36 Inspiring Christmas Gifts for Preppers

Sarah Davis
By Sarah Davis December 21, 2016 15:10

36 Inspiring Christmas Gifts for Preppers

  1. Hammer axe outdoor pocket tool –You make everyone happy with this gift. With a lifetime warrantee and 12 functions, this is the only tool you’ll need in any situation.
  2. Tactical tomahawk – According to various reviews, this improved version of the Vietnam tomahawk can go through items such as brick, cider blocks, truck hoods, walls, and so on. I believe any prepper out there would be happy to own such an amazingly strong and versatile tool.sog tomahawk
  3. Gold and silver for a lucky New Year – Precious metals have always been the best investment one could make. Giving silver coins or bars would be a gift that keeps on giving and will always be useful when SHTF.
  4. Freeze dried food kits – The awesome thing about these boxes is that you can choose from a very wide-ranging variety of great products. These goods would make absolutely any prepper happy.
  5. Mylar bags – These bags should be a part of everyone’s life due to their multipurpose use. Offering them as a gift is always a good idea.
  6. Multifunction solar oven – This is a “next generation” cooking device that is absolutely amazing! You can bake, steam, or roast any food you like, and even though this stove works on solar energy, you can use it in any kind of weather. And it can be carried in your backpack because it folds up.
  7. Enameled cast-iron – These vessels are timeless and extraordinarily versatile.
  8. Hybrid solar powered flashlight – I simply love this item! It has a lifetime warranty, a battery backup, and a single charge that lasts over three years, and it is 100% waterproof for up to 80’ and also floats! What more can you wish for?
  9. Encrypted thumb drive – This would make for a great gift not only for the true modern survivalist but for anyone concerned about their privacy.
  10. Tactical Gas Mask – Trusted by military personnel, law enforcement officials, firefighters and safety professionals around the world.gas mask for preppers
  11. Maxpedition Falcon-II backpack – Besides being a durable backpack built for hard use, this gear will allow the wearer to easily carry more than other backpacks due to its intelligent partitioning and its “ability” to follow the wearer’s body shape.
  12. BaoFeng two-way radio (6 pack) – We all know how important communication is, so make sure you and your group are always connected, especially during SHTF scenarios. This two-way radio pack will provide high-quality communication and great range and power as well as intelligent charging.baofeng walkitalkie
  13. Chains for boots – You can’t go wrong with this gift. These chains can be used anywhere and anytime irrespective of the weather or terrain.
  14. Credit card multitool – This is an ultra-compact, durable instrument with nine essential tools (for example, a 2-inch serrated-edge steel blade, compass, tweezers, etc.).
  15. Binoculars – These portable, ultra-light, high-definition, and extra-durable binoculars are the perfect item for any prepper’s bug-out bag. They’ll get a detailed view of anything within 300 yards.
  16. Collapsible water bottle – This versatile bottle comes in different colors, and it is durable, non-toxic, and leak proof.Collapsible-Silicone-Water-Bottle
  17. Matador pocket blanket – This could easily be regarded as the most amazing present that would be loved by anyone. Besides folding so small that it will fit in your pocket, when unfolded, it stretches to a 63″ x 44″ size. It is also puncture resistant, and it has a water repellent back.
  18. Emergency sleeping bag – This should be an indispensable item for any prepper’s bug-out bag due to its extremely light weight (5.8 oz.), vibrant color, and incredible thermal capacity.
  19. Titan SurvivorCord – Paracords are always a good idea because of their multipurpose uses. But going for a titan paracord that includes fishing line, waxed jute, and copper wire is the best thing you can get.
  20. Pocket chainsaw – This cool chainsaw is made of high-strength and heat-treated steel, and it has 124 bi-directional sawteeth.
  21. Rechargeable headlamp – This is another item that can be used whenever. It will be a great addition to anyone’s household.headlamp
  22. Trucker’s friend all-purpose survival tool – In spite of the name, this tool isn’t just for truckers but for everyone—even for those involved in search and rescue and disaster preparedness.
  23. Waterproof socks – This would a be suitable gift for everyone. Who wouldn’t want to have at least one pair of waterproof socks that can be worn anytime and will keep your feet warm and dry regardless of the environment.
  24. SunJack portable solar charger – Its awesome wallet-like and impressive charging versatility and power make this item a must have for everyone. And being one of the top chargers on the market only adds to its indispensability.sunjack-solar-charger
  25. FireCord paracord – This is what evolution brings to preparedness: a multiuse paracord that can save lives in lots of emergency situations. It can be utilized to start fires, as a fishing line or, as an electricity conductor.
  26. World’s smallest car jump starter – I find this product astonishing because not only does it fit in your pocket but it can even be used to start boat engines or laptops, phones, etc. In addition, it comes with different cables, clamps, and charging ports along with a nice bag.
  27. Smith’s PP1 pocket pal multifunction sharpener – This is perfect for sharpening a wide variety of items. I addition, it is small and compact, and it has reversible and replaceable carbide blades and ceramic stones.
  28. Survival seed vault – This is an invaluable gift because in the long term, this will literally save you from starvation. In addition to having a garden in a can, you’ll also get a guide on how to grow vegetables.seeds vault
  29. Breathe Healthy face mask – This is something that everyone should have because it can be used whenever, even if there’s no STHF scenario, for example, the pollution levels in our atmosphere.
  30. Discounted “Augason Farms” emergency food kits – I believe everybody, especially your prepper friends, would enjoy a bucket with food that will last 25 years. Discover some amazing products which can be offered for X-Mas.
  31. Survival Playing Cards They’re priced so that you can give them to family & friends as gifts… both to fellow “preppers” and to people that you want to test the waters with.playing cards gift
  32. Awesome winter jackets – You can never go wrong with a winter jacket for your loved ones. Check out this top retailer’s variety, and choose what you like.
  33. BioLite stove – This incredible tool provides on-demand, clean electricity and cooking access. It works on wood, and it is smaller than the average water bottle.
  34. Stove in a can – Personally, I’d say that this is more of a survival convenience than a need, but who wouldn’t want one?stove in a can
  35. Emergency escape tool – This tool’s multiple advantages, such as a seatbelt cutter, hammer, and window breaker, make it a must-have security emergency item.
  36. Ultralight fishing pole and reel – This would make the perfect present for every fisher on the move due to its small size and ultra-compact hard case containing everything that’s needed for a fishing spree.

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Sarah Davis
By Sarah Davis December 21, 2016 15:10
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  1. Lucy December 21, 23:28

    Wow! What an inspiring list! I had no idea some of those things even existed. That solar oven has come a long way since the foil-wrapped cardboard cookers, for example. Who wouldn’t see the usefulness of these examples? Haven’t we all been “impressed” by what happened with Katrina, Sandy, blizzards, tornadoes and floods and fires and various other acts of nature alone? There was a time not long ago when preparing for the unexpected was viewed with disdain, as if the preparing was an act of sedition. Now most states, NOAA weather advisories and Red Cross make announcements and hand out sheets advocating what everyone should have in the their homes and cars In case of emergencies. The times they are a-changin’.

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