The Most Powerful Non-Lethal Weapon Against Invading Rioters

Rich M.
By Rich M. August 6, 2020 07:26

The Most Powerful Non-Lethal Weapon Against Invading Rioters

The recent protests and accompanying riots have raised some very real concerns, both in law-enforcement and the citizenry. Countless millions of dollars worth of damage have been done in the last few months, in many cases, destroying businesses owned by members of their own community. In many cases, the home and business owners were unable to do a thing to protect their property.

This is nowhere clearer than in the case of the McCloskeys, the couple in St. Louis, who have become infamous for standing in front of their mansion, armed, to protect themselves from a protest. While Missouri state law includes the Castle Doctrine, allowing people to defend their homes, the local DA has decided to charge them with the felony offense of “unlawful use of a weapon” for “brandishing guns” during that protest.

These situations can be very tricky to deal with, both for the police and for citizens. While the law allows for the use of deadly force when you are in imminent danger of life and limb, the courts have to rule, after the fact, that the use was in self-defense. Some of these situations aren’t all that clear-cut, meaning that using lethal force to defend yourself can have some very serious ramifications.

That doesn’t just apply to individual citizens, it applies to police as well, who are being confronted with having to make such decisions with much more frequency. As long as protests continue, other groups will continue using those protests as camouflage to hide their own nefarious activities, causing riots, looting and destroying property.

The Most Powerful Non-Lethal Weapon Against Invading RiotersOne solution that police are adopting is sonic weapons.

The LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Hailing Device), while not yet widely in use, has been used successfully to dissipate crowds, sometimes even before things turned violent.

While there are some questions about its constitutionality, it is a great option when a less than lethal solution is desired.

The idea of acoustic weapons originated with the need to provide ships with protection from pirates. While we tend to think of piracy as a crime that belonged in the age of sail, there are still pirates operating around the world. Ships equipped with sonic weapons have a means of protecting themselves from such potential attacks. The same technology has been used effectively by whaling ships, protecting themselves from harassment by environmental activists.

Related: Lost Survival Lessons from the 18th Century Pirates Who Ruled the Atlantic

What Exactly is a Sonic Weapon?

The Most Powerful Non-Lethal Weapon Against Invading RiotersSonic weapons are devices which produces a very loud sound, somewhere between 130 and 160 dB. This produces intense discomfort and even nausea.

As such, they provide a non-lethal method of dealing with large crowds of people. That doesn’t mean that they’ll all turn and run, with their hands clamped over their ears; but that is a possible result. A lot depends on just how loud the sound is.

Theoretically, sonic weapons can be made as lethal; although it doesn’t appear that there are any currently being manufactured that way.

For them to be lethal, the sound produced would have to be louder than any currently being produced, as well as being at an extremely low frequency, lower than what current speaker technology can reach. Such frequencies resonate with the human body, and can cause catastrophic damage.

In order to make sonic weapons effective, the sound that they produce is aimed. Typical speakers produce a cone of sound that is roughly 120 degrees. The LARS system narrows that down to roughly 60 degrees, with a 40 dB difference between the area covered by the focused sound and areas adjacent to it.

Although the LARS system is a sonic weapon, it is actually not marketed as one. Rather, it is marketed as a long-range hailing device, intended for voice communications with people at a long distance. To use it as a non-lethal weapon, a warbling tone, such as one that might be used for a burglar alarm or as a siren on an emergency vehicle, is put through it, rather than voice. Such tones are easily downloaded from the internet.

Are Sonic Weapons Legal?

The Most Powerful Non-Lethal Weapon Against Invading RiotersAs of right now, there don’t appear to be any laws on the books which make sonic weapons illegal in any of the 50 states.

However, at a ticket price of $100,000 to $190,000, the price pretty much limits it to use by law enforcement agencies, military and commercial; ocean-going ships.

There are a few smaller sonic weapons which are made for the civilian market and available for prices ranging from $39.95 to $1,000.

How effective these might be is another question entirely. Little real information, in the form of specifications, is provided by companies selling this equipment. So it’s hard to determine just how effective these devices are.

Making Your Own Sonic Weapon

The basic difference between the LARS system and a public address system is that they have succeeded in narrowing the cone of sound coming out of the speaker. This can be done, even without spending $100,000.

To make your own such system, you need to start out with an amplifier and speaker capable of producing at least 160 decibels. While most home stereos don’t do this, some of the high-end systems can reach this level. Even easier, some of the amplifiers used for car audio systems can produce more than 780 dB of sound. Yes, all those annoying cars whose drivers go by with their sound cranked up enough to shake your car are actually using a sonic weapon against you.

