Why You Should Think Like a Navy SEAL Instead of a Doomsday Prepper

Rich M.
By Rich M. March 27, 2020 10:48

Why You Should Think Like a Navy SEAL Instead of a Doomsday Prepper

The Navy SEALs have been touted a lot in the prepping and survival community. Somehow, we’ve all gotten the idea that they are the world’s greatest survival experts, but they’re not. Oh, they’re well trained in survival techniques; that’s just part of their training. But survival, at least in the sense we talk about it, isn’t what SEALs are about. They’re about surviving a hostile environment, so that they can complete their mission. More than anything, they’re about getting it done.

That’s not to say that we can’t learn a lot from the SEALs; we can. In fact, there are some very important lessons that every SEAL must learn, in order to become a SEAL, which we should all learn as well. From what I know of SEALs, and I’ve known a number of them, they would do well in a survival situation. But it wouldn’t be because of their “survival skills”, it would be because of some things which are ingrained in every SEAL I’ve ever met or ever heard of.

SEALs are unique in all of the world’s “special” military forces. Part of that is their training. The name “SEAL” stands for “Sea, Air & Land,” indicating that they are trained to operate in all three areas. It doesn’t matter to them if they use SCUBA gear to swim in to their operating area, HALO out of an airplane or hump their packs across the hills; they’re trained to pick the best way for the specific mission.

While training is really important, there’s something else that makes SEALs much more special. It’s something that comes from deep down inside the individual. Some have it and some just don’t. Those that don’t can learn it, if they want it enough. But that wanting has to come from the inside as well.

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It’s that thing which they have to dig up from inside themselves, which really makes SEALs what they are. It’s what makes them overcome all odds. It’s what makes them survive. What is it?

“The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.”

If there’s anything that sets SEALs apart from normal human beings is that they just don’t know how to quit. Every SEAL is a volunteer, and they’re given countless opportunities to quit. Those who wear the trident badge, are those who have decided not to quit, no matter how rough it gets.

The SEAL motto is “The only easy day was yesterday.”. In other words, they don’t expect it to be easy. They’ve steeled themselves to succeed, no matter how rough it gets.

Why You Should Think Like a Navy SEAL Instead of a Doomsday Prepper hell week

At the SEAL training camp, there’s a bell hanging right before the orderly room. During Hell Week, the fourth week of BUD/S training, the trainees are kept going, in heavy physical training, for five days and five nights continually, with only four total hours of sleep. During that time, the instructors are constantly yelling at the trainees to “ring the bell”, which signifies they quit.

This may not seem like it, but that bell is probably the most important single part of SEAL training. It’s not so much that they have to prove to the instructors that they can do it, but that they have to prove it to themselves. To be a seal, you have to keep going no matter what, and complete the mission. If you think about it, that’s a rather fearsome capability, one that other armies envy.

When it comes to you and I, we need to have that same attitude about our survival. If there’s ever anything that can defeat us, it’s our own attitude, especially one that tells us to give up. We’ve got to learn that we can overcome and that there’s never any excuse to “ring the bell”.

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Think Ahead

But SEALs aren’t just brawn, they’re brains as well. Although the requirements for entering BDU/S training don’t actually set the bar that high, the average AFQT score for SEALS is 112, two points higher than that required to become an officer. To put that in more commonly understood terms, most successful Navy SEALs have an IQ score in the upper 120s.

It’s a good thing they’re that smart, too. SEAL teams commonly break up into smaller sub-units to accomplish their missions, sometimes units as small as two or three people. While those teams will usually have a considerable amount of support, it’s still up to the team members to plan and oversee their own missions. So SEALs have to not only be smart, but they need to be planners as well; always thinking ahead about what’s going to come, so that they can be ready when it happens.

There was a great scene in a movie, where a SEAL was confronted on the beach by a group of five gang members who thought they were pretty tough. As he sat there, listening to them threaten him and drinking his beer, he was planning out his attack. He was more ready than they were to win the battle, even though they had him outnumbered.

Isn’t prepping all about looking ahead and deciding what we’ll need to have in order to survive? The better we can foresee what might happen in any given scenario and the better we can see what we’ll need to have, in order to overcome it, the better prepared we’ll be.

Always Aware

Situational awareness is such a part of a SEALs makeup that I really think it would be impossible to take one of them by surprise. They live a dangerous life, so they cultivate that situational awareness. Every sound, every scent and every stirring of the air around them means something, probably something that’s not to their benefit. So they stay aware, ready for whatever comes.

For us, there are two types of situational awareness that we need to think about. We can call them strategic situational awareness and tactical situational awareness. Strategic situational awareness is about knowing what’s happening in our world, which could lead to a disaster. It’s the “get ready, here it comes” type of awareness that allows us to act before it’s too late, rather than merely reacting. We need to keep ourselves informed, so that we can maintain our strategic situational awareness.

The other kind of situational awareness, tactical situational awareness, is about being aware about what is going on right around us. We don’t get that sort of awareness from watching the news, checking our favorite websites or even listening to a police scanner. Rather, it’s the type that comes from looking and listening to our environment. Specifically, looking for threats; the kind that come from a bad guy with a knife or a gun. The kind we have to react to RIGHT NOW!

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Know What You’re Doing

I’ve got to end this up by going back to where I started, the training that SEALs receive. They are exquisitely trained in how to use any piece of equipment they are likely to run across, military or civilian, belonging to our own armed forces, our allies or our enemies. They can make the most of it all.

Part of the reason for Hell Week is to weed out those who are going to quit, before the Navy invests a lot in their training. With a cost of $350,000 to $500,000 to train each SEAL, and an operational cost of about $1 million per year, the Navy wants to make sure they get their money’s worth. If someone is going to quit, it’s best that they do so before investing all that effort and money in them.

Full training for a Navy SEAL can take as much as 30 months, making it one of the most intensive training regimens in any military around the world. But that training translates directly into effectiveness, as they are able to do just about anything asked of them. A Navy SEAL would probably never say “I don’t know how to do that.”. More importantly, they’d never find themselves unable to complete a mission, because they don’t know how to do what they need to. They’re well equipped, but more importantly, they’re exquisitely well trained.

When it comes to you and I, we need to have that level of training as well. Survival, especially long-term survival, requires the ability to do a broad range of different tasks, and to do them well. I don’t care how big your stockpile is or how much gear you’ve got, if you don’t know how to make the most of it, your chances of making it are extremely slim. It’s obviously time to learn some new skills.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. March 27, 2020 10:48
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  1. red March 27, 22:32

    Rich, yes! Best article by you yet, or a long line of good ones. I have a cousin who was a SEAL. He has to be one of the most patient, thoughtful people I know. But, never screw with him. He’s into survival because we were raised that way. He’s over 70, sharp as a tack, and a leader. niio!

    Reply to this comment
  2. IvyMike March 28, 01:08

    Read Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell.

    Reply to this comment
  3. dp March 30, 10:18

    I guess that I have used foul language, and called out the )ews and the Ni66ers too many times here for even the old folks to stand.

    Things were very different in 1911 America, but I understand. A Pirate looks at forty, but folks alive today just want to survive.

    I’m not happy with that. I will continue my fight, but I will try to leave you folks to your preps and hiding from the white genocide, the brain games, and the social stigma that comes from standing up and for saying that the Emperor wears no clothes.

    It has been a burden on all of us.

    Good luck, God Speed, and I wish you the best.

    What you are doing helps, but in my opinion it is not enough.

    Fare thee well. So long, and thanks for all the fish.

    don’t ever forget to carry a good towel and your guide book on your journey through time and space.

    Reply to this comment
    • red March 31, 02:56

      dp, Jesus is a Jew and may have been black, at that. The prophecy of the temple is moving forward. All they lacked were the priests. They found them in Africa, the Lembe. Ethiopia is called land of the Jews because they are. the N word comes from German and means person, like Schwarzenegger. It’s a minor variant of the spelling. Still means black person. A great many non-whites are standing against white liberals in support of Trump and freedom. Of my own, most of us never supported a liberal, and that’s why we get called red nigs. I wish you well, but please stop insulting God.

      Reply to this comment
      • John Wik May 3, 18:31

        Jesus was hebrew not jew, he was from the tribe of Judah not the so called jews of the Synagogue of Satan who call themself hebrew jews, Today’s jews are Pharisees same as back in the time of Jesus.

        Reply to this comment
        • dp May 3, 19:49

          Thank You John Wik,

          I have given up on correcting these people when they make their claims that Jesus was part and parcel of the Jews of his day that he spent his life teaching against their evil ways, and who eventually killed him for it.

          Reply to this comment
          • red May 3, 22:18

            dp: it was the apostates who handed Jesus over to the Romans and lied. Jesus claimed to be Jewish. show me, please a Bible verse that says he isn’t. https://www.desiringgod.org/messages/to-the-jew-first-and-also-to-the-greek
            to deny Jesus is a Jew, is to deny the Bible. Look at the nations he swore to destroy in the OT. All of them are enemies of Israel today. Not of Europe and the US, but Israel. Note, as well, that if the original branches bore no fruit, they were cut off and replaced. If the grafts produce no fruit, how much faster will they be cut and burned and replaced? Jews who fight against Christianity are few and far between. Rome killed Jesus and enslaved the Jews. No murder was committed or Peter would have said murder, not killed. How are so many of us guilty of abortion when only a few do it? We kill because we do not fight it.

            Reply to this comment
            • dp May 4, 04:40

              Red, I never claimed that Jesus wasn’t a Jew. Of course he was born a Jew – I said that he wasn’t part and parcel of the Jews who he taught against, and who eventually killed him.. There are good Jews even today… It is the Zionists, and the money changers that create all of the problems.

              Rome did not kill Jesus of their own volition. They had no problem with him. It was always the Zionists and the Pharisees that were behind that.

              To deny that there is a problem with these same people even today is to deny God and to deny historical proven fact… They are the guiding hand behind Communism, and the perpetrators of the greatest genocide(s) that the world has ever seen…

              Does the the Bolshevik Revolution ring a bell? How about The Killing Fields of Cambodia? WWII?

