Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs

Daisy Luther
By Daisy Luther January 11, 2018 09:03

Why People Will Happily Line Up to be Microchipped Like Dogs

By Daisy Luther

I’m not even going to venture into the religious aspect of having a microchip inserted into a human being. Let’s just talk about the secular ramifications.

Certain folks won’t be happy until everyone has a computer chip implanted in them. Here’s how this could go.

  • Initially, it would be the sheep who blindly desire to be chipped for their own “convenience” leading the way.
  • Then, it would become remarkably inconvenient not to be chipped – sort of like it’s nearly impossible to not have a bank account these days.
  • Then, the last holdouts could be forcibly chipped by law.

Read on, because I could not make this stuff up.

Some employers are chipping workers.

Last summer, the internet was abuzz about a company in Wisconsin that wanted to microchip their employees. Workers at the technology company, Three Market Square, were given the option of having a chip implanted in their hands and 50 out of 80 eagerly lined up for the privilege.

Why? So they could buy food or swipe their way through building security with a wave of their hand. Software engineer Sam Bengtson explained why he was on board.

“It was pretty much 100 percent yes right from the get-go for me. In the next five to 10 years, this is going to be something that isn’t scoffed at so much, or is more normal. So I like to jump on the bandwagon with these kind of things early, just to say that I have it.” (source)

He wasn’t alone. In fact, they had a microchipping party and some people got chipped live on TV so the rest of us reluctant humans could all see how cool it was to get microchipped. Watch what fun they had!


It isn’t just this American company chipping workers. Here’s an example in Sweden.

What could pass for a dystopian vision of the workplace is almost routine at the Swedish start-up hub Epicenter. The company offers to implant its workers and start-up members with microchips the size of grains of rice that function as swipe cards: to open doors, operate printers or buy smoothies with a wave of the hand.

“The biggest benefit, I think, is convenience,” said Patrick Mesterton, co-founder and chief executive of Epicenter. As a demonstration, he unlocks a door merely by waving near it. “It basically replaces a lot of things you have, other communication devices, whether it be credit cards or keys.” (source)

Alessandro Acquisti, a professor of information technology and public policy at Carnegie Mellon University’s Heinz College, warns that this might not be a good idea. (Although it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to realize this.)

“Companies often claim that these chips are secure and encrypted…But “encrypted” is “a pretty vague term,” he said, “which could include anything from a truly secure product to something that is easily hackable.”

Another potential problem, Dr. Acquisti said, is that technology designed for one purpose may later be used for another. A microchip implanted today to allow for easy building access and payments could, in theory, be used later in more invasive ways: to track the length of employees’ bathroom or lunch breaks, for instance, without their consent or even their knowledge.

“Once they are implanted, it’s very hard to predict or stop a future widening of their usage,” Dr. Acquisti said. (source)

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Pretty soon, experts say everyone will want to be microchipped.

Many sources say that it’s inevitable that we’re all going to get chipped. Noelle Chesley, an associate professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, says it’s inevitable.

“It will happen to everybody. But not this year, and not in 2018. Maybe not my generation, but certainly that of my kids.” (source)

Another pro-chipping advocate, Gene Munster, an investor and analyst at Loup Ventures, says that we just have to get past that silly social stigma and then everyone will be doing it within 50 years. Why? Oh, the benefits.

The company, which sells corporate cafeteria kiosks designed to replace vending machines, would like the kiosks to handle cashless transactions.

This would go beyond paying with your smartphone. Instead, chipped customers would simply wave their hands in lieu of Apple Pay and other mobile-payment systems.

The benefits don’t stop there. In the future, consumers could zip through airport scanners sans passport or drivers license; open doors; start cars; and operate home automation systems. All of it, if the technology pans out, with the simple wave of a hand. (source)

There are other companies who are on board with chipping everyone.

At a recent tech conference, Hannes Sjöblad explained how a microchip implanted in his hand makes his life easier. It replaces all the keys and cards that used to clutter his pockets.

“I use this many times a day, for example, I use it to unlock my smart phone, to open the door to my office,” Sjöblad said.