With a good enough sound system to start with, all you need is a means of focusing the sound. I’ve never managed to get the opportunity to take a LARS system apart, I know one very effective way of doing that. It’s not as compact as theirs, but it will work.

All you need to do is create a bundle of tubes, which is larger in diameter than your speaker (not necessarily the speaker cabinet) and mount it to the front of your speaker. The individual tubes need to be two to three feet long (the longer the better) and made of a hard substance which will reflect sound, such as acrylic plastic tubing. PVC will work as well, but not as well as acrylic, because it is softer.

What this bundle of tubing will do, is to reflect the sound waves back and forth, until they come out the end. While this will not totally eliminate the sound that is radiated towards the sides, it will reduce it considerably, sending that sound downrange instead.

In addition to the tubes, it would be helpful to insulate the speaker cabinet, so as to absorb sound and lower the amount of sound pressure going out to the sides and back. In most cases, you can open a speaker cabinet fairly easily, by removing the speaker itself, which is held in with screws. Then just loosely stuff the inside of the cabinet with fiberglass home insulation, making sure to leave room for the speaker you just took out. Once filled, reinstall the speaker.

The whole thing can be mounted on a tripod, allowing you to aim it where you will. Find the balance point for the entire unit and mount it there, creating a custom bracket to mount the speaker. This will allow you to aim the unit the easily, without having to support the weight of the unit with your hands, while you are using it.

If you’re going to use this unit to defend your home from rioters, you’ll want to set it up somewhere where you have a good vantage point and can point it at the rioters from a distance, while at the same time keeping them from getting to you. A second-floor balcony would be a great choice, as would putting it on the roof, if you have a roof where the pitch isn’t so steep as to make it dangerous.

Keep in mind that this is not a foolproof weapon. While it will discourage rioters and might even drive them away, all that they need to do, to slightly protect themselves from it, is to put on noise cancelling headphones, which totally enclose the ear, or at least cover their ears with their hands. That will allow the most daring of them to approach you. So you will want to be sure to have some other sort of weapon available to yourself, should the situation escalate like that and you find yourself needing to protect yourself.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. August 6, 2020 07:26
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  1. rick August 6, 13:55

    Piece of cake?

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  2. Runner August 6, 14:49

    Man, once this gets out to the SJW they will try to ban loud sound system in autos as a weapon. I can just see the headlines now.

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    • Miss Kitty August 6, 18:54

      But, but, but…the young men in the rap-blasting car are exercising their civil rights to free speech!!! By sharing their culturally significant and politically relevant music, they are enlightening everyone within a five block radius!!! They should be hailed as urban cultural missionaries!! They’re trying to enwoken white America!!!

      Ok, sarcasm off now.😁

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      • City Chick August 7, 13:50

        Miss Kitty, Around here in the big city, they just don’t drive around with the hip hop music blasting, they spread the. cheer by throwing all their fast food trash out the window! Once was almost hit by a drive by flying pizza box!

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        • Miss Kitty August 10, 04:47

          I’m sure that was no accident! I’ve had glass beer bottles chucked at me before… another reason not to be out walking at night if you can help it.

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          • red August 11, 04:46

            Miz Kitty: I’ll stick to dirt roads out in the brush. Rattlesnakes are more human–and more humane–than too many we know. niio!

            Reply to this comment
            • Miss Kitty August 11, 11:30

              True that! In addition to your comment on the daschis, poodles are nasty little buggers…more likely to bite than any other breed. I’d rather take my chances with a big dog. They tend to be more mellow.

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    • D August 12, 17:39

      780dB is undoubtedly a typo. Sonic boom from a jet just barely surpasses 200. Every 6dB increase is double the sound output. World record is in 180dB range currently for car audio and that is not an every day go down the road soundsystem by FAR. And requires MANY high output alternators, hundreds of pounds of wiring and batteries and is for a 3 second burst ONLY.

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  3. LEAH August 6, 16:00

    This doesn’t seem very practical. Especially with low outcome expectations. Could still work in some situations. I would not count on it.

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  4. CHASBO August 6, 16:11

    What frequency or frequencies are used?

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    • jamesm August 6, 16:37

      Charges against the couple in Missouri were dropped by the state, which only makes sense since those “peaceful protestors” had busted through 2 locked steel gates to get in and had threatened to kill the man, rape his wife and kill his kids and dogs. Personally, they’d still be finding pieces of the protestors in the bushes, on top of houses and out in the street

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      • left coast chuck August 7, 21:48

        I wonder how much of a fight they will have to get their guns back. I wonder if the crime lab is going to remove the firing pin they put in place so that the gun is retuned in the condition it was seized or are they just going to say, “Oh hell, just give it back to them”?