              Hitler was man of the year and a world wide hero for pulling Germany out of the utter economic hell of WWI and the Versailles treaty until the Zionists, and specifically the Rothschild’s declared open war on Germany, and they orchestrated a world wide Jewish boycott against them along with a media smear campaign against Germany.

              This is all well documented historical fact. Sound familiar? What are they doing to our duly elected president even today?

              Revisionist history no longer works except against sheeple.

              May God Bless You.

              Reply to this comment
              • red May 4, 15:18

                dp: As I have a lot of family in Germany, I’m not about to smear anyone. Rome had every right to not kill Jesus. Yes, you are right about one thing, but wrong to blame anyone for His death. He came for this very thing, to teach, heal, drive out demons–to destroy the works of the evil ones, which he did by dying, then coming back.

                How about the Bolsheviks wanted equality and freedom, not the killing machine Hitler helped Stalin make. Hitler was a Bolshevik till he had to throw them under the bus because he was a communist first and human last. My stepmother, two aunts and a mother-in-law were all in the SS. The Zionist movement is headed by Soros, a Jew and a Nazi. Hitler had 350,000 Jews in his military that were no less fanatics than he was.

                Very little was released about Nazis and the dnc continues to fight its release because it points to them as the nazi party of the US.

                What are Jews in Germany doing right now? Same as everyone else, hiding from terrorist Muslims screaming Mein Kampf quotes. My stepmother said Hitler mocked Christianity to no end, and said if he believed in a god, he would be a Muslim. Not follow the dead Jew.

                Reply to this comment
                • dp May 6, 10:21

                  I have been a little slow to digest this Mr Red. We will just have to agree to disagree on this, not saying that your facts are wrong — just the interpretation. lol

                  History and historical documents prove you to be wrong.

                  Everyone who has studied history knows that Hitler was a Jew, but he hated the communists… he was a complete fascist nationalist. Whether the the Bolsheviks threw him under the bus or not, he was about re-uniting and rebuilding Germany to their former glory. He was also not a practicing Jew, nor a Christian. He was all about discovering the esoteric and historic past with all of the mystery school teachings that entails. lol He was all about the Ki life force, or the other ways that Man is actually a fallen God with hidden God-like powers.

                  There is much historical reference to this, and that was his passion… You and I may believe in Jesus and the fall of mankind, but that did not make him a bad man just because we think that he was off on the wrong rabbit hole.

                  There are many flavor of Jews even today. From your classic old school practicing Jews, (Tulmud vs the Torah vs the the old testament, etc) to atheist Jews, to Kabbalistic Jews…

                  Hell, Red I am 50% Lithuanian – I can probably claim some Jewish blood if I go look for it. lol

                  That doesn’t absolve the Communist Jews from slaughtering 10’s of millions of of people. That is just a silly rebuttle. lol.

                  Stop trying to side track the discussion in order to make excuses for murderers. I would never do that as a white man. To defend the atrocities that my government did to your people, the broken treatises, the moving you here, and then moving you to ever more shitty land when gold was found, the poisoned blankets, stealing children to be brainwashed in Canada… the list of crimes never stops it seems, and all of the other crap that evil people have pulled in my name (without my consent) in the past would be totally uncivilized and to be promoting and agreeing with their evil deeds.

                  Defending the Bolsheviks, Chairman Mao, the killing fields of Cambodia – all done by Zionist inspired and created communism is not to be defended by anyone. Certainly, not by you… You know better.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • red May 6, 23:15

                    Dp: with all due respect, by profession, I do research. A fact finder. This is what I trained for, because to me, those dry, dusty facts are fun. This is not an issue of personal opinion, but how I made a very good living. Correcting liberals is a hobby that came out of it.

                    History proves me right. Historical documents are usually slanted to whatever side the writer is on.

                    Everyone who studied history claims no such thing that Hitler was a Jew. Some Jewish ancestry, yes. I’m American Indian and have some Jewish ancestry. So do you. At one point in time, there were far more Jews in the hinterlands of Europe than gentile Christians. That means nothing because Jews after the Diaspora intermarried local people, and most of the Jews were Messianic.

                    Hitler was an atheist who practiced a violent form of New Ageism. http://thirdreichocculthistory.blogspot.com/ Every person killed, be it on the battlefield or gas chambers was a human sacrifice. He even reproduced the Seat of Satan in Germany to use as an auditorium. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9r83ZRissyw From the days in diapers, I was hearing about Hitler from people who had been SS. Most of it is still hidden from the people by the dnc, but enough is out to show the dems are America’s Nazi Party.

                    His beliefs were that some day, humanity will achieve what the people of Aldebaran did, to become a race of pure energy. He called the ascended masters, claiming also all gods were ascended masters. As said, he was an atheist, but a very bad one. The masters demanded human blood before they would help and got it. His inhumanity came out like all demoniac. His mother was his only control, and when she was gone, he went nuts.

                    That he was insane doesn’t absolve him from the slaughter of 12 million religious Jews and Christians. Communists in Germany rushed to join the Nazi Party. Margaret Sanger was both communist and nazi, and stated there was no difference between them. My stepmother, two aunts, and mother-in-law said the same. East Germans escaping the USSR said the same. I would rather trust people who were there and saw, then someone making claims from a distance.

                    I never defend our government to atrocities done to mine, but teach put a letter behind the name. D is the most common. D is the most common for supporters of Hitler in the 30s. Communists included.

                    It was an English officer who told the colony of Maryland to send plague-ridden blankets to mine, the ani. It happened a few more times, but was considered grossly vile even by more Indian haters.

                    Yep, I know better. Hitler sent thousands of SS and Gestapo to Stalin, who sent hundreds to Mao. Mao would not have taken China otherwise. Mao exported Nazism to Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia and elsewhere. China was placed on the watch list for nations making bio-terror weapons. He got his start in it when he was told by nazis to not destroy plague labs he found. I research. What I research has to correlate with things, not just wish they were true. Do you know what a communist is? A member of a commune. Please show me where there are communes in China. No communes, no communists, but National Socialists.

                    Stalin wanted all Jews gone from the USSR, and created a Jewish reservation in Siberia. Mao simply killed as many as he could and probably killed over a million. The Perons in Argentina were communists. They’re still finding mass graves of Argentinian Jews. NY Times went from advocating Nazism to communism without the blink of an eye. My eyes are wide open and not colored by what others claim, but cannot prove.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • dp May 6, 23:33

                      Now, you are making more sense, my friend. I was worried about you for a moment there where you seemed to have your facts skewed and to be defending the inexcusable, but you are right on track.

                      We may still disagree here or there, but the basics are agreeable.

                      What you say is all verifiable, and while my research is purely because I grew tired of being a mind controlled sheeple years ago, and because I have always had a restless mind which I actually use on a daily basis… (the curse of being a one-eyed man in the land of the blind.)

                      I have the same verified data with the exception of your personal family insights as you.

                      No offense intended to you personally, brother.

                      May God Bless You and Yours.

                    • dp May 7, 00:14

                      This is an addendum, but something which few people realize. Hitler was also a meth addict and a eugenicist.

                      Not only did he openly invite demons into his life and sacrifice the weak, but Meth is made from red phosphorous, which most often comes from human bones… that is some seriously bad Karma and a direct channel for evil spirits into your spirit..

                      I don’t buy the whole gas chamber mass extermination thing… There is no evidence. The gas chambers were only big enough to gas the clothes and bedding of the slaves for lice and bed-bugs, and such.

                      Why kill a productive slave during a war? He had work camps, and when the slaves were used up – then they were killed.

                      It is not like the main goal was genocide. They were just slaves as any enslaved people have been down through time.

                      He focused on the Jew because of their crimes against Germany in instigating and then back-stabbing Germany during WWI.

                      That was instigated by Jews, but not all Jews… It was instigated by Zionists, which is a political movement – not a people nor a religion. That is clear from all of the non-Jewish Satanic politicians today who are Zionists.

                      Also, for the Versailles treaty that financially crippled Germany for a decade or more, and WWII with him driving the Jews into work camps or relocating them was pay-back for that.

                      I just wanted to clarify that point.

        • red May 3, 22:10

          John: If Jesus wasn’t a Jew, then he was pretty good at faking it. John 4:22, Jesus said, “We Jews know.” Jew is slang for Judah. The synagogue of Satan is any apostate church, not just the few Jews who fight Christianity. As someone who worked to disprove Christ and failed so utterly, I find your remark offensive to me as a Christian.

          Reply to this comment
          • dp May 6, 23:42

            Jesus came to save the Jew from the scribes, and pharisees, and the money changers that were making them the sworn enemy of the world. Just as he came to save the most retched of all mankind…

            He led the horse to God’s clean waters…

            Reply to this comment
            • red May 7, 15:02

              dp: That’s part of it. Jesus came to destroy the works of the adversary. all of his works. the Enemy of Both Sides, as we call him. this is why you never hear a Traditional whining about Columbus and the colonists. Please always make certain you mean soros and others like him when talking about Jews. Stop turning people away from you. Hitler had 350,000 atheist and agnostic Jews in his military. That’s taught in high schools in Israel. Believing Jews were trying to escape Stalin’s murders of Christians and Jews and flooded into Germany. Like soros, many of Hitler’s Jews held high offices in the Nazi Party. the Rothschild family worked at reporting Nazi troop movements to Catholic bishops. while some may have felt Nazism was good, the majority didn’t.

              Reply to this comment
              • dp May 7, 22:00

                I thought that I made that clear when I said Zionists, but maybe some folks don’t understand what that means.

                Of course, Zionists includes many others besides simply Jews today, but yeah, Rothschilds, Soros, a ton of other globalist politicians, and NWO folks.

                While you do have some good Jews hoodwinked into actively supporting Zionism, it is at it’s core a Rothschild created political scheme.

                But, I see what you are saying… people seem to go out of their way to become offended by anyone with a view point that they disagree with, or is not politically correct by today’s standards.

                Reply to this comment
                • dp May 8, 02:51

                  It is just silly to say this at this point, but if anyone doesn’t get it yet I am in no way going to bend to political correctness. I am going to speak the Gospel truth as I see it.

