72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

Michael Snyder
By Michael Snyder March 27, 2018 13:37

72 Types Of Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” In Official Government Documents

By Michael Snyder

Are you a conservative, a libertarian, a Christian or a gun owner?  Are you opposed to abortion, globalism, Communism, illegal immigration, the United Nations or the New World Order?  Do you believe in conspiracy theories, do you believe that we are living in the “end times”?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you are a “potential terrorist” according to official U.S. government documents.

At one time, the term “terrorist” was used very narrowly. The official definition of terrorism is “The use, or threat, of force with the intention of achieving a political goal.” That makes it pretty clear what sort of people are covered, and for decades it worked well.  The government applied the label “terrorist” to people like Osama bin Laden and other Islamic jihadists.  But the Obama administration removed all references to Islam from terror training materials, and instead the term “terrorist” was applied to large groups of American citizens.

And if you are a “terrorist”, that means that you have no rights and the government can treat you just like it treats the terrorists that were being held at Guantanamo Bay.  So if you belong to a group of people that is now being referred to as “potential terrorists”, please don’t take it as a joke.  The first step to persecuting any group of people is to demonize them.  And right now large groups of peaceful, law-abiding citizens are being ruthlessly demonized.

Below is a list of 72 types of Americans that are considered to be “extremists” and “potential terrorists” in official U.S. government documents.  To see the original source document for each point, just click on the link.  As you can see, this list covers most of the country…

1. Those that talk about “individual liberties”
2. Those that advocate for states’ rights
3. Those that want “to make the world a better place”
4. “The colonists who sought to free themselves from British rule”
5. Those that are interested in “defeating the Communists”
6. Those that believe “that the interests of one’s own nation are separate from the interests of other nations or the common interest of all nations”
7. Anyone that holds a “political ideology that considers the state to be unnecessary, harmful,or undesirable”
8. Anyone that possesses an “intolerance toward other religions”
9. Those that “take action to fight against the exploitation of the environment and/or animals”
10. “Anti-Gay”
11. “Anti-Immigrant”
12. “Anti-Muslim”
13. “The Patriot Movement”
14. “Opposition to equal rights for gays and lesbians”
15. Members of the Family Research Council
16. Members of the American Family Association
17. Those that believe that Mexico, Canada and the United States “are secretly planning to merge into a European Union-like entity that will be known as the ‘North American Union”
18. Members of the American Border Patrol/American Patrol
19. Members of the Federation for American Immigration Reform
20. Members of the Tennessee Freedom Coalition
21. Members of the Christian Action Network
22. Anyone that is “opposed to the New World Order”
23. Anyone that is engaged in “conspiracy theorizing”
24. Anyone that is opposed to Agenda 21
25. Anyone that is concerned about FEMA camps
26. Anyone that “fears impending gun control or weapons confiscations”
27. The militia movement
28. The sovereign citizen movement
29. Those that “don’t think they should have to pay taxes”
30. Anyone that “complains about bias”
31. Anyone that “believes in government conspiracies to the point of paranoia”
32. Anyone that “is frustrated with mainstream ideologies”
33. Anyone that “visits extremist websites/blogs” 
34. Anyone that “establishes website/blog to display extremist views”
35. Anyone that “attends rallies for extremist causes”
36. Anyone that “exhibits extreme religious intolerance”
37. Anyone that “is personally connected with a grievance”
38. Anyone that “suddenly acquires weapons”
39. Anyone that “organizes protests inspired by extremist ideology”
40. “Militia or unorganized militia”
41. “General right-wing extremist”
42. Citizens that have “bumper stickers” that are patriotic or anti-U.N.
43. Those that refer to an “Army of God”
44. Those that are “fiercely nationalistic (as opposed to universal and international in orientation)”
45. Those that are “anti-global”
46. Those that are “suspicious of centralized federal authority”
47. Those that are “reverent of individual liberty”
48. Those that “believe in conspiracy theories”
49. Those that have “a belief that one’s personal and/or national ‘way of life’ is under attack”
50. Those that possess “a belief in the need to be prepared for an attack either by participating in paramilitary preparations and training or survivalism”
51. Those that would “impose strict religious tenets or laws on society (fundamentalists)”
52. Those that would “insert religion into the political sphere”
53. Anyone that would “seek to politicize religion”
54. Those that have “supported political movements for autonomy”
55. Anyone that is “anti-abortion”
56. Anyone that is “anti-Catholic”
57. Anyone that is “anti-nuclear”
58. “Rightwing extremists”
59. “Returning veterans”
60. Those concerned about “illegal immigration”
61. Those that “believe in the right to bear arms”
62. Anyone that is engaged in “ammunition stockpiling”
63. Anyone that exhibits “fear of Communist regimes”
64. “Anti-abortion activists”
65. Those that are against illegal immigration
66. Those that talk about “the New World Order” in a “derogatory” manner
67. Those that have a negative view of the United Nations
68. Those that are opposed “to the collection of federal income taxes”
69. Those that supported former presidential candidates Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Barr
70. Those that display the Gadsden Flag (“Don’t Tread On Me”)
71. Those that believe in “end times” prophecies
72. Evangelical Christians

The groups of people in the list above are considered “problems” that need to be dealt with.  In some of the documents referenced above, members of the military are specifically warned not to have anything to do with such groups.

We are moving into a very dangerous time in American history.  You can now be considered a “potential terrorist” just because of your religious or political beliefs.  Free speech is becoming a thing of the past, and we are rapidly becoming an Orwellian society that is the exact opposite of what our founding fathers intended.

This article was written by Michael Snyder and first appeared on The Truth Wins. 

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Michael Snyder
By Michael Snyder March 27, 2018 13:37
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  1. Hoosier Homesteader March 29, 11:46

    This is a sad reality and a warning to us all. The fact that we need to prepare for things that we shouldn’t have to prepare for makes me shake my head. I am a law abiding citizen, and far from perfect, but I do have the common sense to know right from wrong. There’s nothing wrong with loving God, or your country, or wanting the freedom to live as you choose, or being kind to your neighbors, or having the right to defend yourself and your loved ones from those in the world that can’t behave themselves.

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    • Homesteader March 29, 14:04

      Couldn’t have said it better, HH. Being a patriot and a good law-abiding citizen makes one a terrorist these days.

      I was not surprised, but more amused, at how many of the categories I could fit into. Being a military veteran, I’m probably listed as one of the worst “subversives” they have to look out for.

      Number 4 made me chuckle though. Those people are long dead. However, their books, speeches, etc are still available to those of us who can read above a primary school level, so I guess that’s why they’re on the list. Still creating dissent after 250 years.

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    • Ron March 29, 15:05

      From hat I saw in the article, I can’t really agree that a full 72 types of people would be on the list because some of the “types” referred to were duplicated using different phraseology.
      Now, with that being the case, it still is very apparent that there are many millions of born & bred Americans that federal, state, and local governments would consider as potential terrorists under the definitions and guidelines laid out by Janet Napolitano while she held the AG position during the Obama administration. And, since it was he who appointed her to that position and the overwhelming majority of the office holders who voted to ratify her appointment to that office the still there, it is only reasonable to assume that they all would agree with her position on that topic…
      It should have been patently obvious to any who paid attention at the time in 2008 & 2012 that the entire Obama administration viewed our constitution and our nation with disdain. One needed only to look past their politicians cal doublespeak and listen to what they were actually saying. Hell, many times they came right out and said exactly how they felt and what they wanted to do before thy realized what they’d said and backtracked on it… They still do even today, but without attempts to hide their true intentions. Just think back to what was said over the years and compare it with what’s said today and the message is clear. I supposed I’m what they would consider a terrorist too. I’m a US Army combat veteran. I absolutely have no trust in government. I believe in God and Christianity. I am a constitutionalist. I own weapons and I’m damn sure trained to use them effectively. And lastly, I most definitely love this nation more than myself and I’m more than willing to fight for her…. If that means I’m someone the socialist elitists, the communists, the RINO’s, and anybody else who hates America as she was founded consider me a “potential terrorist”, so be it.
      I’m perfectly content to die on my feet as a free man but I won’t live for even one second as a slave to any state or any person out there.
      Just my opinion….

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      • Dragon Tamer March 29, 16:03

        Amen brother.

