Why Put Onions in Your Socks Before Sleeping

By Rebecca October 16, 2017 08:19

Why Put Onions in Your Socks Before Sleeping

When your access to medical services is limited–whether because of a temporary natural disaster or a more permanent grid-down situation—relying on tried-and-true ancient methods of healing could save your own, or a loved one’s, life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCMThousands of years ago, an alternative form of medicine began in China that focused on a more holistic and whole-body approach to healing. Those practices, now known as Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, have evolved over the years and helped millions of people suffering from a wide array of diseases. In a disaster scenario, the methods used by the ancient Chinese can be employed easily, since the majority of the healing ingredients come from nature and, therefore, can be grown yourself – no pharmacy required!

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How your feet affect your health

Traditional Chinese medicine advocates claim that certain nutrients can be absorbed through the skin to heal a myriad of diseases and ailments: everything from insomnia to clogged arteries can be cured with a simple poultice or soak in the right combination of natural herbs. This theory is based on the belief that every part of the body is connected, similar to a giant spiderweb, by a meridian (channel) system that can absorb and redistribute the medicine where it is needed. Acupoints—the areas focused on during acupressure—are prime absorption sites, as this is where the qi (vital energy) of the body’s organs and the meridians meet.

While traditional Chinese medicine teaches that health benefits can be achieved by absorbing nutrients through any area of the skin, some areas—the feet, forehead, and palms, especially—are better than others.

Feet have long been seen, both by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners and others, to be a powerful healing site for the entire body. The feet are made up of various acupoints and nerve endings that are connected to vital organs in your body. By absorbing nutrients and minerals through the feet, the “good stuff” your body needs is drawn in through the skin and travels on the meridians to your vital organs, instead of being wasted in other areas of the body.stimulated reflexology points feet

Supercharge your health by adding onions to your slumber

Onions have been grown and used for food and medicine for nearly 5,000 years. This widely used vegetable is part of the Allium-bulb family and is one of the easiest to grow—and hardest to kill—of any vegetable in your prepper garden.

You may already know that onions are a low-calorie food that is high in Vitamin C and fiber. But other health benefits of the onion aren’t as widely known. In traditional Chinese medicine, onions are thought to provide energy, induce perspiration and urination for detoxification of the body, and to fight off illnesses caused by germs and viruses. The strong antibacterial and anti-viral properties in onions can help ward off conditions ranging from foot odor to the common flu.onioninfographic

By placing sliced onions in your socks, you can purify your blood, draw out toxins, and eradicate disease when the nutrients and phosphoric acid in the onions is absorbed by your feet – the millions of nerve endings in your feet work with the meridians to absorb and redistribute the onion’s natural properties throughout the entire body.

Tips to maximize the healing power of placing onions in your socks

  • Use an organic onion (you don’t want pesticides being absorbed by your skin)
  • Make sure the onion slices are on the bottom of your feet, not the top, to maximize absorption
  • Cotton socks are best and help to minimize the smell
  • If the smell of the onion bothers you (or your spouse), sprinkle a few drops of complementary scented essential oils to the outside of your socks or on a cotton pillowcase

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By Rebecca October 16, 2017 08:19
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  1. Clay Talbot October 16, 14:51

    I am an inventor of sorts — also 86yrs young — send me your problems and see if I can give you a gadget to help or a solution of your problem — Gadgets and Doohickies — Clay

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    • stay active October 16, 17:58

      Arthritis only in my thumb joints. What have you got. I am 66 yrs old.

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      • Nicole October 18, 21:30

        Copaiba essential oil – one drop on each thumb rubbed into the area with a carrier oil (coconut, for example) 3-4x a day when needed. It can also be applied undiluted IF you have no negative skin reaction to it. Copaiba essential oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. You can reach me through my username above if you have any other questions I can help with!

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      • cj March 16, 14:50

        Hi! Couldn’t help responding to your dilemma. I too have “Uncle Arthur” in my thumbs, and I learned something from my grandfather that is amazing. I take 3 tablets of Alfalfa every day and have NO problems at all! I know it sounds wierd, but alfalfa is the answer to arthritis at any point in your body. You can also eat alfalfa sprouts and get some relief. I take tablets that are 500 mg each, and 3 do the trick for me. My grandfather had a slipped disc in his spine and a severe case of arthritis and he took 3 tablets 3 times a day. Worked like a charm, he gave up playing tennis to come live with me! You really can’t overdose with this so adjust for your needs. Good luck, hope you feel better soon.

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      • Cookie March 17, 05:08

        I had arthritis in my pinkie finger joint and it hurt so bad, if I had the guts, I would have chopped it off with a masheti. I got an Absorbine Jr. Pad and cut it in and inch width all the way across and wrapped it around that joint. Then I put regular scotch tape over it to keep it from peeling off. I left in on for 24 hours, then put a new one on the next night and the night after that (3 days total) and I have never had pain in that joint again! It worked for me!

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    • Anna Mae October 16, 18:34

      I have an island home that sits on top of a hill. I have my window screens screwed on from the inside. I currently have no glass in the windows.
      On the outside I have wooden shutters with hinges on the top to secure the home while I am gone and while I am in residence I open them. Sometimes however I have a problem. The prevailing wind can be so strong that I need to close the shutters in order to cook inside over gas stove. But to close the shutters I need to unprop my shutters held by a long Long stick from ground level ( lowest side of the hill) to the bottom of the shutter.
      I thought about getting the strong arm lift hinges used for pick up bed toppers. There are many ways to solve this but until I build a new deck out front where I might be able to actually reach the window, I need a solution that doesn’t involve dangerous ladders and long sticks!