        My money is on they are going to have to file suit in the court of record and get a judge’s order to get their guns back and the pistol will come back in pieces from the brim lab.

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  5. WO 5 August 6, 16:35

    Many years ago I bought plans and a kit to do this from information unlimited. The unit worked fine. I was really good at scaring bears and mountain lions from the campsite.

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  6. jr August 6, 16:44

    think you got your article wrong it trumps people that are dressed in clothing with no marking on it that are attacting people and peaceful riotors not going to buy anything from anyone who supports trump and his dictatatorship You come on here selling thing to peolpe make money off it and tell me all the wrong false lies I a nam vet every thing i read about your company is about your attempt to scare people and try to get them to vote for trump i bought from you before never again

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck August 6, 17:47

      I try not to make caustic personal comments about folks who post on this site as it generally adds nothing to the discussion. That said, in your case, Jr, I will make an exception. Your post more than adequately shows the level of cerebration of which you are capable. If your level of mental capability is indicative of the group in which you place yourself, it clearly delineates the scope of the problem we face.

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    • City Chick August 6, 21:38

      What dictatorship? Nobody here as far as I can tell is scared of anything! That confidence comes from being prepared, clinging to our guns and our Bible! Would work for you too! If you give it a try you’d have a miraculous transformation, be a better person, and have a much better outlook on life! Wouldn’t be so grouchy either!

      Reply to this comment
    • TAL August 6, 22:06

      They don’t speak English in your country, do they?

      Reply to this comment
    • Mr Ed August 8, 08:00

      You don’t sound like a Nam Vet. Where were you in-country ?

      Reply to this comment
    • Jiyon April 10, 06:49

      In a few billion years our sun will go supernova and totally destroy the Earth. Obviously, this is all Donald Trump’s fault, and would never happen if Hillary had been elected.

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  7. Stugots August 6, 17:14

    If you want sonic, check these guys out. They have what you want and more.

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  8. left coast chuck August 6, 17:41

    For about $100 you can buy a megaphone on line. If you get one with a warbler sound, that alone creates an annoyingly loud noise. I bought one to use when I was rangemaster for our local gun club because the club sound system was no better than shouting. One time I accidentally switched it to warbler. It certainly got everyone’s attention, even though they were wearing hearing protection. Siren mode up close is a close second.

    Don’t know how it would work for crowd control. Personally, I think wearing body armor, a helmet, a slung shotgun over your shoulder and with a Japanese katana in your hand would be more of a crowd deterrent. No threatening gestures, just standing on your property thus attired should do the the trick. There is something especially threatening about a large cutting instrument. Perhaps it is something inbred from thousands of years of swords being the main battle weapon. I don’t have an easy explanation for it.

    For the price of a cheap pistol you can purchase a real sword made with real steel and really sharp from Cold Steel. the metal is good. It isn’t like some of the under $100 swords you see at gun shows which are basically wall hangers.

    Just as with firearms, you have to practice with a sword. A real, full length sword is heavy and to wield it requires arm strength that you just don’t naturally have. In addition, there is a technique to creating the most dangerous, disabling cuts that just don’t occur automatically. They have to be practiced.

    Lacking that, an 18 or 22 inch machete is also a good defense mechanism, threatening without actually needing any angry gestures. Just quietly standing there with the machete at your side is threatening enough. 18 to 22 inch is sufficiently large to be dangerous, not so large as to be especially difficult to use. Amazon sells Tremontina machetes for a very low price. They have gotten good reviews. They are made in some South American country where machetes are in daily use.

    The big mistake pink-shirted home owner made was pointing the firearm. If he had just stood on his property with the rifle at port arms and his wifey with her firing-pin less pistol by her side the political DA wouldn’t have a case.

    Port arms allows one to rapidly get the rifle into firing position and at the same time is non-threatening. You are not pointing it at anybody but the message is there.

    They don’t have a case against wifey because her pistol had the firing pin removed and was inoperable. It is interesting that the DA is alleged to have ordered the crime lab to install a firing pin in the pistol in order to make it operable. Hmm. I wonder if tampering with evidence is a felony in that state? I suspect it is, even when done by someone in the “justice” system.