Sjöblad calls himself a biohacker. He explained, “We biohackers, we think the human body is a good start but there is certainly room for improvement.”

The first step in that improvement is getting a microchip about size of a grain of rice slipped under the skin. Suddenly, the touch of a hand is enough to tell the office printer this is an authorized user.

The microchips are radio frequency identification tags. The same technology widely used in things like key cards. The chips have been implanted in animals for years to help identify lost pets and now the technology is moving to humans.

Tech start-up Dangerous Things has sold tens of thousands of implant kits for humans and some to tech companies in Europe.

Sjöblad said he even organizes implant parties where people bond over getting chipped together.  (source)

Will microchipping parties be the next generation of those outrageously expensive candle parties? Will folks be pimping microchips like they do those scented wax melts? Will it become some kind of MLM thing to make it even more socially acceptable?

A UK newspaper, the Sun, explains how awesome it is to be microchipped.

The woman sat next to you could be hiding an implant under the skin which slowly releases hormones to stop her from getting pregnant.

Nans and granddads across the nation come installed with cutting-edge technology installed just to boost their hearing and vision seeing or help them walk with comfort.

We’re preparing ourselves for the next form of evolution in which humans will merge with artificial intelligence, becoming one with computers.

At least that’s the belief of Dr. Patrick Kramer, chief cyborg officer at Digiwell, a company that claims to be dedicated to “upgrading humans”. (source)

Seriously, who wouldn’t want all that awesomeness in their lives?

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There are some serious pitfalls

While the current chips being “installed” in humans are said not to have GPS tracking, don’t you figure it’s just a matter of time? And also, how do you KNOW that there is no GPS tracking technology in that teeny little chip? Just because they tell you so?
Then there is the issue of the chip in your body being hacked.

“This is serious stuff. We’re talking about a nonstop potential connection to my body and I can’t turn it off, I can’t put it away, it’s in me. That’s a big problem,” said Ian Sherr, an executive editor at CNET.

“It’s very easy to hack a chip implant, so my advice is don’t put your life secrets on an implant, Sjöblad said…

“It’s about educating the people and giving every person the tools…not only how to use the technology but, more importantly, when it’s being used against you,” Sjöblad warned.  (source)

And microchipping won’t stop with a payment chip in your hand.

The endgame is microchipping people’s brains. And folks are chomping at the bit to get them. Scientists are saying that they can fix mental health issues with brain chips, they can make people smarter, and help them “merge” with AI. A chipped person could, theoretically, think his thoughts right onto his computer.

Watch this video.

So, with these chips in our brains, we’ll actually be merging with computers to some degree. The robot overlords will have a pretty easy takeover if our brains can be accessed like this.

Microchips may not be optional one day.

This horror movie gets even scarier. There is already a law on the books that potentially allows human beings to be forcibly chipped.

Oh, it’s couched in warm, fuzzy language and they say it’s just to help keep track of folks with Alzheimer’s or other developmental disabilities, but remember that the most unpatriotic law ever passed was also called the Patriot Act.

H.R.4919 was passed in 2016.

It directs the Department of Justice’s (DOJ’s) Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) to award competitive grants to health care, law enforcement, or public safety agencies, and nonprofit organizations, to develop or operate locally based proactive programs to prevent wandering and locate missing individuals with dementia or children with developmental disabilities. The BJA must give preference to law enforcement or public safety agencies partnering with nonprofit organizations that use person-centered plans and are directly linked to individuals, and families of individuals, with dementia or developmental disabilities. (source)

Despite the fact that the bill requires everyone to use privacy “best practices,” it’s not that much of a stretch to see what a slippery slope this is. Who gets to decide whether a person “needs” to be chipped for their own good? Law enforcement. Scary.

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Could this lead to a cashless society?

If “everyone” is getting microchipped like these experts predict, that could be the next step in the push toward a cashless society. Think about the lack of privacy then. If everything is purchased via a chip unique to you, then no purchases could be under the radar. Whether a person was stocking up on food, watching X-rated movies, reading books on revolution, or buying ammo, it would all be recorded in a database. Our purchases could be used in some kind of pre-crime technology, ala Minority Report, or they could be used to profile us in other ways.

