Ebola in Paris!? They Laugh. Believe a Politician or this Mad Scientist…

John Claxton
By John Claxton July 8, 2014 11:14

Ebola in Paris!? They Laugh. Believe a Politician or this Mad Scientist…

Ebola in Paris!? They Laugh. Believe a Politician or this Mad Scientist…

Yes, you read right, the Ebola bullet is aimed point blank at 2.2 million Parisians and a chunk of the 27 million tourists visiting Paris each year.

With Ebola recently killing over 467 hundred people in Africa, does America or Europe have reason to worry?

No one will argue that more and more family heads are searching for the truth by typing “ebola outbreak” into their search engines.

You’d better believe this is the kind of stuff the World Health Organization doesn’t want to alarm you with, just yet. They hope the threat will just fade away, like Reagan and Bush hoped with HIV/AIDS, until it ravaged Africa, and then viciously jumped continents to attack our neighbors and possibly even your friends and family.

However, I’m no health expert so I’ll momentarily step aside…

“… [Ebola] if it did spread, Paris is probably the first city on the list.”

Of course, those are not the words of a politician.

They are words of a man who never underestimated HIV/AIDS and more recently, watched every move of SARS as it spread, when many said it wouldn’t.

He is infectious disease specialist Kamran Khan, with St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto.

“Khan and his team have spent years figuring out how viruses and bacteria move around the globe. We look at many outbreaks and decide what paths they’re going to take.” -NPR


In a general situation, Khan stated that an outbreak spreading is largely dependent on the degree of travel from that area as
well as how many people are infected.

The SARS outbreak that was first noted in 2002 was largely isolated to rural China but when an infected person went to Hong Kong, the virus quickly spread eventually crossing the Pacific to the US and Canada.

That said, SARS and Ebola are different, so the threat could also be very different.

The fact is this: Do we know enough about Ebola to be sure it’s just an African problem?

Although the odds of you contracting Ebola by sitting next to a window seat passenger traveling from the Motherland “is said” to be minimal, would you board the same plane if you knew he had Ebola?

Do we know enough about the virus to ensure our own safety?

If you think we do, why are trained nurses contracting the virus in Africa today?

The city affected by the recent Ebola outbreak is Conakry, it’s not New York but it’s a major city with over one million people. The airport has enough international flights per week to transport “anything” direct into Paris, France.

In fact, Khan himself says. “Most of the flights are local. But 10 percent of the traffic goes to Paris.”

“Air France operates 1,500 daily flights in France, Europe and worldwide. Since 2004, Air France and KLM have formed one of the leading European air transport groups. The two airlines currently offer their customers access to a network covering 230 destinations in 113… ” SkyTeam

“And it is a possibility. After a person is infected with Ebola, symptoms could appear within two days — or take up to 21 days, Khan says. So a person infected in Guinea could hop on a plane and bring Ebola to, say, France or another international destination.” -NPR


Who knows, but one things for sure…

Something nasty is coming.

Many can remember the start of HIV/AIDS. When it was no longer considered just an African problem, politicians were still slow out the gates. It’s a homosexual problem, I swing straight, it’ll be OK. And then…

The list of how HIV/AIDS could be transmitted grew longer, affecting people who never even had sex before, virgins.

Thank dodgy “life saving” blood transfusions (and the rest) for that.

Similarly, we don’t eat fruit bats or chimpanzee’s here in America it’s just an African problem. By the way, let’s just forget about the fact that Ebola has a fatality rate of up to 90%, whichever continent infects you with it.

Interestingly, at the time, was Reagan aware that HIV/AIDS could be transmitted to a child through its mother’s breast milk? I don’t know, (… guess not) you tell me.

The point is, we know far too little about Ebola to think it’s all gonna be ok back home.

In fact, with a wife and four children myself, I soon realized that people know far too little about things that could easily cost them their lives.

I share one true story at The Prepper Letter, it almost cost me my life, even though I was armed.


No need to worry says the learned.

However, if you’ve ever seen a healthy man wither away and die in his bed from HIV/AIDS when it blindsided the world, then you better start worrying hard.

The reality with Ebola is that symptoms appear within 2 to 21 days. Enough time to cause uncontrollable havoc because we underestimated it.

Most infectious experts agree that if an infected person boarded a flight, he or she would pose the risk of spreading the Ebola outbreak.

You decide how great that risk is to your family.

Guest post by John Claxton – writer, prepper, husband, father

His website: www.ThePrepperLetter.com

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John Claxton
By John Claxton July 8, 2014 11:14
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