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      • Nicole October 17, 03:28

        Wow, Anna Mae, sounds like an amazing place to live! I know I’m not Clay, but after reading your post, the first thing that comes to mind is removing the screws from the screens and putting hinges on them instead with latches to secure them. That way you could just unlatch the screens, swing them open, then reach out and close the shutters all from inside – re-latch the screen and you’re good to go! 🙂

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    • Rick October 17, 22:06

      I am interested in a tray of warm extra fine sand that one could dip hands in while wearing some lined gloves to relieve arthritis pain in hands

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      • Graywolf12 December 11, 16:43

        Check with your local physical therapist to see where they buy theirs.

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      • cj March 16, 14:57

        Hi Rick! I responded to “stay active” with this if you can go back up in responses. Learned from my grandfather to take alfalfa tablets for my arthritis pain. I take 3 tablets a day at 500mg each and they work like a dream for me. No more arthritis pain. You may have to adjust for your problems but I suggest starting with 3 tablets a day (I take mine in the morning) and add to them if you need it. My grandfather took 3 tablets 3 times a day for a slipped disc that was overgrown with arthritis, and he quit playing tennis to come live with me. Good luck!

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      • Mustang5877 May 29, 06:31

        After hand surgery, the physical therapist had me doing exactly that. In addition, I would squeeze a “worry” ball to build up hand strength, and I had warm air blowing over my hand. I was very refreshing and rejuvenating. After a few weeks at half an hour at a time I was well healed. The sand was not extra fine, more like playground sand. Great idea.

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      • Miss Kitty May 29, 11:56

        You can get a paraffin wax hand soak at Dr Leonard’s. Melt it, then dip your hands in to soak – the wax peels away when it cools. I believe there are other ingredients which let it melt at a much lower temperature – regular wax melted can cause bad burns. The heat might help. A lot of people swear by apple cider vinegar and honey equal parts (1-2 T each to 1c hot water) drunk daily. Add a drop of Tabasco to up the pain relieving quality.

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      • jennie November 28, 08:48

        Try plain white rice (dry) in a microwaveable bowl.

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    • EddieW February 23, 18:28

      In the event of a power outage, I have no way o keep warm, except a space blanket. There is a chemical one can put in water that will make it boil, thought I could use that and a 6 gallon plastic bucket, perhaps throwing in those foot warmers when it cools down a little. right now my finances are tight, and I can’t afford
      sun type heater. any ideas? Thank you

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    • captaink February 24, 01:27

      Cray, solar powered motion lights are generally very dim but some cheap flashlights give 300 lumins with only one aa battery. Can you cob ( pun intended ) the two together ?

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    • Marilyn May 28, 22:46

      I have tried EVERYTHING to lose weight, I eat healthy and use superfoods, nothing is working…any ideas…I have telling me all kinds of stuff, high protein low carbs, no meat or fruit only veggies…no eggs, no meat, no carbs…I’m so confused

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      • Allen May 28, 22:59

        Two things what age group are you. And what is your history of junk food. I see from your statement above you have tried lots of things but NO where on that list to I see exercise. A diet no matter how good without exercise will not work worth much. Most of those diet programs don’t work either other than to make your wallet loss weight. Best one I have ever seen and seems to work on everyone. (1) Clean your kidneys and liver first go to health food store ask them for Kidney and liver cleaners. Stay away from sodias all kind, (2) after you’ve done a good cleanse start your diet. Become a vegan not vegetarian but vegan. With exercise you will lose as much as 1/2 per day as little as 3 lbs a week. Depending on you. This will go on until your reach the right weight for your height and then just stop losing. Again exercise is a must to lose the weight and that is true with any diet. Except for the wallet diet. it loses weight with little effort.

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      • EddieW May 29, 02:34

        The newest thing is Avacado oil! Take a tablespoon at bedtime, they say to lose 20 pounds a week!
        I just got my oil today…might pre sample before tonight see about the flavor!! I lost about 6 pounds taking coconut oil for a week or so…but nothing beyond that.

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      • Nicole May 29, 19:45

        The first thing I’d ask is if you have a health condition that may be affecting your metabolism (i.e. hypothyroid, diabetes, etc)? Second question is whether or not you take any prescription medications that may be affecting your weight…many do. If you are truly following any of the diet-types you mentioned, there should be at least some weight loss. Exercising is important to burn calories, but if you’re not really consuming any, then most likely there is an underlying issue. A food sensitivity test may be helpful to find out what’s triggering your body to react and eliminate those foods. Also,a naturopathic/holistic doctor could be the best option for you.

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      • sandman January 31, 08:55

        Excess weight is associated with stress. That’s common knowledge, but not everyone realizes that past trauma can cause the body to maintain extra weight. The trauma doesn’t even have to be that bad. Last year, I had a realization about my life and ended up losing 15 pounds. I had been trying to tone my belly and thighs for years and It just spontaneously dropped off in the course of a month and I had to buy new jeans. Therapy, meditation, etc., can help you discover whatever you might need to deal with. .

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    • ROZ June 3, 13:42

      How to purify drinking water. I currently buy it distilled in plastic gallon bottles.

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    • will August 2, 04:24

      If youre serious I’m interested

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    • Lisa January 16, 22:47

      Thyoid, low metabolism, high blood pressure.

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  2. Wannabe October 16, 16:06

    I’m thinking if you need a midnight snack no need to get up and go to the fridge just eat the onions. Sorry, had to say it

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  3. Ugly Mutt October 16, 16:46

    Natural medicines are much better than the synthetic stuff we use now. Have a friend that had gotten burned, he tried the “medical” way of healing and said more pain than anything and they said he would be scared for life, he used all natural medications and “oxygen” therapy, you can barley tell that he was burned.

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  4. Clay Talbot October 16, 16:56

    Please send inquires to cgtalbot@bellsouth.net–no fee unless I solve your problem — Say me — Clay

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    • Teri October 16, 23:55

      Hey Clay I’ll take you up on your offer. I get daily headaches migraines I’m told. They are awful and nothing I have tried helps. What do you suggest?