If there is no way to make purchases but with a chip, many people will have to reluctantly comply. The same chips could be a requirement for medical care, driver’s licenses, jobs – you name it. No matter where you tried to hide, your GPS locator would mean that you would be found. It would be like everyone being forced to have one of those ankle bracelets that criminals wear, except it would be inside your body.

If you think the atmosphere of control is unnerving now, just wait. When everyone is microchipped, the net will be even tighter.

Between the pending robot apocalypse that I wrote about earlier this week and forcible microchipping, it seems like we won’t have to wait for “climate change” or a war of Mutually Assured Destruction to get us. Technology just might be the end of humanity.

This article was written by Daisy Luther and first appeared on The Organic Prepper.

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Daisy Luther
By Daisy Luther January 11, 2018 09:03
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  1. OG January 11, 14:21

    Read The Lame Cherry blogspot

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  2. Homesteader January 11, 14:23

    They can keep their chips. I’ll remain free range, thank you.

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    • JBSilver January 11, 20:31

      The problem is everybody is in a hurry. Nobody is thinking bout what happens when computer fail. If anyone need to be chipped it should be everyone who goes to jail. Because it not only will do what it was sold to do but it will also track you. We have no privacy as it is. How do you know it can’t be or has been programed to destroy you. You already know you can’t always believe your doctor. There are so many negatives about this until they are hard to count. Who in their right mind would do this voluntarily is beyond my comprehension. And for all we know unless you see it go into them how do you know for sure they actually had this procedure done. They could be decoys to draw in unknowing individuals.

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      • Homesteader January 16, 13:56

        One problem with chips is that if the store where you are trying to buy something doesn’t have the appropriate reader, you chip won’t work. Where I used to work, people would get mad because the little machine for swiping credit cards couldn’t read the cell phone app. They would make a big deal of having to physically pull out a card. It will probably be the same with someone who has a chip and a bigger problem if they don’t carry a backup card or money.

        As for chipping inmates, would that chip be removed upon release? Not all inmates are there for life. A lot of them get out. It’s hard enough for someone to put their life back together after being arrested and jailed. Having a chip could complicate it even more.

        Also, as in many pets that have chips, a tumor will form around the chip and it all has to be removed. What’s to keep that from happening in a human?

        It is my opinion that these chips are just one more form of technology that has outpaced society’s ability to fully understand all of the ramifications. And I’m not even counting religious beliefs in this. That’s a whole other can of worms. There are just too many questions and concerns that still need to be addressed where these chips are concerned. Plus the human race needs to mature more. We are still too much in our infancy to be playing with such dangerous toys.

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  3. JillC January 11, 14:42

    “While the current chips being “installed” in humans are said not to have GPS tracking, don’t you figure it’s just a matter of time? And also, how do you KNOW that there is no GPS tracking technology in that teeny little chip? Just because they tell you so?”

    I read only a couple of days ago, where a human trafficking victim went to A&E and said she’d been chipped with a GPS tracker, in her side. An x-ray showed the chip present and the Dr’s thankfully were able to remove it within 10 minutes.
    Whether she was being tracked, or it was a psychological binding to keep the victim of trafficking compliant and too scared to run away I don’t know, but it’s scary to think it exists and is being used in that way. However, in medical cases, of dementia, for example, with vulnerable people wandering off, and endangering their lives, the same technology could be lifesaving.
    As it could be for kidnapping victims, but if it can be hacked vulnerable adults and children could also be located easily.
    I’ve known of stolen horses necks cut open to remove chips. Nefarious people can easily and cheaply buy a chip scanner and do the same to people. The future is terrifying.

    Reply to this comment
    • ~ Occams January 11, 19:02

      It’s a bit like when DARPA releases a video on their ‘current robot’.

      An associate spent 25 years ‘deep inside’, and I commented that whatever they show ‘us’?

      They’re 4 or 5 generations beyond.

      “Yep”, he said. “Exactly”

      I would say the same most likely applies here.

      AND……given how up-to-their-necks politicians and leaders are IN human trafficking, I’d say the organizations that run these things are probably supplied with cutting edge technology.