                  I am going to be offensive, especially to libturds, and to wanna be conservatives who are down on their knees.

                  Die on your feet fighting for truth and liberty, Mr. down on your knees conservative.

                  Don’t be afraid of these demons… God has your six. He has a full suit of armor waiting on YOU to put on… in his army…

                  Pick a side Mr. Wishy-Washy… This is a war that has raged for over 2000 years.

                  Reply to this comment
                • red May 8, 20:07

                  do: Zionism is Israel, the return to Israel by the people, a sionist. No, it’s not so far out of the way, especially with so many family who had been in WWII, and those that died in the war. While I’m not ‘sensitive’ about most things, Israel I am. Were it not for Jewish colonists, none of mine would have survived. they and Lutherans worked like dogs to stop the dems’ bigotry. We worked in turn to help them, to help legal immigrants to settle in as Americans and fight the greed of the dnc to keep us all divided and weak.

                  Reply to this comment
              • dp May 8, 02:32

                Just looking over this post again now. I t doesn’t jibe with my research… Can you provide references and historical validation from the people that were actually there???

                This is very intriguing and new information to me…

                Like you, I don’t believe any of these Ass-bags… they all have an agenda. I don’t trust you either, (no offense intended)

                I just want the actual facts. I can do my own research.

                Reply to this comment
                • red May 8, 20:57

                  dp: this late in the game? You need to research yourself. Start out with what I gave you–knowledge is power. Compare the dnc with what Hitler was doing behind the scene: Green movement, gay rights, socialism, and so on. You’ll find the dems are America’s nazi partry, just like elders from Germany said.
                  No, do not trust anyone, and the last person you should trust is you. That’s Bible psychology. do not make us more enemies, is what I want to say. We have a lot of sympathizers in Israel and the muslim states, in hispanic America and so on. Yes, separate the good from the bad, but never lump all peoples under one banner like the dems do. Watch Erdoğan of Turkey. He and Soros are playing patty fingers. the nazis approved him. Erdoğan passed every test to become caliph of Islam. All that’s waiting is the vote.that happens, watch for troop build-up in N. Africa and Muslims in Asia. china is backing them. China lost her battle to make us all sick and weak with their plagues. they prefer, like the USSR, to work thru other nations, then come in for the kill and take all.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • dp May 8, 23:27

                    OK, I misunderstood your previous comment. I still do not agree on a lot of your points, but believe it and feel adamant about it and I will respect your right to believe whatever you want.

                    God told the Israelites not to go back to Israel until they had atoned… they disobeyed him again. Nothing good can come out of that. IMO

                    I’ll try to stop offending people and making enemies, but I hold strong belief as well. I have my own research material – and like you I don’t just make this Sht up out of whole cloth.

                    Have a great day, brother

                    Reply to this comment
                    • red May 9, 03:32

                      dp: My first issue here is, it’s not my site, and I like it. I do not want people run off. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I know, you try! You have a good heart, but give the anger to God. Like the saying goes, do not go to bed with your worries, but give the to God. He has broader shoulders and is going to be up all night anyway.

                      No, God sent a prophecy of dry bones. When it was time for them to return to Israel, the nation would live again. The Hebrews weren’t allowed into the holy land until the last one to rebel was dead. Remember the prophecy Jesus gave, to flee to the mountains, a place to hide during the tribulation. Modern prophets in Israel think Petra, in Jordan, and the king of Jordan is working to make a way for refugees from Israel in his country. As fast as possible, they’re rebuilding forests as hiding places. If Israel didn’t exist, Christ would have no throne to return to. Right now, Muslims are trying to get ancestors exhumed from the Gate Beautiful because Christians tell them, how can the land be unclean (with corpses) if God makes it clean? He’ll take the dead and cast them into Hell for blasphemy. Almost all of Israel’s neighbors are willing to allow the temple to be rebuilt. On prophecy after another is coming to pass.

                      I know you don’t make up things, but your sources are wrong. I cannot just accept anything at face value, but must look at both sides of the coin. I have arguments with atheists, but most I know are friends. I don’t like Islam, but a lot of Muslims are friends, and many tell me they’re reading the Bible because God told them to. the number one reason Muslims come to Christ is because Christians love them. I do, and they know I lost family in Iraq. I lost family in WWII, but I still love Germany and the people. Lost family in Vietnam, but I still lost Vietnamese. And most Vietnamese love us so much, they’re dying, literally dying, to make their nation like what America should be. Why? Because Americans loved them enough to come fright for them.

            • red May 7, 15:32

              Dad and my uncles, definitely not Jewish, had pictures of the gas chambers and mountains of corpses, the ovens. One uncle was in Ordruf, where Hitler’s nuclear lab was. Dad saw Auschwitz. He knew my mother-in-law, who had been a guard there. The dems ordered all pictures confiscated. Most survived them, and we have the record today. Dad also had an empty can of Zyklon B, dry cyanide (prussic acid) used to kill people in the gas chambers. My stepson had one, as well, from his grandmother, the guard. Zionists like Soros make the claim historians and witnesses are liars.

              The ovens were like enclosed BBQ pits. Bodies went in, burned, and ashes were taken out the bottom. Methane gas was made and used. Why bother to worry about a slave’s welfare when there were thousands at his disposal? Remember, the average life of a slave in Islam is 10 years. They have access to millions while liberals look the other way. Most American slaves don’t live that long. 11 million innocent people were slaughtered, and many more soldiers died there, in the gas chambers.

              Nope, the demons he called ascended masters demanded human sacrifice. They wanted blood. As long as the nazis obeyed, they won battle after battle. Then America got into the war. Hitler was no longer fighting atheists and agnostics, but people who were Christians. Once we got into it, riots started in stalags and death camps. Just a few guns in the hands of people in the Warsaw ghetto terrified nazis to no end. And still does.

              Did you read the part about the Geheimnisvolle Korps (Occult Corps)? It was established as the Paranormal Division of SS-Hauptsturmführer Wolfram Sievers’ Ancestral Inheritance Office (Ahnenerbe). The demons demanded the destruction of anything remotely Jewish. That included Christianity which is Jewish.

              Tiny babies and the poor never committed crimes against Germany. Wealthy Jews like soros joined the nazi party. 5 million Christians never committed crimes against Germany. It was human sacrifice, not revenge. Revenge was only in propaganda. Had it been revenge, why take in the very sort of people who helped cause problems?

              The Versailles Treaty was why the Wiemar Republic could own Germany and hand it over to a dictator. In their greed, Europe cut its own throat with that, and is one reason why America went against reparations for WWII.

              Reply to this comment
              • dp May 10, 08:13

                Zyklon B

                was used to get rid of lice on clothing.

                ZEEE GAS CHAMBERS, were too small to hold more than 50 people at one time, but they could hold lots of clothes. How are you going to kill 6,000, 000 people at 50 at a time in 2 years?????

                What a retarded argument… Again, your sources are unsubstantiated, and to be honest… I have let you drone on with all of your pompous BS.

                Show me the money…. Until then you are just another leftist CFR funded STOOGE in my mind.

                Have a great day.

                They also shaved the heads of the Jews for the same reason – to get rid of the lice.

                The Jews had soccer fields, they had children, and they were shipped off by Hitler to Palestine with their family money and possessions. Yes, Hitler was a jew that is all proven historical fact.

                He didn’t murder those people he just shipped them off… for the most part. He did have some sorry ass hats that experimented on retards and other practicing Jews.

                They did have an agenda to kill off the practicing Jew, but not the atheist Jew.. The Ashkenazim were a minority at that time. (That would be the Rothschild and Soros Jews) Just to name them and to keep you happy.

                I can send you pictures of the soccer fields… I can send you pictures of the children… FK you with your revisionist history… you are a liar.

                It happened.

                Hitler won the war in the first 2 years and he offered to just call it quits, but then the international bankers (Rothchilds, Walburgs, Soros, etc) brought in the USA to continue the fighting.

                Forgive me mr. call it by it’s name George Soros, who is a jew, and who said that the best days of his life was picking the gold teeth out of the mouth of actual practicing JEWS who he had helped to kill during the NAZI BS after it got REALLY CRAZY

                Don’t feed me anymore of your leftist crap.

                I never bought it from the get go.

                Maybe you believe your own BS, but you have not researched anything… you just seem to buy into whatever your family have fed you since you were a child.

                Reply to this comment
                • red May 10, 15:00

                  dp: dnc/kkk=nazi party usa. Stop claiming to be a believer when you mock God.
                  Zyklon B according to a lot of family in Germany, in the SS, was used to kill people. It’s cyanide. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zyklon_B
                  I gave you sources and you ignored it. Militant atheists always do.
                  Jews who were Nazis had everything non-Jewish Nazis had. Hitler was supported by 350,000 Jewish men in his military. His favorite lovers were two gay Jews. Soros is still Gestapo, still wanted by his homeland for war crimes. Soros=Gestapo, not picking gold out of mouths of Jews, who you claimed went to Palestine.
                  Hitler continued to attack and lie all thru the war. the UK Labour Party and the DNC backed him. FDR sent Hitler a little present, over 600 Jewish children. Kennedy to the day he died wanted to see the US a Nazi state.
                  Biologists no longer recognize Cro-Magnon as anything but fully human. Neanderthals are not a true part of the human race. If whites came from Atlantis, they were far from home. the oldest skeletons of Caucasians are found in the Caucasus Mountains, Eastern Europe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caucasian_race
                  More, when I had my DNA checked, it came back German. why? I’m mostly American Indian, but my name is German. Germans came from Asia and their genes show Asian, not Caucasian.
                  I do research for a living. I’m not allowed to accept information from atheist and liberal site, as you do. Did I, I’d not get paid. Nazism is as liberal as Nancy Pelosi and yep, dnc/kkk=nazi party usa.

                  Reply to this comment
    • Ernie July 18, 00:10

      You sound more like a failed hippy strung out on drugs than a sane, rational person.