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      • Nicole October 17, 04:21

        Hi Teri – I had a reply all written up, but it didn’t post 🙁 I think I can offer a helpful suggestion. Try balancing your pH level. You can email me from my website attached to my name above and I can give you more specific info if you’d like.

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      • Jim October 18, 16:36

        Get an E.N.T. to look at you . Mine fixed my deviated septum and found a cyst in my nose that he got out . My daily headaches are gone . there are a lot of different things that could cause your headaches though . an EMT could solve just about all of them

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      • Toni March 16, 16:03

        I start getting migraines at age 45 years old never had them. I read woman had low magnesium. I took for a month, and when I feel one coming on I take right away.

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      • Allen May 30, 03:50

        Teri Don’t know if this is for you but it helped my roommate from having migraines. She started keeping a very detailed log of everything she would eat. After about 11 migraines in a 9 week time span. She saw a pattern. 42 hours almost the the min after eating peanut butter. she got a migraine. You the kind you close the windows from the light and put on sun glasses in the house. Well against her taste buds desire she stopped the one thing that fit the pattern peanut butter. No more migraines. She doesn’t eat it any more but she still wants it. I just tell her sure I’ll go get you an instant migraine. She then turns it down. Make a very Detail list of your eating habits you might find something there.

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  5. left coast chuck October 16, 17:06

    When I was on Taiwan, one of our trucks was involved in a collision with a Taiwanese on a bicycle. He came off second best with a compound fracture of his thigh bone. We went to settle his claim. He was in an herbalist’s clinic being treated. The Chinese herbalist was treating his compound fracture with poultices. The bone was still sticking through the skin of his leg some period of time after it was broken. Can’t remember now how many days later. It was almost 60 years ago. The claims officer said he was willing to settle for $500 and any time he could settle a personal injury claim for $500 he would do it, regardless of who was at fault and that it was none of our business how he decided to treat his injury. Once we paid him and got his thumbprint on the release form we were done and out of there. I learned a couple of lessons from that episode. One lesson was, even though you might not be at fault, sometimes it is more expedient to just pay a small sum and walk away. The witnesses all indicated that the bicycle rider either deliberately rode in front of the truck or somehow lost his balance and rode in front of the truck. The other lesson was that herbalism is not all it is cracked up to be. That herbalist, had he held the patient’s best interests, would have referred the patient to a western style hospital to get his bone set surgically. The herbs most certainly were not going to get the bone back through the skin and joined to the rest of the bone. The Taiwanese guy was going to be a cripple for the rest of his life if he didn’t die from septicemia. With modern medicine, the bone could have been rejoined and he would have healed, perhaps with pain at the site of the break, but he would have been able to walk again.

    You can stick all the onions you want in your socks; don’t expect them to heal a compound fracture of your fibula.

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    • Clergylady October 16, 20:50

      That almost doesn’t deserve a reply. We agree an onion will not set a broken bone. But there are teas and poltices that will help healing once the bone is set.

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    • common sense October 17, 12:43

      Just as dumb: using the cut burn and poison MDs to treat cancer before trying the modern, natural cures. Yes, surgery is sometimes the best, but not often.

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    • david e May 28, 21:22

      The herbalist was first treating the pain so he could later set the bone. He did not think a poultice would cure a broken bone.

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    • Miss Kitty May 29, 12:21

      The so-called herbalist should have either given your guy a referral or set the bone themself. There are quacks in every field – even traditional healers – most reputable healers do know how to set broken bones.

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  6. Anna Mae October 16, 18:38

    Duh. There is a time and place for onions and obviously a sore throat is completely different than a protruding major bone. We are not THAT stupid, I can’t believe you suggested it!

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  7. Patty October 16, 19:31

    I am seldom ill. I can’t remember the last time I was sick but I do remember one time I WAS sick as a dog. Whatever it was, it was a doozie. Nothing helped, no meds touched it. My son in law told me it was a Polish cure for flu and illness to put cut up onions in the socks prior to bed. I woke up next morning totally back to health. I am convinced this is the cure for the worst of flu, etc.

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  8. Clergylady October 16, 20:47

    If an onion in my socks will help or cure a sore throat, the flu or other such things…I’ll use the onion. I don’t get sick often but once i pass from that point where it’s trying to get me to where it has me…then it really has me. I go into pnuemonia very easy at that point. An onion in my sock is childs play compared to pnuemonia, doctors, perscriptions, and hospitals. No penecillian for me either. Alergic so horribly that at 13 it created a 105+ feaver and I stayed in a 5 day coma from ampicillian. I love and use natural meds. Hadn’t tried an onion but I use careful diet, grow a garden, use many wild foods and medicines and can or dry food and herbs for future use.

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    • left coast chuck October 16, 21:18

      At least onions are cheap and aside from perhaps giving you a foot rash, won’t have any harmful effect. Dr. Gott used that criterium for suggesting folks remedies. Have to be cheap. Have to have no harmful effects. Not to be used to treat fatal serious conditions. Go ahead. If it works for you, fine. If it doesn’t, no great harm done. There is no magic bean. Snake oil salesmen have been selling magic beans for centuries and gullible folks have been buying magic beans for as long as they have been sold. It would be nice if our government wonks would let helpful drugs that have been approved in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Japan, England, Norway, Sweden, Denmark come to market and instead of bowing to political pressure and lobbyists kept harmful drugs off the market. The one common link between all the shooters involved in the news in the past twenty-five years is the use of psychotropic drugs. One of the listed side effects of that class of drug is feelings of aggression. Hmm. Wonder if there is a connection there? Yet because that category of drug is a huge money maker, no governmental agency is actively investigating the possible connection. Oh, or am I some kind of conspiracist, seeing goblins where there are none?