      Much like Obama and Holder running the best weapons to cartels in Mexico.

      DC and most wester allies stink from the top, down.

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    • Gunner March 5, 16:22

      it doesn’t need gps tracking, just a network of RFid readers in an area, pass within the range of the reader, and instant location tracking.

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  4. PB- dave January 11, 15:53

    The cashless society will control more than the chip will. And people are freely moving towards it now. It is so convenient to tap or swipe your card, and to have your bank account debited for bills. Companies are starting to charge more if you pay in cash or check.
    When your total toils and wealth are nothing more than an electronic byte of information, you ARE a slave, and with no recourse. Everything you do or buy is visible to good and bad guys. And with that you can be controlled, and punished….. not to mention taxation.
    Remember a group of senators who proposed a plan to take away all 401k’s and pool them for a Gov’t run retirement system ? That would be what all life would be in the cashless world….

    Reply to this comment
  5. left coast chuck January 11, 16:29

    In order to sell social security to the masses the government also said that social security numbers would never be used for identification purposes. My card is even stamped “Not For Identification Purposes.”

    So much for “not will never be used for XXX”.

    I’m glad I am old. I don’t want to live to see things like this happen. I wouldn’t accept work from a company that offered chipping. What happens when you leave the job?

    So we are going to chip the elderly and the feeble minded so we can keep track of them? The government use to sterilize folks who were mentally retarded. The Nazi used to kill them by various means. Is that were we start now, by chipping folks who don’t know enough to complain?

    Well, I’ll cut this off here. I was already riled this morning and this bit of nonsense has me steaming. By the way, I don’t allow my phone to know where I am willingly. It may well know where I am, but I generally keep it turned off.

    Reply to this comment
    • Tnandy January 11, 16:59

      Yep…my card says the same thing….”For social security tax purposes only…..”

      Went to a new dentist today, and of course, they had the line for SS#. I left it blank. The receptionist looks over my form and says in a ‘sing-song’ voice “And DO you KNOW your SOCIAL SEC number ?”

      “I do. But why do you need it ? I have no insurance to file, paying cash. That number is for social security taxes, not ID (pull out my card, show that bottom line while holding thumb over number line)…so WHY do YOU need IT ?” (sing songing back)

      “Well we need it to open a file”

      “Pick any random nine digits you want, put that on there”

      They don’t know what to do at that point, but I got my teeth cleaned, paid and left.

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    • Meathead January 11, 17:14

      A lot of phones will still provide a location when turned off. Wrap some aluminum foil around it and you’re guaranteed to not be tracked.

      Reply to this comment
  6. Lisa January 11, 16:53

    Let’s look at what is happening now. Get you DNA read, where do you come from. Well, once they have it, what’s to stop a gov from targeting an ethnic group for “cleansing”. AHHH, first they marked the jew, then…. They also went after the gypsies, etc. No thank you. Also what’s to stop them from putting in a destruct. You’re too old, you don’t think the “right” way.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Kafir January 11, 17:06

    When this becomes mandatory, that’s the day I am a criminal…

    Reply to this comment
  8. Meathead January 11, 17:06

    With the potential for abuse and the depravity in government, I’ll pass.
    If you get one and decide you don’t want it just take a razor blade, slice the skin over it and pop it out from under your skin, OR, take a strong magnet, pass it slowly over the chip and it is now inoperative.

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  9. Labienus January 11, 17:11

    This doesn’t concern me. Having something put under the skin will not kill you. If it bugs you, remove it. It’s not going to blow up your hand, it won’t release poison into your blood stream and it certainly won’t send a bunch of agent Smith’s after you. We are an already wired society. Phones have gps that you can’t disable, computers track what you see and do, and where. Cameras are everywhere. Our own bank accounts have a treasure trove of information.

    Reply to this comment
    • jp January 11, 22:03

      Uh, ho do you know it WONT do what you described? unless you designed it and put it in yourself. Even then you may have been hacked. Sorry to say, you are a dreaming sheep.