    If the DA goes to trial against wifey I wonder if the AG of the state will file charges against the DA? The Goobinator that that state has already indicated he will pardon the pair if they are convicted.

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  9. left coast chuck August 6, 18:13

    I mentioned another crowd deterrent, the pepper ball launcher. While browsing Amazon I found this:

    by PepperBall
    4.4 out of 5 stars
    44 ratings | 47 answered questions

    PepperBall LifeLite Personal Defense Launcher
    • ⭐This Kit Includes: Lifelite Launcher, 5 Live SD PepperBall Projectiles, 10 Inert Practice Projectiles, 3 CO2 Cartridges, 2 CR123 Batteries, Lanyard, and Custom Pepperball decal stickers.
    • ⭐NEW ALTERNATIVE TO PERSONAL SECURITY: LifeLite combines a LED flashlight with a launcher to offer covert protection in plain sight. PepperBall projectiles contain a powerful pepper irritant to immediately incapacitate an attacker and diffuse a threat
    • ⭐INTEGRATED GUIDE: The integrated point guide automatically activates when the safety is off to provide precise aim and operation. It helps the user find and hit the target with ease. The guide also serves as an effective psychological deterrent
    • ⭐FEATURES: CAPACITY – 5 rounds; designed to launch non-lethal PepperBall projectiles from as far as 60 feet away. FLASHLIGHT: 1.75 LBS, 350 lumen; EASY TO USE: A safety switch ensures that LifeLite won’t fire until you want it to
    • ⭐STAND OFF DISTANCE is 50 feet. The LifeLite is known to be a very accurate and user-friendly device. Safety and utility combined into 1 device. Be sure to check out accessories for the Lifelite Launcher! Proudly made in the USA. “G22Tech LLC” is the authorized dealer for PepperBall products. Purchasing from G22Tech ensures you receive product support, and the genuine product bundle

    It has the same deficiencies that I mentioned in the article talking about what types of firearms one should acquire to pass down to one’s heirs. Namely, it uses CO2 cartridges which, once pierced lose the CO2 charge over a period of time. This makes it unsuitable for immediate defense needs, but if one is aware that a situation is developing, the device could be loaded and the cartridge not pierced until the need is imminent.

    This is much cheaper than the almost $400 device that I talked about in the Guns to Heirs article comments.

    It would behoove one to use the practice material to insure that one know where it shoots and whether the effective range is really 50 feet.

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  10. Miss Kitty August 6, 18:58

    Just doesn’t seem practical for the average person, and can you imagine what your neighborhood homeowners association would have to say…
    “Mr. Johnson, your roses are the wrong color – only pink are allowed. And what is that thing on the roof of your garage that looks like a speaker? Whatever it is, you must take it down at once…at once, sir!”

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  11. Spike August 6, 20:24

    Just thinking…How about a 100 lb. propane tank turned upside down so a flame thrower would be fed liquid LP instead of an upright tank being fed gas LP. Should throw a hellofa flame but you would want a long wand to keep it away from you.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck August 7, 02:30

      Harbor Freight has a weed-burner that operates off a 5 gallon propane bottle. I am going to check it out to try to cut down on the weed growth that has sprung up. It just might make a handy dandy flame thrower too.

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      • IvyMike August 7, 03:41

        That’s called a pear burner in Texas, it is useless as a flamethrower. Dry land ranchers hit by drought use them to burn the spines off prickly pear so the cattle can eat them. Back in the old days when butane was used as a propellant in spray cans everything was a flamethrower/grenade. When we were kids in the little town of Marfa everybody had a burn barrel (55G steel drum) for their excess trash, a can of Grandmama’s hairspray made a very satisfactory explosion. Anybody else ever been whipped with a crab apple switch?

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  12. CHASBO August 6, 21:04

    One added. thought. I f you had a pack of hungry dogs, a hypersonic blast might ward them off.

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  13. Lynne August 6, 22:28

    It’s very discouraging to find no ideas about how to diffuse and de-escalate situations. While I do not mind that all the charges against that couple were dropped, what they did was in fact, absurd. No one was on their property, or headed that way. The crowd was peaceful. Brandishing weapons is not a solution. If there was a mob descending on their homes, their weapons would not have protected them for long. All you who bought weapons to secure your 2nd Amendment rights, why aren’t you out defending your civil rights against the Homeland Security Goon squads??