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  9. None October 16, 21:19

    Ordered lost ways 2 and other items at ther same time over a month ago from an ad on your site. Has He not received them yet. Clikbank has charged me for them. Was this as scam or would they send me my goods?

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    • Older prepper October 16, 23:49

      Hi, are you aware they are digital copys, not hard copy’s?


      You have to down load them. I did not know that either.

      Reply to this comment
      • Snoopy October 17, 00:46

        Was not sent a link or confirmation tho download a anything

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      • Chezza October 17, 01:09

        I didn’t realise it was a download either . How are we supposed to view the download when the SHTF ??? Stupid really

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        • DRbrtsn December 27, 19:56

          A tablet makes a GREAT SHTF Mobile library that can also store copies of vital records. (Not the same as originals but at least can show who you are).
          Consider a small solar charger as a companion peripheral. Now you have a vast library of downloaded material, entertainment, document file that can be recharged many times. Add in a USB / Micro SD card storage device that allows you to both store and move files from one device to another and, well, you get the idea. Cost is not high especially when you consider the benefits.

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    • Michael M October 17, 01:06

      I have ordered and received both of “The Lost Ways ” books and the e-books that were to come with them. When you ordered, did you order the “physical” or “digital “copy or both? Contact Claude Davis @ The Lost Ways and they’ll get you straightened out. You’ll need your email confirmation (clickbank) should be able to help you with that if you don’t have it. With that they will check your status or what happened to the order.

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    • Sarah Davis October 17, 13:37

      Hi Snoopy,

      Thank you so much for purchasing The Lost Ways II. You have purchased the book in digital form, not in physical form. I have sent you the confirmation email where you can access and download the book and the 2 bonuses.

      If there is anything else you need please send an email at support@askaprepper.com or claude.davis@askaprepper.com

      God bless,
      Sarah Davis

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    • Gunny August 6, 17:17

      I have received both version 1 and 2, had to order the hardcopies, only have computer at work. But you do have to order the hardcopy otherwise like everyone said it comes in a download copy.

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  10. Snoopy October 16, 21:20

    Ordered lost ways 2 and other items at ther same time over a month ago from an ad on your site. Has He not received them yet. Clikbank has charged me for them. Was this as scam or would they send me my goods?

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    • Michael M October 17, 01:11

      No Snoopy this isn’t a scam. I’ve ordered and received the physical copy and digital copy of both The Lost Ways books plus the e-books. Contact Claude Davis @The Lost Ways with your confirmation number and he’ll help you get it straightened out.

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  11. Wannabe October 16, 22:10

    Am not opposed to trying this when nothing else is working and my wife can stand the smell. Much rather have them on my sandwich and not feet. Or sautéed or fried or stir fry. Gotta go just got hungry.

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  12. Older prepper October 16, 23:51

    Hi, onions have antibiotic property’s, and one recommendation is to put onions on your gums, if they are infected. Then ONION juice put into your ear, to help with ear infection. The OLD folks, used what they had. Just passing on some old information. Garlic is great too.

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    • JJ November 2, 15:50

      Every time I have an earache beginning, I use any oil(I use olive oil)with garlic smashedand warmed in a microwave .
      Just a few drops and secure with cotton ball in ear.
      It has never failed me.

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      • EddieW May 28, 20:04

        I used to get ear ionfections when I put water in them…Teh Doc gave me a prescription…had ti take it 7 days, but by them I had a new infection!! Finally tried Colloidal silver, put in for 6 minutes, it’s finished!! They say 4 minutes will do, but I go for over kill! and always works….Don’t even get ear infections anymore!!

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  13. Ether64 October 17, 04:50

    If you slice the onion & put the slices in your socks to sleep in, how long does the onion Last? How many times can you use that slice of onion in your socks before you have to change it? No one mentioned that. Also, any opinions on the value of the Lost ways books? Was it worth the asking price, or was it a rehash of info you could easily google? Thanks.

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  14. Nicole October 17, 05:47

    The onions will last overnight, Ether, and you can just keep the remaining portion of the onion in the refrigerator until the next time you’re ready to use it. The more it dries out, the less effective it is, so I wouldn’t go any longer than a week. The size of the slices and the onion itself will also be a factor. And the red (purple) onions are better to use than the yellows because of nutrient content. Red onions are good for thyroid problems too.

    As for the book, I’ve had it for about 1.5 years now. I love it and found it very informative and easy to use as a reference. I keep it with my prepping stuff, so I don’t pull it out too often, but wanted it so that I had something tangible in my hand to refer to if SHTF and I had no internet or emails to refer to 🙂

    Sorry for the all my posts tonight, folks – I seem to be on a roll! lol

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  15. rednig October 17, 06:13

    An onion a day, the Germans say, will keep you kin good health. All food is medicine. Treat it like that and eat well. And, make or buy copper and brass pots and cups. Long before we had even a theory of germs, people fended off bacteria with copper and viral infections with zinc. To overcome poor medical services to poor people, in S. and C. America, people are self-treating malaria and even AIDS with zinc and copper, just by using the metals. When struck with viral pneumonia (which happens several times each winter) I take zinc. 50 mlg several times a day (warning, always eat something beforehand, new to zinc, it causes stomachaches and nausea). For the lungs, a little ground cloves in a cigarette, sometime 3 or 4 a day, will kill it. Flu, same. One great-grandfather was an herbalist. Tobacco and so on were standards, and he lived to nearly 100, still a genius, still conversant with medical practitioners who were friends in Latin and Greek. Still very much a fundamental Christian 🙂

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    • JJ November 2, 15:54

      Maybe if you took elderberry tablets or syrup every day, you’d enhance your immune systeam and not have illnesses every year…DUH!!
      I’ve never had a flu or cold..preventive is the way to go.