      Reply to this comment
    • Harry May 10, 20:57

      Well “Lab…”, I was going to stay out of the fray but you just convinced me to join in! When I was living in glorious leftwingnut fruitcake state of California many years ago, I was working on a script related to this topic and was researching quite often in the Stanford library. I became interested in the various interpretations of The Holy Bible’s book of Revelation and looked into the comparison of the original Greek text (which was the original language of Revelation) and found an interesting “coincidence”. It looked to me like the difference between some modern translations and the original was but one “letter”. The letter “o” for the earlier original “i”. So that meant the word “in” versus the word “on”. Bottom line on that; it appears the original (by John) was ‘IN” the hand. Not “on” the hand as many translations today seem to misinterpret.

      The ‘real’ bottom line is this. You’re right about the chip probably not “blowing off your hand” or any thing like that. Matter of fact, that’s how it will be sold. “Look at all the good this will do for society… No more bank robbery .. forged checks … stolen credit cards … tax evasion … and no more little old ladies getting their purse snatched in Central Park. .. “. It will be pretty convincing but whatever Christians are left on the planet them will NOT take that number under (in) their hand or forehead.

      Why? Simple. NOT taking it is a true testimony of faith in Jesus Christ the son of God. And that really is the bottom line. The path is narrow. Only the wise can choose wisely. The rest will . . . . . well. . . .. you know!

      Reply to this comment
  10. Clergylady January 11, 17:12

    Rather stay “free range”. I kinda like that description of my mind set. That’s another place “Just say No!” fits really well.

    Reply to this comment
  11. Papa January 11, 17:42

    First off, I don’t like or condone what I’m writing about. I am part of the industry called Information Technology, but that only means I get to avoid it if I choose longer than you do. There are ways around this technology and ways to spoof it so it thinks you are someone else. Nuff said bout that.

    I’ve extensively studied RFID technology and at this time these little microchips that are being used are passive, meaning they’re not powered. How they operate is the chip must be placed within the field, radio waves, of a reader or scanner. The radio waves generate just enough power to allow the chip to broadcast the data stored on the chip.

    This data is encrypted at whatever level the manufacture creates it to be and all the decryption is completed scanner side or further up the network server-side. With all of this said, there is only so much information that can be loaded onto the chip, so there must be a database somewhere in the background that does something with that data. This dataset would be a string of characters or bits 256 places long or whatever it was created to be. It can do many things with the data.

    First is to authenticate the chip. This chip belongs to Mr. Smith. Then the system, software/database logs Mr. Smiths location and could associate Mr. Smith with any number of things, equipment or people. Nothing else need happen at this point until someone wants to know what Mr. Smith is doing, who he is with, what he carried in or out and so on ad nauseum.

    Or, the software could have triggers where an event is logged, which triggers another event. This could be the software adds another line to a report or increases a numbered count on some report to generating and sending an e-mail or notifying law enforcement of a potential threat.

    There’s no need to have GPS anywhere in the mix. All they need is a requirement that any scanners/systems report all data collected to whatever agency that’s assigned to collect it. Then that agency does its thing with it. All in all, it’s not complicated and is being done every day with smart-cards and now chipped debit/credit cards. Think ID cards, driver’s licenses, parking permits/passes, you name it and it’s there.
    The only requirement for the chip to broadcast its dataset is to be within the field of the scanners. This is generally a meter or less but could be a hundred feet or more using multiple scanners and very sensitive receivers. Normally scanners are located at choke points like doors or gates. This allows the chip to be tracked in real-time which coupled with suffocated analytical could predict movement based on past movement and any deviation from the norm could be the trigger.

    Bottom line, it’s already here and you are already being tracked. Cookies track your movements on the internet and vendors track your purchases. Banks track your money. Law enforcement tracks your car with cameras mounted on vehicles and along the road which read license plate numbers. Hell, if you have a Google account, Google tracks your movements with your smartphone and you can pull up a map to see where you’ve been over the last week, month, year, or years. And all this data is sold to figure you out. What you like, where you eat and what you eat, when you go to the gym or don’t go to what you watch on tv. They even know when and where you sleep. Scared yet?