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      • Hacksaw March 29, 17:42

        Ditto Bro. I never studied any terrorist tactics during my 10 years in the Navy but according to leftist know it alls I must be a field Marshall for terror because I served to protect the greatest nation in the history of this planet. The fact that I was a Boy Scout must make the America haters tremble in fear for their lives. Throw in the fact that I choose to live free or die, own weapons and prepare for a possible global societal shutdown, these meat heads must view me as their version of the anti christ.

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        • Hoosier Homesteader March 29, 18:52

          I didn’t know Janet-from another planet-Napolitono made these STUPID guidelines. Thanks for pointing this out, Ron. You’ve confirmed my belief that she’s what’s really wrong with the government. Fact is, if she had a job in the private sector, she probably wouldn’t last long at all because one has to be accountable for your actions in the real world.
          ….It’s people like that, that make “guidelines” like this, that are the real threat to America; not law abiding citizens.

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      • Tex September 6, 20:30

        Right on, Ron!!!! What you said is exactly how I feel. I’m retired LEO and will do what has to be done to maintain freedom as expressed by the Founding Fathers. Death to all tyrants!!

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      • Sheepdog February 18, 19:07

        AMEN, brother. I fit so many of the categories I’m surprised to still be around. Christian, conservative, veteran, patriot. Oh, member of NRA, GOA and USCCA, anti-abortion, anti-illegals, build the wall now, very suspicious of the Feds, etc.

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  2. Sheepherder March 29, 13:49

    Let’s see now. 1) Christian. King James Bible thumper. 2) Veteran. USMC, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom. 3) Right wing conservative. Three strikes and I guess I’m out.

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  3. Wannabe March 29, 14:18

    The far left truly does believe this crap. That’s why they hate the constitution and want to see it thrown out because it goes against their dictator mentality. People such as Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Bill de Blasio, Barbara Boxer, and the list goes on. Hey, just recently learned that Chuck Schumer has a New York concealed carry permit yet he has been trying to take guns out of our hands for twenty years now. Go figure. My point is we have “leaders” in Washington right now if given the votes would legislate our freedoms and constitutional rights away over night. So continue to speak out for freedom and fight for the constitution because we are seeing the war on freedom before our very eyes. The fact that politicians are not being held accountable for all the illegal activities going on for the last fifteen years speaks to the rule of law not being inforced. Abortion is legal today because the Supreme Court said it was constitutional. No legislative process no votes by congress, no law signed by the president, yet it is legal because the other two branches of government did not stand up and scream FOUL! It could have been overturned but the other branches did not hold them accountable. And that’s how it is today, not holding each other accountable. And frankly, they don’t give a darn what we think.

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    • red March 30, 01:07

      Yep. Just think, Mexico used to have more freedom and a higher per capita income than the US. In 1910, Native Americans revolted against the bigots, and then in 1912, the PRI (their dem party) took over and bomed the free-state of the Yaqui to hamburger. They set the payment for a gun permit so high, even the wealthy protested. Then when the guns were gone, hung 3 dozen elderly Aztec to force the people in line. Look at Mexico today. If you have an outhouse, bro, ya inna middle class! Yet, they were putting in electric in cities before the US was. They outlawed bleeding patients 30 years before America did. Anything socialists touch withers and the people with it. We were heading into the Wiemar Republic and just missed it. Hitlery would have crushed us all.

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    • JJ April 2, 16:29

      Wannabe- you named the center. Those folks are not “left.” Read some Emma Goldman.

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  4. Rick Fortune March 29, 15:32

    With all those groups to keep track of, and all the potential members of those groups, how can the government control any of them. Keep quiet and keep your powder dry.

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  5. Kate March 29, 15:35

    I’ve been reading a lot of your posts but haven’t left a comment before. Thank you for publishing this list with the links to the sources. I’ve heard about many of these but this list has a whole new meaning when it’s supported by many sources like this. We are continuing to pray that our country will somehow wake up and see where it’s heading!

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    • Sleepingwolf April 6, 16:45

      Where did you find the source, I couldn’t see any

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    • Shijiazhuang April 6, 23:58

      Kate, I do hope that you and others will continue to pray that our country will somehow wake up and see where it’s heading, BUT, I firmly believe you will be wasting your time, I believe the turning point started around 1985 and has kept going in the wrong direction ever since, 33 years of a spiraling nosedive towards oblivion, and 90% of the population think everything is OK. I was telling anybody that would listen, back in the early 1990’s that we should change direction, we should work together, we should try to keep our country great, I entered politics to spread the word, but the election showed me that only a tiny percentage of voters cared about anything but themselves. About 10 years ago, I and my extended family moved half a world away from the good ‘ol US of A, because we didn’t want to see a once great nation fall to it’s knees and then to sneak away and die. This is your future, do what you have to do, praying isn’t going to hurt, but don’t rely on your countrymen to change, because they wont.

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  6. BeeJay March 29, 15:52

    I am a ninety year old widow on a fixed income but according to this list I am a potential terrorist.

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  7. Bugs Bunny March 29, 16:03

    They left out – Aardvarks, Ants, Bears, Boars, Cats, Bats, Dogs, Hogs, Elephants, Antelopes, Pheasants, Ferrets, Giraffes, Gazelles, Stoats, Goats, Shoats, Ostriches, Lions, Jackals, Muskrats, Minks, Dingoes, Zebras, Foxes, Boxes, Octopus, Penguins, People, Warthogs, Yaks, Gnus, Newts, Walrus—Wildebeests, Moose, Mice, Moles, Snipes, Elk, Wapati, Tortoise, Road Runner, Elands, Foxes, Wolves, Guinea Hen, Vultures, Eagles, Humming Birds, Squids, Salamanders, Water Buffalo, Bison, Kangaroos, Pigeons, Unicorns, Vixens, Octopus, Ox, Penguins, Widegons, Warthogs, Yaks, Newts, Walrus, Gnus, Wildebeests. “And especially RABBITS!”

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  8. GW Moon March 29, 16:57

    You need to add, anyone who has a motorcycle license.

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    • CJ March 30, 01:48

      Opps! I’m 70 with a cycle license. Guess that putse in the wild one category! For once, I agree with EVERYTHING that’s been said so far. My dad taught me to use a gun when I was 12. He was an MP in WWII. My husband, brother, 2 son-in-laws, aunts, uncles and cousins all served this country. A couple didn’t come back, but I’d have no problem backing up any of you. I’m a proud American and I plan to stay that way till I’m planted.

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  9. JohnBoanerges March 29, 17:15

    Can’t quantify how many times I qualify for inclusion, a badge of honor. F all control freaks and those that wish to seem/feel themselves “important”. Progcommies, die in pain for 35 hours before your book closes. And then I pee on your graves.

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  10. MikeyW March 29, 17:21

    Why is this piece, obviously written during the Obama administration, being put out after Trump has been in office for over a year? This author also put out a piece shortly after Trump’s election warning that Obama could declare martial law and thus prevent Trump from taking office, even though nothing in our Constitution or our history indicates this is possible.

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    • Claude Davis March 29, 20:45

      This is a new piece, although it does talk about policies developed under Obama. The problem is that government bureaucracies have huge inertia. Trump might be in office now, but there are tens of thousands of people in public offices and government agencies who’re still determined to carry out Obama’s policies.

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      • Miss Kitty March 29, 22:18

        And…we have seen that there is a “certain element” that simply cannot comprehend that Billary LOST! When you’ve got John Kerry telling foreign leaders not to enter into negotiations with Trump’s administration because “he won’t be around much longer” (which I would think would be treason), I can believe that we’re ALL being surveilled. I think that the gradual erosion of our right to free speech coupled with the attacks on the 2nd amendment are all part of a plan to eliminate resistance to whatever phase two is. I’m a Christian, so my theory is that in line with Revelation they’re setting up for some sort of world government to be run by the Antichrist, but that’s just my take away on this. There’s definitely Something going on!

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        • Miss Kitty March 29, 22:28

          The article about Kerry was on The Trumpet web site 2-1-2018 and quotes an article in the Jerusalem Post. He had been talking to the head of Hammas.

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        • CJ March 30, 01:52

          Absolutely right, sir.

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        • Claude Davis March 30, 02:03

          I have to say I’m amazed and furious about how some people refuse to accept the election result. It doesn’t matter if you like Trump or not; there was an election, using the same rules we’ve always used, and he won it. That means he gets to be president. When people stop accepting democratic votes because they don’t like how people voted, we’re in real trouble.

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          • Auckland Escapee March 30, 02:27

            Claude, I have mentioned this before, but the problem in the US of A is that the people are too polarized, that should look back at all the presidents that they didn’t vote for, and see how many had done an OK job at the end of their term, most people can’t go back far enough, so whoever gets elected, has almost half the country that wants them dead, this isn’t good for progress.