    Reply to this comment
    • City Chick August 7, 00:10

      Seen it all first hand here, and I can tell you without hesitation that today’s rioting mobs do not listen to reason! Maybe back in yesterday, the sherif could walk out and say now come down (Thinking of an episode of Gun Smoke here), but today’s mobs come prepared with staged pallets of bricks, stolen cars parked with trunks full of incendiary devises, and front seats full of baseball bats! They are not ready to listen to reason or negotiate.

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    • IvyMike August 7, 00:35

      I watched a video yesterday in which a woman had complained to the police about a young woman on the beach wearing a bikini top and a thong. The police showed up and put the cuffs on the young woman, who demanded to know why she was being arrested. They said she was dressed illegally. She made them dig out their copy of city ordinances, the cop read the ordinance to her, it said it was illegal to be nude on the beach. She said, so take the cuffs off, I have on a bikini. He insisted she was nude and continued to detain her. I got tired of watching the video so don’t know how it was resolved, but the point is it’s not Homeland Security Goon squads we have to worry about, but all of law enforcement. L.E. has devolved to the point they have no respect for the 1st and fourth amendment rights of the citizens they are supposed to protect. How do you get to the point of 3 cops cuffing a petite woman for wearing a bikini? I expect ill mannered harassment from CBP when I’m close to the border, but a while back me and a Mexican friend of mine were stopped while driving out to bid some work in east Texas. Turns out we were on U.S. 80 which is a high intensity drug traffic enforcement area, and a white guy and a brown guy riding together is one of their profiles. The State Trooper told me he stopped me because my window tint was too dark. Then he ordered us out of the truck and asked if he could search it. I should have told him to go to hell but it’s a lot easier and safer just to go along. The sad thing is he was obviously afraid of us, nervous almost to the point of trembling. Me and Javo are pretty rough looking, true, but we’re as harmless as 2 old men can be. He made us squat on the side of the road, almost drew his gun. All we had in the truck were bid sheets and blueprints. What madness. How do all these conservative cops justify their unconstitutional behavior to themselves?

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      • City Chick August 7, 13:20

        Good to know local decency laws are still enforced in some parts of this country! Unfortunately, this drives exhibitionists, like this gal back to the big city. We have a massed some collection too! That’s how we wound up with the fellow panhandling as “the naked cowboy” on the great white way. Out there with his ten gallon hat, tightly whiteys and a guitar on the corner of Broadway and 7th Avenue. And that’s it folks.

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    • left coast chuck August 7, 00:37

      There is an erroneous thread running through all of the other crazy threads that the rioters seem to have caught up in the space between their ears that destroying material goods does no harm.

      One of the hallmarks of our society was our individual right to private property. One of the hallmarks of any stable society is the individual right to private property. That means that if I don’t give you permission to destroy my property, it is illegal and a crime. Make that destruction serious enough and it becomes a felony. At one time in our society such conduct would merit the death penalty. I have stated before there is a case in Cal Reports, the record of California Supreme Court holdings wherein the defendant was found guilty of stealing a barrel of flour worth in excess of $200. He was sentenced to be hanged and was forthwith. The California Supremes didn’t have a problem with the sentence nor its execution although they did comment on the speed with which it was carried out but found nothing wrong with the alacrity.

      We have come a long way from that decision but we still haven’t reached the point where private property seems to have no value to the owner who paid for it with his efforts.

      The mob that you describe had torn down the gates to a community of private property. you might consider that a bagatelle but those gates easily cost in excess of $10,000.00. In my view that is destruction that amounts to a felony. The rioters were acting in concert. That makes them all equally guilty of the felony. So we are talking about a bunch of felons advancing up the street toward this man and his wife uttering threats of personal harm to him and to his property.

      If he had gunned down a magazine full of those felons and I were sitting on a jury trying him for any crime at all, I would vote for not guilty. If he wasn’t in fear for his safety and the safety of his wife, I don’t know what would make him so fear.

      The First Amendment doesn’t grant the right to destroy property without legal consequences. The wording of the First Amendment is to “peaceably assemble.” Damaging property and setting fires hardly meets anyone’s definition of “peaceably assemble,” I am sure the founding fathers would have found no fault if the homeowner had opened fire on the mob in front of his house threatening him.

      Now neither you nor I were there, so we can’t judge the atmosphere that was present. We can only go on reports we read and the reports I have read indicate that the mob was actually advancing up his driveway until they saw the weapon and backed down. If accurate, I think that pretty well describes the situation.

      Personally, I believe you are living in some sort of denial state of mind about the dangers of a mob out of control.