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      • EddieW May 28, 20:09

        I haven’t had a cold or flu in 40 years, but at the very first sign of one, I pop a 500MG Vitamin C And a vitamin D-3 for good measure, and it is history!!!

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  16. Ann Tafoya October 17, 12:45

    I have left over very sensitive nerve endings from shingles. Is there a natural remedy to calm my nerve endings down?

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    • Nicole October 17, 18:56

      Ann – I posted a comment to you below, but it didn’t show under the reply…I’m sorry about that!

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    • Tom August 28, 00:47

      I washed mine (shingle sores) good with apple cider vinegar…………..then applied cold pressed, non refined virgin coconut oil liberally………….no pain whatsoever……….no scars either…… went away fairly quickly………hardly ever itched at all…………..I have known a few people that had shingles that drove them crazy itching……..but you couldn’t scratch them…………

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  17. Nicole October 17, 18:03

    Ann – I have a couple of suggestions:

    For itching and burning – 8 drops Rose Geranium essential oil in 1 tsp coconut oil. Combine in a small bowl and apply to affected area 3 times a day until outbreak subsides.

    Bergamot essential oil can ease pain by numbing the nerves, it’s antifungal and helps inhibit the shingles virus. Apply one drop to the affected area at the first sign of a “tingle” coming on up to 3 times a day. (Q-tips are great for this) Bergamot is a sun-sensitive EO, so avoid prolonged sun exposure when using it.

    Both Vitamin B12 and Zinc support immune function and may help with shingles symptoms. An Echinacea and Elderberry help fight off infections and viruses (500mg 3x a day)

    You could also blend 2-4 drops each of Tea Tree, Peppermint, Helichrysum and Oregano with an organic Shea butter or my toxic-free citrus body butter to use as a lotion.

    If you have any other questions – my contact information is attached to my name above.

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    • Rebs December 13, 05:04

      Nicole, my 85 year old mother developed shingles 3 months ago and is now having those shooting nerve pains around her head. Will any of this be a good option for her?

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      • Nicole December 13, 18:37

        Yes, absolutely, Rebs! – she can follow the same recommendations as above. Note that a weakened immune systems will oftentimes enable shingles to surface, so boosting her immunity with organic supplements is an important part of the healing process. I highly recommend Black Elderberry and Echinacea tinctures you can find at your local health food markets (i.e. Whole Foods or Natural Grocers, etc) rather than the tablet/capsule types.

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  18. Vicki October 17, 18:19

    Hypothyroidism. I currently take Armour Thyroid 45mg., but lately I’ve wondered if there’s a natural alternative considering Armour is a prescription. I’ve also considered Kelp but how would you regulate the dosage, even with a blood test? I take no other medications. Thank you for your information.

    Reply to this comment
    • Nicole October 17, 21:25

      I’ve tried to reply three times to your post, Vicki, but it won’t go through for some reason. If you’d like to email me or contact me through my username above, I’d be happy to send you what I tried to post through email.

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  19. Levi October 17, 18:40

    This article is complete and utter bullshit. There is no scientific evidence that onions can draw out “toxins” (whatever that means) or “purify” your blood.

    See here: http://www.snopes.com/onion-in-your-sock-cure/

    I’m really disappointed in this site. This phony tip has nothing to do with prepping and makes all preppers look bad.

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    • Nicole October 17, 19:43

      It’s a shame you feel that way, Levi – prepping is all about alternative ways to be prepared and to take care of yourself and your family if/when SHTF.

      Our bodies are fully capable of healing and repairing themselves – however, the toxic and synthetic chemicals that we put in and on our bodies constantly break down our body’s self-ability heal. Your mouth is one of the quickest ways to absorb things into your bloodstream. Did you know your toothpaste is poisonous? Look at the back of the tube, you’ll see most contain Sodium Hydroxide, the same chemical used in Drano. Why should you have to call a poison control center if you ingest it? It’s most certainly getting into your bloodstream anyway just by brushing with it for a minute or so.

      98% of breast cancers have parabens in the infected tissue – those parabens come from chemicals in our everyday products. It is not naturally occurring and therefore can’t get in your system unless you put it there somehow. Most women put over 200 toxic chemicals on their body just before going to work in the morning. Men – over 100.

      Glycols are use in anti-freeze, food, and beauty products, etc. The higher a PEG# in your ingredient list, the worse it is for you. When the toxins build up in our body over time, that’s when problems like cancer, tumors, depression, thyroid disease, etc., start to happen.

      Medicines have ALL originated from plants, until companies started making synthetic versions. There’s no reason why an onion wouldn’t work or at least help. If the thing can make you “cry” just by cutting it open, your body can certainly absorb it from the bottom of your feet and get into your bloodstream – the second most absorbable part of your body after the mouth.

      The object is to stop putting toxic chemicals in and on your body so that your body can do it’s own healing the way it was made to do. Natural remedies and essential oils simply support your body to be able to do just that. Kind of like learning to ride a bicycle – you probably needed help keeping your balance at first, but then once you got the hang of it, you were able to ride on your own. Once your internal body system is in balance, it can take it from there.

      Most of what we eat is also highly acidic. Can your goldfish live in a tank that is not pH balance? Does your swimming pool start turning green if the pH level gets off? How well do plants in your garden grow if the ph of the soil is wrong? Our bodies are 70% water – if we’re not pH balanced too, we open ourselves up to all kinds of sicknesses.

      Prepping 101…lol – prepare yourselves BEFORE SHTF 😉

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      • Nicole October 17, 19:48

        Just to clarify – parabens that are present in foods are very different than those in personal care products.

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      • Wannabe October 18, 12:03

        Well put Nicole. I was going to mention the fact that medicines we take have originated from natural resources such as plants and other God produced resources on this earth. Remember all the big protests about amazon rain forest being destroyed because of development and expansion of modern living? Many were saying there might be a cure for cancer in there. So please Levi, don’t discredit this as a means of healing.