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            • Miss Kitty March 30, 17:23

              This is the worst I’ve ever seen it though, and the worst since the sixties according to some I’ve spoken to. Very worrisome – I love my country and this division cuts me to the heart.

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              • Auckland Escapee March 31, 00:38

                Miss Kitty, back in the 60’s we had it easy, all you had to do to find out what side you were on was to check the color of your skin, this doesn’t work anymore.

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              • Claude Davis April 3, 12:48

                There’s no doubt that divisions have got a lot worse. It used to be that you could have friends who voted differently or held another opinion. You might disagree about stuff, but you could do it like civilized people. Now, maybe thanks to social media, a lot of us think anyone who doesn’t have exactly the same views is “literally Hitler”. It’s not healthy.

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            • retiredArmy February 18, 23:47

              Auckland Escapee you are correct that is why I say read US History from the mid 1800’s as we have been here before. I would say we are pretty close to 1858 or 59 in how this will turn out if folks don’t start talking instead of yelling!

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  11. Brent March 29, 17:24

    Well, I’m sure i’m on the list then, because looking down that list, I fit 39. I’m sure if you ask a leftist i’d fit at least 44.

    But on a more serious note, that list basically says that every person in the country is a potential terrorist. I cannot think of a single person I know, including leftists, that doesn’t get at least 1 hit on the list.

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    • Auckland Escapee March 30, 02:03

      Brent, not just every person in the country, but most people in the world, American or not, I personally had to tick almost half the boxes and it would of been one more if GW Moon’s suggestion of anyone with a motorcycle license was to be included

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      • Shijiazhuang March 30, 02:11

        Hey Auckland, I have over 50 boxes ticked, and feel very lucky that I don’t have a motorcycle license, I own a motorcycle that I ride regularly, but licenses are not required here for city use, only for intercity or interstate use.

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  12. Jimi March 29, 17:30

    I’m a felon and I’m not on the list so that really makes me wonder what kind of government made the list in the first place.

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  13. Wahila March 29, 17:30

    Okay, let us be careful what we foment here.
    I will say this; This is some truth but not all.
    Fact is JN did issue this.
    But and I mean a big butt is JN is no longer in charge. The Number of Law Enforcement and Federal Agents other than many of the one’s you have seen AKA Deep State. Subjects are fighting for you.
    There is a new Sheriff in town and his goal is to clean up the mess left by the former crew.
    Unfortunately the former remnants remain and are creating great havoc from within.
    Fact is look then and look now. Then see why the groups are targeting people. If you believe the Constitution and what it stands for then and only then will we purge our government of the globalist ONE WORLD ORDER CREW.
    BUT YOU MUST FIGHT WITHIN THE SYSTEM. Change it by changing the players The Leftist Marxists have made their move within the Government this exposes them if you measure NOT BY WHAT THEY SAY BUT BY WHAT THEY DO.
    Do you Love America? Do you love the freedom then vote. And vote against the people who move for open borders who move for gun control who sell us out to companies like Rosentom.
    Be prepared for the worst case scenario, but fight against the scenario because it is easier to catch the horse while it is in the corral then once it has escaped.
    Remember look at what they do, not what they say. I prepare for poss conflict but it is better to stop it before it happens.
    Most boots whether Local or State or Federal Officials in the lower echalon agree with you. Most believe this country is good. Most are Veterans or Military service who have chose to continue their sworn duty to Uphold the Constitution against all enemies FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. SO HELP THEM GOD.
    The problem is people like JN have tried to poison the well.

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  14. Wahila March 29, 17:47

    I was Raised God Country Corps! If you keep sight on this and measure by this then you have no fear.
    I am a Native and could have a luandry list of wrongs committed. But what good does that do?
    I believe in fight today to maintain what the Declare Statement of the United States “All men are created equal” and the fact is dwelling on what was as opposed to what is most people dont relate today.
    I know racism unlike many of these kids today who are told because they make you feel bad they are racist. That is just not true and a manipulation by the people who wish to maintain their power.
    When I was bery young as a child I had a bus driver pull the bus over As I was sittitng in the midle row talking to a friend.
    The driver grabbed me by the arm and through his seeting teeth said, “Sit here boy this is where you belong!”
    And my father was on his hands and knees crawling through the muck in the Mekong Delta.
    That is racism. But I learned early most Americans Love to help we have given are sons and daughters in other countries in the cause of freedom.
    But the kids today are taught by the Hippy groups that were to scared or Marxist to serve a higher purpose than themselves.
    Part of being a Prepper in my mind is to also fight in the halls of Academia and Politico and defeat them on the shores of mediocrity by showing them true success is in the American Way.

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  15. T-Bone March 29, 17:49

    I fit into many of the categories.
    I guess that comes from being raised in Alaska. I’ll listen to the nut cases as it helps me to know what and how they think.
    But it will be a cold day in Hades before they take my guns, my farm animals or my books. My late husband would have agreed totally as well. Just started to do the prepper stuff but in Alaska you help your neighbors and prepare for the worst which can come at any time.
    and you stand together. Plus you learn early on the right coast shahibs don’t know or want to know any thing but their story time lines.

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    • Homesteader March 30, 02:44

      I love Alaska!!! I lived up there for three years while in the Air Force and loved every minute of it. Even today, 37 years after I had to leave, I still feel twinges of homesickness for there. No place else has ever made me feel like that.

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  16. Graywolf12 March 29, 17:58

    I am very disappointed. I missed being a few of those. I will work harder to fit all of them.

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  17. Dugg March 29, 18:30

    I wonder if I am not at about 65 criteria.
    I guess about 10 minutes after marsh law, I will be invited to go with them for a little talk and never to return.
    I wish that was a joke.

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  18. TruthB Told March 29, 18:58

    I looked at the official Homeland Security (sounds Orwellian) Advisory Assessment for rising threats and it kept referencing “Rightwing Extremism”. No mention of “Leftwing or Islamic Extremism. To be “patriotic” for the United States of America is now considered to be a terroristic extremism by “Homeland Security”. President Trump is a Terrorist buy this definition. The “Deep State” will not yield “control” without resistance. Pres. Kennedy warned of the deep state and said he would take measures against it 7 days before he was assassinated. I fear that President Trump is in great jeopardy, as is our freedom.

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    • Wahila March 29, 19:57


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    • Anglo America February 19, 09:38

      Probably never mention “Leftwing or Islamic Extremism or Islamic standard issue for that matter, or Democrat Socialist/Communist” because this originates from the Southern Poverty Law Center as the SPLC is like the chief advisor of the Nations Law Enforcement agencies from the local level to the Federal Level.
      There appears as though there are no good days ahead.

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  19. Miss Kitty March 29, 22:19

    And…we have seen that there is a “certain element” that simply cannot comprehend that Billary LOST! When you’ve got John Kerry telling foreign leaders not to enter into negotiations with Trump’s administration because “he won’t be around much longer” (which I would think would be treason), I can believe that we’re ALL being surveilled. I think that the gradual erosion of our right to free speech coupled with the attacks on the 2nd amendment are all part of a plan to eliminate resistance to whatever phase two is. I’m a Christian, so my theory is that in line with Revelation they’re setting up for some sort of world government to be run by the Antichrist, but that’s just my take away on this. There’s definitely Something going on!

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    • Shijiazhuang April 2, 16:03

      Miss Kitty, please take it easy bad mouthing John Kerry, what a warrior, almost sunk a aircraft carrier single handed, sure it was one of ours, but what a great effort.

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      • John Redman April 2, 16:47

        Ahem. That was the Songbird of Hanoi, McCain that did that.

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      • Miss Kitty April 2, 16:53

        Shijiazhuang, Kerry may consider himself a patriot as you seem to but to actively work against the sitting president in international negotiations is treasonous in my book. If someone had done the same to any other president we’d still be witnessing the repercussions. Why do you not see this for what it is? A concerted effort to undermine the current administration? Even if you hate Trump he IS the president and the leader of our country. Why put the USA in a weak bargaining position like that? And why has no-one called Kerry out on this?

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  20. red March 29, 23:28

    No Native Americans? I’ve been on the watch list since in my teens for protesting dem racisim. Every powwow we have state police taking license tag numbers of those who are involved. We’re the biggest anti-government preppers alive, and thriving! 🙂

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    • Sheepherder March 30, 01:11

      Red, no disrespect, but I don’t think the deep state considers Native Americans as citizens. Given half the chance, I’ll bet they would be more than happy to continue the genocide. We have your back this time Brother.