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      • Miss Kitty August 7, 02:50

        I don’t know the legal particulars, but wouldn’t destroying the gates to a private community, entering without permission, causing a disturbance and threatening homeowners therein constitute a home invasion? In which case, wouldn’t homeowners shooting at the “uninvited guests” be legal in a stand your ground state? And since the people in question didn’t actually shoot anyone, isn’t this politically motivated persecution?

        It seems to me that the local government is saying “conservatives are not welcome here and you will be subsequently cancelled”.

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      • City Chick August 7, 16:31

        These people are socialists LCC, They want what you have and they do not want work for it or to pay for it! It’s good to you’d take them to task! We can’t run! We have to take a stand or they win! These Soros backed liberal left DAs have to go! They are imbedded political time bombs! Spreading like a cancer throughout the land. Now we have To deal with a wacked out liberal State Attorney General here who is nothing but bad news, a loose cannon with a lot of hutzpah

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    • Miss Kitty August 7, 02:58

      I don’t know where you got your information, but the footage I saw the “peaceful protesters” were yelling threats to kill the man, rape and murder the wife, murder the kids and even to kill the family dog, then loot and move into the house.

      So what I want to know is what you got against dogs? Because you obviously feel that the family’s right to live in peace ended when they decided to be well to do and white.

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      • IvyMike August 7, 03:29

        It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to know the difference between peaceful protest and property damage and to see on video that the mob was a threat to the homeowners. But it would have been better if the guy had presented at port arms, and his wife should have stayed inside, waving that pistol about with her finger on the trigger was completely ignorant. I laughed at that part of the video thinking of another LCC comment about having your ‘booger hook’ inside the trigger guard. It’s very disheartening that a politician tried to have the couple prosecuted. She’d have been in real trouble if she’d been rocking a thong.

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    • Mr Ed August 8, 08:23

      The crowd was on their lawn, and in one video a male slid a magazine into a pistol & threatened them with it. These people weren’t out for a casual stroll …

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    • navim August 12, 03:02

      The point was not whether they were peaceful or not, they trespassed into a private gated community!

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  14. Miss Kitty August 7, 03:01

    What about concussion grenades?

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    • left coast chuck August 7, 14:51

      Well, they are fine, but the last time I checked Big 5, they weren’t stocking them. Only law enforcement is entitled to have them under present rules. There may be some states that allow them. There is Tannerite, but in order to set Tannerite off I believe it has to be struck by a bullet. In as much as Tannerite is forbidden for the serfs in the PDRK, I am not very familiar with it.

      Flash-bangs are certainly a formidable piece of equipment but the effect is temporary and I am not sure how they work when the recipient is high on drugs/alcohol/adrenalin.

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  15. red August 7, 15:39

    Rich, this is cool! niio

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  16. City Chick August 7, 16:57

    As tantalizing as it all seems, absolutely none of this would work for me. I have to think “”Home Alone 1&2”!

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    • left coast chuck August 7, 22:28

      CC: you need to check out this website They have some cool noise making machines that probably would scare off all but the most determined home invader. They are not incredibly expensive either.

      I did notice that the company kept stating that other more assertive methods may be necessary in some cases. In other words, have your gat ready. Inasmuch as you live in NYC — my condolences — you might want to check into pistol-caliber, lever-action, carbine rifles. Henry makes them. Wichester used to and Marlin used to. I haven’t checked their websites recently to see if they are still making them. Henry may be an unknown name to you, but from various writers in gun publications, their quality is top notch. Many places that ban handguns and other appropriate self-defense firearms don’t even look at cowboy style rifles. How could anyone be against the rifle that Duke Wayne, Carleton Heston or Henry Fonda carried? Or even Chuck Connors, The Rifleman. While they are not as handy as a handgun, (pun intended), a lever action with a 16.25 inch barrel is legal even in the PDRK and is fast acting and the same cartridge in a 16.25 in barrel comes out faster than out of a shorter barrel pistol so it makes a deeper impression on the shootee. It uses soft point or hollow point bullets that might not expand fired from a handgun to fully expand when fired from the longer barrel.

      With their shorter barrel, they are even a couple inches shorter than the standard stocked home defense shotguns that are so popular. They also have almost no recoil, even if firing a .357 magnum round. I will say though that the record from a .44 magnum is still appreciable fired through one of those even though not nearly so much as when fired from a handgun — unless you are Dirty Harry Callahan in which case, you will be able to crank off 6 rounds of .44 mag in rapid succession without even blinking.

      Reply to this comment
      • Mr Ed August 8, 08:33

        The first lever actions were used – as far as I know – by some of the luckier Union troops in the Civil war. They were made by Henry. I believe they held 10 rounds. Everybody else had muzzle-loaders.