      Reply to this comment
      • dp July 18, 10:57

        You fail in that you don’t address the person that you are replying to… This is a 3 way conversation, and you chose to share you unasked for opinion, but you can’t say who it is addressed at????

        We are really going to take you seriously.

        Red and I have had these spats from time to time… I don’t think that we hate each other. I don’t hate him, I just disagree with him. I actually think that he is OK as far as any Libtard with rightish leanings go.

        I respect that he never changes his story to make himself look better or to win an argument… I actually have a lot of respect for RED He is a stand up guy… He will go toe to toe with you and he will never be a weasle.

        As a matter of fact we more often agree than do we ever fight, but fight we do and we do it with honor.

        So, which of us are trying to troll???

        Reply to this comment
      • red July 18, 11:16

        Ernie: ‘Nuff said. Let him think. niio

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  4. IvyMike March 30, 23:30

    not going to miss you, sad there are so many like you.

    Reply to this comment
  5. dp March 31, 03:53


    Your comment is being held in limbo here, but I got the email version.

    I love you, friend, and I do appreciate your input. I always have, although we often disagree.

    The N word does not historically have any race attached to it. It means a lowly person, and it can apply to white trailer trash as easily as black ghetto parasites.

    There is nothing wrong with orthodox Jews… it is the fake Zionist bankers and Khazarian converts that create all of the problems. They are the Satan worshiping Scribes and Pharisees of the Bible.

    The true Jews are not the Negro of sub Saharan Africa, but more likely the Palestinians of modern Israel. Jesus was white. The original Egyptians were white with blue eyes. Just look at the paintings and sculptures from that time. The white race came from Atlantis, and Cro Magnon man, who originated in Europe and had the same DNA as modern humans for over 28,000 years…

    Proven facts. These are the Aryans, and we populated this planet for 1000s of years from China to America.

    Native Americans even have Aryan roots.

    God Bless you friend – you have been a blessing.

    Thank you.


    Reply to this comment
    • red April 1, 00:41

      do, geezis. You know I care, OK? I do research. To me, it’s fun, not tedious. No, there’s no way to say what race Jesus was. they were not allowed to use pictures back then. Whites use a white Jesus, blacks a black Jesus.

      But, racially, Jews, non-Kazakhstan, are about 65% negroid. It’s actually higher in the Med area. White race includes Hindus and native Australians. Aryans are one of the tribes of the Hindus and came from Iran. that’s proven. the Hidutva is India’s Nazi party. they worship Hitler as an ascended master. German-whites are Asians genetically, not Caucasians. That’s proved, and we know the Vikings from their art looked it before they stole whites and intermarried. Anyone who is Native Americans who look white who tried to get their DNA tested were told they were German. I know. It happened to me. do we have Germanic roots? Yes. We ran off the cannibals, the Vikings, 3 times. they ran and abandoned women and children, who found life was a lot more fun with us. they were love and respected, unlike with their families. peace to you. But, remember, you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Right now, non-whites are listening and learning just how gross the dems are. It sickens them, but the dems are great at lying and cheating. Please, stop giving them ammo!

      Reply to this comment
      • dp April 1, 03:32

        Not to be argumentative here, Red, but much of the revisionist history has been dis-proven in the last couple of decades especially since accurate DNA mapping has taken place. One of the more interesting scholars and researchers that I have found is a fellow named Robert Sepehr. He has written several books and puts out many free videos on You-Tube covering just these and other topics. He is by no means the only one researching these things – just one that I like particularly.

        The whole “out of Africa” theory has been completely dis-proven. Native Negroids never were found above Sub-Saharan Africa unless someone like the original Egyptians brought them back as slaves. I’m sure that some won their freedom, and settled in the middle east, but certainly, they are not a native component of the middle east. The original Jews are much more likely to be related to the modern Palestinians.

        Reply to this comment
        • dp April 1, 08:01

          Not only forget about the revisionist history, but look at what is actually going on now and how the school system has been taken over… history begins yesterday.

          Revisionist history begins tomorrow.

          You are living it…

          The X22 Report…


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        • red April 1, 16:30

          Revisionist history was the PC of the 19th and 20th century. It was based on racism, and each race is as bad as the next. And science is changing things, but a lot of scientists are very bigoted. Dawkins, for one. Many are very against equality of women. Science states many blacks in Africa are from the ten lost tribes. Even Kazakhstani agree, and you know how they are about blacks. You should also know how dems are against education for any of us. They rather use outdated science to prove themselves than they do modern science. Modern science is not PC.

          I know about Sepehr. 19th century biology. He’s Dawkins in another body. I also know the Bible. I know genealogists. Biologists. Archaeologists. We have them in the family. We are not Caucasians. We are not blacks. Most of us take a neutral stand on this. Few of us are bigoted about race these days. So, when I tell you something, it’s not prejudice for or against. Only, talk by people like Sepehr drives people away from OUR agenda, surviving liberalism and has for generations. In the end, all he is, is a tool for the left. Most people who do not like people of other races keep silent because they’re conservative at heart and know real bigotry is from libs. Who killed Lincoln? Dems. King, dems. Tried to murder Reagan? Dems. Fake news? Dems. Sepehr? Dem. Those are racists and all of those has come to us from the dems, the liberals. I have scars on my body and my soul because of liberals. Dems tried to off me. After I came out strong against the dnc, someone loosened the lugs on the truck. Ever have a wheel roll down the mountain ahead of you? Definite heart starter that even espresso cannot match. I know people who were and some even still are in the KKK and nazi party. They all vote dnc or for RINOs. Margaret Sanger was a Nazi in the 30s and then joined the communist party because it was PC, but, she said, she still loved Hitler and wrote to him throughout the war as a believer.

          Black artwork is found all around the Mediterranean. Go look at the art in Lascaux, France, and across Europe. The colors are still beautiful and bright, and all the people shown are black. Middle East, the same.

          Early Egyptians were black, and the first recorded slavery was with them.

          Palestinians are colonists brought in from all over the Roman empire to replace the Jews taken as slaves after Masada fell. And, most of those peoples were white, from west and central Europe. N. Africa was settled by Germanic tribes Rome brought in, as well. That’s why there are Saaqs (Saxons) in Africa as well as Germany and the UK. I’m Native American. I simply don’t care if someone likes me or not. We get on best with people who think like we do and that’s here, preppers. This is family by adoption. Family because the slavery party hates all of us alike. All I ever asked was, give up the liberalism. Think as you want to, but be like us. Some things keep close to the heart, not the mouth. Peace to you. Stay safe and pray for guidence.

          Reply to this comment
          • dp April 1, 18:23

            Natives put up one heck of a fight, especially considering the difference in arms. The only way that the globalists in power at the time could finally put them down was to put a price on the buffalo – then the same greedy ignorant masses went to work just as their descendants of today are being manipulated against their own best interests by the descendants of the same power structure… It’s been going on since long before Jesus…

            Always interesting, Red. We seldom agree 100%, but I respect you and your opinions, and I will always fight for your right to have and to voice them.

            May God bless you and yours.

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      • dp April 1, 07:09

        Red, My Friend. We are actually very much alike.

        We are both very intelligent, and we love learning… not satisfied by the status quo. We are actually both good men. I fought depression issues. I fought alcoholism issues…. And, I won. I won for over 20years on the alcoholism side, and for over 10 years on the depression side.

        I got away from the prescribed drugs, and I handled my problems naturally. Via clean living, via loving and following GOD, via exercise and meditation.

        I was building my spirituality for over 10 years free of the drugs, and just exercise, clean living, and meditation.

        Then I was attacked. I was set up with PTSD, which led to the other problems coming back in full force. Flash backs, the alcoholism, the depression, the drunken angry rants because I am still in tune enough to see the “white genocide.” in every MSM broadcast and in our colleges today.

        Every race gets to have racial identity and pride… except for “whitey” who gets blamed for everything. It makes me mad. Everyone blames “whitey” yet they all use the modern internet, and computers that we created, while they profit from “old Whitey’s” Bill of rights, and emancipation proclamation.

        It is infuriating, and it is “white genocide” as the globalists push “Old Whitey” into the incinerator of history, and as they push the Black Man to the side, and as they promote the brown illegal alien as the new voting class of the Democratic Communist party.

        Divide and conquer… that is their plan

        Just some personal history of why you get hit with this drunken BS from time to time…

        I was a much better man 15 years ago. I still try most days, but sometimes I just go off on a rant.

        GOD Bless you and yours, brother. =D I’m still alive, I still love and pray to GOD, so I still have hope.

        Reply to this comment
        • red April 1, 23:17

          No, I’d say you have quite a few ‘white-pride’ days. But, Americans of all races celebrate with you. President’s Day, for one. The 4th, another. Look at the calendar and see more. Most so-called ‘pride’ days set up by liberals is only a vote sucking scam and they know it. We know it, too, and that’s why you see non-whites being mocked by white liberals for wearing MAGA hats. Liberals just can’t understand why so many of us won’t be their houseboys any longer. An old man, a chicano, walked into a Starbucks in Tucson were one. Every lib in the place looked and sniffed. To those whites, he was a houseboy in rebellion. Kids working the counter gave him a free coffee. A black woman gave him a hug and he told, sorry, my wife doesn’t approve ladies taking advantage, ma’am. And this was college kids!

          Divide and conquer is how they kept slaves on the farm.It’s how they managed to rule us for too long. When I was a kid, Italians and Irish had a war in Hazleton, Penna. 27 deaths over one summer. then Philly Jews stopped it by threatening to go to war with them both. We stayed out of it, for a change, but we were let alone, for a change. Poles hate Russians who hate Chinese and so on, until they all come to grips with this ain’t where gramma came from. You’re in America now! 🙂

          Nope, brown folks are now passe. The neolibs want Muslims, preferably white, to flood the West. They’re greedy enough to think that Muslims will make good houseboys. But, most American Muslims hate A) Atheism and B) abortion and those inclined to terrorism are eager to take out both, and both are the dnc.

          Be blessed and stay healthy. niio

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          • dp April 2, 00:04

            I never said that whites didn’t still have some official holidays. You see Red this is where you and I often disagree. We have different backgrounds and different sources. Which of us is right in a given discussion is up for grabs.