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      • red February 19, 05:46

        What do you mean, happy to continue? It never stopped. 9,000 Tarahumara starved to death in the 90s while the Clintons looked on and then ignored it. Thousands of Tohono died after Mexico took their land to sell to Japanese and German businessmen. How many sterilizations of girls as young as 12 happened in Native American clinics, before Nixon stopped it? And do not dare talk about it to those in white-owned Native American web sites. The houseboy brigade is always in full swing, just as it was when so many Jews jioined Hitler.

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        • Steevy Paaw October 17, 20:46

          Red, Sheepherder is alluding to the active use of men of arms slaying with shot and powder, long knives, and boots to the baby’s head…

          However, when you address the atrocities of the Tarahumaras, you need to address the Mexican people and that government in Mexico.

          Most of us Americans have never heard of the Tarahumara. I bet that the average Aborigine of this nation called united states of America have NOT a clue either.

          I do have a question though, why are the Tarahumaras so horrible with living off of the land? Do they NOT know how to plant crops, herd sheep, goats, or house chickens? Do they NOT know how to sterilize aqua mala?

          I have a difficult time understanding certain ghetto people, and some natives. Everybody loves to hate the Whitey, yet, they seemingly can NOT perform basic life skills sufficiently for their own day to day survival.

          Perhaps, because they are so busy loving to blame and point to the past of when the Iron Age, met the Stone Age, whiles they are being found holding their other non pointing hand out for food and money.

          I seen an Aborigine in Arizona try to school us Whitey-s calling us all “murderers, and invaders, and illegal immigrants… ” all the while his nice long black hair was washed, his cotton pullover shirt was clean, and his denim pants looked non faded and his tennis shoes looked like they were brand new, while he pushed his papoose in a baby stroller, and NOT carry the little one on his back, or make the baby’s mother carry it on her back in a wrap. The ONLY thing Native about him was his DNA, and hatred for ole Whitey.

          Heck even the so called aborigine of the Americas migrated from somewhere else. Addressing murder, mayhem and genocide, did NOT the Mayans run about capturing weaker tribe’s warriors to sacrifice to their sun god? Did NOT the Aztec, and Inca rape, pillage, and plunder weaker tribes of natives in their territories?

          Yeah, so atrocities are NOT race, nor color blind. Heck, as far as that goes, even certain tribes of Africa sold other Africans to ole Whitey. However, according to some, slavery ONLY BEGAN with White European Immigration to the Americas.

          By your NOT taking ahold of Sheepherder’s hand let me know a lot about you.

          Take away this: We are all in this together, and it is going to get worse, and all that we can do is let go of the past, and stand up and fight together with and for each other.

          Those Tohono that starved, who is to blame for their NOT being able, or willing to create life for themselves and their own? I thought that all Natives were good at such a feat? You know, “Natives were all peaceful, living off of the land, NOT harming anyone or anything else…”

          Even in your previous post you said that “We’re the biggest anti-government preppers” … I guess the Tarahumara and the Tohonos did NOT get the memo to prepare for themselves.

          Perhaps you can teach other Natives how to prep, then, Red.

          Usted habla Espanol? Va al Mexico y apprendirlos.

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          • red October 18, 05:18

            Yo, you know about Tarahumara. You heard it here, and may have fact-checked. Now you have one more reason to hold the dems in disgust. Mexico asked that the dems say nothing. The PRI is Mexico’s dnc, and a sister to the party. Did you hear of kids for kash, in Penna? Probably not. When in Penna, I heard more about it from Dakar Times and Tokyo Times than any US, lib owned newspaper. This, Preppers, is a better news service than the NY Times, AKA the Gray Lady of yellow journalism. Guess what, we have computers, take courses in school about them, with them, and buy them to use at home on the ranch via uplinks. Before they were wiped out, our colleges were considered among the best. ALL children had to be educated, and that’s normal. Long before Euros came, the children learned how to read and write. If not for King James obeying God’s law ion education, few Euros would be able to get an education. It is not a tradition in Europe, Asia, Africa, except among Jews.

            It was small groups, like this, that spread the news across the reservations about the Tarahumara, and about kids for kash. So, yes, most of us found out. Tarahumara cross the border legally, and hundreds did to find work to buy food to send home. Relief agencies were set up in Tucson and across the southwest and as far north as Alaska and NY?C to help. Only the US news services refused to talk about it. Same when the PRI sold the Tohonos’ ranches out from under them. Did you know Indian Country Today is owned by Bill Gates? He’s as lib as 3-dollar bill. Yes, we knew, and eventually a lot of people rallied, just as they did in the last drought, but this time, the PRI and Monsanto didn’t dare spread GMO maize with a trigger. When Monsanto, with the blessing of the PRI and DNC started their crap in the Yucatan, the Maya bombed their facilities to mud. Yes, we all know about the Tarahumara. You don’t hide 9,000 corpses in a broomcloset.

            If you follow news in Mexico as closely as most do here, you know Mexicans are as much victim of the neolibs as all of us. I live 100 miles north of the border. Like many around here, I have family in Mexico. I have friends down there, people who ricked their lives to get the news out, any news the PRI/DNC doesn’t approve of.

            Show me a case where Aztec or Inca raped anyone. You’ll find it in neolib novels, not in history. If you find that claim in a journal, better check the writer’s politics. Before Columbus landed (God bless him, he wanted trade and was almost murdered for trying to stop slavers), there was one case of an Axtec raping a woman. One. He was called Watermonster, and was elected Speaker, their warlord. When he raoped a woman during a battle, his own men threw doesn their weapons and walked away, dying rather than face the shame. When they got back to Tenochtitlan, Watermonster’s mother spit in his face and said her son was dead. She judged him and in the next battle, his men abandoned him to die for his evil. There was a man, a Lakota or Comanche, who was recorded as a rapist. He raped a women. This gang was evil, grossly so. But he raped one woman and his own men sot him and burned his body.

            The Tarahumara had maize that could produce a crop on only a few inches of rain. My son raises, as his family always has, cotton, beans, cattle, sheep and goats, and they hunt. They’re well-fed, but when it stops raining for a few years, even cactus wilt. Monsanto asked to give out corn seed, but never told the people it had a trigger. It produced one year, but tasted like ashes, they said. The next year, half a crop, and the third year, their own maize stopped producing. When news came out about the famine, Hopi, Navajo, Comanche, and a lot of whites all planted acres more to help feed the people and give them fresh seed.

            Perhaps you need to be educated, and not bigoted thinking Native Americans are like lazy whites and African Americans, demanding a hand out rather than a hand up. We’re not the ones who put Obama, Clinton, Carter, FDR and so many other neolibs in office. Whites are. We follow Korima law, the brotherhood that so impressed Columbus he called us a Godly people and claimed we had to be the lost ten tribe of Israel.

            You find bigots everywhere. The one you met was likely a college injun. We call them apples and stands around the fort. But, remember how we survived as democracies for thousands of years, whe the average age of a democracy is only 2 centuries: God. If you come from respectable people, you act it. I don’t know his name, but I bet his mother hides her face in shame. And, yeah, I see a lot of white papooses being pushed around in baby buggies instead of carried in a sling on Mom’s back, which is traditional. White women finally took matters into their own hands–as the half-breeds of Texas did in 1836–and gopt the vote now, just like Native American women always had it. Great, isn’t it, that white women no longer have to go about barefoot and pregnant.

            If a warrior was weak, he was spurned as a sacrifice. Cowards were killed by their own fathers or forced to wear women’s clothes. If he were strong, he was equal to the dark gods and reverenced before being sacrificed. He got the best food, even if his capture had to go hungry, he got wine and beer, something young men were not allowed. Often he took in marriage his capture’s sister or daughter. Any child from that union was told constantly, you came from greatness. This was your father. A hero of the people, a god.

            Which slavery? One of the things which impressed Columbus about us was, we followed the same rules as Hebrews on slavery. Each slave was looked on as a potential member of the family. Slaves were exempt from a lot of duties regular citizens had to do. If a slave went hungry, it was because they were all hungry. If he got sick, a sacred person/herbalist treated him and had to refuse a ‘gift’ to pay for it. If a slave, you were expected to honor your owners, and if they maltreated you, you had the right to complain before the town counsel, and you walked free–with a lot of your former owner’s property, just like in the Bible. There was a story about Montezuma being taken to task by a slave, an older man. He was given citizenship and made governor of a small city for his righteousness.