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        • left coast chuck August 9, 04:09

          Quite true, the Henry was introduced during the War of Northern Aggression for use against Southern troops defending their homeland. That is not the same company, however, that is presently making the Henry rifle. The name was up for grabs and the present Henry Rifle Company glommed on to it. They are an American manufacturing company who is actually manufacturing their products in the U.S. — well, New Jersey to be accurate which may or may not consider itself part of the United States. As a political note, I cannot for the life of me understand why a firearms manufacturer would locate a plant in a gun-unfriendly state such as Neeyu Joisey.

          That political observation aside, as I stated to CC, the quality of their firearms has been commented on by assorted gun writers in assorted gun publications and comments from satisfied customers indicate that they stand behind their products. Of note is that they are still run by the founder of the company.

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      • red August 9, 11:47

        LLC: A gun in NYC? Even cops are harassed and beaten down by the laws there for using a gun. Not unless it’s not registered and the alley has plenty of hungry rats. Even then, iffy. Best bet,a couple of happy dachshunds. I don’t recommend the ‘hybrid’ which is crossed with Chihuahua, they have a bad attitude and caused a lot of lawsuits.

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        • City Chick August 9, 16:10

          Only criminals are allowed to freely exercise their Second Amendment Rights here!

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        • left coast chuck August 9, 17:50

          Red: I don’t know much about guns in NYC. However, I think the main thrust is against handguns and those killer machine guns, AR look-alikes. In many states, aside form the usual firearms dog and pony show of obtaining one, lever action rifles seem to skate under the radar. In some cases they are even exempt from magazine capacity restrictions, Tubular magazines don’t seem to excite the same reaction in hoplophobes that a box magazine seems to stir up.

          I could be totally off base, but I think it is something that CC might explore. The worst that can happen is that she has spent some time to find out that she is no worse off than she was before. Best case is that she is able to obtain a mean of self-defense that she didn’t have before. Even a lever action .22 is better than a sharp stick.

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          • red August 11, 04:04

            LLC: CC isn’t joking when she said, You’re not dealing with normal people, but (B)east coast politicians.
            I say, find a friend in Pennsylvania, which many in NYC do, and buy unregistered guns. If, even in the act of self-defense, you use it, you can lose it. Legal or not, if the cops find you with a gun, you can be arrested on suspicion. When driving truck down to NYC,, I never kept a gun in sight, but had a place to hide it. niio

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            • City Chick August 11, 15:01

              Beware if you do that now! Counter terrorism measures in place will scan you, stop you at check points. If you’re not legal, you’re about to go on a very very long vacation!

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              • red August 29, 17:49

                CC: But, NYC is such a nice, beautiful city filled with loving flower children, why would I need to worry? 🙂 But, NYC has been nutty like that for generations.
                No, I don’t worry. No one messes with me when there. Blame God because He’s the only reason why I can say that. Aside from that, when I get in a jam, dogs tend to show up and help. I saw more than one turn on its owner to stop them. I had people aim a gun at me, then run away because they said I looked demonic. Hey, when so scared you want to brown your shorts, get angry. ! 🙂 niio

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                • City Chick August 29, 20:20

                  Red There are no flower children in NYC. They’re all in California. Everybody else is here now but many are packing up and heading out! Maybe to a town near you!

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                  • red August 31, 02:22

                    CC: I know, it was tongue in cheek. We have them here, but usually only in winter. You still have the burden of yippies, so you have us beat there. 🙂 niio

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            • left coast chuck August 28, 23:55

              Red: As you know, while I worked in the legal field for 25 years, that didn’t make me a lawyer. As I understand Federal law, you can purchase a long gun in a state adjoining your home state provided the gun seller abides by the laws of your home state in the transaction. Other than that, one is precluded by federal law from purchasing a firearm out of state.

              Inasmuch as that is an incredible hassle for the PA gun dealer, what he does is ship it to a NY gun dealer and let that dealer complete the transaction. So much for legal sales.

              I have no doubt that there are many firearms purchased across state lines between individuals. However, one should be advised that is a federal felony. They don’t prosecute real felons for doing it but they love to make new felons.

              I believe the ultimate purpose is to make everyone on probation or parole where one term that is always included is to make you subject to search of your person, vehicle or domicile by any law enforcement officer at any time. Basically that allows any doofus charged with enforcing any laws to invade your home at his pleasure. I believe that law encompass code enforcement officers, public health officers and child welfare officers. While not many code enforcement officers will be busting down your door at 0300, they can come on your property and inspect for code violations without a warrant if you are on probation or parole. You have completely given up your Fourth Amendment rights.