    Reply to this comment
    • jp January 11, 22:08

      A little more info on how to beat it would be helpful. Great info though.

      Reply to this comment
      • Papa January 14, 17:05

        JP, with the current technology you can shield it, i.e. put the card into a protective sleeve so it can’t be read. Because the scanners used to read these chips are not passive, they emit energy, you can use a scanner of your own to locate them before they activate the chip you are carrying. They radiate energy a lot further than they can read, so you can feel safe searching them out. Then map their locations and work around them.
        To the best of my knowledge a cell phone doesn’t transmit anything when turned off. It would be easy to check with a simple frequency scanner. If you find that it does then bag it when it’s turned off and you don’t have to worry about it.

        Video is an entirely different critter. If you know where the cameras are then you can avoid them, but they are everywhere now and some of them are so small they can be concealed anywhere. With this said, camera’s work off of light, energy, so this leaves the door open to mess with them too. Use a different frequency of light to blind it.

        All this technology works from and with energy. Energy can be manipulated to do what you want, like scanning and cameras, so it stands to reason that you can use energy to defeat them.

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    • Red Ant January 13, 21:53

      Hell ya. Bro. If i worked on something like that. I dam sure would put in a back door. So i could screw the crap out of that corp. We made what will control us. (We the people…)
      By not standing up for our rights. now we will lose them. SLAVES TO THE DEVIL.GOV and all other forms that support this shit.

      Dam ass holes. I wonder if all these dumb asses will live like this when God sends them all to Hell. Just greed. Why are we so weak.
      Not all of us. Fight back or lose.

      Is it to late. Seams like it.

      Reply to this comment
  12. Krods January 11, 17:46

    Technology advances so rapidly those chips are useless in a few years and need to be surgically removed to implant another chip. Continue to do this every 3 – 5 years? NO THANKS

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  13. Rich January 11, 17:46

    Whether you’re a believer or not, this sounds too much like the end times in the book of Revelation are beginning. Chipped in the hand or forehead, one world currency (euros?), one world government (United Nations). This is where our survival skills will be necessary.

    Reply to this comment
  14. P! January 11, 17:50

    Bank accounts are convenient for online transactions but you do not have to store your wealth in them and I do not recommend that you do. Nor do you have to run every transaction through them. Yes, the bad guys will want you to so they get a piece of the action and can monitor you.

    I’m less concerned about chips than I am with the large number of microphones and cameras. Cell phones, traffic cams, security cams, and now people are installing devices like the Echo in their homes. Facial recognition software has gone mainstream – they don’t need the chips…

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  15. Howling wolf January 11, 17:56

    This is one of the things in the bible,the mark of the beast

    Reply to this comment
  16. Autonomy January 11, 18:25

    Chips are now smaller than a grain of sand. FDA has approved chips for implant into humans. The RFID chips are powered by the radio frequency scanner, by the chip rectifying the AC signal, converting it to DC, to power the chip. The chip uses current credit card technology (world banking technology) in which two mumbers are reflected back to the scanner. The first number in the chip is unique to the chip, one of a breadth of numbers sufficient to identify every person on the planet, every commodity on the planet, & then some. The second number is like the number on the back of a credit card, a verification number. Both numbers are reflected back to the scanner, which is transferred to a database of numbers in the computer “beast” for comparison against the official association of the numbers. If comparison is true, the chip source is considered valid. That number can then be associated to any number of databases; employment, TAXES, licensing, with the ability to authorize financial transactions, including wage payment & purchases. You become an INDENTURED SERVANT to all levels of government, banking, & that 21 trillion dollars of debt we have been made surety for by our federal government. By prophesy, the chip will be installed in the right hand or forehead. So when your chip is installed INITIALLY in your LEFT HAND, what will you do? Then the issue is redirected from indentured servitude, to which hand. You won’t be able to claim you can’t accept the Mark because of religious reasons. The United Nations Agenda 2030 (the date of Agenda 2021 hasn’t arrived yet) requires that all people on the planet be uniquely identified. RFIDs can be scanned currently by anyone having a scanner, great for identity theft. Consequently, a supplemental ID, such as a SQRL visual ID scan, may be employed. Congress passed the REAL ID law, in which all states will issue drivers licenses with federal identification SQRL. I have mine. All states are to comply by . . . 2020. We are getting there.