            According to God, each people was given their lands. No honest native American dare3s fault the modern American, with the exception of the neolibs. They’re still bigoted against us and we like it that way. 68%+ of us on average vote ONLY for conservative Repubs. 15% vote dem, and most of them protest their vote was stolen by the dems. We all came from one source, no matter which side you follow, Bible or Mitochondrial Eve.

            Why worried about taking anyone’s hand? Reopubs always favored our independent stand and our democracies. Dems called us savages and subhuman, and still treat us that way. And now you’re one of us by default. Welcome home. 🙂

            The Tohono who starved in Mexico had their ranches sold out from under them by the PRI. Do you understand that? They were major producers of cotton, beef, lamb, fruits and so on in northwest Mexico, and had it all taken away in one fell swoop. Mexico doesn’t have a welfare system and the PRI is their Nazi Party. You work or you starve. When thousands of people suddenly are unemployed, where do they get jobs? Tell me how they can feed themselves with no land? How, when in 1929, Americans were starving by the thousands. You need to see the whole picture, not just what you’re told to see. A closed mind is a stagnant mind.

            Most of how I learned to prep, and it’s probably 100% better than you, from your post, came from the ancestors. Do you know how to extract oil from seeds? I do. Can you make felt? I have. Do you know what weeds are good, and what even the toxic ones are useful for? I do, and not just Arizona, but Penna, N. Jersey, N. Carolina, Mexico. Did you know that most modern medicines came from Native American preppers? Up until the Flexner report, 1910, the AMA was considered barbaric for bloodletting and other things. Now, they rule. We’re not the ones who allowed that. Now, through the AMA, you have Obama/dem health care. Shall we discuss why your party, the dnc, hates tobacco? Hitler did. Why they’re against herbal meds? Their companies, big pharm, gets no profits from it. You experienced ONE Native American bigot, an apple, but I have scars on my body from white bigots. Do you hear me whining about them? Nope. Most whites aren’t like that, and no blacks are–but African Americans, wannabe Nazis, are. None of us, the traditionals, blame YOU for what happened down through the centuries. We’re the last people to be called bigots. Only liberals dare treat us badly, or talk against us.

            Si, yo hablo espaniol a la frontiera. Y tu? Tengo una mujer, un hijo y nietos en la Sierra Occidental. ¿Y dónde estás, no lo sabes? Si me conocieras por mis publicaciones, lo habrías aprendido. Ella y mi hijo son ganaderos en el estado de Chuhuahua, en las montañas. Ella lo heredó de una tía. Viven de la manera tradicional, como indios, no españoles. En este momento, la mayoría de las personas, mexicanas y nativas americanas, están recolectando cosas divertidas de los capos de la droga suministrados por el PRI, AK-47 y M-16. Nuevos juguetes para una nueva generación de personas libres. Be injun. Live free or die.

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    • Wahila March 30, 01:21

      The genocide is already occurring it is called Planned Parenthood. Eugenicist Margaret Sanger and her destrying the “Unwashed and unwanted masses. “ and that is the base of the Deep State Party.
      Fact is the deep state crew is being taken apart soon A major player will be indicted. He is a former FBI. Head.
      The reason The former Genghis Khan i hurt my finger and deserve a purple heart is in ME it is full court press because they are scared.
      True Americans need to keep pushing and squeeze the muck out of the towel

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      • red October 18, 05:21

        Sanger called Hitler her son in the spirit, and he said the same of her. She was a communist who became a Nazi in the 30s, then went back to being a communist during the war. According to my stepmother, a former captain in the SS, and two aunts,an a mother-in-law, all former nazis, there is no difference between nazi and Communist. Hitler was a communist, and Hitler determined what Eugenics must be. thank you for posting! niio

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  21. Horse March 30, 00:07

    Swell, 11 of those don’t apply to me.

    Some of that is insane.
    Ammo stock piling ? what’s that 3 boxes of .22 or the case of 12g for skeet ?
    Ba, I can bitch about 30 of those.. stupid classifications.

    Really, that list would cover like half the US population easily.

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    • red March 30, 01:00

      Bro, it’s meant to. In the event of Marshal Law, they can arrest anyone on the list, no habeus corpus, nada.

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  22. Phoeniix March 30, 00:58

    With that list, EVERYONE qualifies.

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  23. Wahila March 30, 01:20

    The genocide is already occurring it is called Planned Parenthood. Eugenicist Margaret Sanger and her destrying the “Unwashed and unwanted masses. “ and that is the base of the Deep State Party.
    Fact is the deep state crew is being taken apart soon A major player will be indicted. He is a former FBI. Head.
    The reason The former Genghis Khan i hurt my finger and deserve a purple heart is in ME it is full court press because they are scared.
    True Americans need to keep pushing and squeeze the muck out of the towel

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  24. Wahila March 30, 01:27

    Look at Orange County California they are revolting against Brown they have filed suit The city of Mayor of one of the City is literally leading a protest to comply with Federal Law. More and more cities are jumping on the Wagon and the Sheriff said “We are going to post the release date of every Illegal Felon Release Time on the Internet. In order to force State Officials to uphold their sworn duty. “

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  25. Dave in Houston March 30, 01:36

    this probably was written by the Commies as Southern Poverty Law…..the biggest hate group in the US besides the media

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  26. Sheepherder March 30, 02:21

    Anybody feeling a sense of community around here? I’m just asking.

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  27. JJ March 30, 02:38

    Reading some of the comments after the links (as well as these on this site) one wonders at the lack of critical thinking or empathy for other people. Criticizing or critiquing an idea or religion intellectually is one thing, but what I believe the military document is saying (and I do not often agree with the military) is that, if one is in the service of the country, one is in the service of its entirety & diversity- not just one swath. Without that we get… what? The Ludlow Massacre, Tuskegee Experiment, Kent State, et al. The irony, to me, is that our military has long been used globally & domestically as thugs by corporate political manipulators (I must add, certainly not at the behest or choice of those enlisted who do the actual risk-taking & are so often used & abused.)
    Knowing how the military is configured, how could one have a cohesive fighting force if there is infighting & prejudice within the ranks? If someone is afraid of a queer/Muslim/Black person, how can they be expected to be unafraid in the face of snipers, bombs & traps?
    And does the fact that I move unafraid among those groups make me some sort of Die Hard super hero? Come on.
    You do realize that even in a strongly Christian enclave such as Ireland, the (both Christian) Catholics & Protestants still detest each other and were, not so long ago, bombing each other to bits. So what do the right-wingers want? A 100% Evangelical military?
    I know, I know- someone somewhere is reading this online & shouting, “Hell yes! Exactly!” Please read history, as such an idea has never, ever played out well. Diversity = Strength.
    Having friends & acquaintances of all persuasions (atheists, pagans, spiritualists, Christians & Jews across their great divides, Muslims – all of whom I have broken bread with, shared experiences & laughter & stories) I offer my opinion that our common enemy is class & money. Period. In every country, regardless of main religion or level of diversity or claimed political system (“Democratic,” “Socialist,” “Communist.” whatever) the real system is money. Capitalism. Hierarchy. Anti-self-sufficiency (because how else can you put a leash on people except by endless debt?) As the old En Vogue hit went, “Free your mind and the rest will follow.”
    Fact: The combo of climate change & the 1%’s financial shenanigans, both exacerbated by the global financial world elites, will cause massive problems, disease & collapse that will *not* discriminate except by financial class (those who have the money to remove & protect themselves physically from the problems they’ve created, and those who do not and can be erased by a drone.)
    This is why this same class, whose hedge fund managers buy up the local community newspapers & other media & strip them of their local investigative journalists, reinvesting the saved loot in malfeasance in other industries) harping on & trying to fan the flames of religious & ethnic hatred, fear of “queers,” women, or any people darker than a rosy beige? Because it profits them.
    As long as we fight among ourselves they can continue to do as they please, strip-mine Mother Earth, feed us toxic crap packaged as “food”, force us to live lives of stressed-out financial insecurity. All the while they profit handsomely.
    As working class people we must unite. We may not have all the same personal tastes or likes, but when it comes to liking a bed to sleep in, a place to call home, food in the pantry, clean water, health care, access to education, concern for our kids and extended family, friends, parents, pets & community – don’t we all have a whole lot in common really?