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    • Dad October 18, 00:06

      I gathered herbs for a living wile living in Mo. 5 years to be exact. I sold to a government agent who sold to big farma.
      I also during that time saved my sons life with ginger root to lower his really high fever. Unless you have tried various herbs for a few years you have no business telling others that they dont work.

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      • Levi October 18, 13:54

        I never said there are no herbs with medicinal properties. I said putting slices of onions in your socks is a BS tip. Show me one peer-reviewed scientific study that says otherwise.

        And Nicole, I agree that the mouth is one of the quickest ways to absorb things into your bloodstream. That’s why you should try eating onions, not sticking them in your socks.

        Enjoy sleeping in a bed that reeks of onions.

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        • Ether64 October 18, 14:44

          Just because YOU have not found scientificevidence to support this, does not make it invalid; and your cynicism is unnecessary.

          As an LMT, I know for a fact that many health problems can be treated through the foot. In fact, toxins can be removed from the body through the foot by more than one technique.

          This why I am willing to explore this possible new method. There are many valid natural techniques that science will not support, because it devalues or disproves science by showing the unnecessary use of nature in scientific chemical transformations for the purpose of profit.

          In modern scientific terminology, this has long been referred to as quackery, by those who have profited for centuries by creating sickness & disease.

          So please, forgive those of us who have the sense to look for natural alternatives that you may not have found scientific information to support. We are looking for natural means proven by natural use or witnesses that can testify per experience or through forgotten wisdom and provide natural techniques and answers. Be blessed.

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          • rednig October 23, 06:14

            Here, here! Good answer. My problems stem from fetus onward. Left up to doctors, I would have been a spontaneous abortion. My great-grandfather was an herbal doctor, and helped Mom thru a difficult pregnancy. I should not have survived childhood, but learned what was good and what not. No more gluten! It makes everything worse. Chemical meds have their place, but the body, and germs, quickly get used to them, then they fail. I like zinc and cloves for most things. Zinc kills viral infections and clove bacterial. Walk in beauty.

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    • JJ November 2, 16:00

      This insult from someone who uses Snopes??

      Enough said!!

      Snopes is edited by a couple of idiots in a basement somewhere.

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    • Izzy August 27, 13:57

      LOL @ Snopes. You do know most of their crap had been debunked?

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    • George Bush Sr. June 8, 16:42

      If you believe anything “Snopes” tells you, then you have much bigger issues than what is being said on this site.
      Talk about full of crap, Snopes will tell you Oswald killed Kennedy…..yeah right.
      And 9-11 was a bunch of Saudis who flew 747’s and planned from caves in Iraq…..
      And Trump colluded with the Russians….You’ll obviously believe anything MSM tells you, go back to sleep….

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  20. Smiley481 October 17, 19:54

    For years my husband and I have used onions to bring our children temperature down, when running a fever. Just cut an onion in half put them on their feet (cover with socks) and the next day fever is gone and the onion is “cooked” it only works while they are small, after about 75 lbs it stops working.

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  21. Ether64 October 17, 20:09

    Hi Nicole,
    So how frequently should this process with the onion be done? Thanks.

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    • Nicole October 17, 20:41

      Depends what you want to use it for, Ether. To detoxify, I would recommend 30 nights, but for things like fever or colds, etc., more like just a week or until the symptoms subside. As another poster mentioned, they worked well on her childrens’ feet for fevers overnight, but not after they got older.

      Natural remedies can take longer to achieve results because they are natural remedies. As I described above, the goal is to support the body to heal itself rather than cover up a symptom (or worse, create new ones) the way today’s Rx’s do.

      Also take into consideration what you’re putting on your body while you’re doing the onion detox – for example, if all your daily products going in are toxic, it’s very hard for the onions to keep up and pull those toxins out. This is why it’s hard for a lot of people to see results and many don’t believe natural remedies work.

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      • Jj November 2, 16:07

        Natural remedies can take longer to achieve results because they are natural remedies. As I described above, the goal is to support the body to heal itself

        And let’s not forget–the average doctor today sends parents home with antibiotics, when it’s proven antibiotics are ineffective for flu and colds–these are viral infections, not a bacterial infections.

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      • Cookie March 17, 05:48

        Well there’s an old saying and it stand so true: You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. I feel sorry for all my friends I feel are ignorant to not wanting to try something alternative first for any kind of ailment. I’m living proof and have escaped the knife of surgery twice already – once with a cyst on my ovary I eliminated on my own with a natural herb and recently cleared my left carotid artery that was in the significant “red” range down to normal – I have these paper results to prove it and send out to many, many people.

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        • EddieW March 17, 18:18

          You are so right!!! Took a pill for acid reflux…$100.00 for 30 pills..My doc provided them free, so I could hook up with Mexico, then $40.00 for 100 pills! But I discovered a cure!! and published it! but was told that cure was published in some medical journal a year ago. I forgot the cure!!! now wish I had it to help others! Had super allergies for about 5 years, was becoming afraid! Started taking Tumeric….Bye bye allergies!!!

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  22. vocalpatriot October 18, 01:15

    Yeah, NO. let’s look for the most ignorant wives tale to latch onto…everyone knows onions in your socks does NOT trump a chicken in your underwear…jeez..

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    • Will Stick with the Onion October 19, 16:46

      So have you ever cut an onion ? obviously it has some properties that are exclusive to an onion. The reason western medicine does not use natural cures is “Profit” !