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  17. AuntJane January 11, 18:45

    Suppose you are a member of a prepper group, or a antiabortion group or you defend the Confederate flag or you are a member of a church that opposes gay marriage? Maybe you oppose open borders and an international currency? You WILL have to comply ans say the correct thing! They can simply turn you chip off until you comply!

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  18. Bob January 11, 18:48

    Can anyone say 1984 ????????

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  19. ~ Occams January 11, 19:04

    I’m going to say that within 10 years, you won’t be able to bank or take a plane, bus, train, if you aren’t chipped.

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  20. EE January 11, 19:25

    Take the chip and put it in your pocket when you want to use its benefits

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  21. Ted January 11, 22:36

    I am married and 57 years old. I used to really regret not having children, but not anymore!
    And this kind of bullshat, right here, is why I no longer regret not having kids, my wife feels the same way!

    We have friends & family, that have kids, and they now envy us, instead of pitying us like they used to. They are scared to death of what “IS” going to happen to their children & grandchildren after they’re gone, or maybe before.

    The Human Race is simply not yet mature enough to play nice with all these new toys we keep inventing. And the only thing that will slow down the Human Race is a planet wide catastrophe!

    Sad isn’t it, very sad indeed!

    Reply to this comment
    • jp January 12, 17:48

      Amen to that!! I am in need of a lung transplant soon, but will try to make it the 10 years until your own stem cells can be used to ” grow your own”. However looking at this, I got to wonder why I would want to stick around a world like this. More and more. the philosphy of ying/yang make sense…each thing can be used for good or evil, depending on the one using it.

      Reply to this comment
      • HLH May 11, 15:35

        Maybe in 10 years those ‘stem’ cells will help some of our ‘leaders’ grow a pair and extend the life of our Bill of Rights.

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  22. MsKYPrepper January 11, 23:23

    Didn’t these chipped people see the movie KINGSMAN: The Golden Circle? Samuel L. Jackson had all his business associates chipped then he blew their heads off!

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  23. Thorn January 12, 00:20

    And are they going to cut off your hand or finger if you happen to be a millionaire chipped?

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  24. Wannabe January 12, 01:23

    We can’t talk about this subject without talking about the religious aspect of it. It is called control. Satan desires to control Gods creation and that is what this is ultimately about. Control the masses with commerce, and with food. The Bible says that people will not be able to buy, sell, or eat without the mark of the beast. Sad but true this is not a new tactic it just has never been done on this large of a scale. One world government, one world economy one world dictator. Stalin starved Russians, Mau Tse Tung starved Chinese, Pol Pot starved his own people, and North Korea is doing it too. Satan wants to rule and after he deceives the masses with lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life it will be all too easy to do. Wake up America, you are being duped with all this technology. Artificial intelligence is growing leaps and bounds and it is in every smart device millions of people trip over each other to buy and worship. Siri is artificial intelligence and steadily gathering data and algorithms every time someone calls on its name. So let’s all step back and call on The Name above all names. The Name given among men whereby we must all be saved and that is The Name Jesus Christ. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus IS Lord. Don’t take the chip my friends. Be like Moses and be willing to suffer with the people of God for a little season if necessary because the glory of eternal life in Christ far out weighs what we suffer on this earth even if we can’t buy, sell, or even eat. Keep prepping, that food might come in handy. God bless !

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    • Red Ant January 13, 19:21

      Yes AMEN. I find it funny that we are worried about any of this shit that we call life. We use to come togeather as a group of humans and fight for what was right. But we will fall. We will never stop what will come. We are weak and do not have what it takes to take care of our country any more. We have fail the human race. The only way to live truly is to except Jesus Christ. If you do not then you will go to Hell for ever.

      Some say that God is mean. No he ask just one thing. Come to my son and live for ever in heaven with me. All will see when you die.




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  25. Keepin it real January 12, 02:44

    I have no particular comment about chips, but just this evening there was a news announcement about businesses refusing cash transactions. We are indeed in the beginning of the end mentioned in the bible.