            It makes for some interesting debate for sure.

            White genocide has to do with the constant barrage of race mixing by globalist MSM shown in every commercial on TV to the sheeple, it has to do with the public shaming of having any pride for your heritage…

            It has to do with the forced integration with non-whites. Sometimes people just want to have freedom of association and to be left alone. It is not about hating anyone. It is about wanting to associate with people with a similar background which you can relate to and feel comfortable with.

            Everyone else is given this freedom except for white people. And, by the way I am not white… I am Lithuanian.

            Only whites are all grouped together like we have no individual heritage.

            I don’t want to be forced into living with Muslim “white” Arabs either. It is about culture.

            I have many Arabic friends, but I don’t want to be forced to live next to them and to adopt or to accept their ways.

            Maybe as a Christian I don’t see these folks as being compatible with my lifestyle and spiritual beliefs for 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

            Maybe, I just want to be able to go home and get a break from the world, without PC culture being shoved down my throat all day every day.

            Who is behind it? Well, it is the usual suspects… The Zionists, and the Globalists, and the Marxists, and the Neo-cons, and the war-mongers, and the rest of the lib-turds…

            Who is your master? Who can you not criticize!

            Who controls the media? Who is 3% of the population, but 60% of the ruling class???

            It is all well and good (I didn’t want to go here, but you keep bringing it up) that you have historians in your family. But, none of them would have a job if they didn’t tow the party line… if they didn’t promote the accepted revisionist His…Story.

            That is the problem with so called academia today. If you go against the narrative, then you don’t work, and your family doesn’t eat.

            God Bless you, but not buying the BS.

            Reply to this comment
            • red April 2, 04:29

              dp: People are going against the PC. Nope, none of the historians toe the line. We can claim bigotry, but rarely do. History is written by the victors. You forget that we have no place to go. You do. Blacks do. Asians, same. America stands and we do. She falls, we get to be like those in Mexico, sheep the socialists feed on and kill off. we keep notes. Politics is our second religion. Getting angry at people because of a few is wrong. Treyvon Martin would approve, but I do not.

              Reply to this comment
              • dp April 2, 06:58


                almost all of academia tow the line. If they did not, then they would have no job, they would not gain tenure, and their sheep skin and years of hard work would serve no purpose except to decorate their wall at home. Just as no doctor will testify against another, nor will any police cross the thin blue line as a witness against another cop, unless the offense is so egregious as to demand such action from any moral person…

                They would be black listed and never work in their chosen career again, so they might be an honest cop themselves, but it does not serve their interest to rock the boat, or to question too deeply.

                While they may not actively promote a false narrative… it goes against their own best interest to actively question the status quo, and especially to actively work to dispel accepted dogma. Just ask Nicolaus Copernicus, and Galileo Galilei.

                a lie of omission is little different from a blatant intentional lie if it hides the truth.

                Be well, friend.

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                • red April 2, 13:00

                  dp: Hillsdale? Small private collages are usually very conservative. You’re speaking of state-owned colleges. NYU, Penn States and the rest are uber-Nazi, yes. Smaller places, rarely, especially non-white run colleges. But, even in the giants, we still have Dr. Collins, Carver, and others who speak out. Sowell, at Berkeley U of Kali, was one of the ost conservative in academia, and well-respected for both his work and his stand against the DNC.Same with Dr. Williams, who you probably know if you ever listed to the Limbaugh show. Conservatives are fighting back. Harvard and U of Kali have both been sued for infringing on religious rights of Christians. Students had a major sit-in against liberal professors when the college tried to stop the Young Republicans and Christians from meeting on campus. The tide is turning from liberals. It’s slow, but happening. behave. Don’t stop fighting, but be polite.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • dp April 2, 13:33

                    Yes, I am familiar with Hillsdale and other Christian and conservative colleges, which BTW I contribute to even though I am not an Alumni. Sowell is an amazing patriot, not really familiar with the rest.

                    I find that Limbaughs self aggrandizing and simplistic Neo-con attitude grate on my nerves.

                    You can always point out the exception — that does not disprove the rule.

                    Even my little back woods community college was over run with communist liberals… The big state run college was almost as bad as Berkeley… I’m pretty sure that Berkeley’s mascot is an ANTIFA FEMINAZI now. LOL

                    Hehehehe =D

                    Reply to this comment
                    • red April 2, 18:08

                      Look in Limbaugh like he said to, a comedian making fun of liberals while teaching what idiots they are–the Joe Biden Party.

                      No, conservative is becoming the rule. More students are protesting liberalism. but, remember, the news media is not going to tell you. A lot of young adults are sick of what goes on, Rape U, Penn State, the callous attitude of many liberals about rapes and bigotry.

                      Berkeley always was a neonazi school, but even there conservatives are winning by demanding rights against the reactionary left. 🙂 Some day we might see students out protesting against socialism as they did in our parents’ day. Berkeley students came close a few times thanks to professors like Sowell.

                      Carver was refused the Nobel prize in Ag because he was black. Williams is a black conservative professor who tells liberals they’re not quite bright. Columbia U, NYC, was recently sued for allowing Muslim professors to harass Jewish and Christian students. They tried to pay off the students, but the kids took it on and won. the professor was still granted tenure. late. stay safe.

                  • dp April 2, 14:41

                    Sometimes being polite works, but most people today seem to exist inside of their own private little bubble.

                    Their brains don’t seem to engage until you take them out of their comfort zone. This is why they are sheep. The bread and circuses (and the television) keep them hypnotized. 🙂

                    You probably do catch more flies with honey than vinegar… not sure why you would want to catch flies, but fly paper or a dead mouse probably works better.

                    I want people to say, “hey, that’s not true!” and to engage their brains and actually do some research trying to prove me wrong… maybe it will become habit forming for them to question the status quo, and accepted dogma.

                    It can’t hurt to make them aware of things like “Rules for Radicals”, “The Communist Manifesto”, and “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.”

                    Reply to this comment
                    • red April 2, 21:34

                      No, being polite is always good. Politely telling them where to head in to works. I have to be careful outside family because to us, telling someone they’re an SOB is, with mine, a compliment that your mother raised you right. Years back in the Army, some un arguing with me called me that and I thanked him for it. He said, you call your mother a b*tch? I said, no, she does. It sort of upset him and he was very polite after that. See? It works.

                      So, study folks. You’re country. Quick on the brain or quickly dead. You should be able to feel what they think. I was raised in dem country and have the scars to help me learn faster.

                      Calling a Nazi a Nazi isn’t impolite. But, if they are and disagree, you need to explain facts, like soros is still wanted him his homeland for being a Gestapo agent. Joe Kennedy became a Nazi in the 30s and remained one. The dems are America’s Nazi party and the weird crud we see today, socialism, green (bowel) movement, China, Peloi’s greed, New Age replacing Christianity is all part of Hitler’s work.

                      Joke appreciated 🙂 But, polite is honey, it’s respect for others. Most react to respect with respect. Rules for Radicals is good. But, pointing out how liberals support nazism is hardcore, a baseball bat. For generations they’ve been led to understand parts of Nazism, but not the whole cloth. Liberals have no clue they’re practicing it.

                      They do not care about Lenin and the manifesto. They were taught the USSR was a good place with equality and you’re not going to change that. But, knowing Stalin and Muslim leaders took in thousands of SS and Gestapo is. Knowing Mao used SS to take China is. Liberals are lied to that Repubs were pro-nazi. Show them how the dems are. Show atheists that dems are pro-Islam because Hitler was. Mein Kampf is the second most read book in terrorists nations. More, they hate atheists and are slaughtering them as fast as they can. Why do you think so many are now talking against voting for the dems? When any of us get into it with atheists, we tell them about the strangling noose and Islam, and how dems never vetted any Muslims coming into the country. And now people are dying. Protocols is a Nazi-Muslim publication. why do you support Islam? Soros is a zionist. He’s a Nazi. Use that.

          • True American May 8, 17:10

            Dp, I feel you brother!! I get mad as a hornet watching how they blame the the white man for all the worlds problems! Look at the Muslims, and Blacks, when left to their own lifestyle? Whitey didn’t teach them that!! As one black friend told me, blacks are their own worst enemy? Muslims lifestyle is very nasty, and nothing but evil doctrine, plain and simple? And you are right Dems use this to their advantage, always have and always will!!!! Cheer up brother, God sees and will deal with everything in his time? Believe that!! We can control nothing in this life but ourselves? Help who you can, no matter the race, and teach those who are teachable? Lots are a lost cause the day they were born? Sad but true!! And never never vote for any democrat!! They are evil down to the core? May God give you peace and understanding!!!!

            Reply to this comment
            • dp May 8, 23:40

              Thanks True American,

              The white genocide and the dumbing down of America are real things that every American should be aware of.

              Every other race gets their pride day, and a place to live unmolested, but we are supposed to be ashamed of being born Caucasian and we owe over half of what we wok hard for to other races for the crimes of scoundrels 100-200-or 500 years ago??!!!??

              I’m not buying it.

              Reply to this comment
              • red May 9, 03:37

                dp, we have a pride day. It’s called the 4th of July. We do not need anything but, and yes, there is a genocide going on. Not just whites, but anyone who wants to be free. As for owning anybody for crimes people committed, it’s BS. American Indians joke about reparations for AAs so we can sue the NAACP for all the filth they did to us. You want to see an AA running for his life, put him in a Jamaican hood, or a Dominican one
                Or Mexican…Or American Indian. Or in a crowd of blacks. niio.

                Reply to this comment
                • dp May 9, 06:06


                  That sir is hilarious.

                  Yes, I fully understand the difference between AAs and Blacks. I have no problem with blacks. You have to remember that I grew up a military brat often overseas…

                  I have had many good black friends, and business partners all of my life. My business partners in Orlando were all Lebanese Muslims, many friends at the time were from Syria, and other middle eastern countries… I do not have a problem with any other races – only with individuals, or worse group behavior out of specific individuals.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • red May 9, 14:48

                    No, I can’t recall you mentioned you were a military brat. Nor that you have friends who are black or Muslim. You mix AA and black, as well.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • dp May 10, 07:22

                      I have bad days as well red… most of my problems come from dealing with PTSD veterans, and being a PtSD veteran myself I try to do my best, but I do get opinionated and mouthy at times.