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    • Miss Kitty March 30, 17:37

      Well said. I tend to single out “the left” because of the wealth many of their prominent members possess and use to manipulate the media and because I find them really annoying. They were in control for 8 yrs and did dann little with their tenure. Honestly though, the “right” doesn’t appear to be much better in many ways. Either way we the people seem doomed to disappointment.

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      • JJ April 2, 16:36

        I am repeatedly stunned by what people think is “left.” There is no “left” among elected officials these days. Bernie Sanders (the only candidate who visited factories & mention the existence of Native Americans) is the closest there is right now and he isn’t that left. Read some Emma Goldman, read the letters Sacco & Vanzetti wrote. Then tell me if you think Hollywood or Hillary or the media are “left wing.”

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    • Upper left coast Clay April 1, 22:25

      Right on. Well said. IF the right would stop blaming our nations ills on the left, and the left stop blaming the right, they may wake up to see exactly why we are where we are. It is a familiar ploy to have both ends at odds, while the middle sucks both ends dry. When both right and left have lost all rights and property , who will have it all , who will be in the position to DICTATE our lives ?

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    • Enigma June 2, 20:18

      According to a very recent vote, circa 60% of Irish voters aren’t Christians.

      They plan to henceforth lay infant carcasses on their ‘altars to Freedom’. (Actually altars to Mammon and Dionysus.)

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  28. Wahila March 30, 04:28

    I disagree with JJ the founders of this nation and it was founded on the teachings of Johnathan Locke.
    Fact is the Muslim factions come from the different view points of the Hadith. And fact is in my book as a Native who’s grandfather was subject to tyrrany based upon the false assumptions of fake Christianity.
    Truth is to Love your neighbor protect the widows and orphans and defend those that can not defend themselves.
    Their is no room for emnity except the emnity of the sin and not the sinner. The Hadith and the Koran differ in that Mohammed said to “act as you care for them but always hold emnity in your heart for the infidel. “
    You see I studied world History w a minor in Religious studies. And the fact is most Americans buy into the False that it is the same it is not.
    As for Marxism well I think 68 million Murdered by Stalin 38 million murdered by Mao and 16 million murdered by National Socialist s of Industry otherwise known as NAZI draw a line for me.
    Fact is US was built on Business and Business is what moves it. When you own your own money or gold or monitary thing you have freedom.
    But when that fails our or the prep is the fail safe to take care of yourself your family and help out other Americans who believe in the American ideals.

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    • Enigma June 2, 20:05

      al’Quran calls Jews, Christians, (and surprisingly) Zoroastrians, “People of the Book”. People who are a religious obligation of any genuine Muslim to protect. Bear in mind however that people had to be apparently-genuine practitioners of their professed faith – many Americans aren’t any longer.

      That’s how Syria, other parts of West Asia, North Africa, Central-south Asia, and parts of SE Asia wound up (between circa 850 CE and 1947) with a rich mixture of the aforelisted religions/faiths, plus peculiar groups such as the Yazidi and the Druse. This situation persisted even after 1947 until the American Imperium invaded Iraq and in 2003 began violently overthrowing every settled arrangement. Bush is a war criminal.

      Some Westerners carp about ‘special taxes’ and dimmitude, yet such taxes mirror the Zakat levied on Muslims. The dimmitude situation varied wildly – depending on where one lived, in which era, who was the Muslim king/sultan, and upon just who was his vizier. (At limes a Muslim king would have a Jewish vizier… Convenient to blame the ‘greedy Jew’ when your nobles get restive about abuses.)

      In the upshot, until after 1947 and Zionism, Muslim regimes had never been as oppressive and murderous as those of putative ‘Christian’ monarchs. Moises Maimonides (among other Jews) had to flee to North Africa when the ‘Christians’ overran Spain. After 1492, and until the latter 1700s, there were none but secret Jews and Muslims in Iberia. And the Inquisition was hunting them…

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  29. Wahila March 30, 04:38

    Here is some critical thinking. What good is a Hedge Fund Manager or a Monetary System if everyone is below the poverty level or dead?I think you need to get your out of the “Free your mind” videos and study the ideas of Locke and Thomas Sowell. And truly free your mind

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    • JJ April 2, 16:42

      Thank you, Wahila. The worst of this country was built on business, the best of this country was built on mutual aide and literacy. I highly recommend John Curl’s book “For All The People: Uncovering The Hidden History of Cooperation, Cooperative Movements & Communalism in America.” Curl is also a woodworker, poet, historian, and long time member of worker cooperatives.

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  30. CCTer March 30, 15:46

    I guess it all comes down to the governments priorities on who they want to target first. You can bet that everyone who got this email would be on a watch list… but if it comes down to the who list…it will be a very small number of Americans that won’t be in their “intern camps”. Who the heck will actually do the real work when there is no money left for welfare programs…or have they forgotten how communist countries work.

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    • Shijiazhuang March 31, 00:04

      CCTer, your last line seems to have a typo, I believe it should read – or have they forgotten how communist countries allegedly work. I am not a communist, most of my working life was helping people in the south east of USA, but with my retirement, and the doom & gloom that is about to unfold on most people that live in the land of milk & honey, I decided to leave, and spend my golden years in a communist country that is nothing like what the folks at home are told, I have been living only 160 miles from Beijing for nearly 10 years, and am happy and content here. In a growing country such as China, we see improvement in things regularly, whereas in America, things just keep going downhill and I can’t see any end to that, can you?

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    • Miss Kitty April 2, 04:59

      Internment camps are forced labor camps, aren’t they? So all the rich will live on estates and the surviving poor folks will basically be just slave labor or if we’re really lucky we’ll be upgraded to serfs! Either way people like us will be either dead, neutralized or exiled to some irradiated hell hole. That’s IF they catch us!😼

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  31. Wahila March 30, 18:50

    Here is the gest of it all. If it is the Gov that is after people because that want to live free love their God and do no harm to others then that is not good because the Government should be happy.
    But , If the Government wishes to impose it’s ideal that does not coincide with the people…., well isnt that why the Revolution occurred?
    Here it is the Uber elitist Left who never worked in the soil and have platitudes up the wazoo and run academia and for 9 or more years ran the Halls of the White House the Halls of Justice (or injustice) lied and still lie cheat in order to maintain power. Or to regain it after failing miserably.
    The fact is the only thing the Conservative movement wants from the Government is for them to get out of the way.
    Fact is the fastest way to a Facist Dictatorship is theough Socialism. This was what we got for the last 9 years and the deep state oligarchs are trying to push you the American people under.
    if you are a Veteran you swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. These people are trying to subvert it.
    So how do you fight this? Run for Office expose them for who and what they are. Neo Marxist Socialistas who wish to become the elite power.
    So stand up for America and the American way dont vote for anyone who pushes the Socialist agenda any further.
    But if you wish to be a slave to the State and the push the Lefts Political Agenda you need to ask. What did that get the people under Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot or Hitler who started his program as a Socialist. If you think that was agood thing ?
    I have more than 122 million people who would disagree if they weren’t dead.

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    • JJ April 2, 16:46

      And yet we’ve arrived at Fascism right now through consumer capitalist democracy. Corporations votes count, workers votes do not. Left to do as they please, the corporate world pollutes, kills, maims, strip mines, gives people water that they can light on fire. They buy up most real estate & name whatever price they please. Oh, but you can update your cell phone to a new one every six months, so I guess everything is fine.

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  32. Wahila March 30, 20:45

    People dont think there is a collusion between deep state and other groups hostile to America.?
    Why was John Kerry in Lebenon talking to Hamas Leader and today in the news Muslim Persian (Called Palestinians by Yasser Arafat ) tried to march by the thousands on Israel today?
    Did the Obama Administration give 222 billion in gold to Iran Secretly behind Americans back while also allowing them to reopen Uranium processing. While the Iranians are still the number one sponsors of Terror in the world as well as the number one producers of IED’s killing Americans.
    Why did the Obama Administration approve the sale of 22 percent of US produced Uranium in Utah by the Clinton Foundation headed by Chelsea Clinton while Hilary was the Secretary of State?
    The reason Barack HUSSEIN was mentored by Frank M Davis of the United States Communist Party who was under investigation by the Dept. Of UnAmerican affairs at the FBI.
    The head if Obama’s Cabinet is still Valerie Jarrod whos Father left the United States to go to Iran in 1979 to become the Dr. Of the Ayatollah.
    The sale of the Rosetom Corporation was purchased 6 months before the sale of Uranium to the Rosetom Company to none other than Vladamir Putin.
    All knew about the deal and they all hid it from the American Public
    And if Hilary had won which was the deal. The set up the fix.
    No one would have known.