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    • Ted January 12, 04:52

      The cannot refuse cash as it is “Legal Tender For ALL Debts Public & Private”!

      Congress would have to change that before anyone could refuse cash!

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      • Gentlhart January 12, 12:56

        That sounds logical, Ted, jails and prisons don’t accept cash and I’ve had a few friends tell me they’ve been to businesses that won’t take cash.

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      • Tnandy January 12, 13:18

        You misunderstand “debt”.

        It isn’t a debt until they extend you credit. You walk up to the counter to pay for a candy bar, they can require you to pay in whatever form they want, or you put the candy bar back on the shelf.

        However, if they let you take the candy bar and put it ‘on your account’ to be paid later, a debt has been created, and they do have to accept ‘legal tender’ for that debt.

        See the difference ?

        A bank, for instance, could not refuse (although some have done so) to take cash for a mortgage payment. Or the IRS could not refuse (though they might try) to take cash for a tax payment at one of their offices…..because both of those come under the requirement to take cash via the legal tender laws.

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  26. Grumpy now January 16, 00:44

    People there is another way they are following you, and unless you are vigilant they are putting in incorrect information there too. Obamacare made every medical entity and professional put in special computers and software to track your health too. There are patient portals to access your info and so you could put in other data, “so medical professionals can treat you faster and better.” Most doctors and hospitals give you a 4-8 (+) page report after your visit with info they gathered from the examination, and/or treatments, referrals, drugs prescribed, and test results. ANY of which may or may not be accurate.
    When I called to question an entry after I read the ENTIRE REPORT when I got home, and I knew it was incorrect, I was simply told “the computer generates a set number of general items automatically, and the doctor did not put that in.” I asked how to remove it or correct it and she said “they couldn’t and it wouldn’t make the treatment any different anyway.” I gave her the correct information and told her why it was important to be included, it WAS PART OF MY DIAGNOSIS! She mumbled something about it still not mattering but she would pass it on.
    I KNOW THEY DIDNT BOTHER, nor even add my note that it was wrong. They don’t care for the most part, they are buried in regulations and paperwork till they are drowning. It doesn’t Surprise me that the good doctors I once had have all since retired due to the added BS and regulations imposed on them, especially not being allowed to treat their patients without insurance tying their hands.
    Read these medical reports BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE OFFICE so you can correct the data, or at least write a letter, or make a copy of their report with the corrections added and send it via certified mail to be placed in your file. Ask to see it upon the next visit. A good medical practice will, others won’t.

    After I Found the first one, I went back and checked others. There are MANY mistakes or inaccuracies and I can’t change them. I’m now thinking of taking a recording of every appointment and doing a narrative as the examination progresses, and not leaving the office till I have a corrected report. Will it make them angry, you betcha, but if enough of us do it, they will have to make changes to the program that it doesn’t give canned answers to parts of the exam that never even took place!

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  27. Lucy January 25, 19:16

    This is so oppressive to contemplate. What are these technology developers thinking? Or not thinking? Certainly not feeling. Do they have no imagination? Or imagination limited only to technology? Intellectually limited by lead in the drinking water? So overworked or just so lazy it’s wearisome to pull cash or a card out of their pockets? So time-constrained (or ADD) they can’t wait in line to make their purchase? What motivates them? Even if we can counter, for a while, the RFID chips in our credit cards etc. by assiduously enclosing them in aluminum foil, that we live in such times is so sad.

    Nevertheless, let us be stalwart in the face of what seems insuperable. Who knows what seeds our honorable activity may be planting for the future, whether we are here to see them sprout and bear fruit or not. A devotion, or a certain cussedness, fits: “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him,” in Job’s words.

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  28. Tammy February 9, 22:09

    Sure they will get the chip. The Bible says That All will receive The Mark, unless you know the LORD

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  29. rotz February 28, 06:12

    While I am against this not being chipped is futile as facial recognition is reaching the point that we will all be tracked, chipped or not.

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  30. Lupe June 9, 00:15

    No food,no Money, no Family
    No shit,Google LA HOMELESS….

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