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              • red August 29, 17:43

                LCC: I’m talking private purchase, not a gun dealer. I can buy an unregistered gun in PA and take it AZ. That is the law. I can do that in reverse. With registered firearms, AZ law is, you pay for the gun, fill out the paperwork, then take the gun home. If a glitch is found, you’re told to return the firearm, then the store sends the paperwork to you congressman who gets it straightened out. A great many guns walk across the border and only the loonie on both sides left cares. Az is a sovereign state. Our police like to arrest feds who break down doors without a very good reason. Owning a gun isn’t one of them. We’re still a fence-out state.If the fed raid a home on a rez, a reservation, they better have the cooperation of rez police or might just get shot by the cops. niio

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        • City Chick August 9, 18:58

          Red: Prefer retrievers myself, but the dog of choice here in the big city for personal protection is the pit bull. All the gangbangers have them. We were told at the puppy trials that our boy on the other hand was very birdie so we use to take him to the park for some fun with a retriever training tool. Wouldn’t be too long before the squad cars started cruising around to check out reports of shots fired.

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          • red August 11, 04:16

            CC: A friend from the Bronx told me his brother-in-law retired from Army. the family came home from Germany with two of the cutest mini dachshunds he ever saw (his pdy was Germany). their apartment building had a series of break-ins. One night the family took off for the movies and shopping. when they came home, the wife walked in and stopped. “Something is wrong here.” the pups were bouncing around wired and happy. They took the groceries to the kitchen and first thing, the window was broken and two bars had been cut and bent out. There was glass and blood all over the floor and the dogs were all excited. The brother-in-law called the cops and a day later they matched the blood to a teenager who had been in the e-ward. The kid confessed and said he thought those dogs were just stupid, small (about 6-months-old then). He ignored them and then they attacked his ankles. He tried to kick one but the other ripped at his leg. When he fell they were all over him and he thought he was going to die but made it to the window and out to the fire escape. My bro said, “When Baby has pups, I’m getting one!”
            the thing is, a large dog is a target. It rarely takes a lot of put one out of commission, even a pit bull. Small dogs tend to be noisy and fast. Dachshunds are hunting dogs used to pull down game. The big ones are badger dogs, and the smaller ones can be trained to kill weasels. They played tag-team with the kid, something common with the breed.
            Another thing is, a large dog can get you fined to the teeth. Most cities want all large breeds gone. When the kid complained about those dachies, the cops laughed at him. It was as if the kid were chewed up by a poodle.

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            • City Chick August 11, 14:54

              Red: Yes, those little breeds are tyrants in disguise! Mostly all of them bred as ratters! There is a big Dachshund Club here in NYC. They always participate in the Annual General Von Steuben Day Parade! These little fellows are not carried. They proudly walk the entire one mile parade route! Dressed up in their finest for Oktoberfest and pulling a little Beer Wagon! You don’t mess with them though! They’ll take the hat off your head!

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  17. City Chick August 8, 15:42

    Much obliged LCC!

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  18. City Chick August 9, 16:19

    NY background checks for guns spiked to 125% in the month of June.

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    • red August 11, 04:20

      CC, word from PA and Ohio is buyers were all over since last winter before shut-down looking for unregistered guns. With NY’s nasty rep for treating victims like criminals, I have no doubt a lot of gun owners made a killing selling redneck iron to them at NY prices. niio

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  19. City Chick August 11, 15:10

    Everyone who knows what they are doing, are already set. The sales statistics are a little concerning because these are the people who do not know what they are doing. There are two New York’s. Upstate/LI, and then the city. Most of these folks won’t get anything for at least two years. Processing closed or slow walked. Orders maybe taken but not fulfilled for sometime.

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  20. navim August 11, 22:00

    A much more effective weapon is a gasoline vapor bomb. It takes a fuel to air ratio of 7 to 12 percent. Mount spray heads around your house and when the mob attacks just spray, wait about thirty seconds and detonate! You might not have any windows left but that beats the hell out of dead!

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    • City Chick August 12, 16:57

      Ok, when all else fails, something like that just might be doable! Have two high pressure powered NYFD fire hydrants on each end of the block and homes here are all heavy brick and thick cement! Would need a couple of hoses and help from the neighbors!

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  21. Bill in Houston August 13, 22:27

    You don’t need 160 decibels. What you broadcast can drive them off. Try Aida 🙂

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