                      I try my best to be a good Christian when I sober up, but once the words are out of your mouth – is what they say.

                      So SIR, I do apologize for my foul mouth… I still try to be a respectable southern gentleman and to apologize for my shortcomings.

                      You have never seen my worn out maccasans. Better to walk a mile on blistered bare feet than to slip these on.

                      Not sure why you were having a bad day and went off the hook against me….

                      Personally, I feel that my sources are as good as gold. I think that you and yours are just full of crap…

                      I would never have said that except that you felt the need to attack me.

                      Why don’t you provide some proof that you actually research anything? Maybe you are just another CFR member or paid troll???

                      I can claim any heritage that I want to on the internet… I keep it real, but I deal with paid liars every day.

                      I don’t know you, dude.

                      I don’t know anything about you. I just tried to keep my drunk mouth shut and feed you rope.

                      Have a great day, “brother”

                    • dp May 10, 08:36

                      Then your memory is faulty. I mentioned this at least once before. No Red,,, you want to twist everything that anyone says that does not agree with your narrative.

                      To be honest, I am getting pretty sick of it… just more fake news…

                  • red May 10, 14:43

                    dp: Again, you ignore the pooint: You are driving people away from Preppers.
                    I never accused you of being a foul mouth.
                    I was raised in a household where PTSD was thew norm, in an area where it was the norm. Ben there, done that, and go the scars to prove it. Given it was a semi-rural slum, you grow up with PTSD and the murder of the month.Saw my first human dismemberment at age 11, and saw worse before going Army.
                    I rarely have a bad day. Niio means to walk in God’s beauty. If you do, you don’t have bad days. “It’s better to die of laughter than drown on tears.” As you’ve never worn my boots, how can you judge me?
                    Trolls are troublemakers. I’m trying to prevent trouble. Again, you judge me. what does Jesus say of judging? A brother who judges a brother will be judged in kind by Him. I asked you to please stop driving people away. I pointed out how you were, and now this?
                    My memory is hardly at fault. I was trained to keep my mind straight, to memorize, to teach. When you body bears the same scars as mine, then make accusations. Stop driving people away from Christ.

                    Reply to this comment
            • red May 9, 00:06

              True: Except that neither Muslims or African Americans (but not blacks) are left to find their own way. When they were, they were Americans 100%. Now, pawns for the dnc. Look at blacks.they’re taking the heat for wearing MAGA hats. People are being beaten for it by blind faith liberals. some are losing their homes for standing up for America. One son-in-law is Sunni, and hates dems with a passion, calling them atheists, and there is nothing lower than an atheist. When push comes to SHTF, they’ll be ready because all of them are arming and that scares liberals. thjis is why I keep what I want to say to letters, D or R, and never do like a good liberal, force people into cans like they were sardines.

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  6. dp April 2, 00:56

    Being a generic white man is all a part of the white guilt white genocide program pushed by the usual suspects.

    Are you responsible for African gang warfare, or for what the Australian aborigine might have done? You are all native cultures who are not white.

    Why am I supposed to feel guilty for what the southern Democrat created KKK did over 100 years ago, or for what Hitler did… when my grandfather migrated here long after slavery was ended? (Ended by white men of the republican party at great personal cost, I might add)

    No, I am not “white” I am a Lithuanian…. with a proud history in my own right.

    Just as you may be Cherokee, or Choctaw, or Chickasaw, or Osage, Arapaho, Blackfoot, or Apache.

    Are you responsible for any of other red people’s crimes because you are also Red?

    Sick of the BS and the double standards.

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  7. dp May 9, 00:08

    Heck Red,

    I missed this comment and it is all good info. I usually get a notice of any new replies like this…

    Not sure what happened here, but all good food for thought.

    As usual, I may disagree on this or that point but over all you stay right on target.

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  8. dp May 10, 10:03

    OK, lets start out with your research.

    Where are the bodies Red?… 6,000,000 actual human bodies. 6 Miliion… that is not a small number.

    They were all burned to complete ashes all while the Nazis were still trying to get enough gasoline to fly their airplanes…. But they had the gas to completely consume 6,000,000 human bodies… lol

    Do you even know how much energy it takes to completely incinerated a (just one) human body We are 80% water… where are the bodies? where are the mass graves? Where are the bones??????????

    We see the bones in Cambodia, where are Hitler’s bodies?

    They had BBQ pits??????…. Are you FKING serious???? To burn 6 MILLION human bodies and to leave no clue behind????

    You have to have 2000 degrees to completely incinerate a human body — just one human body. Do you even understand what kind of energy that is???? just one Human body…. to burn the teeth, and the bones, and to leave nothing but ash.

    Research expert my ear… More like a paid troll. lol

    Yet Germany expended more energy to hide their crimes than they did to send rockets into England plus more energy than they spent on anything else to just completely incinerate Jews…. More than all of their warships, more than all of their submarines, ………………

    All of that gas was taken away from the war effort, but you want us to believe that actual human bodies 6 million of them were completely consumed in open BBQ pits…..

    No bone fragments, no teeth left behind…… hahahahahahahahahhhahahahahahhahahahaha


    DUDE, you are so full of shit.

    So, like you throw in 50 people, and it takes 10 hours to burn them up to complete ash… because you describe an open pit burn… this is starting to look more and more like 9/11 where a kerosene fire that gets to maybe 1000 degrees F, but since there was so much black smoke it was probably closer to 800 degrees melted metal girders that will only melt at 2000 degrees, and made the 2 strongest towers in NYC just turn into dust in thin air, and free fall as dust to the ground,

    Let’s do the math.

    So, 6 million people at 50 at a time That is 120,000 times that they had to to spend 10 hours burning bodies in these open pits that you describe. lol.

    Lets divide that by 100 BBQ pits 12,000 times 10 hours for each burn = 120,000

    times 10 gallons of gasoline to burn each body times 50 bodies, times 100 BBQ pits…

    equals 600,000,000 gallons of gasoline equivilent to incinerate 6 million Jews leaving no bones, no mass graves, no trace.

    That is 6 BILLION gallons of Gas to burn these supposed bodies. Natural gas has even less energy than gasoline….

    All during a war effort when Germany was being BLOCKADED from getting ANY FUEL OF ANY KIND…

    They were using alcohol from the crops to run their war machine, but they had the spare naturaral gas to completely incinerate 6 million human slaves so as to leave no trace?????????????????

    You are a FKING IDIOT.

    It never happened you dumb ass.

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    • dp May 10, 10:17

      Yet what I will get back will be revisionist history….. not research, not simple logic, no looking at the facts, it will all be about your family history, and how uncle Tom saw this… and he would NEVER lie to me…

      You call that research… I pity the fool… that hires you to read the label their BBQ sauce.

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      • red May 10, 15:21

        dp: Again, you mock God.
        Uncle Tom tried to keep God first and died for it. any other use of the name is revisionist history, which African Americans are famous for.
        As I can debate you using logic and you devolve into mocking god…?
        I spent a few years in college learning how-to research. 🙂 Should I shout insha allah back at you? You keep quoting terrorists.

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    • Jon Wik May 10, 15:12

      the math is hard to dispute, if you run the numbers:

      Cremations are performed in a chamber where the temperature is raised to approx. 1600 degrees F. It takes roughly 2.25 hours to consume organic matter at that temperature.

      Heat Energy (calories) = m * c * ΔT m = mass of human ( average: 80.7 kg

      c = specific heat of human body ( 3470 J. kg-1 . K-1 )

      ΔT = Change in tempature. ( cremation temp – room temp )

      Room Temperature = 26 °C

      1600 °F = 871°C

      Therefore: H.E. = 80.7kg * 3470 J/kg*k * (871-26)

      H.E. = 236,624.5 kcal

      The typical cremation conducted in a modern crematory requires an average of 28 gallons of fuel (about the amount of fuel that can be held in an SUV gas tank). This translates in the release of approximately 540 pounds of carbons dioxide (CO2) Source.

      I googled a few different sites, seems like ~540 lbs of CO2 is the magic number

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    • John Wick May 10, 15:16

      Cremations are performed in a chamber where the temperature is raised to approx. 1600 degrees F. It takes roughly 2.25 hours to consume organic matter at that temperature.

      Heat Energy (calories) = m * c * ΔT m = mass of human ( average: 80.7 kg

      c = specific heat of human body ( 3470 J. kg-1 . K-1 )

      ΔT = Change in tempature. ( cremation temp – room temp )

      Room Temperature = 26 °C

      1600 °F = 871°C

      Therefore: H.E. = 80.7kg * 3470 J/kg*k * (871-26)

      H.E. = 236,624.5 kcal


      The typical cremation conducted in a modern crematory requires an average of 28 gallons of fuel (about the amount of fuel that can be held in an SUV gas tank). This translates in the release of approximately 540 pounds of carbons dioxide (CO2) Source.

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    • red May 10, 15:17

      dp: You can tell a liberal by their actions. Worse, a loser. why be a loser? I know Germany because A) I have family there B) Had family in the SS C) Research is how I make a living.
      How much of a tace do ashes make after years? How many photos did the dems confiscate from soldiers that show nazis were inhuman?
      The number is 11 million. Please stop brushing off the Christians and other slaughtered. A man who should weigh 200 lbs after months in a camp would average under 100 lbs. Not a lot to burn, is there? Ordruf was piling the dead over logs and burning them. Only the communists tried to hide the bodies and piles of ashes found. Yes, and the Muslims worked hard for Hitler, as well. Nordhaus was called Camp Horror because they simply piled the bodies up for rats and birds to eat.
      Are the Germans stupid in your eyes? We have records from Germany on each camp done by SS officers. Every person sent was recorded, and how they died, and where.
      In methane, which was used because the Germans had NO fuel to spare, the heat is intense enough to to consume a pile of human bodies in less than an hour. give multiple ovens each additional bodies as the older ones were consumed, and you can do easily a hundred a day per oven. Times that by several dozen ovens per camp running 24/7 times 4 years makes an impressive number. Only Muslim terrorists deny it ever happened.
      Methane is made from manure. Natural gas came from the vast, mile deep coal lignite coal mines common in Germany. Alcohol was made from wood.
      I never insulted you. Know why? Because GOD said to mock another human is to insult Him. And, He gave me the interest and love of research when I was so far down, I couldn’t see the light at the top of the well.

