looking rifles: the XM 8, a joint venture between Heckler&Koch and the US Army :

This baby was intended to replace the old M16 rifle and it was designed in the late 90’s early 2000, but, unfortunately, it was cancelled in 2005 (don’t ask, the P word). Even if it never saw combat, this light assault rifle was featured in several movies ( like Children of Men) and video games (SOCOM, Ghost Recon).

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Chris Black
By Chris Black July 9, 2014 15:04
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  1. rResurgam September 3, 14:00

    “As much as I hate the French army”

    FN is a Belgian company. Has nothing to do with your petty inbred dislike for France.

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  2. Mikelt May 12, 09:36

    Our current machine guns for 5.56 and 7.62 mm round for infantry use are, I believe, FN products. The problems of the M-60, 7.62 mm machine gun I used in Vietnam are mostly overcome by the new guns. Embarrassing to have your gun go down during an ambush. The difference in sound between the 5.56 mm and 7.62 mm round located the machine guns every time.

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