    Problem? She didnt win.
    Problem distract from the real Collusion by claiming Trump was in on a deal thus the manufactured Steele Document a foreign agent given the document by…, the Clinton Foundation!
    All this upheaval in the ME is because if you note they are burning pictures of Trump.
    A day or two after Kerry has a meeting with Mohmud Abbas.

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  33. Anzenmaster March 30, 20:48

    Looks like anybody who won a Scouting merit badge is on the list. It starts with “Be Prepared.” Count me in with the PC potential terrorists. I was on the flag detail that lowered the flag to half staff for JFK. That was back when Reagan’s ideas were “NEW.” Lower taxes, Strong defense, Liberty, E Pluribus Unim, In God We Trust.

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  34. Anzenmaster March 30, 20:50

    Looks like anybody who won a Scouting merit badge is on the list. It starts with “Be Prepared.” Count me in with the PC potential terrorists. I was on the flag detail that lowered the flag to half staff for JFK. That was back when Reagan’s ideas were “NEW.” Lower taxes, Strong defense, Liberty, E Pluribus Unim, In God We Trust. Lefties want half staff for our Constitution.

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  35. Rushmoon March 31, 05:16

    That many hmmm. WE are majority. War with them IS coming. Military(pro trump) WILL take them down YES there ARE patriots in high places trump knows everything.

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  36. BornVillain April 2, 04:26

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of terrorist action is carried out by extremist right wing Christians, which is a group who absolutely fits the definition of “terrorist” if they engage in violent acts. This is just statistical fact. However, that of course does not mean that every gun owning conservative Christian is a potential terrorist, and it is dangerous for the government to be so general in their definitions. And this list is not partisan- anyone with a brain in their head will question mainstream narratives and be opposed to nuclear weapons! Now more than ever we need to come together as a people.

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    • Miss Kitty April 2, 05:13

      If you’re committing acts of terrorism and going around murdering people you’re no kind of Christian! And I don’t know where you’re getting your info, but the acts of terrorism I’ve been seeing on the news have either been lone wolf crackpots or Muslim extremists. Not to knock anyone else’s religion, but jihad is in the Koran and actively encouraged by some imams. Just saying. Pope hasn’t ordered a holy war for a few centuries now, and the protestants haven’t burned any witches for about a century and a half.

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    • Auckland Escapee April 2, 07:24

      I believe the time to come together as a people has long past, even 9/11 didn’t get the whole country together, Pearl Harbor went close, but even 1776 only had about a quarter of this country were ready to die for the future of it. Coming together as a people, don’t make me laugh, or more likely don’t make me cry.

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  37. Miss Kitty April 2, 05:36

    Excellent article on the gun rights controversy at TOWNHALL website by Bruce Bialosky. Please read and share.

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  38. Miss Kitty April 3, 02:36

    I’ve been looking over the posts for the last few days and we’ve all (or most anyway) have gotten sucked into the whole us vs them scenario. We’re so fragmented that we’ve totally gotten off topic and so busy squabbling that there hasn’t been much constructive conversation. We’ve all looked at the list and have in most cases multiple numbers checked off. This is a list of people who are eligible to be arrested at any time under the guise that we’re terrorists. And we’re busy playing politics! We should all be making plans for what we’re going to do when we hear jackboots thundering up the stairs at 3am instead of ripping each other apart.

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  39. JB April 4, 14:52

    If Obama could change the rules why can’t trump change them back? He needs to, is he even aware?

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  40. Miss Kitty April 5, 13:30

    URGENT! If you don’t subscribe to the. Organic Prepper you need to check this out NOW! Disturbing story about prepper couple who were detained and questioned for hours/ no lawyer/no formal charges. Please read and pass info. These people (although I don’t agree with them politically) could be any of us next time.

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  41. Wildermann April 5, 15:05

    If the list had been made in the late 60’s the terrorists listing would have been all the groups and citizens supporting civil rights, peace, women’s rights., leftists, anti war, hippies, immigrants, black nationalists, right to choose, atheists, community organizers etc. The then FBI under J. Edgar Hoover was investigating all such groups. Now the pendulum is swinging the other way and the right gets the moniker. The so called government or criminally inclined gangsters controlling the media play against both the left and the right and thus rule through the use of the oldest tactics of divide and conquer. All you sacrosanct right wing humps making promises about having the backs of your like minded buddies are being totally played just as the left was in the 60’s. Just who are you going to take down to watch your so called friends backs? It would appear that you would be dealing with other Americans with whom you can’t even have any kind of civil discourse because you have totally bought into the divisive B.S. being fed to you across a multitude of electronic platforms and media. The biggest fear of the plutocrats and the criminal gangsters running this age old ploy would be for the left and right to find common ground and cause to stand against these false leaders and to agree to a new civility to address philosophical distinctions. There is probably far more agreement than most would believe possible.

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    • Graywolf12 April 5, 17:27

      Who would have thunk a dumbokrat would be religious, and use it to disparage conservatives.

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      • Enigma June 2, 19:37

        There exists an odd sort of critter called a ‘Christian’ socialist. Like some Zionists (e.g., Prager), they talk a good and ‘reasonable-sounding’ line on morals and good principles – until they get a whip in hand.

        Then there’s a downward spiral of liberties and human rights losses, and at some point people are getting loaded on to box-cars to a Siberia / Buchenwald. In more primitive places, dissidents and the unlucky rapidly get made into fertilizer – as in a Kampuchea.

        There are old history books which haven’t been ‘redacted’ and folk who yet survive from the 1950s. Among the dissidents of the 60s and 70s there were all kinds of terrorists, mostly indigenous ones (US regimes hadn’t yet angered sufficiently West Asian & other folk) One semi-funny incident was some Latins (Puerto Ricans?) exploding a small bomb in a Congressional restroom. Stank up the place a bit more….

        As Mark Twain allegedly put the matter, history doesn’t repeat (exactly) – but it rhymes.

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  42. vocalpatriot April 9, 03:29

    The view that there are “types” of Americans
    is by itself un-American.
    Two important points to consider:
    1) We outnumber them, by a lot.
    2) this article is bullshit, by a lot.

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  43. Stumpy April 9, 16:39

    You forgot people that go to sites like this one.

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  44. Enigma April 14, 14:43

    I fit most of those categories, except I don’t believe in any sort of perfectibility.

    A goal of ‘Make the world better.’ (via human efforts) is, in view of history, insane.

    And yes, the State is the visible source of most woes. Clearly Jefferson, Washington, and all Framers and Founders (except maybe Hamilton), are ‘terrorists’.

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  45. shorty April 14, 21:30

    I couldn’t get the letter to show up so I was not able to read it. Home Land Security apparently views everyone as a potential terrorist. I want to say THANK YOU to ALL of the Men and WOMEN , past and present, Thank YOU for your service or services for our country. Does Home Land Security look at the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, and National Guard Units as terrorist groups also? The people in Washington that want to remove all of the guns of the people don’t worry their safety, they all have body guards which allows them to not worry about their safety. If they take guns away from the people, will they take the guns away from the armed services and body guards? Criminals will always have guns.

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  46. NOBODY May 29, 19:22

    This is wrong…. Jesus is coming back, one day… he will fix all that they have done wrong. AMERICA BLESS GOD… maybe he will bless AMERICA again…

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  47. Enigma June 2, 19:20

    There won’t be any recognizable ‘America’ in the Millennial Kingdom Era. Even possible Terra’s continents may get rearranged.

    What remained of the prior system of things after the Noachian Flood? Very surface of the planet was altered by the vast new weight of water; some portions of the crust sank to become new larger oceans, and other portions rose to become new or higher mountain ranges. Crustal plates moved too.

    In 2033 CE it will have been 2,000 years since the events of 33 CE. Biblically speaking, only ‘two days’ (yaum) in God’s eyes since Iesous’ sojourn.

    Nor does anyone know with certainty the precise length of the Creative Days of Genesis. Terra remains yet in the Seventh, the ‘sabbath rest’ day. (In the Hebrew Text, the closing formula used for each prior day is omitted for the Seventh.)

    Those days of the Creative Week may be 7,000; 12,000; 49,000; 50,000; 144,000 -who knows, 7 billion years, in length? If 7,000 years, humanity is relatively closer to this End, but will the Millennial Reign be included in the Creative Week, or begin a new Week? (I chose numbers such as 7, 12, 49, 50, & multiples thereof, due to their repeated sacerdotal uses in Scripture. Not endorsing any.)