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    • Paladin Pythus May 10, 15:26

      Cremations are performed in a chamber where the temperature is raised to approx. 1600 degrees F. It takes roughly 2.25 hours to consume organic matter at that temperature.

      Heat Energy (calories) = m * c * ΔT m = mass of human ( average: 80.7 kg

      c = specific heat of human body ( 3470 J. kg-1 . K-1 )

      ΔT = Change in tempature. ( cremation temp – room temp )

      Room Temperature = 26 °C

      1600 °F = 871°C

      Therefore: H.E. = 80.7kg * 3470 J/kg*k * (871-26)

      H.E. = 236,624.5 kca

      The typical cremation conducted in a modern crematory requires an average of 28 gallons of fuel (about the amount of fuel that can be held in an SUV gas tank). This translates in the release of approximately 540 pounds of carbons dioxide (CO2) Source.

      Say to cremate 3 million people who die of natural causes. 3,000,000 x 28 gallons = 84 000 000 gallons of fuel. it seems unrealistic to use this energy in this way, when there is a war going.

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      • dp May 10, 17:09

        Thank you… my point.

        Yet Red would have us all believe that 100 bodies were thrown into an open BBQ pit and a single match was just thrown on top and they all burned to complete ashes with no remains…

        spontaneous human combustion is a real thing, But not for 6 million bodies. Where are the bones Red?????? where are the teeth???? Soros didn’t steal all of them.

        Ear ache my eye. your BS is getting old. It is the same leftist drivel that depends on a completely dumbed down and asleep audience,

        and that is a thing long, long past.

        No one is buying what you are selling.

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        • red May 11, 02:46

          dp: do you know the difference between a BBQ pit and an oven? If they used coke, then you couldn’t get close to an open pit. Germans were making coal oil from lignite. they had plenty of fuel at the end of the war, but no vehicles to use it in. Hitler was a communist. All the protests in the world will not change that he gifted Stalin thousands of SS and Gestapo. He wanted to give him Ohrdruf, as well, where the nuclear labs were, but Patton beat Stalin to it, and with the help of Speer and others, drove them back. Fake news that you pass out is being driven under by reality. the dems are America’s Nazi Party. Your loyalty to soros and other Zionists is something else. Yep, no one is buying what I sell, but I had great sales on this from writers. If I’m wrong I don’t get paid. As time goes by, the dnc is forced to release more information about Hitler and what the nazis were.
          Adolf Hitler favorable to Islam
          Archive Index
          The truth about homosexuality and the Nazi Party

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          • Omegaclass May 11, 15:37

            Coke is used in making steel and its not easy to make, i have been to coke batteries that make coke, it’s a filthy process and time consuming, i was a contractor that repaired these batteries, so how did the Germans maintain these production plants considering they can be seen for miles by allied reconnaissance and they were not immune to allied bombing. Coal is fare more economical to use than Coke if you are heating a furnace to burn the dead, but logistics is always a headache in war, deliveries must be made, if you know how many calories are in a pound of coal and how many calories in the human body you can figure out how much coal you need per person to incinerate them.

            Reply to this comment
            • red May 11, 21:30

              Omega: I disagree on one point, coke is as difficult to make as charcoal, which isn’t so bad. I’m made charcoal. Coke requires an oven, and there are plenty of them in any coal mining area. Coke ovens can be as small as ten feet tall and wide. that’s how it was made in Pennsylvania from post War between the States era.they converted charcoal ovens, which were cut into the rock and coated with wet clay. No sign of flames would show. If they did, you just lost the whole several tones of coal. Germany also make kerosene from coal, which is higher in BTUs than fuel oil.Common coal in Germany is lignite. Lignite doesn’t travel well, so it was make coke for factories, or nothing. And, as well, Germans excelled in building plants underground. You can go to Ohrdruf and see the entire top of the nuclear facility as only a ring of concrete with a garden on it, and a single flight of stairs going down. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonas_Valley
              From there to the Jonstal Mountain city built under the mountain. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jonas_Valley It’s said to be big enough to house 50K of people, with parks and gyms, schools, and factories, even 7 jet hangers. It was supposed to be a hiding place for the Nazi high command, but Patton beat them to it.

              Reply to this comment
              • Omegaclass May 13, 13:49

                I guess the process at a small scale would be easily concealed, but at an industrial scale where 20 tons or more at at time produces very deadly gasses. These gasses are separated and collected and are stored for sale in other industries. I recall a steel mill at one time used the combustible gases to supply a city with there coke gas to heat their homes in the 1950’s. Steel mills have very large coke ovens.

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                • red May 14, 18:59

                  Omega: I’m not claiming to be 100%, but that the Germans are very ingenuous. Since freed from Nazism and so on, they’ve thrived in every tech, as they did prior to it. niio

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          • dp May 12, 07:10


            That Old Chestnut Again?

            Red, your lies and propaganda just becomes irksome over time.

            That is why I have taken a rest.

            It has been dispelled time and time again.

            M’Lady, Me thinks that you try too hard.

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            • red May 12, 19:04

              dp: More antichrist? I don’t need to lie. God gave me the ability to do my own research, not be a reactionary liberal. All I’m doing is respectfully answering you.

              Reply to this comment
              • dp May 12, 19:24

                That’s fine Red.

                So you, can’t ever even accept as much of an apology as your type is ever going to get from me. That is just as common as dirt.

                This last reply is your complete arrogance on public display…. I can’t say that I am surprised.

                Taking another rest for the moment…. your attitude is just tiring. How do you people get so arrogant anyway? you feel like now only should you run the world, but other people’s thinking, actions, and lives as well?????

                Your pompous lecturing just gets old to those of us that actually lived it, or had family and friends that lived it.

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  9. dp May 10, 16:37

    Red, you are completely wrong. my best friend growing up was a German from Canada who’s father was in Werner Von braun’s V2 project. Want to talk about growing up with PTSD??? My Dad was a VN Vet He did 3 tours, He did Korea yet He is still one of the greatest dads in this world.

    My friend’s dad lived in Nazi Germany… You can GFY with your Zionist revisionist family history. If these people don’t like it then they need to WAKE UP. and step up… they don’t need you to protect their tender sensibilities… they are all perfectly capable of rebuttal all on their own… This site is full of survivalists and patriots, not millennial college pussy hat wearing lib-turds.

    Probably more of them are actually learning something than being driven away. They always have the option of just ignoring me. or calling me out. stop defending perfectly capable people. They don’t need you to defend them from the truth.

    Go do some real investigation dude… run the numbers, ask people that were actually there. Not just taking the word of your uncle Bob who is just another paid liar/shill with an agenda and a college professorship and grant money to protect.

    The Germans used grain and barley for alcohol and they found that fermented grain after they made that alcohol was better feed for their livestock. that is the truth from people that lived it.

    You are a liar. You are making it up out of whole clothe…

    Just because you were lied to and you believed it does not make it true.

    You are just quoting revisionist history …. no better than “The His Story Channel.” or The “Roots” docu-drama. Not even as good as “The Simpsons” episode that foretold 9/11 2 years before it happened.

    Go watch the Aaron Russo interviews where he talks about 9/11 and the endless war on terrorism 5 years before it happened.

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    • red May 11, 02:24

      dp: And Werner von Braun left his journals behind. That doesn’t excuse you from slapping God on the face.

      My stepmother, two aunts, and mother-in-law all lived in Nazi Germany. So what? My girlfriend’s dad was a captain in the Luftwaffe. And? One niece’s grandfather was SS. I’ve cousins who’s fathers could tell us about live under the beast, Hitler. He was a good liberal, he and his friend, Stalin. And Stalin owed him a lot for getting rid of the Bolsheviks by sending troops to the USSR, selling U-Boats to the USSR. Every person I ever met who lived under nazis and the communist said the same thing, they’re one and the same.

      Are you certain you’re not a zionist a la Soros? Your words could come from his mouth.

      Our ancestors hundreds of years ago were feeding fermented grain from beer to livestock. Every good old boy I know who had a still from Maine to Florida to Arizona kept hogs to feed spent grains to. Uncle Dimey always gave them the lees from fermenting. They get stoned on them and any they don’t eat, deer and skunks will. Lees are from fermenting fruit. We did 20 barrels of apple alone every fall.

      I don’t need to lie, that’s your sources with made up stories and fake news. Nazis are socialists and advocate gay rights. The Jungen came out of the Vogel Jugen, a gay rights youth group. Ernst Rohm was a pedophile and good friend of Hitler’s, till Hitler had to throw him under the bus.

      What does Roots have to do with this? Haley was sued for plagiarizing and lost.

      Of course we’ve been at war against terrorists. Hitler sent a half-million SS and Gestapo into the world to continue the war. I met Germans who were shipped to Mexico in 1945 from Franco’s Spain. Thousands went to the USSR. Stalin sent hundreds to help Mao, who used them in Korea, and later, Vietnam. Mein Kampf is the second most popular book in terrorist nations today. You won’t hear that from the fake news services.

      The officers told the POWs that Allies were slaughtering everyone, and refused to allow them to contact anyone in Germany. Others who were POWs and were afraid to go back to Germany Arizona had 3 main POW camps. Maybe you need to ask Germans who hates nazism the most. They do. All Hitler did was grab power and destroy the nation worse than the French and English did in WWI.

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  10. dp May 10, 17:31

    Oh wait… let me guess…

    You are not only German, and Black, and Indian, and Korean, and Middle Eastern, but you have ANOTHER AUNTIE who hitler paid to drive these bodies to Siberia…. So now you are Russian too????

