16 Superfoods for Blood Circulation

Taylor Roatch
By Taylor Roatch July 6, 2018 07:37

16 Superfoods for Blood Circulation

There are tons of superfoods out there that claim to have all kinds of health benefits, and though some of those claims may be overstating it a bit, the food we eat really does have the potential to really affect how well our bodies function and how we feel.

What Exactly is a Superfood?

Superfoods is quite the buzz word these days. So many people are always on the lookout for the next big superfood trend. A superfood is basically just a food with exceptional nutritional value that known for its ability to improve health. This could be because they have a vital combination of nutrients we need to function or because it has a high concentration of a certain type of antioxidant, which have the potential to help you get and stay healthier.

Why is Good Blood Circulation So Important?

Your blood provides oxygen and nutrients for all the cells in your body, and when it’s moving efficiently, those cells are better equipped to carry out the tasks they’re made for. Not only does blood circulation take needed items to the far reaches of your body, it also carries away the waste those cells put out, like carbon dioxide. Your circulatory system and all the other body systems that it serves are rather complicated, but simply put, the circulatory system delivers food to cells, which make up the whole body, and picks up the trash on its way by. Good circulation contributes a great deal to your overall health, which is important in a SHTF situation.

The potential consequences of poor circulation can be down-right deadly (like higher risk of stroke), but the most common symptoms are tingling, numbness, throbbing, stinging or pain in extremities and muscle cramps. Many people with poor circulation also find that their hands and feet are often cold.

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Superfoods that Support Good Circulation

#1. Garlic- Garlic is known for helping keep the blood clear from build-up, thus helping it flow more efficiently. It’s frequently taken in supplement form in order to cut down on the very pungent odor.

#2. Watermelon- Aside from being a delicious summer treat, watermelon has potential healing properties. The lycopene it contains is good for circulation, as are the large amounts of water you take in when you eat it.

#3. Ginger- Aside from containing several of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to pump blood well, ginger is known for stimulating blood flow in the skin.

#4. Cayenne Pepper- This flavorful, bright chili pepper contains capsaicin, which is what causes these peppers to be spicy and also what helps them improve circulation. The other vitamins cayenne contains may also contribute to its circulation-boosting properties.

#5. Avocados- These popular mushy, green fruits contain healthy fats that help keep the circulatory system going strong when eaten in moderation. This is great news as they’re decadent and delicious, plus they incorporate well into lots of different types of recipes, even desserts!

#6. Sunflower seeds/oil- The oil found in the seeds of the beautiful (and rather invasive) sunflower contains plenty of vitamin E, a vitamin that’s not necessarily easy to come by. Vitamin E also just so happens to be good for circulation, so baseball and softball players all over the world can rejoice and continue to enjoy their favorite snack with less guilt.

#7. Pumpkin seeds- These also contain heart healthy vitamin E which can lead to better overall circulation.

#8. Salmon- Just like avocados, salmon has lots of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids that help your circulatory system do its best work. You might opt for Wild Alaskan salmon if you’re really in it for the health benefits as it contains the highest levels of these fats.

#9. Goji berries- The high concentration of antioxidants found in these quintessential superfood berries are great for improving circulation.

#10. Pink grapefruit- Grapefruit is great for improving cholesterol numbers, which in turn can lead to better circulation.

#11. Blackberries- This delicious, tender berry contains high levels of antioxidants that help your blood flow well.

#12. Walnuts- Walnuts are another great source of omega-3s that help your heart function at its peak. That type of fat is also great for the brain, as well.

#13. Turmeric- This spice is a powerhouse among superfoods, touted to help just about any ailment you could think of. Improving blood flow is one of the almost magical powers attributed to it.

#14. Coconut oil- The good fats in coconut oil are known for helping reduce inflammation in the body which can in turn help blood flow better.

#15. Green tea- While green tea has plenty of antioxidants, it is also thought to improve circulation with its stress-relieving powers.

#16. Dark chocolate- This decadent treat does more than taste awesome. It’s known for helping your blood vessels open up, which in turn gives blood more room the flow through and can improve circulation.

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What Else Can You Do to Improve Blood Circulation

While superfoods are a good way to help you get and stay healthy, they won’t do the trick on their own. Plenty of exercise is one of the best ways to help keep your blood flowing, as is maintain a healthy weight. Being overweight itself can lead to poor circulation, and it also frequently comes along with several comorbid conditions that don’t do your circulatory system any favors. Getting plenty of water can also help, along with massage therapy, limiting your intake of sodium, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Maintaining Good Blood Circulation Can Contribute to Overall Health

You may be asking why exactly this is relevant. I’ll tell you: getting and staying healthy is one of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for a SHTF situation. It will help you be more physically capable so that you can tackle the potential hard labor required of you and it will reduce your dependence on medicines that may not be available. Knowing what foods are good for blood circulation can help you plan your preps appropriately, as well.

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Taylor Roatch
By Taylor Roatch July 6, 2018 07:37
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  1. Lynda July 6, 17:52

    actually coconut oil isn’t good for you. It’s really high in fat, worse than plain grease. My Daddy’s dr won’t let him use it and I quit having chest pains since I quit. And grapefruit is great but can interfere with some medications.

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    • Rod Scott July 7, 07:01

      The term “plain grease”, needs to be more accurately described, and if you like grapefruit, eat it whenever you want, just give up the pharmaceuticals first, there are natural cures that work better anyway.

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  2. Dannysea July 11, 18:39

    Almonds are a natural blood thinner. I always think of them as a superfood.
    And, yes, watch those grapefruit if you’re limited on choices of being on those harsh heart meds.
    Dark chocolate is one of my fun go-to’s.

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