    Ever since 33 CE, would-be Christians have been looking for real change, for Divine rescue. What makes this generation so special? Sure, ‘signs and portents’, yet which were -or are- unmistakably definitive?

    Putative Christians (and Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc.) better employed in actually living and enacting the precepts they affect to believe, and not expect special treatment.

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    • NOBODY June 4, 11:45

      wow! remember GOD will judge us ALL! no matter what kind of faith you belive in. we will ALL SEE the HOLY truth. Don’t ask GOD for mercy when you did not belive in him while you were here on EARTH. Come to Jesus while he is still calling to you…. only two places you will go to. HEVEN or HELL, when you DIE….. GOD lets you pick witch one

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      • Enigma June 8, 06:14

        witch one? Or, which one…

        Terra of Sol was created due some purpose. Consult Genesis for that. Would God allow vagrant creatures to divert / change that purpose?

        (Re that Genesis behest: Is it possible that all terraformed planets are ‘Earths’, and so humanity should someday expand throughout the Universe?)

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        • NOBODY June 8, 12:49

          @ ENIGMA – or difficult to understand. yes?




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          • Enigma June 12, 17:38

            Other ways to interpret ‘enigma’: polymath, complex, multilayered, obscure, and/or contradictory. Thomas Jefferson has been labeled as an American Enigma.

            Witch/which: No apologies ever necessary; I don’t believe such anyway, but only deeds.

            Potential human off-world expansion: am speaking to a far future time, perhaps long after the Millennial Reign. Regard current ambitions for Mars as being akin to humans gathering in Post-Deluge cities and building ziggurats to ‘reach the Heavens’.

            YHWH didn’t like, since he had commanded humanity via Noah to spread out and populate Terra. His decision? Confusion of languages, and many other ills, result – such as genocidal wars.

            I read Bible, and all too likely understand it better than 99.9%. Which sadly leads to inconvenient truths and questions. Occasionally warn folk that God is not Who they wish to believe. He’s not a kindly Entity, and the natural order reveals that every day.

            E.g.: That Edenic Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was a trap. If not haWah (Eve, to illiterate Americans) first eating therefrom, then likely one of her children, grandchildren – someone. And any fertile female succumbing to Satanic temptations is a disaster which can ring down generations.

            Killing an errant/deviant male when others are also available not a species extinction path. Killing future mothers (and prospective mothers killing their fetuses and babies) does equal extinction. In pragmatic terms, Americans have been committing a slow suicide since 1973. Rate has recently enhanced: aside from abortions, 123 daily suicides alleged.

            You do know that typing in all CAPs is the online equivalent to ‘shouting’?

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            • NOBODY June 12, 22:13

              did you here me? ALL CAPS

              it says that when we stand be for the glory of GOD, that all things will be known….

              praise GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

              reading is one thing understanding the truth about it, is another. 99.9%…. if that is true then you should be far grater then Jesus. O, But he was not a sinner, like US…..
              He who makes his self first surly will be last….. {YOU}

              I guess that .1% will make YOU or brake YOU. when YOU get to a hundred, then you will know when Christ is coming back. HUH…. you make me laugh. all ways some one has to be first. sounds like YOU….

              good luck with that…

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  48. NOBODY June 12, 22:26

    I read Bible / I read the Bible?

    no apologies any way…. I do be*lieve in that….

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  49. Enigma June 14, 13:40

    Whenever an English word is capitalized initially or in whole, that today implies ‘the’. In the 1700s that usage implied a generic proper noun.

    As for “first and last”; Iesous told his disciples when they were contending over their Kingdom status that, those thinking selves ‘first’ shall actually be last, and those considered ‘last’ shall be first in his kingdom.

    Pride has many manifestations. I care not; I desire only that Oblivion which existed before my birth. This is a Cosmos of Hate, not one of kindly love, thus I reject it and its Authors.

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  50. KDC February 18, 16:35

    In short…true Patriots!

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  51. Stugots February 18, 17:18

    OUTLAW COMMUNISM ! Problems Solved !

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    • Weihai Warrior February 19, 04:31

      I live in a Communist country (China) and we don’t have the problem, sure we have other problems, nowhere is perfect. If any government is fairly honest, things run smoothly, but if they are continually trying to stop the public from finding out about their misdeeds of the past, things wont be so good.

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  52. OhDiane February 18, 20:19

    This is propaganda from the “alt-right” meant to turn Americans against Americans. That’s all. Don’t fall for it.
    The real problem right now is Russia & their hypnonic missiles which we don’t have. No one should fall for this bogus #deflection! Stay focused on what the real issues are. None of which are listed here.
    All of this is garbage meant to distract you from Worldly problems, & purposely meant to create civil problems. And from the looks of the comments here, it’s succeeded. SHAME. Why propaganda works is beyond me. OH – The fear… the indignant righteousness? OH the “whatever”! ALL of which is just a tangle of nothingness bc it’s all smoke & mirrors from the Real Problems out there. Which is not ourselves. America is only strong when we ALL stick together. And other countries know it. Don’t let them tear us apart.

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    • Graywolf12 February 18, 22:24

      “Why propaganda works is beyond me”. It is because you have fallen for it hook line and sinker. The Alt left is the real enemy of the country. They are dividing the country into numerous fraction and pitting each against the others. This is a sure way to need a strong central government to take control, and control they will. Almost all the useful idiots they used to gain control will be removed to make room for the animals and reduce mans contribution to the rise in CO2 levels.

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      • George Waters February 19, 04:11

        Most, if not all governments use propaganda to change the way people think, instead of being independent, they are more likely to follow the government line of reasoning, in the US of A propaganda is like a secret “fake” news service, there is nobody to call to argue the point with, if you make a public statement that the government is wrong, you will just be reguarded as not knowing what is going on.

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    • red February 19, 06:07

      They already have torn us apart. They started when this nation was newborn and it continues. White against black against Native American. Alt-right is one more group of houseboys for the left. When the dems were losing an election, out would come the KKK or nazis to ‘support the conservative.’ And the conservative lost, each time. A black preacher in TN was fotoed going to a KKK meeting house to ‘talk with the rednecks’ to get them to vote for him, a dem. He was laughing at the people when he said it. Then we, Native Americans, started to network. If stopped working for the dems. Then out came the guns and conservatives were blamed, but in each case, the perp was a dem. Now alt-right turns up seemingly opposite antifa, but both work for the same terrorist network, the dnc.Conservative politicians are at last waking up to reality. It does not pay be be a gentleman when your enemy worships gold and will sacrifice anyone, even babies, to get what they want, power. Slaves. Serfdom. Hitler said he wanted to raise u a generation without morals of compassion. The dems own the schools and have done that. Anything Hitler did, they do. And empower it thru the news media just as he did.

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  53. 01 February 19, 06:01

    So I downloaded the source material for descriptions 1&2. it was and Air Force lesson plan for Equal Opportunity, as well as several other “Acts” published by the government. But nothing on terrorism. Least I didnt see it. Dont get me wrong, I probably fit into most of those clases myself. Still though, the writer makes a whole lot of generalizations as well. I dont believe any of us should follow blindly, but I definately believe we should all follow something better than ourselves.

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  54. 01 February 19, 06:01

    So I downloaded the source material for descriptions 1&2. it was and Air Force lesson plan for Equal Opportunity, as well as several other “Acts” published by the government. But nothing on terrorism. Least I didnt see it. Dont get me wrong, I probably fit into most of those clases myself. Still though, the writer makes a whole lot of generalizations as well. I dont believe any of us should follow blindly, but I definately believe we should all follow something better than ourselves. #2

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  55. red February 19, 06:33

    I like snowflakes. They’re all nuts and fall for any scam that comes along, so it’s easy to nail them with reality.

    One of my favorite points to snowflakes is, no CO2, no plants–plants use it as a fertilizer and at one time, there was 200 times more CO2 than today. Plants are suffocating because they can’t get enough. I’ve been spit at, called a liar, and anything under the sun. Than half of them try to disprove it, and wind up a step closer to our side. And, sorry, kiddies, but cow farts are as much a fertilizer and cow pies Than, if they’re all angry at me for teaching them, I say, AKA, you been scammed, snowflake! 😉

    Best to you.

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  56. Anglo America February 19, 09:40

    The “Terrorists List” thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

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