    And She personally dug graves for all of them through the permafrost to bury them away from any prying eyes at a cost of another 10 billion dollars right in the middle of a war when Germany had Zero energy coming in because of Allied blockades??????

    and you do your research exactly how????

    By sitting around in fish camp with a beer in hand telling tall tails it seems, because your FACTS don’t jive with common sense.

    At least I admit that I am I am a PTSD Veteran and that I drink and run my mouth too much… I am not a blatant liar.

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    • red May 11, 02:31

      dp, wow, Hillary, are you losing it. another auntie? what? they used slave labor to dig up all bodies killed before the ovens were built.

      Stop insulting Germans. Germany never ran out of coal or coke, and had coal oil to use in place of diesel. and was using nuclear fuel in a limited capacity. Post war, that was the bulk of von Braun’s and Planck’s work, nuclear power.

      I take it, you never met anyone who dared tell you the truth, but just agreed with everything you said, then walked away. PTSD and drinking don’t mix. I gave up both to the best of God’s ability to work with me. Haters, no. he can’t work with people who insult him constantly.

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  11. Paladin Pythus May 10, 19:03

    I think the comment section is censored, my heat energy requirement calculations is gone, it is science and i never said the 6 mil never got the furnaces i was careful not to be a holocaust critic as that is a fate worse than death today. i was making the case of the logistics of accomplishing such a program, whether one wants to think it’s “not possible” to cremate that many folks with the clear shortages in germany at the time is a personal belief one does not risk speaking out loud. you can think what you want within the domain of your mind but must never challenge what the historians tell us.

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    • red May 11, 02:56

      Paladin: go up to contacts and ask Claude, but I found them. Germans were not short on fuel. they lost most of their vehicles. Patton rode to Ohrdruf using fuel from Nazi vehicles abandoned by the Germans.
      Nor on fuel wood. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forest_in_Germany
      Germans were the first nation in europe to make methane for fuel.
      Plants were built to make wood alcohol and coal oil.

      Reply to this comment
      • dp May 12, 15:40

        As I already stated, they used grain alcohol. (maybe wood too)

        They found that the grain made much better feed for the livestock after it had been fermented and distilled.

        As far as you other comment, I had it for well over 20 years – I’m not losing it, I lost it around 14 years ago… long before I met you online. lol

        I would appreciate you not disparaging me and my sources in the future. I can be civil with you even though we disagree on most things, until you become condescending…

        Have a great day, Red.

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        • dp May 12, 16:17


          I apologize for calling you a paid liar, and a shill…. You just believe the lies.

          I can see that now. Your intentions are probably good…

          Try not to be such a condescending, pompous ass in the future. You don’t have an inside line with God on the truth, and I never disparaged God… that is just an insulting accusation.

          Just because I disagree with you, does not mean that I disagree with God. I always try to give the most high his well deserved respect, but he gave me free will for a reason.

          Have a great day. 🙂

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          • red May 12, 19:30

            When you call a person a liar, it’s the same as calling God one. My information comes from historians and former Nazis. My intentions are to show the dem party is America’s Nazi party, which is common knowledge among historians. Stop playing into their hands.

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        • red May 12, 20:23

          I’m not mocking you. I want to get you to respect Claude and this site. I have to depend on what is known to make comments. I made a very good living as a researcher before retiring. Anyone in Germany and Austria can ask Opa and Oma about these things and get the truth. Germans hate nazism because it’s a lie. they don’t like Muslims coming in because too many are nazis.
          I know what the Germans used, and yes, alcohol, but it’s not hard to make diesel fuel from lignite coal. Germany has the best, highest reserves of coal in Europe.
          After Hilter decided to go to war, who were the first men taken? Farmers. That left women and children to run farms. Next, after Stalin demanded a dollar a barrel for his oil, they confiscated all draft horses. Women were forced to leave straw on the gound, and went back to planting as their grandparents did, seeding one crop in before the first was harvested. Then saw up to 90% of the harvest taken by officials. then still had to take care of children and pay taxes, buy necessaries. They used sickles because they weren’t strong enough to use a scythe and mowers sat in sheds because even oxen were taken to feed the troops. then they took the daughters to use as guards and patrol. by the end of the war, if you were in the military, cooks did what they could, but the cabbage soup was a few gallons of water and some shreds of cabbage. Right now, Austria is the most religious nation in Europe, and Germans are beginning to return to church because the new nazis are there.

          Reply to this comment
          • dp May 13, 00:29

            What I’m telling you is that you continually repeat family personal reports… yet much of what you repeat has no hard evidence behind it that I have seen.

            Meanwhile, other sources do provide photographs and other hard evidence with a much different story.

            The J threw Germany under the bus during WWI causing them to lose that war, and to face a decade of brutal economic hardship because of it. They instigated WWII by declaring economic war against Germany which started WWII.

            Now, you can claim that it was the international bankers that instigated it – and that is all true, but it was a concerted world wide effort… there just aren’t that many bankers, Soros, and Rothchilds in the world to have done it on their own.

            There are newspaper articles and headlines from that time to document these facts They turned the American people against Germany using their control of key American news papers…

            There are the historical records of the Balfour Declaration (in which England promised the J Israel if they could bring America into the war), and newspaper articles from that time to document this fact… all cold hard evidence.

            The American people loved Germany before that, and had no interest in joining the war. This is all documented historical fact. Every American death of WWII can be laid at the feet of this dirty backroom deal and the newspaper propaganda campaign which brought America into the war.

            Of course, they were persecuted by Germans. Yet, they have played the eternal victim and lied about their own part in it ever since… it is a constant uphill battle to put the evidence on the table in the face of this propaganda.

            There is hard evidence for all of this.

            I don’t know anything about Opa and Oma, their background, their character, or their motives. I see no hard evidence behind all of your contrary assertions… is it any wonder that I called you a liar???

            If I have disrespected Claude, then I apologize, but certainly he has never mentioned it to me. You are the only one lecturing me here, Red.

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            • red May 13, 04:36

              I continually repeat history and what is known.

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              • dp May 13, 05:44

                Not in my opinion. I expect that any moment you are going to claim to have an aunt who was a stewardess on a 9/11 plane who miraculously lived through the incident, and an uncle who was a janitor who also miraculously lived,

                and that both swear on their lives that terrorists with box cutters and a hour of flight training in a Cessna flew a Commercial multi engine jetliner in a perfect arc directly into the twin towers, and that there is nothing else to see here… move along… move along.

                That kerosene, which is what jet fuel is, which burns at a maximum of 1000 degrees under the best conditions – melted steel girders which melt at around 2500+ depending on metal composition… just vaporized the world trade center, and that is what caused the twin towers to turn into dust in mid air and to free fall into it’s own foot print.

                and by the way, your dad was one of the prison guards, and Jefferey Epstein did kill himself…

                Just give me a frigging break Red, and stop calling me a blasphemer every time that you have no rational reply to the evidence.

                It is getting real old real quick. It is like being called a Nazi or a Racist by the leftists when they have no other rational response.

                Reply to this comment
                • red May 13, 15:10

                  you blaspheme. I gave you all I’m going to. You can deny reality till your head explodes. You’re looking for a scapegoat and picked me. You’re harming this site and decided I was the one you’d use as a steppingstone.

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          • dp May 13, 01:05

            It is amazing how the JFK magic bullet nay-sayers are mocked until the evidence is presented, then everyone knew it all along… conspiracy theorists no more. It is amazing how the 9/11 truthers are mocked, until the evidence is laid out, then everyone knew it all along… conspiracy theorists no more.

            It is amazing how the General Flynn supporters are mocked, until General Flynn is exonerated by the evidence… then every one knew it all along, conspiracy theorists no more…

            What is really amazing is that people believe anything that the idiot box paid liars tell them, or the wild unsubstantiated claims by some stranger on the internet with zero evidence to back up his-story (History) line, until enough evidence is put on the table to completely destroy the propaganda BS – then they will all have known it all along…

            When I say amazing, of course, I mean frustrating.

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    • dp May 12, 07:15

      Paladin Pythus,

      Good advice. I will try to tone it down a bit. 🙂

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  12. dp May 12, 20:16

    I don’y have patience with you anymore RED.

    Here is your reply to your last comment. specifically, that calling a person a liar is the same as calling GOD a liar?????

    Have completely lost it?

    Now, whatever BS that you choose to spout is the word of GOD???? Are you insane???? Disagreeing with you is now blasphemy????

    How do you people become so arrogant?????

    Reply to this comment
    • red May 13, 04:20

      Better read your Bible. I’m not the one carrying this argument. You are with false pride. Your entire post shows nothing but arrogance and a lack of control.

      Reply to this comment
    • red May 13, 15:11

      Try reading your Bible instead of supporting liberal values.

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  13. dp May 13, 16:56

    You folks do love projection. lol

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  14. Omegaclass May 13, 18:11

    I think this conversation should end, nothing can now be gained in doing so.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kathysedai October 22, 16:25

      I wish there were another Avenue for your discussion. I was looking for comments related to the article, but have frankly forgotten what it was about while scrolling through your conversation. No disrespect to any of you is meant, but if as a subscriber to the site, I do prefer to gain information from others and best practices that will help my family related to survival.
      I wish you all a wonderful day and many happy discourses, preferably where we are not privy to the battleground

      Reply to this comment
      • dp October 23, 05:42

        My apologies. There were no other comments. I have included a link for Rich M Articles:

        You may want to read one of his newer and more active articles, and ask him to delete and re-post the Navy Seal article to see if you can get comments. Deleting the old article and re-posting it should get an empty comment section. Maybe you can get comments this time around.

        You can also contact Claude (site owner) directly and ask him to do that. Explain to him that the discussion got side tracked early on, you want to see what the comments are from early on this time around…

        Again, I apologize… but spats like this happen here from time to time. If anyone else were going to comment the article at all – then one of the other long time locals would have stepped in and posted to: “take your argument outside boys, you are side tracking the discussion.” The argument would have stopped, and the rest of the comment section would have been valid article related comments.

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