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    • rednig October 23, 06:09

      Herbalists will cut up onions, leaving them around a sick room. They knew for centuries onions kill diseases, but did not know why. They also used onions as a blood cleanser. These things work, or modern practitioners wouldn’t use them. This is listed in home remedies by doctors. For most things, zinc and cloves are best, but with caution. All food is medicine! Even deep-fried hushpuppies have some benefit 🙂

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  23. Jeanie October 21, 13:32

    Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. I’ve tried it, it works. period.Now I have a question…I am interested is buying some herbs but I don’t trust buying them from just anyone. I want to know that what I am buying is the real thing in it’s purest form. Any ideas where I might start looking? Thank you for this article.

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  24. Ether64 October 23, 13:29

    Just wondered. You mentioned cloves. How are those used, and to treat what? Thanks.

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    • rednig October 24, 07:42

      Ether, cloves are a very powerful (called hot) antibacterial. I tend to get bronchitis and pneumonia attacks because I have to take antihistamines daily I live in a damp state, lots of mildew). Cloves for this are smoked. do not never ever put a whole clove in a cigarette! It’ll blow up. A quarter teaspoon (ground or crushed) in the end of a cigarette, up to 4 a day knocks both problems out. If the problem is a virus, then 50 mlg of zinc 3-4 times a day will knock it out. Neither should be overused! Ambisol is oil of cloves with inert ingredients. Clove cigarettes were outlawed under Obama because after smoking 20+ a day for decades, some people develop heart problems. BTW, zinc is being used by physicians in C. and S. America to kill malaria. We have no chemicals that will kill a virus, but zinc does. It literally blows them up. this seems like a good site: https://www.organicfacts.net/health-benefits/herbs-and-spices/health-benefits-of-cloves.html
      when in doubt, don’t. If something is doubtful, then do not try it.
      I have to get a niece in Germany to send me some medicated Scotch snuff. It’s the only think I’ve found that stops a bronchial asthma attack in its tracks. Snuff, camphor, and peppermint oil.
      Do you use rosemary for food poisoning? One level teaspoon of dried leaves in a cup of boiling water. Let steep for at least ten minutes, then sip. No more than two a day, but even severe cases are usually cleared up after one. Walk in beauty.

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      • EddieeW May 28, 20:21

        There is something that will kill a virus!!! It’s called Colloidal Silver! Great for even MERSA bacteria! No virus or bacteria can become immune to it, because it’s not a poison!! It tells an enzyme to shut down, and bacteria & Viurus cannot breathe!!
        Had a lady here, with Diabetes, big sore on foot, they set up an appointment to amputate, I tried to get them to try Colloidal silver for just 2 days, to really slow the infection….she is still here minus a foot!! they wouldn’t allow this!!!

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    • Nicole October 26, 17:56

      Ether – Clove essential oil can be used to fight candida, improve oral health, fight parasites, improve acne, fight cold and flu viruses, supports healthy blood pressure levels, it’s anti-anemic, anti-fungal and is high in antioxidant properties . As rednig said, it’s a “hot” oil and should always be diluted when using topically and internal use should never exceed two weeks consecutively. (Cancer patients should avoid it altogether). It is also one of the best EOs to improve dental erosion and remineralize teeth.

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  25. rednig October 27, 06:02

    You added to my knowledge, be blessed. !

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  26. TONI January 25, 20:53

    I avoid keno for my breast cancer. Didn’t want it took my chances, I realized that the doctor gave me the final answer I needed. She said that my heart would be weaken by three powerful poison of keno. I am happy to say that I’m on my 5th year 2013-2018. I have pain and burning on my feet. Is there remedy.

    Reply to this comment
    • Nicole January 25, 23:21

      Hi Toni – when you say keno, are you referring to “chemo” as in chemotherapy? Congratulations on reaching the 5yr mark…hooray! A high quality Copaiba essential oil is great for nerve pain. You can dilute one to two drops with a carrier oil (like organic coconut oil), then apply to desired area. Turmeric and Frankincense essential oils are also fantastic for cancer patients, as well as increasing your body’s pH (increase alkalinity) and removing as many chemical products from your daily routine as possible. If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help!

      Reply to this comment
      • Tirtzah May 28, 18:56

        Nicole…what other oils can be used as a carrier oil? I am highly allergic to coconut, its oils, etc. Hello everyone. This is my first time posting comment on this site. All the info. you all share is really a blessing! I am going to try that one above for my sleep apnea. I can’t even use a C-pap machine because I get up and sleep walk at night.

        Also, any natural cures known for insomnia? When I fall asleep, I only stay asleep for 5 minutes up to 1 hour. More towards early or wee hours of the morning, (still dark outside), I notice I might have slept for 2 hrs.? Then there are times when I can’t even fall asleep sometimes for 36 to 55 hrs.! I know this is very detrimental to my organ health and brain! Any suggestions?


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        • Nicole May 29, 19:26

          There are lots of carrier oils you can use, Tirtzah – some of the more common ones are Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba, Argon, Avocado, Shea butter. Really, anything that will help to dilute the essential oil works.

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  27. TONi January 26, 00:01

    Yes, chemotherapy sorry. Thank for answering my request, the pain and burning is only when I lay down. I don’t know where to get this Copaiba oil.

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  28. Loubaby February 23, 18:20

    During the flu epidemic 1918, folks would cut onions and put in bowl to ward off flu. Onions will absorb the bacteria.

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  29. Allen May 28, 17:04

    Person by name “stay active” I have had arthritis on both elbows and left wrist. The method used to get permanently ride of it. Is very old, but it works same thing they use/used on cattle and horses. You can’t find it in stores anymore worked so well that drug industry had it removed, you can only get it on line now. Knox Gelatin. weigh your self it comes with it;s own measuring cup you want one cup per 100 lb of weight if your 160 use 2 cups (mix in hot water will not mix in cold) with 1000 mg of vitamin C make sure it’s not synthetic vitamin but true vitamin C Do this twice a day until arthritis completely gone about a month.It is rebuilding the bad part of your bones that takes time. when arthritis is completely gone wing of every other day go to once a day then once every other day than every three days till you get to once a month I still take it SOME WHAT once a month as preventive medicine. Don’t buy the pill version wast of money it’s so far cut down that you have to take near half the bottle at a time. to get the same effects as powder version. I’ve used this and showed others never any bad feed back other than the taste. Am use to it but if it bothers you drown it out with orange juice The other things I read in the above statements may seem to work but they address the pain and not the cause. Knox gelatin. Does not address the pain but the cause. So you may want to try one of the above pain relievers while your body is being recovering from arthritis.

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  30. Doug May 29, 14:08

    Nicole. I found your article on using onions in your socks really interesting and intend trying it, thank you. I don’t know if it’s something you’d consider “natural” of not, but you may find it interesting to hear about another method of detoxing via your feet by soaking them in a warm water foot bath with a pinch of sea salt added to it along with a mild electrical current (dc) ? Don’t be alarmed about the electrical current….It’s only a low-voltage dc current that’s required, which could even be supplied by a small battery (I’d recommend at least a 9 volt type with a male and female connection like you’d find in a portable radio, walkie talkie, the rectangular kind) That and the connector that clips onto the end of the battery (or another dc source of similar power) and some wire to carry the current to the footbath is all that’s needed. After about a 20 minute soak should probably leave an amazing accumulation of visible crud in the water you’re soaking in. Feel free to contact me, if you have any concerns, or questions about this…..I can even provide more detailed instructions and other tips.

    Reply to this comment
    • Nicole May 29, 19:22

      Thank you for the comment, Doug, but I’m not the author of the article, just a fan 🙂 I do agree, the ionic foot baths are wonderful!

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    • Allen June 12, 03:06

      Doug could you go into detail on how to set this up. I’d like to build it.

      Reply to this comment
      • Doug June 14, 12:34

        Sent: 12 June 2018 19:11
        To: Ask a Prepper – Comment
        Subject: Re: There is a new comment to Why Put Onions in Your Socks Before Sleeping


        I outlined the basics in my original comment, but I’d be happy to go into more detail.

        Okay, you need the basics: A power source – this can be as simple as a battery (you should have something that will provide a minimum of 3 volts….I suggested a 9 volt type with the plug-in end) The main thing to remember is it MUST provide dc current, not anything that plugs directly into a wall socket.

        Next – a non-metallic tub, or container suitable to comfortably allow your feet to rest in water, at least ankle deep, also allowing enough room for whatever you use to conduct the electric current into the water….which brings us to how to either build, or buy the device for that.

        All you need is wire that connects your power source to this device…how you connect to the power source can be really simple (like just wrapping, or clamping the two ends of a piece of common lamp cord to your battery, or load contacts of a transformer, or a jack-and-socket arrangement….a switch isn’t even necessary, but not a bad idea. Try to make it something that you can comfortably operate from your relaxed sitting position while you’re soaking your feet.

        Lastly, the “device” you’ll have in the water to conduct the current you’ll be soaking your feet in. This can be as simple as stripping about a half inch off the other end of the cord you have connected to your power supply and securing it to something non-metallic and (ideally) suitable to stay put at the bottom of your foot bath and have the wire where you’re not likely to knock it loose while soaking. Something like a fairly heavy coffee cup comes to mind. Example: you could strip the ends of the wire, as described, spread the two ends about an inch, or so, apart…(lamp cord does this easily) and just bend the ends over the lip of the cup…keeping the bare wire ends folded to about an inch below the lip of the cup (which will be about an inch ABOVE the bottom of your foot bath when sitting inverted on the bottom of it) You can use electrical tape to give a good wrap around the top and bottom of the cup to keep the wire secure and don’t forget to tip the cup after the water has covered it to let all the air out, which should make it less likely to tip over.

        Okay, that’s the basics. Use warm water and a bit of sea salt (not a lot….perhaps a teaspoon, or less) I’m also including a couple of links to some actual sources where you can BUY this stuff. I purchased an 8 pack of rectangular arrays from one of them 7 years ago for $12 (when checking to make sure this link was still valid for you though, I noticed that the single price for one of those now is $12.85!!! They still offer bulk discounts though) Anyhow, good luck! Oh, there’s also some good information and useful advice to find in the links which may help you further.

        My Detox Foot Bath – Detox Arrays

        My Detox Foot Bath – Detox Arrays

        With our Detox Arrays you can feel the difference using our new Stainless steel array. Other competitors sell ch…

        Hint: Clicking the “home” link in this first link gives you their information about Ionic foot baths.

        Commercial Bargains Inc. – Home Improvement Store in West Allis

        Commercial Bargains Inc. – Home Improvement Store in West Allis

        Tell me how this (or if this) works for you. Also, let me know if you have more questions.

        Okay, I’m adding this days after writing all of the above:
        I thought I had provided links that would help you, but after getting here (to this message box, which is part of the Prepper’s website mechanism, I’m not sure that it’s going to allow the clickable links (I thought) I’d provided to be posted here. If not and you are unable to figure out how to get yourself to those sites with the information I see remaining here, get back to me and I’ll try to figure another way.

        Reply to this comment
      • Doug June 14, 12:58

        Allen, I thought I’d head off any delay, or confusion about the links I’d attempted to include in my full reply to your inquiry. The links I’d had meant to include are now here in a different – and hopefully, post-possible form: mydetoxfootbath dot com fwd slash product-category fwd slash detox-arrays AND commercial-bargains-inc dot business-site

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  31. Frank Enstien November 12, 14:46

    Just wanted to say this was an amazing read

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  32. Ben Dover December 31, 16:00

    This goes without saying. Great article!!

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  33. Justin Case January 20, 22:00

    Ben, I totally agree with your comment.

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